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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 14, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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when fun time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> there are a lot about grocery store airlines. but as health care providers employees have experienced a lot of challenging times during the pandemic. >> now 10 another group of workers hit hard by staffing shortages, fueled by the rapid spread of omicron. some pharmacies are now closing their doors for the weekend. it thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10, everyone. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan. this latest covid surge has proven to be just too much for walgreens. and for cvs, they both announced temporary closures and as kron four's gayle ong reports, pharmacists have been dealing with staffing problems. well before the omicron search.
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>> pharmacists have been doing testing they've prescribing vaccines, administering vaccines. they've been doing a monoclonal antibody infusions. those are just some of the additional duties assigned a pharmacist during the pandemic. >> michael hogue, former president of american pharmacists association says the extra workload has lead to burnout. so when you add omicron on top of that situation, it definitely creates quite a problem. >> a problem we are seeing nationwide, 2 of the country's largest retail pharmacies are temporarily closing stores on weekends due to an increase in the number of covid-19 infections among staffers. in a statement to kron 4, a walgreens spokesperson says in part this is extremely limited in on a store by store bases and not specific to any region
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a nationwide staffing shortage with this particular new variant. >> we're experiencing staffing shortages again. doctor maria lopez owns and runs the mission wellness pharmacy in san francisco. she's not surprised to hear of the big chains having to scale back in 20 years of being a pharmacist. i've never seen. >> so many people stressed out. we're tired. we're working on the frontlines of the pandemic. a pharmacist and provided a lot of vaccines in this country. as well as you know, that their peace or unfair fees that are and newly outs. walgreens and cvs did not say which stores in the bay area will be closed. that pharmacists say with fewer staff, you may notice longer wait times at your local pharmacy. yo want to give your pharmacy a call and ask for your refills a little earlier than you normally would just so that they have time to prepare them just remember that. >> we're working on the front lines and and doing the best we can. >> gayle ong kron, 4 news. new
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workplace rules are in effect in california. employees will now have to get a covid test after workplace exposure. >> people cannot simply take a rapid test on their own. an employee will now have to go to a lab or take a test in front of a supervisor or health care professional. and cal osha is tightening its rules on what qualifies as a face covering the new definition includes a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask or respirator or cloth masks, which have at least 2 layers. the cdc has also updated mask guidance saying that people can choose to war. and 95 and kn 95 masks because they offer the best protection against covid until now the cdc does not recommend those particular masks for the general population. there was concern that it could affect the supplies needed by health care workers. the cdc says shortages are no longer a concern. double masking is still an option and many
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studies to show that cloth masks .ffer the least protection, especially indoors. >> starting tomorrow, private health insurance companies will be required to cover the cost of at home covid tests. the biden administration announced the change in order to lower the cost and make testing more convenient. health insurance providers will be required to cover the cost of up to 8 at home tests per person per month. as of now, you have to make a claim with your insurer using the receipt from your purchase. officials say there is a plan to make that reimbursement process happen automatically at the point of purchase. but that is still in the works. and the federal website where people can request free at-home covid-19 tests that website launches next week. it is called covid tests dot gov. the white house says orders will be accepted starting next wednesday, january 19th supplies will be limited to just 4 tests per home. the tests are free. no shipping costs. but the white house
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says tests will typically take a while to get there and will ship between 7.12 days after you place. the order. and the south bay with the demand for covid tests as high as it's ever been during the pandemic, santa clara county health officials hope to clear up some confusion today. right now you have the at-home antigen tests. the rapid test and the pcr tests where they process them at a lab usually requires an appointment to get tested. santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody suggests only using it at home rapid test. if you already know you have covid and then waiting too test out of isolation. with that rapid test versus a pcr tests where you have to make an appointment with the lab. she says that's best used. if you suspect you may have been exposed because that test, she says, can detect even trace amounts of the virus. by the same token, do not use a pcr
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test when you know you are already sick because those tests can come back positive. that s where you have to make an appointment go to the left even long after you're not contagious, you can still get positive tests with, though. so it is complicated. doctor cody also offered this request. >> please do not use emergency rooms as testing centers. emergency rooms are there for people who require emergency care. >> doctor cody says the new testing website from the feds should help with the high demand for tests. >> doctor sara cody offered some good news today. there are promising signs the omicron surge might be to peaking and the bay area even so health experts say their will the several rough weeks ahead. kron four's dan kerman explains. i> over the last week, lab samples from wastewater collected in santa clara county show. a drop in the amount of covid-19 at 3 of the counties for wastewater
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treatment plants. health officials say it's a sign the infections may be starting to come down. i want to provide a glimmer of hope to the community that this isn't going to go on forever and ever and ever. and while signs are promising, doctor cody warns this is no time to let your guard down. at the moment. >> we are still in the middle of the greatest surge that we've during the entire 2 year pandemic and every layer of protection is incredibly important for 2 reasons. helps to protect ourselves and equally important. it helps to protect our community and bring us through this as quickly as possible. experts say once wastewater numbers drop, it typically takes a week to 10 days for cases to begin to drop. >> but they say that could take some time, meaning a tough end of january and a tough beginning of february could still be ahead. so we're going to be very high level of cases.
