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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 18, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 students, educators refusing to show up to school campuses today demanding better safety precautions in response to the current omicron surge. thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5, everybody on vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus. 3 oakland schools were closed today because of a sick out that both students and teachers took part in those schools. >> it bridges academy elementary acorn, woodland elementary and united for success academy. this time students organized the boycott over what they say is a lack of covid safety protocols in
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schools from first. nesbitt joins us now live with how the district is responding tonight. rob. >> vicki, this is the second time this month that classes in oakland have been canceled because of a sick out the first time it was teachers who did the organizing. but this time students say they won't return to the classroom until their demands are met. parents receive notifications monday night that the 3 oakland schools will be closed tuesday because of the sickout organized by student led petition that mckayla dean signed the main just that. >> everybody's getting sick communications director for the oakland unified school district johnson psaki says classes were canceled because of the amount of teachers called out sick in solidarity with students on the shutdown. we don't have enough staff to support students who are in school. according psaki, the district has met the masking demands of students by ordering a distributing around 200,000 kn 95 mask. the petition also called for twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everyone on campus. but according psaki, the district is currently following the
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guidance of health professionals by providing testing at 10 hubs throughout the city. the rapid tests every bit as effective as the pcr test that detecting omicron. and so we will continue to do that. more outdoor spaces to eat safely was the 3rd demand. the district says it's waiting on supplies, but as soon as they're delivered, the spaces will be built. some teachers say their schools are seeing the same amount of covid supplies as others. this has not been distributed equitably across our district and this is why some of teachers and are joining in this dude in this fight for safer usd recently came to an agreement with the teachers union for extended covid leave. >> when it comes to covid protocols, the district claims that the same amount of resources are being shared with all schools are standing. is that the masks, the gun to all schools? >> for example. >> we have distributed lots and lots of ppe when it comes to, you know, wipes hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and center. we've been doing that since being school.
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>> says the district will not know how many students called out sick until tomorrow, but that as of now, the sickout will be considered an excuse absences live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> thank you, rob. happening now, the federal website where people can request free at home covid tests is up and running and one day early the website is covid tests dot gov. supplies will be limited to 4 tests per home. the tests are free and there's no shipping costs, but do not expect to get the test right away. it is not clear whether all the tests are actually ready to go yet. and the white house says the tests will typically ship within 7 to 12 days. some people argue these federal tests should have been available a lot sooner. today the white house defended the timing of its decision. >> the market did not have the capacity at that moment to do what we're doing tomorrow. it turns out that there was actually a lot that was being done to increase testing over the course of the year.
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>> the press secretary jen psaki, they're also says they are expecting a bug or 2, especially if you have people apparently who live in apartment buildings that also have commercial in those buildings. and that's creating confusion because the tests technically only shipped to home addresses of people are trying to work through that psaki says the best tech teams across the administration and across the postal service are working hard to try to make this a success. >> no big story we're following for you this evening. nearly 4,000 kaiser patients might have been given now contacting roughly 3900 people who got pfizer vaccination dose between october 25th and december 10th patients may have received about 0, one and 0, 4, mililiters less than the recommended dose. that's not considered likely to result in reduce protection against
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covid. but kaiser says it's offering an additional of pfizer vaccine dose to anyone who might have been affected. why says it's going to be requiring visitors to get a covid-19 booster shot if they want to skip the quarantine when they arrive to the islands under the state's current safety program. travelers who don't want to quarantine for 5 days must either be fully vaccinated or have a negative covid-19 test within one day of travel. but the program is changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include booster shot. the new changes are not expected to be put in place for at least another 2 weeks. >> the planned rollout of 5 g cell service tomorrow is being delayed in some areas due to safety concerns related to airplanes and air travel and just what effect this might have on people getting on planes remains unclear. kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight with more on this day. and this is a bizarre story of these 2
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federal effectively just fighting with each other. it seems like. well, that's right. and not really making any progress. again. 5 g service supposed to roll out tomorrow. the airlines have been up and >> been angry about this for some time. it has been talking about the problems with this for several years now. and still, they've not come to any sort of resolution. and so here we come to the eve of the rollout, which is already been delayed a few times. and now another delay. the introduction of 5 g so service could cause safety concerns and the skies near airports. >> so says airline companies which maintain the signals emitted from these 5 g towers could impact airline altimeters which are critical during landing, especially in poor visibility. the faa and the f c c appear to be locked in a battle. >> it's a bureaucratic cold war. >> we we the public are getting caught in the middle.
