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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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like that. >> really? it's a very bad decision. >> it is a risk. no doubt there is talk that people are doubt purposely getting omicron and they're doing so because they think they'll become immune and then can more easily go on living a so-called normal life. but medical experts we spoke with today. they say that is a huge mistake. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 6, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. this new trend is like the old days here before when there was the chicken pox vaccine before the vaccine will some parents would actually. >> purposely get their kids exposed, have chicken pox parties so the kids could get it and then parents would no longer have to worry about. it will now. so we're doing the same thing with omicron in hopes that they can put this pandemic behind them. >> kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight with more. dan, it's been a long pandemic. people, i guess are desperate. but the experts say that idea.
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>> definitely a bad idea. they say this is nothing like chicken experts were able to study chickenpox for years when she got chickenpox. you didn't get it again. omicron's only been on the scene for 2 months. they say there simply is not enough information to be able to do this nor is there any guarantee that once you get on the kron, you can't get a second time. >> there's no good reason to get this virus purposefully. there's every good reason to try and avoid it. >> thierry infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says trying to get the omicron variant with the idea of becoming immune and putting the pandemic behind you is a grave mistake. we know there's no assurance that if you had on the crime that you will get it again. there's evidence from the united kingdom in south africa that that's occurring. swartzberg says while most cases of omicron may be milder, there's no guarantee you won't be one of those to get very sick or if it is milder to pass it on to someone who is at higher risk, we still have so much in
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terms of how sick is going to make you acutely house, going to chronically. >> other things we may not even thought of yet. >> swartzberg says another reason not to actively seek out omicron is the risk of long covid. >> you may have a mild case of covid. but it may just not go away. it is the symptoms may get better. you're sore throat, you're really knows. your body aches. but the fatigue may persist. the cloud i'm thinking may persist other symptoms. one covid may persist indefinitely. at this point, we just don't know. >> and that's really what it comes down to just not having enough information about omicron to be able to take that risk live in san francisco. dan kerman kron, 4 news. thank you, dan. a new study says a booster shot of the johnson and johnson vaccine is highly effective in fighting omicron. >> south african health authorities say it is 84% effective in preventing hospitalizations fon one to 2
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months after its receipt. the study involved more than 477,000 health care workers who were vaccinated roughly half got the j and j booster among the participants. there were 30,000 breakthrough cases during this latest case surge now, but they're not is hoping to market a triple combo booster for not only his covid but of flu and other respiratory viruses. altogether. the company says the annual booster would prevent people from getting several vaccinations and provide broad protections. the flu vaccine portion is under development. moderna hopes to have the combo booster available by the fall of 2023. >> there's growing talk in the medical community tonight that the covid pandemic may soon be entering the endemic face. doctors say and endemic phase of a viral infection means there is enough immunity in the population that hospitalizations are kept it relatively low levels. >> in the case of covid, experts predict it will soon be managed like the flu.
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governor newsom's administration is predicting that will happen in about a month or so. and we spoke to a local infectious disease expert about that prediction. >> there's incredible number of pieces of omicron in both unvaccinated and vaccinated. what that does is it exposes you to the entire virus and you develop antibodies t cells and b cells across the entire virus. we will not be likely masking contact tracing, doing a sun spot testing. >> as infectious disease doctors monitor the omicron surge around the world data from samples of wastewater in santa clara county indicates the spread of omicron is slowing. another big story we're following tonight. that volcanic eruption in the south pacific island of tonga and some people in the bay area woke up saturday morning to tsunami warnings as the cause >> as of the eruption has an effect of it, rather. take a
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look at this. this is the new footage of a blast from a japanese satellite. the eruption triggered tsunami warnings for more than just the west coast, australia, new zealand, japan, another south pacific islands were also alerted with people in alaska reportedly hearing the sonic boom. but the eruption is causing major issues on the main island of tonga, communication with hunger has been. >> limited since saturday, residents described the scene as moonscape from the tsunami and volcanic ash fall. least one person was found dead and the full scope of the impact is still unknown. new zealand is flying water and other supplies to tonga tomorrow. experts say water levels along the california coast ed after that massive volcanic eruption in tonga. >> all tsunami warnings. they have been lifted after 2 to 3 foot swells reach shores on saturday throughout california. the hardest hit area was santa cruz was some coastal flooding. san francisco firefighters had to rescue 2 surfers were pulled
