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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  January 18, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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to put the world on pause. lindor. made to melt you. by the lindt master chocolatier. >> now at 3, california has had more than 7 million covid cases since the pandemic. but there is hope the omicron surge could finally be slowing. also, the biden administration plan to provide free covid home test just underway a day early. how you can order online right now. and a sick out over covid safety leads to 3 east bay schools closing today. what teachers and students are demanding. now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3.
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>> now at 3, california hitting a grim milestone in covid cases driven by omicron. but the peak in cases might be near. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us at 3. i'm catherine heenan. california now has had more than 7 million covid cases with nearly a million recorded in a single week. that is the fastest rate yet, according to data from john hopkins and the california department of health. even during last winter's huge wave new infections have increased more slowly while cases continue to soar. doctors say we are close to seeing a peak in cases kron four's phillipe to go talk to an infectious disease specialist and has the story. >> instead of seen this, you know, we're seeing more of this infectious disease specialist doctor mike lee. homer says internal data shows covid-19 case rates may be cresting and expects a
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precipitous drop within the month. i think it's fairly safe to say that will see it over the next week or 2. my only hesitation is is any effect at this last holiday? >> period is had doctor volmar is a regional hospital epidemiologist for kaiser permanente. in past surges, >> how steep you go up is also how steep you come down on the other side of the roller coaster. so we may see a very steep decline happened over the next week or 2. this comes as positive case. rates remain high across the country. with health system stretched thin in large part because staff members have had to call out sick. >> after being possibly exposed to or infected with covid-19. there's a silver lining here that omicron may not severe disease as we've seen with prior waves. >> yet the total volume is still very, very high for us. and we clearly have been and health care by the search. at
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this point. doctor volmar is e for more of us to get boosted. >> protection that has proven effective against becoming severely ill from the virus with omicron. we didn't even know existed before november 2021. >> this virus can continually throw us curveballs a pattern unlikely to change anytime soon. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> happening now, the federal website where people can request free at-home covid test kits that up. it's running the day early. the website is covid tests dot com supplies will be limited to 4 tests per home. the tests are free. no shipping costs, although you should not expect to get them right away. it's not clear whether the tests are all ready to go yet. and the white house says that they will typically be shipping within 7 to 12 days. some people argue the federal test should have been available a lot sooner today, the white house defended its decision on
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the timing. >> market did not have the capacity at that moment to do what we're doing tomorrow. it turns out that there was actually a lot that was being done to increase testing over the course of the year. the white house is warning some glitches are spa sabal, but they say that tech teams and the postal service >> are working hard to make this a success. a big story. we are following nearly 4,000 kaiser patients might have been given slightly less than the recommended dose of their covid vaccinations last fall. that was at kaiser permanente's walnut creek, medical center. kaiser's now contacting roughly 3,900 people who got the vaccine dose between october 25th and december 10th patients may have received about 0, 1, 9, 0, 4, mililiters less than the recommended were between those 2 not considered likely to result in reduced protection against covid. but kaiser says
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it's offering an additional pfizer vaccine dose to those affected. bay area. doctors say they're seeing more reports of people deliberately exposing themselves to covid. does the logic apparently if the omicron variant as mild, why not just get it so you can become immune and get it over with experts say it's a bad idea, including because you might get very sick and even a mild case can result in other people getting infected. >> so much in terms of how sick is going to make you acutely house, going to chronically other things we may not even thought of yet. >> you might also get sick again because there have been reports of people in great britain and south africa, for example, catching the omicron variant twice. israeli researchers say a 4th dose of the vaccine might not be enough to prevent omicron infections. one hospital in israel did a small trial looking into the possible
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protection of a second booster shot. they say the 4th dose and does increase a person's antibodies to fight the virus. but it was not enough to prevent infection. in the oakland unified school district. thousands of students took part in a sick out today. they argue the district is not doing enough to keep them safe from covid including giving them on campus testing and kn 95 masks. the district says it is meeting most of the demands. some teachers did join today's sickout, even though it had not been sanctioned by the teachers union. the district says that today's student absences will be considered an excused. students. teachers and staffers in the hay want a hayward unified district are back in class today after a week of virtual learning. and that was because of staffing shortages not enough covid tests. but the board of education voted friday to resume in-person learning new
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safety measures include at home covid tests and masks for everybody. schools will now offer grab and go lunches. they'll hold their meetings or virtual. and student athletes will be tested for covid before attending any practice or competition. the cdc is recommending that schools cancel certain extracurricular activities, considered to high risk, including football and wrestling. a band practice. the agency says that those things can lead to more breathing, heavy breathing. and that raises the risk of spreading covid, especially indoors. the recommendation is not mandatory, but some local leaders, including marin county's health officer are encouraging schools to ban spectators from indoor sporting events. san francisco is stepping up its efforts to help people in need, especially in and around the tenderloin kron four's.
