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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 17, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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really nice one for starting off the weekend. maybe not even starting off the workweek. if you are off today, little bit of bright skies up above here, looking at the golden gate, the marine had winds in the distance. really beautiful conditions out there. i know a lot of people going to be venturing out on those hikes. and john, surround your backyard. now we are seeing some to the fog out in the central valley, but for the most part of the bay area's been free of that, we have seen just a couple of light sprinkles, mostly staying pretty limited to near the coastline. couple of drops of water. if that across some of our bridges elsewhere, it's going to be a dry day. just a few of those sprinkles to start the morning. that's first temperatures go. we're in the 40's and 50's right now. santa rosa, you were in the 30's, but temperatures are rising and are some clear conditions. you'rh now at 42 degrees. oakland at 51 bridge is pretty empty this morning, as you would expect on a holiday such as today, a lot of people not venturing out until later and i don't blame that's when the best weather will be. you can see a very empty bay bridge commute. san
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mateo bridge also looking really good. we just got some low cloud cover there. but that's not interfering with anything. richmond center fell has been empty all morning long, like or other bridges, phardly a car out there about to make your crossing to the west and also the golden gate bridge. beautiful morning. look at that. sunshine mixed with the clouds. got to love to see that, especially if you do have the day off. noel. thanks, john. >> well, love the forty-niners. they are going to continue to move on through the playoffs. now our top story they are taking on the green bay packers in the second round of the nfl playoffs after they pulled off a nerve wracking victory against the dallas cowboys yesterday. kron four's will tran joining us live this morning. i would say the highlights. he's going tell you it's the low he's a cowboy fan, cowboys fan. i'm fan through and through noel. there is bandwagon. >> why then a life. i'm sorry. why? why? why? why do you choose that life to be a
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dallas cowboys fan? well, because i'm loyal to my team. i know a lot of people in the newsroom. biggest bandwagon jumpers, no run on by their niners jersey is lifelong fans. >> we sadly name to it. a lot of people office and niners fans. i hope you're not because i know you're from los angeles, noel. so anything other than the rams, i might be side. i knew. so having said that, let's talk about the niners and what they did yesterday when they went in to big d and took care of business. let's show you nights because i am a cowboys fan and look at legend i knew things were bad right from the very beginning because they just punch the cowboys frightened and then deebo samuel late in the 3rd quarter. and zigzags comes right into. >> the end zone. at point, i thought it was over. i was texting people like john james fletcher, richard stutzman. it's over. it's a no. they might have been right after this. prescott ran into the
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end zone. the niners had a chance to run out the clock, but they did not begin to fall back to the cowboys from pressing them go. and then all of us and this will be a play with your highness fan or you guys will talk about will talk about year's to come dak prescott for reason, the coach of the cowboys decides that having rush right of middle slides. >> he tries to get back up. clock the ball and maybe do a hail mary, but not too late. time runs out everybody after the game. the you everybody, america scratching their ads, including the forty-niners asking what what? had just happened. >> those kind of game kind of crazy at the end. you know, i defense is really good. and they went out there. you've got to but the most through the roof. you don't say we just got a bit on his way to get ready for next week. whatever you got battle at the end like that. so it shows real team shows, you know, you look guys in the eyes and see who's in that moment ready for
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done. >> it's just going to do as well down on the road. you know, this is and it's not going into we know it's going to tough challenge for us, but we're ready for it. >> and he's absolutely right. lambeau field this saturday against aaron rodgers. they played aaron rodgers earlier this season and the packers, they won that game on a last-second field goal right now. the niners, they are heavy underdogs according to las vegas and looks like the niners our bowl the packers favorite to win by 6 points. more wait and see niners. a red hot winning was 6 of the last 7 will need that noel because the cop time temperature probably below 20 degrees. noel, i know you were talking a lot of smack when the dodgers play the giants from la tellme you're rooting for the rams and not like a lot of people in bay area news rooms running here and there is no, this is the there is no
