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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  January 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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involved with with a general general causes >>want all streaming now from kron. 4, the bay area's local news station. >>thanks for joining us here on kron on at noon. i'm ella sogomonian hundreds of students with the oakland unified school district are staging a sickout today demanding more covid safety measures be brought to campus kron. sarah stinson has the latest. >>well, for 1000 students in the oakland unified school district signed a petition demanding that the school district put out better covid safety protocols. and they said if you do not reach this man's by today on tuesday, we will participate in a sickout.
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so that's exactly what students are doing today, hoping the demands will be met immediately and they include the district providing kn 95 masks for all students twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely. hundreds of oakland unified teachers participated in a sick out the week after they return from winter break. but the teachers union did reach an agreement with the district for extended covid sick leave. now students are following in their footsteps, boycotting the classroom until their demands are met. according to a letter sent by the district to parents on monday. the district says it's been able to meet most of the demands, writing, quote, 200,000 kn 95 masks are being distributed to all schools to provide to students this week. >>we have been installing more covered outdoor seating spaces since the fall. they've already gone it in numerous schools with more schools ready to have them installed. once we receive the necessary
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materials, some of which have been on back order for months. the school district says it's also providing on site test as frequently as possible. some schools getting on site testing twice a week and others once a week, teachers, at least 3 schools are also participating in today's sickout aligning with student demands. teachers say this week sickout is not sanctioned by the teachers union. couple of teachers who say resources are not evenly supplied throughout the district and something needs to change to keep everyone safe and bridges. we still only received 5 masks per student and other sites they received no mask at all or only one mask per student. >>this is not equitable to those of us who are in classrooms and school >>it is dangerous. >>now i've reached out to the students to see just how many of them actually in the participating in the sec out of also reached out to the district to see what their responses of the sickout. i have not heard back from
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either of the parties. so stay tuned to kron 4 dot com for the latest. i'm sarah stinson reporting all send it back to you. >>the district will hold a virtual press conference coming up at 1 o'clock. so we will bring that to you live right here on kron on. our rob nesbitt is following the story and he'll have the latest numbers on how many students participated today. coming up on kron, 4 news at 3. students, teachers and staff in the hayward unified school district are back inside their classrooms today after one week of virtual learning district staff blame a shortage of both healthy staff members and covid tests. but the board of education voted last friday to resume in-person instruction along with new safety protocols. the district handed out at home covid tests and either the surgical or kn 95 masks to students and staff schools will now offer grab and go lunches hold virtual staff meetings and student athletes will be tested for covid before attending any practice or competition. meanwhile,
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some people in the eas bay have other reasons to be concerned about their protection against covid-19. this after kaiser permanente over in walnut creek gave out the wrong dosage to thousands of their members. kron on's will tran has those details. here's what you need to know. this only affects people who went to kaiser walnut creek between october 25th and december 10th. >>we're talking approximately 3900 to 4,000 people during that span who came in to either get their first vaccine or their second vaccine. but they did not get enough of it. now in a perfect world, they would have gotten 0.3 0 miller leader. but according to kaiser mistakes remain where the patients got between point to 6, 4.2, 9, it is just a smidgen often according to kaiser permanente and the cdc, it is not enough to affect your immune system that you should be ok, but if you are
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feeling nervous, they will be sending out letters as we speak. as a matter of fact, alerting you exactly what happened and they want you to know that they're all over this, that they want you to come in and then go ahead and rescheduled to get your second dose sometimes what they do is they will send out free measure doses to say schools and other locations where they don't have to measure. and this particular case they allow the staff to do this. and we're talking kaiser permanente. kaiser sent out this notice to us saying this was an isolated incident resulting from some staff misunderstanding instructions. we took immediate steps to confirm that the issue was isolated and promptly retrain staff. we are continuously monitoring. so this does not happen again. in case you're wondering, this has happened before at other locations across the country. not just at kaiser but other medical clinics and this particular
