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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> tonight at 5. well, most people are trying to stay healthy and doing their best to avoid getting covid. doctors are warning tonight of a new trend where some people are now doing the opposite. thank you for joining us tonight on kron. 4 news at 5, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. remember the old days when a while before there was a chicken pox vaccine with? >> some parents would purposely get their kids exposed. so the kids could get it. and, you know, they get it out of the way. well, now there's some talk that some other folks are trying to do. the same thing with omicron in hopes that they can put the pandemic behind the but medical experts say this is a coal loss. ali. bad idea. kron four's dan carman. he's live in san francisco tonight with more on this new trend. good evening again. >> yes, this is definitely not like the chickenpox. medical experts say we had years and years and years to study the chicken pox and with the chicken pox and once you've got it, you didn't get it again right now. we don't know enough about omicron to know that. remember, it's only been around for a couple of months.
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that is just one of several reasons why the advice not purposely going out to get it because you might not still be able to put it behind you. >> taking a chance like that really is a very bad decision. >> very infectious specialist doctor john swartzberg is talking about someone purposely trying to get the omicron variant so they can become immune and press on with life. he says there are numerous problems with that first no guarantee getting it prevents them from getting it again. >> there have been a couple studies last week from one from south africa, one from united kingdom. the show that people were getting second episodes of omicron within a couple of months or less. swartzberg says while most cases of omicron or milder, there's no guarantee you won't be one of those to get very sick. >> or if it is milder to pass it on to someone who is at higher risk, it's much too early to say that we know so much about omicron right now.
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variant that's been with us for a little over 2 months. you know so much about it that we should expose ourselves to getting infected with this. swartzberg says one final reason not to actively seek out omicron. he's due to the risk of long covid. you may have a mild case of covid. but it may just not go away. that is the the acute symptoms may get better. you're sore throat, you're really knows. your body aches. but the fatigue may persist. the cloud i'm thinking may persist other symptoms. one covid may persist indefinitely. this point, we just don't know. >> and that was our first dan kerman reporting for us. meantime, the west coast woke up to tsunami warnings from a volcanic eruption on the south pacific island of tonga over the weekend. take a look at this. this is new footage from the blast from japan's a satellite. the eruption triggering a tsunami warning for more than just the west coast, australia, new zealand,
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japan, another south pacific islands were also alerted with people in alaska reportedly hearing the sonic boom. but the eruption is causing major issues on the main island of tonga, communication with the island has been limited since saturday, residents described the scene as moonscape from the tsunami and volcanic ash fall. at least one person was found dead and a full scope of the impact. well, that's still not known tonight. a new zealand is flying water and other supplies to talk tomorrow. experts say the water levels continue to fluctuate along the california coast after that massive volcanic eruption. also nami warnings. they have been lifted after 2 to 3 foot swells reach shores on saturday throughout california. the hardest hit area with santa cruz with some coastal flooding san francisco firefighters had to rescue 2 surfers who were pulled out to sea by a powerful rip current. >> some people who have loved ones living in tonga are still waiting for answers tonight.
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if these communication lines we mentioned they have been severed. make it really tough for people organizing relief efforts to know exactly what to send. kron four's. rob nesbitt talked with a local company. it was started by who are working now to try to put together cargo to send to the south pacific. rob joins us now with how difficult that situation is right now. rob, what descent? grant just about every worker sf enterprises and logistics. has a family member living in tonga. >> they, of course, want to help. but that's tough. when botp phone lines and internet and tonga are down. >> i mean, we're sitting here worried as well. we haven't spoken in one since friday. cecilia, like people whose parents started that's at the enterprise is and logistics in oakland in the 70's after moving to the bay area from tonga, a country that's no stranger to tsunamis. but her family has yet to hear or see the devastation from one over the weekend. >> caused by an underground volcano so severe it was captured from above by satellite cameras. some
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rumblings the volcano that thing up do. i think it was? >> could it be this serious? i don't. i don't know if the island if i was going to be crazy because eruptions happened here and there ever get this traffic. i don't think they were expecting it sf enterprises and logistics and shipping containers to tonga throughout the year. >> workers are currently hustling to put together a relief container to ship out friday. >> to help tom gets affected by the tsunami. i know for sure the air quality is bad. water is going to be a big issue. so when people are calling now, i water. that's all i can gauge at the moment. she's organizing relief efforts to the national emergency management office in tonga but won't know for sure what is needed until phone lines. there are reopened with each cargo ship taking up to 5 weeks to get to tonga. she expects this relief effort to be a lengthy one is this is going to be going on for months. >> although there's no communication with people living in tonga. there were other countries nearby that were affected coming up on kron, 4 news at 6. hear what
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one man on a boat in new zealand with through live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. football and the niners live to see another day in the playoffs after beating the cowboys yesterday. >> in dallas, niners are now going to be headed to green bay to take on the packers this weekend called for sports reporter katie joins us live with a recap of yesterday. and what to expect next, kate, this is exciting. we have a short week now. >> we do not to the forty-niners and thrilled about that part. but of course, they are thrilled to have survived and advanced and forty-niners fans are used to the kind of game we got yesterday, a nail-biter had plenty of them so far this season. yesterday's game against the cowboys was no exception. in most game of all, because this point literally came down the final second of the game. the forty-niners came out of the gates hot sand. they got up to people. talked to whole now need to that in a touchdown in the final minute of the 4th.