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bigger place. newsrooms any city in america. i agree with you on that. i'm california through and through. and if you know, a los angeles team is in the running, i'm always going to go for the la team. i i'm giving you what you wish for. yes, i have not a bandwagon and i try not to be. so i respect you. >> for, you know, holding on to your dallas cowboys, it just has to hurt. i know. now that's why wearing and morning. yeah. all right. take that grief with thanks. well, we appreciate you. got the covid-19 news this morning. growing talk in the medical community that the covid-19 pandemic may soon be entering the endemic phase. doctors say an endemic. >> a viral infection means there's enough immunity of the population that hospitalizations are kept down to low levels. in the case of covid experts predict it will soon be managed. like the influenza governor gavin newsom's administration is predicting that could start happening in a month's time. we spoke to a local infectious disease expert about that
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prediction. >> there's incredible number of pieces of omicron in both unvaccinated and vaccinated. what that does is it exposes you to the entire virus and you develop antibodies t cells and b cells across the entire virus. we will not be likely masking contact tracing, doing asymptomatic testing. >> as infectious disease, doctors monitor the omicron surge around the world data from samples of wastewater in the bay area indicates the spread of omicron is declining. meanwhile, covid infections soaring again at nursing homes in the united states. unfortunately, deaths and cases are both up across the board. health officials are blaming the omicron variant for the setback, nursing homes reported a near record of roughly 32,000 cases. among residents in the week ending january night. they're also nearly 600, 50 deaths during that same period. despite the surge deaths are down from december of 2020. cdc says the
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improvement is because of 87% of nursing home. residents in the united states are now vaccinated. in the south bay, santa clara counties urging you not to go to the emergency room. if you need a covid test. health officials say emergency rooms throughout the county are very full. they've seen an uptick in people using the er for covid tests. it delays services for patients who need emergency care. so if you need a test, try and get one from a local pharmacy, something like that. don't go to the er. a new study has found a booster shot of the johnson johnson vaccine is highly effective in fighting omicron. the head of south africa's medical research council says the booster shots 84% effective in preventing hospitalization from omicron for one to 2 months after its received the study involved more than 477,000 health care workers who are vaccinated roughly half received the j and j booster among the participants. there were 30,000 breakthrough cases during this latest case. search. as we mentioned
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earlier, it is martin luther king junior day and we're taking time today to remember and honor him, doctor king's image and philosophy of nonviolence are known all over the world. and this morning we're taking a look back at his life's work accomplished months and the obstacles he faced. kaylee, a levee us has the story traveling back to 1955. the n double acp chose king to lead the montgomery bus boycotts that 13 month long protest led to a supreme court decision outlawing segregation on public buses in alabama. king was now seen as the face for the civil rights movement while fighting for equal rights. he was tossed in jail over 20 times. his house was firebombed and he and his family suffered relentless personal attacks. despite the adversity, doctor king traveled over 6 million miles to deliver. 2500 speech is one of those being his famous. i have a dream speech at the foot of the lincoln memorial in
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>> gaining the attention of millions. doctor king became the youngest man ever to receive the nobel peace prize in 1964. he was also an advocate for voting rights. doctor king ultimately compelled president lyndon b johnson to sign the civil rights act of 1964. as well as the voting rights act of 1965. sadly. 3 years later, doctor king was assassinated in memphis, tennessee, by james earl ray king's assassination did not raise his legacy, though. county middle school teacher, mister pinkard continues to teach doctor king's history in hopes of it living on frost walking in establishment. >> to be in class together to