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>> for a good while in spite of the fact that we're coming hopefully ardis it is going to be as rapid is the ascent was. and that means will come down fairly quickly. but it's still that's going to translate into serval weeks of a lot of cases. so we're going to be seeing a lot of transmission still for a while. that means over the next several weeks. you want to continue avoiding large gatherings. you want to continue distancing. >> and you want to continue wearing that most protective mask. there is dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> going jump in get that microphone sorted out. there is a new study from great britain that shows how long people can carry the virus in the most extreme cases, people were contagious for 68 days. the study says 13% of patients are still infectious and it showed covid levels after 10 days of quarantine. one of the
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concerns, of course, those people can continue to unwittingly infect others. happening now, the hayward unified school board will meet to discuss whether to extend remote learning the district began virtual learning this week because of the recent surge in covid cases. if the board does not vote to extend remote learning, then students will be back in the classroom after martin luther king junior day will be back on tuesday. a massive walkout took place today. dozens of school districts across the u.s. participating students, parents and teachers voice their opinions on covid safety protocols in schools. many of them say they're fed up with the lack of safety protocols and unsafe learning conditions as omicron cases continue to rise. however, many leaders say they're optimistic, increased testing and mask-wearing will allow kids to remain in classrooms safely. >> the best place for kids right now is in the classroom,
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health and safety must be our primary concerns for keeping schools from going remote. >> the biden administration says 5 million rapid covid tests will be sent to k through 12 schools nationwide. that's in addition to 1 billion free rapid test that will be available online at some point. new at 10, the annual homeless census in the bay area will be delayed a little more than a month due to covid concerns. in a statement, alameda county officials say they have moved the count. 2 february 20rd contra costa, san mateo and santa clara counties moved their accounts back to february. 24th similar statements were issued in la and san diego. authorities canceled the 2021 headcount during last year's winter covid surge. the last homeless headcount was in january of 2020. >> the annual celebration train offered by caltrain and
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doctor martin luther king junior day is not going to run this year. it is because of the pandemic. instead caltrain will operate a modified schedule. you're looking at video there of the event from 2020, the traditional 54 mile ride up the peninsula pays tribute to the 1965 march by doctor martin luther king with the one he led from selma to montgomery, alabama. caltrain is hoping to resume the event next year. the northern california doctor martin luther king junior community foundation is postponing this year's outdoor events, meaning no pray, no music festival. the indoor events this weekend are still on, but they will be virtual, including a sunday set. and again, they say they you can tune and but you have to do it. virtually. >> oakland's annual day of action to reclaim mlk legacy will go on as planned. the event is set to begin the speakers at 11:00am monday at
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2, 7, 7, 7, middle harbor road near middle harbor, shoreline park. a car caravan will follow at 12, 30. if you can't make it, the event will be live streamed on the anti police terror projects facebook page. that is the group sponsoring the event. right now. kron 4 dot com. you can read more about walgreens and cvs stores closing this weekend. as we but now park covid coverage here as well as expanded rules from cal osha. you can also learn more about the free at home. test website expected to be rolled out next week. a lot of things are still changing with omicron. now in the mix, just scan the qr code. you'll be taken directly to kron 4 dot com. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast as we look live to score just shot overlooking the golden gate bridge clear looks clear, any way from here. friday night. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here is we have our eyes set to the weekend, lawrerce. yeah. if you look hard enough outside, i think you see the weekend out there not far away. now we're getting ready and friday
