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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 18, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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john. yeah, getting a little peek of it now, noel. and we're going to see a lot more of it today than yesterday. as of right now. still on that cusp of sunshine. and there's a little bit of low cloud cover, but not as much as yesterday. visibilities been okay. we haven't seen any major spots of fog forming across the bay. >> a couple of pockets around mount tam in marine county. aside from that, though, we're looking pretty good. saw a few sprinkles near the coast yesterday. that's not going to be a thing today with our ever increasing sunshine and current temperatures are pretty chilly. so the biggest thing you got to know this morning as just keep the jackets close, a hand, 30's 40's for most of us. san francisco, though, you're the lone spot at 50 santa rose. in the meantime, along with napa down at 36 degrees. now, as far as our roadways are concerned, we do have one incident. now we do have the center lanes cleared on northbound one. 0, one near san jose's international airport. but it has sent a delay all the way down. one o one past the intersection 80 down clear the eastern edge of
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san jose's downtown. it's also resulted in quite the backup there as you're heading up northbound 87 things are improving, but we are still looking at a slow go. it's taking you. 41 minutes to get from san jose to menlo park. so just be mindful of that slowdown. things slow in just a little bit at the toll plaza at the bay bridge. it's a 15 minute drive which isn't bad at all. and for the san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive. plenty of headlights and tail lights as people head back to work today. a little slow down before the toll plaza at 5.80, at the richmond center fell bridge a 12 minute drive. so not bad and pretty normal at the golden gate bridge. noel, thanks, john. >> happening today, students and teachers across the oakland unified school district are planning a sickout kron 4. sarah stinson joining us live this morning with details. sarah, is this several different schools? just one school in particular? >> well, that several different schools within the oakland unified school district. it's over 1000
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students who are saying we're not going back to the classroom and tell our demands have been met. they listed out their demands and them to the district last week. and so today they will be stewing the sickout. there are some teachers who are also doing this in solidarity with those students. the demands include at kn 95 masks for all students twice a week pcr and rapid testing for everyone on campus. >> and more outdoor spaces to eat safely. hundreds of oakland unified teachers participated in the sick out the week. they return from winter break. but the teachers union did reach an agreement with them. the district extended covid sick leave. now students following in their footsteps boycott in the classroom until their demands are met, according to a letter sent by the district to parents on monday, the district says it's been able to meet most of the demands from students writing, quote, 200,000 kn 95 masks are being distributed to all schools to
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provide to students. this week we have been installing more covered outdoor eating spaces since the fall. they have already gone at in at numerous schools with more schools ready to have installed once we receive necessary materials. some of which have been on back order for months. the school district says it's also providing on site testing as frequently as possible that some schools getting on site testing twice a week and others once a week, teachers at least 3 schools are participating in today's sickout, aligning with the students demands. teachers say this week's account is not sanctioned by the teachers union. we caught up with 2 teachers saying they're joining in because resources are not evenly supplied throughout the district. >> bridges, we still only received 5 masks students and other sites. they received no mask at all. only one mask per student. this is not equitable to those of us who are in classrooms and school sites. >> it is dangerous. students
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are sharing how they're feeling. they're concerned and it does not feel safe. this is very times of sensitive. it's immediate and >> and so needed. students are saying they'd rather not go to the classroom, which means the district will take their demands more seriously. >> and hopefully they can get all of those put into place so that the students can go back to the classroom. >> there is a demonstration that's happening at 8 o'clock this morning. that said acorn, woodland elementary school will be families, staff students going to that just kind of voicing their opinion, trying to show their solidarity. so we'll continue to follow that. and well, wait to hear from the students have reached out to those organizing the sickout. so stay tuned for that for now. send it back to studio. thanks, karen. we'll check in with you again in the next hour. >> meanwhile, students and teachers, students, teachers and staff and the hayward unified school district are going to be returning to in-person classes today.