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pray together, to study together and to see each other as people are not as individuals of a certain race or certain background. i think that's an amazing that needs to be. we need get mistress proper credit for for bringing that to our country. mister pinker says he wants his students to take away the message of peace, forgiveness and the need for justice. mister pinkard asked his students what life lessons they had learned and their answers were just what he hoped for. we are all people and all should be treated should treat people with respect no matter what. >> i mean, sure. people might be rude to me and make the best thing city. but one of my says is to forgive everything a person is done to you, which sounds hard. but really i can do that if i feel like there's something worth fighting for, i will fight for it. >> that was kaylie olivia's reporting for us. doctor king would have celebrated his 93rd birthday on saturday. there are several events happening
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across the bay area and celebration of doctor king day. a program entitled hope in the hour of homicide is going to be in oakland, starting at 11 o'clock this morning. speakers are going to address the issue of crime in the city and post solutions in san jose. the group our city forest is planning to participate in a day of service. they're going to be planting trees and plants and how your park they already started at 8.45. this morning. if you want to go join them, they're doing so right now up in richmond, the bay hills church, its packaging more than 10,000 meals so they can ship them to people facing world hunger are facing hunger all around the world that starts in about an hour in sonoma. people will be cleaning up the nathanson creek preserve, starting at 10 o'clock and the annual martin luther king junior breakfast in berkeley. that's going to be held virtually this year. it started just a bit all right. still ahead, some lawmakers not happy with the president's response to the pandemic. why they say >> his actions to combat the spread of the virus is lacking. and after the break,
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a new push for a four-day work week. we're going to show you and introduce you to a bay area company that already got a four-day workweek in place for a check in on how it's john, and we are seeing plenty of sunshine above sfo. now, brightening skies towards the latter part of the day, we did see a couple of sprinkles this morning near the coastline will speak comfortably. cool one in the 60's for the rest of it. i'm talking more your of it. i'm talking more your forecast account. when a truck hit my car, of it. i'm talking more your forecthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> welcome back. just about to be 9.15, here on this monday morning. a lot of folks have today off, of course, to to martin luther king junior day, meaning you're working a four-day workweek. but one bay area tech company has implemented a shorter workweek permanently and they want to inspire other companies to do the kron. 4 sarah stinson has a look. >> at the start of the pandemic companies across the country had to adapt quickly and allow their employees to work from home like i'm doing right now. well, a tech company in san francisco is taking it a step further by implementing a permanent four-day workweek. >> it's not about trying to cram 5 days of working for days. it really is about transforming how you work fundamentally and really with mostly prioritizing spending your time of the most important impactful things.
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bolt is a one-click technology for people to use while shopping online old is the first checkout experience platform on the market. >> the tech company has 550 employees. the ceo ryan breslow launched a pilot program at the end of 2021. to see if a four-day workoeek could be done successfully. we asked employees. >> should we continue this? you know, it was a pilot after all, a 94% of employees that absolutely. let's keep it going. it went into effect january of this year. 86% of the company says they feel more productive. it's easier to have those conversations about. do we really need to jump on the phone for an hour. need to have a zoom call about that. or can we just kind of go back and forth in maybe 5 minutes on the slack? there are dozens of companies across the country trying out a four-day workweek as a trial. this is even being discussed in washington with 100 lawmakers backing new legislation. >> that would reduce the modern day work week from 40
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hours down to 32. the bill would not eliminate 5 day work weeks altogether, but require employers to offer employees overtime after 32 hours. do you think it's to really make sure that companies have flexibility and how it's applied? not all types of work is the so i think we'll have different models out there. they're start to surface that people can leverage. the pandemic has made it extremely hard for companies to retain and find employees. supporters of a four-day workweek say this could help solve that problem. and that's proving to be true at bolt getting lead-in request. people asking if we're hiring it's definitely something that i think is going to be putting some pressure on other companies to try to at least give it a shot. >> as for the legislation in dc it hasn't moved forward since it was first introduced in july. but the people who work at bolt, believe this could be a trend will start to see among companies in the bay area reporting in san francisco, sarah stinson, back to you.