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>> the faa has already created buffer zones around 50 airports, including a cellphone mineta, san jose requiring wireless companies to turn off nearby transmitters for 6 months to minimize potential 5 g interference. but airlines like united continue to maintain the 5 g rollout will result in not only hundreds of thousands of flight cancellations and disruptions for customers across the industry in 2022, but also the suspension of cargo flights into these locations. tuesday, atnt and verizon agreed to delay launching 5 g near some airports for an undisclosed period of time. while the dispute is worked out. >> i think we dodged a bullet for now. you know, this isn't something that we in white or brown over unsafe you. it's over because it's over. all we've done is by ourselves a little bit of time. so my hope is that won't see disruptions
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for chaos tomorrow or the rest of this week. and for that matter for the next few weeks. now, this point the faa is cleared about 45% of the u.s. commercial fleet. meaning those planes should not have. >> any specific problems with this 5 g service. but that leaves a whole lot of planes that are in question. what to do about that. can you change equipment the need to manufacture new equipment? all of that still needs to be worked out. and that is certainly something that's not going to happen overnight live in san francisco, dan kerman kron. 4 news. thank you, dan. >> now new satellite images showing the damage from the volcanic eruption and tsunami in tonga. on the left, you can see a picture of homes in town go before the eruption of the underwater volcano. lava green and on the right. you can see the aftermath of the homes all covered in ash. we have another image showing a port in tonga before the tsunami and then after the tsunami damage that port clearly on
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the right is the aftermath and look at these images captured from space showing the eruption in real time over the weekend. a huge plume of ash gas and steam spewing up to 12 miles into the air. experts say it was likely the biggest eruption recorded anywhere on the planet and more than 30 years. >> all back in the bay area. taking a live look it says san from our mount tam can, as we see wisps our sutro cam wisps of rolling in. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with us. lawrence, another nice warm dry. yeah, you yeah. here we go. yeah. another one and looks like another spectacular sunset out there for tonight. look at the colors out there. already is the sun 5.18, in san francisco tonight. a couple clouds up above. we've got some patchy fog down below. but overnight tonight
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we'll see a little bit of a change in the atmosphere. high pressure going to start to build in. we're going to start to talk about an offshore wind. so these high clouds start to come from the north number last week. all those high clouds are coming up on the south. so the pattern has changed a little bit. still could be dealing with some fog, especially in the early morning hours. some of that ground fog tomorrow morning. but you see some patchy fog. this is a defection fog moving in along the coastline overnight tonight, get a whole nother type of fog. it is that ground fog that to leave fog developing in the valleys and possibly pushing back into the bay temperatures outside mainly in the 50's all around the bay area. now overnight tonight visibilities going to suffer in spots overnight tonight. all of a sudden we're going start to see a little influence from the central part of the bay. you see the fog getting develop there and then overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning, a little cloudy, but then overall high pressure is going to take over as that ridge begins to slide overhead. get that offshore wind developing later on, especially as we head in toward tomorrow. and you can see more of that northerly component. you get that northerly wind. that air tends to seeing dries out and warms
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up making for some very nice weather around the bay area tomorrow. i think we're likely going to see some places probably well into the 60's. i parts of the bay area about 60 degrees in lemore. 68 in concord. 64 in san jose about 61 in oakland. thank you, lord. still to come tonight, a kron 4 news at 5 trying to get to the bottom of exactly how the january 6 capitol attack happened. >> i was plans live. president trump's former attorney rudy giuliani has reason for concern tonight. >> plus, is the 4th one a charm. what a new study is revealing about how a 4th covid vaccine a vaccine stands up on the crime. >> and the final push to try to pass voting rights legislation. we're live in washington with the latest from senators schumer and mcconnell as democrats proceed despite not having the necessary votes.
