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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 19, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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you step outside. good morning, good morning, james. it is definitely on the dark and foggy side for a lot of areas. >> your view of the east bay hills right here, not much of a view this morning. we do have that low cloud cover that sitting for the most part right above the bay where it's resulting in the most visibility issues right now is for the tri valley up into napa and sonoma counties where we're seeing some really low visibility because that fog settling right into the bay area. it's going to stay with us over the next few hours. well, to your morning commute on into late morning. so do expect a grey start. what will eventually be some increasingly clear skies for the remainder of the day after that. now, current temperatures are mostly in the 40's with alameda oakland, san mateo and san francisco, just below the 50 degree, mark are more mild spots. fairfield right now sitting at 37 degrees now. roadways. pretty easy unless you are considering the fog, which is really the bay bridge is still sitting below 10 minutes to make your commute there. a few
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more cars. the commute is going to pick up a little bit likely to see a bit of a backup at the toll plaza. san mateo bridge just above 10 minutes to make your drive across their richmond center fell bridge. there is some fog in the vicinity. they're still below 10 minutes to make your crossing of the day. and the golden gate bridge moving at the limit. james. john, thank you. 6, 0, one is the time. we'll start off with some breaking news from overnight. >> the biden administration will be making 400 million 95 masks available for free starting next week. this comes as federal officials continue to emphasize that these types of masks provide really the best protection against the omicron variant short of a booster shot itself. doctors have also said that these masks are better than cloth face coverings. so the free masks will be available for pickup at pharmacies and health centers all across the country starting late next week. california's office of emergency services, by the way, announced that it has delivered more than 20 million masks to county boards of education all across
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california. and that's been taking place since the start of the new year here in the bay area. santa clara county has received the most masks with nearly a million napa county, the least with about 77,000 officials on each board of education now are responsible for distributing these masks to each school district. they can also request additional resources like cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers to if they'd like. a new federal website to request free covid test kits has launched with the first shipments going out by the end of the month. the tests are going to be free. no shipping absolutely. free to you. you just have to sign up and do that. you go to their website. covid tests dot gov or you can go to usps dot gov. dot com slash covid test. click order free at home test kits. it will take you to a former you just type in your information fairly simple. and after you do that, you just hit check out and you're done. the tests are limited to 4 tests per address. so you have to share them with that you live with.
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the white house says tests will typically shipped between 7 to 2012 days after ordering. as for when you should use them, the cdc says you should test yourself 5 days after you've been exposed to someone with covid or as soon as you start feeling symptoms. here in california, state health officials say that they have recorded 7 million total cases since the pandemic began with the biggest jump happening just last week, state department of public health recorded 1 million cases from january 10th to january 17th. that's the fastest rate. all pandemic long. even during last winter's disasters wave infection increases, moved more slowly. experts say these numbers speak to just how transmissible the omicron variant is. well, despite the rapid rise in case count, there is reason to believe that we are approaching the peak of the surge. doctor michael fulmer is an epidemiologist with kaiser permanente and he says their data shows covid case rates may be cresting. in fact, he
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expects perhaps a big drop sometime this month. >> i think it's fairly safe to say that will see it over the next week or 2. my only hesitation is is any effect at this last period is had. >> doctor says the best thing you can do course is to get vaccinated and boosted. in fact, that extra booster shot has been proven very effective in preventing severe illness from the virus. at ucsf. their data shows covid infection. rates remain on the high side, though, doctors at ucsf believe things will start to fall off again as quickly as they started. ucsf says 60 people are in the hospital right now at 3 of their facilities. 10 of those cases are children. 4 people are on ventilators. and even though the case numbers are high, doctor nathan low says that most of the cases that they're seeing don't require hospitalization. he says the less severe cases are in those that are vaccinated. so again, the vaccines are working. lowe says the cases are starting to level off. so there's reason now to be hopeful.