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classes were all held online last week after officials determined there was a shortage of both healthy staff members and covid tests. but the board of education voted on friday in favor of a return to campus today, along with new safety protocols, students and staff were given at-home covid test and either the surgical or kn 95 masks, schools will now offer grab and go lunches. staff meetings are going to be held virtually and student athletes will be tested for covid before attending any practices or competitions. speaking of practice and competitions, the cdc is recommending schools cancel certain extracurricular activities that are considered high risk. that includes football, wrestling and band practice. the agency says any activity that results in increased exhalation raises the risk of spreading covid, especially indoors. this is just a recommendation by the agency, not in any way mandatory, but some local leaders, including marin county's health officer are
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encouraging schools to ban spectators from indoor sporting events. another big story we're following this morning. new information thousands of people in the bay area received the wrong dosage of the covid-19 vaccine. kron four's will tran joining us live this morning with those details. well, this is pretty upsetting. >> this is pretty upsetting, not so bad because according to kaiser in walnut creek and the cdc, the amount that you got should still be ok for your immunity. but of course, the mine is very powerful. and if you start to get a little worried about it by all means come back in and get the right dose. now, if you came into kaiser walnut creek, that's the jumping off point. kaiser has a big system, but we're talking that location 25th on december 10th, approximately 4,000 patients. but and during that time, i know well, in a perfect world, they should have gotten point 3, 0,
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mililiter. but instead they got anywhere between point to 6 0.2 night just off. but that's still not the recommended dose. they say that it's ok that you should be able to fight off covid-19 or at least keep that at bay. but they are still sending out letters right now telling people exactly what happened. and if you want to come back in and get the right dose, this was not something that was from the manufacturer. so take a look at your screen. this is what kaiser sent out. they say this was an isolated incident, resulting some staff misunderstanding instructions. we took immediate steps. you that the issue was isolated and probably retrain staff. we are continuously monitoring service does not happen again. by the way to well, this is not just the kaiser walnut creek. think this is happened to other places across the country. usually not done the story before say at schools when they do this. a lot of
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times the manufacturer will already sent a pretty measured out so they don't have to do it. so you're good to go. but perhaps in this particular case, because these are medical professionals that it was up to them to make the measurement and perhaps that was the reason why another thing that i found out as the morning move, not sometimes when you get a shot, we kind pull away at the last second and maybe drips a little bit that might result in not getting point b o. the bottom line is if you want to it is you come back, kaiser walnut creek. all right. well, thank you for that report. now, despite what some health officials have said, the u.s. surgeon general says the omicron surge >> has not reached its peak doctor, vivek murthy, murphy says the wave of infections is moving at different paces all across the united states. he says we should not expect to see a peak in the coming days. murthy added the next few weeks are going to be tough. this comes as more than 700,
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50,000 new covid infections have been reported across the country every day for the past week. the number of americans dying is also increasing. nearly 1800 deaths were reported on sunday. bay area. doctors say they're seeing more reports of people deliberately exposing themselves to covid because the omicron variant is considered to be mild. but as kron four's dan kerman reports, medical experts say this is a big mistake. >> taking a chance like that really is a very bad decision. >> very infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg is talking about someone purposely trying to get the omicron variant so they can become immune and press on with life. he says there are numerous problems with that first no guarantee getting it prevents them from getting it again. >> there have been a couple studies last week from one from south africa, one from united kingdom. the show that people were getting second
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episodes of omicron within a couple months or less. swartzberg says while most cases of omicron or milder, there's no guarantee you won't be one of those to get very sick. >> or if it is milder to pass it on to someone who is at higher risk, it's much too early to say. we know so much about omicron right now. variant that's been with us for a little over 2 months. you know so much about it that we should expose ourselves to getting infected with this. swartzberg says one final reason not to actively seek out omicron. he's due to the risk of long covid. you may have a mild case of covid. but it may just not go away. that is the huge. sometimes they get better. you're sort through your nose, your body aches, but the fatigue may persist the cloud i'm thinking may persist other symptoms. one covid may persist indefinitely. this point, we just don't know. and that's what it comes down to. medical
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experts say we still just don't know enough about omicron. >> and purposely trying to get it is too much of a risk. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> moderna is working on a triple booster for covid-19. the flu and other respiratory viruses, ceo talking about the shot at the world economic forum in geneva yesterday saying he hopes a combined booster shot will be ready for use by fall of next year. >> no to be able have a single and you're was so that we don't of compliance issues where people don't want to get to the free shots, a to get one those low to get to know boost a full call and it was so full through a to make sure that people get their vaccines. >> he added moderna's aiming to make 2 to 3 billion covid doses this year with tweaks made to address the omicron variant. however, doctor anthony fauci says the goal should be a booster that induces a response against multiple covid variants.