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out to sea by a powerful rip current. >> family and friends of people living in tonga are still waiting for answers because we mentioned communication lines have been severed. so it's tough for people trying to organize relief efforts to know exactly what to send. but for us, rob nesbitt reports on how one local company is putting together cargo to sent to the south pacific. >> just about every worker at sf enterprises and logistics has a family member living in tonga. they, of course, want to help. but that's tough. when phone lines and internet and tonga are both down. i mean, we're sitting here worried as well. we haven't spoken in one since friday. cecilia, like people whose parents started that's at the enterprise is and logistics in oakland in the 70's after moving to the bay area from tonga, a country that's no stranger to tsunamis. but her family has yet to hear or see the devastation from one over the weekend. >> caused by an underground volcano so severe it was captured from above by satellite cameras. i don't know if the island. >> if i was going to be crazy because eruptions happened here and there ever get this
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traffic. i don't think they were expecting it sf enterprises and logistics and shipping containers to tonga throughout the year. >> workers are currently hustling to put together a relief container to ship out friday. >> to help tom gets affected by the tsunami. i know for sure the air quality is bad. water is going to be a big issue. so when people are calling now, i water. that's all i can gauge at the moment. the tsunami was also felt in nearby new zealand. so that is a force of nature that. >> his incredible grant alexander's vote now looks like this after a wave sent another boat into it. i read camera and going over the top of yeah. literally. took the fly bridge plane off it as it went over the top. >> in talking to the damage is less known like people who says she's organizing relief efforts to the national emergency management office but won't know for sure what is needed until phone lines. they are reopened. >> it is going to be going on for months. it takes about 4 to 5 weeks for a cargo ship to make it to tonga from the bay
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area. like people who says that there are rumors that the new zealand military ship was able to make it to the main island of tonga, but hasn't been able to confirm that in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> right now, our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside right now from our sutro cam looking looking san francisco. just spectacular. yeah. that looks like a very clear shot. there was some high cloud cover today which >> he's made for some pretty sunset city hall. there looks like it's lit up in yellow, gold and red for the forty-niners who are moving on in the playoffs. more on that momentarily. but now we want to send it to. we think trump who is with us with a look at the we're back. hey, guys. yes. and gorgeous. shot overlooking a san francisco and yeah, we do have high clouds but you can't tell because all the camera shots not really we're seeing mostly clear skies around the bay area. >> tonight, showers still seeing of the north and the south towers here because it's so clear the golden gate
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bridge heads into and out of san francisco. we're seeing temperatures getting into. we're the lower 50's now as we get into the later part of the evening. 54 degrees right now in palo alto. 57 in alameda. 55 in downtown oakland inland. we're looking at 50's as well, dublin. 55 59 in pittsburgh right now. you're zone. 52 in napa getting chilly there. 54 currently in the late host. so definitely want to bundle up as you make your way outside it gets chillier and chillier during these overnight hours. futurecast for showing us that's going to be really dry as well around the bay area. the high clouds are going to be sticking with us, but we going to see sunshine as we get into tomorrow and no rain in the forecast. at least we'll enjoy the sun while we can. and we're going to wake up to a little bit of tomorrow morning. so keep that in mind. if you are going to be hitting the roads. so a partly cloudy during the overnight hours. chilly, though, especially in our interior valleys. so again, make sure you bundle up
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there. we're going to see those temperatures get into the 40's in some spots tomorrow. very similar to what we saw today. mostly sunny, dry conditions with mild afternoon. temperatures and then the week ahead, the high pressure is going to continue to stick around the bay area. that's what's keeping the wet weather away from us. and also bringing some spring-like temperatures as we get towards said the latter part of the week and into the weekend. i will have my complete forecast coming up a little bit later. fact to the news. >> thank you, rebecca. the forty-niners say have. moved they won yesterday in dallas headed to green bay. now to take on the packers saturday. yesterday's win against the cowboys came down literally to the final second, 40 niners came out of the gates hot and got out to a 13, nothing lead. but the home team mounted a comeback. dallas was within a touchdown in the final minutes of the 4th. and you had a series of mistakes by both teams that lead to a chaotic final sequence. the cowboys tried to spike the ball with a
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second to go, but they didn't get that playoff in time. the clock ran out the forty-niners. they've already face the packers back in week 3 this season. that was a heartbreaking loss for the forty-niners. aaron rodgers led the packers on the scoring drive and then they kicked the winning field goal as time expired at levi's. niners. get another crack at them and it is going to be bitter cold in green bay saturday night. still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 6 sports director jason dumas will have more of a preview of that game as well as a health update. quarterback jimmy garoppolo dealing with a different injury now in the team's 2 best defensive players are also backed up. that's coming up. also coming up are celebrating the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king junior. we'll show you some of the day of surfaces events from around the bay. >> plus, marching for voting the family of martin luther king junior is paying tribute to the civil rights icon. >> while calling for action on
