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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> tonight at 9 new workplace guidelines going into effect is every county in california is now seeing the highest level of covid transmission since the pandemic started and the cdc claims it is not just happening here, but across the country. good evening, everyone. thanks for being with us tonight on kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan. >> the cdc says more than 99% of the country has reported at least 100 new cases per 100,000 people in just the past week. the cdc considers a county has to have a positive rate above 10% to be considered part of a high community transmission. california has had more than 735,000 new covid cases over the last 7 days. that is a lot here in the bay area. santa clara health officials say that with covid cases surging. >> getting tested is now more important than ever. but they admit it is hard to find a test both at home antigen tests and the pcr lab tests that require an appointment.
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both they're in really high demand. the county's health officer says she expects the supply of at-home antigen tests will increase in the near future. but until then, she suggests only using at home and antigen test. if you already know you have covid-19. >> those tests are best years to quote, test out early from isolation. so if you already know you have covid and you're just wondering i no longer infectious i no longer a a risk to others. an antigen test is the best test to use their. >> she says the more accurate pcr tests which often require an appointment and take several days sometimes to get the results are best used. a few suspects. you have been exposed. those tests can detect even trace amounts of the coronavirus. she advises against using pcr tests. when you know you are already sick because those tests can come back positive even long after
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you are no longer infectious. >> walgreens and cvs are temporarily closing some stores because of the recent covid surge. and because of- staff shortages, the adjustments are only temporary. they say it may also include closing. some pharmacies as kron four's gayle ong reports. >> pharmacists have been dealing with staffing problems. well, before this omicron search. >> pharmacists have ended testing they've prescribing vaccines, administering vaccines. they've been doing a monoclonal antibody infusions. those are just some of the additional duties assigned a pharmacist during the pandemic. >> michael hogue, former president of american pharmacists association says the extra workload has lead to burnout. so when you add omicron on top of that situation, it definitely creates quite a problem. >> a problem we are seeing nationwide, 2 of the country's largest retail pharmacies are temporarily closing stores on weekends due to an increase in the number of covid-19
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infections among staffers. in a statement to kron 4, a walgreens spokesperson says in part this is extremely limited in on a store by store bases and not specific to any region are area as we make every effort to staff and keep pharmacies open for our patients and the community. a cbs spokesperson says the store closures on water boat days of the weekend are temporary. and in response to the fast-spreading omicron coronavirus variant as well as a nationwide staffing shortage with this particular new variant. >> we're experiencing staffing shortages again. doctor maria lopez owns and runs the mission wellness pharmacy in san francisco. >> she's not surprised to hear of the big chains having to scale back in 20 years of being a pharmacist. i've never seen. >> so many people stressed out. we're tired. we're working on the frontlines of the pandemic. a pharmacist and provided a lot of vaccines in this country. as well as you know, that their peace, oral therapies that are and newly outs. walgreens and cvs did not say which stores in the bay area will be closed. met
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pharmacists say. >> with fewer staff, you may notice longer wait times at your local pharmacy. you want to give your pharmacy a call and ask for your refills a little earlier than you normally would just so that they have time to prepare them just remember that. >> we're working on the front lines and and doing the best we can. >> gayle ong kron, 4 news. the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union reached an agreement after spending hours at the bargaining table last night. the end the union got everything it asked for. >> union members will get more masks for all students and school workers weekly testing and 10 days of paid sick leave for a covid related reasons. this comes after a sick out petitions and letters sent to leaders by staff and families. the teachers union president says she's grateful teachers can now feel safer with this agreement in place. the agreement lasts until july 31st. >> in the east bay, the hayward unified school board is meeting to talk about whether to extend remote
