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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 19, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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today. bridges this morning been pretty empty. looking at the bay bridge. we do have conditions out there that are really nice and clear. just a few cars making their way into the city. now, expecting there to be a modest back up towards the core. the commute here in a few hours. but as for now, you are good to go. 12 minutes across the san mateo bridge, not a whole lot of cars making that trip just yet. and nobody really driving across the richmond center fell just yet nice and quiet. make your way across that span. golden gate bridge also really quiet for early risers. 19 minutes from 37 down to the tools. james. john, thank you very much. at 4.30, san francisco is stepping up efforts to help people in need, especially. >> in and around the tenderloin. we have from charles clifford with the story. >> on tuesday, san francisco opened a new center near un plaza to provide assistance to people who may be struggling with homelessness, health problems or addiction. visitors can get access to water, hot food, laundry services, showers, bathrooms,
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or medical help, including testing for covid-19. we open to everyone. we're really here to serve. >> mary ellen carroll, the director of san francisco's department of emergency management, says the center will also connect people with services. there will be reps from the department of health, the department of homelessness and supportive housing and the probation department. our intention is to fold. one is to provide a safe and welcoming place for people as an alternative to the street. >> we're riding which there are showers are on the way here. asked rooms, general hygiene and it's safe outside place for people to be the second part is really the linkages to services that folks may need. >> after nearly 2 years of dealing with the pandemic, carol says the services are needed now. >> more than ever will bring a lot of lessons learned during, you know, from our covid experience working together its partners overall that these many, months and bring
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it to bear in this particular crisis. in the tender lynn. >> for the time being the center will be open from 08:00am to 08:00pm with reduced capacity because of covid-19. but the city hopes to eventually have an operating. 24 7 in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> well, a new program in california will help thousands of college students work off their tuition and graduate with a whole lot less debt, which would be preferable. 45 california colleges and universities will be part of the new college core service program. it will provide $10,000 to select a students as long as they complete 400, 50 hours of volunteer work in an academic year. >> this thing works. we go back to legislature tickets, we could take it to the rest of the country because nobody else is doing this. >> now there was governor newsome. their 7 us can't or uc campuses are going to take part in this program along with most cal state schools and more than 2 dozen private and community colleges will be taking part as well. the
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146 million dollar cost was approved as part of last year's state budget. a food pantry that serves hundreds of people each day in the south bay might be forced to close the city of san jose is seeking thousands of dollars in order for the pantry to stay open. the church which operates that pantries worried that it will be hard to come up with that money. kron four's. dan storm has their story. >> 6 days a week, hundreds of people line up for food at light house ministries pantry in san jose. for the past few years, the operation has been trying to help fill the need within the community. but now the service might be forced to stop. we're just trying to help expected more support from the city. i think i expected them to kind of step in. >> and give me a hand here and passed around almost says the city of san jose is asking for a special use permit. the permit costs more than $15,000 and needs to be paid by april. the pastor is not sure they can come up with the money. i understand what they're saying. understand the whole
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form out of that. it's just that when you weigh that out against the need for food right now. it doesn't really have a comparison before the request for the special use permit. the pantry was notified by the city last week that it was not complying with zoning rules. the notice kept the pantry from operating for several days even before the covid-19 pandemic began. the pantry has been a lifeline for those who need food. many are worried a closure will force them to go hungry. it's very poor because without their help. i don't know her. i would be a spokesperson for the city of san jose says the understand the vital role that food pantries play in the community. but the pantry operates in a small convenience store in a residential neighborhood. >> the permit is required to avoid issues such as parking and other impacts on neighbors and online fundraiser appears to have come up with more than $16,000 to cover the cost of the special use permit. pastor almost says he just wants to continue helping his community. i just.
