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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 15, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> that breaking news tonight at 8 o'clock. the tsunami advisory has just been canceled for the bay area. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news in prime time. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. tonight we start with that breaking news. as we mentioned, that tsunami advisory was in effect for much of the entire u.s. west coast. >> throughout the day that has been slowly been canceled throughout the night here in san francisco in the bay area. we've learned. >> that is now been canceled within the last 10 minutes. but we do know that there are some other parts, including
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santa cruz county and further parts south that are still under that tsunami advisory tonight. that advisory as a precaution because of crashing waves, flooding streets and damage. we've been seeing all across the bay area throughout the day. the warning force bay area beaches to close, some even had to put evacuation orders in place. and this all started because of a massive explosion from an underwater volcano in the south pacific overnight, right near the island nation of tonga. >> this is the satellite image where you can see just how large that explosion became. >> kron 4 meteorologists rodriguez is here tonight to give us the very latest on the areas still impacted by those watches and warnings tonight and the changes we just saw in the last 10 minutes. yes, unfortunately, we're able to breathe a huge sigh of relief for our bay area coastline, even the east bay shoreline. >> was a part of that tsunami advisory in now we're seeing
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that just to our south into santa cruz, monterey county, and even at san luis obispo county and much of the central coast still under a tsunami advisory from now until throughout tonight. so it doesn't really have an official expiration date. they just keep checking on it every half hour to hour or so to see if the waters have calmed down. it. this did bring u.s. tsunami threats with impacts of surge up to 3 feet, coastal flooding very conducive to what we would see during a tide event with the strongest coastal flooding in the highest amounts crashing in to santa cruz. but fortunately didn't notice some major coastal flooding concern throughout our bay area coastline. and that is why we did see that tsunami advisory expired within the last 10, 15 minutes or so. so fortunately, no tsunami advisories will be reissued unless, of course, we see another eruption from that
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volcanic eruption near tonga. but let's keep our fingers crossed that all is safe and clear there. but we are going to track some changes, though, for your bay area of coastline and even throughout our inland valleys, going to see an increase in cloud cover throughout tonight. temperatures already starting to cool down into the mid to upper 40's along our north bay and parts of our east bay valleys conquered 49 degrees. 10 degrees warmer right now. pacific at 59 degrees with mid 40's for petaluma nevado and santa rosa. napa already cooling down to 43 degrees in this cooling trend. going to continue through the 2nd half of your weekend with little change on martin luther king junior day monday. details on your full long holiday weekend forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, just back to you. risa. thank you. meanwhile, in the north bay marine county reported today seeing anywhere from 2 to 3 foot surges from this tsunami advisory. >> we learned that a dock in richardson bay was also damage. the county did not issue evacuation warnings or
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orders. but emergency officials say the event should serve. >> as a reminder to be prepared, kron four's gayle ong has the story. >> marin county emergency crews spent the day monitoring the surges that richardson bay, the strong currents following a large underwater volcanic eruption near he tonga islands friday night. the county sheriff's department was notified just after 05:00am saturday morning alerting to the tsunami advisory. we've got some people together, matt and started coming up with a game plan for placing people throughout the county and then also just alerting residents. we've got really busy this morning. the national weather service issued the advisory for the coast of california, including parts of the bay area. this is something like we've never seen before with an underwater volcanic eruption, creating the displacement of water and ultimately the tsunami that's impacting u.s.. saturday was not a day for surfers, swimmers, boaters and by standards on the beach, that surge can round up the beach really fast and catch you off guard and sweep you out to sea
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easily. in this case. what makes it so dangerous, especially in the events like this? >> isn't necessarily the height and inundation. it's the it's the sheer surge of the water and all of the water moving the water moving around. richardson bay, one doc was damage in the greenwood cove area. and tipper on the surge is happening in conjunction with high tide. >> bolinas lagoon saw surges at about 3 feet high marin county did not issue any evacuation warnings or orders. but the county sheriff's office says this event serves as a reminder to know your evacuation routes, which way would you go if there you know, an actual tsunami. >> that posed a risk that we haven't during evacuation orders. just take a look. you know, just like fire season. have your go bag ready. have your important documents in a place where you can grab them. >> and getting your vehicle only that you have to get safe to do so. >> gayle ong kron, 4 news. >> meanwhile, in santa cruz that tsunami advisory is still in effect. but officials say that the beaches and boardwalk will reopen tomorrow. several
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places be like several places say beaches were closed because of that advisory. but city officials tell kron 4 that they started seeing stronger waves around 10 o'clock this morning. >> art fire department to 2 areas that we know are and the tsunami inundation zone. the beach boardwalk area and santa cruz at the harbor. we saw our first surges around 7.15. am in the with the most significant surge occurring around 10:00am saw about an 8 level rise and we did water in the parking lots and water coming over the dock areas that we had cleared. >> officials say that so far there have been no reports of any water rescues in santa cruz. >> and people living in the berkeley marina were forced to evacuate earlier this morning because of that tsunami advisory folks were allowed to return back this afternoon.
