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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  January 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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you're watching kron on. we begin right now with breaking news. >>thank you for joining us here on kron on new and i'm to recess stasio. we are following up on that breaking news coming out of san francisco international airport where police ended up shooting and killing an armed person. sfo sent out this tweet shortly before 8 this morning saying police are responding to an incident in front of the bart station in the international terminal. police have since confirmed that around 7.30, this morning they found a person with 2 guns. police say officers
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attempted to de escalate the situation. but when the suspect continued to demonstrate threatening behavior, officers fatally shot the suspect. one person was reportedly in the area at the time and was transported to the hospital with some minor injuries. we are waiting on a news conference from sfpd. we will bring that to you live as soon as it begins. the incident also for its part to temporarily close. it's sfo station services have since resumed and all other our airport operations are still on track. let's take a live look outside from our sutro camera and you can see that it's clearing. but boy, it's been a very, very foggy day. >>take a look at the fog that's kind of sitting up and under kind of positioned now tucking under the golden gate bridge. very beautiful outside. but it is been a gloomy morning. but right now to brighten everything up is a breeze around. rick u.s.. hi mabrisa. hi there, gerri. say
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yeah, that stubborn marine layer once again creating an issue for drivers for your thursday afternoon. especially those of you along golden gate bridge. >>we are tracking that marine layer still making its presence known even at this noon lunch time hour. so the dense fog advisory for most of the bay area, i actually was set to expire by 11 o'clock, seeing some improvement. and fortunately, though, thanks to the increase in gusty winds, we are going to see right now. the fog really improving even through friday as well. so let's take a look at your drought monitor map because we're all so tracking the latest drought monitor. update with severe drought still continuing in the bay area. right now we are seeing moderate air particles for your thursday afternoon. but tomorrow, thanks to gusty. northerly winds were actually going to see good air quality as all of that northerly wind
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flow pushes away, not just the fog bank, but also those moderate to poor air particles in the bay area. but temperatures out there right now, widespread 50's, the low 60's for livermore. but check out oakland, 49 degrees. >>because of that onshore flow and also seeing some marine layer there, upper 40's as well for downtown san francisco with widespread mid to upper 50's. for those of you in the north and when tracker for we are tracking calm winds out there right now. so that's going to continue throughout today. could see gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour less. but look at what happens as i fast forward early friday morning. and even by midmorning, we're going to first start to see northerly winds increasing for our north bay valleys. and then it's going to become more widespread for the breast of the bay area where we could see gusts in that 40 to 50 mile per hour range and the highest peaks for north bay and east bay hills and mountains could see gusts even stronger than that around 60 miles per hour or less. so we
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are going to keep an eye on that from the kron. 4 weather center expect a wind advisory to be issued for tomorrow later this afternoon from the national weather service. but we are going to see slightly warmer temperatures friday and very seasonal outlook for the 2nd half the weekend. find out if any rain is heading our way in the extended forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. thank you for that. to a san francisco officials are expressing. >>a positive outlook to the omicron outbreak in the city. speaking just minutes ago, san francisco's public health director doctor grant colfax speaking candidly saying that this is the beginning of a downward trajectory with regards to the current surge. he said that the city is changing their course of action against the virus. >>now our goal is not to prevent every case of covid on the kron has proved that that's simply not possible. our goal is to prevent the worst outcomes. severe disease. hospitalizations and death.