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>> as much as i like that idea, i have little anywhere anytime soon. john and i are ready to sign up, though. i think yeah, i will sign our names. kron wants to do a four-day thing. that will be cool. but four-day workweek for a lot of people know. well, as this martin luther king junior day. so that just means less people venturing out for a commute and more people venturing out hopefully to enjoy what will be some nice weather outside today. partly cloudy skies overhead and what we are seeing was a couple of sprinkles near the coastline. little bit less of that activity. but don't be surprised if you feel a couple of drops. that's about all mother nature's got for us as far as any chance of rainfall goes in this forecast, southern california is tapping into some more of that energy while the bay area we're sitting right between the jetstream being sent to our north and that system to our south. and that means we just got a partly cloudy sky today tomorrow and wednesday, skies clear out really nicely. that's the way we're going to stay the rest of the forecast. today's daytime highs will be really familiar. 50's and 60's
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for your peak temperatures later on san jose. among our warmer spots at 65 degrees. while antioch holding on to the upper 50's along with mill valley, you're look ahead at tomorrow. shows temperatures right around the same as today as we will remain through the weekend on into the start of next week. 40's for your lows, 60's for your highs. lots of sunshine. no rainfall just yet, although there could be a change of pace coming next week. now we have been seeing really clear skies on our bridges this morning and clear roadways out there, too. bay bridge looks very nice for monday commute spend lightly lately, anyways today, especially light san mate bridge. a little bit on the cloudy side, but things moving along at the limit there. as you make that crossing. as for the richmond center fell bridge also looking great. just some partly cloudy skies, but plenty of brightness making its way through specially love this view of the golden gate this morning. just been a beautiful morning to being out and about noel. thanks, john. >> nearly 2 years of disruption now caused by covid. it's resulted in a
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collective shift in people's relationships not only with friends and family, but with work and technology. jane king is in new york with that story. >> no doubt about it. the endemic has changed how we live ix ensure in its 15th annual fee or trends report filled 5 major changes that businesses and employees should adapt to as society evolves. the first trend is come as you are. the sense of people have begun to question who they are and what matters most to them. tools to creating opportunities for brands begin to reach out to people and say we recognize, see you define yourself as. >> and we're creating products and specifically to you. >> in addition, americans are ending abundance thinking with supply chain issues and concerned about the environment taking over. >> and that's raised this really this very fundamental around consumerism and the way michelle rights. >> and the members got a lot of attention in the past year. the new frontier of the internet will create new jobs and offers a new place to make
9:21 am
money. >> the men of us right now is a guess. whole number of different technologies and trends are going to come together in the same space and creates a really different environment for interactions. >> consumers are also getting used to having access to immediate information. accenture believes that trend will grow trust is super important. that provision of information when people are on to it and use as information that information, for example, like >> tell me if this product is, i think he saw tell me how long this technology is going to law school before it gets. we place. >> and care became an important part of people's lives last year. self care care for others channels to deliver care as well. >> we were looking all the evidence from other closely and we trying to understand what it is sending a son. chad, was the woods. they came up more any of the world that these 2000 design is why the way around the world?
9:22 am
>> accenture concludes with the great resignation brands will need to respond with new leadership models to meet people where they truly are today from new york. i'm jane king. >> coming up in the kron 4 morning news democrats came up short on their promise to vote on a senate rule change, right? tell you what's next for their plans to move the voting rights bill forward.
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>> 9.24 on this monday morning in national news, president biden and democratic leaders are pushing to take up a federal voting rights legislation when congress returns to dc tomorrow. democrats hit a roadblock in their plan to pass the bill last week when 2 members of their party said they didn't support changing the senate rules to get it done wiernicki has the latest from dc. >> good morning. the plan was to take up this bill today on martin luther king junior day. but because of yesterday's snowstorm here in d c impacting travel plans for lawmakers. the vote is now scheduled for tomorrow. >> the pressure is on for senate democrats to pass a federal voting rights bill. we have to do this. we all have to be reported at this moment in time about our where are we in protecting the right to vote? virginia democratic senator tim kaine said on cbs face the nation that the senate will take up the consolidated package. the house passed last week that would roll back new voting restrictions in red states. if
9:26 am
we do not. >> with everything that we've got. we will not heavy, but for it to protect south carolina, democratic congressman james clyburn told cnn that despite the odds not in democrats favor. >> he believes the bill will pass giving up. >> we're going to fight if we can get republican support for the bills. we have beautiful or democratic support. could we find a path to make some rules adjustments to pass? utah republican senator mitt romney said on nbc's meet the press that he doesn't support the bill because it goes too far. they feel that instead of elections being run at the state level, they should really be. >> managed and run at the federal level. and romney criticized democrats for trying to pass it alone. sadly, election a bill that the president has been pushing. i never got a call on that from the white there was no negotiation bringing republicans and democrats together. >> all 50 democratic senators are needed to change the
9:27 am
chamber rules. and right now senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema say they don't support it for now in washington, i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> coming up next on the proper morning news, another french bulldogs stolen from its owner in the bay area. we've got the plea from the victims for the pet safe return. we'll be right back.