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but asthma breezes said that tsunami advisory will be in effect for at least a while. >> kron forcefully to call brings us the latest following the tsunami advisory early saturday morning. 3 foot waves and strong currents were expected along the berkeley shoreline very interesting phenomenon. >> beautiful actually, this resident lives on higher ground. so he was not impacted. but about 115 people living in the marina were forced to evacuate. >> police cleared out the boats and docks the waves never became dangerous, that the swells were stronger all said and all water went out for just a few minutes. very fast. >> and then within the next 2 or 3 minutes, it all came back in again. not quite as fast, but that was that was at least at this particular search police officers. caution, people against getting too close to the water, but visitors were still allowed to use the trails and walkways. it's not something that happens very often in this area.
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>> but it still something that we need to pay attention to. stephanie hawley man was among those mandated to leave their votes, even though the evacuation order was lifted, she is staying away from the area. i would go back to my boat. but i just decided, well, why don't take a mini vacation? so many going to san francisco and spend the night there? fortunately, there were no reports of major injuries or damage in berkeley, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> we first told you about the tsunami advisory and that it has been canceled all through the kron 4 and kron on apps. that's where you can find the status on barry beach closures and reopenings as well as the current weather forecast in your neighborhood, you can download those apps for free. >> right now, kron 4 following breaking news this saturday night. an update to a story that we've been following for you since kron. 4 news at 6 in the last 30 minutes. texas governor greg abbott tweeted out that all of the hostages involved in the situation outside of dallas at a synagogue this afternoon have
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have been released are out of that building and alive and are indeed safe. this is a tweet from the governor tonight that coming on too long ago after the situation coming to an end, according to the associated press, the man holding all of these hostages inside the synagogue is now dead. this story still developing tonight. we will have the very latest along with reaction. we are expected to learn more details from officials in dallas in a news conference in the next 5 minutes. we'll bring you those details coming up later on in the newscast here in prime time. now to our covid-19 coverage tonight. we're more mounting. frustration is building over the lack of at home covid-19 test for americans all across the country. the frustration comes as starting today. private health plans are now required to cover over the counter covid-19 test kits. in the meantime, some democratic lawmakers are taking the biden administration to task for its handling of the pandemic.
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>> our washington, dc correspondent reshad hudson has the details. good evening. president biden is taking heat from members of his own party. >> about the white house's response to the omicron surge. >> we didn't have enough eq ipment. we didn't have enough. >> testing ohio democratic senator sherrod brown says he understands concerns many americans are having trying to find an at-home covid test. my own families had trouble getting enough tests for their their children. 5 senate democrats went as far as to send this letter to the white house. they complain of long lines at testing sites and want answers about the white house response to omicron. >> and plans for responding to future variants republicans like west virginia. senator shelley moore capito say the white house has simply drop the ball. the availability of testscis critical. the administration should have known this, but brown says there's plenty of blame to go
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around. got to produce smart that's on both political parties that won the last 2 presidents in the last 2 congresses. >> capita says congress has already provided billions for testing for some reason the administration has pulled back on this. the biden administration rejects it is not doing enough on test ng. >> i'm directing my team to procure an additional half of additional 500 million more test to distribute for free. >> and next week, the white house will launch a web site to distribute 500 million free covid-19 at home tests reporting in washington. rashad hudson, back to you. >> still to come tonight here on kron, 4 news at 8, a massive fire breaking out in new jersey tonight threatening a number of communities nearby. we'll show you how fire crews were able to get a hold of this fire. >> and because of the covid surge ulta and walgreens are changing business hours. the schedule that you need to know.
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>> happening right now, counties south of the bay area still remain under a tsunami advisory after an underwater volcano erupted in the pacific ocean. think about this. the last time we actually saw something like this was back in 2011 after a 9.1 magnitude earthquake in japan. yeah, that was for santa cruz and michael shure explains right now. more on the >> recent advisory for us.
