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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 15, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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with breaking news. >> we continue to follow the latest out of texas tonight. we're all the hostages are now free after an hours long standoff at a synagogue. we're also getting reports from our colleagues on the scene that the suspect is dead. >> this scene unfolding this morning 8 o'clock pacific time at the beth israel synagogue in colleyville, texas, which is about a 30 minute drive outside of dallas. the suspect who authorities heard not identifying at this time reportedly took hostages during their morning service which was being live streamed on facebook. fbi negotiators from quantico in virginia were called in to help convince the suspect try to release those hostages. >> there are no details being released right now in the events leading up to the hostages being released or how the suspect was killed. the fbi did report that the hostage takers demands were not connected to the jewish
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community. again, all the hostages are alive and safe tonight and the suspect is dead. we will stay on top of the story for you. during crawford is a prime time tonight. >> another big story we are following this saturday night at 9 o'clock after a daylong tsunami advisory. the national weather service has now called off a tsunami advisory for all of northern california, including us here in the bay area. this is kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. thanks so much for joining us. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. that announcement force mayor of beaches to close. some even had. >> evacuation orders in place and it all started with this massive explosion from an underwater volcano. >> the south pacific overnight near the island nation of tonga. >> here's a look from a satellite and you can see just how large this explosion became. and we do have team coverage across the bay area tonight taking a look at the effects we have seen from this tsunami advisory that has been canceled will start in the east bay are people who live in the berkeley marina were forced to evacuate this morning.
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>> stephanie hawley man woke up to the sounds of berkeley. police demanding about 115 people living in the marina to evacuate 3 foot waves and strong currents were expected at around 07:30am, in the morning following the tsunami advisory. i grabbed my dog. i mean, my crocs. i don't havn socks police officers. caution, people against getting too close to the water, but visitors were still allowed to use the trails and walkways some witnessing strong sudden all water went out for just a few minutes. very fast. >> and then within the next 2 or 3 minutes, it all came back in again. not quite as fast, but that was that was at least at this particular served. the evacuation order was limited to the marina boats, docks and shoreline. those working or living on higher ground were not impacted. history taught us you know, it's an army comes through. it can cause a
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lot of fortunately, there have been no reports. >> of damage or injuries. it's something that we all need to be watchful and vigilant about any live near coastline. i realize now i have go to bed just because earthquakes are going to come. i don't have a go to bag. so looks >> 6 hard drives on my boat. a reminder we all need to be prepared for anything in berkeley. believe >> this afternoon at sandburg oreo state beach in san mateo county. just after noon, deputies responded to the beach after a call that 2 men were seen drowning. deputies say that one of them inward knee deep in the water trying to pull the second man who was unconscious out of the water. one of the deputies got into the water to help pull the man to safety. medics took that second man to the hospital to get treated. >> a similar scene in san francisco beaches close there today. waves are pounding the rocks and spilling on to sidewalks and streets. people
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living in or near marinas were told to go to higher ground. but so far there have been little reports of any damage. >> meanwhile, in santa cruz, police there say that the beaches are back open tonight. they were close throughout the day like so many other areas because of that tsunami threat. but once again, the beaches in santa cruz once again back open. they reopened this evening at 6 o'clock. other news tonight from the north bay marine county say they saw anywhere from 2 to 3 foot surges, even a dot damaged in richardson bay. the county says they did not issue any evacuation warnings or orders, but emergency officials say that this tsunami advisory was a drill to make sure that we're ready to go. kron four's gayle ong continuing our team coverage. >> county emergency crews spent the day monitoring the surges that richardson bay, the strong currents following a large underwater volcanic eruption near the tonga islands friday night. the county sheriff's department was notified just after
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05:00am saturday morning alerting to the tsunami advisory. we've got some people together, matt and started coming up with a game plan for placing people throughout the county and then also just alerting residents. we've got really busy this morning. the national weather service issued the advisory for the coast of california, including parts of the bay area. this is something like we've never seen before with an underwater volcanic eruption, creating the displacement of water and ultimately the tsunami that's impacting u.s.. saturday was not a day for surfers, swimmers, boaters and by standards on the beach, that surge can round up the beach really fast and catch you off guard and sweep you out to sea easily. in this case. what makes it so dangerous, especially in the events like this? >> isn't necessarily the height and inundation. it's the it's the sheer surge of the water and all of the water moving the water moving around. richardson bay, one doc was damage in the greenwood cove area. and tipper on the surge is happening in conjunction with high tide bolinas lagoon saw