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coming up, a company in the east bay is helping provide relief to tonga following the volcanic eruption and tsunami. they're what they're doing to get much needed supplies to the island. >> and new vaccination requirements for apple employees moving forward. we're going to explain the change coming up.
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>> 7.14 here on this tuesday
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morning. time to get a check of our forecast for you. head out the door today. i know you're all headed back to work. and school gentry was got the john. yeah, it definitely feels like it monday, even though we've only got a four-day week ahead of you now. so enjoy that a little bit on the cloudy side near the coastline. but skies are going to clear up a little bit more so than yesterday for a lot of the bay. and unlike yesterday when half moon bay and some other spots on the peninsula actually saw some sprinkles today is not going to be bringing any of that. dry skies continue as we work our way through this week with rainfall to our north and to our south. we're sandwiched in the middle without any chance of it. today, skies only growing clear today, tomorrow into thursday, the weekend ahead of even the start of next week. going to be bringing some really mild ample sunshine, the mild temperatures we've gotten used to during the day and the cold temperatures during our evening hours. all things that feel really familiar at this point. temperatures in san francisco will be in the 50's today. in fact, you'll notice a lot more 50's in your 4 zone forecast today. despite the
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clear skies today is a little cooler than yesterday. a range of upper 50's to low 60's for most of the bay area. that includes the east bay as well as the north bay, oakland and berkeley. you'll be at 58 degrees for your highs today. sonoma and napa young bill right at 60 degrees. well, santa rosa down through center fell each at 59. tomorrow's highs officially back into the low 60's for your average highs. and that's the way that they're going to stay through the remainder of the forecast. very little change to be noted in this forecast. we're just settling into this dry trend of weather that continues all the way through next monday. now with so many people heading back to work today, we do have some changes on the roads and we actually had a hot spot. now, this accident that was on northbound one o one has been cleared. it was formerly blocking that center just north of the airport there in the south bay. now, even though the accident itself has been cleared, it's still sending him back up, especially down northbound one. 0 one. and even down northbound 87 before the
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intersection with one. 0, one, it's taking you. 38 minutes to get from san jose to menlo park. things have improved a lot. but still something to note a modest slowdown there at the bay bridge toll plaza. little slow down, but not too bad. only 15 minutes to get you across the bridge. definitely more cars on the san mateo bridge this morning. a 14 minute drive there. little back up before you get to the richmond center fell bridge of the toll plaza with an 11 minute drive and the golden gate bridge looks just fine. things flowing at the limit. noel. thanks, john. >> microsoft has decided. there's a growing. excuse me. there is a growing appetite on capitol hill to ban acting members of congress from trading stocks. both democrat and republican senators introduced separate bills to stop what they see as conflict of interest. while there are already laws on the books to try and prevent inside trading on capitol hill. a recent report by inside the business
7:18 am
found 54 lawmakers in violation of that law members from both sides of the aisle are now calling for more to be done. georgia democratic senator jon ossoff introduced a bill to ban trades and play steeper fines on any violations. missouri republican senator josh hawley has proposed a bill requiring lawmakers and their spouses avoid conflicts of interest by only investing in mutual funds or through a blind trust. not too much to ask of. >> elected officials that they focus on doing with the people said i'm here to do and not be patting their own pockets. >> under senator also proposal. violators will be fined their entire salary. senator hawley's bill would strip any violators of their profits and send it to the treasury department. new this morning. microsoft is buying the gaming company, activision blizzard for 68.7 billion dollars. the deal gives microsoft access to blockbuster games like call of duty and candy crash. we've