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>> the fate of the voting rights bills hanging the ballots as the senate started debate today, kron four's washington correspondent basil john reports is most democrats want to make this legislation a reality. but basil, not all. >> well, grande, good evening. and yes, this could be a long week for democrats as a debate has begun on the voting rights legislation and democrats want the american public to pay attention to what happens on the senate floor. >> win, lose or draw tuesday. senate democratic leader chuck
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schumer says no matter what he is ready to call for a vote on voting rights. members of this chamber were elected to debate and to vote. especially on an issue is vital to the beating heart of our democracy. schumer says democrats must pass the reform legislation despite republican opposition, every senate republican, he's staunchly against legislation protecting the right to vote. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says the push from democrats isn't really about honoring the civil rights movement. this is about one party wanted the power. the unilateral. the rule book. of american elections. mcconnell says the changes democrats want will do more harm to the election system, weakening wildly popular voter id laws and making it harder to produce accurate voter rolls. >> it's not about making voting easier. it's about making cheating. is you? >> now, despite schumer's
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criticism of a republican filibuster, senators kyrsten sinema and joe manchin remain opposed to eliminating that filibuster reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. >> thank you, basil and other national news tonight. the house january 6 committee has subpoenaed rudy giuliani, another close allies of former president trump. in addition to new york's ex-mayor, the subpoenas also cover attorneys jenna ellis and sidney powell. all of them publicly defended the former president and his voter fraud claims in the months after the 2020 election. the committee's chair says that he and his peers want to know about the individual's conversations with trump surrounding his attempts to stop the counting of electoral votes. >> number a vigil is planned for tonight for the bay area woman who was pushed to her death in front of the new york city subway train. they're being organized in cooperation with the new york nonprofit asians fighting injustice. a group dedicated to fighting against the rising hate crimes
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in new york city. 40 year-old michelle go was born in berkeley, grew up in freeman, went to high school there on saturday. go left her apartment and was about to step onto a subway in times square at the station there when a 61 year-old man police say pushed her from behind. police have charged simon marshall with second degree murder. they say he was homeless, immerse emotionally disturbed and had also tried to push another person on to the tracks. investigators do not believe go was targeted because she was asian. we will have more on the vigil tonight in san francisco. that's coming up in our prime time newscast set 8, 09:10pm tonight. a southern california man has been charged with 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter after running a red light in his tesla while the vehicle was on autopilot, the deadly events unfolded in a los angeles neighborhood in december of 2019 when 27 year-old kevin george's ease
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riyadh's model has left the freeway, ran a red light and crashed into a honda civic killing 2 of the people in the civic. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for february 23rd riyadh has pleaded not guilty and is currently out on bail. this is the first time a driver using the semi automatic driving technology has been charged with a felony related to a deadly crash. >> san francisco is stepping up efforts to help people in need, especially in and around the tenderloin conference. charles clifford has the story. >> on tuesday, san francisco opened a new center near un plaza to provide assistance to people who may be struggling with homelessness, health problems or addiction. visitors can get access to water, hot food, laundry services, showers, bathrooms, or medical help, including testing for covid-19. we open to everyone. we're really here to serve. >> mary ellen carroll, the director of san francisco's department of emergency management, says the center
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will also connect people with services. there will be reps from the department of health, the department of homelessness and supportive housing and the probation department. our intention is to fold. one is to provide a safe and welcoming place for people as an alternative to the street. >> we're providing which there are showers are on the way here. asked rooms, general hygiene and it's safe outside place for people to be the second part is really the linkages to services that folks may need. >> after nearly 2 years of dealing with the pandemic, carol says the services are needed now. >> more than ever will bring a lot of lessons learned during, you know, from our covid experience working together its partners overall that these many, months and bring it to bear in this particular crisis. in the tender lynn. >> for the time being the center will be open from 08:00am to 08:00pm with reduced capacity because of covid-19. but the city hopes to eventually have an operating. 24 7 in san
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francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> still ahead tonight, why government officials are telling athletes to leave their cell phones at home before heading to next month's winter games in beijing. also, governor newsome announcing a new deal to help students pay for college. we'll have details on who qualifies. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties.