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case. remember, it's not all of kaiser, just walnut creek and the letters will be coming out. they did not say if you get the letter and you're one of the 4,000 people that you will move to that head of the line. but you are good to go. if you want to do it all over again. >>back to you. >>starting today, you can sign up to get free at-home covid tests delivered right to your door. the usps launch the sign up page for the kids today. the order includes 4 antigen tests. and you can only make one delivery per household. usps said that the delivery should start later this month to order your kids just go to covid test dot gov. so this is 7 million californians contracted covid with nearly 1 million recorded in a single week. this is the fastest accumulation of reported infections throughout the pandemic. experts say that this is a testament to how much easier it is to contract omicron. it's believed to be 2
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or 4 times more contagious than delta. the city of san pablo is working to protect renters who are struggling too pay for their apartments. city council is meeting today to decide whether they should create an ordinance aimed at stopping no-fault evictions, state and county eviction. moratoriums expired back in october. city leaders say that the delays are providing incentives for landlords to start back up with those no-fault evictions, which leads to homelessness and displacement of residents. nearly 20% of residents of san pablo were reportedly already below the poverty line before the pandemic. the walnut creek city council will discuss today whether planned parenthood needs to have a buffer zone. the council first tried to address this issue back on november 16th. but there were technical difficulties with the meetings. zoom link, the idea of a buffer zone was brought up after walnut creek. police
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got 42 calls from the planned parenthood facility on oakland boulevard about protesters between january 2020 to november of 2021, if approved, the buffer zone would create an area around the facility where protesters will not be allowed. the zone is designed to guarantee safety for both employees and patients. and that meeting is going to be set for tonight at 7. brand new facility is open in san francisco's tenderloin district to help people who are living on the streets. the center is inside of a building at 11, 70 market street. and it's part of mayor london breed's tenderloin emergency initiative. the facility will offer food, water and hygiene supplies. there were also staff and referrals into programs like job applications, transitional housing and childcare crowds. charles clifford is speaking with the city official to learn more about this facility and he'll bring us a live report coming up at kron on at 2. let's talk weather now and take a look at our forecast
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with kron on meteorologist dave spahr. >>ella, how you doing? good a good day, everybody. and we're still battling some cloud cover. we are. here is the shot of the east bay shoreline. we see some sunshine peering through some of that. we're still left with this low. that's kind someone in the neighborhood, if you will, in the regional area. a few. we'll break it down like this. keep some variable clouds on balance today. those temperatures still managing inland into the lower 60's by this afternoon storm tracker 4 shows you where it is up towards the north. we're kind of seeing it bleed on down from the traffic that's traversing of towards the northwest. so in other words, this is going to be another missed rain opportunity temperature. check for you going on right now. lower 50's line up the east bay shoreline. 53 san francisco. cool. 46 santa rosa. 52. meanwhile, san jose future cast for its a little bit aggressive painting in some raindrops and they're possibility of a drizzle along the coast. but on balance, we'll call it variable clouds for most of the region going forward this afternoon. and it
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looks like it lingers pretty good into tonight. we get into wednesday now wednesday morning, still battling some cloud cover then started to clear out. by the afternoon. the breakdown for you today. 56 san francisco. 58 for oakland, 62 san jose. not bad temperatures for middle to late january here going forward. coming up a little bit. we'll check into that 7. they forecast let you know what you can expect getting into next weekend. a >>pretty pleasant. can't complain. thank you so much, dave. well, coming up on kron on a big threat is facing travelers this coming week. why some airlines could be canceling flights as soon as tomorrow. plus, a bay area woman was killed on the east coast. we're going to talk about how berkeley residents are honoring the life lost last weekend in new york city subway station. you're watching kron
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>>it will be held today to remember a bay area woman killed in new york city. 40 year-old michelle go from fremont was waiting for a subway train at the times square station saturday morning when a man shelter from behind kron jonathan mccall has more on how her family and friends are planning to honor her life. >>terror on the tracks and set of new york city's subway system. this was a senseless absolutely senseless act of violence saturday morning. new york city police say that 40 year-old michelle alyssa go was pushed in front of an oncoming subway train by a man who police say was homeless
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and emotionally disturbed. it is heartbreaking. unbelievably heartbreaking. family and friends know remembering a listen and say that she was an active volunteer, always giving back to others in need. she wasn't amazing giving human being. you know, she spent a lot of time on teary eye here within your junior league. she volunteers with the unhoused. >>here in in in new york city kron 4 learned that go grew up in fremont. she graduated from american high school in 1998. before going on to graduate from ucl a then new york university. michelle turned 40 just 3 days after christmas and had recently traveled out of the country to celebrate her birthday and the new year at the time of her death, she worked for the tax firm deloitte in new york city. in a statement her family said that, quote, we are in a state of shock, grieving the loss of our daughter, sister and friend. we hope that michelle will be remembered for how she lived in just not how she died. they went on to say that