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>> i think there are a lot of things to be excited and optimistic about, i think stays a really big day because for the first time the u.s. government has made it available to get free at home rapid tests. and i think this is like another really great tool in the fight against omicron in the fight against the pandemic. and these tests can be really helpful for people when they're thinking about going out or attending a social gathering. it's a test you can take just before hand to make sure that you're not infectious, not you don't you want. and to that we covid and omicron. >> well, doctor lowe says that we are still because of as much as we can about covid-19. we don't know as much as we'd like to. so they're continuing to track the data and we'll update you as they learn more. % but again, getting vaccinated, getting that booster very important. although students at stanford seem to disagree. in fact, a good number of them say they want the university to repeal its covid vaccine
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booster mandate. kron 4 sarah stinson joining us live to explain this morning. hey, sarah. >> james, good morning. with less than 2 weeks until this booster mandate goes into effect, there's now a petition circulating around campus with students signing it against this booster mandate. and as take a look so far, it has over 1700 signatures. so it is gaining some traction. even this morning. i've seen that all students are required to show proof of vaccination by january 31st unless they have an approved exemption. >> the petition states that those opposed to the man to mandate or not anti-vaccine or anti booster, but instead supports the right of stanford students to make their own medical choices. moving forward. 95% of the students testing on campus are fully vaccinated. campus health officials put the booster mandate in place due to a continuous rise in cases since
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winter break. students just returned for in-person classes this week. the winter quarter has been online last week, 205 students tested positive 287 staff members tested positive. and as of yesterday, 325 students are isolating in student housing either with covid or that exposed written in the petition against the booster mandate. students say if stanford wants a lower case rates of omicron, it would be far more effective as students didn't return to campus at all. if classes remain online. but this week classes are mainly back to in person and students have to get tested before they return to school. and of course, once they were test positive, if they test positive that isolation so the campus has a lot of good testing resources. they're hoping that that will help as we as we just heard get over that peak of omicron cases. but we'll have to see how stanford response to this petition. that is definitely gaining some traction. james, so will continue to monitor
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this for now. send it back to you in studio. ok, alright? well, if any of those stanford students want to go to hawaii. >> they may have to get a booster shot if they don't want to quarantine for 5 days, that could soon be the coming to the islands under the state's current safety program. travelers who don't want to quarantine for 5 days have to either be fully vaccinated or have a negative covid-19 test within one day of travel. but that program is now changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include booster shots. the new changes will likely take effect in the next couple of weeks. happening today, caregivers at queen of the valley medical center in napa are protesting severe staffing shortages. they say the shortages are putting patients at risk. those caregivers say the hospital doesn't even have the staff to dedicate to a covid-19 unit because of layoffs that have been imposed over the last year. they claim the shortage is causing patients to wait in the er for days before being admitted to the hospital. they'll be protesting outside of the
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hospital from 11 until one. and then from 4 to 06:00pm today. in the east bay. the oakland city council has taken a big step towards getting guns off the streets and making it a little easier released a little safer. anyway. proffers camila barco is live this morning with the latest on this. we're talking about ghost guns at right, camilla. >> exactly. it will sense. they are privately manufacture guns were anyone can make them at home with the right tools. and as of march of 2021, it counted for nearly 22% of firearms that were confiscated last year in oakland to the city council voted to ban these ghost guns and its unfinished firearms or receivers. these ghost guns are untraceable, they're unregulated and can easily be made at home with the kid council member say that any person who is willing to pay can easily with no requirements. so this means that they don't have to go a background check. go to waiting periods for be limited
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on how many you can buy. so council members are moving forward with this legislation to strike back on the ongoing gun violence in the city. now in oakland, the percentage of privately manufactured fire seized law enforcement jumps from nearly 7% in 2019 to 16.5% in 2020. and the vice mayor says that these ghost contribute to the rise in gun violence oakland. and james, there have been laws implemented like in los angeles and san diego. so now we're also seeing this in oakland. back to you. all right. good enough. thank you very much, camilla. >> we'll take a break here at 6.10, lot of news. still to come on the kron 4 morning news. we'll have the latest on a fatal crash in san jose that claimed the lives of 2 people. with a closer look at what exactly happened. >> and democrats valley to force a vote on senate filibuster rules will. we'll tell you why some lawmakers say they don't support the
