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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at this. we have seen since the beginning of pandemic has been crucial to us. technology gaps in response to covid-19. >> now at 9 millions of americans will soon receive at home covid tests kits thanks to the federal government, but sults make it into the hands of health leaders who need it most? one bay area county is making it easier to report your results. thanks for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. marin county is making it easier for people to report their test results. but >> as it turns out reporting the results from those at home covid test differs county by county kron four's. jonathan mccall has the story. >> funding an appointment for a covid-19 tests during this latest surge has been tough, prompting many americans to
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turn to at home covid tests to learn if they are infected. but once you know the answers what to do with the results isn't as clear cut. >> in county, public health is just always trying to find the best way to simplify process for our community. maureen kelly, health leaders have made it easy for the information to get directly to them. >> in october, the county launched a self reporting website where people can upload the results of their at home. covid-19 test in that time. the county says it has received more than 50,000 reports, including 2000 positive results. >> and so in creating this form, we. allowed the residence have some level of responsibility and reporting mayor morrow chores with more in county and says all the information that they've collected from its citizens >> has allowed them to better focus on areas of need. and so this self report the self report form has facilitated the county's outreach and
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being able to focus in the areas that we're seeing, the highest rates positive cases. the centers for disease control and prevention does not require people to report the results of their at home. test. >> but that information is critical to local health officials in order to have accurate case counts but reported the results simply depends on where you live with. no uniformed mandates or guidelines, it's up to each individual county to implement its own requirements for reporting at home. test results. some may not have any guidelines at all. kron 4 reached out to the remaining 8 be area counties as part of the story to learn what their protocols are in san francisco. people are expected to report the results of their at home test to their primary physicians. those doctors are then expected to reported to county health leaders. marin county says it's all about providing options to keep people safe. >> the data as we have seen
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since the beginning of the pandemic has been crucial to us. technology gaps in response to covid-19 jonathan mccall kron. 4 news. >> meantime, some americans are being blocked from ordering free covid tests provided by the federal government. while some users say the website was simple and easy to use others, particularly people who live in apartment buildings reported some problems. that's because some apartments might be linked to a commercial business address. currently, the web program is only available to residential addresses. the postal service says the dress is not registered as multi unit buildings could lead to difficulties placing orders. people experiencing problems such as ashe should file a service request at the usps website today, the san francisco unified school district announced it's increasing the number of masks. it's distributing to students and staff as it continues to see large absences. the district says it handed out more than a million masks are ready just over the
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last 2 weeks, but more are still needed. take home. test kits are also still available for pickup at any school in the district. sf unified says it's distributed. 57,000 rapid tests so far. but despite all of that over the last few weeks as omicron spread. the school continue to see an increase in the number of people calling out sick, according to the district, the 2 groups appear to be affected. the most are pacific islanders and african-american students with more than 60% of pacific islanders calling out sick, at least once this year and 70% of black students. >> the cdc has issued a travel advisory to 22 countries because of a spike in covid cases. some of the top tourist destinations are on the list. that list includes argentina, australia, the bahamas, bermuda, egypt, israel and turks and caicos islands. the cdc elevated its travel recommendation to level 4 very
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high telling americans they should avoid travel to those destinations among others. the agency places a destination at level for more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents are registered in the past. 28 days. some developing news tonight out of the south bay. just within the last hour. this video just in san jose police investigating a shooting. >> between an officer and a carjacking suspect. no word on any injuries. >> police say this happened in the area of heading street and park avenue. that's near the county government center. and we've just learned that streets are closed in that area. as you can see in this video because of the ongoing investigation, no word on any arrests at this time. but we will continue to follow developments and we will pass them along as soon as they become available. >> a bomb squad was called out to the open federal building today. we have since learned that officials say it was all a hoax, but investigators also believe it was all done on