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charles clifford has that story. >> on tuesday, san francisco opened a new center near un plaza to provide assistance to people who may be struggling with homelessness, health problems or addiction. visitors can get access to water, hot food, laundry services, showers, bathrooms, or medical help, including testing for covid-19. we open to everyone. we're really here to serve. >> mary ellen carroll, the director of san francisco's department of emergency management, says the center will also connect people with services. there will be reps from the department of health, the department of homelessness and supportive housing and the probation department. our intention is to fold. one is to provide a safe and welcoming place for people as an alternative to the street. >> we're providing which there are showers are on the way here. asked rooms, general hygiene and it's safe outside place for people to be the second part is really the linkages to services that folks may need.
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>> after nearly 2 years of dealing with the pandemic, carol says the services are needed now. >> more than ever will bring a lot of lessons learned during, you know, from our covid experience working together its partners overall that these many, months and bring it to bear in this particular crisis. in the tender lynn. >> for the time being the center will be open from 08:00am to 08:00pm with reduced capacity because of covid-19. but the city hopes to eventually have an operating. 24 7 in san francisco, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> there will be a vigil tonight for the bay area woman who was pushed to her death in front of the new york city subway train. 40 year-old michelle go. she was waiting for a train saturday morning and shoved her from behind. police have charged. 61 year-old simon marshall with second-degree murder. they say he is emotionally disturbed and had also tried to push another person under the
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tracks. investigators do not believe go was targeted because she was asian. >> seeing this pattern just one too many times, right? a mentally disturbed person hezbollah attack on our community. it is heartbreaking. unbelievably heartbreaking. she was amazing giving human being. you know, she spent a lot of time on teary eye here within your junior league. she volunteers with the unhoused here in in in new york city. >> michelle go was born in berkeley. she grew up in fremont. that vigil will be tonight at 6 o'clock in san francisco's portsmouth square. new satellite images are giving us a first look at the destruction on the islands of tonga, which were hit by a volcanic eruption and tsunami over the weekend. the photos show homes and fields completely covered in ash. that was kind of a before and after their a lot of collapsed buildings. there's concern now about food and water being contaminated debris spewed from an underwater volcano about 40 miles from the island. huge waves were
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reported in south america and big waves even here in the bay area. experts say it might have been the world's biggest eruption in the last 30 years. coming up next, how robbers and the east bay are robbing elderly people on the streets of their jewelry. >> also, governor newsome announcing a new deal to help students pay for college. we'll have details on who qualifies. >> and could tomorrow's planned 5 g cell service rollout impact the safety of the aircraft? some airlines say yes. and now they are asking the administration to step in and hold that will out. coming up, we'll explain how it could impact your travel plans. >> and we got some high clouds here at half moon bay. i will see the return of some scattered cloudiness for tonight. but all we got a sweet 70 forecast for you.
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>> major airlines say beginning tomorrow, thousands of flights could be canceled. that's of a planned rollout of 5 g cell service is not halt it. there is concern that 5 g will interfere with planes, especially if a pilot is trying to land in bad weather. washington correspondent trevor shirley has the story. >> well, as of this afternoon, both a tnt and verizon say they'll temporarily delay their rollouts of some 5 g towers around certain airports. 2 weeks ago, the airline industry struck a deal
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with a t n t and verizon to delay the rollout by 2 weeks that period ends tomorrow. right now over the next 24 less than 24 hours, what we're focused on is trying to come to a solution in a letter to president biden, airline ceos say they want the administration to ban the use of 5 g within 2 miles of airports until more safety data is collected. 5 g uses a bandwidth that can interfere with the plane's altimeter, which tells the pilot how close to the ground they are. it's important to use during landings, especially in bad weather, tnt and verizon. both say their 5 g service will not interfere with the plane's instruments. atnt also criticized the faa today for not deploying this technology safely, which atnt says 40 other countries have already done. critics also say airlines knew for years this change was coming and failed to adapt their own technology. the administration says talks are ongoing about a solution.