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>> really don't see why. those issues right now are that important? first is feeding people. let's do the right thing. especially when it went really reporting in san jose, dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> well, thousands of californians may not get a disability check. the state's employment development department or edd is freezing 345,000 claims which they believe are fraudulent. investigators think the insurance claims were fraudulently filed by individuals using stolen medical information. the edd also suspended 27,000 suspicious medical provider accounts. authorities say they're working right now with providers to verify their identity as quickly as possible. some legitimate claims, though, may be among the suspected fraudulent claims, which could delay disability checks to californians who are legitimately in need. so just be aware of that. roadway deaths are skyrocketing across the nation. and that's
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according to the advocates for highway and auto safety group. the rrganization released its 2022 road map of state highway safety laws yesterday. and the study shows the during the first 6 months of 2021, more than 20,000 people were killed in crashes. that's nearly a 20% spike in deaths over the same period in 2020 and the highest 6 months increased at their researchers have ever recorded. advocates say improvements can be made at the state level to avoid roadway fatalities. >> there are state safety grants. >> legislators auto safety are organizations ought to make sure are applied for. >> the report also looked at each state's highway safety laws and rated california. among the best in the country. but it said some improvements are still needed in our state, especially for teen drivers, including stronger night time and passenger restrictions. the mill valley community is
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mourning the loss of a temple. pius high sahool sophomore killed in a 4 car accident. that same crash now has his twin brother in critical condition. and the driver under investigation for driving under the influence. crawford jonathan mccall shows us the support his family is now receiving. >> this is what remained of the car that 16 year-old twin brothers, liam and lukas washington road and sunday morning, the crash on highway one 60 near walk. murrow shut down the highway for hours. the impact killing liam and critically injuring his brother and injured 4 other drivers. >> it was reported as driving recklessly crossing the solid double yellow lines seem other vehicles that traveling westbound. chp says the driver. 24 year-old says dovato. >> was behind the wheel of a cadillac headed west on highway one. 16 and went into the opposite lane while trying to pass up cars. that's when investigators say alexander crashed head on into 2 cars
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before being hit by a 3rd. investigators say that leah was in the backseat. lucas in the front, alexander was arrested on suspicion of felony dui but has since bonded out. investigators say that speed also playing a factor in the crash tragic event that happened. >> i like to serve as a reminder. for the people out there. just careful driving the speed don't drive. i want to be able to out all the be very some down. >> neighbors tell kron 4 news that liam's death has shaken the community to its core. now, many are now rallying around the boy's family to go. fund me. pages have now raised more than $80,000. the superintendent of the temple union high school district confirmed that liam and lucas, more sophomores at temple, pius high, but did not offer a comment on the crash. jonathan mccall kron 4 news.
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>> in the south bay, 2 people are dead and 2 others injured because of a crash involving a car and 3 pedestrians. san jose police say the crash happened last night on the on expressway and foxworthy avenue. 2 pedestrians died and the other suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the person driving the car suffered only minor injuries. police haven't said now how that crash happened. but they say they'll release more details soon. so we'll stay on top of the story and update you when we find out more. meanwhile, prosecutors down in los angeles have charged a man with 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter after running a red light in his tesla. while the vehicle was on autopilot in december of 2019, 27 year-old kevin george aziz. re ads. the riots was exiting a highway on in his model s prosecutors say he ran a red light slamming into a honda civic and then killing 2 people in the process. now riot was. charged. he's pleaded not he is currently
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free on bail. while the case is pending. this is the first time that a driver using the semi automated driving technology has been charged with a felony in relation to a deadly crash. a michigan driver walked away from a crash that look straight out of a hollywood movie. his car, as you can see here went airborne, soaring above a highway overpass. loop again for you. there it is. it happened on us one. 31. that's right. near door township, just south of grand rapids, a surveillance camera from a nearby business captured this moment. authorities say the driver veered off the road, drove up an embankment and then launched himself up and over. the car landed on its side. witnesses say the driver was able to crawl out through the back window and escaped with just minor injuries. well, the number of guns confiscated at u.s. airports has hit a 20 year high. many of them we're fully loaded at the time. tsa agents found all the guns in cary on bags. they discovered them as passengers went through airport security. many of the passengers say they just simply forgot that
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they had a gun in their carry on. michael shure has the story. >> the transportation safety administration reporting a sharp increase in firearms confiscated at airport security checkpoints last year with cases up over 80% from 2020 across 268 airports nationally. but it will show an increase from. >> the 4,432 that were detected in 2019 prior to the start of the pandemic. when many more people more lisa farbstein spokesperson with the tsa says that most passengers say they forgot that they had their fire on, but it goes further than that last year. 86% of those guns were loaded. so people are telling us that they forgot that loaded gun with them. it's almost unbplievable. that's crazy. i don't understand why somebody would even think >> that you could get away with doing this day and that's great. the tsa saying passengers can travel with firearms but they must be
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checked. unloaded packed in a hard-sided case and kept separate from their ammunition, which itself is required to be in its original packaging. you shouldn't be one of the ones losing your gun. you should be one of the ones flag going to sh x o i i just i'm personally no sympathy for atlanta airport is by far the side of the most confiscation is over 500 tsa and even passengers saying that the responsibility should fall to gun owners. it really is a matter of if you own a firearm, you need to know where these at all times seem to know your car keys are. >> his team to know where you are. is that deadly weapon at a time when mask mandates and canceled flights are already a stress on flyers and airport personnel. >> these figures are concerning. and according to the tsa avoidable. >> it is for 42. we'll take a break. but coming up next, the splash brothers finding their groove once again. we're going to tell you what steve kerr had to say about their performance after the break.