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she was a beautiful, brilliant kind and intelligent woman who loved her friends and family. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence. and we pray that she gets the justice. she hours after michelle's death, police arrested. 61 year-old simon marshall. >>a person who they say has a very long and extensive criminal record monday, investigators charged him with second degree murder in goes death. investigators say as of now, it doesn't appear that marshall intentionally targeted michelle because of her race. detectives say just moments before he tried to push someone else. the news, though, is little comfort to michelle goes family and friends. we've seen this pattern just one too many times, right, mentally disturbed person as a contact me jonathan mccall kron. 4 news. >>local leaders have organized a candlelight vigil in honor of michelle go. it's happening tonight at 6 o'clock in san
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francisco's portsmouth square, owner of a stolen french bulldog is now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who safely returns their dog t tow tito was stolen from the owner at gunpoint on saturday night in castro valley. alameda county deputies say that the owner and their mom was walking the dog near north bridge lane when 5 men rushed up to steal the dog and the owners purse later that night, the robbers actually came back to the victim's home and stole her car. if you have any information, call alameda sheriff's office. >>police in union city are looking for 2 people suspected of robbing the elderly of their jewelry. >>police say that 3 people were robbed in separate incidents on the 13th and 14th. but their stories are similar. the victims say that a man and a woman would start talking to them and put costume jewelry on them. and when the victim's rejected the jewelry and taken off the thieves would confuse them and take the victims real jewelry while leaving the fake jewelry behind. they say the people
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may have been targeted because of their age and the jewelry that they were wearing. there was a scare for one san jose neighborhood yesterday morning as police arrested a man who was barricaded himself in his home for several hours with his child. officers first responded to the scene shortly after 11 at the woods apartment complex in san ramon. they say that the man was screaming and throwing objects off of a balcony and he was also seen holding a knife and breaking neighbor's window. police did not believe that the child was at risk and after several hours of negotiations, the man was finally arrested and officers said that they didn't have to use force. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>doctors say they're seeing more reports of people deliberately exposing themselves to covid because omicron variant is mild. but as kron on's dan kerman reports, medical experts don't recommend making that move. >>taking a chance like that really is a very bad decision. >>very infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg is talking about someone purposely trying to get the omicron variant so they can become immune and press on with life. he says
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there are numerous problems with that first no guarantee getting it prevents them from getting it again. >>there have been a couple studies last week from one from south africa, one from united kingdom to show that people were getting second episodes of omicron within a couple months or less. swartzberg says while most cases of omicron or milder, there's no guarantee you won't be one of those to get very sick or if it is milder to pass it on to someone who is at higher risk. >>it's much too early to say. we know so much about omicron right now. variant that's been with us for a little over 2 months. you know so much about it that we should expose ourselves to getting infected with this. swartzberg says one final reason not to actively seek out omicron. he's due to the risk of long covid. you may have a mild case of covid. but it may just not go away. it is the huge symptoms may
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get better. you're sore throat, runny nose. your body aches? but the fatigue my persist. the cloud thinking may persist other symptoms. one covid may persist indefinitely. this point, we just don't know. and that's what it comes down to. >>medical experts say we still just don't know enough about omicron and purposely trying to get it is too much of a risk. dan kerman kron, 4 news. the cdc is recommending schools cancel certain extracurricular activities that are considered high risk. >>so that includes football, wrestling and band. the agency said that any activity that results in increased exhalation raises the risk of spreading covid, especially indoors. so this is just a recommendation by the agency and not in any way mandatory, but some local leaders, including marine county's health officer are encouraging schools to ban spectators from indoor sporting events. a new study out of israel finds a 4th dose of the vaccine may not do enough to prevent omicron infections. one
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hospital in israel conducted a small trial looking into the possible protection from a second booster shot. doctors there say that the 4th dose increases a person's antibodies to fight the virus, but not enough to prevent infection. israel started offering the second booster to the elderly and people considered high-risk last month. that is the sound. just a one vaccine shot and then you're done for the rest of the year. that could soon be an option. moderna is working on a triple booster for covid. the flu and other respiratory viruses. the ceo talking about the shot at the world economic forum in geneva yesterday saying that he hopes the combined booster shot will be ready to be used by fall of next year. >>no to be able have a single and you're was so that we don't to plan c shows where people don't want to get to 2 for short the to get one those where we get to know boost a full call and it was so full through a to make sure that people get vaccines. >>he added moderna aims to