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>> just about 29, 30 here on this monday morning. welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news. time for another check of your weather forecast with john triple. hey, john. hey there. well, it is definitely shaping up to be a really nice one. we're starting the day with some partly cloudy skies. but as you can see at the marine had winds and a little piece of the golden gate bridge, things still look also that we have fog out into the central valley. most of us across the bay have been pretty feet free from it. >> aside from a few low clouds hanging out with in the bay itself. we've seen a few sprinkles here and there mostly misty conditions to just a light shower. a lot of that activity has diminished in. so the rest of the day's going to be pretty smooth sailing, partly cloudy comfortably. cool, good weather to get back outside. i know a lot of people do you have today off now 40's and 50's for our current temperatures ahead of an afternoon in the 60's. now bridges this morning been nice and calm. we've been seeing some really up to bridges anyways. so today, just a little bit even more so the bay bridge looks great. no backup at the toll plaza. san
9:31 am
mateo bridge still sitting into those low clouds that i mentioned. but things are moving along just fine. richmond center fell a little bit brighter and an easy go as you make your way through the toll plaza. also a very beautiful start at the golden gate bridge. just looking at this one to savor that view. back to, you know, well. >> thanks, john. other french bulldogs stolen at gunpoint over the weekend in the bay area. it happened saturday night in castro valley as kron four's taylor bisacky reports the 15 month-old frenchie wasn't the only thing stolen. >> we hope care about it a little bit lower this. but him under the family of this 15 month old french bulldog named tito. >> holding back tears on sunday after 2 was stolen at gunpoint saturday night in castro valley. joshua, who didn't want to use his last name out of fear for his safety, says it happened around 05:30pm. he was home at the time and says his mother and grandmother were walking to tonir nor bridge lane when
9:32 am
5 armed men in a black 2019 kia niro as uv pulled up, hopped out in russia. his mom and grandmom. they took to, you know, and as their running backs one with a gun. >> turn around and saw my mom's purse around her waist around her shoulder and the manafort a purse to start that with her to get off of her. they all have back in the suv drove off along with the purse. >> joshua says the suspects got a hold of his mom's personal information. her id and car keys. just when you think things couldn't get any worse. joshua says the suspects described as males in their late teens early 20's found their home address in came back to steal his mom's car later on that evening. they actually came back and they took the car out of the driveway. the alameda county sheriff's office says >> the suspect stole the victim's 2019 mercedes c 63 around 9.45. saturday night. >> they say the suspects black. is also a reported stolen vehicle from the oakland police department and has been involved with several
9:33 am
other armed robberies, joshua and his family created this go-fund me page to help raise money for a reward fund to bring to go home. the first time we've ever had. >> i hit. he's been amazing. everything you could ask for. you know, care about anything if you have any helpful information, please contact the alameda county sheriff's office. >> and taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> hopefully they're able to get to toe back. we do have a happy ending to the story. we first told you about a few weeks ago, a cat it was stolen during a car break-in is now back home with her they say one year old man, a was found after a good samaritan notified the family that they found her. the cat's owners were visiting san francisco from southern california when someone broke into their suv in the cow hollow neighborhood and took the cap. the couple says after getting the news that the cat had been found, they jumped in the car, drove
