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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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airlines are saying that thousands of flights could be canceled if a planned rollout of 5 g cell service isn't halted. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm vicki liviakis said i'm grant lotus the planned rollout of 5 g service tomorrow is now being delayed in some areas because of safety concerns related to airplanes. >> and just what effect will this have on people traveling? well, that remains unclear. our kron four's. dan kerman live for us in san francisco tonight to explain. hey, dan. industry analysts are saying that they believe that travelers have dodged a bullet because of this delay or at delay in certain areas. but they say it's going to come back up again unless the fcc and the faa can reach some sort of resolution. so both planes and 5 g service can live together. >> for some time, the airline industry has been fighting the upgrade to 5 g cell service over safety concerns. they maintain the signals emitted from these 5 g cell towers
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could adversely impact airplane altimeters which are critical during landing, especially in poor visibility. but so far there's been no resolution needs to happen. is the faa. >> and the fcc to sit down and discuss what a long-term solution will be. frankly, what we have seen happen is kicking this 5 g can down the road, so to speak several times. >> earlier this month, the faa created buffer zones around 50 airports, including sfo. and then at a san jose requiring wireless companies to turn off nearby transmitters for 6 months to minimize potential 5 g interference. but airlines like united continue to maintain the 5 g rollout will result in not only hundreds of thousands of flight cancellations and disruptions for customers across the industry in 2022, but also the suspension of cargo flights into these locations. on tuesday, 18 t and verizon
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agreed to another delay in launching 5 g near some airports for an undisclosed period of time. industry experts say that's good news for travelers. if we did not have this temporary regarding 5 g here, the airports. >> it's very possible we would have seen a lot of airlines delaying flights tomorrow, possibly diverting them if weather was bad or if the pilots tell. the ultimate ers or other equipment were not reliable. or even canceling these flights just to avoid sending planes to their ports that might be unsafe. >> so far the faa is cleared about 45% of the u.s. commercial fleet meeting that those aircraft are not going to have trouble with the 5 g network. however, that leaves a lot of planes. what's going to happen with those, especially if they're impacted? well, they need new
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equipment. will well, that could quitman have to be manufactured. that is not going to happen overnight. and that's why some sort of resolution needs to be reached live in san francisco. dan kerman kron, 4 news. thank you, dan. and now to coronavirus coverage tonight. the federal website where people can request free at-home covid-19 test. >> is live. the website is covid test dot gov and supplies will be limited to just 4 tests per home. for now, the tests are free, including know shipping fees, but i do not expect a rapid turnaround. white house says tests will typically ship within 7 to 12 days of ordering. so if you want to read more about these tests and step-by-step instructions on just how to sign up, we have a link. it's on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> in the space students, teachers and staff in the hayward unified school district who are back in class today after a week of virtual learning. officials say they went virtual because of staffing shortages and not enough covid tests. but the board of education voted last friday to resume in-person
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learning new safety measures include at home covid tests and masks for everyone. schools will now also offer grab and go lunches the hold virtual staff meetings and student athletes will be tested for covid before attending any practice or competition. 3 oakland schools were closed today because of a sick out that both students and teachers participated. it. those schools affected bridges academy, acorn, woodland and united for success academy. this time students organized the boycott. there was a teacher organize one previously. they say the students there are a lack of covid safety protocols set their schools. kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now live without the district is responding tonight. good evening, rob. >> grant, this is the second time this month that schools in oakland were canceled because of a sick out the first time it was teachers who did the organizing. but this time it's students who say they won't return to the
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classroom until their demands are met. parents receive notifications monday night of the 3 oakland schools will be closed tuesday because of the sickout organized by student led petition that mckayla dean signed the manga very just that. >> everybody's getting sick or usd. communications director john sasaki says classes were canceled because of how many teachers called out sick in solidarity with students on the shutdown. we don't have enough staff to support students who are in school. according psaki, the district has met the masking demands of students by ordering a distributing around 200,000 kn 95 mask. the petition also called for twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everyone on campus. but according psaki, the district is currently following the guidance of health professionals by providing testing at 10 hubs throughout the city. the rapid tests every bit as effective as the pcr test that detecting omicron. and so we will continue to do that. more outdoor spaces to be safely was a 3rd demand made by oakland students. the district says it's waiting on supplies.
