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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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down the street after going to community college. >> and now worry about being killed. >> now at 10 vigils from coast to coast as communities come together to honor the life of michelle go, the bay area native killed in a senseless act of violence. thanks for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. police say 40 year-old michaud go was killed when a homeless man pushed her in front of a new york subway train. tonight, a vigil was held there as well as in san francisco's chinatown. >> force an reports her death has struck a blow in the bay area and beyond. with friends and community members mourning the loss of 40 year-old michelle portable phone for tragedy. >> we all deserve to be safe. former classmates and co-workers gathered for a vigil in san francisco's chinatown tuesday night. a similar vigil also took place in new york city's times square, an area close to where
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>> before a single covid case was diagnosed europe are states. in the chinatown in san francisco and new york city. we saw business drop by 50% for some local case. to the virus of racism. due to discrimination to stereotypes york city police later arrested a homeless man who fled from the subway station. >> but later turned himself in. he was identified as 61
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year-old simon marshall and has been charged with second-degree murder. police are in the show that. >> that day you were the victim. you work i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> new york city mayor eric adams attended the vigil in times square tonight tweeting, quote, i'm really committed to ending this kind of fear. we must stop crime. we must help those facing mental health issues. but we must unite our city and not allow divisions to tear us apart before michelle, those deaths, adams propose adding more officers to subway stations in new york city. although there were officers present when she was killed. >> new at 10 san ramon police have arrested a couple who they say may be linked to a series of jewelry thefts around the bay area. 24 year-old alex gallo cell and 21 year-old alaina gunness. i were arrested yesterday afternoon. their car's license plate was flagged in connection to a bait and switch theft on sunday. police
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say the couple targeted elderly women who are often outside and alone using sleight of hand techniques to remove the victim's jewelry and replace that jewelry with fakes before fleeing in a waiting car. at least 10 of these thefts have been reported in san ramon since november. the suspects have already been identified by at least one of the victims. 3 similar thefts were reported in union city last week. authorities are investigating whether the couple is connected to those crimes as well. >> a teenager who police say was involved in a holiday smash-and-grab robbery is facing a strain of felony charges. 19 year-old gregory jefferson was arrested at his home in pittsburgh earlier this month where police say they found this more than 30 boxes of luxury sneakers, clothing and a ghost gun. police say jefferson, his connection to 2 robberies at a high-end shoe store called fix kicks in santa clara claiming he was one of roughly 2 dozen people who stole almost $200,000 in merchandise.
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jefferson is now facing charges, including organized retail theft because of the robberies to fix kick stories now conducting sales online. the oakland city council has passed legislation banning the distribution or creation of those untraceable ghost guns. oakland police say the privately manufactured firearms have grown more popular amid the recent rise in gun violence of the roughly 1200 guns officers seized last year. police say about 23% were ghost guns. similar ordinances have already been implemented in san francisco, berkeley and los angeles. >> now to our coronavirus coverage. we start with another grim milestone for the state of california. state. heawth officials say they have recorded 7 million total cases since the pandemic began. and one out of every 7 cases has come in just the past week. the state department of public health recorded a million cases from january 10th to january 17th. >> that is the fastest rate during the entire length of the pandemic. even during last
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winter's disastrous wave new infections increased more slowly, then experts say these numbers speak to just how transmissible the omicron variant is. despite the rapidly rising case count, there is reason to believe that we are approaching the peak of this surge, at least some believe that. >> doctor michael vollmer is an epidemiologist for kaiser permanente. he says internal data show covid case rates may be cresting and he expects a big drop sometime this month. >> i think it's fairly safe to say that will see it over the next week or 2. my only hesitation is is any effect at this last holiday? period is had. >> doctor palmer says the best thing you can do is to get boosted that extra protection has proven effective against severe illness from the virus. a new federal website to request free covid tests. kids has launched with the first shipments going out by the end of the month. the test will be free and there will be no shipping costs to sign up. just go to covid tests dot gov
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or usps dot com slash covid test. click order free at home test that will take you to a form where you type in your first and last name and email for shipping updates and your shipping address then hit. check out now to confirm the test will be limited to 4 tests per address. so if you have have to share those test with them, the white house says tests will typically ship within 7 to 12 days of ordering through the u.s. postal service. the cdc says that anyone who may have been exposed to someone with covid should test 5 days after their exposure or as soon as symptoms occur for the second time this month, several oakland schools were closed because of a sick out that both students and teachers took part in. >> those schools were bridges academy, acorn, woodland and united for success academy. this time the students organized a boycott over what they say is a lack of covid safety in their schools. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on
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the district's response. >> parents receive notifications monday night of the 3 oakland schools will be closed tuesday because of the sickout organized by student led petition that mckayla dean signed the main just that everybody's getting sick or usd. communications director john sasaki says classes were canceled because of how many teachers called out sick in solidarity with students on the shutdown. we don't have enough staff to support students who are in school. according psaki, the district has met the masking demands of students by ordering a distributing around 200,000 kn 95 mask. the petition also called for twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everyone on campus. but according to suss aqui, the district is currently following the guidance of health professionals by providing testing at 10 hubs throughout the city. the rapid tests every bit as effective as the pcr test that detecting omicron. and so we will continue to do that. more outdoor spaces to be safely was a 3rd demand made by oakland students. the district says it's waiting on supplies.