9:34 am
back up here from southern california to reunite with her. one person is dead. 2 others hospitalized following a crash near sonoma happened around 11, 15 yesterday morning along highway one. 16. you're near a watt mott road. chp says the crash happened after a driver tried to pass a number of cars by crossing into oncoming traffic. the driver has been identified as 24 year-old man, sec alexander of nevado. police say he hit 2 cars before colliding head-on with a ford f one. 50. this and older teen riding alexander's car died. but alexander and another teen were taken to the hospital with major injuries. alexander has been arrested on suspicion of felony dui. in san francisco. the city is getting ready to celebrate the chinese new year is the year of that hiker this year. events to celebrate. >> begin on february 1st over the next few weeks, crews are going to be out cleaning up san francisco's chinatown district, the dragon gate at
9:35 am
granton bush streets is being power wash. potholes are being repaired and crews are also going to be removing litter painting over graffiti and steam cleaning the sidewalks, the city's chinese new year parade will take place on february. 19th. turning now to our covid-19 coverage this morning. private health plans are now required to cover over the counter covid-19 tests and the biden administration has plans to start shipping at-home tests for free this wednesday. but some lawmakers say they're frustrated with the president's pandemic response. reshad hudson has the story. >> president biden is taking heat from members of his own party about the white house's response to the omicron surge. >> we didn't have enough equipment. we didn't have enough. >> testing ohio democratic senator sherrod brown says he understands concerns many americans are having trying to find an at-home covid test. my own families had trouble getting enough tests for their their children. 5 senate
9:36 am
democrats went as far as to send this letter to the white house. they complain of long lines at testing sites and want answers about the white house response to omicron. >> and plans for responding to future variants republicans like west virginia. senator shelley moore capito say the white house has simply dropped the ball. the availability of tests is critical. the administration should have known this, but brown says there's plenty of blame to go around. got produce smart that's on both political parties that won the last 2 presidents in the last 2 congresses. capita says congress has already provided billions for testing for some reason. >> the administration has pulled back on this. the biden administration rejects it is not doing enough on testing. >> i'm directing my team to procure an additional half of additional 500 million more test to distribute for free. >> reporting in washington, rashad hudson, back to you. >> in the east bay, oakland is going to soon require people
9:37 am
who are 12 years and older to show proof of covid vaccination to enter indoor businesses them and it's going to take effect on february. 1st, you'll start seeing notices on business is alerting customers of the change this week at fx restaurants, concert venues, gyms, museums, people 18 and older should be pre ared to show their id so it can be cross checked with your vaccination card. tennis star novak djokovich is back in serbia after being deported from australia. 3 judges in an australian court upheld the decision to cancel the tennis star's vista, making him unable to defend his australian open title. is not vaccinated and he was trying to use a medical exemption to get around the requirement that everyone at the australian open be vaccinated. the government said his presence could stir up anti-vaccine sentiments. the tennis star says he's disappointed by the decision, but he does respect it. coming up, more sports news forty-niners clenching that wild card spot over dallas
9:38 am
last night. we've got all the highlights how they did it after the break. >> plus, the message from the irs. get your taxes done early. it could be delays this year on the refunds. we've got the details of the break.