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night looking pretty good. we've got some high clouds up above. not bad out there. little cool. >> in spots, the air is dry. it out. we had an offshore wind but temperatures by day and they were something else. almost 70 degrees today. 10 degrees above the average in santa rosa. 67 degrees in concord. 63 degrees in livermore. 66 in san jose, 61 in oakland, 62 degrees in san francisco. you have that cut off low across parts of southern california, bringing moisture in their direction just continues to spin around. really upset any real circulation patterns. all that cloud cover spending up into our skies from time to time. we'll see more of that. i think over the weekend, the main rain track staying well north of the bay area. and that means we're going to keep things dry now. but the high clouds will be a factor of overnight again tonight. we'll see more of that around the bay area. and then you've got that offshore wind. still some gusty winds shown up special for the north bay hills. get about 1000 feet or so. we could see occasional gusts of 30 miles an hour. temperatures cool off. now we've got 51 degrees in san jose. it is. 46
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in livermore. 48 degrees in concord. 47 in the napa valley and cooling off now to 43 degrees in petaluma. so looks like a nice night tonight. those winds. yeah, we'll continue to see that throughout the night tonight. most that offshore winds and again, gusty times over the mountains, but down below just a gentle breeze and as we head toward tomorrow afternoon, things kind of calm down all around the bay area. should be a nice day outside for tomorrow. plan of these temperatures running into the 60's across much of the bay area. staying dry through martin luther king day back drive through next weekend. all right. thank you, lawrence. developing news now out of passaic, new jersey firefighters have been battling. >> a dangerous 11 alarm chemical plant fire that has engulfed a warehouse authorities, including new jersey's governor are urging people to stay inside, keep their windows closed because it's not clear what exactly is burning. no reports of any injuries will continue to follow that story in new jersey. >> the leader of the far right group, the oath keepers made
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his first court appearance for his role during the capitol riots. stewart rhodes entered a not guilty plea in a federal court today. he and 9 other people are facing charges including seditious conspiracy. prosecutors say they had plans to a transport guns into washington, dc during the riots. the seditious conspiracy charge carries a 20 year maximum prison sentence. one day after his vaccine mandate for big business was blocked and his push to end the filibuster did not amount to much. president biden is now turning his attention to infrastructure bridges across the country in need of repair will soon be getting billions of dollars worth of repairs saw thanks to the federal government and the infrastructure bill. crowd force washington correspondent jessi tenure reports. >> on the president's announcement. >> this is something we did get on and normas consequence to the country as part of the new infrastructure law. president biden announced
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friday nearly 27 billion dollars to fix or rebuild thousands of smaller bridges across the country over the next 5 years. and about 5.5 billion of those funds will go out by summer. these investments our country has never fully made. now we are transportation secretary pete buttigieg visited the martin luther king bridge in philadelphia friday, which used to carry 25,000 vehicles every day when it gets bad enough, like we see here, bridges have to be closed entirely for safe. buttigieg said the funds will allow states to bypass future bridge closures that impact everything from deliveries to school and work commutes to emergency response times. the consequences are felt by every car pooling parent. >> every commuter and every truck drugged. and those delays at up to profound costs for america's families. >> and economy. and president biden said the money will also focus on reconnecting communities too often. bridges and highways were built through the heart of historic communities, particularly black communities. >> coming off, families, churches and businesses and
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another part of the new infrastructure law funding for high-speed internet. >> allows low income households to get up to $30 per month for broadband and $100 to put towards something like a laptop or tablet. in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> and as we mentioned, bridges all over the country in need of repair will soon get billions of dollars. thanks to the president's infrastructure law and the money will soon go to work in the bay area. north bay congressman jared huffman has announced the first round of investments in repairing california. bridges nearly 800, 50 million dollars will be used this year. part of a total of 4.2 billion to be spent over the next 5 years in california. more than 1500 bridges have been determined to be in poor condition. hoffman says the main bridges will get about 800 million dollars. the so-called off system, bridges will get 100, 30 million. >> open enrollment for covered. california is now open through january 31st.