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we believe that with cooperation, we can chart a path for it, but minimizing flight ensuring safety and travel is a is a top priority. and the airlines say if no changes happened more than 1000 flights a day could be canceled or delayed reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. sfo. officials say passenger flights will not be affected there, at least not for the next 6 months. >> we are checking also with the oakland and san jose airports. kron four's dan kerman is following the story. he'll have a full report coming up at 5. police in union city are looking for 2 people suspected of robbing elderly people of their jewelry. 3 people were robbed in separate incidents on the 13th and 14th of this month. in every case, the victim say a man and woman would start talking to them and put the costume drury on them. and when the victims said no to the jewelry and took it off, the thieves would confuse them
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and take the victims real jewelry while even the fake stuff behind. in the south bay, a teenager involved in a holiday smash-and-grab is facing a string of felony charges. 19 year-old gregory jefferson. he was arrested at his home in pittsburgh earlier this month. police found some of what you're looking at, right? there are more than 30 boxes of luxury sneakers, clothing, a ghost gun. police say jefferson is connected to 2 robberies at the high-end shoe store called fix kicks in santa clara, the first robbery involved about 18 people $80,000 in merchandise was taken the second robbery. 5 days later involved. 28 people, police say who stole more than $112,000 in merchandise. jefferson is now facing charges, including organized retail theft and assault weapon charges because of the robberies. by the way, the fix kick store is now only conducting sales online.
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happening today, the walnut creek city council will discuss whether planned parenthood location needs a buffer zone. the idea was triggered after walnut creek police got 42 calls from the planned parenthood facility on oakland boulevard about protesters that was between january of 2020 november of 2021, if it's approved, the zone would create an area where protesters would be banned. a move, of course, to try to keep patients and workers safe. that meeting tonight is at 7. all right. time for a look at the forecast as we look at san francisco lie. boy, some fog is rolling in crime for meteorologists. dave spahr as here i heard you describe in your seven-day forecast as sweet. so tell us more. so folks waiting for some slyke spring-like weather. we've got that. of course, we do need the rain either want to downplay. that would definitely do. even though we had a nice bonanza here in
3:19 pm
november, december. >> and that is nice and the storage bank as well. this is what's going on. and right now it to half moon bay. there is some high cloudiness. and during the period we've had cut this variable cloudy scenario, varies depending on where you are. it depends on the time of day but looks like a repeat performance. we're looking for in general for tonight and into tomorrow morning. before we start clearing out in earnest again, half moon bay, some high cloudiness making note of all of that. now what looks like an stormtracker 4 again getting sprayed by systems that are traversing far towards our north. backing up. you'll see what we're talking about here. the juicy stuff that's going to stay in the northwest. we're just getting the pieces of the systems. very typical. what we saw in the last couple of years during the wet season where we weren't getting much action here. but again, we had a nice start to our season least with that current you know what's in the upper 50's about 60 and again wear shades. we see the sun poking out nicely 60 for livermore. got the 50's up here in the north bay santa rosa. 53 along with san francisco, san jose. 57
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breaking the evening down. goes like this variable clouds on balance. and as you mentioned, that fog yes or return again tonight, 50 looks like by 7 by 10 o'clock. put us down for 46. ultimate lows tonight. and this is also pretty nice mild for the season. you know, mid 40's. now there will be some outlying areas will still dip into the 30's. but this time of year, not unusual for us to see even some 20's. but this is what it looks like. got the mid 40's here along east bay shoreline, climate controlled near the water inland. okay, they drop off but still about 40, though, we don't see him dropping into the 30 so much santa rosa at about 38. 45 san francisco coming up in a bit. however, even though we have kind of her persistence forecast, that's sweet going in the seven-day. they'll be some minor nuances that some winds involved as well. we'll get into some of that coming up in bathroom. >> all right, dave, sounds good. thanks very much. still ahead, what you should know if you're planning a trip to hawaii, the new requirements that will be and for soon and
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after the some training in what to do when there is an active shooter around. but you can save lives.