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>> stakes by both teams led to chaotic final sequence to help us drive is like the fall of the second go. but lay off in time, what ran out and the forty-niners punched their 3 se for decision here's what the post annual and rob lowe had to say after the game. >> it was kind of game kind of crazy and you know, i defense is really good. and they went out got to but the most through the roof. you don't say we just got a bit on his way to get ready for next week. whatever you got battle at the end like that. so it shows real team shows, you know, you look guys in the eyes and see who's in that moment ready for done. >> it's just going to do as well down on the road. you know, this isn't going to be easy going into lambeau. we know is going to be tough challenge for us, but we're ready for. >> lambo is never easy. it's set to be a high of 21 degrees that game times that are 05:15pm. now this is a rematch of week 3 when they take on the green bay packers at levi stadium. that was a perfect
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for the niners remake field goal as time expired after the niners and come back and of in the game. one votes to pay attention. if you're heading into >> the is that foreigners to both us into thick post remains in the concussion protocols. fred warner's the good news. he has a low ankle sprain. they are hopeful that youdll be able to practice and part the game on saturday. jimmy garoppolo also shoulder a lot of injuries lately. but this light rain. but he also is expected to practice and he should be able and go for game time on saturday grant, at least that's the plan right now. >> can play through pain. we know that and it's always fun. we can teach our little kids that we don't like the cowboys. so it was a good day yesterday. thanks, kate. live for us there. other football news, the raiders today have fired their general manager just days after that team's wild card loss in cincinnati. the raiders announcing today they've relieved mike mayock
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of his duties. mack is with the raiders for 3 years. according to reports, the raiders have already requested an interview with new england patriots director of player personnel, dave ziegler. the teams also looking for a head coach interim head coach rich bisaccia has reportedly already had a conversation with owner mark davis about removing that interim label. but we'll have to see what happens there in honor of civil rights leader doctor martin luther king junior, the 3rd monday in january. it's designated by congress is a >> national day of service. considered a day on not a day off our kron four's ella sogomonian shows us how a few local volunteers spent their morning. >> volunteers all over the bay area went out and did deed on monday in honor of. of service. most of helpers were high school students. oakland's mayor libby schaff
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says makes her proud lots to do today. >> and i hope everyone not only does something physical inactivity to celebrate. doctor maetin luther king today that reflects what his legacy means, the work that we still have to do over in nearby richmond, the bay hills church collected food donations that will be distributed worldwide. the effort called rise against hunger. but if it's those in need in regions, as far as central america. >> interesting about 10 years ago i was on a trip to costa rica and part of that trip. they took us to an elementary school and i had done this event before. and i rolled up to the school and they were telling us about the feeding program they have for the kids. want look at the boxes of food that they were distributing. it was rise against hunger. so i actually got to be on the front and seeing this from from 2.1 where we're putting the boxes together and then on the back and when the kids are actually getting the food in their stomachs and in palo alto, the oshman family jcc volunteers collected warm blankets for jewish seniors.