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make 2 to 3 billion covid doses this year with some tweaks to address omicron variant. however, doctor anthony fauci said the goal should be a booster shot that induces a response against multiple covid variants hong kong. authorities say that they will kill about 2000 small animals after several tested positive for coronavirus. the animals were infected at a pet store where an employee had tested positive. officials say that the city will also stop the sale of hamsters and the import of small animals. cdc officials say that animals do not appear to play a significant role in spreading coronavirus spot. hong kong authorities say they are not ruling out transmission between animals and humans. us surgeon general said the omicron surge has not reached its peak. doctor. vivek murthy explained that the wave of infections is moving at different paces across the u.s.. so he said that we should not expect to see a peak in the coming days. doctor murthy added that the next few weeks will be tough. more than 750,000 new covid
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infections were already reported across the country every day for the past week. and the number of americans dying is now going up with nearly 1800 deaths reported on sunday. there's a growing appetite on capitol hill to ban acting members of congress from trading stocks, both democrat and republican senators introduced separate bills to stop what they consider a conflict of interest. well, there are already laws on the books to try and prevent inside trading on capitol hill. a recent report by inside business found 54 lawmakers in violation of that law members from both sides of the aisle are now calling for more to be done. georgia democratic senator jon ossof introduced a bill to ban trades and play steeper fines on any violations. missouri republican senator josh hawley proposed a bill requiring lawmakers and their spouses avoid conflicts of interest by only investing in mutual funds or through a blind trust. it's not too much to ask of. >>elected officials that they focus on doing with the people said i'm here to do and not be padding their own pockets.
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>>under south's proposal, violators would be fined their entire salary. senator hawley's bill would strip any violators of their profits and send it to the treasury department. well, we have new satellite images showing the damage from the volcanic eruption and tsunami in tonga on the left who saw a picture of homes in tonga before the eruption of the underwater volcano. on the left, the aftermath, this is another image showing a port in tonga before the tsunami. and after the tsunami damaged the port. dramatic pictures from space captured the eruption in real time over the weekend as a huge plume of ash gas and steam spewed up to 12 miles into the air. experts say that it was likely the biggest eruption recorded anywhere on the planet. more than 30 years. also today, a potentially hazardous asteroid bigger than the empire state building will be passing earth and it could be up to 400, 60 feet in size and within 4.6 million miles of the earth's
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orbit around the sun, this asteroid will pass 1.2 million miles from earth, which is roughly 5 times the distance between the earth and the moon. sky watchers will be able to see it pass by with a small telescope around one. 51 pm. the asteroid won't be this close to earth again for at least 200 years. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>the top story at 12, 30, a showdown is happening right now on capitol hill over voting laws. senate democrats are pushing a voting reform bill intended to ensure expanded access to voting registration and ballots nationwide. the change is targeting gop led states that have implemented or are trying to implement stricter voting laws that among other things could shorten voting hours and create hurdles to get a hold of absentee ballots despite opposition from republicans who insist those state laws are made to protect elections and even 2 of their own senate democrats, senate majority leader chuck schumer is insisting on a vote. >>lose or draw. members of this chamber were elected to debate and to vote. especially on an issue is vital to the beating heart of our democracy as voting rights. >>schumer added that the public has a right to know where their elected officials
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stand on the moment on this topic. so he is trying to get senators to go on the record with their decision, hoping that may sway them to vote in favor of the bill. stay tuned with us here on kron on. because coming up at 2, we will be talking with a political science professor. david mcewan for more information on that story in more national news, the biden administration plans to significantly expand efforts to thin forest in the western united states to try and prevent wildfires. the 50 billion dollar plan would focus on for us around areas known as hotspots. that's where nature and neighborhoods collide. the plan more than doubles the use of controlled fires and logging to reduce trees and other vegetation that serves as tender in the most at risk areas. it will focus on regions were out of control. blazes have wiped out entire neighborhoods and sometimes entire communities, including california's sierra nevada mountains. today, governor gavin newsome and education leaders announced a new deal to help california's