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once we get those our staff is very quick about and you know things together and selling them on our sites and providing more and more spaces for students to eat outside. some teachers say their schools are seeing the same amount of covid supplies as others. this has not been distributed equitably across our district. and this is why some of teachers and staff >> are joining things. do in this fight for safer usd recently came to an agreement with the teachers union for extended covid leave. >> when it comes to covid protocols, the district claims that the same amount of resources are being shared with all schools. they're standing. is that the masks, the gun to all schools? >> for example. >> we have distributed lots and lots of ppe when it comes to, you know, wipes hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and center. we've been doing that since being school. >> says the school won't know how many students called out until tomorrow, but that as of now, all sick outs in the district, we considered an
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excuse absences live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. another big story we're following for you tonight. nearly 4,000 kaiser patients might have been given slightly less than the recommended dose of their covid vaccinations last fall. a kaiser permanente's walnut creek medical center. kaiser is now contacting roughly 3900 people who got a pfizer vaccine east of vaccine dose between october 25th and december 10th patients may have received about 0, 1, and 0, 4, mililiters less than the recommended dose. that's not considered likely to result in reduce protection against covid. but kaiser says it's offering an additional pfizer vaccine dose to those who are affected. >> well, covid case rates are continuing to soar across the country. doctors say we are close here to seeing a peak craig forcefully to call spoke with an infectious disease specialist who expects case rates to drop significantly in the coming weeks.
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>> instead of seen this, you know, we're seeing more of this infectious disease specialist doctor mike lee. homer says internal data shows covid-19 case rates may be cresting and expects a precipitous drop within the month. i think it's fairly safe to say that will see it over the next week or 2. my only hesitation is is any effect at this last holiday? >> period is had doctor volmar is a regional hospital epidemiologist for kaiser permanente. in past surges. how steep you go up is also how steep you come down. >> on the other side of the roller coaster. so we may see a very steep decline happened over the next week or 2. this comes as positive case. rates remain high across the country. with health system stretched thin in large part because staff members have had to call out sick. >> after being possibly exposed to or infected with covid-19. there's a silver lining here that omicron may not severe disease as we see
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with prior waves. >> yet the total volume is still very, very high for us. and we clearly have been and health care by the search. at this point. doctor volmar is continuing to advocate for more of us to get boosted. >> protection that has proven effective against becoming severely ill from the virus with omicron. we didn't even know existed before november 2021. >> this virus can continually throw us curveballs a pattern unlikely to change anytime soon. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> happening now in san francisco, a vigil for the bay area woman who was pushed to her death in front of the new york city subway train. this is a live look at portsmouth square and the chinatown neighborhood where organizers have gathered to remember 40 year-old michelle go vigil was organized in cooperation with a new york nonprofit, asians
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fighting injustice, group dedicated to fighting against the rise in hate crimes. again, stations in new york city go was born in berkeley, grew up in fremont on saturday. go left her apartment in new york was about to get on a subway train in times square. the times square station when police say that man, 61 year-old pushed her from behind. police have charged simon marshall with second degree murder. they say he was emotionally disturbed. they say the homeless man had also tried to push another person on to the tracks before he pushed go. investigators do not believe at least at this point that go was targeted because of her race. kron four's taylor bisacky is listening into that vigil and she will have much more tonight during our primetime newscast said 8, 9.10. >> and now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside the sampayo bridge. lot of traffic out there tonight. also home on a
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tuesday that everyone is working remotely. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us tonight. what you have out there? yeah. dry span of weather continues. grant. yeah, not temperature wise, but it's been very dry here since about the second week in january. and it's going to stay dry now for a little while longer here as we head through time. but temperature wise, 57 degrees right at the average in san francisco. actually cooler than normal in oakland, a 55 today. 59 in san jose, 60 in livermore. 59 in concord, 54 degrees and cool in santa rosa. kind of get the sense of what's going on in the atmosphere. you see these clouds kind of rotate over the top of that ridge. that's a signature of high pressure sitting out there in the pacific. that ridge is going to roll in toward the bay area overnight tonight and tomorrow. that means we're likely to see some northerly winds right now. a little bit of a sea breeze. see that on shore flow right now. bring some clouds and along the coastline. it's going or offshore overnight tonight and tomorrow. and that means little down when little drier air, it's going to seek. it's going to warm up. nice temperatures around the bay
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area tomorrow afternoon. 66 in fremont about 64 degrees in mill valley and about 61 in napa. thanks. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 6 trading volunteer work for cash. >> for college kids who qualifies. and when the program starts. >> plus increasing efforts to fight catastrophic wildfires. just how much the biden administration is allocating in what we know about where the funds are going go in california and the voting rights battle continues as senators return to washington under intense pressure. >> some of them to pass 2 major pieces of legislation. we have a live report from dc we have a live report from dc next. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy,