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you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today. you may pay zero dollars for botox®. something that people don't want to believe can happen to them. but situations involving active shooters continue to be reported on a regular basis. and what one rabbi learn from a training event might have saved the lives of hostages recently. correspondent brian entin explains
3:24 pm
>> preplanning will shorten your reaction time and help overcome that tendency to freeze. this is fbi active shooter training video from inside a place of worship. it's hard to watch something like this happening in such a sacred space. but experts say it's the reality of the world we live in today. are we at a point now where every church and synagogue needs this kind of training? >> yeah, it's not just every church. the city got it. it could be schools that could be private businesses, the public because we're starting to see that these types of incidents do happen anywhere at any given time. and it's just important to know and have a plan. stephen smith is a police officer and threat response expert. he says worshippers should alwaysa start by fully taking in their surroundings and have a mental plan in case of a threat before the service starts. instead of maybe looking at my phone. >> take 30 seconds. look around. look at the elements around. you look at your exits. look at other rooms that you might isolated. we're in is open air environment. i
3:25 pm
could not evacuate another option is that i can isolate into a room so i can close the this problem. and when i do close the store, often the training that we provide is knowing how the door from the outside. and order for me to now barricade, the storms are building layers resistance. but what if there are no layers of resistance and you find yourself in a situation like the texas rabbi smith says that's when you have to do with the rabbi. fight, grab something, have some weight to it and an option is like a chair like this. and when i do commit to this option to defend myself and my wife and other people's lives. i want to commit to it and really target the head on that threat. i'm looking for incapacitation achieving that so that it completely stops a threat at that time. and at what point do you make the decision from? i'm going to wait this out to i'm going to fight like the rabbi did. it's really situation independent. depends upon the situation of how that person is feeling and what's actually going on. every situation is different. but smith says one thing increases your chances of
3:26 pm
survival training gives you the empowerment in confidence like the rabbi had to make a decision and stick to it. that was brian entin reporting next 3.30, the move by governor newsome and others to help students pay for college. >> and after the break, open being accused of not doing enough to hire small minority contractors. the move to change that. city leaders in
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san pablo are trying to protect renters who are struggling too stay afloat during the omicron surge. the city council could decide whether to create an ordinance aimed at stopping no-fault evictions moratoriums on evictions in the state. and the county expired in october. the city says some landlords have been motivated start those no-fault evictions and that's been driving up displacement and homelessness even before the pandemic. nearly 20% of residents in san pablo reportedly were below the poverty line. california has launched a new effort to help students graduate from college with less debt. it allows college students to trade volunteer work for cash for school. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >> starting this fall, thousands of college students across california could get funds for living expenses and
3:30 pm
other financial perks in return for volunteer work. in short. >> we are making it clear here in california like the g i bill, if you're willing to serve your community and give back in a meaningful way, we're going to help you pay for college. the program called college score will provide $10,000 for selected students including living expenses, education awards. plus academic credit so long as they complete 450 hours of volunteer work in an academic year, according to the california volunteers website, 45 colleges are participating. that volunteer work would be coordinated through the college that applying student attends and must focus on 3 key areas. climate change k through 12 education and food and security officials say the program is expected to provide help to up to 6,500 students over the next 2 years. >> undocumented students are eligible. it will provide training for the next generation of civic minor minded leaders in california, including dreamers. >> those contributions and perspectives enrich our state and our campuses every day.