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purpose. kron four's ella sogomonian joins us now live from the newsroom to explain all of la, do we know exactly what was inside that package? >> kevin can it was first thought to be a pipe bomb, but let it later was cleared as a safe object. but lieutenant ray kelly who was on the bomb squad with the alameda county sheriff's office tells me that a message for law enforcement was left in sight. he didn't reveal what the message said. exactly. that is now part of the evidence that the fbi will investigate. this all started about a half hour after noon today. this is video from the citizen app of the scene. oakland police got a call about a possible explosive device outside in front of the federal building and courthouse. witnesses described the man who placed it has looking and behaving suspiciously. so the bomb squad came out. they found the package wrapped in plastic inside of a planter box. it was deep in the dirt near the flag pole. that was part of the challenge of getting it out. tremendous work. >> on the part of our our federal police partners, the
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people working in the federal building to awareness to a situation here. as as we work through this problem, the sheriff's bomb squad was called out here. we arrived shortly after 1 o'clock went to the area, which is a planter box in front of the a federal building that a planter boxes been difficult to work in its. it's got a very deep a depth to it where the devices and it's kind of it's kind of a sandwich stand dirt and soil and terrain. and inside that plane, a box has been very difficult for us to work. >> so the device was deemed safe. about 5 hours later. live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you. ella. >> in the east bay, the oakland city council has voted to ban ghost those are those untraceable weapons that people make it home with a special kit. now law enforcement can confiscate those ghost guns site and or arrest the people found with them as of march of 2021,
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those guns accounted for nearly 22% of firearms confiscated last year in oakland. they are not only untraceable but also unregulated and do ot require any personal information to purchase. and this means people do not go through background checks. they don't go through waiting periods and are not limited on how many of the guns they can buy. oakland city member city council members say that this legislation may help curb the ongoing gun violence. there. >> you know, we're out there cleaning the neighborhood's streets every day. and i specifically on saturday and with volunteers and and we night one time it was just picking up trash. but now want to pick up picking up a bullet throughout the neighborhoods. so that activity has to change. >> other cities in the state such as los angeles and san diego have already implemented similar laws. in fact, california is looking at making this a state law.
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>> a san francisco woman helps track down someone else's stolen vehicle all through a couple of parking force taylor explains how it all happened. >> parking tickets attached to this outing in san francisco recently became clues in a stolen vehicle case. notice that my license plate on the front was gone. >> i reported it to the police filed a police report. >> and then maybe a week later, i noticed that i was getting i got a real parking ticket on physically on my car. >> and i went to go can and then i noticed that. had for parking tickets from not hill in the last week. katie lions who lives in the marina district says her license plate on an almost identical white county. >> was stolen a couple weeks ago. however, she recently became flooded with parking tickets at locations in the city's not hill neighborhood, an area she hadn't parked were left. her car was just driving on california and saw a white
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audi. >> with my plate on it. same car immediately figured it was probably a stolen car. but agent now and so i pulled over and looked at the front, the front plate in the back plate with 2 different plates. lyons says the vin number on this out. he was also scratched out. >> confirming her suspicions. she says she called police and when they showed up, they realize this out. he was reported stolen back in november. we've got a hold of the owner on wednesday who says he was surfing at ocean beach when it was stolen a couple months ago. the thing that surprised me is how reason it is. car was stolen from ocean beach. >> my plate was stolen from the marina and good on the stolen car and parked and not pill. lyons says she's heard of organized theft ring, stealing cars in the city. >> but was unaware plates were also being taken from separate cars. she since installed an added layer of protection on her new license plate and encourages anyone who becomes a victim to report the plate