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once we get those our staff is very quick about and you know things together and selling them on our sites in providing more more spaces for students to eat outside. some teachers say their schools are seeing the same amount of covid supplies as others. this has not been distributed equitably across our district. and this is why some of teachers and are joining things dude in this fight for safer usd recently came to an agreement with the teachers union for extended covid leave. >> when it comes to covid protocols, the district claims that the same amount of resources are being shared with all schools are standing. is that the masks to god to all schools, for example? >> we have distributed lots and lots of ppe when it comes to, you know, wipes hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and center. we've been doing that since being school rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> the district says that it won't know how many students called out sick until tomorrow. they will be considered unexcused absences, students, teachers and staff
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of the hayward unified school district were back in class today. that's after a week of virtual learning the board of education voted to move off campus because of the staffing shortage and not enough covid tests. but last friday they agreed to resume in-person learning today with several new safety features, including at home covid tests and masks for everyone. california's office of emergency services announced today that it has delivered more than 20 million masks to county boards of education across the state. since the start of the new year here in the bay area, santa clara county has received the most masks with nearly 1 million napa county. the lease with about 77,000 officials on each board of education are the ones responsible for distributing the masks to every school district. they may also request additional resources such as cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. >> hawaii will soon require visitors to get a covid-19 booster shot. if they want to skip quarantine when they go to the islands under the
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state's current safety program, travelers who don't want to quarantine for 5 days must either be fully vaccinated or have a negative covid test within one day of travel. but that program is now changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include booster shots. the new changes are not expected put in place for at least another 2 weeks right now. kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid headlines. cdc guidelines and recommendations as well as how to get those free covid tests. scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our website. >> take a look at this. new satellite images getting a first glimpse of the devastation on the islands of tonga. they were hit by a volcanic eruption and tsunami waves over the weekend. these photographs show homes and fields completely covered in ash and collapsed buildings around the area. aid workers there are now concerned that soot may contaminate food and water supplies, debris spewed from an underwater volcano.
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just 40 miles from the island triggered tsunami. tsunami warnings all around the world. experts say it may have been the world's largest eruption in the last 30 years. a new development tonight in the investigation into the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. lawmakers have now subpoenaed former president donald trump's attorney, rudy giuliani and 3 of his associates. they include jenna ellis in sidney powell, who helped the former president challenge elections in several states and raise money to fund the effort. there are also reports the committee has subpoenaed and updating phone records associated with eric trump as well as kimberly guilfoyle who was engaged to donald trump junior. >> another big story tonight. major airlines are warning thousands of flights could be grounded starting tomorrow due to the planned rollout of the 5 g cell service. there are fears 5 g could interfere with the plane's altimeter. brian entin has more. >> it came down to the wire,
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but crisis averted, at least for now wireless companies for rising an atnt agreeing to delay 5 g near some airports after major airline said the new technology could lead to an unprecedented number of flight cancellations. united airlines alone said the 5 g could negatively impact. 1.2 million passengers and cancel nearly 15,000 flights annually. pilots say the new technology could interfere with instruments they use for auto landing during low visibility as a pilot. how big of a concern is this? its major concern? phil orban is a commercial pilot and work for american airlines for 3 decades. the ramifications of the interference at a critical time of the landing. >> could be hundreds lives >> and we can't do that. we can say, well, we're not going to do anything until >> something really bad happens. rising and atnt both expressing frustration today with the faa saying they had years to prepare for the deployment of 5 g. we certainly understand what's at stake for both industries.