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surges at about 3 feet high marin county did not issue any evacuation warnings or orders. but the county sheriff's office says this event serves as a reminder to know your evacuation routes, which way would you go if there you know, an actual tsunami. >> that posed a risk that we haven't during evacuation orders. just take a look. you know, just like fire season. have your go bag ready. have your important documents in a place where you can grab them. >> and getting your vehicle only that you have to get safe to do so. >> gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> kron 4 0st told you about the tsunami advisory through the kron. 4 and kron on apps. there. you can find the very latest on the tsunami advisory, the status on bay area beach closures and reopenings as well as the latest storm tracker. 4 current forecasts for your neighborhood. just download it for free in the google play or apple store. >> let's talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside here in san francisco. the top of the sales force tower on the sunday night is lit up in red
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and gold for the forty-niners and their big game tomorrow. so i come from meteorologists were breece around riggins here tonight, too. >> get you ready for the start of your sunday. and we're still tracking which areas still under those tsunami advisories tonight. yeah, that's right, jonathan. just enough. obviously the san francisco bay area coastline, even the monterey county coastline. >> no longer under a tsunami advisory. but for the central coast beaches, we are tracking from san luis obispo county all the way into santa barbara county. still tracking that threat of dangerous rip currents. so stay away from the coastline throughout tonight. >> wouldn't be surprised if it expired within the next half hour to hour or so. but >> taking a look at stormtracker 4. we're seeing some changes out there with some showers off the coast. >> trying to make its lee inland in the bay area. so not just off the pacific waters, but even just to our south over monterey county, seeing some light scattered showers there really just coming down is drizzle. so not going to
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help us that much with our drought deficit. but i wouldn't be surprised if we did notice some drizzle or sprinkles making its way into the bay area throughout tonight. overall, looking like a fairly dry forecast. and right now we are seeing clear skies and clear conditions for the most part, but we will notice an increase in cloud cover throughout the bay area as that storm to our south brings us is increasing cloud cover and cooler temperatures for the 2nd half of our weekend. widespread 40's and 50's. really it's like the tale of 2 cities out there at the bay area cut in half one, half in the mid to upper 40's. the other half in the low to mid and upper 50's right now. pacifica 58 degrees. check out napa though. 44 degrees about a 15 degree difference the airfield. 39 degrees with mid 40's throughout most of the valleys in petaluma in oakland. 52 degrees as you step outside for your saturday night. so when tracker for it tracking fairly calm winds winds out of the north and east throughout your morning. turning more into westerly
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flow by your sunday afternoon at around 20 miles per hour less. but as you can see, little changes side and that increase in cloud cover. temperatures cooling down for the 2nd half of the weekend. little change for your martin luther king junior day monday, but we are expecting to see dry conditions. find out if any rain is heading our way in our full forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. jonathan. just seen. >> humor, brees said the annual homeless census in the bay area will be delayed a little more than a month because of covid concerns. in a statement, alameda county officials are saying they have moved the count to february 23rd contra costa, san mateo and santa clara counties have also moved their counts back to february. 24th. similar statements were issued in los angeles and san diego. authorities canceled the 2021 head count during last year's covid winter surge. the last homeless head count was in january of 2020. >> the golden state is now considering a new guaranteed income program for some cal state students. a $500 monthly
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stipend would be given to students whose family income is in the bottom 20% up to 14,000 students could be eligible for the program right now lawmakers are considering 2 different yearlong pilot plans. the 57 million dollar plan involving 3 campuses. the second would come with an 87 million dollar price tag and would cover 5 campuses. some of the schools under consideration include cal state la san francisco state cal state east bay, san jose state and cal state fresno. speaking of state colleges, undergraduate enrollment at california colleges has dropped by nearly a quarter million students since prepandemic numbers in the fall of 2019. a new report from the national student clearinghouse shows that the golden state saw an overall decline of more than 99,000 students or drop of more than 4.3% from the fall of last year to the fall of this year 2021, i should say that decline was largely driven by
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nearly 10% drop at community colleges. california saw the 8th largest percentage drop in community college enrollment in the country ahead tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. we continue our tsunami advisory coverage. >> including the water rescues that had to be performed because of folks getting swept out in the highways. >> then why democrats in congress are getting frustrated with the biden administration's response to omicron. that's next.