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experts say with covid cases surging, it is important to make sure you have health insurance because while vaccines are free hospitalizations, most certainly are not. if you sign up this month, coverage would begin february 1st. other news, 2 women in concord have been arrested after police say they tried to steal more than $1000 worth of cosmetics by putting the items in baby strollers. it happened yesterday at the sephora at the for and a shopping center in concord. police say the women placed the items in the strollers and then just roll them out of the store without paying officers were able to stop the women and recover the stolen cosmetics. the women have not been identified to the peninsula. now are palo alto. police are looking for 8 people who they say took part in the pistol whipping of a clerk during a robbery at a tobacco store that happened around 10 o'clock last night. police releasing these pictures of the suspects. they say 2 of them were armed when they entered the tobacco store
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and one of them pistol with the clerk after ordering him to get down on the ground. suspects then took the cash. they register. in fact, they also took merchandise from the store. the clerk suffered minor injuries. >> santa clara county sheriff laurie smith was in court today to answer to corruption and misconduct charges. the san office, the da office. they're handling this case because of a potential conflict of interest. that's instead of the santa clara county civil grand jury. the charges include claims the sheriff took bribes to grant licenses for concealed carry weapon permits. other charges focus san jose sharks game she attended in february of 2019. she's accused of taking free suite tickets, food and drinks as gifts but not reporting them. she's also accused of failing to cooperate with an ongoing investigation surrounding the treatment of an inmate. smith has been in
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office. 23 years, many city and county leaders are calling for her to step down. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10. how about getting tested before your cars towed? who's eligible for the program? and how much it will cost? >> also, a new study on how the omicron variant is affecting children. plus, one of the biggest rising culinary stars in the bay area. you know, as a second restaurant to his name, but we can expect from the man behind foreign barbecue in oakland. and the latest on why the u.s. says russia is preparing for an invasion.
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>> shares >> newly released body cam video from the deadly marshall fire. this isn't a boulder county, colorado. it shows how fast the fire moved, but also how quickly those firefighters and other first responders were getting people out. the deputies are running door to door alerting people of the danger. and video also shows how close smoke and flames got to businesses and homes as people were leaving nearly 1000 homes were destroyed. one person died in the fire. another person is still missing. >> a wisconsin court commissioner has ordered the milwaukee man accused of plowing his suv through a christmas parade recently to stand trial for murder.
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darrell brooks junior faces more than 70 charges including 6 homicide counts. prosecutors say he drove his suv through a parade in waukesha november. 21st, horrific video. 6 people were killed, dozens more injured. witnesses testified they tried to stop brooks and described how the vehicle then zigzagged across the street for blocks smashing into marchers from behind, running them over. >> new at 10 o'clock u.s. intelligence officials say a russian effort to invade ukraine is happening. they accuse russia planting a false flag operation to justify the invasion. kelli meyer has more. >> today, more signs that russia plans to invade neighboring ukraine this week, russian tanks holding combat drills near the ukrainian and today u.s. officials saying moscow plans a so-called false flag operation inside ukraine
10:25 pm
cover to launch their forces across the border. the state department hinted on thursday that russia is laying the groundwork for >> fabricating the pretext of an invasion. could you confirm that? >> we have information that they've preposition a group of operatives to conduct what we call a false flag operation designed to look like an attack on them or their people or russian speaking. people in again as an excuse to to go in. dod spokesperson john kirby speaking bluntly from the pentagon podium friday saying the information they've received is credible. >> and an surprising again, we've >> seen this kind of thing before i russia when there isn't an actual crisis to suit their needs, they'll make one and so we're watching for that. >> the new intelligence coming just hours after a cyber attack hits sensitive government websites in ukraine. the anonymous hackers
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leading an ominous warning saying be afraid and expect the this as diplomatic talks meant to find a way to avert war, reach an impasse. no agreement after 4 days of face to face talks with russia demanding nato hall plans to expand further east closer to russia. expecting a response from the u.s. and nato by next week that demand firmly rejected by washington and nato allies. >> that was kelly meyer reporting. the intelligence is also suggesting an attack could happen by the end of the month. next, a tan, a plea from local food banks. why they say some families could go hungry without your help. >> plus, this qr code served bigger than ever. and so are the opportunities for scammers. what you should know before opening your camera. nothing is bigger than your 10 10 forecast. the only 10 day forecast of the bay area that is coming up next.
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>> also, why doctors say do not be dismissive about exposing yourself to covid, even if you think the results will be months.