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stolen. so far, she says no update on any suspects from police. >> the residents here, we need to start speaking up about about what's going on. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> in san francisco, mayor london breed is pushing for the chance to give the police more access to security camera video. this comes after those stores in union square were looted back in november. but the police officers were allowed to monitor live camera feeds and mayor breed's proposal. she wants law enforcement to gain temporary access to cameras for crimes that take place during critical events as well as in public safety crisis areas such as open air illegal drug markets selling and use of drugs in public in places where violent crimes repeatedly take place. supervisor usha says he is all for additional members but he thinks the mayor is giving the police way too much leeway and not give his supervisors enough oversight. >> support the spirit of what
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the mayor's doing. but the devil's always in the details and we'll have to see how that debate happens over the 60 to 90 days. >> some other supervisors are also against mayor breed's plan. they say they support the current laws that ban the use of facial recognition and require police to submit a request to the board of supervisors before monitoring surveillance cameras. the mayor says she'll hold a meeting with the board of supervisors to discuss the issue next tuesday. she says if an agreement cannot be reached show turned her proposal into a ballot measure that voters can make a decision on in june. a warning tonight for people living in san francisco. some people are reportedly going door to door handing out masks claiming that it is part of a new initiative by local government. >> however, take a look at this tweet from the group, san francisco safe. the tweet reports that these people ask you to put the mask on to see if it fits. the mask is allegedly doused with chemicals that knock you out. then they rob, you sfpd sent
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us this statement when we asked about the group's tweet, the department says, quote, we are aware of sf safes warning to the public regarding masks scams. and this time we do not have any information of an incident occurring in san francisco. >> it has been a deadly year for traffic collisions in san jose. more than half a dozen people have been killed in last night. another deadly vehicle collision took place. 2 pedestrians were killed, a 3rd person and the driver were injured. it all happened on allen, an expressway at fox where the avenue san jose police sergeant christian camarillo says the pedestrians were not using a crosswalk when the collision took place. it's stark. >> all right. the vehicle had a green light. very difficult to see people crossing after hours. not a good idea to cross busy streets at night outside of a crosswalk, especially an expressway. we're not trying to do any victim blaming this is just a fact that happened in this
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collision. >> police say there is no evidence of speeding at this point. this is the 6th fatal traffic collision of the year with victims and number 6, 7, >> santa clara county sheriff laurie smith has been on the hot seat for some time now. and tonight that heat is intensified. state attorney general rob bonta has announced his office has launched an investigation into the santa clara county sheriff's department to see if there's a pattern of unconstitutional conduct. kron four's. dan kerman has the details. let's see what the truth is that santa clara county sheriff laurie smith back in august, defending her management of the county jail. >> and refusing calls from san jose's mayor to resign since there continues to be a lot of speculation and certainly in france's i welcome any and all investigations. now, another investigation is coming. this one from california's attorney general. >> our investigation will seek to determine whether the sheriff's office has engaged in a pattern or practice
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constitutional or unlawful. >> without going into specifics, the attorney general indicated the focus would be on how the sheriff's office is managing the santa clara county jail. there have been deaths and injuries in custody. >> and i want to going to be looking at all those, including the use of force as well. >> the treatment or or the potential for lack of appropriate treatment, including 4 a mental illness or allegations >> a scheme to trade gun permits for political contributions that says yet and unproved there are allegations about a failure to report gifts received by the sheriff that's under investigation at the fair political practices commission, santa clara county supervisor just committee and called on the attorney general. >> to look into the sheriff's alleged misconduct 5 months ago when supervisors voted no confidence in smith. since that time, the santa clara county civil grand jury, he's
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filed formal accusations against the sheriff for corruption, somebody and says he's glad the attorney general is now getting involved. >> we've had case after case allegation after allegation. and at some point you just can't hope that things will get better. you've got to step up and take some action. the attorney general says public safety is built on trust. and right now there's a lack of trust in santa clara county at this point. no timeline in terms of how long this investigation will last. >> dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo released a statement today on the investigation. it reads, quote, i welcome attorney general rob bonta is decision today to investigate the sheriff's misconduct negligence and pay to play management of the department which prompted my call for her resignation last year after the district attorney, the public deserves better from the top law enforcement officer in the county. >> in the north bay, marine county water restriction penalties have been removed.