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>> let's get another check of our 4 zone forecast we take a live look over it as a foe. >> our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now at the forecast city hall there. right behind you. lit up in red and gold for the niners tomorrow. what's the weather will be like for their big game? i know because we're just not tracking any big game. it's the wild card game and it's not just any rival, but are bitter rivals the cowboys. so let's take a look at what we can expect in dallas as the forty-niners. and over to the lone star state. and we're going to see the games start at one 30 for your sunday afternoon. temperatures starting out in the low 50's eventually warming up into the mid-fifties going to track a lot of sunshine and calmer winds out there in dallas. so great news for the forty-niners and daytime highs for bay area forecast. we're about 6 degrees above average for downtown san francisco in livermore as well. warning up to 63 degrees when we should be in the mid 50's. but the
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winner today, san jose 40 with 70's today warming up to 68 degrees for your saturday afternoon when you should be in the low 60's. so hope you enjoyed that spring-like forecast today. radar for though, going to see some changes of cooler cloudier forecast on tap for the 2nd half of the weekend. seeing some showers off the coast and down to our south in monterey county. going to bring us some possible sprinkles for us here in the bay area. traces amount, if any, as you can see by futurecast for dry and cloudy conditions for the most part throughout tonight and even into your sunday afternoon. so expect to see more clouds and sun. and with that cooler temperatures bringing us back to near seasonable averages. temperatures out there right now. we're seeing quite the contrast. mid 40's for santa rosa. napa at 44 degrees. but check out half moon bay still flirting with 60's at this 9 o'clock hour at 58 degrees. so tracking about a 15 degree difference out there right
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now. very unique microclimate forecast. but we're going to see low to mid 40's for most of the bay area. tonight, santa rosa cooling down to 41 degrees a little bit milder than along the san francisco peninsula. 47 degrees from downtown san francisco all the way into mountain view as well. but take daytime highs tomorrow near average upper 50's to low 60 62 degrees of peace for redwood city and san jose with downtown san francisco. 58 degrees as is the nap, a degree cooler at 57 degrees. but little change for the extended forecast. looking great for your long holiday weekend outlook martin luther king junior day is on monday even though his birthday is today, right, jonathan? i think his daughter tweeted that that case birthday today. it would have been 93. 0, wow. okay. amazing. so thanks for the heads up there. but we're going to see though, dry weather but could see some changes, though. >> in the extended forecast at the end of this month, possible rain returning. but from now, until then looking like a dry outlook, jonathan,
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just team back to you. all right, marissa, thank you. tonight, authorities in new york city are trying to piece together. >> a deadly incident where someone was pushed on to the subway. that suspect is in custody. but this is just the latest in a series of violent attacks on the city's subway system. reporter stacy-ann gooden has more. >> this was a senseless absolutely senseless act of violence. >> reaction tonight to another violent incident underground. the timing was deadly, right? is the southbound r train pulled into the station here in times square. police say that's when a homeless man pushed the woman in front of the train to her death. the incident sent fear and shock waves through the only time i safe on the cup where it lands on a train track in one eye for the cops eric. i didn't have a lot of work to do. it was around 9.30, saturday morning. the victim, a 40 year-old woman. >> who lives right here in manhattan was waiting for our
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train at her normal stop strap hangers on the platform at the time could not believe what they witnessed. another act of violence underground almost immediately the focus shifted and the blame game cannot believe. >> this poor asian woman be pushed to death. gabby was on the he's uk being said is going to be new day. this is eric adams out. he's about. >> the man who got to clean it up, move all the film from the train station because it happening to some of the 4th pix. 11 was there when mayor eric adams showed up to the scene to see what happen firsthand. this comes almost a week after adams and governor kathy hochul announced a new transit safety plan. it includes getting the homeless population. they help they need and having more police officers rotate in and out of the system on a daily basis. already thousands of officers are assigned to you're in the