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change. we'll split the live report from washington. >> and james, there are delays at airports across the country, but these delays are being applauded by the airline industry. i'll explain why coming up in a lot. and we do have dense fog advisories in effect for much of the north bay due to some lower visibility, especially for napa, sonoma and portions of marine county. >> be talking about what the rest of the morning. we'll be looking like still to come. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> and we're back. welcome. thank you for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news. it is coming up on 6.15, perfect time to check in with john. find out about our forecast today as we wake up this morning, john, too, in some spots, some foggy skies. good morning. yeah, definitely one of her foggier mornings we've seen in a minute, james, look at this view at coit tower. it looks not. is crystal clear is that had the past few mornings. that's because of some of this fog that settled into san francisco and then especially across the north bay where we do have dense fog advisories. as i showed you before the break. >> in marine sonoma and napa
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counties also dense fog for the tri valley and portions of our bayshore cities. so slow it down out there. you can actually see faintly in future cast the spots with that low cloud cover that is going to hang out with us through late morning. those dense fog advisories are in effect through 10:00am this morning after which point we should start to see skies growing clearing clear setting us up for an afternoon with mostly sunny to partly cloudy conditions. tomorrow is going to be much the same temperatures likely to climb even a little bit further into tomorrow. and friday afternoons into the upper 60's for some spots like the in the north bay. so this high-pressure trend that's kept us dry and kept a smile. this only going to continue this holding pattern continues into the weekend on into much of next week, too. so don't expect a lot of changes out there in this forecast. now, daytime highs today will be in the 50's to 60's, although you're going to notice a few more 60's on the map that you did yesterday, burlingame in south san francisco, each right at 60 degrees for your highs today. south bay temperatures in the mid 60's
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for some of your warmest of temperatures. well, the east bay pretty solidly back into the sixties today, north bay temps a little bit up from yesterday. not much of a difference, though, about one to 2 degrees warmer for some spots tomorrow. and friday will be a little bit warmer yet with the weekend bringing some daytime highs as warm as the mid to upper 60's. so we do really have a pleasant weekend on tap for us, 30's and 40's for evening lows. plenty of sunshine and obviously no chance of rainfall anywhere in sight just yet bridges this morning while they're still pretty empty, which is a bit of good news. you don't have much of a slowdown at all as you make your way across the bay bridge. what you do have is some of that fog settling in not just for the bay bridge, but also further north from there. san mateo bridge, fairly fog free. you've got a 13 minute drive indefinitely. starting to see more and more taillights as this commute starts to ramp up. richmond center fell bridge pretty empty. still below 10 minutes for your drive there. no little bit of fog evident at
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the golden gate bridge. a 19 minute drive from 37 to the tolls. we did have a slowdown on a 80 southbound that's since gone. so it's actually an improvement and your commute right along the east bay shoreline. there now only taken you. 21 minutes from san leandro to milpitas james. thank you very much, john. 6.17, the time happening right now. major u.s. airlines are saying that today's rollout of 5 g cell service could ground flights. >> and cause disruptions at airports across the country. kron four's will tran joining us live at sfo. >> to explain. and will we? we know that they've always told us we can't use our cell phone during landing and takeoff because it could interfere with. the cockpit operations will roll arising out of my cell phone, really impact the plane. but i guess with 5 g it could. >> well, it depends on who you asked. according to the telecommunications companies, they say no, it will not affect. and they say it's already being used at airports and 40 other countries, but
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they did agree late yesterday to go ahead and delay it for u.s.. airports like sfo. they are still rolling out 5 g but they promise not to turn on their cell towers with 5 g service within a 2 mile radius of airports in america. and that is why airplanes are coming and going no delays because of 5 g service. why is 5 g service so important to the airlines while they clean, it affects the altimeter, the altimeter on an airplane in the cockpit allows the pilots to see how high they are above the ground and lets them know especially when it's dark or foggy. so they can safely land the planes. that's why they say it is so important that 5 g does not go into place until they work it out. well, james, according to the telecommunications companies like verizon and atnt, the big guns behind this, they claim
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you've had years to adjust, but you did not move on and they point to the other airports and other countries that are taking off and landing just fine. well, who knows better about the equipment, then pilots. we've got a chance to track down a pilot. here's what he had to say about this new cell phone service. >> its major concern, the ramifications of the interference at a critical time of the landing could be hundreds lives and we can't do that. we can say, well, we're not going to do anything until something really bad happens. >> okay, here's what's going to happen. verizon and atnt there agreed to hold 5 g service near the reports for now. but they did not say how long this is going to happen. the biden administration, james, think about it like a tug of war between the airline industry and the telecommunications business with the biden administration caught in the middle. they are trying to have the meeting of the minds so it can work.