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this comes because record rainfall replenish the local reservoir water district officials say while the immediate water shortage emergency is over some water use restrictions are still in place. kron four's gayle ong has the details. >> historic rainfall in october and december helped eased water restrictions in marine county. now we're currently at 95% of our total storage capacity, which is well above our normal average. that dent in the drought prompting are in water board directors to repeal customers, water use and penalties at a meeting tuesday night. if the remained in effect, customers that exceeded the established amounts would have received penalties on their bye monthly water bill starting february. first, the board had previously imposed water saving restrictions on december. 1st, when reservoirs reach historic, low levels in the summer, marin county was classified under exceptional drought. >> about 75% of the county's water supply depends on rainfall. the rest comes from sonoma counties, russian river
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water system in july. the water district declared a water shortage emergency and set a goal to reduce water use by 40%. we do want to thank our customers for their success in reducing our water through the height of the drought. but we really also want to encourage them to keep up that great work. don't moment. i'm a dreamer, 10's with marine water as well. the district's immediate water shortage. emergency is over. >> sir, in water, use restrictions like irrigation limits and swimming pool. filling are still in place. the board will reconsider modifying those roles at the next meeting on february. 1st, in the meantime, the district is focusing on water supply planning efforts that includes developing a recycled water program and connecting into the sonoma water. aqueduct. >> and marin water is still offering rebates and incentives so customers can save water. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> an uptick in mountain lion and coyote sightings has bay area officials on high alert areas along the peninsula have
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spotted more big cast lately. some east bay parks or see more coyotes kron four's. dan thorn has the story. >> belmont police are warning of an aggressive mountain lion spotted in a residential neighborhood. the lion was seen fighting and killing another mountain lion near hastings drive wednesday morning. i know that this mountain lion described as an aggressive mount line, but it was being aggressive towards another, not in which is natural for it. if it's defending its territory. but that doesn't mean it's going to be aggressive towards people. tiffany yap is a senior scientist and wildlife connectivity expert who looks at how people affect the movement and behavior of animals. yap says protective behavior is simply a mountain lion being a mountain lion and people need to understand these animals share this region with ice. one neighbor telling us the animal fight was unsettling to learn about. >> very disturbing that they would be killing each other. but i guess they're fighting for territory. you know, it's
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getting tighter and tighter for them. this is kind of >> what they do in the wild. they're very protective of their territories in their home ranges. city officials in dublin are also warning about coyotes popping up near popular areas. the wild dogs have recently been seen near emerald glen park, central parkway and the tass ahora creek trail. there have been no reports of the animals attacking or biting people. but the california department of fish and wildlife says you should keep your distance while not leaving small children or pets outside alone. yap says safe coexistence needs to be more of a focus as people continue to spread into natural areas. if we greener infrastructure that really into great wildlife movement and wildlife that could be really beneficial for the wildlife and keep them healthy. but that also could be really beneficial public safety as reporting in dublin, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> coming up tonight at
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protection for planned parenthood patients in the east bay. what the just passed law prevents pro-life protesters from doing. and new york attorney general, the off the office there says it identified numerous misleading statements and omissions in former president trump's company. financial statements will have details coming up. a thick fog kind of settling in over the bay area right now. when could we soon see some rain will talk about of them. come back.