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>> organizers described it as a teaching moment for younger generations to learn to get back. and san francisco mayor london breed released a statement saying in part this year as we tackle the challenges that face us not only covid but racial inequities, social injustice and attacks on democracy. we must maintain those values of love and hope. at the center of everything we do for kron. 4 news, i'm ella sogomonian. >> president biden paid tribute to doctor king earlier today and the taped message the president pushed his voting rights legislation saying that americans must commit to kings unfinished work, continuing to fight for equal rights and protecting the sacred right to vote. in fact. >> doctor king was just one of those young people, 15 year-old student morehouse college when began his journey to fulfill the promise america for all americans. the promise it holds that we're all created equal and deserve to be treated equally throughout our lives. doctor king was in just a dreamer that promise he was a do or and on this
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federal holiday that honors him, it's not just enough to present must commit to his unfinished work to deliver jobs and justice to protect the sacred right to vote right from which all other rights law. >> and later kron 4 news, we'll have a live report from washington, dc on how lawmakers use the federal holiday to call for new voting reforms. that's coming up at 5.15. >> back in the bay area. police in pleasant hill are asking for the public's help finding a missing 15 year-old boy sees picture here. brandon abbott is a 5 foot 6, a 15 year-old. he's a little more than 100 pounds. they say brown hair, blue eyes. it's believed brandon vanished sometime between 10:00pm sunday and 09:00am today. anybody with information is asked to call police. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 5. investigation is still unfolding in texas after a hostage standoff at a synagogue over the weekend with authorities have arrested
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in connection to the suspect. plus, a live report next on the continuing battle to protect voting rights as the nation remembers doctor king today. >> and i'm rebecca strong in for lawrence karnow on this. a gorgeous a look at this. the sun setting here, we're seeing dry for the next week or so. and mild temperatures will be back with the complete what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste...
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>> doctor king would have turned 93 today and on this day as we remember the civil rights icon, the vice president is calling for action on voting rights. she urges the senate to pass legislation. kron four's washington correspondent basil john joins us now live with details on what she said today and what other lawmakers are fighting for. good evening, basil. >> well, green, good evening. and yes, the vice president other lawmakers say it would be in insult to what the late doctor martin luther king junior fought for if specially if this legislation does not pass. today, our freedom to vote is under assault. vice president kamala harris demands action to protect voting rights. anti voter laws are being passed. that could make it more difficult for as many as 55 million americans to vote. harris called on the senate to pass the freedom to vote act, to bolster voting by mail and prevent future voting
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restrictions. if we stand idly by. our entire nation, we'll pay the price for generations to come. we're tired of being patient. >> martin luther king, the 3rd wants the senate to act quickly. >> and roll back state laws that make it harder for many americans to vote. >> senators mansion sen sentiment, members of the senate. >> and the freedom john r lewis act. now. >> so far there is no republican support for the bill in sight and democrats would need to change senate rules to allow the legislation to pass with a simple majority. house speaker nancy pelosi says senators should not hesitate if you really true. i want to honor doctor king. don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse. >> now, the senate is expected to take up the voting rights legislation this week. but senators sinema and manchin have not changed their
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positions. reporting live in washington. i'm basil, john. >> so, basil, bottom line at this point is democratic leadership confident they can make this happen? get it done. >> well, it's hard to say whether they're confident they'll actually be able to get the legislation across the finish line. we do know that senate majority leader chuck schumer plans to bring it to the floor. but as i just said, when it comes to senator sinema and manchin, they are in support of voting rights legislation, but they are not in support of eliminating the filibuster. so if anything, this could be a vote putting it on the record for the american people to see these 2 democrats are not going along with the rest of the democrats in the house and the senate. >> they are fractured right now. okay. basil, john, live for us tonight in washington. appreciate that report. >> the fbi is now investigating this weekend's hostage standoff at a texas synagogue as terrorism. the agency said in a statement that the jewish community was targeted in the attack and it
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is now being handled by the joint terrorism task force. meanwhile, 2 teenagers have been arrested in question in great britain, though. it's not clear about their involvement. all 4 hostages they survive saturday's nearly 12 hour ordeal at congregation, beth israel in the town of colleyville. the suspect identified as 44 year-old malik act from. he was killed by the fbi during the standoff. he demanded the release of a pakistani neuroscientist suspected of having ties to al qaeda who was convicted of trying to kill u.s. army officers in afghanistan. that scientist is serving an 86 year prison sentence in fort worth. that's what gears here for a moment. we'll take a look outside a san francisco at that beautiful golden gate bridge into the water off in the distance. there. yeah. beautiful color there on >> as monday twilight, our doctor king's birthday, rebecca strom is in for lawrence tonight. we're back. it's a beautiful day out there