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learning the district began. virtual learning this week because of the surgeon covid cases. if the boerd does not vote to extend remote learning students will be back in the classroom next tuesday. new workplace rules are in effect in california. employers will now have to get a covid test after workplace exposure. people cannot simply take a rapid test on their own. an employee will have to go to a lab or take a test in front of a supervisor or a health care professional. cal osha is tightening its rules on what qualifies as a face covering. meantime, the new definition includes a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask or respirator or cloth masks that must have at least 2 layers. >> open enrollment for covered. california is open now and it's through january 31st. experts say with cases surging, it's an important to make sure you have health insurance because they note while vaccines are free,
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hospitalizations are not. if you sign up this month coverage begins february 1st, another big story tonight, promising signs that the omicron variant may be close to peaking in the bay area. but even if that's true, health experts say we still have several rough weeks ahead. kron four's dan kerman explains. >> over the last week, lab samples from wastewater collected in santa clara county show. a drop in the amount of covid-19 at 3 of the counties for wastewater treatment plants. health officials say it's a sign the infections may be starting to come down that i want to provide a glimmer of hope to the community that this isn't going to go on forever and ever and ever. and while signs are promising, doctor cody warns this is no time to let your guard down at the moment. >> we are still in the middle of the greatest surge that we've during the entire 2 year pandemic and every layer of protection is incredibly important for 2 reasons. helps
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to protect ourselves and equally important. it helps to protect our community and bring us through this as quickly as possible. experts say once wastewater numbers drop, it typically takes a week to 10 days for cases to begin to drop. >> but they say that could take some time, meaning a tough end of january and a tough beginning of february could still be ahead. so we're going to be a very high level of cases. >> for a good while in spite of the fact that we're coming down, hopefully our descent is going to be as rapid is the ascent was. and that means will come down fairly quickly. but it's still that's going to translate into serval weeks of a lot of cases. so we're going to be seeing a lot of transmission still for a while. that means over the next several weeks. you want to continue avoiding large gatherings. you want to continue distancing. >> and you want to continue wearing that most protective mask. there is dan kerman kron. 4 news.
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>> right now on kron 4 dot com. a ton of new info. you can read more about the walgreens and cvs stores closing over the weekend as well as updated workplace rules from cal osha. and you can learn more about the free at home. test website expected to be rolled out by the white house next week to scan the qr code here and you'll be taken right to kron 4 dot com. >> reservations will not be needed this year for anybody hoping to see what's known as the fire fall at yosemite. it's beautiful happens during the month of february when the sun isn't just the perfect position to create what looks like a bright red orange. a waterfall looks kind of like lava usually attracts thousands of visitors. and last year, a reservation system was added to cut down on crowed crowds because of covid. but now park officials have decided to open horse fall trail to the public without reservations. >> too many rainy days could be bad for the economy. researchers say that's because production drops when rainy days increase countries with
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higher incomes suffer the most. the weather affects manufacturing and service sectors and of course, extreme weather like torrential flooding can cause billions in damage. >> no rain in sight here. let's take another live look outside of the san francisco. the transamerica pyramid. isn't there an a? >> nice been enjoying the nice nights. the nice days. sunshine soaking it up after all that rain. but lawrence, we do need more rain this year. yeah, we we really do. and we're right in the middle of what's pretty calm. and we've got mid season dry spell. >> a pretty common for those last as long as 19 days. some of that is long as 56. so we hope it doesn't last that long but enjoy the sunshine while we that's my clouds up above again for for another beautiful sunset. here's a long way. forecast model and you'll we've got the low pressure the south. that's a cut off low. that's been spinning up some clouds in north skies. it's really kind outside really the circuit in the main circulation system, the jet stream. so it's just