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>> judge in michigan is trying to determine how much media coverage will be allowed in the trial of a teenager charged with killing 4 of his classmates. a court hearing was held today for 15 year-old ethan crumbley. the judge in the case as the attorneys involved need to determine of media coverage for a trial would be possible considering the sensitive materials that may be made public crumbley reportedly made several videos and wrote in journals about how he wanted to quote, shoot up his school. his parents are also facing charges for manslaughter. crumbley is due back in court next month. >> the u.s. supreme court has rejected former president trump's bid to block the january 6 committee from gaining access to his presidential records. the ruling means those records can be shared with congress and the house set. so the select committee investigating the capitol insurrection and the events leading up to it. and the new york attorney
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general's office says its civil investigation found evidence that former president trump's company use fraudulent or misleading asset valuations in order to get loans and tax benefits. the ags office says the trump organization routinely misrepresented the value of its properties and golf clubs and financial statements. investigators have not decided on whether or not to bring a lawsuit. they say they want to question the former president, his daughter, ivanka and his son, don junior, the ex president's lawyers argue that this probe is politically motivated. coming up, new developments on the plans for the oakland a's waterfront baseball ballpark. the environmental impact report has been reviewing what the oakland city council. >> now has to say about it. and what students staff are doing to repeal the
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>> in the east bay, a contentious battle over first amendment rights and the choice to seek health care options about abortion. the planned parenthood in walnut creek has been the site of several protests, including one which got physical. now the city council has taken action. kron four's terisa stasko explains the steps they took an that they say the goal is to try to respect both sides of the issue. >> one of them >> protesters using pepper spray on counter protesters. protests at walnut creek's
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planned parenthood turning physical individual and this isn't the staff report that's had a kind of reached a planned parenthood and came in and create a disturbance there. >> that is wanna creek mayor matt francois describing how emotions have escalated in a 2 year period. 42 calls to police for help. inaction was not an option here that the council needed to step in. the public has come before the city council and asked the council to consider a buffer zone at the responses. city council take an action by unanimous vote to move forward to draft a buffer zone ordinance creating a space for protesters and safe passage for patients and staff. >> the mayor says that this is not about taking a side in the issue. >> but about everyone's has spent considerable time. >> trying to bounce a very fundamental rights of a person. to safely seek medical care. with the also fundamental right to peacefully protest and the
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balance here had been disturbed. and the bottom line is that women seeking care any type of care. we're often being made to feel unsafe. and that's unacceptable. >> although still being worked out by the city attorney besides creating a safe zone, it would also give guidance to law enforcement. a violator could be arrested and charged. the council hopes to consider a final vote next month. theresa kron, 4 news. >> the cdc is trying to end the debate over whether or not protection from covid is better when infected or with vaccination. it released a study that says vaccination offers the best protection from hospitalization and death and induces a greater immunity than so-called natural immunity. the study used data from more than a million covid cases. a new study out of sweden finds that t cells induced by the covid vaccine provided extensive coverage against omicron experiments.
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show that t cells elicited by prior infection of the variant had a lower response to those found in patients who have been vaccinated. the results suggest that booster immunization, maybe the best way to produce neutralizing antibodies to the omicron variant and the cdc is predicting that more than 61,000 more people could die from covid over the next 4 weeks. the forecast could mean an average of about 2500 covid-19 deaths a day. that's up from a current average of about 1500 per day. that's according to data from johns hopkins university. >> stanford students have less than 2 weeks to show proof of getting a booster shot. meanwhile, there's a petition circulating on campus with more than 1700 signatures protesting against the booster mandate. the petition was created by monti fisher who is a first year. stanford phd student. the university put the booster mandate in place because of the continuing rise in covid cases since winter
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break. just last week, 205 studentr and 287 staff members tested positive. 95% of the students testing on campus are already fully vaccinated. and that is why fisher believes it is now time that the extra booster shot should be a choice. >> vaccines are not a cure. all right. they're not going to stop transmission on campus and they're not going they're not going to cut it. extraordinary lehigh hospitalization rate. that's not the situation looking at. looking at young, healthy, fully vaccinated. people. >> in response to the petition, a stanford spokesperson says, quote, our boost a requirement for students who are eligible is intended to support sustained immunity against covid-19 and is consistent with the advice of county and federal public health leaders, end quote, although the petition is still gaining signatures online, students hand deliver them to stanford's president. so far they have not heard back. the