7:19 am
all played at least one of those i think with this acquisition, microsoft plans to accelerate mobile gaming and virtual games for the facebook metaverse. microsoft is buying activision blizzard as the company's dealing with allegations of misconduct and unequal pay. for your money. this morning. the next truck driver you see could look a lot younger. and mcdonald's u.s. restaurants are open 10% fewer hours than prepandemic. jane king is live in new york. she has those stories for >> the high know out. good morning. chief may have noticed local mcdonald's not open as much as they used to be. so the ceo says, in fact, they cut their hours by about 10% and he is blaming the staffing shortage for that. so mcdonald's is a shortage, could push sales down 3 to 4% for the year will not flicks quietly raise prices as we went to the long holiday weekend was late friday afternoon when it was announced netflix's basic plan in the u.s. rose by one dollar to 9.99 a month. now, the
7:20 am
standard u.s. subscription now cost 15 49 per month. netflix's premium plan in the u.s. was increased by $2 to 1999 a month. well, apple has begun requiring its corporate and store employees submit proof they've received a covid vaccine booster ploys to dodge the booster requirement will reportedly have to submit to frequent covid testing to into the stores and offices and to address the truck driver shortage. officials are considering letting teenagers become truckers. a pilot program would allow drivers ages 18 to 20 to operate motor commercial vehicles in interstate commerce after they complete some probationary hours now, they would not be able to drive passengers or hazardous materials. mike from new york, i'm jane king pitino. all right. thanks, jane. >> as chair for one san jose neighborhood yesterday morning police arrested a man after barricading himself in his home for several hours with
7:21 am
his child. officers first responded to the scene shortly after 11 at the woods apartment complex in san ramon. they say the man was screaming and throwing objects off of a balcony. he was also seen brandishing a knife and breaking a neighbor's window. police say the man barricaded himself and his child inside the apartment, but they did not believe the child was at risk after several hours of negotiations, authorities were able to arrest the man without any use of force. san jose mayor sam liccardo praised the officers actions on twitter saying this was the second successful hostage negotiation in the city in the past month. meanwhile, police in union city are looking for 2 people suspected of robbing the elderly of their jewelry. police say 3 people were robbed in separate incidents on the 13th and 14th of january. but their stories are similar. the victims say a man and a woman would start talking to them and put costume jewelry on them when the victim's rejected the jewelry and took it off, the
7:22 am
thieves would confuse them and take the victims are real jewelry, leaving the fake stuff behind. they say that people may have been targeted because of their age and the type of jewelry they were wearing. happening today, the walnut creek city council set to discuss whether a planned parenthood meet the buffer zone. the council first tried to address the issue back on november. 16th, but there were technical difficulties with the meetings. zoom link, the idea of a buffer zone was brought up after walnut creek. police got 42 calls from the planned parenthood facility on oakland boulevard about protesters. that's between january 2020, and november of 2021, if approved, the buffer zone would create an area around the facility where protesters will not be allowed. the zones designed to guarantee the safety of both employees and patients. the for this is tonight at 7 o'clock. coming up on the crop of morning news, the battle on
7:23 am
voting rights continues in the senate today. why democrats want to bring the issue to the floor even though they don't have the votes to get it passed.