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and gorgeous. i mean, look at the sun setting right behind me, right? very picturesque. and really seeing mostly clear skies except for those high clouds. >> so that's what's keeping the visibility quite nice. does our camera in the east bay's own on top of the berkeley hills there showing us a nice clear shot all the way to the golden gate bridge towers there behind me that you can see. and yeah, it's been a gorgeous, sunny day around the bay area. very mild conditions. in fact, outside right now 50's and 60's. that's what we're seeing around the bay area. 59 degrees currently in downtown san jose. 58 along the east bay shoreline and alameda. 56 in downtown oakland, currently 60 degrees right here in downtown san francisco are seeing mostly 50's in the north bay right now, temperatures are going to hold pretty steady over the next couple of days. and the future cast for showing us all. so the dry conditions are going to be with us, though. we would be some of that rainfall. we saw just few tiny pop-up showers and some spots today, but mostly dry conditions. and you can see all those high clouds will be sticking with us throughout the overnight hours as we wake
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up into tomorrow, we will wake up to some fog around the bay area. so not going to be greatest, but things should clear out into the afternoon hours and then open up to where the temperatures quite mild again for the afternoon. again, we're going to see those 50's and those 60's returning to us now, are we going expect any for the next week or so in the forecast? we'll have all those details coming up a little bit later. the king. >> all right, rebecca, still ahead on kron, 4 news, one vaccine manufacture working on a single covid-19 vaccine flu and cole shot all combined. the latest developments coming. >> and keep hearing about a four-day workweek. but he's actually doing it. will take a look at the berry company that's
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>> a lot of people have today's holiday off giving them a 4. a quick one bay area tech company is implementing a shorter workweek permanent. and they want to inspire other companies to do just the same kron four's. sarah stinson has our story. >> at the start of the pandemic companies across the country had to adapt quickly and allow their employees to work from home like i'm doing right now. well, a tech company in san francisco is taking it a step further by implementing a permanent four-day workweek. >> it's not about trying to cram 5 days of working for days. it really is about transforming how you work fundamentally and really,
5:25 pm
closely prioritizing spending your time of the most fmportant impactful things. bolt is a one-click technology for people to use while shopping online old is the first checkout experience platform on the market. >> the tech company has 550 employees. the ceo ryan breslow launched a pilot program at the end of 2021. >> to see if a four-day workweek could be done successfully. we asked employees. >> should we continue this? you know, it was a pilot after all, a 94% of employees that absolutely. let's keep it going. it went into effect january of this year. 86 1% of the company says they feel more productive. it's easier to have those conversations about. do we really need to jump on the phone for an hour. need to have a zoom call about that. or can we just kind of go back and forth in maybe 5 minutes on the slack? there are dozens of companies across the country trying out a four-day workweek as a trial. this is even being discussed in washington with 100 lawmakers backing new
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legislation. >> that would reduce the modern day work week from 40 hours down to 32. the bill would not eliminate 5 day work weeks altogether, but require employers to offer employees overtime after 32 hours. do you think it's to really make sure that companies have flexibility in how it's applied? not all types of work is the so i think we'll have different models out there there that start to surface that people can leverage. the pandemic has made it extremely hard for companies to retain and find employees. supporters of a four-day workweek say this could help solve that problem. and that's proving to be true at bolt getting lead in requests. people asking if we're hiring it's definitely something that i think is going to be putting some pressure on other companies to try to at least give it a shot. >> as for the legislation in dc it hasn't moved forward since it was first introduced in july. but the people who work at bolt, believe this could be a trend will start to see among companies in the bay
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area reporting in san francisco, sarah stinson, back to you. >> all right, sarah. still ahead tonight kron, 4 news at 5 members of congress be banned from trading stocks. why it is seen by many as a conflict of interest. also today would have been betty white's one 100th birthday with her hometown is doing for america's golden girl. and a south bay organization was able to gather 100 volunteers to honor the life of doctor martin luther king junior. martin luther king junior. what they did to pay tribute when a truck hit my car, martin luther king junior. wthe insurance companyribute wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> tonight at 5.30, family members are in shock and grieving tonight after a berkeley native was pushed to her death in front of a new york city subway train over the weekend. according to reports, 40 year-old michelle willis ago was waiting for a subway train at the times square station saturday morning when a man just shoved her from behind. she was a cheerleader, an honor roll student at american high school in free much. she graduated from ucl a and 2000. 2. and then why use stern school of business in 2010? an arrest has been made in connection to goes death. police have identified the suspect as that man. 61 year-old simon marshall, who they say is homeless. as we continue to remember the life of doctor martin luther king junior in the south bay, the group, our city forest under king today by planting trees at a park in san jose prince charles. clifford was there and brings us the details.


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