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>> we are actively engaged, as you said with the faa fcc. >> wireless carriers, airlines, president biden also reacting in a statement saying in part this agreement will avoid potentially devastating disruptions to passengers, travel, cargo operations and our economic recovery while allowing more than 90% of wireless tower deployment to occur as scheduled. >> again now is brian and reporting. the faa has created buffer zones around 50 airports, including sfo and san jose requiring wireless companies to turn off nearby transmitters for 6 months to minimize potential 5 g interference. this take a live look outside and check on our 4 zone forecast. looking out at the transamerica building in some of the skyline of san francisco with the clouds behind. yeah. compared to the rest of the country. we're looking pretty good. are we learning? really. look at some of the parts of the country where they could be below freezing below 0 tomorrow for highs and bayer did look to
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that. we've got high pressure sitting across the west coast. you know that it's been dry now for the past couple of weeks. it's going to stay that way may be in for a couple more. here is we're going to see big dome of high pressure continue overhead temperatures right at the average but not a bad place to be in san francisco. a 57 degrees. 55 for high little bit cooler than normal in the oakland settles a chicken in a 59 degrees today, 60 in livermore. 59 in concord at 54 degrees in santa rosa. kind of get the sense of this ridge of high pressure. you get the ridge along the west coast and then if you continue to draw a line, you can imagine that trough carve out along the rest. the united states showing that much colder air for them. but much of california and the west coast keeping things dry now in the bay area. just some high clouds moving overhead right now on shore breeze is continuing see that right here. that's bringing some fog in the san francisco along the coastline. but we're beginning to see the sense. you see the arrows here beginning to see the sense of an offshore wind developing. i think that will factor in later on tonight and throughout the day tomorrow, going to be breezy at times. but early on tomorrow morning,
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you might want to watch out for some of that ground fog. we may just see that inside the bay, of course, to the delta into the central valley that could bring visibilities down very low early tomorrow morning. but then high pressure kind of takes over as that ridge begins to slide in. we get more of that offshore wind that's going to mix in some drier air, clearing out your skies, bring some sunshine. that's a very mild temperatures around the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. highs going to be sort, i think probably into the 60's in most spots in maybe even some upper 60's in the warmer spots around the bay area. little cooler along the coastline and in the 50's. >> thank you, lawrence. a new program in california will help thousands of college students work off their tuition and graduate with a lot less debt. 45 california colleges and universities will be part of the new college core service program. it will provide $10,000 to selected students as long as they complete 400, 50 hours of volunteer work in an academic year. >> if this thing works, we go
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back to legislature tickets, level out we could take it to the rest the country because nobody else is doing this. >> 7 uc campuses will take part in the program along with most cal state schools and more than 2 dozen private and community colleges. the 146 million dollar cost was approved as part of last year's state budget. thousands of californians may not get a disability check. the state's employment development department or edd is freezing 345,000 claims which are suspected to be fraud. investigators believe the insurance claims were fraudulent. lee filed by individuals using stolen medical information. the edd also suspended 27,000 suspicious medical provider accounts. authorities say they are working with providers to verify their identity as quick as pops quickly as possible. some legitimate claims may be among the suspected fraud attempts which could delay
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disability checks to californians who are in legitimate need. >> a food pantry that serves hundreds of people each day in the south bay might be forced to close city of san jose seeking thousands of dollars in order for the pantry to remain open. the church which operates the pantry is worried that the money will be hard to come up with. for dan thorn has the story. >> 6 days a week, hundreds of people line up for food at light house ministries pantry in san jose. for the past few years, the operation has been trying to help fill the need within the community. but now the service might be forced to stop. we're just trying to help. expected more support from the city. i think i expected them to kind of step in. >> and give me a hand here. and passed around almost says the city of san jose is asking for a special use permit. the permit costs more than $15,000 and needs to be paid by april. the pastor is not sure they can come up with the money. i understand what they're saying. they understand the whole form out of that. it's