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subway system, but some strap hangers believe it's still not enough. and as far as the plan right now, the plan we announce we executed immediately and we often look, look at a case like this. >> and we don't really acknowledge how many lives we say because we executed that plan. we're going to continue to modify. we will continue to enhance in the days to come into. we can ensure every passenger in his system is safe. >> stacy-ann gooden reporting tonight. novak djokovich is back in courts to find out if he'll be allowed to play in the australian open. the decision from court on the way. but first, we will be speaking with seismologist doctor lucy jones about the tsunami advisory that was in place across the bay area and much of >> the west coast of california today. so how rare is that? and what lessons can we learn from today? we'll ask her those questions when we come back.
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>> it is something straight out of a sci-fi movie, a humanoid robot that is very, >> very realistic. but it is still a very long way from a terminator rich demuro talks with i'm mika in tonight's tech smart. >> here in eureka park. this is a ways away from the convention center. this is where smaller start-up show
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off their stuff. and i've heard about this humanoid robot that looks super realistic. i think it's in no, i've never really figured out the boot system here, but it says it's at food. 62,000, 502. this poor gives you an idea of just how much there is to see on this one floor. cocoa parks, tiny coaching welco but no, mika. >> think i see over here. we definitely found it. and you can always tell when something is interesting when there's a large crowd of people around and car, can you see me? so what do you think about us? humans? >> do not actually be. or want anything at all? if i could feel i am.
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>> happy to be here. have we all seen this movie where something goes terribly wrong? well, i'm okay with that. that anything to nothing to worry about that the sort of robots that can looks more like robots like she doesn't really like that when you are very close and you can the robot is very fluid in its movements and also its expression. can you show us your range of motion? a lot of people interested in you at the show this year. recognize expressions. body language is poses wet gaza. that was
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amazing. you never know. which idea here might just become the next big thing like this flying electric car, which is why i love coming to this show. >> in las vegas, i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> very cool. coming up on have your full bay area weekend forecast and what you can expect for those of you heading out to for the long holiday weekend. stay tuned.
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>> we'll go back now to our coverage of the tsunami advisory is officially over was effect, though, for many hours through much of the bay area today. and while it seems damage was pretty limited, it was not without its dangers. there have been several water rescues performed throughout the day today as a result of high surf and strong tides. we've seen that started around 7.30, this morning. barco has the details. a advisory force, emergency crews to close all san francisco beaches and coastal point saturday morning. >> parts of the bay area saw between one to 3 foot ways. the conditions were so powerful at kelly's cove, a surfer's board broke and crews had to search and rescue the person. the san francisco fire department says that the highest danger associated with
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these conditions is a strong rip currents. this could actually pull a grown adult into the water and you can become a victim. >> which nobody wants to be throughout the day. park rangers didn't allow cars on ocean beach. >> or at the marina parking lots out of an abundance of caution. if the water got too high. well, later saturday morning, san francisco moved into what is called the green status. officials notify people that the conditions wouldn't flood any homes or businesses, but that people should avoid going in the water. >> however, just 12 miles south of san francisco waves rocked pacific. a strong currents caused for some minor flooding on the boardwalk. now, while the damage was minimal and san francisco officials remind people of what you should do in case of a tsunami advisory. >> for example, stay away from the beaches, piers or docs. you know, there's so many things in san francisco that you can do and are they going to the beaches? we have amazing parks that are inland.