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>>and here's some numbers for you. 82 1% of san franciscans are vaccinated with 61% boost it kron on's dan kerman is on the story for you and he will give us a rundown update. coming up on kron. 4 news at 3. what concerns over some mass forcing an east bay school district to take some action. the oakland unified school district issuing a letter addressing concerns about those k n 95 mask the district saying that the mask or appropriate for school use at issue is whether the mask can be used in medical settings. august of 2020. the fda issued an umbrella emergency use for kn 95 mask to be used because of a shortage of those n 95 mask. but then recently updated the entire authorization saying that they are not authorized in supplies of those. n 95 masks are plentiful. this is led to some confusion, as you can understand and some
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concern thinking that the mask or not good enough, but the clarification coming out of the district with district officials emphasizing the master safe, give more protection than surgical mask and or cloth mask. san mateo county officials are admitting that they're having some issues with their covid testing. people are not getting results back in a timely manner. so what's the reason? kron on's camila barco has the details for us. >>san mateo county public health is busy. health care workers are conducting more than 10,000 covid-19 test per week. but because of staffing shortages, the turnaround for those testing results are being affected. and this is a problem happening nationwide covid an omicron have forced companies to close or work with a short staff. it's now happening in san mateo county has contracted independent testing companies to conduct. >>covid-19 test. but there hasn't been enough employees
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to get the job done in time. instead, there's a delay in people getting their covid test results. and this comes at a time when testing is at an all-time high for the county because of that, the county has expanded its covid-19 testing options to help with that. the man they currently have about 10 sites that offer pcr lab tests where people can get their results within 3 days. the county officials have acknowledged and say many people are experiencing a delay in knowing whether they're positive or negative for covid-19 and now they are currently working with the private testing companies to figure out a solution. we've reached out to the testing companies for answers. but at this time we have not heard back. so it's unclear when the turnaround time for those covid results are going to ramp up for now. back to you. >>thank you for that report. will more than a million people have rushed to the biden administration's website for free at-home virus tests. however, there are some glitches, some people living
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in apartment building saying that they were blocked from ordering tests if other tenants in their buildings had already placed orders. people with post office boxes are also discovering that orders will only be shipped to valid residential addresses. but the vast majority of americans weighing in saying that they have had no problems at all. it is the end of an era after more than 30 years in the business, the brewing company is closing their doors by the end of this month. the owners are blaming the pandemic. kron on's charles clifford joins us. a marine county. so we can say gotten out, but we can say got there. but i guess that's going to come to an end there at the white company. >>yeah. for one more month, actually, about 2 more weeks. you can go here to the marine brewing company and i get a beer, but they're shutting down on january 31st. let's going take a look at some video here now. the marine brewing company set up shop here at larkspur landing which to cross the water from the
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larkspur terminal terminal ferry. 33 years ago, they're one of the first businesses in this little stretch of roadway here along sir francis drake. they've been here ever since it's been sort of a a mainstay, a staple in the neighborhood. a lot of people coming home from giants games on the ferry would come over here. have a beer have dinner. but in recent years, you know it like so many other restaurants have struggled with the pandemic. and the made the announcement on social media didn't go into great detail about why they were closing down. we can guess that the pandemic probably had something to do with it. i talked to a few people nearby. who say the demographics in the type of businesses you're larkspur landing have changed in recent years and they haven't seen as many people in the brewery as in the past. i talked to one woman who works nearby and says, you know, it's it's sad to see such a long established business like this have to leave. >>we affected. i think they have to. change their plan and
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their. doing the right thing in some ways. but it's and it's a big a stab lish meant great place for sports. >>all right, back live. now i have reached out to the owner of them are in brewing company. hopefully talked to him this get some more details on why they're closing down. and again, the last day here at brewing company is january 31st. but for now in the north bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >>chair about going to that facility. i've been there in the past. it's been a while since i became a dad. i haven't made it appear to marine and to do that sort of thing. >>but i haven't been there in the past. it's been a lot of fun. that's for sure. theresa. >>sad to see that chapter. and thank you so much for that report. in other news, u.s. senator alex padilla is looking back and celebrating his first year on the job. senator padilla is the state's first latino senator. and he succeeded then senator kamala
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harris. now padilla spoke with us earlier today on the kron 4 morning news. stay tuned with us and we'll bring you the full interview with daryn fulsome here on kron on news at well, coming up on kron-on that sky's the limit, how one young pilot is breaking global wreckers. plus the bay area county that's finally lifting some water restrictions. you're watching kron on. we'll