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back here with a check of the forecast at 4.45. john trouble standing by with that. >> and then we get back to the news but more partly the weather. john, good morning. yeah, you know way, it has been really nice so far this week last week was nice to and not a lot of changes in their this holding better only continues the ranger the week.
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the weekend likely for much of next week to go 8 hours. sure does look nice. and are these dark skies this morning? we are seeing a dose of fog this morning. that is actually the most some fog that we've seen in awhile stretching from santa rosa down into the bay as well as across portions of the inland east bay. so be mindful of patches of low visibility can actually see that fog faintly showing up here in future cast 4 bay shore and our delta communities, something that will give way to some mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies later on today. going to be a really pleasant afternoon. again, as long as you've got the sweater, the light jacket on hand tomorrow, we keep the trend going friday. we'll keep that trend going to as we will to the rest of the weekend into next week's and not a lot of changes to talk about just yet. we can all take this high-pressure ridge for that. it's also keeping a lot of pollutants trap to the base. you notice some hazy sunshine, especially in the south bay in the east bay yesterday. you're going to see a little bit more of that hazy impact again today. we are going to see
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daytime highs today. just a touch warmer than yesterday's actually climbing into the low 60's for sf after a day in the 50's for the city yesterday and a few more 60's elsewhere. like in south san francisco in burlingame and solid 60's for the south bay were areas like san jose will get up to 64 degrees today for the east bay. it's pretty solid. low 60's livermore and oakland are right at 60 degrees. danville, san ramon in walnut creek, all at 62 today. well, pittsburgh, antioch, on over towards the coastline in the low 60's. tomorrow's temperatures will be right around the same as today's friday is expected to be the warmest of the forecast. before we settle back into the low 60's for the rest of the weekend and the start of next week, most of our lows will fall into the 40's. but a few 30's mixed in there, especially inland roadways this morning, really, really easy. now the fog is the biggest concern at the bay bridge that cloudy blinken to sitting above use of visibility has not been an issue. still just a 7 minute
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commute over the bay bridge, san mateo bridge also fog free this morning at 13 minutes. looking at a good one over the richmond center fell and 8 minute drive there and not a lot of cars just yet crossing the golden gate, james. all right, john, thank you very much. let's get back to sports now. that's in the headlines. steph curry, klay thompson finding their rhythm once again against the pistons. plus, the forty-niners taking note of their growth and the growth of the packers to since their last matchup kron. 4 sports director jason dumas takes a look at all of it. >> the warriors finally getting some home cooking back here in the bay area that are road trip, one in 3 on that trip. but now they have 7, the friendly confines of the chase center building that they can all their own. but it's going to want to chase center's klay thompson warming up the court. it's so good to call highlights with. playing back here in the bay and parents they were firing on all
4:49 am
cylinders early on there. you see step with the long 3 for you. this mapping them at this point. >> moments later, check out clay beat the mother almost at the 2nd quarter claims that common for 31 points in the 1st half like all time. but some were going to have to get used will cause clay is slowly regaining his form 3rd quarter, clay find a wide open and drooling in the corner hand down, man down. a couple minutes later, this the clay that we've come to love. the midrange game law lets stop dropped. have a minute later. that was 21 points or claim he led warriors roll one of the 2 spirits. after the game week. adam was feeding her and play who are all smiles. >> that was probably the best stretch that steph and klay have played together and meant was they were really nice to
4:50 am
kind of proof in front of our home fans, which was great to see that last 3. i hit the half. that was a lot of class, a corner. 3 just pump fake sidestep. knock it down i really felt like myself in that instance. and it feels so good to do in the game and to do it. at the buzzer didn't get the crowd going a little bit. that's to make these nights. so fun. >> you know, it's fun calling the highlight. who are i-49? is to me. he was on the practice field. despite that bomb shoulder and long bomb, the injured his shoulder early in the 2nd quarter on display. as you can see, he was trying to protect phone from a ended up exposing his shoulder problem kate rooney what hurts more is for his shoulder. gimme gave the very diplomatic response. he just said, yes, we will not find making any excuses. grant. >> and only serve anyone. well, especially when you're facing a team as talented as