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> for your money this monday morning, the irs is encouraging you to file your
9:41 am
taxes early because refunds are going to take a little longer to process this year. the agency says most refunds are usually issued within 21 days of your return being filed, but delays are expected this year for several reasons, including staffing shortages and covid related tax changes that take time to verify opting for direct deposit is the fastest way to get your return. of course, tax filing season opens next week on january 24th, the deadline, april 18th. analysts say you can expect higher gas prices across the united states as warmer weather starts to move in. projections put prices up starting on super bowl sunday all the way through memorial day with a $4 national average, a decline in production and political instability in some foreign nations. also playing a factor in these higher prices here in the bay area. hopefully they don't get too much higher because we're already way above $4. san francisco a gallon of gas is going to cost
9:42 am
you $4 in $0.82 there. over in oakland, a gallon is $4 and $0.73 in san jose. for 75 and in sandra fell spore dollars and $0.78. stick with us. the kron 4 morning news continues after the break.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> 9.44 here on this monday. and of course, we dealt with
9:45 am
the tsunami advisory over the weekend here in the bay area. it was all due to a massive volcano eruption in the time. the islands. now, geologists there are learning more about that massive volcano. they were capturing and observing huge plumes of ash gas and steam rising from the eruption that actually started friday. images released by the time geological service is show a 3 mile wide column from the eruption. communications do remain cut off on the island. many believe a tsunami caused by that eruption cause some significant damage on the island there. so hopefully comtunications can be restored. >> in the near future. >> here and the on the east coast we had, they are dealing with some serious winter storm activity. it's impacting travel, both on the roads and in the skies. nearly 80 million people are under some sort of winter weather alert right now. according to flightaware dot com. more than 3,000 flights have been
9:46 am
canceled already across the country this morning. right now, flight aware, showing 13 cancellations of flights going from sfo to the east coast. so if you have plans to get out to the east coast today and maybe even tomorrow you're gonna wanna expect a potential cancellation or if anything? i'm a delay. jon troubles got a look at our forecast here at home, which a little nicer than over the of leigh. very come for sure, noel. we've got just a couple of sprinkles near the coastline this morning. aside from that, though. >> nothing like what we're seeing out in the east coast. it's just going to be another mild and dry day ahead of us. partly cloudy skies above half moon bay. right now, a look at the radar does show a couple of those green spots more so to the south of the bay area. la, we'll see some more light showers today. where is the bay area? a sprinkle or 2 here? and there a few misty spots. that's about all we've gotten staying pretty limited towards near the coastline, partly cloudy skies throughout the course of the day today. we're going to be looking at
9:47 am
tomorrow being a clear day and after that wednesday and the rest of the week, beyond that point, also staying nice, clear and dry. so scooting our way through this week, much like we did last week with this break. this mid-winter break from the rain that we saw during much of december 50's and 60's for your highs and san francisco along the coastline today. it will be pretty solid 60's elsewhere across the bay with the santa clara valley. yet again, our warmer spot with both san jose and campbell at 65 degrees. east bay numbers mostly in the low 60's oakland at 61 from concord over to antioch and up to vacaville. we'll all be in the upper 50's much like at the coastline. tomorrow's temperatures very much like today. some upper 50's to low 60's. that's where we're staying all the way through this forecast. plenty of sunshine and dry skies all the way through. now. bridges this morning been nice and quiet bay bridge, notably being absent of any sort of backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's the way it had been
9:48 am
during the peak of your commute as well. san mateo bridge. it is martin luther king day. and of course, that means alike commute we've already had are going to be just a little bit lighter yet. not a lot of people making their way there. definitely nothing to slow things down. richmond center fell bridge nice and bright looking at a few cars and the golden gate bridge. my favorite view this morning, a little bit of speckled cloud cover up there and bright skies pushing through with that low gray noel. thanks, john. >> forty-niners are off to a successful playoff run after upsetting the cowboys in the wild card round. game was pretty wild at the end there kron. 4 sports director jason dumas shows us how the niners came out on top. >> well, the niners made it harder than it had to be. but at the end of the day, you don't get anything extra for style points. a win is a win. let's go to jerry's world in. check out how it all went down. there's a jimmy garoppolo. take it in while you can. this is likely his final year with the forty-niners and the niners offense came out on fire house
9:49 am
and him really called a great game. >> mitchell and also he gets the niners on the board. first on that run. now the niners added a couple field goals over the next 2 drive to make it 13. nothing. the cowboys finally got it going in the second dak prescott to amari cooper. it's 13 to 7. it was 16, 7 at the 3rd quarter, bad debt picked off by juan williams. who was beaten by cooper on that touchdown that you just saw. so redemption for him. i love those teams. celebrations that set up this deebo samuel continuing his mvp like season around the and cut back. 26 yards later. the niners are up. 23 7 and you're thinking this is going to be around. but in the for the second, know what i like to play like this overthrows anthony brown. it intercepted by anthony brown overthrows travis benjamin return to the
9:50 am
28 yard line. and dallas turned it into points. prescott escapes the pocket. he's nothing but green. that's a 5 yard touchdown. and we have ourselves a game. all of a sudden just like now 14 seconds left this final sequence while debt. want to step up and scrambles. see that clock, though, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick instead of giving it to the ref. what you're supposed to do, he gives it to a center. who has to put it back on the line and and don't get the spike all in town in time. i'm sorry. the forty-niners. they head out the green bay next week for the divisional playoff round. they play saturday night 5.15, local time after they beat the cowboys. 23 to 17. all right. the warriors last stretch of their road trip there in minnesota taking on the t wolves. late in the second warriors down 7 klay thompson.