6:20 am
we'll just see how it goes. but the bottom line is it is impacting, however, international flights, many of them because those planes are coming into united states and many airports like dallas sfo, la x, they have already canceled. the flights are trying to reroute them to other places because they rely on 5 g back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. well. >> 6.20 is the time nationally. we've been talking all week about how senate democrats say they're going to force a vote to change filibuster rules so they can push through their voting rights bill with that. anna wiernicki standing by right now in dc and and if you listen to the beltway insiders will tell you democrats are going to need a miracle to get this done. >> good morning, james. oh, that's absolutely right. and senate democrats actually met late last night on capitol hill in a last-minute effort to try and unify their party behind passing this filibuster. a rule change and really trying to focus on 2
6:21 am
senators and convincing those 2 moderate democrats to support it. >> all eyes are on democratic senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. i don't know why we can't come together and find a pathway for the fate of the voting rights bill is in the hands of these 2 moderate democrats who say they won't break the senate rules to get it done. majority of my of my colleagues in the caucus democratic caucus, a change that changed in march. i respect that. you have a right to change your mind. i have and i hope they respect that too. i've never changed my mind on the filibuster. this is so sacred and so important. the right to vote is the wellspring of our democracy because senate democrats don't have the 60 votes needed to pass the legislation. senate majority leader chuck schumer says he will bring a vote to the for wednesday to change the filibuster rule so that democrats only need 51 votes to advance the legislation to the president's desk. if senate republicans are going to oppose it, they should not be allowed to sit in their office. they got to come down on the floor and defend their
6:22 am
opposition right now. no republican support the bill. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says the changes democrats want will do more harm to the election system. weakening wildly popular voter id laws and making it harder to produce accurate voter rolls. >> it's not about making voting easier. it's about making cheating. is you? >> and senate majority leader chuck schumer says the vote will take place tonight at 06:30pm. for now live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. james, back to you. all right, andy, thank you very much. we'll have to see what happens today. 6.22 is the time will take a quick break here on the kron. 4 morning news. when we come back, though, a new resource center is opening up in the tenderloin. >> we'll tell you what services are offering to the people there in that neighborhood and a food pantry in the south bay needs to get a new permits. but the cost of that permit might be too rich for that charity. they may have to shut down. we'll take a closer look.
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time in a food pantry that serves hundreds of people each day in the south bay. >> might be forced to close. that's because the city of san jose's asking light house ministries pantry for special use permit. well, that permit cost more than $15,000 and a nice to be paid by april. and pastor ralph almost says that he isn't sure they can come up with that money on top of that, the city notify the pantry last week that it was
6:26 am
not in compliance with some zoning rules. that notice actually kept them from operating for several days. >> we're just trying to help. expected more support from the city. i think i expected them to kind of step in and give me a hand here. and i understand what they're saying. understand the whole form out of that. it's just that when you weigh that out against the need for food right now. it doesn't really have a comparison. >> a spokesperson for the city of san jose says that they understand the vital role that food pantries play in the community. but the pantry operates in a small convenience store in a residential neighborhood. the permit is required to avoid issues like parking and other impacts on those neighbors. an online fundraiser raised more than $16,000 to cover the cost of that special use permit. we'll take a break at 6.27. coming up. >> on the bay area on the kron. 4 morning news. the bay area honors the life of michelle go. we'll tell you why her death has local city
6:27 am
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>> 6.29 the time. let's get another check of the forecast with jontre will who's standing by the weather center here. looking out at some foggy skies. >> yeah, very foggy out there, james. just look at this perspective of it from the east bay hills, looking down
6:30 am
into the bay that dense layer of fog for the most part, sitting right above the bay. but it is starting to settle into some of our bridges. so be mindful of these visibility impacts. the north bay is under a dense fog advisory through 10:00am for marine sonoma and napa counties specially dense fog out there. you're also seeing some really dense fog out into the tri valley, though, to visibility is falling below a mile for a whole lot of us at this point. our foggy this morning than we've seen in a mile while. so make sure that you slow yourselves down traffic's not going to do it for because road with her release mood as far as temperatures go, almost all of us are in the 40's this morning, an exception being fairfield are cold spot down at 37 degrees. nose first roadways. go really is the fog. that's the only thing that's going to be slowing you down because of the bay bridge. we don't have a backup at the toll plaza at all. it's only taking a little over 10 minutes to get across that span this morning. certainly a few more taillights working your way across the san mateo bridge, but still just find a 13 minute drive there, too.