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called students pay for higher education. the program is called the california for all college corps to qualify. students would have to volunteer for community service. 146 million dollars in state funding will go to 45 california universities and colleges. they will then be directed to use that money is financial aid for those qualifying students. >>for their service, the california is for all college score. fellows will earn 10 $1000 toward their education expenses. now this amount is significant because it will cover the amount that program recipients are expected to come up with by either taking out a loan or in going in debt. or working long hours of the job while they're in school. >>so again, in order to qualify for that assistance, students will commit to 450 hours of community service throughout the school year. let's take another live look outside this time at the san
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francisco international airport. it is some clear skies out. there are really good conditions, but a major airlines are saying that starting tomorrow, there could be some issues. before we get to that story, let's get to the weather with dave spahr standing by with the a good afternoon, ella and everybody. we're still dealing with some of that scattered the cloud cover we have going on. we're kind of being sprayed by some high cloudiness a little bit. also to the mid levels. >>from the system up towards our north, there's the east bay shoreline, although you can still make up the nice sunshine here. you can see on storm tracker 4 and really the source of it is up towards the north. unfortunately, we're not going to get the beneficial effects of a nice juicy front dropping south, bringing us the beneficial rain temperature check for you. lower 50's line up the east bay shoreline. a chilly 48 santa rosa. 57 53 san francisco. 52 meanwhile for san jose and again, noting those scattered clouds throughout the afternoon. high temperatures managing into the lower 60's by this afternoon, again, focused on those inland areas for those temperature
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check. as far as any drizzle going on, some of the models are kind of pain that on there. but most people going to notice that kind of pesky cloud cover that just doesn't want to quite go away with. that will be with us again tonight. almost a repeat performance of what we had yesterday, although this is going to be more of a high level cloudiness going on. that will be the cas again tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon, some clearing in earnest for a decent week, at least weather wise. now, the longer range forecast models will stop in the couple of spots here for you, boom by friday. as you can see, again, pieces of energy dropping south. this doesn't look like any real hope of any rain way into the weekend. looks pretty good. and then afterwards, another system drops to the south. that would be a nice front getting some rain. this doesn't look like it's going to happen in some moisture pops up from the south. looks like reminiscent of that low that cut off low that we had from last weekend hovering around our coast as late as next thursday. but the take away from all of this is a dry forecast. highs again today. lower 60's off to the far east bay about 60 ish up in the
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north bay. 56, san francisco. 56 also half moon bay. there you have it. we're 60's all the way to the weekend is january. i don't know as far as the lows are concerned, a little dip does happen on saturday were turn to some upper 30's. but in the meantime, mild overnight lows into the 40's, including those inland areas and 40's to around 50 happening at the coast. thanks, dave. let's get back to the airport says some major airlines say beginning tomorrow, thousands of flights could be canceled if a planned rollout of 5 g cell service isn't. >>put to a stop. there are fears over whether 5 g interferes with airplanes of all time, all temperature, which especially if a pilot is trying to land in bad weather. our dc correspondent trevor shirley has those details. >>well, as of this afternoon, both atnt an verizon's say they'll temporarily delay their rollouts of some 5 g towers around certain airports. 2 weeks ago, the airline industry struck a deal
12:36 pm
with a t n t and verizon to delay the rollout by 2 weeks that period ends tomorrow. right now over the next 24 less than 24 hours, what we're focused on is trying to come to a solution in a letter to president biden, airline ceos say they want the administration to ban the use of 5 g within 2 miles of airports until more safety data is collected. 5 g uses a ban with that can interfere with the plane's altimeter which tells the pilot how close to the ground they are. it's important to use during landings, especially in bad weather, tnt and verizon. both say their 5 g service will not interfere with the plane's instruments. atnt also criticized the faa today for not deploying this technology safely, which atnt says 40 other countries have already done. critics also say airlines knew for years this change was coming and failed to adapt their own technology. the administration says talks are ongoing about a solution. we believe that with
12:37 pm
cooperation, we can chart a path forward, but minimizing flight disruptions ensuring a safety and travel is a is a top priority. >>and the airlines say if no changes happen more than 1000 flights a day could be canceled or delayed. >>reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>if you plan to visit hawaii, also plan to get a covid-19 booster shot because if you don't want to quarantine when you arrive to the islands, that's a chance to do under the state's current safety program. travelers who don't get a booster will have to quarantine for 5 days unless they provide a negative covid-19 test within one day of travel. the program is changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include booster shots. the new changes are not expected to be put in place for at least another 2 weeks. where's the start of names serve? and they say that their butts have reached level 4 autonomy, which means that they make their own decisions. a majority of the time the rich demuro takes a look at the new milestone involving delivery robots.