9:51 am
thompson said if you're at it, 13 points for clay dubbed within 4. that is a minute later warrior down 8 jordan poole. nice to have to kind of thing coming to make it in 19 points coming off that 25 point effort in chicago, he's grown up before our eyes. france bad backs out here. karl anthony-towns gets the rebound. >> he had a big game guess what? warriors lose one 19 to 99. a boat force one in 3 on the road trip. they need some home cooking. they're back in action tuesday against detroit. >> college ball. there's the tara vanderveer. stanford taking on utah. lexi hall. she was in her bag on 9 hits the corner 3 there he had. 21 more for she misses it. cameron brink. she gets the rebound and the put back. 24 11 for cameron. stanford wins. 83 73, the host cow all friday.
9:52 am
>> that was jason dumas, us reporting for us. the warriors are going to play the pistons tomorrow here at home. tip off, set for 07:00pm want have a key player after losing 5 of the last 7 games. the warriors are going to be without draymond green for at least another 2 weeks. dream on left the game against the cabs earlier this month. yet some soreness in his calf. since he's been evaluated, that soreness was actually tied to a desk in his lower back team says their medical staff is going to continue to monitor him. he'll be reevaluated in 2 weeks. and the raiders their season is over it's saturday after they lost to the cincinnati bangles. they were behind the whole game. >> they did try to rally right before halftime to make it close. but in the end, the raiders lost their opportunity to score in the final seconds. final score was 26 to 19 bengals winning cincinnati.
9:53 am
this is the first time they've won a playoff game and 31 years. so we know they're hyped raiders fans and the raiders players, course, watching postseason from home will be right back after the break.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> 9.55. and we are just about done here on the kron 4
9:56 am
morning news. but they never stop over at kron on ella sogomonian standing by in the newsroom. she's got a preview of what they're working on morning l a good morning. noel monday parks martin luther king junior day and there are many 7 events happening across the bay area to honor doctor king's legacy. we're going to be live at one of them. >> plus, today would have been betty white's. one 100th birthday will be speaking with a bay area. animal shelter about how they're celebrating rights, lifelong fight for animal rights to see that interview and get real-time updates on local and national headlines. just take your phone scan that qr code on your screen and we'll take you straight to the app store so you can download kron-on for free. we'll see you there. thanks. l a >> one last look at the 7 day forecast before we say goodbye this morning. we've got a little bit of cloud cover, right? john cloud cover today. we had a couple of sprinkles out there earlier. but skies clear out really nicely for the rest of the week. notice not a lot of things changing here in the upper 50's to low 60's all the way through this
9:57 am
one. it is a dry forecast well into the weekend next week could bring some changes, though. that would finally take us back to some winter weather in the meantime, just enjoy all this sunshine that we're be seeing. and if you do have the day off today, certainly enjoy it as well. definitely get outside. enjoy that s and that's going to be peaking out. thanks for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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