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booster mandate does go into effect on january 31st. starbucks is reversing its covid-19 vaccine mandate for employees. coffee chain started requiring all of its employees to be fully vaccinated against the virus a month ago. >> but after the u.s. supreme court just rejected president biden's vaccine mandate starbucks reversed course. starbucks is among the most high-profile corporations to follow the court's ruling. the company employs 228,000 people in the u.s.. the biden administration is making it easier for people to get n 95 masks. the white house announcing this morning that it will give away 400 million masks that will be through pharmacies and community health center starting next week. officials are calling the move the largest deployment of personal protective equipment in u.s. history. the government has 700, 50 million of the highly protective masks on hand. the cdc says the face coverings offer the highest level of protection against the highly contagious omicron variant
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last week, the agency updated its guidance and now recommends opting for n 95 or kn 95 over a cloth masks in san francisco, the historic castro theater announced a new partnership to bring shows to the neighborhood. >> the plan is to reinvent the theater has a live event venue. the theater's owners are working with another planet entertainment to upgrade and modernize the building. there are plans to improve the sound system, the lighting and the iconic marquee along with the technical upgrades. the theater is set to host a live music and comedy shows and community events. the theater will still screen select movies. the grand reopening has been proposed for 2023. >> plans for the oakland a's waterfront. ballpark have moved a big step forward. the oakland planning commission sent its recommendation to the city council to approve the final environmental impact report. that report looks at how the stadium could potentially hurt the environment in the area. and so far the commission has not
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raised any significant concerns. in a statement, oakland mayor libby schaff said this puts oakland one step closer to building the waterfront. ballpark. this is a developing story will continue to provide updates as soon as they come in. forty-niners fans are counting down to saturday's big divisional matchup against the green bay packers. if the niners want to get back to the super bowl, we'll have to do it by winning on the road. last week they kicked off their playoff run by beating the dallas cowboys in texas. but now it's on to a very cold, wisconsin. >> well, forcefully to checks in with a local group of fans expecting another big win. >> longtime san francisco forty-niners season ticket holder ernest smith made it to one road game this season and it happened to be against the los angeles rams which ended in the niners win. >> punching their ticket to the playoffs. we were part of that dynamic crowd that, you know, held up our team to get them. the big w both teams
9:36 pm
noted how loud forty-niners fans were turning so fi stadium into levi stadium self. who knew couldn't make it to the wild-card game against the cowboys but says she and her husband, eric, are headed to frigid green bay booking flights, hotel accommodations, game tickets. >> and a rental car for about $3300 for the 2 of them. i don't think i know cold. >> like that born and raised in california. but i. we are ready. smith is a south bay native and is a member of the nonprofit group of fans called ladies of the empire. >> the organization has grown to more than 1500 members worldwide. very excited for our team. and a dunkin has been with ladies of the empire for 10 years. she is unable to travel for road games this time around like she was in 2020 when the niners return to the super bowl but says if they get that far, should consider checking that off her bucket list. bandit. >> 10 years that i've been a
9:37 pm
season ticket, holder given up hope and especially this year it's great to see them trying turn all of that. and now she's hoping for a deep playoff run. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> is force for only a couple of days away from the forty-niners packers game that were just talking about. jason, do moss has one of the niners stars reaction to playing on that frozen tundra of lambeau field? plus, one of their assistant coaches interviews for a big head coaching job. that's coming up. >> plus, felony charges are filed in connection with a deadly tesla autopilot crash in gardena. how the court that the case could set a precedent for self-driving technology. >> and it's been dry for a while around the bay area. the fog moving in now, could we soon see a few raindrops will talk about that forecast is next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> could big to here and that is how i'm counting down the days. the hours the minutes to san francisco forty-niners trip the frozen played on the green bay packers in a lot have been made about that frozen tundra. a lot of people are saying that the forty-niners will be able to play in the elements green bay in january. right now, whether that calm is telling me that
9:41 pm
it's supposed to be a high of 23 degrees with some snow. and time to as low as 2 degrees up there in green bay, but guess what? give me he grew up in chicago and you played football eastern, illinois. we're still was causing him playing in iowa. fred warner, byu and utah. all i can go on forty-niners certainly aren't going to live. a little leather determined their seasons bit. >> i played some really cold games i think the calls we put like -28 degrees with a wind chill. i was really fun. my key to staying warm. is it just a play? a lot of snaps. and so you keep your blood going. heated seats in the heaters on the side of probably really nice >> it's football. you can't really is a call as an excuse. he's got to go out there you know, performing high level. it's just going to really find a little bit more adversity for us to, you know, try to battle through.