6:31 am
richmond center fell starting to pick up a bit below 10 minutes for your drive golden gate bridge. there is some low lying cloud cover and fog in the vicinity. still moving along a ok from 37 to the tolls at 19 minutes. james. >> all right, john, thank you. at 6.30, let's get back to the news now. and community members here in the bay area and even in new york city are honoring the life of michelle go. family and friends came together for a vigil last night in san francisco's chinatown neighborhood to remember her. a similar one took place in times square, an area close to where go was killed saturday morning. police say the bay area native died after a homeless man pushed her in front of a subway train as it was approaching. and this happened at the subway station in times square. san francisco city attorney david chiu spoke at the vigil calling for a stop to the violence and racism that's been targeting asian communities. >> the beginning of the pandemic. before a single covid case was diagnosed europe. are states. and the
6:32 am
chinatown in san francisco and new york city. we saw business drop by 50% before some local case. to the virus of racism. due to discrimination to to stereotypes. >> well, new york city police say the homeless man ran away from the subway station, but then later turned himself in. he was identified as 61 year-old simon marshall. he's been charged now with second-degree murder. police say he was emotionally disturbed and tried to push someone else on to the tracks as well. just moments before pushing, go. in the south bay, 2 people are dead and 2 others hurt after a crash involving a car and 3 pedestrians. san jose police say the crash happened last night on all but expressway and foxworthy avenue. they say 2 pedestrians died at the scene. the other suffered non-life-threatening injuries. and as for the person driving the car, well, that person suffered minor injuries. police haven't said
6:33 am
exactly how this crash happened, but they say they'll release more details soon. we'll keep you updated. meanwhile, in the north bay, the mill valley community is mourning the loss of a temple. pius high school sophomore killed in a 4 car accident. that same crash now has his twin brother in critical condition. and the driver under investigation for driving under the influence. jonathan mccall shows us the support. the family is now receiving. >> this is what remained of the car that 16 year-old twin brothers, liam and lukas washington road and sunday morning, the crash on highway one 60 near walk. murrow shut down the highway for hours. the impact killing liam and critically injuring his brother and injured 4 other drivers. >> it was reported as driving recklessly crossing the solid double yellow lines last seen other vehicles that were traveling westbound. chp says the driver. 24 year-old minuses, alexander of dovato. >> was behind the wheel of a cadillac headed west on highway one. 16 and went into
6:34 am
the opposite lane while trying to pass up cars. that's when investigators say alexander crashed head on into 2 cars before being hit by a 3rd. investigators say that leah was in the backseat. lucas in the front, alexander was arrested on suspicion of felony dui but has since bonded out. investigators say that speed also playing a factor in the crash tragic event that happened. >> i like to serve as a reminder. for the people out there. just careful driving the speed don't drive. i want to be able to out all the jackson be very some down. >> neighbors tell kron 4 news that liam's death has shaken the community to its core. now, many are now rallying around the boy's family to go. fund me. pages have now raised more than $80,000. the superintendent of the temple union high school district confirmed that liam and lucas,
6:35 am
more sophomores at temple, pius high, but did not offer a comment on the crash. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> roadway cats are skyrocketing all across the country. as a matter of fact, that's according to a group called the advocates for highway and auto safety. that organization released a twenty-twenty road map of state highway safety laws yesterday. and according to that study, during the first 6 months of 2021, more than 20,000 people were killed in crashes. that's a nearly a 20% spike in deaths over the same period in 2020 and the highest 6 month increase. if they're researchers have ever record. advocates say improvements can be made at the state level to avoid roadway deaths. take a listen. >> there are state safety grants. >> legislators auto safety are organizations ought to make sure are applied for. >> the report also look at each state's highway safety
6:36 am
laws and actually rated california among the best in the country, though it did say that some improvements are still needed in our state, especially when it comes to teen drivers, including stronger night time and passenger restrictions. the oakland city council is considering a new proposal to end competitive bidding for minority owned contractors. this comes as there's a 60 million dollar, a taxpayer. money available for the city to award the contractors to fix what you see on your screen here. this durst of potholes and other road improvements. the proposal by the department transportation, though, is to and the competitive bidding process, which benefits smaller contractors in order to allow large corporations to step in and take up this work. right now, the city ordinance requires that 50% of work like this is awarded to local businesses of which half specifically our local businesses that are often don't buy. minority business owners. >> we have 60 million dollars of paving contracts that are