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just that when you weigh that out against the need for food right now. it doesn't really have a comparison before the request for the special use permit. the pantry was notified by the city last week that it was not complying with zoning rules. the notice kept the pantry from operating for several days even before the covid-19 pandemic began. the pantry has been a lifeline for those who need food. many are worried a closure will force them to go hungry. it's very poor because without their help. i don't know her. i would be a spokesperson for the city of san jose says the understand the vital role that food pantries play in the community. but the pantry operates in a small convenience store in a residential neighborhood. >> the permit is required to avoid issues such as parking and other impacts on neighbors and online fundraiser appears to have come up with more than $16,000 to cover the cost of the special use permit. pastor almost says he just wants to continue helping his community. i just. >> really don't see why. those
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issues right now are that important? first is feeding people. let's do the right thing. especially when really counts. reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron, 4 news. >> still ahead tonight, a california man facing felony charges for a crash involving his tesla autopilot system. how this case is making history. plus a bye ministration unveils a new wildfire prevention plan aimed at saving lives and communities. how it will affect for us here in california. also is fantasy football bad for your mental health? the new research that may make you reconsider joining the sealy and a growing dispute between oakland city council members and the city's transportation agency. why officials say minority owned businesses are not getting the opportunities not getting the opportunities they deserve. when a truck hit my car, not getting the opportunities tthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth,
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so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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let our injury attorneys when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. look. this is a huge sideshow. it was video posted to the citizen app. according to the chp, there were at least 100 cars involved in this incident in oakland. >> authorities say they got reports of the cars heading from middle harbor road to interstate 80 on monday. no other information has been released so far. leaders in oakland have set aside
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60 million dollars to fix the city's rose and a city ordinance requires at some of that work must go to small minority owned local businesses. but the city's department of transportation or oak dot says those minority owned businesses aren't answering the call. so the agency has come up with a new proposal to try to get the work done without them. >> kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> hazardous roadways and potholes are a major p oblem in the city of oakland. it's going to take a lot of work to safely restore the streets, sidewalks and the pavement and a lot of money that's up for grabs for contractors bidding for the job. we have 60 million dollars of paving contracts that are being awarded. >> and unfortunately, a proposal is that we reward them too 3 large. corporations instead of creating opportunities for small local businesses. >> the open department of transportation is behind the proposal asking for a waiver that would end the competitive
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bidding and participation for small businesses in oakland. however, a city ordinance requires that 50% of the work is awarded to local businesses. and half of that is specifically award. it 2 small local businesses that are often owned and operated by minority members of the community. >> bottom line is that the cards are stacked up against black brown, women-owned businesses and we have to put a concerted effort into addressing. >> these disparities and people need to know that the city stands by its word when you wave the rights to actually open this for a fair bit. you're basically stating that this is a vote no confidence in our small businesses. kron 4 offered an opportunity to the department of transportation to be a part of this conversation. they declined in the summary of their nine-page resolution. the directive states, quote, while all bidders were deemed responsible for ward know contractor proposed for ward was responsive to the full
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requirement for local participation unquote haaziq kron. 4 news. >> city leaders in san pablo are trying to protect renters who are struggling to stay afloat during the omicron surge. the city council is meeting right now to decide whether or not create an ordinance aimed at stopping no-fault evictions moratoriums on evictions in the state. and the county expired in october. the city says some landlords have been motivated to starts those no-fault evictions driving up homelessness even before the pandemic. about 20% of the residents of san pablo were reportedly below the poverty line. we'll be following this story all night long and we'll bring you an update as soon as we hear about it. >> next at 10, the fight for voting rights lives to see another day. why democrats say they will keep fighting even if their efforts fail. plus, you've heard of side effects from the covid vaccine. why a new study suggests that the pain that people claim they suffer may not actually be real. and we've got some
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clouds rolling in overhead. some patchy fog out there now. but just wait, offshore winds are coming. we'll talk about it next. >> and tragedy on the north bay highway. a 16 year-old boy killed his brother in the hospital. a man charged with driving under the influence. how the community is responding.