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7:26 am
wiernicki has the latest from dc. >> good morning. democrats spent most of monday pushing for some traction on voting rights and a vote to change the senate but without all 50 democratic senators on board the effort is pretty much dead upon arrival. nothing less is at stake. then our democracy. house speaker nancy pelosi urged the senate democrats to do whatever it takes to pass the voting rights bill when they take it up on tuesday. this is about suppressing the vote. the house passed the consolidated package last week. >> that includes 2 voting bills, the freedom to vote act and the john lewis voting rights advancement act. this bill represents the first real opportunity to secure the freedom to vote since the united states supreme court gutted the voting rights act nearly a decade ago. >> and the senate must pass this bill. >> now, vice president kamala harris says senate inaction is not an option. the bills would
7:27 am
roll back new voting restrictions in red states. if we stand idly by. our entire nation, we'll pay the price for generations to come. but republicans, including texas senator john cornyn say they won't support it. cornyn says the democrats bill is unconstitutional and allows ballot harvesting bars. voter id and compels taxpayer funding of campaigns. still, democrats are hoping to change the senate rules to pass the bills with only a simple majority, but even that plan has come up short with 2 moderate democratic senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema saying they don't support the rule. change. the white house has made it very clear that passing this ahead of the midterm elections on march. first is critical for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> all right, 7.27, going take a quick break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, a bay area family.
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>> mourning the loss of their daughter. what police say happened to her at a train station in new york.
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7:31 am
summer. yeah. haha. yet the jacket for sure. definitely keep the light jacket around. that's all you really need, though. the coldest temperatures that we had the december have been long gone for a minute. so it's been light jacket, kind of stuff for sure. embarcadero camera looks nice. just a little breeze one of our peers and a little bit of cloud cover overhead. fog has not been much of an issue. we've had a couple of patches in the marin headlands but not much to be blocking out the view surface level where we're going to be traveling across the bridges this morning. now skies will remain dry today had a couple of sprinkles on the peninsula yesterday. that won't be the case for your tuesday 30's 40's in just one lone 50 in san francisco for current temperatures. dublin, you're at 38 degrees. santa rosa at 37. well, the late show at a cool 41 a look at some of our roadways out there. we did have an incident on one. 0, one northbound near the san jose airport earlier this morning. that had blocked the center lanes on one 0, one northbound, but has since been cleared and traffic is slowly and steadily improving on one.
7:32 am
0, one northbound. we do have a pretty major backup between can conquer, though, on 4 westbound. that's slowing you down to 33 minutes. we've seen worse on highway 4 westbound, but that is something to note for you as well. bay bridge at the toll plaza. just a modest back up around 15 minutes for your commute. the san mateo bridge around 13 minutes and nobody heading westbound. i'm going to check out why that looks like we do have a traffic break there could be something interesting right now are sensors aren't reporting anything, though. richmond center fell bridge 13 minutes to get you through the tolls. it's just a little slower and the golden gate bridge around. 23 minutes. noel. thanks, john. a big story we're following this morning. a vigil will be held today to remember a bay area woman. >> who was pushed to her death in front of a new york city subway train. 40 year-old michelle go was waiting for a subway train at the times square station saturday morning when a man shoved her from behind goes family now preparing her funeral kron four's. jonathan mccall has the story.