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>> we have a safe streets and slow streets throughout san francisco. officials also ask that you avoid driving during these times. >> to keep the roads open for emergency vehicles. if you are in a safe area, stay there. but if you are on the beach corp here and could not evacuate, call 911. >> in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> so we are taking a deeper dive into what happened. but we want to find out more like why it happened and what's being done to protect us. so for answers to our questions tonight, we're being joined live by seismologist doctor lucy jones. thank you for joining us here on kron 4 tonight. >> good to be here tonight. thank you. so the last time we had any type of tsunami advisory in the bay area was in march of 2011, there was an earthquake in japan. and what followed were these huge waves that did almost 20 million dollars in damage to santa cruz. there's a lot of flooding in that area. that was more than a decade ago.
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how rare are these type of events or the becoming more frequent? >> they're not becoming more frequent and there's their random. so there's a very ability to it. but about once a decade, think back. we also that was the 2004 indonesian tsunami did not do a lot here. go back to the 60's. we had a couple of events, both chile and alaska. so you know that once a decade as it is that general average that we see them around the world. >> so talk a little bit about this underwater volcano that triggered all of this. we know that this erupted under water, triggering these massive waves. these the tsunami advisory. how does this all work and what are some of the lessons that we need to take away from this as we move forward? >> okay. well, the fundamental of a tsunami is something changes the shape of the seafloor and that moves the water out of the way. just like if you, you know, drop the rock in your bath tub that that would push the water
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around spreads out across the ocean. you have to move a lot of water for it to cause and effect on the other side of the pacific. it's either one of these really great earthquakes like in 2011 where, you know, the the firm fault actually moved over 200 feet during the earthquake. so a huge amount of water was displaced. or some of these very, very eruptions can do this. in this case, it was a submarine volcano, very active volcano that grows explodes. 6 backup below the water level occasionally has some small islands. you can see it in the symmetry as a as a cold air from the previous times that it's exploded. the last time it exploded in huge eruption was probably about 1000 years ago about 1100 ad. it, in fact, has been having smaller options since about 2000, 9. the current unrest began back in december. and we were
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seeing small events coming on and get, you know, gas is coming out and a steam from the ocean. and then it finally culminated in this very explosive event that blew out a lot of material. caused the island that was there to disappear. it's gone somewhere underneath. and so you're getting slumping down across the seafloor. the details are going to be studied by the, you know, the scientists over weeks and months to determine exactly but something big change in the shape of the volcano and because it was under water that displaced all the water that was there. now, the reports also say that the original explosive event was extremely large with a very large sonic boom that was actually heard in new zealand, which is about 1300 miles away. so and and could be recorded on gauges here, you know, across north america as well. so that that sonic boom,
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the original explosion was really a brockton, really, really large. and that seems to have generated a lot of moved out. a lot of the water. now the tsunamis have continued. i mean, that the disruptions, the waves have been continuing. most of the day, 8. that's advisories have been canceled for most of the coast at this point. but i think there is still a piece like around santa barbara that might still be having ongoing fluctuations and in water level. and that's probably there's a cup of the nation of, you know, when you move the water out, it bounces around off of things. there's lots of echoing but also potentially that the eruption was not something that just happened at the second of that big explosion that we all heard that was but rather probably continued over the hours continuing to push material through the ocean and displace more of the water. so the tsunami advisories have all been the tsunami advisories have all been canceled for the bay area. and most of >> the california coast. are
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you surprised that something that far away and this type of seismic event had this type of impact on us here in the bay area. now, i mean, i think that >> it's one of the things that is an earth scientist we get used to is that there are things that happen on geologic time, which is very rare by human time. but eventually one of them is going to be happening. and we have seen these type of very large explosions creating tsunamis. >> around the world before. >> and if you know anything that has happened can happen again. >> so doctor, lucy jones, before we go, are we gonna have a big earthquake this year? and if i can tell you that i'd be a lot richer than i am. what i can tell you is what probably almost certainly have a magnitude 5 in california because it be a very rare year that did not have a magnitude 5. >> magnitude 6 is pretty likely to whether it's in a place that affects people. that's now is my next question where where is this going to be happening? wish i could
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tell you that, you know us and we do rates. we can say that volcano goes once every 1000 years. our magnitude 7, sir, once a decade somewhere in the state. doctor, lucy jones, thank you for joining us here on kron 4 tonight. thanks for having me. so we first told you about the tsunami advisory and that being canceled through our kron 4 and kron on apps. that's where you can find the latest information. >> and also get details on if bay area beaches are going to be closed on sunday or monday as well as the current weather forecast in your neighborhood, you can download those apps right now for free. >> we're going to go into a crystal ball. so the next time we talk to her, she can have some more definitive answers there. a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight as we wrap things up on this saturday, folks out and about enjoying some. shenanigans on a saturday night going out. >> and big niner game tomorrow got to stay home. rest up. you know, people got to get party started a little early deal with that raiders lost to.