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kind of bouncing around in the atmosphere right now, not cut up like these storms. these storms continuing to fall. the jet streams should all the way up into canada and the pacific northwest. well, that low just kind of spins off the coastline. brings us more clouds are going to see that on and off throughout the weekend. in fact, the center that low's going to get a little bit closer to the bay area that will bring with it. more clouds. unfortunately, not much in the way of rain. southern california may get some rain drops out of it is a start to eat. checked a little bit toward the beginning of this next week. but you can see the main focus of the heavier amounts of rain well to the north of the bay area, that stream of green headed toward the pacific northwest and canada. they're going to see all that rain and high pressure just going to continue to build in these waves come over the top of it kind of weak and that ridge a little bit. the rich starts to build back in behind that and starts to keep things nice and clear and dry things out. and that's the way it's going to hold. not this weekend, but well into next week and probably beyond that. temperatures today above the average, we had a 68 degrees, 10 degrees above normal in santa rosa today. 67 degrees
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in concord. 63 in livermore. 66 for the 4th day in a row in san jose. 61 in oakland to 62 degrees in san francisco. here's that low. we're talking about there's a satellite image. you see the high clouds just kind of streaming up above. they peel off from that area of low pressure, southern california, going to get a chance of some more scattered showers. but really, we're clouds around the bay area for tonight and a bit of an offshore winds been little blustery in spots and continue to see some winds across the mountain tops. temperatures cooling off, though, down low men in the urban areas. not much in the way of wind. so down to 46 degrees now in the bottle. 45 in petaluma. 46 degrees and safely. and 45 in fairfield, gusty winds overnight tonight will continue especially over the north bay hills, parts of the east bay to mainly above about 1000 feet or so. and then by tomorrow about the middle of the day, those winds start to diminish and calm down somewhat. probably a bit of an onshore flow by the afternoon. looking forward into the next few days. we're going to see a dry weekend ahead. martin luther king day, a few more clouds begin to roll in, but
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staying dry and then the rest the week looks dry and mild around the bay area. thank you, lawrence. >> following reports of a potential move, the nfl is confirming that super bowl. 56 will be held so fi stadium as planned. it says it's been working to make sure the game will be held safely during the omicron search. the stadium will be at full capacity february 13th more than 70,000 fans. the super bowl will feature the same protocols that have been in place for rams and chargers home games. fans have to show proof they've been vaccinated and wear masks at all times except when eating and drinking. >> fun to see the cowboys lose in person. some football fans have their bags packed in there heading to the airport are there for in the air now. they're going to see the niners in dallas are maybe go see the raiders play in the nfl playoffs this weekend. yeah. the raiders face the cincinnati bengals. tomorrow. the forty-niners play the.
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>> dallas cowboys sunday fans of both teams were at sfo today. kron four's rob nesbitt was there. he's got more on that. >> long-running rivalry. >> i expected to see a lot of reading gold jerseys at sfo friday, but i was surprised to see cowboys fans of the terminals pretty their boarding passes to head to dallas. both sides hoping for a wild card win this weekend. >> they were easy to spot and excited as ever streaming api. extremely chris puckett board a plane friday at sfo to fly to dallas for the playoff game against the cowboys. it was a last minute ticket decision for the forty-niners fan. i literally just by but after the forty-niners came back from a 17 point deficit last weekend to beat the los angeles rams state. puckett decided he had to see sunday's playoff game in person long as we don't mess it up defense. a strong and offense plays good. you should come out with it won't be easy against the 3rd seeded dallas cowboys. san francisco in dallas have had a rivalry going back it wasn't
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just forty-niners jerseys and hats at sfo friday. pete develop was one of the few cowboys fans at the airport. we do have a rivalry with the you you know, 2 super bowls been in the villa grew up in texas but now lives in the bay area. >> he's been a cowboys fan his entire life and has his own predictions of what it will take to get to the super bowl this year. the defense really is there. you know, we need to. just up the quarterback and for all our receivers to play a good game. the game at atnt stadium will be a family affair with 12 of his family members flying out, hoping for the same outcome as their rivals looking for prove kick off of the 49 ers game against the cowboys is scheduled for sunday at one 30 pm. >> at sfo, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> now to our coronavirus news. the cdc has updated its mask guidance. it says that people may choose to wear 95