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>> now at 10, 30 many people in mill valley are mourning the loss of a temple, pius high school sophomore who was killed in a 4 car crash as same crash. now has his twin brother in critical condition. and the driver under investigation for driving under the influence for jonathan mccall shows us the support his family is now receiving. >> this is what remained of the car that 16 year-old twin brothers, liam and lukas washington road and sunday morning, the crash on highway one 60 near walk. murrow shut down the highway for hours. the impact killing liam and critically injuring his brother and injured 4 other drivers. >> it was reported as driving recklessly crossing the solid double yellow lines seem other vehicles that were traveling westbound. chp says the driver. 24 year-old minuses, alexander of dovato. >> was behind the wheel of a cadillac headed west on highway one. 16 and went into the opposite lane while trying to pass up cars. that's when
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investigators say alexander crashed head on into 2 cars before being hit by a 3rd. investigators say that leah was in the backseat. lucas in the front, alexander was arrested on suspicion of felony dui but has since bonded out. investigators say that speed also playing a factor in the crash tragic event that happened. >> i i like to serve as a reminder. for the people out there just to be careful driving the speed limit. don't drive. i want to be able to out all jacksons be very some down. >> neighbors tell kron 4 news that liam's death has shaken the community to its core. now, many are now rallying around the boy's family to go. fund me. pages have now raised more than $80,000. the superintendent of the temple union high school district confirmed that liam and lucas, more sophomores at temple, pius high, but did not offer a comment on the crash. jonathan
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mccall kron 4 news. >> prosecutors in los angeles have charged a man with 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter after running a red light and its tesla. while the vehicle was on auto pilot, these are file pictures are about to show you in december of 2019. 27 year-old kevin george has these riyadh was exiting a highway in his model s when prosecutors say he ran a red light slamming into a honda civic and killing 2 people. riyadh has pleaded not guilty and is currently free on bail. while the case is pending, this is the first time a driver using semiautomatic automated driving technology has been charged with a felony in relation to a deadly crash. roadway deaths are skyrocketing across the nation. that's according to the advocates for highway and auto safety. the organization released his. >> 2022 road map of state highway safety lost today. that study shows during the first 6 months of 2021, more than 20,000 people were killed
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in crashes. that's nearly a 20% spike in deaths over the same period in 2020 and the high as 6 month increase. their researchers have ever recorded. advocates say improvements can be made at the state level to avoid roadway fatalities. >> there are state safety grants. >> legislators auto safety are organizations ought to make sure our clyde for. >> the report also look at each state's highway safety laws and rated california. among the best in the country. but it said some improvements are still needed in california, especially for teen drivers, including stronger nighttime and passenger restrictions. the white house says progress is being made following the signing of that 1 trillion dollar infrastructure package. administration officials announce funding is on the way to clean up a pollutant in the country's air and water supply
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and states will get 4.7 billion dollars to clean up abandoned oil wells. >> these wells jeopardize public health and safety by contaminating groundwater shaping toxic chemicals, chemicals emitting harmful pollutants, including methane. >> another part of the love funding for high-speed internet now allows low income households to get up to $30 a month for broadband and $100 toward a laptop tablet or desktop computer. >> the u.s. senate's debate over voting rights resumes again at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, our time. but democrats still at the votes to get anything passed. as our washington correspondent basil, john tells us, democratic leaders say even if their efforts do fail, they hope the public will know the reason why. >> this is a step forward. but there's still a lot of work to do. >> tuesday, senate democratic leader chuck schumer says no matter what he is ready to call for a vote on voting rights, shall the members of this chamber. do what is
10:34 pm
necessary to pass these bills and move them to the president's desk. schumer says democrats must pass the reform legislation despite republican opposition. if senate republicans are going to oppose it, they should not be allowed to sit in their office. they got to come down on the floor and defend their opposition. but some senate democrats also stand in the way west virginia democratic senator joe mansion defended his opposition to changing the filibuster majority of my of my colleagues in the caucus democratic caucus. a change. it changed the market. i respect that. you have a right to change your mind. i have and i hope they respect that too. i've never changed my mind on the filibuster. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says the push from democrats isn't really about honoring the civil rights movement. this is about one party wanted the power. the unilateral. the rule book. of american elections. mcconnell says the changes democrats want will do more harm to the