7:33 am
>> terror on the tracks and set of new york city's subway system. this was a senseless absolutely senseless act of violence saturday morning. new york city police say that 40 year-old michelle alyssa go was pushed in front of an oncoming subway train by a man who police say was homeless and emotionally disturbed. it is heartbreaking, unbelievably heartbreaking, family and friends now remembering alyssa and say that she was an active volunteer, always giving back to others in need. she was amazing giving human being. you know, she spent a lot of time on teary eye here within your junior league. she volunteers with the unhoused. >> here in in in new york city kron 4 learned that go grew up in fremont. she graduated from american high school in 1998. before going on to graduate from ucl a then new york university. michelle turned 40 just 3 days after christmas and had recently traveled out of the country to celebrate her birthday and the new year at the time of her death, she
7:34 am
worked for the tax firm deloitte in new york city. in a statement her family said that, quote, we are in a state of shock, grieving the loss of our daughter, sister and friend. we hope that michelle will be remembered for how she lived in just not how she died. they went on to say that she was a beautiful, brilliant kind and intelligent woman who loved her friends and family. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence. and we pray that she gets the justice she deserves. hours after michelle's death, police arrested 61 year-old son marshall. >> a person who they say has a very long and extensive criminal record monday, investigators charged with second-degree murder in goes death. investigators say as of now, it doesn't appear that marshall intentionally targeted michelle because of her race. detectives say just moments before he tried to push someone else. the news, though, is little comfort to michelle goes family and
7:35 am
friends. >> we've seen this pattern just one too many times, right? a mentally disturbed person attack on our comey jonathan mccall kron. 4 news. >> local leaders have organized a local candlelight vigil in honor of michelle go. it's happening tonight at 6 o'clock in san francisco's parts enough square. if you'd like join and honor her life. >> happening now, police in pleasant hill are looking for this. boy, he's a 15 year-old james brandon. a bet the vanished sometime between 10 o'clock sunday night. at 9 o'clock yesterday morning abbott is described as 5 foot 6 inches tall, weighing 107 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. if you recognize him or have any information you're asked to contact your local police department or pleasant hill. police. san jose police say a man who was hit by a car 10 days ago has died from his injuries. that happened on center road just north of the
7:36 am
capital expressway. police say on january, 7th, the victim was walking outside of a crosswalk when he was hit by a truck. the driver sped off before he could be identified. this marks the san jose's 5th traffic deaths already this year. the owner of a stolen french bulldog now offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who safely returns their dog t tow tito was stolen from his owner at gunpoint on saturday night in castro valley. alameda county deputies say the owner and their mother was out walking the dog near north bridge lane when 5 men rushed up to them, stole the dog and the mother's purse later that night, the robbers came to the victim's house and stole their car as well. if you have any information you're asked to contact the alameda sheriff's office. new satellite images this morning showing the damage from the volcanic eruption and tsunami in tonga. on the left, you can see the image of homes and tonga
7:37 am
before the eruption of the underwater volcano on the right size screen. you can see the aftermath of the homes covered in ash. we have another image showing a port in tonga both before the tsunami and after the tsunami damaged the port, these dramatic are just also showing what we saw in space is real time over the weekend. a huge plume of ash gas and steam spewed 12 miles up into the air. experts say it was likely the biggest eruption recorded anywhere on the planet and more than 30 years. communities and tonga are in desperate need of help. now with communications and phone lines down all across the island. one company in oakland is trying to help with that issue. kron four's rob nesbitt has the story. i tean, we're sitting here worried as well. >> we haven't spoken in one since friday. cecilia, like people whose parents started that's at the enterprise is and logistics in oakland in
7:38 am
the 70's after moving to the bay area from tonga, a country that's no stranger to tsunamis. but her family has yet to hear or see the devastation from one over the weekend. >> caused by an underground volcano so severe it was captured from above by satellite cameras. i don't know if the island. >> thought it was goi g to crazy because eruptions happen during ever get this traffic. i don't think they were expecting it sf enterprises and logistics and shipping containers to throughout the year. >> workers are currently hustling to put together a relief container to ship out friday to help tom gets affected by the tsunami. i know for sure the air quality is bad. >> water is going to be a big issue. so when people are calling now, i water. >> that's all i can gauge at the moment. the tsunami was also felt in nearby new zealand. so that is a force of nature that. >> his incredible grant alexander's vote now looks like this after a wave sent another boat into it. i read camera and going the top of my yeah. literally. took the fly bridge plane off it as it went
7:39 am
over the top. >> in talking to the damage is less known like people who says she's organizing relief efforts to the national emergency management office but won't know for sure what is needed until phone lines. they are reopened. >> is this is going to be going on for months. it takes about 4 to 5 weeks for a cargo ship to make it to tonga from the bay area. like people who says that there are rumors that the new zealand military ship was able to make it to the main island of tonga, but hasn't been able to confirm that in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> definitely are going to mean a lot of help down there. still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news, new trees were planted in the san jose park. why dozens of people came out to volunteer. and the forty-niners get ready for the packers things they're focusing on ahead of the game. we've got to look at.