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and kn 95 masks because they offer the best protection against covid. until now the cdc did not recommend that the general population wear those masks because of concern it could lead to shortages for health workers, but apparently those shortages are no longer a concern. double masking is an studies to show that cloth masks offer the least protection, especially indoors, but better than nothing. >> and you can win a free trip to the super bowl by donating blood to the american red cross. the nonprofit is in desperate need of blood donors. now they're offering one lucky winner, 2 round-trip tickets. a 3 night hotel. stay in the $500 gift card. people who donate in the month of january will automatically be entered in the drawing. and we'll also have the chance to win a home theater package for the big game. the red cross says it needs type o blood donations the most, but they will take. blood right now. a
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highly anticipated fried chicken sandwich restaurant open up today in west oakland and judging by the line of people who waited to dig in, they're off to a great start look that the chef behind the new spot is spreading his wings and he's doing this successfully. >> despite the pandemic that despite supply chain problems, kron four's justine waltman introduces us to cau bird. >> what would make people wait in line for hours for something to eat. maybe something as delicious as this. a fried chicken sandwich definitely blessing to be able to open up our doors today and we're excited. i mean, we're >> chicken is going out the door. chef matt toward best known for the wildly popular horn. barbecue has a new restaurant on his plate. >> cao bird, the star of the show, the southern bird sandwich with chicken dipped in butter, milk and seasoned flour topped with house made pickles and bird sauce all on a potatoe bun hoard got his
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inspiration from the ladies in his life. who showed him how soul food brings people together. that would be the man i am. that wasn't for all the strong women in my life. so i've drawn a lot of inspiration for my mother, my grandmother, you know, just kind of picked up some things there and there and just kind of want to put my touch on it. you can't be chicken when opening a business in 2022. >> horn push through covid delays and supply chain shortages. it definitely is a liberal we've definitely had our challenges. but with anyone else. but to be able to come out and then everything role in >> other hot items on the menu. wings mac and cheese and a salted caramel. apple. cao bird is at 17. 33 per off the street in oakland. you'll know you're there when your stomach starts to grow and you see the line of people outside. justine waldman, kron, 4 news. >> some good news for people often pay too meter to parker
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hughes parking meters. what was once the sound of your car being towed? might be the sound of a text message giving you a little bit of time. not much but a little time to move your car. a board member created of the sfmta created this new program and tells kron four's haaziq madyun how it works. >> it is a new program that gives you a heads up before your car gets. it's going to get the text message, message your car's going to get towed, come to your car immediately and move it. the program is called text before it is now in effect in san francisco. >> sfmta board director mandy, you cook came up with the idea really excited about it will be the first major city in the nation. >> where you'll actually get a text message before a tow truck comes if you live or work in san francisco or do a lot of driving in the city, you can opt into the program by signing up on the sfmta
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website to receive a text message when your vehicle is at risk of being told for the following violations. 72 hour parking which is considered an abandoned vehicle block driveways, construction zones and temporary. no parking for special events and moving trucks in 2020. >> 12,000, 500 people we're told for these reasons. and even if half of their car now, because this program that's over 6,000 people that will not get a $600 ticket. >> once you get the text message, what happens next? he better be wearing your track shoes according to the sfmta website, a tow truck will be dispatched with the text message notification and could be there. it is few as 5 minutes. >> and you have some they're not going to specify exactly how much time to come back and move your car. i'm really proud of this. this is a quality of life issue. 7. cisco is already expensive enough and this way will be able to provide some relief
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for people and just parked in the wrong place. didn't realize that weather part where they parked a was a tow a zone in san francisco as it might kron 4 >> still ahead, sheriff laurie smith in court today to plead on charges against her. the latest on those charges and what the santa clara sheriff's attorney requested of the court. >> also, thousands of packages are littering a railroad in los angeles. what's being said tonight about a string of that rain looted sperry food banks are struggling more than usual right now. what they say is likely responsible for the drop in volunteers.