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>>back here at home. san
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francisco's getting 5 million dollars to help protect the embarcadero from rising sea levels. house speaker nancy pelosi made the announcement of the money from the bipartisan infrastructure plan will fund the study by the u.s. army corps of engineers to determine how to protect the seawall from stronger earthquakes and rising sea levels. that study is expected to be finished by november of 2025. we are in a bit of a dry spell right? but the rainfall we saw earlier this winter, especially december. well, that set several records and did a lot to replenish local reservoirs. in fact, marin county is lifting some water restrictions and fines. kron on's gayle ong has the details for us. >>historic rainfall in october and december held eased water restrictions in marine county. now we're currently at 95% of our total storage capacity, which is well above our normal average. that dent in the drought prompting are in water board directors to repeal
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customers, water use and penalties at a meeting tuesday night. if that reid in a fact customers that exceeded the established amounts would have received penalties on their bye monthly water bill starting february first, the board had previously imposed water saving restrictions on december. 1st, when reservoirs reach historic, low levels in the summer, marin county was classified under exceptional drought. >>about 75% of the county's water supply depends on rainfall. the rest comes from sonoma counties, russian river water system. in july. the water district declared a water shortage emergency and set a goal to reduce water use by 40%. we do want to thank our customers for their success in reducing our water through the height of the drought. but we really also want to encourage them to keep up great work. don't moment. i'm a dreamer. 10's with marine water as well. the district's immediate water shortage. emergency is over, sir in water. use restrictions like irrigation limits and swimming pool. filling are still in place. the board will
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reconsider modifying those roles at the next meeting on february. 1st, in the meantime, the district is focusing on water supply planning efforts. that includes developing a recycled water program and connecting into the sonoma water. aqueduct and marin water is still offering rebates and incentives so customers can save water. >>gayle ong kron. 4 news. well, san francisco woman, she ended up in someone else's car that was stolen. now it all began with a couple of parking tickets. this woman says the katy line says that her license plate was stolen. >>earlier this month in the marina district. and soon after that, she started racking up parking tickets to the locations. that her car never been there before. not after following the trailer parking violations, she found her stolen plate on another car, almost identical to hearst. she even called police to discover that that car had also been stolen. >>just driving on california and saw a white audi with my
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plate on it. team car. the thing surprised me is how reason it is. car was stolen from ocean beach. my plate was stolen from the marina and good on the stolen car and parked and not kill. >>what a mess, right lions has since installed and added a layer protection on her new license plate. so is all about these license plates. now, so far, police have not given an update. on who they think is doing all this. well, san francisco mayor london breed is laying out the details of her plan to allow police officers to have access 2 surveillance cameras to try and solve crimes. the proposal would authorize police to monitor cameras in real time, but only if they label it as a critical events or eminent threat to public safety. mayor breed argues that when stories and stores in san francisco's union square were hit by
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looters last november. officers should have been able to get access to monitor those cameras. now, not all city leaders are on board with her plan. >>support the spirit of what the mayor's doing. but the devil's always in the details and we'll have to see how that debate happens over the >>60 to 90 days. >>5 san francisco supervisors have introduced their own measure to reinforce existing laws requiring police to submit a request to the board before monitoring any cameras. mayor breed says that she wants to bring the issue forward at a meeting next tuesday and may even try to put her proposal on the ballot this june to let the voters decide about this issue. >>in north bexar s 2 teenagers from polio who they think are connected to a carjacking in san francisco. this all happened after authorities spotted several male teens in the car they were wearing
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black ski mask. they ran the plates on the car and realized that it was a stolen vehicle. and that possibly connected to a carjacking back in early january, another officer got involved are reportedly struck the car, causing the teens to crash into a mailbox on eliot drive the they split up in different directions. but they were eventually arrested in homes nearby. san mateo police are investigating a shooting after finding a person shot in the parking lot of the hillsdale mall. they say that this all happened around 5.30, yesterday evening and the victim is in stable condition. police did not say what happened but did say that the shooting did not happen inside the mall. the fbi is now looking for a suspect involved in a bomb scare. this all happened in oakland wednesday. investigators say that fortunately the scare turned out to be a hoax. this is video. from the citizen app that you see right can police say that they got a call around 12, 30, about a possible explosive device in