3:31 pm
>> higher education leaders, including those of the university of california and california state university systems officially launched the program tuesday alongside governor gavin newsome. funds for the program come from earmarked money totaling 146 million dollars in the state budget passed last year to help california students and communities. if this thing works, we go back to legislature tickets, we could take it to the rest the country because nobody else is doing this. officials say students at the participating colleges should be able to apply starting this spring in sacramento. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. school districts across the country have been facing teacher shortages because of covid. >> now school district in washington state is turning to parents for help. the lake washington school district using parents as substitute teachers in california. meantime, the state has been using emergency substitute credentials to make it easier for people to become classroom subs and kansas officials are
3:32 pm
eliminating the college credit requirement for phil and teachers. a proposal to and competitive bidding for minority owned contractors is under consideration by oakland city council. 2 council members are signaling opposition to that idea. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> hazardous roadways and potholes are major problem in the city of oakland. it's going to take a lot of work to safely restore the streets, sidewalks and the pavement and a lot of money that's up for grabs for contractors bidding for the job. oakland city councilmember loren taylor. we have 60 million dollars of paving contracts that are being awarded. >> and unfortunately, a proposal is that we reward them too 3 large. corporations instead of creating opportunities for small local businesses. >> the oakland department of transportation is behind the proposal asking for a waiver
3:33 pm
that would end the competitive bidding and participation for small businesses in oakland. however, a city ordinance requires that 50% of the work is awarded to local businesses. and half of that is specifically award. it 2 small local businesses that are often owned and operated by minority members of the community. >> bottom line is that the cards are stacked up against black brown, women-owned businesses and we have to put a concerted effort into addressing. >> these disparities and people need to know that the city stands by its word. oakland city council member shane when you wave the rights to actually open this for a fair bit you're basically stating that this is a vote of no confidence in our small businesses. kron 4 offered an opportunity to the department of transportation to be a part of this conversation. they declined in the summary of their nine-page resolution. the directive states, quote. >> wow, all bidders were deemed responsible for ward
3:34 pm
know contractor proposed for ward was responsive to the full requirement for local participation unquote haaziq kron. 4 news. >> face of the voting rights bill. it hangs in the balance as the senate began debate today. washington correspondent basil john reports that most democrats pushing to make it happen. >> good evening. it could be a long week for democrats as debate has begun on voting rights legislation and democrats want the american public to take notice of what happens on the senate floor. win, lose or draw tuesday. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says no matter what he is ready to call for a vote on voting rights. members of this chamber were elected to debate and to vote. especially on an issue is vital to the beating heart of our democracy. schumer says democrats must pass the reform legislation despite republican opposition, every senate republican, he's staunchly against legislation
3:35 pm
protecting the right to vote. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says the push from democrats isn't really about honoring the civil rights movement. this is about one party wanted the power. the unilateral. the rule book. of american elections. mcconnell says the changes democrats won will do more harm to the election system, weakening wildly popular voter id laws and making it harder to produce accurate voter rolls. >> it's not about making voting easier. it's about making shooting. is you? >> despite schumer's criticism of a republican filibuster. senators kyrsten sinema and joe manchin remain opposed to eliminating it reporting in washington. i'm basil, john. >> all right. time to talk about the forecast. again, we're looking alive at the bay bridge from the embarcadero. dave spahr is here with details on the rest of the weekend. beyond tied ok, we are looking also some high cloudiness. kind of hang
3:36 pm
around a little bit. you know, is the same case yesterday will do this again tonight. >> but all in all a very pleasant evening. as you can see, there's the east bay shoreline lit up nicely sprayed by cloudiness in will be the case into tomorrow. before we start to clear out more in earnest as we approach the latter portion of the week, the traffic going up towards the northwest of us also tomorrow will see that fog return right there in the bowl of the bay. as you can see here along the east bay shoreline. >> the peninsula as well for the most part will be along the coast, too, and filtering out towards the delta. that again, mixing out by the late morning hours. futurecast for doesn't have a whole lot to say, although we get past tomorrow afternoon or rather wednesday afternoon, we'll start to see a little bit better clearing that sets the tone for the latter portion of the week. a little bit of warming to kabul. thumb on the scale, get those temperatures moving something else to. it's a minor little issue, but we will see some winds picking up. now, let's follow these 2. this is going out to will start here tomorrow morning into the afternoon. this
3:37 pm
becomes a good stiff offshore wind right here in solano county. a little bit up to the north bay and a little pocket there. you can see some on shore winds off to oakland. that's somewhat variable be in the east bay, but a little breezy solano that may pop as a wind advisory perhaps is a different forecast office. that's one reason why. but the folks at our weather service say unlikely that that will happen. so it's going to be a little breeze to throw in here offshore, but it's been wet recently. so that's ok tonight, variable clouds, mild, lower 40's expected for this week. again, those morning clouds tomorrow in the fog that shakes off to mostly sunny again to the rest of the week. and we start to warm up modestly into the lower to middle 60's, although we might see some inland areas pop off at near about 70 is a possibility. when you get up there. and then for this weekend, mostly sunny and nice. we might back off just a touch on those kind of lofty highs. what does it look like tomorrow? we'll just do some lower 60's off to the east bay. santa rosa getting up there about 64 one to watch, maybe perhaps by friday or so to see around 70. maybe 63. meanwhile, for san jose and by
3:38 pm
the way, coming up in a little bit, we'll check in your extended forecast, catherine. all right, dave spahr, thank you very much. coming up to 70 launching a new reservation system for summer what you need to know and after the break, if you use turbotax to file your taxes, there's a change coming. could cost you more. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. oh, man that is wrinkly. like, not even just a little wrinkly,
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peloton exercise equipment is getting more expensive. the company well soon add hundreds of dollars in fees to their bikes and treadmills and starting january 31st. the company will charge an additional $250 for delivery and setup fees and 300, $50 for new trend on the bikes. peloton is a blaming inflation and supply problems. still ahead, if you're heading to hawaii, there are new requirements you should know about.