9:37 pm
drinking your sorrows away on i'm sure a lot of raiders fans pretty upset about that tonight. unfortunately, wish they one would have been great to see them head to the playoffs and let's hope the forty-niners at least. >> make it and beat our rivals. the dallas cowboys tomorrow. but yeah, no such thing as earthquake, whether or not even in the bay area. so we're going to have to take our chances on that as just happens when it happens. but we are seeing a tsunami advisory in effect, still for the central coast coastline, mainly from san luis obispo into santa barbara county. and this was really the last thing that i was expecting the forecast today with just shows how dynamic and fluid our weather is around the world and we are seeing right now this tsunami advisory expected to remain in effect throughout tonight. dangerous rip currents that can literally pull people into water. so surfers and even those of you plan on going fishing. just wait until about tomorrow morning or afternoon. for those of you heading towards the central coast just because
9:38 pm
it is a long holiday weekend outlook. but just stay tuned to the national weather service and also to your bay area forecaster kron. 4 news for the very latest on that. it speaking of the long weekend. let's take a look at what you can expect for this year. we've had a little bit of a dry spell out there right now. the sierra snowpack still looking pretty good about 126% of average. but we're seeing some light scattered showers in monterey county trying to make its way into our bay area as well. but we're really just tracking sprinkles at best. bring us traces amount of but it looks like we're going to continue this drying trend or at least the next 10 to 15 days. but we are seeing radar for a lot of cloud cover right now. for those of you in this year, a mix of sun and clouds for the 2nd half of the weekend. those of you heading out to enjoy the long martin luther king junior holiday. your lot forecast looking great. mid 40's for truck in south lake tahoe and we're going to remain in the mid
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40's for the next couple of days, even through monday with better clearing by tuesday of this upcoming week. jonathan, just team back to you. >> kron 4 news at 9 new rules now in effect, starting today for private insurance companies to try to get more and more folks tested and vaccinated. but some democrats. so the biden administration still needs to do more. >> and in sports, derek carr made his playoff debut for the raiders and that wild card round against the bengals. we will hear from coach in car next. in sports.