10:35 pm
election system, weakening wildly popular voter id laws and making it harder to produce accurate voter rolls. >> it's not about making voting easier. it's about making cheating. is you? >> the senate is expected to hold a vote on wednesday to end debate on the voting legislation reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> the biden administration says it plans to significantly expand efforts to fend for us in the western u.s. in hopes of preventing massive wildfires. the 50 billion dollar plan would focus on for us around areas called hot spots where nature and neighborhoods collide. the plan more than doubles the use of controlled burns and logging to reduce trees and other vegetation. that service tender in the most at risk areas. it will focus on regions were out of control. blazes have wiped out entire neighborhoods and sometimes communities such as in the sierra nevada. >> which means we need some more rain. and now as we check our 4 zone forecast, a look outside at the san mateo
10:36 pm
bridge tonight. there's not a drop in sight. lawrence is here to fill us in lawrence along right not much rain in that forecast. you shipping starting to see some signs. now the models are starting to paint a big change in the weather pattern. as we turn the february of chris, we've got a long way to go to get there, get some patchy fog on the bay right now looking from the berkeley hills, otherwise remaining dry. here's your long range forecast model and you can already see that big arc here in the atmosphere that could you sense of that ridge of high pressure that ridge going to build overhead for tomorrow. then we've got a weak front that kind of rolls over the top of it. that's going up. that ridge kind of weaken a little bit as we head into thursday. but then right behind it, all of us. and that ridge builds right back in. so that's kind of the pattern set up right now. and that's been that way for the last couple of weeks. you'll see these fronts over the top of this ridge and weaken somewhat only to flex its muscle again and strengthen as we head in toward the future after that as well. so this is going to stick around. we're going to see some passing clouds occasionally around the bay area's we get in toward tuesday next week. you see that weak system sliding through. we see periods of
10:37 pm
some windy conditions, some gusty winds, probably some offshore winds during that period. right now, though, we've got a little cut off low. as far as you're looking out that following thursday. but other than that, it is staying dry. doppler radar keeping things dry there as well. looks like that's going to be the case here. now around the country, we get the ridge, the rest, the country gets a trough and that ushers in some much colder air winter weather advisories up in the denver area for tomorrow say with a pin billings and even cold temperatures. frost and freeze warnings are up down in a florida. so some cold weather breaking out across the country. here's the temperatures right now. it is -6 to -80 degrees in minneapolis and at the freezing mark in columbus, 30 degrees in dc so cold temperatures out there now and the potential for some severe weather that cold air comes from the north and then you combine that with some of that warm moisture coming up the gulf and in between there. and that's what we worry about. sometimes as seeing the significant a contrast in temperatures and then you get the severe weather outbreaks watch that closely through
10:38 pm
wednesday and thursday. highs tomorrow. this make you feel good. other parts of the country, very cold. in fact, -9 degrees for the high in mine up tomorrow. 3 degrees in minneapolis. 7 degrees in des moines. only 16 for a high in chicago and kansas city and freezing temperatures all the way down into oklahoma. believe the cold in other parts of the country here in the bay area. we're very fortunate right now. we've got that ridge of high pressure bring some very mild temperatures. offshore winds likely to develop for tomorrow. highs will be in the 50's and the 60's. check it out your 10 day forecast. we're going to keep things dry. a little bit warmer, i think through thursday and friday, cooling down a little bit on saturday and sunday, but staying dry for the next 10 days. thank you, lawrence. an asteroid as long as the golden gate bridge zip to buy or send a relatively close distance. the comet called 74 82. >> went by at a distance of more than 1.2 million miles. that's the closest an asteroid as pastors since 1933, there
10:39 pm
are more than a million known asteroids. it's not uncommon for many to fly by earth. the overwhelming majority of them are of little concern. >> well, the faa is rejecting for now a fedex proposal to install missile defense systems on its airbus airplanes. the agency says more study was needed before the plan could move forward a little more than 2 years ago. fedex applied for approval to use a tool that will protect his planes from heat seeking missiles. according to the u.s. state department. more than 40 civil airplanes have been hit by a shoulder-fired missiles since the 1970's. that's scary. the number of guns confiscated at u.s.. airports has hit a 20 year high. many of them were found loaded. tsa agents found all of the guns on carry on bags discovered as passengers went through airport security is michael shure reports. many of the passengers claim that simply forgot they had their guns with them.