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>> new at 10, a warning from the nation's top doctors about 5 people should not be careless about exposing themselves to covid. there's doctors say while many people are only experiencing mild
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symptoms from the omicron variant, the thing can still be dangerous. chip yost has the story. this week. more evidence from a southern california study showed the omicron variant is not as bad as the delta variant that preceded hospitalizations are much less likely. icu visits are much less likely in death. >> is much less likely such findings might have some people saying if almost all of us are likely to get exposed to omicron at some point, why not just expose yourself on purpose and get it over with. but medical professionals say that's not a good idea. and here's why. >> as more people that get infected, you're still a percentage that will get sick severely, especially if they're not vaccinated. and that percentage could be could be significant out of 10,000 people. if you know, 300 of those have severe illness here
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in california. that's going more pressure on our health care system. and this week, the pressure on the health care system prompted president biden to send more military members out to the nation's hospitals. >> to help them out. in an interview we did thursday, u.s. surgeon general vivek murthy talked about some of the reasons hospitals are under such pressure with the supposedly less dangerous omicron that in some ways it can seem contradictory, right? we have. >> a virus that seems to be milder yet. we have our hospital systems that strain with more hospitalizations than any other point during pandemic. and here's here's why. this makes sense. because even though the the virus may be milder in terms of its impact on an individual. he is so contagious and spreading so quickly that the sheer number of people who are getting sick is extraordinary. and even if a small portion of those individuals end up in the hospital is still a large number of people just because of the sheer number of individuals being infected. so
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that is why we're seeing such a strain in the hospital. >> those chip yost reporting and well, military medical teams have been dispatched to help struggling hospitals deal with the pandemic. according to the american health care association, nursing homes need to be prioritized as well. >> the same situation of the hospitals are in nursing homes or ran and both need help. your people are prioritized. we can get good clinical outcomes and we can save lives. >> there are also some concerns that the supreme court's decision to uphold the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers could make the staffing shortages worse. fema. he's taking requests from overburden states and health care systems. now across the country. a new study finds the omicron variant is inherently milder for children who are under the age of 5 compared to the delta variant. researchers say the omicron variant resulted in significantly less severe outcomes. then did delta. that includes a 70% reduction in
10:33 pm
hospitalizations and a 30% reduction in visits to the er. only about one percent of young kids infected with omicron were hospitalized compared to about 3% children with delta. but the researchers say further studies are needed to monitor the long-term consequences of infection. adding parents should still keep their guard up. >> new york city mayor eric adams is considering whether to allow children to attend school remotely. he says schools are safe but that schools are safe but that attendance shows many childre are simply not coming to school right now. so the mayor says he is looking into the possibility of overall temporarily offering remote learning. and much of the east coast could be hit with a big snowstorm this weekend. 60 million people are under a winter weather alert. you're looking at video from the chicago area. had a foot of new snow in some places. the system has since moved south.
10:34 pm
chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with the latest on this slide. yeah, it's going to be a weekend storm. i think all weekend long. it is just dropping out of the plains now and head further south. >> and you can bringing with it a lot of moisture. lot of cold air behind it is picking up some moisture up out of the south and the gulf of mexnco. so we're going to see this winter storm roll on through maybe 4, maybe 6 inches of snow going to be on the ground through parts of the plains all the way into the south. and that's going to continue to track all the way along toward the deep south and the eastern seaboard. they've got winter storm watches going up there. some warnings to watching out for not only snow there, but some freezing rain. it is going to be a messy, messy weekend. and i think when you see these storms, this colder dive, this are far south, the running all that warm air from the south as well. i think they could be talking about more severe weather. maybe some tornadoes as the system pushes through. so something to watch out for there that go along with some cold temperatures. look at the numbers across the u.s. were enjoying some nice weather out
10:35 pm
west, but 8 degrees for a high in minneapolis for tomorrow. 12 in des moines. 24 for a high in chicago. but that cold air you see following that storm system all the way, the deep south, 30 in norman and all the way to 37 in dallas for tomorrow. now the good news is, of course, they've got some football games this weekend in big d you've got temperatures going to pop right back up in the mid 50's for game time on sunday. that's a one. 30 in the afternoon should be mostly sunny. but yeah, it will be chilly outside that stadium. and tomorrow the raiders play the bengals in cincinnati and they're going to be dealing a very cold temperatures. some snow probably in the morning before the game starts game time at one 30 in the afternoon. the highs tomorrow. it is going to be a very cold game. they're only in the low 30's and those winds will be blustery at times into the afternoon. all right. back toward the golden gate bridge. we're looking good out there now. you've got some high clouds up above, but staying dry temperatures now running in the 40's and 50's all around the bay area. so we're seeing the dry air kind of