12:38 pm
>>don't be surprised if you pass by an autonomous robot on its way to making a delivery. it looks like a shopping cart. did eyes like a shiny is ceo of serve robotics, a start-up with investments from uber, 7.11, and more to make self-driving that is a you would have the company recently reached a new milestone level 4 autonomy. this means it's robots can make deliveries on their own. they need to have enough smart enough intelligent. deal. the penny, be sure that would come out. we found are dying on people see remotely. last year the company made over 10,000 deliveries in the hollywood area using the robots but their movements were constantly being supervised. now serve robots will be delivering. uber eats orders mostly on their own agenda. food it can get medication.
12:39 pm
basically anything that's not to within the real-life. the robots can still call for human help if necessary, like during pick up and drop off when they encounter an intersection for when something unexpected happens. otherwise their movements are up to them and always wants to kind of rise to people. i think by an out of the out of the could see someone coming in with slow down it. i go to the side, make sure that that to thaw service says a majority of delivery demand is in areas. robots can handle. >>their goal is to take over 5% of human deliveries the next 5 years. and that would be equivalent to removing 80,000 off the roads. >>so that's miles car travel that you're trying mediate the benefit of bots, bring down costs and environmental impacts. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >>coming up on kron-on one bay area company is coming up to
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the rescue as relief efforts are on the way to tonga. you'
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>>communities and tonga are in desperate need of help with communications and phone lines down across the island. so one company here in oakland is trying to help with that problem. kron on's rob nesbitt has that report. >>i mean, we're sitting here worried as well. we haven't spoken in one since friday. cecilia, let people whose parents started. that's at the enterprise is and logistics in
12:43 pm
oakland in the 70's after moving to the bay area from tonga, a country that's no stranger to tsunamis. but her family has yet to hear or see the devastation from one over the weekend. >>caused by an underground volcano so severe it was captured from above by satellite cameras. i don't know if the island. >>if i was going to be crazy because eruptions happened here and there never get this traffic. i don't think they were expecting it sf enterprises and logistics and shipping containers to throughout the year. >>workers are currently hustling to put together a relief container to ship out friday to help thom gibbs affected by the tsunami. i know for sure the air quality is bad. >>water is going to be a big issue. so when people are calling now, i just don't water. >>that's all i can gauge at the moment. the tsunami was also felt in nearby new zealand. so that is a force of nature. there. >>his incredible grant alexander's vote now looks like this after a wave sent another boat into it. i read camera and going over the top of yeah. literally. took the
12:44 pm
fly bridge plane off it as it went over the top. >>and target. the damage is less known like people who says she's organizing relief efforts to the national emergency management office but won't know for sure what is needed until phone lines. they are reopened. >>is this is going to be going on for months. it takes about 4 to 5 weeks for a cargo ship to make it to tonga from the bay area. like people who says that there are rumors that the new zealand military ship was able to make it to the main island of tonga, but hasn't been able to confirm that in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >>all eyes are on the senate today as they debate over new voting rights protections. democrats have remained intent about moving the legislation forward, even if it means changing the senate's filibuster rules. anna wiernicki has details from d c. >>democrats spent most of monday pushing for some traction on voting rights and a vote to change the senate but without all 50 democratic senators on board the effort is pretty much dead upon arrival. nothing less is at