10:40 pm
>> the transportation safety administration reporting a sharp increase in firearms confiscated at airport security checkpoints last year with cases up over 80% from 2020 across 268 airports nationally. but it will show an increase from. >> the 4,400. 32 that were detected in 2019 prior to the start of the pandemic. when many more people are lisa farbstein spokesperson with the tsa says that most passengers say they forgot that they had their firearm, but it goes further than that last year. 86% of those guns were loaded. so people are telling us that they forgot that loaded gun with them. it's almost unbelievable. that's crazy. i don't understand why somebody would even think >> that you copld get away with doing it. it is day in that's great. the tsa saying passengers can travel with firearms but they must be checked. unloaded packed in a hard-sided case and kept separate from their
10:41 pm
ammunition, which itself is required to be in its original packaging. you shouldn't be one of the ones losing your gun. you should be one of the ones flag going through tsa check. so i just i'm personally no sympathy for atlanta airport is by far the side of the most confiscation is over 500 tsa and even passengers saying that the responsibility should fall to gun owners. it really is a matter of if you own a firearm, you need to know where these at all times. >> you seem to know your car keys are his team to know where you are. is worse that deadly weapon at a time when mask mandates and canceled flights are already a stress on flyers and airport personnel. >> these figures are concerning. and according to the tsa avoidable. new at 10, a new study suggests that up to 76% of reported covid vaccine. side effects could be imagined. harvard researchers say this is a phenomenon called the no see beau effect as opposed to a placebo effect
10:42 pm
where anxiety causes people to manifest the symptoms say either fear or expect they say that many people who report a headache or fatigue after getting the shot are actually experiencing anxiety in our midst, attributing the symptoms to the vaccine. >> fantasy football may lead to the decline of a player's mental health. that's according to a study out of england which says mental health will continue to worsen. the more a person plays fantasy football in the study of nearly 2000 people. 44 1% who spent more than 45 minutes playing said that the game cause them to at least feel mild anxiety. 37% said it disrupted their lives, causing what researchers call functional impairment. the study can be found in the journal human behavior and emerging technologies. >> coming up next in sports, splash brother steph curry and klay thompson. they put on a show chase center tonight. sports director jason dumas
10:43 pm
has the highlights coming up and the results are in and do some. oakland residents want their taxes to help keep the a's in town. what a new survey reveals. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with
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>> now to the debate over the a's. moving to howard terminal at the port of oakland. mayor libby schaff insists no taxpayer money will go toward the project. private group has hundreds of open residents, whether they are ok with public funds being used to pay for the proposed stadium as kron four's ella sogomonian tells us their survey said. a
10:46 pm
new ballpark for the oakland a's comes with an 800 million dollar price tag. >> so the east oakland stadium alliance asked more than 500 oakland residents whether they support any public funds paying for the construction. if a new home for the a's at the howard terminal. 46% voted no opposition soared to well more than half among people who live in districts 5, 7, where the waterfront ballpark and housing complex would go up. greg mcconnell, ceo of the consulting firm supporting the group. explain follow-up questions in the survey found participants would like to see funding go to address issues like homelessness and public safety. instead, women these could be used to help or attempt to help address those issues. >> should they be diverted to being used to? this is what the the development of the stadium, then they. opposition went from. 46 to 37. 46
10:47 pm
againts 69%. it one of those say to you. on their own. if you're one of those stadia, a community benefits like every other development does the city of oakland's website explains the stadium would not cause taxpayer money. >> from the general fund won't raise taxes or divert funding instead would be a public private partnership using project generated revenue and some grants. but the organization behind the survey insists voters do not want any public funds no matter the source to be used for the venue for kron. 4 news, i'm ella sogomonian. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> no public money. the a's might be on the first thing smoking anyway, back to basketball. the warriors finally getting some home
10:48 pm
cooking back here in the bay area that are road trip, one in 3 on that trip. but now they have 7, the friendly of the chase center building that they can all their own. but it's going to want to chase center's find his claim. time said warming up the court. it's so good to call. highlights with. playing back here in the bay and here that they were firing on all cylinders early on there. you see step with the long 3 for you. this mapping them at this point. >> moments later, check out clay beat the mother almost at the 2nd quarter pump fake born. claims that a common for 31 points in the 1st half like all time. but some were going to have to get used will cause clay is slowly regaining his form 3rd quarter, clay find a wide open and drooling in the corner hand down, man down. now, a couple minutes later, this the clay that we've come
10:49 pm