9:42 pm
>> that dude probably want to be in short sleeves. look at now. well, we are all talking about that. therefore, weather in wisconsin not offensive coordinator, mike mcdaniel scurried open. the middle of the night is scheduled himself in the interview and miami, where the dolphins that coaching it was only forty-niners. coordinator and running backs. coach 2017. he started as the run game coordinator and eventually became the offensive coordinator. you have coaches, certainly his ultimate goal, but he's not letting it get in the way of the short term goal, which is winning a super bowl. the forty-niners this season. >> you work your whole career. >> to be in a position like this in the divisional round of the playoffs. one game away from the nfc championship game. you these these are few and far between so with as many days and hours that we were kids, coaches it's not hard to to focus and big
9:43 pm
moments like these. >> the warriors are coming off of the blowout win against the pistons chase center and it was claims best performance since his return. yeah. team high 20 points and it was fry moving around like he did in his midst 2 and a half seasons. the basketball he's been playing about 20 minutes, a game short, 5 minutes for it. but it the up to that to about. 24. 25 minutes. a game in 6 minutes per. >> lane is trusting the process. but if you can is also chopping at the big more action. >> just be out there and have no. no hesitation. but it is going to the rim stopping by on the screen history at this. i feel like myself in these days are hard to see in the past. but i give myself lot of credit taking my rehab stints
9:44 pm
very serious and attacking you like i would nba season. so. hopefully i got a lot more years left in me to do what i love to do. >> now, i mentioned earlier that might daniels forty-niners offensive coordinator. he scurried off in the middle of the night to schedule the interview with you know, i said that in jest and get my camera by now, you have to give that interview granted by the forty-niners and how has been super supportive. he wants to be to get a head coaching job or later. so maybe go up and we'll be right fit. but not he wins a game in green bay will have all the coverage leading up to saturday night's playoff game as it gets there. that's al
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>> it's been one year since president joe biden stepped into the presidency and today he held a news conference to talk about the progress his administration has made. president biden emphasized how his office has handled the economy, infrastructure and the coronavirus. >> it's been year of challenges, but it's also many year been enormous progress. what together, business and late. we're about to make a record invest in rebuilding america. we have to us. vaccines, boosters. test. >> the president also said the future of the country depends on whether all sides can find a way to work together on the country's problems. but as the midterm elections are getting closer, if approval of
9:48 pm
president biden's efforts continues to decline. analysts say it could be a worrying sign for the democrats. well, let's take a live look outside tonight and look at the coit tower in san francisco. just a glow. really shining brightly tonight in a very dry evening. yeah, it's been very dry for a while. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. when we get some rain, lawrence, that some people start to wonder when we're going to see the raindrops to turn to the bay area. >> atmosphere very stable out there now stable enough. you start to see some of that fog developing out toward the golden gate bridge, some of the towers they'he exposed, but down below. yeah, you can see the true fog hovering right down there on the deck there for tonight. and we're going to see more of that in the morning hours. temperatures today running a little bit above the average in the san francisco at 60 56 degrees. cooler than normal in oakland. 63 a nice day in san jose. 65 lemore. 63 in concord and 65 degrees in santa rosa. all right. lori forecast for you see these fronts. here comes another one approaching the bay area. see the rain
9:49 pm
moving up in the pacific northwest. so far we've been keeping things dry since the second week in january. here we go. now we're going to see that system come over the top of that ridge. that ridge is going to build back in on friday. i think we're looking at and offshore wind on friday. that's going make for some very nice weather around the bay area leading to the weekend. the weekend that ridge may flatten out a little bit. the temperatures probably going to cool down just slightly. but we're going to keep things dry through the weekend into next week. a few more clouds begin to move in late on monday night early on tuesday morning. but just scooting not leaving a raindrop behind. there's a hint that late next week the pattern begins to change a little more progressively start to see a high pressure recede a little bit. maybe we start to talk about a change in the weather pattern that's really starting to get near the end of the month as we get into february, maybe start to talk about return of some rain. alright, that being said temperatures for tomorrow some cool 50's along the coastline to see some 60's inside the high 63 degrees in daly city. 63 in millbrae about 63 in burlingame going keep those temperatures on the mild side
9:50 pm