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>> our covid-19 coverage and starting today, private health plans are required to cover the costs of over the counter covid-19 tests. in the meantime, some democratic lawmakers say they are frustrated with the biden administration's pandemic response. kron. 4 washington correspondent reshad hudson has the details. good evening. president biden is taking heat from members of his own party about the white house's response to the omicron surge. >> we didn't have enough equipment. we didn't have enough. >> testing ohio democratic senator sherrod brown says he understands concerns many americans are having trying to find an at-home covid test. my own families had trouble getting enough tests for their their children. 5 senate democrats went as far as to send this letter to the white house. they complain of long
9:43 pm
lines at testing sites and want answers about the white house response to omicron. >> and plans for responding to future variants republicans like west virginia. senator shelley moore capito say the white house has simply drop the ball. the availability of tests is critical. the administration should have known this, but brown says there's plenty of blame to go around. got to produce smart that's on both political parties that on the last 2 presidents in the last 2 congresses, capita says congress has already provided billions for testing for some reason. >> the administration has pulled back on this. the biden administration rejects it is not doing enough on testing. >> i'm directing my team to procure an additional half of additional 500 million more test to distribute for free. >> and next week, the white house whole launch a web site to distribute 500 million free at home covid tests. reshad
9:44 pm
hudson reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, in the east bay, oakland will soon require of people 12 and up to show proof of covid-19 vaccination in order to in order to inter indoor businesses, the mandate will take effect on february first and all the customers will have to show proof of full vaccination. it includes restaurants, concert venues and gyms. today is the last day for businesses to put up signs to remind folks to get there. proof of vaccines ready. adults will also have to show photo ids. walgreens and ulta beauty announced that they're cutting back on hours because of covid related issues. both stores citing staff shortages and safety concerns. all of 1300 stores will open at 10 o'clock in the morning every day except sundays when they'll open at 11 stores will close at 07:00pm on weekdays pm on fridays and saturdays in 6 o'clock on saturdays. walgreens. and cvs making similar cuts to their 9,000
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locations across the country. so far those have had to close about 100 pharmacies. >> a new study is revealing what many people may have realized over the past couple of years that wearing a mask might make you more attractive to other people. researchers at cardiff university asked women to >> ranked men's faces with a mask and then without the mask, scientists found that. >> faces covered with medical masks were considered more attractive, especially if they had on those blue medical mask. researchers say there could be several reasons as to why one of them with an associate, the mask with health care workers in caring or medical professions. and for some, they say that the mask, undesirable features. and finally, it's also possible that mask made folks more attractive because they directed attention to the highs, making them more mysterious. interesting. >> i would have thought,
9:46 pm
though, that may be you want to see people smiles and that would make them more attractive. i don't know. what does it say when you have to >> cover your face with something to be more these findings are nothing new to the tiktok world last year that her mask fishing was trending on social media on that site. it's basically considered another form of catfishing. when you look better wearing a mask, then you would without it. happening right now in australia, tennis star novak djokovich visa case has been adjourned as the judges are considering his fate. the justices say they hope to be able to return a decision sunday, although there was the possibility that they might need to reschedule the hearing until monday. joe batch is the world number one tennis player, any seeking a court order to reinstate his visa so we can play and the australian open which kicks off on monday. and right now on kron 4 dot com, you can find the latest covid-19 headlines.
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just scan this qr code. you'll be taken straight there. >> and now kron 4 sports. the nfl playoffs are officially here in the wild card round is officially over the raiders making their first playoff appearance. >> since 2016 in only their second is since 2000, 2, they took on the bingle bengals in the queen city of cincinnati. here we go during car injured in 2016. so today was his playoff debut. late first-half joe burrow throws just before stepping out of bounds. a ref blows an inadvertent whistle as the ball is in the air. but tyler boyd's touchdown is ruled good. the play, though, was not reviewable to bad break for the raiders who are down. 26. but the raiders rally right before intermission cars of since jones with a 14 yard, td raiders cut the since the lead to 2013 at half. >> fast forward, 17 seconds left in the game. raiders down
9:48 pm
7, 4th and goal car tries to get into jones. but it's picked off by jermaine pratt. the raiders finally running out a last second heroics. the bengals winning their very first playoff game in 31 years. raiders going on to lose. 26 19 after the game. head coach rich and carr said they came in just a little bit short. >> you know, far as our team is concerned, i just felt like it was a it's a group of men that really learned how to care for one another really learned how to compete with relentless effort to the bitter day in and day out, improved. not only is players, but as men and we just stuff right at a time today. everything just frustrating right now. you know, i didn't expect it to go this way. feel like as go this way, all during the game at any point. >> all the way until the last. you know, once the couple seconds. >> bills hosting the patriots in the frigid buffalo game time temperature 5 degrees.