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>> in national news tonight, the fate of the voting rights bill hangs in the balance as the senate started debate today, the senate debated 2 separate bills passed by the house. you have the freedom to vote act and the john lewis voting rights advancement act, our current for his correspondent basil john joins us now live from dc with the latest. good evening, basil. >> well, grant, vicki, good evening. and yes, it could be a long week for democrats as debate has begun on the voting rights legislation and democrats want the american public to take notice of what happens on the senate floor. >> this is a step forward. but there's still a lot of work to do. >> tuesday, senate democratic leader chuck schumer says no matter what he is ready to
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call for a vote on voting rights, shall the members of this chamber. do what is necessary to pass these bills and move them to the president's desk. schumer says democrats must pass the reform legislation despite republican opposition. if senate republicans are going to oppose it, they should not be allowed to sit in their office. they got to come down on the floor and defend their opposition. but some senate democrats also stand in the way west virginia democratic senator joe mansion defended his opposition to changing the filibuster majority of my of my colleagues in the caucus democratic caucus. a change. it changed the market. i respect that. you have a right to change your mind. i have and i hope they respect that too. i've never changed my mind on the filibuster. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says the push from democrats isn't really about honoring the civil rights movement. this is about one party wanted the power. the unilateral. the rule book. of
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american elections. mcconnell says the changes democrats want will do more harm to the election system, weakening wildly popular voter id laws and making it harder to produce accurate voter rolls. >> it's not about making voting easier. it's about making cheating. is you? >> now the senate is expected to hold a vote on wednesday to end debate on the voting rights legislation. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john, thank you, basil. the house january 6 committee has subpoenaed rudy giuliani and other close allies of former president trump. in addition to new york's ex-mayor, the subpoenas also cover attorneys jenna ellis and sidney powell. all of them publicly defended the former president and his voter fraud claims in the months after the 2020 election. the committee's chair says that he and his peers want to know about the individual's conversations with trump surrounding his attempts to stop the counting of the electoral votes.
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>> the biden administration plans to significantly expand efforts to finn forests in the western u.s. hoping to prevent huge wildfires in the future. the 50 billion dollar plan would focus on forests around areas called hot spots where nature and neighborhoods collide. the plan more than doubles the use of controlled fire said logging to reduce trees and other vegetation. that service fuel in some of the most at risk areas. it will focus on region where out of control blazes have wiped out neighborhoods and sometimes entire communities, including the sierra nevada mountains. here. you may remember last fall in that caldor fire destroyed 1000 structures, including more than 700, 70 homes close to south lake tahoe. as 0e switch now to our 4 zone forecast. taking a look outside here in the bay area. the golden gate bridge. >> our first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the air quality, which makes for some nice sunset. but they're not good for it really does. i mean, the colors in the atmosphere pretty amazing. but
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that also kind of give,you an idea of how much blood that we have built up in the atmosphere. we lot of color in that sunset this evening outside right now, a bit hazy out there. we do have some mid to high level clouds rolling across our skies as well. of course, air quality has really kind of suffering under this big dome of high pressure. just get that real stagnant air. so moderate air quality expected the building up in the north bay, the east bay in the south bay tomorrow, still looking good along the coastline and can see a little more mixing in the atmosphere with more of an offshore when the next couple days. mix some things out overnight. lows going to be chilly in spots. 38 degrees in santa rosa. 41 for low in livermore. 42 in concord, lot of 40's even inside the bay along the coastline. high pressure overhead. the kind of get the idea that dome start to roll in towards the coastline. still a lot of clouds moving over the top of that ridge. and we're going to see some of that overnight tonight. not only those high clouds but down below likely see some dense fog developing inside the bay, some of that ground fog. so watch out for that early tomorrow morning. you're looking at some of those visibilities very low early
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tomorrow morning. as you get up for the commute, that should begin to lift, though. and then we're going to see some mid to high level clouds drifting overhead. otherwise you're looking good temperatures outside 50's around most of their those sneaking down in the 40's and sent carlos also into the napa area. i think by day tomorrow, we should see a lot of sunshine and some high clouds moving on through temperatures as high as 68 degrees in concord. 64 in san jose about 66 degrees in fremont. 59 degrees in cooler in the san francisco. lori forecast still holding dry high pressure will we can at times but only strengthen again. looks like that will be the case as we get into thursday and friday, we might even squeeze in a couple temperatures sneaking up in the low 70's in the warmest spots with some downslope winds by saturday, partly cloudy skies roll in. but right now looks like we're going to keep things dry for at least the next 7 days and likely beyond. all right, lawrence, hate to use turbotax to file your taxes. coming up, the major change that could cost you. >> plus, find out how many
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billions microsoft is paying to purchase a popular video game developing company. that's after the break.