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>> the advice stay away from the shore. this after a massive volcanic eruption in the south pacific triggered tsunami advisories in japan and along the pacific coast of the united states. the underwater eruption of the hunger the hop by volcano 40 miles north of tonga has completely shut down the island nation covering it national leaving communication virtually impossible in japan. the tsunami was reported. the cub, the shema prefecture on fiji nearly 500 miles from the 8 minute eruption. it was reported is allowed in during thunder here in the united states. marine u.s. from san diego to vancouver island, washington, advising boaters to stay off the water. surfers and swimmers being told not to go in the water. the national weather service saying that hazards to swimmers boats and coastal structures was to be expected. even a small amount of water when it's. >> this much coming in from world's biggest ocean can
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cause a tremendous amount of damage. the pictures out of town, the confirming what jeff's like a melt of columbia university's national center for disaster preparedness says video from the street showing flooding structural damage and folks fleeing to higher ground. >> that kind of impact not expected here, but still experts are urging caution a tsunami coming in and pulling child out to sea. >> you know, toppling a boat with people on it may not be a national tragedy, but it's as big as a disaster gets for those that are directly affected. >> the alerts, though, not deterring surfers in southern california after la shut down the beaches. >> and stuff. i that maybe not want to go. but there's not much not many times. here are the ways that this could, but in the hope that this passes and eventually on the u.s. pacific coast, the people of tonga are likely in for a long haul. this is something that's going to play out over over many weeks and an acute phase
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and really many years and a rebuilding recovery phase. >> that was michael shure reporting for us tonight. there is also a massive winter storm that's moving across the south central united states right now. winter weather advisories and storm warnings stretching from kansas, oklahoma all the way to the east coast of the canadian border. the storm is expected to bring snow, ice and freezing rains to parts of the south, making driving conditions near impossible. the governor of north carolina has now activated 200 national guard members to help with the storm response. >> they're equipped with emergency response vehicles that can move through the snow such as honey bees and four-wheel drive ambulances. make sure you have groceries, medications, and other essentials, like water, batteries and pet food that you'll need for the next few days. >> power outages are expected across the region, a foot and a half of snow could hit parts of appalachian. new england. and according to flightaware more than
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of this storm and kron 4 meteorologist rodriguez is joining us now with more on the winter storm and also look at our forecast here. yeah, that's right. just seen. and jonathan right now, fortunately not tracking any flight delays from the west coast to the east coast. >> even throughout the midwest and southeast all-clear. as far as conditions there goes with air travel. but it is going to be a mask. that's why they're already starting to cancel flights for tomorrow. ahead of that winter storm that is expected to make its way into the northeast by sunday night through your martin luther king junior day monday. so that storm could not have come at a worse time. we're already seeing ttmperatures plummet in the low 30's for dallas, new orleans and nashville, 40 degrees, but just barely with atlanta. 39 degrees on a count of that massive winter storm and we're getting that snow and rain mixture out of memphis. as we zoom on in closer to stormtracker 4,
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we're seeing some pockets of heavy downpours, rain widespread from the florida panhandle, even as far north as nashville, tennessee. and it is expected to make its way into the northeast tomorrow night where we could see coastal flood advisories for most of the northeast coastline. in addition to that, upwards of 18 inches of snow with wind gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour as that storm makes its track northward throughout the united states. but closer to home for us here in the bay area. overall tracking dry conditions. but there are some showers out in the pacific, especially to our south in monterey county, really going to bring drizzle into that area. fortunately remaining dry for us here throughout our 2nd half of the weekend. details ahead on your full bay area forecast. it just a few minutes. jonathon, just back to you. >> thank you. tonight investigators in new jersey are looking into what sparked a massive 11 alarm fire at a chemical plant overnight.