12:45 pm
stake. then our democracy. house speaker nancy pelosi urged the senate democrats to do whatever it takes to pass the voting rights bill when they take it up on tuesday. this is about suppressing the vote. that house passed the consolidated package last week. that includes 2 voting bills, the freedom to vote act and the john lewis voting rights advancement act. this bill represents the first real opportunity. >>to secure the freedom to vote since the united states supreme court gutted the voting rights act nearly a decade ago. >>and the senate must pass this bill. now, vice president kamala harris says senate inaction is not an option. the bills would roll back new voting restrictions in red states. if we stand idly by. our entire nation, we'll pay the price for generations to come. but republicans, including texas senator john cornyn say they won't support it. cornyn says the democrats
12:46 pm
bill is unconstitutional and allows ballot harvesting bars. voter id and compels taxpayer funding of campaigns. still, democrats are hoping to change the senate rules to pass the bills with only a simple majority. >>but even that plan has come up short with 2 moderate democratic senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema saying they don't support the rule. change. >>the white house has made it very clear that passing this ahead of the midterm elections on march. first is critical for now in washington. anna wiernicki, back to you. you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>your money today, the mcdonald's u.s. restaurants are open. 10% fewer hours in prepandemic. jane king is in new york with those stories and more. >>you may have noticed local mcdonald's not open as much as they used to be. so the ceo says, in fact, they cut their hours by about 10% and he is blaming the staffing shortage for that. so mcdonald's a hortage, could push sales down 3 to 4% for the year. well, apple has begun requiring its corporate and store employees submit proof they've received a covid vaccine booster employees to dodge the booster requirement will reportedly have to submit to frequent covid testing to into the stores and offices and to address the truck driver shortage. officials are
12:50 pm
considering letting teenagers become truckers. a pilot program would allow drivers ages 18 to 20 to operate motor commercial vehicles in interstate commerce after they complete some probationary hours now, they would not be able to drive passengers or hazardous materials. >>all right. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. rob, thanks for joining what the markets looking like? >>thanks for joining me now. get to see a bet on stocks are oil is surging 10 year treasury 1.8 4%, which is where we were before the pandemic. so the monetary easing, this is gone. that's equal higher mortgage payments. equal. our credit card payments. bitcoin is following oil's at a seven-year high. a lot of bad but that's actually normal and healthy. we need 10 to 20%. corrections were about a 10% correction. right now we're testing to we closed another good thing, but its earnings
12:51 pm
season earnings aren't really delivering yet. so people are a little stressed. i don't think it's the beginning of the end. i think it's a bit of a correction which is normal. now it's like going shopping getting 10 to 20% some other news out there where the of heading moderna said 2023 we can get a covid flu combo vaccine for the fall and walmart metaverse night scratch my head going. why? why? why noel? why you don't think i'm ever something start really diving into just yet. >>i don't get it from their not a hardware company. it's not a situation where we're going to be walking through the stores with the headset on from home and say, oh, i want that. >>but it is a smart idea. perseus sam hip and cool. i kind of get that this is coming, but i still think it's a facebook apple game long before it becomes a walmart game. so to speak. >>all right. well, i guess we'll see. i if anyone plays call of duty or candy the company that runs them, activision, they're going to be bought by microsoft to.