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>> new at 6, microsoft is buying activision blizzard for nearly 69 billion dollars. activision is famous for games including call of duty in candy crush. microsoft says the deal will help accelerate mobile gaming and then give ks for making games in the metaverse. this marks the second major
6:24 pm
video game position in a week last week to take 2 interactive makers of grand theft auto. but zynga, the developers best known for farm bill. >> turbotax says offered free filing for many years. but now people who file only simple tax returns will get the free service if you make itemized deductions or list. stock sales, for example, you're out of luck. you have to pay intuit the company that makes turbotax says not participating in the irs is free filing program will allow it to innovate in ways that were not allowable under the current guidelines. you can read more about these changes on our website. kron 4 dot com. california has launched a new effort to try to help students graduate from college with less debt. it allows them to trade volunteer work for cash to pay for their education kron. four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> starting this fall, thousands of college students across california could get funds for living expenses and other financial perks in
6:25 pm
return for volunteer work. in short. >> we are making it clear here in california like the g i bill, if you're willing to serve your community and give back in a meaningful way, we're going to help you pay for college. the program called college score will provide $10,000 for selected students including living expenses, education awards. plus academic credit so long as they complete 450 hours of volunteer work in an academic year, according to the california volunteers website, 45 colleges are participating. that volunteer work would be coordinated through the college that applying student attends and must focus on 3 key areas. climate change k through 12 education and food and security officials say the program is expected to provide help to up to 6,500 students over the next 2 years. >> undocumented students are eligible. it will provide training for the next generation of civic minor minded leaders in california, including dreamers. >> those contributions and perspectives enrich our state and our campuses every day.
6:26 pm
>> higher education leaders, including those of the university of california and california state university systems officially launched the program tuesday alongside governor gavin newsome. funds for the program come from earmarked money totaling 146 million dollars in the state budget passed last year to help california students and communities. if this thing works, we go back to legislature tickets level out. >> we could take it to the rest the country because nobody else is doing this. officials say students ae the participating colleges should be able to apply starting this spring. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> next on kron, 4 news at 6 results of new public opinion surveys about the oakland a's proposed port stadium project are in. we'll break down how residents feel. >> hazard is roadways, potholes. big problem in oakland. the city now being accused of not doing enough to hire small businesses. after the break. the move to change all that. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more...
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>> now it's 6.30, a proposal to end competitive bidding for minority owned contractors is consideration by oakland city council to council members are signaling strong opposition to the idea crowd for says he has that story. >> hazardous roadways and potholes are major problem in the city of oakland. it's going to take a lot of work to safely restore the streets, sidewalks and the pavement and a lot of money that's up for
6:30 pm
grabs for contractors bidding for the job. oakland city councilmember loren taylor. we have 60 million dollars of paving contracts that are being awarded. >> and unfortunately, a proposal is that we reward them too 3 large. corporations instead of creating opportunities for small local businesses. >> the open department of transportation is behind the proposal asking for a waiver that would end the competitive bidding and participation for small businesses in oakland. however, a city ordinance requires that 50% of the work is awarded to local businesses. and half of that is specifically award. it 2 small local businesses that are often owned and operated by minority members of the community. >> bottom line is that the cards are stacked up against black brown, women-owned businesses and we have to put a concerted effort into addressing. >> these disparities and people need to know that the city stands by


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