10:36 pm
settle in tonight. so that's a lot these temperatures drop off a little faster overnight tonight, but we still have high clouds up above and that ridge of high pressure that's going to slide a little further to the east. this low is going to start to get a little bit closer thing that will bring with it. some mild conditions for tomorrow. a lot of cloud cover going to be rolling in across our skies. so long range forecast to looks like things are going to continue in this track. we've got that cut off low spinning off our coastline, maybe bring some showers and southern california. the main rain track staying well to the north high pressure continuing to build in behind that looks like that ridge of high pressure just wants magnify again and strengthen. so temperatures tomorrow plan a lot of 60's outside around much of the bay area with a lot of clouds. scooting on by and keeping it dry through the weekend and well into next week. in fact, we're probably going to be dry for at least the next 2 weeks. thanks, lawrence. actor and comedian tiffany haddish has been arrested in georgia charged with dui after receiving a call about a driver asleep at
10:37 pm
the wheel and officer in peachtree city. >> says they saw vehicle matching the caller's description and stopped haddish. she later posted bond according to authorities, was released from custody. haddish was the breakout star of the smash comedy girls trip. she also wrote the new york times bestseller the last black unicorn alec baldwin has officially turned over his personal cell phone to new york law enforcement in the ongoing investigation into the shooting death of cinematographer halina hutchins baldwin accidentally fired the shot that killed the 42 year-old hutchins in october during a scene where her soul on the set of the movie rust director joel souza was wounded in the shooting. authorities in new york will go through baldwin's phone for evidence and to turn over anything useful to investigators in new mexico where the shooting occurred. >> the man known as pharma bro has been ordered by a federal judge to return 64 million dollars in profits. that's
10:38 pm
money that his company reaped from inflating the price of the lifesaving drug daraprim, the ftc and 7 states brought the case against martin shkreli in 2020. he's also been banned from participating in the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of his life. his attorneys have not commented on that decision. qr codes have become a regular part of our lives during the pandemic. for example, a lot of restaurants and businesses are using them to minimize contact. but experts warn some qr codes can be used to scam. you. >> if it looks you know, we've seen instances where in austin, texas, recently somebody put fake qr code stickers all over parking meters and people want to go pay for their parking and ended up paying a malicious site instead of the actual city's parking site. and the police in austin, texas, a roughly 30 out of the 900 meters that they checked had
10:39 pm
fake codes. >> bottom line, of course, experts say think before you scan any qr code much like you would before clicking on an e-mail like. >> speaking of parking, a terrible feeling of finding out your car hasn't been ticketed but towed. well, there might be some help by getting a text message right before it's towed giving you at least a little bit of time to move your car. how fast can you run? the new program is only for san francisco residents. it's called tex before toe and it's now in effect. the mta board director came up with the idea saying san francisco's already expensive enough without having to deal with towing fees. >> in 2020, 12,000, 500 people, we're told for these reasons. and even if half of their car now, because this program that's over 6,000 people that will not get a $600 and this way will be able to provide some relief for people and just parked in the wrong place. didn't realize that weather part where they parked a was a tow
10:40 pm
>> it is expensive to get that thing back. authorities will call for the tow truck and only then will you get a text? so not a lot of time. those trucks often arrive within about 5 last year, right inside or outside. you are likely still to be out of luck. but more saying there's a chance. we have details on the program on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> food banks typically see a drop in volunteers after the winter holiday season. but in the first 2 weeks of this year, local food banks say the problem is worse than usual. it is because of covid kron four's phillipe chagall has the story. >> close to 1 million people in the bay area rely on food banks to feed their families and volunteers are essential to keeping the nonprofits running. that's why michael offense says a recent drastic drop in volunteers is alarming. fact of the matter is. >> hunger is as high right now as it has been for the last 2
10:41 pm
years. and we really, really need the community to step up now through this pandemic to make sure that our neighbors are folk fest works for the alameda county community, food bank, where he says entire groups are canceling their ships. the warehouse has capacity for 50 volunteers, but offense says they are only reaching about one 3rd of capacity in recent weeks. all related to covid-19 either volunteers are testing positive have been exposed or simply have no choice but to stay the last thing that anything they can afford to do right now is to come back our services in this fest is speaking for 5 bay area, food banks all reporting a critical volunteer shortage that threatens to impact services, creating the most safe environment possible for volunteers and our staff. if the shortage continues, it may threaten the home deliveries. the service seeing increased demand with more of u.s.