6:37 am
being awarded. and unfortunately a proposal is that we reward them too 3 large. corporations instead of creating opportunities for small local businesses. i know that people are eager to make sure that our roads are paid. >> and but that doesn't mean that we can't do both get our roads paper at the same time, follow the policies that we have implemented. yeah. a kron 4. >> reached out to the department. transportation and asked for comment so far we have not heard back. 6.37. is the time in the east bay, the walnut creek city council voted to endorse a buffer area around planned parenthood. walnut creek police were called out their 42 times right along their location at oakland boulevard between january of 2020 and november of last year with the complaints, including things like the protesters for harassing and intimidating patients and workers there and blocking sidewalks to. so the final ordinance will come back to the city council for a full final vote. some time here in
6:38 am
the near future. we'll keep you updated on his progress. and as san francisco mayor london breed continues to try to get control of crime and drug use in the tenderloin. the city has opened up a new resource center right near un plaza. it's going to provide people with assistance who may be struggling with things like homelessness and health issues. addiction people will also have access to water and hot food laundry services, showers and bathrooms and medical help to including testing for covid-19. the center will also connect people with services from the department of health, the department of homelessness and supportive housing and the probation department. >> we open to everyone. we're really here to serve. our intention is to fold. one is to provide a safe and welcoming place for people as an alternative to the street. we're providing which there are showers are on the way here. asked rooms, general hygiene and it's safe outside place for people to be the
6:39 am
second part is really the linkages to services that folks may need. >> for the time being the center will be open from 8 in the morning to late in the evening with unfortunately reduced capacity because of covid-19. but the city does hope to eventually have it operating. 24 7. to the east bay now with the city of dublin has seen an increase in coyote sightings around town. here's some pictures. the sightings have been reported in the area of emerald glen park, central parkway and tess o'hara creek trail. this is actually video of coyotes that have been spotted in other parts of the east bay recently. officials say you need to be cautious. obviously when you come across one and make sure to notify the california department of fish and wildlife, they are doing their best not to try to track the coyote is movements. california has launched a new effort to help students graduate from college with less debt. would that be nice? the program allows college students to trade volunteer work for college tuition. a way to help pay off some of that debt are college reporter college for our capitol bureau
6:40 am
reporter ashley zavala explains how it works. >> starting this fall, thousands of college students across california could get funds for living expenses and other financial perks in return for volunteer work. in short. >> we are making it clear here in california like the g i a bill. if you're willing to serve your community and give back in a meaningful way, we're going to help you pay for college. the program called college score will provide $10,000 for selected students including living expenses, education awards. plus academic credit so long as they complete 450 hours of volunteer work in an academic year, according to the california volunteers website, 45 colleges are participating. that volunteer work would be coordinated through the college that applying student attends and must focus on 3 key areas. climate change k through 12 education and food and security officials say the program is expected to provide help to up to 6,500 students over the next 2 years. >> undocumented students are
6:41 am
eligible. it will provide training for the next generation of civic minor minded leaders in california, including dreamers. >> those contributions and perspectives enrich our state and our campuses. everyday higher education leaders, including those of the university of california and california state university systems officially launched the program tuesday alongside governor gavin newsome. funds for the program come from earmarked money totaling 146 million dollars in the state budget passed last year to help california students and communities. if this thing works, we go back to legislature tickets level out. >> we could take it to the rest the country because nobody else is doing this. officials say students at the participating colleges should be able to apply starting this spring. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 do was goes well, maybe we'll catch on. >> we'll take a break. it's 6.41. coming up next. people living in oakland say police some of them. they don't want the public money being spent on a new ballpark. talk about the issues they think funding should be directed toward and the splash brothers. well,
6:42 am
they're getting their groove back. we could tell. we're going hear from head coach steve kerr about the performance last night.