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>> california has launched a new effort to help out
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students graduate from college with less debt. it allows college students to trade volunteer work for cash for college capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> starting this fall, thousands of college students across california could get funds for living expenses and other financial perks in return for volunteer work. in short. >> we are making it clear here in california like the g i a bill. if you're willing to serve your community and give back in a meaningful way, we're going to help you pay for college. the program called college score will provide $10,000 for selected students including living expenses, education awards. plus academic credit so long as they complete 450 hours of volunteer work in an academic year, according to the california volunteers website, 45 colleges are participating. that volunteer work would be coordinated through the college that applying student attends and must focus on 3 key areas. climate change k through 12 education and food and security officials say the
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program is expected to provide help to up to 6,500 students over the next 2 years. >> undocumented students are eligible. it will provide training for the next generation of civic minor minded leaders in california, including dreamers. >> those contributions and perspectives enrich our state and our campuses every day. >> higher education leaders, including those of the university of california and california state university systems officially launched the program tuesday alongside governor gavin newsome. funds for the program come from earmarked money totaling 146 million dollars in the state budget passed last year to help california students and communities. if this thing works, we go back to legislature tickets level out. >> we could take it to the rest the country because nobody else is doing this. officials say students at the participating colleges should be able to apply starting this spring. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 5. oakland is being accused of not doing enough to hire
5:25 pm
small minority contractors. a new policy being implemented to try to help change that. >> and one cold case team believes that they've identified the tray or of anne frank and her family. those details coming up. >> and covid cases in california continue to soar. why doctors are saying we're close to seeing a peak in cases. that's coming up after the break. the sunsets are gorgeous. that haze, though, building up in the atmosphere. some plumes out
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>> but covid case rates are continuing to soar across the country. doctors say we are close to seeing a peak crime forcefully call spoke with an infectious disease specialist who expects case rates to drop significantly in the coming weeks. >> omicron is is is very transmissible. it will find you. infectious disease specialist doctor michael homer says internal data shows covid-19 case rates may be cresting. >> and expects a precipitous drop within the month. doctor volmar is a regional hospital epidemiologist for kaiser permanente. instead of seen this, you know, we're seeing more of this. this comes as positive case. rates remain high across the country with health system stretched thin in large part because staff members have had to call out sick after being possibly exposed to or infected with covid-19 make it safe to say that we will see additional
5:29 pm
variance. the coronavirus is mutating. we have 7 billion people on the planet in a fortune. there's large areas that still haven't had. >> access to vaccine at this point. doctor volmar is continuing to advocate for more of us to get boosted. >> protection that has proven effective against becoming severely ill from the virus in past surges, >> how steep you go up is also how steep you come down on the other side of the roller coaster. so we may see a very steep decline happened over the next week or 2. really pure gold kron. 4 news israel has approved a 4th vaccination against covid-19. is a booster shot. but >> new research claims that might not be enough for the omicron variant. the booster shots or 3rd vaccination reportedly bringing an increase in antibodies that could fight the virus. but last month she the medical center that's in israel gave health care workers yet another booster, a 4th shot for a study on curtailing the omicron variant. well, they
5:30 pm
claim the results showed that well, there was, again, a boost in antibodies. it was not at a level high enough to completely battle that particular mutation. >> a proposal to competitive bidding for minority owned construction companies is under consideration by the oakland city council to council members are signaling their strong opposition to the idea crowd forces doing reports. >> hazardous roadways and potholes are a major problem in the city of oakland. it's going to take a lot of work to safely restore the streets, sidewalks and the pavement and a lot of money that's up for grabs for contractors bidding for the job. oakland city councilmember loren taylor. we have 60 million dollars of paving contracts that are being awarded. >> and unfortunately, a proposal is that we reward them too 3 large. corporations instead of creating opportunities for small


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