10:42 pm
homebound as the virus continues to spread legion ball kron. 4 >> matt court. >> the chef behind the massively popular horn barbecue restaurant in west oakland. well, can now add another kind of food to his resume, fried chicken. this is the what they call albert. it's the newest restaurant for horn in west oakland today because the highly anticipated opening in the place was packed even before the doors officially opened. for the first time we caught up with the chef today. says growing up in the kitchen, fresno alongside his mom and siblings showed him the power of cooking. how it can create new bonds and bring people together. he also tells us he loves cooking in oakland. >> being a part of this wonderful you know, my family is grateful to be here. we've got nothing but support from the people here. you know, here was so fun and just the bay area in general, the bill to serve not just food that's made with love, but also be able to go out and be a part
10:43 pm
of community outreach and be a part of community and just be really that great neighbor. and it's just really important to us. >> horton says launching a new business during covid certainly has its challenges. the supply chain issues. everyone is seeing his created some hardships for him and his staff. but he says they're doing the best they can to make it all work out and he rising star in the culinary industry and that looks really, really good. so >> still ahead tonight, spiderman, a big money maker, but we're not just talking about the movies. how this single page from a comic book has made history. matt horne, rising star in the culinary industry. jonathan coming a rising star in the nba. the warriors rookie. >> a signature game for him as the dubs go, chicago try to bounce back from the bad loss the night before in milwaukee highlights from the 19 year-old rookie. and we have reaction as well. that's coming up.
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enrollment ends january 31st. >> the las vegas raiders went out in style as they headed off to face the cincinnati bengals and the afc wild card game. first responders and police wishing them world today kind of a little parade. kickoff is tomorrow at one, 30 this sunday. the forty-niners will be playing the dallas cowboys and the an fc wild
10:47 pm
card game kron four's rob nesbitt caught up with fans of both teams at sfo as they headed to dallas. >> i expected to see a lot of reading gold jerseys at sfo friday, but i was surprised to see cowboys fans of the terminals pretty their boarding passes to head to dallas. both sides hoping for a wild card win this weekend. >> they were easy to spot and excited as ever streaming api. extremely chris puckett board a plane friday at sfo to fly to dallas for the playoff game against the cowboys. it was a last minute ticket decision for the forty-niners fan. i literally just by but after the forty-niners came back from a 17 point deficit last weekend to be the los angeles rams state. puckett decided he had to see sunday's playoff game in person long as we don't mess it up defense is strong and offense plays good. you should come out with it won't be easy against the 3rd seeded dallas cowboys, san francisco in dallas that had a rivalry going back it wasn't
10:48 pm
just forty-niners jerseys and hats at sfo friday. pete develop was one of the few cowboys fans at the airport. we do have a rivalry with the you you know, 2 super bowls with being in the villa grew up in texas but now lives in the bay area. >> he's been a cowboys fan his entire life and has his own predictions of what it will take to get to the super bowl this year. the defense really is there. you know, we need to. just up the quarterback and for all our receivers to play a good game. the game at atnt stadium will be a family affair with 12 of his family members flying out, hoping for the same outcome as their rivals to forefront kickoff of the 49 ers game against the cowboys is scheduled for sunday at one 30 pm. >> at sfo, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity.
