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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  January 19, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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p you here and all that expressed way of foxworthy avenue in san jose. san jose police sergeant christian cabriales says 3 adults. the 2 men who died in the woman who survived. we're not using the crosswalk when the collision occurred. >> it's a pretty major intersection, therefore, cross walks there. you know, less than 100 feet where they were crossing. they could easily use the crosswalk. you know, they made a bad decision last night and now we have 2 people that lost their lives. >> investigators say the driver who was behind the wheel of this white 2017 toyota sedan was also injured. the driver was also transported to a local hospital. yet some injuries from the windshield collapsing into the vehicle in the air bag deployment. this is a fairly large intersection pedestrians at to build the move with that light turns green. >> the posted speed limit is 50 miles per hour. it is radar and for us because vehicles are known for driving above the limit here.
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>> although side in says there is no evidence of speeding at this point in the investigation. i don't think excessive speed nor alcohol or drugs was a factor in this collision. san jose police officials say that this is the 6th fatal traffic collision of the year with victims number 6, 7, the incident also marks pedestrian fatalities. number 4, 5 of 2022. investigators say a common thread in each case, the victims, we're not using the crosswalk at the moment of impact last year. it took until march 6 of 2021 to reach 6 traffic fatalities has the lead. kron. 4 news. >> state lawmakers are trying to address major ambulance delays caused by crowded emergency rooms all across california. officials say the pandemic is bringing this issue to a breaking point. lawmakers held an oversight hearing to come up with some solutions. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala
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explains the ideas and the warnings from lawmakers. find ourselves in a crisis point medical emergency leaders from across the state urging for changes to address ambulance holdups across california. >> in an oversight hearing on the issue in front of the assembly, emergency management committee, emergency medical service leaders and ambulance workers pointed to busy understaffed hospitals in crowded emergency rooms as the primary reason for delays in patient offloads. some said hospitals can halt an ambulance. his ability to respond to a call for hours leading to devastating impacts. there probably been harmed patients because of these extreme but delays. and there seems to be no end in sight. other ems officials said patient transfer should take no more than 20 minutes. sacramento fire assistant chief erich sailer said ems workers in the area waited hospitals or were on the wall for more than 2 hours. 700 times in 2021, he says hospitals should hire their own paramedics and face fines for holding up ambulances for longer than 20 minutes. not
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maybe the only thing that gets him to change behavior. but emergency doctors and nurses say slow patient transfers and clogged emergency room stem from several issues, including staffing shortages, a lack of resources and an increase in patients with non urgent issues. but who lack access to health care in their own communities? some of the reasons include a lot to primary care safety net health care. >> behavioral care and have to tell you, i will underline that 400 times homelessness support substance use disorders and covid-19. other coming for testing and our vaccines. the committee's vice chair said state lawmakers to re evaluate state regulations impacting emergency medical services and look and see if they're truly regulations that c are protecting the public. >> regulations that look like they are better actually creating problems in the long run. some hospital officials said they need more access to data which the committee chair question. and i think the data is quite clear that. >> there is a problem if nobody wants to move at these committees, these these departments that are have the
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state of them, it's going to be our turn as lawmakers to come up with some solutions, some legislation that folks may not like. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. take a look at this. the world's largest cast iron skillet was spotted on a freeway in tennessee. imagine you're dry next to that thing. it 18 feet handle to handle and weighs a whopping 14,000 pounds. so why would you need such a this skill? it is made by the company lodge cast iron and they're opening a museum soon to showcase their products in the history of the company. and that is where the skill it apparently is headed. lawrence, what would you want to cook in a skillet? that eggs? of get up some big games to go in there. but short, the jumbo. what about the heat? it's the heat. is that night? so yeah. cornbread. yeah.
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anything you know that you get have to have high high heat. >> yeah. and you want it. you want a nice base on there? you know, yes, seasoning base. you have keep it oiled up. >> times like this is made from really yeah. that lack some up. make it here. we go headed up the slopes. folks of you wanna and up there in the high country. here's a crime for ski report. seeing a little bit of snow melt of this past week. they lost about 3 to 6 inches of snow. but still look at the base. 97 inches on the ground. 25 lives are open and heavily. if you want to go there, 97 trails also open as well. kirkwood, you're looking good. no major travel delays. the only thing you have to be concerned about some of that morning fog traveling across the san joaquin valley. otherwise a 77 inches there at the summit sugar bowl. you look at the base of 108 inches. 10 lifts are open there. how about our friends at palisades? looking good. 60 inches at the summit. no new snow machine groomed up there and all kinds of trails.
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221 trails are now open there at palisades. so up in the there you go. here's a live look at the donner summit and things moving along very nicely. now you see some of that snow along the sides of the road, but otherwise a road conditions looking good up there and it's going to stay that way over the next few days and probably well into next week. if you do head to the slopes, see almost spring-like conditions. i think as we look toward thursday afternoon, temperatures cooling off on friday. going to be in the 30's for highs but dry right throughout the next few days. probably right through the weekend as well and well into next week. so got a nice dry spot right now. looks like that is going to stick around for some time. and that means we're going enjoy some nice weather here, too, in the bay area. temperatures, i think by tomorrow afternoon, some places near 70 degrees and the warmest spots cooling down just slightly as we head into the weekend. all right, lauren, still ahead, a fresh face coming to a familiar one. the new entertainment coming to the castro theater.