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birthday of doctor king. he was just 39 when he was assassinated in 1968 while helping sanitation workers strike for better pay and workplace safety. this was in memphis, tennessee, on this mlk day, the spotlight is on the fight over voting rights legislation. today in washington, the king family marched and demanded that the senate scrap the filibuster and pass voting rights legislation. >> let's >> only right straight. >> today the vice president also called for voting rights action as she urged the senate to pass the legislation. now the senate is set to debate to voting bills tomorrow. but first, washington correspondent basil john joins dc with allen. the vice ton, president and other lawmakers are using this day as a platform to fight for voting rights. basil.
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>> well, grant, vicki, good evening. and yes, the vice president, other lawmakers say that it would be an insult to the work, but the late martin luther king junior put into in stood for if this legislation does not pass. today, our freedom to vote is under assault. vice president kamala harris demands action to protect voting rights. anti voter laws are being passed. that could make it more difficult for as many as 55 million americans to vote. harris called on the senate to pass the freedom to vote act, to bolster voting by mail and prevent future voting restrictions. if we stand idly by. our entire nation, we'll pay the price for generations to come. we're tired of being patient. >> martin luther king, the 3rd wants the senate to act quickly. >> and roll back state laws that make it harder for many americans to vote. >> senators mansion sen
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sentiment, members of the senate. >> the freedom john r lewis act. now. >> so far there is no republican support for the bill in sight and democrats would need to change senate rules to allow the legislation to pass with a simple majority. house speaker nancy pelosi says senators should not hesitate if you really true want to honor doctor king don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse. now, the senate is expected to take a voting rights legislation this week, but >> senator sinema and manchin have not changed their positions. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john, thank you. basil. >> in the south bay volunteers honored doctor king by planting trees in your park in san jose. this event was put on by the group our city forest, more than 100 volunteers planted california sycamores earlier today. kron 4 talk to an organizer who
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says she believes doctor king would appreciate this day of volunteer service. >> he felt that more than the son of racism was the sin of being silent or doing nothing. and so i love how we have over 100 volunteers who came today and are right now planting trees with us. and then every week we have volunteers coming out planting trees. so martin luther king would be happy. >> the group our city forced holds events like this oftenu not just on holidays. you get more information on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> in honor of doctor martin luther king junior, the 3rd monday in january is designated by congress as a national day of service considered a day on not a day off. kron four's ella sogomonian joins us now. she shows us how a few local volunteers spent their morning. >> volunteers all over the bay area went out and did a good deed on monday in honor of martin luther king junior' birthday. also known as a day
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of service. there was a trash pickup in oakland hosted by the higher ground neighborhood development corporation for most of the helpers were high school students. oakland's mayor libby schaff says that makes her proud lots to do today. >> and i hope everyone not only does something physical inactivity to celebrate. doctor martin luther king today that reflects what his legacy means, the work that we still have to do over in nearby richmond, the bay hills church collected food donations that will be distributed worldwide. the effort called rise against hunger. but if it's those in need in regions, as far as central america. interesting about 10 years ago, i was on a trip to costa rica. >> and part of that trip, they took us to an elementary school and i had done this event before. and i rolled up to the school and they were telling us about the feeding program they had for the kids. want look at the boxes of food that they were distributing. it was rise against hunger. so i actually got to be on the front and seeing us from from 2.1 where we're putting the
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boxes together and then on the back and when the kids are actually getting the food in their stomachs and in palo alto, the oshman family jcc volunteers collected warm blankets for jewish seniors. >> organizers described it as a teaching moment for younger generations to learn to get and san francisco mayor london breed released a statement saying in part this year as we tackle the challenges that face us not only covid but racial inequities, social injustice and attacks on democracy. we must maintain those values of love and hope. at the center of everything we do for kron. 4 news, i'm ella sogomonian. >> all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now. it's san francisco's embarcadero and rebecca strum joins us now. and vicki, we want to congratulate rebecca, who she put it on instagram. so this is fair is extended august 2. now. we thank it. little boy early as summer time. so.