away from the coastline and numbers over the next few days. looking nice, staying dry through saturday and sunday at well into next week. >> thank you, lauren. charges filed in los angeles county over a deadly tesla crash could ultimately affect how we all drive in the future. the case involves a tesla driver who allegedly ran a red light and hit another car, killing 2 people. michael shure tells us what happened. obvious that cause will drive themselves completely. it's just a question of time. >> and a question of law. tesla founder elon musk talking about self-driving cars 3 years ago and now a new legal test for that kind of artificial intelligence on the streets and highways as prosecutors in los angeles county filed vehicular manslaughter charges against a tesla driver who ran a red light while on autopilot killing 2 in 2019. kevin george aziz riyadh, free on bail as the first person on record to face felony charges while driving on automated
9:51 pm
technology. the charge is buffeting the believe that while the technology can help drivers are ultimately the ones in charge, even if the software were to fail or be turned off. >> the fact that has those. for may or may not operational or, you know, out that isn't hughes? >> in the past tesla saying that even with auto pilot vehicles cannot yet drive themselves and it's up to drivers to react to the environment. attorney michael vogel says that a guilty verdict would underscore driver responsibility with current technology where where the >> on island has a lot with driver to take over that. you you still need to maintain awareness and response ability. what happens if their car? >> vogel saying a not guilty verdict could mean more regulation on that. we've got to think that i would that this and how much can get ballots? it's what you want to out. people that if, course,
9:52 pm
is the safety issues, it's going to seem like a mad thing in the future that people are driving cars. prosecutors in the country's largest county saying that for now, people are still at the wheel. >> again, that was michael shure reporting for us tonight. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 9. a teenage pilot is on her final leg on the journey to become the youngest to fly solo around the world. >> her message on encouraging more girls to get into aviation.
9:53 pm
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>> some international airlines cancel flights which were bound for the united states today or they use different airplanes over concerns about the new high-speed wireless service. there are worries that the 5 g mobile phone service could interfere with aircraft technology. some airlines said that they received warnings from the faa that the service had a particular effect on the 7, 7, 7 model planes. boeing says it will work with airlines, the fbi and others involved. they all want to find out a solution that will allow all planes to fly safely as 5 g is rolled out. atnt and verizon agreed to postpone the new service near some airports in the united states or send us fbi. earlier it was faa, but both companies insist their equipment will not interfere with the plane's electronics.
9:56 pm
a 19 year-old woman is a day away from making aviation history. she is set to become the youngest woman ever to fly around the world solo. 0 rutherford landed near frankfurt, germany earlier today following a brief rest and refueling. she's hoping to complete the final leg of her flight. >> landing tomorrow in belgium was the first started. her amazing journey. 5 months ago and along the way she had to dodge california wildfires. the severe russian winter. >> she barely avoided an incursion into north korean airspace. the first thing she says on her mind when she lands tomorrow is to have a nice long rest. >> i think of me to for a week, really want to get something about my experiences and do visit, do whatever i can do to keep encouraging people to something crazy. want to just just good for it. the goals to get a vision is that none of us is in mind that this is >> she was supposed to finish on monday, but a storm caused
9:57 pm
a delay. the belgian british teenager is planning to go to college in the fall either in the u k or here in the u.s. good luck. and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. but kron 4 news in prime time continues tonight at 10. coming up. >> shots fired between a san jose police officer and a carjacking suspect. what authorities are revealing about the investigation tonight and a suspicious package triggered a bomb squad response in downtown oakland. >> why investigators say it was all a hoax. the news at 10 was all a hoax. the news at 10 is next. when a truck hit my car, was all a hoax. the news at 10 is next. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10. i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. we start tonight with san jose police officers opening fire during an incident with a carjacking suspect. police say it happened shortly before 07:30pm, tonight in the area of heading street and park avenue. that's just a few blocks away from the municipal rose garden. actually not far from police headquarters in san jose. several several streets in that area are closed to traffic while authorities investigate how this is video from the scene at this time, officials have released very few details, including whether or not anyone was injured or if the carjacking suspect exchanged fire with the officers. >> this is still a very


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