to love the midrange game, stop, dropped. minutes later. that was 21 points or claim he led warriors roll one of the 2 ladies. after the game week, adam was curry and klay who are all smiles. >> that was probably the best stretch that steph and klay have have played together and man was they were really nice to kind of proof in front of our home fans, which was really great to see that last 3. i hit the half. that was a lot of class, a corner. 3 just pump fake sidestep. knock it down that i really felt like myself in that instance. and it feels so good to do in the game and to do it new at the buzzer didn't get the crowd going a little bit. that's to make these nights. so fun. >> you know, it's fun. calling the highlight. who are i-49? is to me. he was on the practice field. despite that bomb shoulder and long bomb,
10:50 pm
the injured, his shoulder early in the 2nd quarter on display. as you can see, he was trying protect phone blower and another exposing his shoulder problem kate rooney what hurts more is known. order shoulder. give me give them very diplomatic response. he just said, yes, we will not find making any excuses. grant. >> and only serve anyone. well, especially when you're facing a team as talented as the green bay packers, the packers 13, 0, 4, in 3 of those 4 losses only came by won possession. and then the portables. they never really matter. it was in the last week of the against the lions after the packers that clinched the top seed in the nfc. now, bill cosby hand and jimmy g know a lot has changed since that matchup on 8. i think both teams are a lot >> you know, is earlier in the air for both of us. you know, i think we had we haven't lost
10:51 pm
a game yet. i think there are 500 at the time and, you know, i think i don't think either of us are execute as good as we are now on both sides we've both been a lot through a lot worse than done. i both sides of the ball in a special teams on both teams are better in all phases. a lot's changed. honestly, personnel has changed. >> they're get some guys they're getting healthier and you can see that and you know, we we have some different personnel to them. we have 3 so. i you definitely watch that game taking into account. there's a long time ago. a lot things have changed dramatically. personalize. but i know we've got to be cared for whatever they want to do that had, you know, a lot of time prepare for this one. >> oh, i can't wait for that. matchup is a couple more days that saturday night we will have red and gold zone on thursday night and friday night, right on crime for leading up to the match up saturday. i mean, that's your look at sports. we'll be right bac
10:52 pm
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when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ dozens of top old rail cars litter the tracks after a big derailment in indiana. >> caused a small fire but incredibly nobody was hurt for a transportation company. csx says there's no safety risk to the public. the derailment comes on the same day that 17 rail cars and a locomotive derailed in pennsylvania. and just days after a union pacific train left the tracks near los angeles. >> well, music's biggestu
10:55 pm
tonight has a new date and the new location, the 2022 grammy awards are now set for april. the 3rd at the mgm grand garden arena in las vegas. the telecast was scheduled was rescheduled following the postponement of its original january broadcast los angeles at the crypto dot com arena was rescheduled, of course, because of covid concerns. comedian and tv host trevor noah will host the ceremony. even in the middle of a potentially life threatening situation. there apparently is always time for a quick selfie. take a look. a woman in ottawa, canada. can you believe this is seen snapping a picture as she stands on top of her car as the car sinks into a frozen river. earlier, she was seen speeding across the ice on the redo river. bystanders got a kayak and booked her ashore. police charged the unidentified woman with dangerous operation of a vehicle and look at her taking
10:56 pm
that selfie. pretty amazing. brave or not too driverless cars will soon take to the roads of a british town. it's a trial run for a prototype. driverless taxi that can be operated remotely. >> users will be able to request a vehicle, which is an remotely driven to their location. then unlike regular taxis, the passenger drives the vehicle to their destination and then just leaves it. there. remote operator then sends a car on to its next location. the company developing the technology hopes to take one day. take on uber and lyft march. >> all right, guys. one last look at the weather outside tonight. we've got a couple clouds floating by. we've got some patchy fog along the coast line out toward sfo. kind of a quiet night out there. but temperature wise, not bad 40's 50's cool but not real cold just yet, although we could likely see some temperatures drop in the upper 30's least in the north bay valleys. i think by day tomorrow we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine. watch out for some patchy fog in the
10:57 pm
morning. but the afternoon we're up in the 50's, maybe even some upper 60's by tomorrow afternoon. and your 10 day forecast keeping things nice and dry and a very mild right through the weekend. go to see a lot of sunshine coming our way. partly cloudy skies in the following tuesday, but dry for the next 10 days. >> thank you. lauren said thanks to all of you for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 8, 9.10. >> we'll see tomorrow night. have a good night. good night.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: the sales clerk stabbed to death in a furniture store. her anguished father speaks out. >> they are just out there ready to do other malicious and terrible things to good people. >> announcer: then... timeline to terror. >> retracing the steps of the terrorist. >> he checked into this hotel right after landing in the usa. >> announcer: and... wasn't she celebrating the covid diagnosis of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. and fear of covid? the return of empty airplanes. plus, jurassic rock? >> is that a t-rex behind you?


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