4:51 am
the green bay packers, the packers are 13 or 4, 3, of those 4 losses only came by won possession. and then the portables, the number really matter. it was in the last week of this, even against the lions after the packers that clinched the top seed in the nfc now will cost you hand in jimmy g know a lot has changed since that matchup on 8. >> i think both teams are a lot you know, earlier in the air for both of us. you know, i think we had we haven't lost a game yet. i think there are 500 at the time and, you know, i think i don't think either of us are execute as good as we are now on both sides we've both been a lot through a lot worse than done. i think on both sides of the ball and special teams on both teams are better in all phases. a lot's changed. honestly, personnel has changed. >> they're get some guys they're getting healthier and you can see that and you know, we have some different personnel to that. we have 3 so. i you definitely watch
4:52 am
that game taking into account. there's a long time ago. a lot things have changed dramatically. personalize. but i know we've got to be prepared for whatever they want to do. they had, you know, a lot of time prepare for this one. >> oh, i can't wait for that. matchup is a couple more days that saturday night we will have red and gold zone on thursday night and friday night, right on crime for leading up to the matchup on saturday. i mean, that's your look sports. >> thank you, jason. the warriors play the pacers tomorrow. that will be at the chase center. tipoff at 7 o'clock. we'll take a break 4.52. we'll be right back.
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4.55 is the time and reservations at yosemite national park where you can win them. now because of a a lottery that they're developing. the park is so popular as we know that right now, they're opening their own lottery system. to help you get an upper hand when it comes to trying to make a reservation specifically at their most popular campground. north pines. yosemite says this is lottery will create a fair and balanced way to make reservations tickets to enter into the lottery will cost you $10. they're going to select when we look at specifically 600, 40 winners, they're going to choose the next month. and what this does will it will give you a shot at early
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reservations before the window opens for the general public. so if you want an early crack at making reservations there, north pine at the lottery, it's $10 a ticket. and if you're selected, you get to make a reservation before anybody else just go to our website. kron 4 dot com. we've got more information there for you. all right. also in the news, want to feel like a slacker? well, a teenager in georgia just got accepted by more than 40 colleges. i got 4. this kid got 40 can yari sawyer has received scholarship offers totaling more than half a million dollars. she is the oldest of 3 children and says that her biggest inspiration and her mom who was unable to go to college, so are applied to more than 90 schools and got into 40. >> i don't fly august the out of my price of cleveland and mississippi. i didn't think i was going to get us up the into both. i hate this. how the process and i just started walking
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>> source says that she hopes to attend one of her top 5 schools major in criminal justice and eventually become a lawyer. >> good luck to her. i think off to a great start. we'll take a break here for 56. coming up in the next hour, the oakland city council taking steps to make the streets safer. we'll tell you about their new ordinance coming up in a live report. and students at stanford are now signing a petition to repeal the covid booster mandate on campus. well on that coming up as well.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning far. >> good morning. 05:00am on this wednesday. january 19th. we have a lot of headlines to get to still count down to the forty-niners in the packers this weekend. so we'll take a closer look at that. but firstly, let's get to the weather center. john trouble standing by with a check of that forecast. good morning, james. it is going to be another nice afternoon, but we've got to get through some fog before we get there. >> that fog definitely our biggest dose of it this morning that we've seen in a while. you can see the blanket sitting here from your east bay hills cam, just push right into the bay. now i'm expecting visibility to be especially problematic out into the tri valley. portions of the santa clara valley and on up along one, 0, one from santa rosa down into moraine county. so be mindful of the spots. there's patchy fog for a lot of the bay to kick off


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