6:43 am
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>> 6.44 is the time. let's head over to the weather center visit once more with
6:45 am
john trouble. find out about the fog and the temperatures as we're waking up this morning. hey, john. hey there, james, you have that fog is definitely an issue this morning. not seeing much of quite tower. at least you could see the glow of it a bit ago. you can kind of still see it. but that fog is definitely dense for san francisco. >> especially for the north bay where we have dense fog advisories for portions of marine sonoma and napa counties. tri valley has also been seeing that fog, especially problematic this morning. so take it slow or it's a very light one on the roads as far as traffic goes. so you're going to slit yourselves down rather than traffic doing it for you. you can actually see fog showing up in future cast right here along the bay into the north bay and then especially into the delta 2. this is going to last through around 10:00am this morning after which point you're going to get a good solid dose of sunshine, mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies this afternoon. tomorrow morning, likely to have some more fog as well. but tomorrow afternoon is actually going to be a touch warmer than today. and the weekend ahead of us is likely going to bring some upper 60's for some of our
6:46 am
inland areas. so this high pressure ridge is having quite the impact on what our january has been so far drying things out and warming things up. and we're ending january with some really, really mild weather and a continuation of dry weather. it does look like in long-range forecast, february could bring a switch up. at least that's what we're hoping for. 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline today. you will notice a few more 60's in your 4 zone forecast today. daytime highs, not a big difference from yesterday, but about one to 2 degrees warmer for some spots. that's enough to get you back into the mid 60's for san jose. and campbell our warmest spots today, solid range of low 60's for the vast majority of the east bay, the you'll be right at 60 degrees. same number for you in benicia as well as standard fell. now tomorrow, daytime highs pretty similar to today likely to see a bump up for some of our inland spots friday, saturday and sunday, not just low to mid 60's but a few upper 60's expected in there. notice we've got sunshine all the way through this forecast. dry
6:47 am
skies as well. bay bridge just foggy. it's not a busy one at the bridge at all. in fact, there's no backup at the toll plaza, but it does look like a lot of you are taking it a little bit slower. and that is because of that dense fog likely to be slow in a few of us down san mateo bridge, 13 plenty headlights on the richmond center fell bridge still just below 10 minutes. once you get through those tolls. but it does look like it may take an extra minute or 2 to get through the tolls themselves. as for the golden gate bridge also looking pretty nice this morning. we don't have a lot going on out there at the golden gate, james. all right, john, thank you much 6.47. the time, ok? let's get to the latest now on the plan for a new oakland a's ballpark at howard terminal. >> today there's going to be a protest against that plan. a local labor party that's against it says they don't want public money used for the stadium. so we're going to protest about that. it begins at noon at oakland city hall will be following that story for you for sure. in the
6:48 am
meantime, a private group asked hundreds of oakland residents whether they support public funds being used to finance this project. well, according to them, their survey came back with the majority of those polled saying no, they actually want to the public money spent on some other things. they say they'd rather have a go towards issues like homelessness and public safety instead of a new ballpark. >> but these could be used to help or attempt to help address those issues. should they be diverted to being used to? this is what the the development of the stadium, then they. opposition exploded in phase. one of those say to you. on their own. if you're one of those stadia, a community benefits like every other development does. >> well, again, mayor libby schaff has been consistent in the fact that no taxpayer money will go towards building the ballpark and with no new stadium, say they're going to leave potentially las vegas. so it's pretty tight rope. everybody is walking. let's
6:49 am
turn our attention now to basketball, steph curry. klay thompson found themselves back in rhythm once again facing the pistons and don't forget the forty-niners too, facing the packers this saturday. it's sort of been sizing each other up. kron. 4 sports director jason dumas takes a look. >> the warriors finally getting some home cooking back here in the bay area that are road trip, one in 3 on that trip. but now they have 7, the friendly confines of the chase center building that they can their own. but it's going to want to chase center's klay thompson warming up the court. it's so good to call highlights with. playing back here in the bay and parents they were firing on all cylinders early on there. you see step with the long 3 for you. this mapping them at this moments later. >> check out clay beat the mother almost at the 2nd quarter parfait claims that