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7:43 am
son of racism was the sin of being silent or doing nothing. and so i love how we have over 100 volunteers who came today and are right now planting trees with us. and then every week we have volunteers coming out planting trees. so martin luther king would be happy. >> our city forest hold events like this often not just on holidays, you can find more information if you'd like to join them on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> all right, 7.43 here. we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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>> 7.45 checking on the bay area. weather forecast before you head out the door. we've got john triple with all of the john de noel. it is a little on the cloudy side of of san jose this morning. some bright skies reaching at least that one building there. but as you can see, much of the santa clara valley still being shrouded in some low lying cloud cover. visibilities been okay because that cloudy blanket is sitting right above us and western areas like mount hammer, suture tower in san francisco. >> where you're actually making your way up into the clouds, zooming out across the region, showers to our north showers to our south. but the bay area continues to be dry. sandwiched in between. and we're only going to be clear this afternoon than we were yesterday. dry skies continuing out through the remainder of the week into this weekend. and it's the
7:47 am
very start of next week, too. so not a lot in there to be interrupting this dry trend of weather that we've been on now are daytime highs today. a little cooler than yesterday's, even though we're actually going to be a little bit clear doesn't mean temperatures will be any warmer. still some low 60's, but a lot more 50's that you're noticing in your 4 zone forecast today, san jose and campbell at 62 for your highs. free month. pleasanton, dublin livermore. all right. at 60. well, oakland and berkeley in the upper 50's at 58 degrees. looking at antioch, up to vacaville at 60. well, upper 50's from santa rosa down through center fell tomorrow's daytime highs do return to the low 60's on average and that's where we're going to spend the rest of this forecast clear through the weekend and into next week. a couple of slowdowns on roadways out there. it is obviously a unlike yesterday, which was a holiday. and today we are starting to see some backups. we briefly had an accident that blocked the 2 center lanes of one o one just north of downtown san jose. right by the airport that still sent a
7:48 am
residual delay, sending back all the way down towards the intersection of 2.81. 0 one. it's going to take you nearly an hour from san jose to menlo park. so adjust your commute based on that slowdown. also, a standstill between antioch in pittsburgh as you're heading westbound on highway 4, 30 minutes to get you there. bay bridge. not too bad. just a modest back up there at the toll plaza. 16 minutes to make the drive. certainly a few more cars on the san mateo bridge than yesterday. we did have a brief traffic break heading westbound. that's what we noted at the start of my last hit with you. but now that has since cleared and obviously things are rolling just fine. richmond center fell bridge 13 minutes back up before the tolls. but once you get through those, it is smooth sailing. and the golden gate bridge sitting under some low clouds. but everything else is good to go. noel. thanks, john. >> forty-niners turning their focus now to their matchup against the packers and the raiders looking for a new general manager after firing mike mayock kron. 4 sports
7:49 am
director jason dumas. u.s. has sports for you. >> but settled dallas at jerry's world after the forty-niners got a big time win. they're now looking ahead to the divisional round against the green bay packers at lambeau stadium. but they did not get out of dallas on state wondering nick foles to both left the game and did not return warner had a low ankle sprain in nick bosa suffered a concussion. jimmy g also that band of the screen to shoulder in the 2nd quarter. but he played through the good news, both warner and drop a little. they practiced. they are both expected to be ready to go for saturday. the team also expects those are clear concussion protocols. but that is still a little more in the air. when you get these head injuries, got to really take it on it day by day basis. now waiting for them, as i with green bay packers, the team that beat the niners back in week 3, they were actually up
7:50 am