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officials say the blaze is now under control, but hundreds of firefighters working throughout the night pumping more than a million gallons of water. a minute on that burning fire. officials say the building was it was being used to store plastics. no deaths have been reported. but a firefighter was reportedly hit in the face with debris and is expected to be ok, the owners of a kentucky candle planned leveled from a tornado last month says that they will not reopen officials that mayfield, consumer products now say that those workers will impact and in the move will impact some 500 workers. and according to management, many of them will be transferred to a nearby plant. people were killed in that twister, but survivors are now suing the company. they claimed they violated workplace standards by not allowing workers to leave before the storm. >> for your money tonight, walgreens and all to beauty announced stores are going to be cutting back hours because of covid related issues. both store cited staff shortages and safety concerns. all of
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altas 1300 stores will open now at 10 every day except for sunday when it will open at 11:00am stores that will close at 7 on weekdays 8 on fridays and saturdays and 6 on sundays. walgreens and cvs are also making solar cuts to their 9,000 stores and has set to close so far about 100 pharmacies. netflix is now raising its prices. the standard plan is going up to 15, 15 month. that's up from 14. the 4 k plan is increasing to $20 from $18. the basic plan which does not include hd shows or movies is going up a dollar to 10 bucks a month. the changes take effect immediately for new subscribers and will be rolled out gradually for existing customers. members are going to get e-mails 30 days before the price hike takes effect. >> kron 4 staying on top of breaking news tonight. as we mentioned, a swat situation of hostages at a dallas synagogue
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now coming to an end. the details unfolding tonight coming up in the show.
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>> breaking news out of texas tonight as the hostage situation at a synagogue. there is now over. this is coming after a man stormed the synagogue, took multiple people hostage. authorities did call an fbi negotiators,
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an attempt to talk the suspect down and rescue the hostages who had been held at gunpoint. yeah, this all coming to an end in the last hour after a 12 hour long standoff. all 4 hostages once again released from that synagogue. >> on harmed and are safe markie martin was there and has reaction. >> at 11 o'clock this morning, colleyville police were called to congregation beth israel synagogue north of dallas. fort worth holding saturday morning. she bought service inside a lone suspect holding the congregation hostage. his hate filled rant live streamed through the synagogue's facebook he >> it is only bill. >> swat teams of fbi in a crisis negotiator quickly called in for backup area. neighborhoods evacuated out of safety at this time. authorities not revealing how or if the man is armed. he repeatedly warns the congregation he won't make it
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out so that it's very sad for us as a community. >> the entire jewish community is aware of the situation. i've had many calls from israel herald burns back or is the chairman of secure community network which oversees the physical security of more than 1500 jewish communities and locations across the country, including this one. we were physically trained in this building. august 22nd. >> about 25 people in the building including the rabbi. so they had at least some knowledge and training as to what potentially could happen in this type of situation. >> this afternoon, the white house briefing president biden on the hostage situation. senator ted cruz, the u.s. ambassador to israel and israel's minister of diaspora affairs, all releasing statements of support for the synagogue and colleyville community. >> we don't know exactly what perpetrate their energy that says, i must, you know, assume
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control of some jewish institution in order to make my point. and we just pray for the safety and the rule. the youth of those that are being held inside. >> that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. and in the last few hours, the san francisco police department issued this statement saying it is closely monitoring the developments from texas while coordinating with local jewish organizations to keep the city safe. governor newsome also put out a statement today tweeting out, quote, what is unfolding at the beth israel synagogue in texas is nothing short of horrific, sending strength to the congregants and their loved ones as we hoped for rescue and safety. this is a developing story. we will bring you the latest information as soon as it comes in to the kron. 4 news room throughout the night. >> ahead tonight, actress lori loughlin and her husband now the victims of a home burglary details on the investigation unfolding tonight. back to our
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coverage tonight of the tsunami advisory that we've been seeing up and down the u.s. west coast. >> another part of that has now been allowed to expire for another area of california tonight. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with the breaking details. so what areas are now in the clear from the tsunami advisory? >> yeah, we're tracking some much improvement out there throughout the coastal waters here in the golden state. so we did have that tsunami