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>> in travel news, if you plan to visit hawaii, also plan to get a booster shot. if you don't want to have to quarantine when you arrive, the state is changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include booster shot. if you don't have one, you will have to quarantine for 5 days. that's unless you provide a negative covid test within one day of travel. these changes are not expected to be enforced for a couple of weeks. as of today. yosemite is using its own lottery system for reservations. the most coveted reservation is that the park's most popular campground, north pines lottery tickets cost $10. yosemite is arguing the system will be a more fair way to distribute reservations. more than 600 winners will be chosen next month. and we have a link with details on our website. kron 4 dot com. and
3:46 pm
time for a look at the forecast as we look live at the u somebody is half dome. that's pretty kron four's. dave spahr is back and has the forecast for the high country. >> katherine and you saw some snow going on up there. let's keep it up there. hopefully doesn't melt too much there. we've got the 40's projected over the next several days because warm here. it's also somewhat mild up their 44 expected by thursday and friday at about 40 under mostly sunny skies. so it looks great and all but we don't want these temperatures here in january. we don't want them getting too much higher than that. stay below 50. that's good. and hopefully to add to that with more snow, which we really don't see in the forecast coming up for at least a week ahead, blue skies at this hour at the golden gate bridge to check in. we are being sprayed by somehow high cloudiness. but this system is going to stay up in the northwest. quick temperature check at about 60 in the far east bay. meanwhile, the east bay shoreline is more mid-fifties 50's also up to the north bay. a look ahead of the several
3:47 pm
hours, 50 by 70 at 10 o'clock. 46. but we will continue to see that variable cloudy situation that will cloud some of your stargazing a little bit. what back to the fog again by tomorrow morning as it redevelops along the east bay shoreline peninsula. give me a few hours after dawn to kind of mix this out to improving sky condition. but coupled with this is we get wednesday afternoon. looks like the wind starts to pick up and it will be off shore up their to solano county. looks like a little bit and bit into the east bay. recent rains put us in the clear for any major issues with that longer range forecast. not much to see except some bouts with some cloudiness may be on friday and then interesting enough as we get into early next week. there you see in some proving up from the south. again, none of these things have moisture. although the curious cut off low is something to watch your seven-day forecast getting those numbers to the lower 60's. these may be improved upon as we get to about friday or so up in the north bay, potentially lows. meanwhile,
3:48 pm
into the 40's, we might dabble into the upper 30's, but for january, this is not a bad forecast. as far as that goes, catherine. >> all right, dave, not bad at all. sounds good. well, part of the reason for ongoing supply problems, a nationwide shortage of truck drivers. that's been a problem for a while. employers are now looking to high school students for help. reporter ty lisa hampton reports. >> for 18 year-old cecilia country. she dreamed of taking the big step and getting behind the wheel. of a semi truck which came true after donna north high school offered a unique educational program geared towards truck driving. we go over all the material. you need to get a permit. very good training, all and get these hours. >> it was difficult during the time getting in because all studying and some and things going on at the time. she eventually found her footing. >> passing her cbl test
3:49 pm
required to drive such a large truck. i was grateful and cheerful was lee allen. i couldn't even. >> explain it. now. she standsu apart of the program for becoming the first female to gamer cbl all before graduating. it >> inspiring. honestly, because those really hard work the people helping it was of the times in. but we work together her desire to hit the road coming from home because my dad and since we. >> he always talked working together since when he got his license and her determination scene from a mile away. this is there. not that i park you see. >> know she says she was nervous all at but she has nerves of steel, which are says is needed at a time where there's a shortage of truck drivers pulled the trigger is are you even and the younger class is not looking to be a truck driver whether or not introduce donna has came to say, you know, that's an
3:50 pm
option. >> traveling is main thing because it's always fun to see new things. >> that was reported to lisa hampton reporting that initiative causing some controversy partly because of an incident in which a 24 year-old truck driver killed 4 people after his brakes failed. in health news, a new study says the martial arts, especially taekwondo can really help children by controlling their emotions and behavior. british researchers say it promotes stronger, emotional control, improved cognition. better overall behavior can even lead to better grades in school. they say it's because thai cuando among other martial arts who teaches children the value of self-control and increases their ability to control their emotions. coming up next, the grab use the latest event to ditch california where it's ditch california where it's now headed. i was injured in a car crash. ditch california where it's now headed. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm.