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front of the federal building. now, witnesses say that a man who was acting suspicious place, something in a planter box, the alameda county bomb squad was called in as well as the fbi along with the item. there was also a message from police. investigators say that they believe that it was all done to try and get the attention of law enforcement. >>and a warning here, be careful while out for a walk. we are seeing more coyotes amount lines in the mountains and in neighborhoods. kron on's dan thorn has the story for us. >>belmont police are warning of an aggressive mountain lion spotted in a residential neighborhood. the lion was seen fighting and killing another mountain lion near hastings drive wednesday morning. i know that this moment described as an aggressive mount line, but it was being aggressive towards another, not which is natural for it. if it's defending its territory. but that doesn't mean it's going to be aggressive towards people. tiffany yap is a senior
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scientist and wildlife connectivity expert who looks at how people affect the movement and behavior of animals. yap says protective behavior is simply a mountain lion being a mountain lion and people need to understand these animals share this region with ice. one neighbor telling us the animal fight was unsettling to learn about very disturbing that they would be killing each other. but i guess they're fighting for territory. >>you know, it's getting tighter and tighter for them. this is kind of >>what they do in the wild. they're very protective of teir territories in their home ranges. city officials in dublin are also warning about coyotes popping up near popular areas. the wild dogs have recently been seen near emerald glen park, central parkway and the tass ahora creek trail. there have been no reports of the animals attacking or biting people. but the california department of fish and wildlife says you should keep your distance while not leaving small children or pets outside alone. yap says safe
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coexistence needs to be more of a focus as people continue to spread into natural areas. if we greener infrastructure that really into great wildlife movement and wildlife that could be really beneficial for the wildlife and keep them healthy. but then could be really beneficial public safety as reporting in dublin, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>now the news marin county is making it easier for people to report their covid-19 test results in october. the county launched a self reporting website where people can upload the results of those at-home tests in that time the county received check this out. 50,000 reports including 2000 positive reports county officials explain how this is beneficial information. >>in creating this form, we. allowed the residence have some level of responsibility and reporting self-report form has facilitated the county's outreach and being able to focus in the areas that we're seeing, the highest rates positive cases. >>the cdc doesn't require people to report their at-home test results. but the information can the critical to local counties in order to
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have more accurate case counts. well, state lawmakers are trying to address major ambulance delays caused by a crowded emergency rooms across california. officials say that the pandemic is only making the problem worse in an oversight hearing, emergency medical service leaders and ambulance workers pointed to busy understaffed hospitals and crowded emergency rooms as the primary reason for delays in patient floats. now, some said that hospitals can halt an ambulance is ability to respond to a call for hours, which can have some devastating consequences. >>some of the reasons include a lot to primary care safety net health care, behavioral care. and i have to tell you, i will underline that 400 times homelessness support substance use disorders and covid-19. other coming for testing and our vaccine. >>there's no specific action was taken by the committee.
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but legislation could be crafted using the information gathered in the hearing. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break. hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>>take you to follow breaking news out of sfo where police ended up shooting and killing an armed man. san francisco
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police have confirmed that around 7.30, this morning. they found a person with 2 guns in front of the bart station in the international terminal. now, police say that the officers attempted to de escalate the situation, but when the suspect continued to demonstrate threatening behavior. officers fatally shot the suspect. one person was reportedly in the area at the time and was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. airport spokesperson doug yakel says that the suspect was already inside the airport when police were called. >>it was first reported by a tsa employee that was in the area and when the tsa reported at the individual was already inside the international terminal in front of the bart station entrance. we don't yet know how this individual arrived at the airport. >>as scary and alarming, right? we are waiting on a news conference from sfpd will bring it to you live as soon as it begins and sudden also
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forced bart to temporarily close its sfo station services have since resumed and all other airport operations are on track. another news and santa is a an hour long chase escalated to a shootout with police that ended with the suspect dead kron on's will tran has the latest for us. >>the officers were not injured in the gunfire. we do know that the san jose police dpartment is only a mile and a half away from where this all went down. according to investigators, they say it was the suspect who fired first forcing their officers to return fire. this all happened at heading in park at that particular intersection. but it actually started one city over in santa clara. this all went down at around 7 o'clock last night when the suspect already driving a stolen car, attempted to carjack another car but was not successful.