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advisory in effect for santa cruz county and even monterey county. those have been allowed to expire. so now it's on the central coast coastline all the way from san luis obispo county into santa barbara county. wouldn't be surprised if that will begin to expire within the next half hour to hour or so. and that's going to remain in effect through tonight. dangerous rip currents review could get swept out to sea because of the strong forces out there from that volcanic eruption. so great news. we are noticing improvement with that. that advisory allowing to expire little by little throughout the california coastline here at home in the bay area that expired about half an hour ago and future cast for tracking some changes in the extended outlook for the 2nd half of your long holiday weekend. we are seeing increasing high clouds for your sunday morning and afternoon going to remain dry, even though we're starting to see some showers in monterey and santa cruz counties as i speak, really
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just light drizzle, if any most of it is evaporating known as virga. but we are getting some traces amount of rain there. temperatures though, for us here in the bay area, we are seeing quite a % contrast right now with that increase in cloud cover to our north. 43 degrees for napa downtown san francisco. 15 degrees warmer at 58 degrees. so milder temperatures there overnight lows tonight. we are going to see widespread low to mid 40's. 41 degrees for santa rosa with the san francisco peninsula seeing widespread 47 degrees and temperatures tomorrow. pretty seasonal. even with the cloudy forecast, we're going to remain in the upper 50's to low 60's. exactly where we should be this time of year with livermore in concord at 60 degrees, half moon bay, 59 degrees and napa. 57 degrees. and don't forget our forty-niners going to face off against the dallas cowboys in dallas tomorrow afternoon, low 50's in dallas. plenty of sunshine and calmer winds speeds as well. but we are
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tracking for your bay area forecast overall little change even through martin luther king junior day monday, slight bump in temperatures by the middle of this upcoming week. but unfortunately, jonathan just seen no rain in sight for at least the next 7 days. back to you. >> all right, marissa, thank you. even though that advisory has been canceled, first responders were still plenty busy today performing a number of water rescues from the high tides brought on from that advisory. since then, officials have lowered the threat levels. >> and some areas are also keeping beaches and marinas closed. kron four's camila barco has the details. a advisory forced emergency crews to close all san francisco beaches and coastal point saturday morning. >> parts of the bay area saw between one to 3 foot ways. the conditions were so powerful at kelly's cove, a surfer's board broke and crews had to search and rescue the person. the san francisco fire department says that the highest danger associated with
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these conditions. >> is a strong rip currents. this could actually pull grown adult into the water and you can become a victim which nobody wants to be throughout the day. park rangers didn't allow cars on ocean beach. >> or at the marina parking lots out of an abundance of caution. if the water got too high. well, later saturday morning, san francisco moved into what is called the green status. officials notify people that the conditions wouldn't flood any homes or businesses, but that people should avoid going in the water. >> however, just 12 miles south of san francisco waves rocked pacific. a strong currents caused for some minor flooding on the boardwalk. now, while the damage was minimal and san francisco officials remind people of what you should do in case of a tsunami advisory, for example, stay away from the beaches. >> piers or docs, you know, there's so many things in san francisco that you can do and are they going to the beaches? we have amazing parks that are inland. we have a safe streets
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and slow streets throughout san francisco. officials also ask that you avoid driving during these times. >> to keep the roads open for emergency vehicles. if you are in a safe area, stay there. but if you are on the beach corp here and could not evacuate, call 911. >> in san francisco, camila barco kron. 4 news. >> but a little police have arrested 2 men who they say used a gun to threaten others. the scene unfolding early this morning on east washington street. police say someone reported 2 men were causing problems at a business in then flashed a gun. the men then took off from the scene in a car. officers found them a short time later but could not find the gun. the men who are both from santa rosa are now behind bars at the sonoma county jail. >> so tonight, tmz is reporting that actress lori locklin and her husband mossimo giannulli have become the victims of a home burglary that happened earlier this month. the thieves reportedly
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smashed their way through a bedroom window and stole 1 million dollars worth of jewelry. tmz is reporting the police don't know if lockland and giannulli were targeted or if the burglary was random and that investigators think the theft may have been pulled off by a crew from south america. alec baldwin has finally handed over his cell phone to police as part of the investigation into the shooting death of his senate. tague rougher on the set of the film. rust. it came nearly a month after investigators obtained a search warrant allowing them to seize it. baldwin explained last weekend that delay had to do with jurisdiction issues between where he lives and new mexico where the shooting happened. polina hutchinson's was killed after baldwin shot her in the chest with a prop gun that he was told had blanks. >> superstar celine dion says she is canceling the rest of her north american concert tour because of ongoing health concerns. in a statement, the singing icon said that her recovery is taking longer than
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expected and that her current condition is not suitable for performance. according to her doctors, the singer was set to perform here in san francisco at the chase center on april. 1st, tickets will be fully refunded. >> still ahead tonight, novak djokovich heads back to the courtroom. find out if he'll be allowed to play in the australian open.