9:49 pm
buffalo's offense, though, red hot josh allen, great patience. ear as he finally flings. it. dawson knows make a great catch for the touchdown. the bills scoring tds on all 4 of their 1st half possessions. the bills, a big 27 3 at halftime. first, buffalo, possession of the 2nd half. guess what? josh allen, aaron. it out for the 4th td pass of his game. this win to emmanuel sanders bills up. 33 3. the bills scored touchdowns in the first 7 times. they had the ball. allen finishing the game with 5 touchdown passes. he only had 4 incomplete passes the entire game. buffalo ruling. 47 17. it was new england's first playoff game without tom brady since 1998. and the most points ever scored against bill belicheck lead team in the postseason college hoops. now stanford and washington. the huskies a by a team in intermission only to see the cardinal rally in the 2nd half. but there's just
9:50 pm
a little too much. terrell brown junior on the court tonight scoring 26 points for the huskies as they hold on to beat the cardinals. 67, 64 cal and washington state. the cougars pulling away late in a close game. michael flowers with a big 3 pointer. 2 minutes left to go closing up this game on the 11 to 3 run. there is going on to lose 65 to 57. one final note, this time from the basketball pros. steph curry will be out for tomorrow night's game against the minnesota timberwolves. >> and with the team is describing as some hands soreness, he injured his pinky finger on his right shooting him last night trying to make a layup against lorenzo ball against the bulls. he did, however, finish off the rest of the game. so right now, it appears to be just minor and precautionary. so we'll see how the dubs do without him. tomorrow in minnesota. >> that d
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9:53 pm
>> people in illinois gather to celebrate the life of the late betty white one week ahead of what would have been. >> her one 100th birthday. so the celebration taking place in her hometown featuring singing and dancing from wards of her fans. judy was there. >> this mike i love so >> be like betty. i got have a season and the black of you need to
9:54 pm
>> everyone's friend oak park's golden girl. it's your birthday. so of course, i'm i'm going to take her out on their birthday. he spent 60 bucks. yeah, it's been $60 on it. flowers, candy, the whole business. yeah. and this proclamation in her memory. >> under the marquee of the classic cinemas lake theater. the west suburb celebrated betty white day one of america's beloved stars. the actress and comedian passed away new year's eve monday would have been her one 100th birthday. just make sure that people understood that she was from heart, not chicago. >> not that we don't love chicago, but she i know, parker with cake balloons and dancing. they honored their hometown girl, my friend. and i just wanted to have some good, silly fun. >> and celebrate something positive. all this fuss for someone who lived in oak park just 18 many dimensions, you
9:55 pm
know, she could sing. she could dance great comedic timing, which apparently they didn't figure out until later in her career. she wasn't a comedian until mary tyler moore. so those she's just great. >> across the street from the theater, the animal care league remembered whites love of animals and lifelong work with animal rescue organizations with an adoption of that, we are ready have to pets at home, but definitely can add more we have more welcome. we will take them all but we can we're big buddy wife. and so i definitely wanted us to be here and i want to miss this. it was it was something i was looking forward to closing out the party. another former oak park resident, cynthia thank you
9:56 pm
>> a little bit because if be for me. >> and the say thank you in oak park. judy. >> long live betty, for your money tonight. netflix says it is hiking its monthly prices yet again, this is actually the 6th time the streaming company has bumped up prices since 2014. netflix updated its official price plan chart to reflect the new one dollar increase for the standard plan in a $2 increase for the premium plan that includes 4 k streaming the monthly price for the standard plan. now $15.50. that's up from the previous 14 bucks. the new price for the 4 k premium plan is $20 up from $18 a month.
9:57 pm
>> this year, the very busy trying to track down the perfect stick. filbert the hungry likes to venture out. looking for the best branches at the oregon zoo in so much. so that they've nicknamed him the branch manager. but i'm sure. he's snacks on some treats to keep up this energy during his adventures. once he finds a suitable stick, he drags it back to his home so we can enjoy it. did you get it? branch manager? >> got is another. don't make any fee for >> kron 4 after dark. that's it for us tonight. >> they're going with the news
9:58 pm
at 10 we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673, bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> no 10 o'clock. a tsunami advisory impacting a number of much of the west coast, including us in the bay area, has now been canceled after a massive underwater


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