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that person te'o back to san jose got into a major accident at that intersection. police officers come out there. they see what's going on. they tried to make an arrest. but this person was not going to go down without a fight. there was an exchange of gunfire, neighbors. they saw the commotion. they heard what was going on. they were watching it and still the shots rang out. many neighbors duck for cover. fortunately, the neighbors were not injured. the officers also not injured, but we do know that the suspect was hit at least one time. rest of the hospital and died from the injuries at this point. the suspect's name not being released to the public. the officers, we don't know how many were involved, but we do know that multiple officers were at the scene. their names also, of course, not be released to the public. they have been placed on paid administrative leave while the department conducts the investigation. >>will tran thank you for that. well, let's get a check
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of our forecast with crime. meteorologists mabrisa rodriguez. we're in that beautiful yellow dress. look at that. sunny is all up. thanks i appreciate that. and a lot of sunshine. in fact, it's only going to get brighter as our work week continues. we are tracking temperatures out there right now. warming up into the 60's. >>marine layer still a little bit stubborn right now for downtown san francisco, even oakland and alameda in the low 50's there. but 62 degrees for pacifica dublin, san jose. 59 degrees with fremont currently at 62 degrees in most of our north bay valleys in the mid to upper 50's novato and allay trying to 4 with 60's. but currently 59 degrees and we are tracking calm winds, at least for now. but early friday morning, we're going to see some winds out of the north and east. so this offshore flow pattern that is going to develop for your friday morning and even lasting through saturday morning. so we could see widespread wind advisories not
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just for our highest peaks and tracking gust there in the 60 to 70 miles per hour range. but most of the bay area going to see wind gusts upwards of 40 to even 50 miles per hour checkout petaluma shortly before 10 o'clock friday morning. winds are going to how will, but we are going to see warmer temperatures as a result and improved air quality. still a little bit hazy out there today. but we are going to notice better clearing by tomorrow and marine layer not going to be as stubborn widespread 60's and theresa, back to breaking news. thank you very much for breece. it will get back to you a little bit more with weather. but right now we want to turn our attention to that. >>shooting that took place in san francisco at the airport. let's listen in to the news conference. happening now. >>this particular area because this is san francisco international airport property. what we can release 2 guys with outcome compromising the investigation. we will do so within 10 days time. >>you >>investigation. all we have at this time is that police
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responded to the area behind me regarding individual armed with a hand. and, you >>at this point in the investigation, there is no indication of this incident being involves terrorism like the individual team to kind of some type of act of terrorism. contained in this particular event. as far as that, you'll have to contact again, because he talks he has more. information on the parameters of the terminal. we provide security here. there has been one other one in the past. i have to get back to that on the exact year. but it wasn't. same area. you know. the number of officers involved in the space and then this investigation is still i'm being the term. and i know
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that officers are being interviewed right now. so i'm not going to have that info. and so 10 days for the town hall you know, that is something that we are can we are confirming with the people that called 911. there were multiple calls that we responded to. so as part of the investigation it's very convoluted because are multiple agencies here and who's going to take the lead and whatnot. but we're all working together just to find out who needs to talk to those people who's taking the lead on this particular aspect. and as i said, the the long list of agencies involved, it's going to take some time to really determine exactly what happened and what can we can release to the public without compromising the that's okay. >>an air soft hand i have to look at the exact definition in the public. but it's a it's
12:37 pm
responded here about 7.30, i it was several minutes like about 45 minutes to the point where we requested medics come to the scene. it's all going to will be able to have a handout and show you a timeline. when everything happened. but this was not, you know, an encounter that occurred and ended within 10 minutes. it was enough time to provide resources to get resources to this location, to help de-escalate the situation wasn't something that just happened right off the i don't have that's what he has it's officer grace got g 8 c p a n d a n public information. officer francisco >>all will send him out police that soon as we have no, we don't have any information on
12:38 pm
thank you. >>suspect killed in s f o. >>there is a lot of information. the spokesperson with the police department basically saying some important note said i want to share with you that it was not exactly sure how this person with 2 guns walked into the airport and sir, waiving those guns up in the air having this suspicious behavior. we do have a reporter on the way. they're actually i think rob nesbit is actually there. now. he was at the news conference. so we're going to get a timeline to figure out some more information, but still pretty alarming that some person was able to go into sfo, waive some guns up into the air. all starting around 7.30, this morning. and then that person was fatally shot by the san francisco police departments. the spokesperson with the department, san francisco was saying that there's a lot of different agencies involved. so it's going to take some time before