17 to nothing in 27 to 17 at one point was even very close. but the niners they scored back in it to the 28 27 lead. how you can put them ahead. late. but they left too much time on the clock. and gary rogers burned. he got the track and field goal position. mason meal. it field goal as time expired to win that game that would lead to they attacked what he had to leave or whether you're behind it. it doesn't totally matter. just you don't want to change your mindset. i always prepare that we need to play a lot better like that to win this week. bush going up to lambeau but felt the same way going to dallas and we're going to the rams got to play really good football to beat these guys and >> we'll see what that takes on sunday. but whatever it we find what. >> vegas heads our role. the organization fired mike mayock's and as the general manager after 3 seasons with team, the raiders were 25. and
7:51 am
24 over that span and they make the playoffs this year. but there were several controversies. i watts now it might not necessarily have been his fault, but there's always a fall guy. and it appears that was the fall guy. the raiders have already started to look for replacement. they've requested an interview with dave ziegler who is currently the director of player personnel with the new england patriots given up idealist go out to so by stadium in the city of angels. monday night football action. the rams hosting the arizona cardinals 1st quarter. no score. >> you a bit and get things started. it 2nd quarter. now, this is a very boneheaded play by kyler murray to avoid just throws the ball in the air. but guess you get picked right away, right? david long junior. all right. let's go to 3rd quarter rams up comfortably. yes, what odell
7:52 am
said i can do more than just can't you know. moved the ball eat and he finds it. it's teammate cam akers. that's a 40 yard gain. was set up this play rate cooper, not for the this game. big. he advanced to play brady and the tampa bay buccaneers. that'll be next week. and you can pull up. seen it or where the car was on him. all we have history san jose. when your myers set a new sharks, record with 5 goals, a game as the sharks took down the hel 18. 62 meyer had a hat trick in the first period for his 45th double in the second. >> and one of the bright spots for the sharks this season. >> he now has 45 points in 36
7:53 am
or more. meant for all right. that is your look at sports. >> well, the warriors are going to be playing the pistons tonight at the chase center. tipoff is set for 7 o'clock. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
all right. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news teachers and students in
7:56 am
oakland they are on strike today. why they say they won't return unless the school meets their demands. we've got a live report. >> plus, thousands of patients in the east bay given the wrong dosage of a covid-19 vaccine. how the hospital says it happened and what you can do if you're one of them. plus, doctors say some people are trying to get on the kron on purpose. well, that's not such a good idea. we'll be right back after the break.
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news. i'm noelle bellow. it's tuesday, january 18th want to start off this morning with a check of your weather forecast. the sun has come up, but we're dealing with a little bit of cloud cover on john. yeah, the cloudier in greater side this morning. but that shouldn't last. this low gray hasn't resulted in visibility issues so much. just blocking out a little sunshine so far. bay area still looks nice as does downtown san francisco. >> we are seeing good visibility across most of the region. areas like mount tam,
8:00 am
our upper elevations where you start to encounter that low cloud cover is where you briefly encounter some lower visibility. otherwise we will remain dry today. unlike yesterday when we saw a few sprinkles near the coastline today isn't going to be bringing any of that. current temperatures range anywhere from the 30's in dublin in the north bay to the low 50's in san francisco, which has been our warm spot all morning long. regardless of where you're out, though, definitely want that light jacket. as for our roadways, we've definitely seen some more backups out there. we did briefly have an accident that really sent a backup that even though the center lanes are clear on one, 0, one northbound just north of san jose is still making for a very slow go. if you are heading on one, 0, one northbound, it's going to take you over an hour to get from san jose to menlo park. also a slowdown that's almost got things to a standstill between antioch in concord, on westbound highway 4. a 26 minute commute there. we have seen some modest improvements. ebay bridges looking okay. not much of a backup thereth


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