10:49 pm
>> well, 12 have members flying out. it's a lot of money. all right. coming off that blowout loss to the bucks. last night. the warriors looking for a bounce-back game tonight in chicago. but they have to go without klay thompson. don't worry. he's just out on to back-to-back game. and for the time being, he's not going to play back-to-back says he works his way back from that long injury absence. draymond green is not with the team on this road trip. he's got to strained calf. so you get to the big 3 out. you're on the road playing a bulls team that has the best record in the eastern conference should be a tough night right? rob? what a game for rookie jonathan coming. he's the story tonight. the coming out firing now we'll start with andrew wiggins. setting the tone 3 top of the key. jordan poole gets in on it. if he sees an opening, he'll fire it. how about cool again for the other side of the court? can we get
10:50 pm
a little roll? yes, sir. we're jump out to a nine-point lead after one 2nd quarter. a list, best hands i've ever seen with the steel. great behind the back pass to damien lee who lays it in. 51. 33 warriors now coming up. just great defense. and he just is shot out of a cannon dunks it breakaway slam. 24 point lead out for the warriors. how about steph? he could shoot from deep, steph, trying to get back on track with his shot. the worst score season. i-78 in the 1st half. they lead by 31 of the break. 2nd half coming got. it is just what he's got. couple pogo sticks. it is lead. the athletics is eeli and he throws it down there. he threw down a lot career-high. 25 for double 0, 7th overall pick this year. the rookie had 4 dunks. this is the ok night for staff feel not great, but they didn't need it tonight. 19 points for him. paul had 22
10:51 pm
wiggins there had 21 know clay, no dre, no worries, worriers role one. 38, 96 again, the bulls are good. this year after the game, steve kerr gushing about his prized rookie. his gifts are so unique, athletically. >> they jump out in an nba game. guys see it. i mean, stunning when he explosive the route taking advantage of those gifts. now allows him to build a foundation. and then, you know, as he goes, he's shooting will improve his understanding of the game will improve overall skill level improved. but what i liked about the last 2 nights so hardest. i've seen him run the floor on consecutive nights. >> as a little bit smaller, but almost like shawn kemp, how he's throw it down. going to be fun to see him. mature football. now nfl playoffs almost here tomorrow. kate
10:52 pm
taste it. the niners are in action sunday. there are an underdog but only a slight one. dallas is a three-point favorite kyle shanahan and company going to dallas as dogs. but hey, they're playing good ball and they are thrilled to get all pro defensive our offensive tackle trent williams back. he didn't play against the rams last sunday had an elbow sprain. still not 100% right now, but he did practice yesterday. he takes it up, says he doesn't like wearing a brace on the elbow. so he's going to go with tape and he's been elite all season. earning the highest rating ever buy pro football focus. he hasn't allowed a sack on here. the protectors. 71 of jimmy g's blind side. he said being back in the playoffs for him. this is first time in 6 years. it invokes a different feeling all around niners headquarters. the vibe is. >> it'n amazing. you know that the sunshine and brought it seems like, you know, you wake up the day of the day starts out nicer to me at the it is
10:53 pm
so gratifying to know that was still here and was still finance and noted that there's really there's really not a fight that we hadn't seen and you know, so this team is. i think has enough great has no, it was all to to do anything we want to do. >> finally, number 2, stanford taking unbeaten 22nd ranked colorado in boulder in some ,omen's hoops game tied going into the 4th cardinal. the went on a 13 4 run to begin the 4th cameron break. get it done inside. she had 10 haley jones at 11 balanced attack and stanford gets it done against colorado. the first loss of the season for colorado 60 to 52. the final the cardinal are at utah on sunday and tomorrow. the raiders are also in action as the nfl playoffs kickoff. they are in cincinnati to face joe burrow and the bengals. best of luck to them and the niners. keep it here. we'll be back with more news right
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
if you're not a fan of the heat, stay out of the you might want stay away from australia. yeah. yesterday the town onslow hit australia's hottest day on record. temperatures soaring too. >> 123 degrees. not only the in the country's history. also the highest temperature ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. so, lawrence, nothing like that here. trust know much cooler around the
10:57 pm
bay area, but things are happening outside. we want to check on your for fun things. if you want to head to berkeley, they've got the beat in these new year festival. that's going to be a great time. mostly sunny skies. how about checking out the tide pools exploration that will be impacted there on saturday dress warmly. it's going to be a little bit cool. >> last weekend for free ice skating lessons in union square in san francisco. and how about this? some beautiful sound. some folk music downtown san francisco temperatures. there are going to be the upper 50's. all right. sounds good. thank you, laura. for the folk music. yeah. who knows how that's it. >> i ave a good night have a good night.
10:58 pm
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