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>> and in sports, we're just now a few days away from that niners packers game in a short week for the niners. got to play saturday. we're going to be in frigid green bay. this is not the place to simulate that weather, but hey, guys on the practice field, jimmy g's shoulder looks pretty good. jason dumas, our sports director has reaction from george kittle and the crew about playing in the tundra and one persistent coaches is interviewing for a coaching job. is there a distraction? >> plus, to fans of opposing teams now for ever bonded how a fast-acting bengals fan jumped into action to save a life.
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>> the historic castro theater announced a new partnership to bring shows to the neighborhood. the plan is to reinvent. the theater is a live event venue. the the theater's owners, they are working with the entertainment company, another planet to upgrade and modernize the building. there are plans to improve the sound system lighting and of course, the iconic marquee along with the tech upgrades. the theater is set to host live music and comedy shows and community events. the theater will still screen select movies. the grand reopening has been proposed for 2023. >> new tonight at 6, a rival football fan makes a lifesaving play. you could say in cincinnati, gasol raiders fan on the ground, not
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breathing. and this diehard bengals fan jumped into action. jerry mills was near the stadium ticket booth saturday when he noticed 78 year-old ed fernandez in trouble. bill says an er didn't waste any time trying to help fernandez who stopped breathing didn't have a pulse. and those tense moments. another nurse also stop to help. >> so i said i'm not losing today. and so other nurses helping in like 2 minutes later got calls. i believe god put me there for a reason. so they may have another day and live. >> what a story. and he sees rabid fans seem to hate each other, but we're all humans at the end of the day. and just when all was seemed lost, fernandez did start breathing again. there he is. mill said he's glad he was in the right place at the right time. and fernandez is set to have heart surgery tomorrow. next. getting ready for green bay. we'll hear from a loyal group and niners fans about what they're expecting from the red and gold this saturday night.
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to bring the bill to the floor and avoid an initial filibuster. but it was blocked today by republicans. thanks to a 49 to 51 votes. so what is next? senate majority leader chuck schumer will soon put forward a measure to change senate rules just for this bill. but 2 democratic senators are against changing the rules against the philip changing the filibuster. if kyrsten sinema of arizona and joe manchin of west virginia. so that effort is expected to also fail. we'll keep you posted on the latest there in washington. meanwhile, happening now, the oakland planning commission is meeting to finalize details on the environmental impact report for the proposed a ballpark at the howard terminal site. members of the community have voiced frustration as well as support for the new ballpark. the meeting is expected to last a couple hours. we have a link to it on our website. kron 4 dot com. if you'd like to listen participate will bring you updates on the commission's decision later on during kron. 4 news in prime
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time. >> forty-niners fans countdown to saturday's divisional matchup against the green bay packers. so the niners want to return to the super bowl. they're going to have to do it on the road. last week they kicked off their playoff run by beating the dallas cowboys in texas. well, now on to wisconsin. our first fleet chagall checks in with the local group of fans who are expecting another big win. >> longtime san francisco forty-niners season ticket holder ernest smith made it to one road game this season and it happened to be against the los angeles rams which ended in the niners win. >> punching their ticket to the playoffs. we were part of that dynamic crowd that, you know, held up our team to get them the big w both teams noted how loud forty-niners fans were turning so fi stadium into levi stadium self. who knew couldn't make it to the wild-card game against the cowboys. >> but says she and her husband, eric, are headed to frigid green bay booking
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flights, hotel accommodations, game tickets and a rental car for about $3300 for the 2 of them. i don't think i know cold. >> like that born and raised in california. but i. we are ready. smith is a south bay native and is a member of the nonprofit group of fans called ladies of the empire. >> the organization has grown to more than 1500 members worldwide. very excited for our team. and a dunkin has been with ladies of the empire for 10 years. she is unable to travel for road games this time around like she was in 2020 when the niners return to the super bowl but says if they get that far show, consider checking that off her bucket and it. >> 10 years that i've been a season ticket holder, i given up hope. especially this year. >> it's >> great to see them trying turn all of now she's hoping for a deep playoff run. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. i our 4 zone forecast as
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we get a live look outside at a very lit up coit tower. >> yeah, might be chilly here in the bay, but it is nothing compared to green bay, lawrence this year and that niners bring the an extra here. i mean, it is going to be chilly there. we're talking temperatures. >> in the teens game time the morning just before the game, talking about some snow there. so some very cold conditions. we'll find in the forecast for get a little bit closer, but out there tonight around the bay area, nothing like that at all. we've got some patchy fog that moved inside the bay almost looking like a spring weather pattern outside. you see the fog headed out toward the golden gate bridge. you see the towers there in the red. yeah. 746 feet. the top of those towers that fog kind of slipping underneath that. but we're going to see more of the fog overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, we're going to give up some fog early on. you can see it out there right now. then as we head through the day, the weather is going to prove very nicely. high pressure taking over that ridge, bringing with it, the dry weather pattern continuing here in the bay area. mixed bag for tomorrow will be mild. some patchy fog likely we got