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>> undergraduate enrollment at california colleges has dropped by nearly a quarter million students since prepandemic numbers from the fall of were part a report from the national student clearinghouse shows that california saw and overall decline of more than 99,000 students or 4.3% from fall of 2020 to fall of 2021. that decline was largely driven by a 9.9% drop at community colleges. california saw the 8th largest percentage drop in community college enrollment in the country. and california is considering a new guaranteed income program for some cal state students. a $500 monthly stipend would be given to students whose families income is in the bottom 20% up to 14,000 students could be eligible. and right now lawmakers are considering 2 different. year-long pilot proposals. the first is a 57 million dollar plan involving 3 campuses. the
8:41 pm
second would cost 87 million dollars and cover 5 campuses. schools under consideration include cal state la san francisco state cal state east bay, san jose state and cal state fresno. we're following a developing story from australia tonight. happening right now, tennis star. >> novak, djokovich in the middle of a court hearing for a visa case that will decide on whether or not he will be deported from the country. the hearing is under way still in the process. yoke of it was returned to a detention facility in melbourne yesterday after his visa was revoked for a second time by the australian government. officials say the new who is unvaccinated has become a threat to the public order and could encourage anti-vaccine sentiment if you wins his appeal, he would be able to teke part in the australian open, which is set to get underway on monday. that court has adjourned those justices, those judges in the case now deciding on whether or not he
8:42 pm
should stay or be deported. let you know what, just what those judges decide in this issue. sports is up next. derek carr makes his playoff debut for the raiders in the wild card. >> round against cincinnati bengals. could the silver and black pull out yet another last-second win? the highlights are on the way. >> and have you heard of smart guns? we will explain what it is and why that could be something new in the united states.
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>> we are taking a live look outside right now here at san francisco city hall, which is lit up in red and gold in honor of the niners game on sunday. bang, bang, niner game. a lot of different monuments and landmarks across san francisco san jose are lit up tonight in red and gold. and it's a nice clear night to enjoy it. definitely indeed, as the niners get ready to take on the cowboys kron. 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at. >> let's all the way overnight. in first thing on sunday. yeah, that's right, jonathan. just teen we could even see some. >> light sprinkles or drizzle throughout the san francisco area overnight. but really the biggest bulk of wet weather going to remain to our south will show you that in our future cast for. but right now we are seeing snow off the roads but dry clear conditions
8:46 pm
are heading out for the long holiday weekend, martin luther king junior day is this monday take advantage of the dry and clear conditions because we're tracking still even without are lackluster. snow showers very dry out there in the sierra still averaging about 126% of normal for most of this year. but let's take a look at radar for out there right now because we are seeing light showers mainly over monterey county could make its north into the bay area. but really like traces of rain expected. so don't get too excited. i wish it was an atmospheric river because we certainly need another one of those. but radar for tracking a lot of cloud cover for those of you in this year with a mix of sun and clouds for the 2nd half of your weekend, even through your martin luther king junior day monday. so temperatures rebounding very nicely in the mid 40's for trucking in south lake tahoe and little change throughout the weekend. a little bit of cloud cover on monday. see if have any outdoor barbecue
8:47 pm
plans. you're in luck. we're tracking cloudy, but dry conditions better clearing by tuesday of this upcoming weeks. have a fun and safe holiday weekend. back to you, jonathan, just saying thank a now personalize smart guns which can be fired only by verified users may become available to americans after more than 2 decades of questions about. >> how reliable they are. also concerns about potential government regulations. markie martin tells us which states could soon adopt the smart guns. >> after 2 decades of reliability questions and concerns smart guns could finally be hitting the market. lodestar works is one such company currently working on its prototype inspired to offer a safer option to buyers following one too many stories of children shot while playing with an unattended gun. i'd seen the abject failure of every policy to try to make to % do something about gun safety. >> lobbying and regulations and lawsuits. you know, and it
8:48 pm
all goes nowhere. not one life is saved. there are only 3 ways the gun would work for its owner, fingerprint recognition, smartphone, pairing or a keypad code. the user can program it. however, they'd like or what those are. the warmest tactile push buttons. there's 3 of them. you can do a 4 to 6 digits acts. much electronic door lock. what any? what coffee pot is smarter than my firearm. we spoke to co-founder ginger chandler, former senior vice president of remington. she says now is the time to bring the gun to market. >> consumers are more comfortable with smart devices and technology has gotten smaller. is any fear the gun go off when they use areas if needed next year? absolutely. i mean, just like a mechanical firearm. if it doesn't go up when you want it to. >> you could under stress be hurt. just like the mechanical firearm goes through all the reliability testing. so, you