12:52 pm
>>you have your games are big business festival. know out something that as a kid i was mocked by my father games. all right. your brain, but that accidents in the best investments activision's got into a little bit of a california problem last couple years with the attorney general and space grey harassment issues and abreau frat-boy culture. another ceo bobby so they get a big fat premium to merge with microsoft. this is a big win for microsoft is they're trying to compete with sony and to another. the number 3 video game maker. i microsoft x box back in 2000, one, no one thought they could succeed and they succeeded 60 billion dollars in cash. and i think it's a win-win for both companies. microsoft something called the game pass. that has 25 million subscribers. at this point. i can use that and all those old activision games go on game pass and you know, help sell that subscription service. wall street loves subscription services short term. it's probably bad for gamers as far as competition
12:53 pm
but if from activision or microsoft's 10 points for smart. all right. well, you talk to a subscription services, everyone who's anyone has a netflix subscription, whether or not i'm using my dad's is kind of a moot point at this point know the price is going >>i got a great netflix story. i can't on one. so that adult he hung up on i think that 200, 13 million worldwide subscribers. 74 million in america. >>they're jumping the plan from 8.99 a month 9.99. a from 39 to 9 to 15. 49 and 17. 99 up an extra 2 bucks can hdr 1999 a month starting to get feeling like cable prices bait. how many shows do you watch shows that i watch last year and some of them were just brilliant. yeah. kids love lost in space. i love squid games that we as a family watch stranger things. a cobra kai. so on the content costs, money makes sense that
12:54 pm
the reason prices, but at some point in time, there will be pushed back and that's why they're getting video games, which ties back to the microsoft activision story and a lot of intellectual property at i net 6 starting to go off games like the witcher another video games are so popular with the kids today. >>well, yeah, i heard and seen few different memes that are basically people realizing that all of the you know, subscriptions that they have now is basically just the same amount of money that you be paying for your regular tv, a subscription. so it's at some point i feel like you like you said it's going to get some pushback. >>but also at the same point, like what we see on amc and cable service. now not quite as good as netflix or hbo, max disney. streaming wars. go but let's get a little bit more expensive for you and me, but we're enjoying a golden age of television for sure. >>definitely. thanks, rob. appreciate you. you don't great. john gone. thank if you want to know more from rob, you can reach out to him by e-mail, twitter or facebook.
12:55 pm
all of his information there on your screen right now. well, you can sign up now to get free at home. covid tests delivered to your door. >>the usps has launched the sign up page for the kids today and the order includes 4 antigen tests. usps said that the delivery should start later this month. so to order your kids just go to covid test dot gov. urgent warning for those planning to fly soon as several airlines said that the launch of new 5 g service could have, quote, catastrophic disruptions of the service begins a scheduled tomorrow. kelsey christine has the details. >>on monday, united airlines urging the biden administration to intervene in the country's 5 g rollout plan set to take effect wednesday warning it could negatively impact 1.2 million passengers and lead to thousands of flight cancellations each year. the reason united says 5 g signals could interfere with safety equipment that pilots use during dangerous weather.
12:56 pm
this comes after airlines for america sent a letter to the biden administration requesting to delay implementing the telecommunications service within approximately 2 miles of affected airports. same passengers, crews and deliveries of goods and medical supplies are at risk. dozens of airports in the 46 u.s. markets where 5 g service is set to deploy are directly affected by 5 gc band interference that could impact sensitive aircraft equipment. michael, to matters. the faa has approved 2 old amateur models in several boeing and arbus planes. but airlines officials say flight delays are still eminent. in a statement, the faa vowing to continue to work with the aviation industry and wireless companies to try to limit 5 g related flight delays and cancellations. >>those kelsey kernstine reporting atnt just announced that it's postponing the launch of its 5 g service near
12:57 pm
some airports but did not name which ones. take a look at what happens when a dog trainer in chicago tries to wrangle a packet pubs packed club security cameras caught one of the dogs pulling samantha lisi's shirt until she falls to the ground. the rest of the pack then joins in swarming her and licking her face. clearly, this was not a productive training session, but it was certainly very, very cute. thank you for watching kron on at noon. i'm ella sogomonian. we'll see you back here at 3. >>the news continues on kron on grab your phone and scanned the qr code on your screen to download the kron on app. also available on roku. amazon fire stick and apple tv.
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>> judge patricia: he left an unholy mess that you had to clean up. you mentioned drug paraphernalia. >> a crack pipe, your honor. i did complain. i was very upset. >> you shouldn't be roommates. i mean, that's pretty clear. >> announcer: "hot bench". judge tanya acker. judge patricia dimango. judge michael corriero. three judges. three opinions. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. captions paid for by cbs television distribution >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 69, montiel vs. perez. >> judge tanya: thank you, officer montejano. so the two of you are cousins. you used to be -- past tense -- close friends. you also used to be roommates, and in this matter, sir, you're suing your cousin, ms. perez for


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