12:39 pm
figure out everything and who this person
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>>today marks one year since senator alex padilla took office in earlier today. he spoke about his achievements with kron four's darya folsom. here is the interview in full. today. marks one year since california senator alex padilla. >>was sworn into office and he's taking a little time out
12:42 pm
of his morning to talk to us. >>good morning. i and and and why are you late? what were you working on at the last minute here? i know it's but you we want you an hour ago. so tell me what's up. what's going on? >>good morning. perfect example of how busy and hectic it can be a writer sometimes literally in between voting judiciary committee to the floor of the senate after this in an effort to confront get another federal judge california. you know, on a morning's you that it's been all right. so i got you know, have a list of like what you've been working on here. >>but instead, i'll let you to your own harm and the horn. and then we'll have a little fun if that's okay. if that's ok, senator. so all right, to the way what you get, be proud, what it what you get done. >>look, absolutely. if you think back to a year ago and we still in some of the toughest days of the covid-19 pandemic in the wake of a deadly insurrection in the
12:43 pm
nation's capital. but celebrating this morning in new some of the highlights of how to help craft and pass the american rescue plan, which among other things meant vaccines, vaccines, and direct assistance to working families across california and across the country. and of course, later on year was part of the bipartisan infrastructure package he's bringing dollars to california for public transit. transportation, infrastructure, high-speed internet access for so many people, the strengthening of the electrical grid and so much but clearly a lot more work to be that way to want to step in with covid. let's get a little bit personal now to. >>just got just got boost in everything just got over. it was mild. how are you doing? covidwise you your family, ok? >>i'm not going well so far. so good to you know, my wife not been backs and boosted. our to be honest there. they were only knowledgeable once a vaccine was. approved for 5
12:44 pm
year-olds and up. so it's only less than 2 months since our 6 year-old an 8 year-old or are and and still still struggling. also through the stresses of covid and what it means, whether it was a learning from home earlier in the pandemic that the kids are back in school. yeah. close contacts to get back but we're all in it. our all this a boat. >>said alex, how is little outside as you little house? little out. so no holds little alex. >>well, this trauma is 14 to vaccinated for some time right where they to strip a and diego are young. this is 6. god bless diego kindergarten, right. why? why do see now? i can i can finally found somebody ask your name is alex. >>and in a miss on alex, what i know you had a boy and girl. but so if it was a girl, would neighbor, angela, like after your wife, how come we only do? >>we only named the kids after the and not the nobody like
12:45 pm
good. i have a little baby darya. why don't we do that? you can't tell me. >>i'm absolutely support of that to you we're blessed with 3 boys said alex, officially as i have begin a named after my 2 grandfathers, my grandfather, my mom said my grandfather on my dad's i i was looking into your past and you know how? >>i used to go to mit, mechanical engineering, roll out the window. there goes that, you know, it takes it to go into politics. but having that, i having that mind and and have you run into like what's the biggest? problem you ran into in washington where you're like, hold on. i've got a good mind for, you know, mechanics and math. and this. >>this is not working out. what have you a couple things that can talk. people engineers are trying to solve problems. isn't that what elected officials are supposed to be doing? >>some of the problems i find
12:46 pm
washington have nothing to do with math and has everything to do with the way too many of my colleagues dead refuse to believe in science and data and the and technology innovation is at the root of so but we need not just things like cybersecurity but tackling climate change. for example, you know better solar technology, wind those are 2 things look at covid perfect it was not with all due respect, politicians develop the vaccines. it was medical and public health experts and scientists. plenty of room for science and public policy. >>so you're finding you get there and you say, wow, people are on completely different pages. in terms of facts and that and that's where you're seeing like that's why this is difficult. >>yeah, it's hard everyone, myself and my family every week and every say yes to this job because it was going to be easy. i think yes to the job because it's important and
12:47 pm
whether it's tackling climate change getting into this improving the economy, teen in integration reform, criminal justice so many of the issues why i do what i do. i know. i know that some say is that you went to mit and you threw out the window and i act like all will you? it's because you had this calling and so. >>so there you are now in dc. thank you so much. one year. congratulations. i think you continue to stay safe, everybody. you to you to the best to you and your family. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>much of the country. a record amount of people are dying in car crashes during the 1st half of 2021, the national highway transportation safety administration recorded its largest increase ever in fatal traffic crashes. but as the only diaz reports, safe driving may depend on your own state's laws. >>despite fewer people driving during the pandemic, the number of people dying in traffic related accidents went up in 2020. that's the most recent year. data is available and up 7% from the year before. according to the advocates for highway and auto safety, there's a direct link between those fatalities and state safety laws.