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> the latest event to leave california for las vegas. the grammy awards, the 64th annual awards show will happen in las vegas this year as opposed to the staples center in downtown l a the switch is because of the surge in covid cases. the show will happen at gm grand in las vegas where the latin grammys were recently held and the show will be live. april 3rd with host trevor noah. an
3:54 pm
unlikely group of animals are playmates at a zoo in siberia. three-legged lion twin tiger cubs and a dog. there's the dog caught on video playing together in the snow while chasing a ball. this was this past weekend. turns out they've been friends since last summer for just the lion head, a hind leg removed because of a birth injury. also, the labrador brought in to be the lions companion while he recovered. and but the same time those tiger cubs arrived before them quickly becoming friends. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on tonight. >> oil prices hit a seven-year high. u.s. stocks tumble. what's behind the surge and what can the president do? plus, should parents have a say in their child's education how republicans will use it in the mid terms? that's on balance. here's dan abrams. >> thankfully one tonight on dan abrams live on news nation in prison for murder after leaving his toddler in a hot car to die. now a father wants
3:55 pm
a new trial. it was a tragedy, but i covered this case and the evidence was not as strong as many may believe. that's tonight. and dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. all right. time for one final check of the weather with dave sphar. >> ok, catherine, we're looking at a pretty pleasant evening. kind of a repeat performance in some ways. what we had from yesterday and the pesky clouds kind of in and out it sends out of times that the moon come out, do its thing and then covers back up again 50 by 7 by 10 will call about 46 with all of this in tandem will see the redevelopment of our traditional bay area. fog. also developing around the delta in the sacramento valley only to mix out. but thel later tomorrow afternoon, we'll see a bit of an uptick in those winds mostly offshore. it looks like for the most part and they will stay below advisory strength of folks, weather but solano county sometimes pick up a little bit there. well,
3:56 pm
particularly as an offshore event, the most part we'll see a lot of mostly sunny skies. but there will be some offense of cloud cover thrown our way fairly dry, though. it looks like all the way through the weekend. we're now into next week here on tuesday. and then by the latter portion next week, kind of a curious cut off low. another one sort of saying i'm playing tennis against the curtains here. no jet to help it out. it's all alone. water skiing behind a robo call it what you will as we go ahead into the week, we have 60's in place here. we might pop 70 per some of those outlying regions in the far east bay, maybe up to the north bay to not impossible by friday or so. there's a little minor correction that happens into the weekend. but lots of sunshine going on here for you. notice the drop in temperatures a little bit on saturday. sometimes that not only just clear skies or minus the winds, but also to some drier air filtering in here. 40's cover most of the region to about 50 along the coast of this is kind of an early type spring-like forecast going on here for you and the middle of
3:57 pm
january. but as we just showed, you, unfortunately, no rain or snow looks to the upstream over the next 7 to 10 days. katherine. >> all right, dave, thanks very much. in the news doesn't end here. coverage continues at the top of the hour on the kron on app. here's a look at what's coming up. new 5 g internet services set to be unrolled tomorrow. some airlines are worried that this could cause catastrophic disruptions to flights. >> seeing that editor ensure will join us to talk about that. and that's it for kron. 4 news at 3. i'm catherine heenan. thanks for joining us.
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