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along the coastline overnight. lows will be a little chilly in spots, 30's and 40's outside by day tomorrow in the san francisco. you're starting out with that fog giving way to some partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. probably some fog lingering into the sunset and upper 50's there about 59 with some patchy fog in pacifica. 63 in half moon bay and cool. 63 degrees in millbrae. 63 in burlingame warming up inside the bay. you're looking to 67 in san carlos. 65 in redwood city, the south bay enjoying nice mild afternoon as high as 67 in campbell. 67 in santa clara about 66 degrees in saratoga, east bay. that's where those temperatures looking very a little bit of an offshore wind trying to develop, especially as we get into friday. and i think that is going to make for some clear skies all around the bay area as a very nice temperatures go along with that tomorrow. given those numbers generally in the 50's and the 60's around most of the bay area, high pressure overhead, it will weaken just slightly for tomorrow, but then it's going to gather some steam. i think as we get to friday, that's going to get that offshore wind, maybe even a little bit breezy on friday
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saturday and sunday. look very nice. just a little bit cooler. we keep things dry, at least for the next 7 days. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> could begin clear and that is how i'm counting down the days. the hours the minutes till san francisco forty-niners trip the frozen based on the green bay packers in a lot have been made about that frozen tundra. a lot of people are saying that the forty-niners will be able to play in the elements green bay in january. right now whether that calm is telling me that it's supposed to be a high of 23 degrees with some snow and time to as low as 2 degrees up there in green bay, guess what? give me he grew up in chicago and you played football eastern, illinois. we're still was causing him playing and i will warner, byu
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and utah. all i can go on their forty-niners certainly aren't going to live a little leather determined their seasons be it. >> i played some really cold games i think the calls we put like -28 degrees with a wind chill. i was really fun. my key to staying warm. is it just a play? a lot of snaps. and so you keep your blood going. heated seats in the heaters on the side of probably really nice >> it's football. you can't really is a call as an excuse. he's got to go out there you know, perform at a high level. it's just going to really find this a little bit more adversity for us to, you know, try to battle through. >> that probably going to be in short sleeves. look at now while we are all talking about that, therefore weather in wisconsin, not offensive coordinator, mike mcdaniel scurried open. the middle of the night is giving himself an interview in miami where the dolphins that coaching. but then it was only forty-niners.
6:52 pm
offensive coordinator and running backs. coach 2017 he started and the run game coordinator and eventually became the offensive coordinator. you coaches, certainly his ultimate goal, but he's not letting it get in the way of short term goal, which winning a super bowl. the forty-niners this season. >> you work your whole career. >> to be in a position like this in the divisional round of the playoffs. one game away from the nfc championship game. yeah, these these are few and far between so with as many days and hours that we were kids, coaches it's not hard to to focus and big moments like these. >> the warriors are coming off of blowout win against the pistons chase center in it was plays best performance since his return yet in team high 20 points and he was try to move it around like he did in his
6:53 pm
midst 2 and a half seasons. the basketball he's been playing about 20 minutes, a game short, 5 minutes for it. but it the encourage uptake that to about. 24. 25 minutes. a game in 6 minutes for. >> lane is trusting the process. but if you can is also chopping at the big more action. >> just be out there and have no. no hesitation. but there's going to the rim stopping by on the screen history of i feel like myself and these days are hard to see in the past. but i give myself lot of credit taking my rehab stints very serious and attacking you like i would nba season. so. hopefully i got a lot more years left in me to do what i love to do. >> now, i mentioned earlier that might daniels forty-niners offensive coordinator. he scurried off in the middle of the night to schedule the interview with the you know, i said that in
6:54 pm
jest and get my camera by now, you have to do that interview granted by forty-niners and how been super supportive. he wants to be to get a head coaching job or later. so maybe go up and we'll be right fit. but not or he wins a game in green bay will have all the coverage leading up to saturday night's playoff game as it gets there. that's all i have for sports sunday. want new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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>> it's just another day at the international space station. 2 cosmonauts, they ventured out on a spacewalk to continue work on the exterior of a new laboratory module there. they installed handrails and canas docking targets in a tv cameras. not like you can call the plumber. you know where the handyman out there. the lab is expected to receive its first visiting spacecraft in march. and we leave you that. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6 pre being with us tonight at 5, 6, kron. 4 news in prime time continues at. >> 8, 9.10 with and ken, we'll see tomorrow night.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: brianna suspected killer caught. >> how cops nab the homeless man accused of stabbing the young woman to death. >> his notorious criminal past revealed. look at all of these mug shots. and mourning the woman thrown to her death on the subway. >> the extreme steps commuters are taking to stay safe. >> i come upstairs, strap myself. >> announcer: then... >> is there a glitch on the covid test website? >> announcer: then, cease and desist, sis. britney's extraordinary letter to jamie


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