12:52 pm
>>to make its point, the group put out this color coded map. green is good. the entire west coast made the cut as did louisiana, new york and d c yellow is caution or needs improvement. 31 states fall into that category. read, meanwhile, stands for danger. 11 states are in the red digging deeper. green states have approved at least 11 of the 16 road safety laws pushed by advocates, including 3 must haves. >>the ability for police to pull over a car for anyone not wearing a seat belt, whether in the front seat or the back and a requirement that motorcycle riders wear a helmet states rated red, have one or none of those laws on the books. >>and they have 7 or fewer measures. advocates contend save lives. >>but nearly half the country falls into this category, florida, according to the criteria, is the least safe in florida. you can get a learner's permit 15 and a driver's license at 16 safety advocates say it's better to bump those ages up to 16 for learners and 18 for full
12:53 pm
permit. florida has a rear seat belt safety law. but drivers can't be pulled over it that they're only violation. and in florida, you can ride a motorcycle with your hair blowing in the breeze. no helmets are required in the sunshine state. and critics say they should be. >>elaine ideas reporting for us road safety advocates say the property damage loss product to vitti. a medical bills from car crashes and up to about 292 billion dollars a year. well, account for your driver is charged with a felony after running a red light slamming into another car and killing 2 people all while his tesla was on autopilot, michael shure takes a look at what the case means for the future of self-driving cars. >>obvious that cause will drive themselves completely. it's just question of time and a question of law. tesla founder elon musk talking about self-driving cars 3 years ago. and now a new legal
12:54 pm
test for that kind of artificial intelligence on the streets and highways as prosecutors in los angeles county filed vehicular manslaughter charges against a tesla driver who ran a red light while on autopilot killing 2 in 2019. kevin george aziz riad free on bail as the first person on record to face felony charges while driving on automated technology. the charge is buffeting the believe that while the technology can help drivers are ultimately the ones in charge, even if the software were to fail or be turned off. >>the has lows. for may or may not have operational or you know how that is in is in used in the past tesla saying that even with auto pilot vehicles cannot yet drive themselves and it's up to drivers to react to the environment. attorney michael vogel says that a guilty verdict would underscore driver responsibility that needs repairing technology where
12:55 pm
where the >>on island does a lot with driver to take over that. you you still need to maintain awareness and response ability. what your car vogel saying a not guilty verdict could mean more regulation on that. we've got to think that i would imagine that this is and >>how much? and it it's not what you want to out. that's not bad. and it was worse is the safety issues. it's going to seem like a mad thing. >>in the future that people are driving cars, prosecutors in the country's largest counties saying that for now, people are still at the wheel. i was michael shure reporting for us. >>your money now, procter gamble. >>warns that price hikes for everyday products aren't over yet. and united airlines warns that omicron will delay the recovery of the travel industry. jane king is in new york with those stories and much more. >>i did lose a little bit of money, much of higher revenue
12:56 pm
than expected. they did say the year and was pretty strong and then omicron and it says that i will things for the spring and delay the recovery from the pandemic costs will be up to his heel. prices are campbell says items like tide detergent to personal health care products. we'll get more expensive to slightly higher commodity and fuel costs beginning january 28th. that's mainly the fabric care line is what they call us. so the laundry pods fabric softener dryer sheets from bounce, things like that. those are the things that will be going up in price and you can sell your non-refundable prepaid restaurant reservation on reddit. reported is the omicron variant slipped in the country. people who have these prepaid expensive restaurant reservations. we're somebody in their party tested positive. so they're trying to sell them on reddit chan people are buying them and sales force hiring for 1700 u.s. rolls right now. many of these pay over $100,000 sales force has set a goal to over 12,000 new jobs last year.
12:57 pm
many of the new jobs or hybrid said their part from home in part from the office. >>and thank you for watching kron on at noon. i'm teresa is stasio. we'll see you back here at 3. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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>> judge tanya: the living conditions made you and your girlfriend sick? >> yeah. >> judge tanya: sir, who's your witness? >> she's my property manager. >> that's not true. that's his girlfriend. >> i put a ring on it. we're engaged. >> judge tanya: congratulations on your engagement. glad we settled that. now let's go back to the case. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 47, antoine vs. smith. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. mr. antoine, the defendant signed a two-year lease to rent your three-bedroom home, and you are now suing him for $2,232 for rent, late fees, and damages to


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