6:50 am
common for 31 points in the 1st half like all time. but some were going to have to get used to will cause clay is slowly regaining his form 3rd quarter, clay find a wide open and drooling in the corner hand down, man down. a couple minutes later, this the clay that we've come to love. the midrange game law lets stop dropped. have a minute later. that was 21 points or claim he led warriors roll one of the 2 spirits. after the game week. adam was feeding her and play who are all smiles. >> that was probably the best stretch that steph and klay have played together and meant was they were really nice to kind of proof in front of our home fans, which was great to see that last 3. i hit the half. that was a lot of class, a corner. 3 just pump fake sidestep. knock it down i
6:51 am
really felt like myself in that instance. and it feels so good to do in the game and to do it. new at the buzzer didn't get the crowd going a little bit. that's to make these nights. so fun. >> you know, it's fun calling the highlight. who are i-49? is to me. he was on the practice field. despite that bomb shoulder and long bomb, the injured his shoulder early in the 2nd quarter on display. as you can see, he was trying to protect phone from a ended up exposing his shoulder problem kate rooney what hurts more is for his shoulder. gimme gave the very diplomatic response. he just said, yes, we will not find making any excuses. grant. >> and only serve anyone. well, especially when you're facing a team as talented as the green bay packers, the packers are 13 or 4, 3, of those 4 losses only came by won possession. and then the portables, the number really matter. it was in the last
6:52 am
week of this, even against the lions after the packers that clinched the top seed in the nfc now will cost you hand in jimmy g know a lot has changed since that matchup on 8. >> i think both teams are a lot you know, earlier in the air for both of us. you know, i think we had we haven't lost a game yet. i think there are 500 at the time and, you know, i think i don't think either of us are execute as good as we are now on both sides we've both been a lot through a lot worse than done. i think on both sides of the ball and special teams on both teams are better in all phases. a lot's changed. honestly, personnel has changed. >> they're get some guys they're getting healthier and you can see that and you know, we have some different personnel to that. we have 3 so. i you definitely watch that game taking into account. there's a long time ago. a lot things have changed dramatically. personalize. but i know we've got to be prepared for whatever they want to do. they had, you know, a lot of time prepare for this one.
6:53 am
>> oh, i can't wait for that. matchup is a couple more days that saturday night we will have red and gold zone on thursday night and friday night, right on crime for leading up to the matchup saturday. i mean, that's your look sports. >> thank you. sports director jason dumas. by the way, warriors will play the pacers tomorrow out of the chase center. tipoff. >> at 7 o'clock, we'll take a break or 6.53. right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 am
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>> we're back at 6.55, a teenager in georgia just got accepted to more than 40 colleges. can yari sawyer is her name and she's received scholarships actually totaling more than half a million dollars. she's the oldest of 3 children. she says her biggest inspiration is her mom who was able her who was unable to go to college. so this was something very important to her. so we are applied to more than 90 schools. take a listen to her. >> i don't fly august the out of my price of was cleveland and mississippi. i didn't think i was going to get something into i hate that is how the press and i just started walking >> well, sawyer says she's hoping to attend one of her top 5 schools. she looks to major in criminal justice and eventually become a lawyer. congratulations to her best of luck as well. i think he's going too far. >> 6.56 at the time. coming
6:57 am
up, students at stanford now signing a petition to repeal the covid booster mandate on campus. we'll have a live report explaining why. and airlines and airports say thousands of flights could be impacted today because of 5 g cell service will have a live report from sfo.
6:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> she is back. >> i sorry and just so excited to be here. i'm darya in case you forgot. hi, john. trouble is it? i darya is i feel so excited over the moon to be back that i could get a little extra exuberant today. so please forgive me. but i've been off on vacation and with covid and look, i'm alive. i'm okay. so i just want everybody to know. hang in there. we're going to get you through it. we've got all kinds of covid news for you. i know it can get complicated and confusing with the rules and the testing in the quarantine and all that but i have waited the appropriate amount of time. as you can see, i am fine, which is great. and i hope that you and your family are fine as well. and i'm just really excited to be here and give you the


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