8:49 pm
know, it's going to work. we're putting this going through that same set of reliability but there is skepticism from gun shop owners. every guy on the planet is basically held together with been springs. that stuff is physical. if you put a break into that. >> that require some sort of electronic into this is the batteries that, for example, why? >> yeah, i mean, i think that that is probably the concern. >> and this kind of product has been promised for years and has the potential for a big industry shake-up, particularly in states with tighter gun laws that might only support smart guns. that was markie. martin reporting for us tonight. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the nfl playoffs are officially here in the wild card. there i go with the wild card round is under way. the raiders making their first playoff appearance since 2016 and only their second since
8:50 pm
2000, 2 taking on the bengals today in the queen city of cincinnati. here we go. derek carr injured and 2016. so he's actually making his playoff debut today late 1st half ago, joe burrow throws just before stepping out of bounds. an inadvertent whistle blew is the air was in the air. but cowboys, td catch rule. good. the play was not renewable reviewable. i should say that break, though, for the raiders 12 up 26 bengals. the raiders rally right before halftime cars ipsa to say jones. that's a 14 yard. touchdown. raiders cut the since lead to 2013 at intermission. fast forward. 17 seconds left in the game. raiders down 7, 4th and goal. car tries to get into jones, but it's picked off by jermaine pratt. the raiders finally running out of last second heroics. the bengals winning their first playoff game since. a longtime 31 years. raiders lose. 26 19
8:51 pm
after the game. coach rich bisaccia and cars said they came up just a little bit short. >> you kcow, far as our team is concerned, i just felt like it was a it's a group of men that really learned how to care for one another really learned how to compete with relentless effort to the bitter day in and day out, improved. not only is players, but as men and we just stuff right at a time today. everything just frustrating right now. you know, i didn't expect it to go this way. feel like as you go this way, all during the game at any point. >> all the way until the last. you know, once the couple seconds. >> college hoops now stanford and washington, the huskies up by 18 at the half only to see the cardinal rally in the second. but there was just a little too much. terrell brown junior. he goes off or 26 points for the huskies as they hold on to beat the cardinal. 67, 64 callan, washington state, the cougars pulling away late in a close game.
8:52 pm
michael flowers with the big 3 pointer. 2 minutes left in the game in game an 11 to 3 run to close out the bears cal going on to lose 65 57. steph curry will be out for tomorrow's night's tomorrow night's game against the timberwolves with what is now being described as hand soreness. >> he injured the pinkie on his shooting hand last night against the bulls. he went on to play the rest of the game. so it appears to just be minor and precautionary. also in the nfl playoffs, buffalo rolling over new england in the other wild card playoff game. that final score. 47 17. >> coming up, if you think your dog is a hero, how you can award your four-legged friend.
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>> new research finds that most of us are not following the proper etiquette when we enjoy a glass of one who knew a woodbridge. one survey of more than 2000 folks found that only 17% of us make sure to swirl and sniff before we in the northeast. folks are more likely to put ice in their wine glass. the study also finds that americans place high importance on where they drink. one some of their favorite locations include the bed, the bath and on the beach. now the work. >> is your dog a neighborhood
8:56 pm
superhero? well, now's your chance to get them. the recognition that they deserve. nominations are officially open for the 2022. american humane hero dog awards. the national campaign has honored heroic and loving dogs for the past 12 years. here are some photos of previous year's super pup winners. and you can nominate your pet for 7 different categories such as best search and rescue dog or best guide dog. the best of the best of our best friends will be invited to a star-studded gala later this year. it's in palm springs and dog owners can visit hero dog awards dot com to nominate their heroic hounds. >> that does it for us here tonight on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. it's good to be back with countries and 9 in just a few minutes. we'll see you there.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we begin now
9:00 pm
with breaking news. >> we continue to follow the latest out of texas tonight. we're all the hostages are now free after an hours long standoff at a synagogue. we're also getting reports from our colleagues on the scene that the suspect is dead. >> this scene unfolding this morning 8 o'clock pacific time at the beth israel synagogue in colleyville, texas, which is about a 30 minute drive outside of dallas. the suspect who authorities heard not identifying at this time reportedly took hostages during their morning service which was being live streamed on facebook. fbi negotiators from quantico in virginia were called in to help convince the suspect try to release those hostages. >> there are no details being released right now in the events leading up to the hostages being released or how the suspect was killed. the fbi did report that the hostage takers demands were not connected to the jewish


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