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>> all right. it's going to be a nice fun household with the 4 boys and a girl. so what can i moment? that's what i we're nice and busy. so better. be busy. the board, i guess, right? sure. well, outside right now we're seeing a really nice shot overlooking east bay's own the star camera on top of the berkeley hills here. the clouds are fairly high. so that's what we're seeing. a nice shot across the bay all the way into san francisco right now. but yes, those clouds will be sticking around tonight into the overnight hours. but at least it's not obstructing the view too much around the bay area. temperatures outside right now getting into those low 50's in some spots like in downtown san jose. 53 degrees right now east bay shoreline. we're looking at mid to upper 50's alameda. 57 downtown oakland. 55 timber on. you're currently at 54 degrees. 52 in napa, 50 degrees getting chillier there in petaluma. so those overnight lows, yes, are going to get to chile and we're going to see dry conditions as
6:22 pm
we get into tomorrow as well. and really futurecast for showing us no rain in the forecast here in the bay area. but it looks like southern california is definitely getting a bull commit. so la has been seeing it today. they're going to continue to see it into tomorrow as well. and then to the far north of us, they'll be getting some rain as well in oregon and washington. but everything is going to miss the bay area. that's where long range forecasts are showing. and it's all thanks to high pressure that's going to keeping that wet weather away from the bay area. bringing us lots of sun, though, someone we can at least enjoy it all the way into the weekend with some mild temperatures, winds are going to start to pick up a little bit as we get into tomorrow night. so keep that in mind. things are going to feel a little bit chillier. but for now we're some calm areas and just a light breeze tonight into tomorrow until things start to pick up a little bit into the evening hours tomorrow evening. if you're going to be out and about just keep that in mind, did not make sure that you bundle up. but the temperatures are going to be gorgeous around the bay area tomorrow afternoon. if you
6:23 pm
like today, you're going to enjoy tomorrow. 50's and 60's 60 degrees in livermore in fremont tomorrow. 58 degrees here in san francisco. and 62 in san jose. my seven-day around the bay forecast coming up in just a grant and vicki. all right, rebecca, thank you very much. coming up, no fans in the stands. chinese authorities will not sell tickets to the public for the upcoming olympics. >> who will be allowed to attend the beijing games. plus, we all know listening to views act when you're put on hold is set pretty agitating. but just how much of our time are we wasting? we'll explain.
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a new study says that we spent a whole lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing. >> british researchers polled 2000 people they found the average adult waste. 26 days a year nearly a month doing absolutely nothing that breaks down to about 12 hours of wasted time every week, more
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than half of respondents said waiting on hold during phone calls was their biggest time waste or other time drains include waiting in line, getting stuck in traffic browsing social media. next. an investigation is underway in southern california after union train derailed. >> over the weekend in the same place as recent package theft. plus, an investigation is still unfolding in texas after a hostage standoff at a synagogue transpired over the weekend who authorities have arrested. >> in connection to the >> in connection to the suspect. after my car accident, >> in connection to the suspect.i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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>> our top story at 6.30, trains are finally moving again. a long stretch of railway in southern california after the weekend to broman of more than a dozen freight cars. that same stretch in la has recently been targeted by looters stealing packages right from the cargo containers. as those trains are stopped on the tracks for contributor chris wolfe is in lincoln heights tonight. a neighborhood in la with more on what officials are doing to try to stop the thefts. >> the cleanup continues along this stretch of railway and lincoln heights that had been turned into a landfill after crooks climbed on to trains and broke into cargo containers. getting them like predators with prayed picking pilfering and tossing aside piles and piles of boxes and goods, including precious covid test kits. union pacific


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