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>> food banks typically see a drop in volunteers after the winter holiday season. but in the first 2 weeks of this year, a bay area food banks say the problem is worse than usual. it's because of covid kron four's phillipe djegal has the story. >> the alameda county community food bank has enough capacity to accommodate 50 volunteers for any given shift. and on friday, just 22 people showed up their dedicated crew. that is coming in. >> during the days to get the work done. but we need more hands. in fact, food bank spokesperson michael offense as 22 volunteers is actually a high number compared to what they've seen lately. >> on most days in recent he says that number has mostly been in the teens. that's
9:24 pm
pretty much because of the recent covid search in this fest is speaking for 5 bay area food banks all reporting a critical volunteer shortage that threatens to impact services at a time when food insecurity remains historically high. seen more people reach out to us, for instance, for home deliveries were seen some of our agencies have to shut down because of exposures. >> and meanwhile, because of just how contagious this current surge is, we've seen a lot of a pretty cancel the volunteer shifts for the time being the food. banks say they have strengthened their health and safety protocols and are confident both in tears can remain healthy. lending a hand this as close to 1 million bay area. mouths are counting on them to keep the line moving. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> still ahead in 9 santa clara county sheriff laurie smith in court today. we'll have the details on what happened to she faces misconduct. allegations also has some federal money will be
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put to good use soon. fixing california bridges and modern day train bandit's may be responsible for. you missing a package with city leaders and los angeles are now saying af
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>> santa clara county sheriff laurie smith was in court today to answer to corruption and misconduct charges. 3 of the charges center on claims that she illegally granted
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licenses for concealed carry weapon permits to people who contributed to her campaign are people who are prominent in the community. those are the allegations in the san francisco da's office is handling this case instead of the santa clara county civil grand jury. >> to try to avoid a conflict of interest to kron four's camila barco has more on today's hearing. >> sheriff laurie smith said very little during her court hearing on friday morning. >> she did not answer to any of the accusations made against her during a virtual court hearing friday morning. did not enter a plea to the allegations. >> instead, her lawyers asked for more time. the judge agreed 3 of the charges center on claims that the sheriffs illegally granted licenses for concealed carry weapon permits to people who either contributed to her campaign or are prominent in the community. 3 other charges focus on the san jose sharks game. that's sheriff that ended in february of 2019. she allegedly received free suite tickets, food and drinks. it
9:29 pm
exceeded a $500 gift limit. court documents say that she failed to disclose those gifts. the 7th count accuses her of failing to cooperate with an ongoing investigation surrounding the treatment of an inmate. smith has been in office for 23 years. many city and county leaders are calling for her to step down, including san jose mayor sam liccardo. this all comes in the same year as she faces reelection. but no word if she will run again. smith is expected to return to court on march. 15th for a status hearing. i'm camila barco reporting for kron. 4 news. >> for your money tonight, qr codes have become prevalent during the pandemic. for example, restaurants and businesses use them to replace things like paper menus. but according to seeing that, people should know that cyber criminals are also using qr codes to scam people. >> you just have to, you know,
9:30 pm
think before you snap that image just like you think before you click on a link in an e-mail, if it looks you know, we've seen instances where in austin, texas, recently somebody put fake qr code stickers all over parking meters and people want to go pay for their parking and ended up paying a malicious site instead of the actual city's parking site. >> yeah. meantime, those police in austin say they checked out 900 meters. 29 of them had fake code. so far no one has been arrested. >> the east bay, 2 women in concord have been arrested after police say they tried to steal more than $1000 worth oe cosmetics by putting all those items in baby strollers. they had happened yesterday at the sephora at the for and a shopping center. police say 2 women placed all the goods in baby strollers and then left the store without paying. officers were able to stop the women and recover the stolen cosmetics. the names of the women have not been released to the peninsula. now where
9:31 pm
police are looking for 8 suspects. you see images of them here who they say pistol-whipped a clerk during a robbery at a tobacco store. palo alto police released these pictures of the suspects. officers say 2 of the suspects were armed when they enter the store just before 10 o'clock last night. one of them police say pistol-whipped the store clerk after ordering him to lie down on the ground. the suspects then took the cash in the register, also took merchandise from the store. the clerk suffered minor injuries. >> millbrae resident returned home yesterday and found a stranger inside trying to rob the house. this happened at a home on sequoyah avenue. san mateo county sheriff's deputies say a woman named sally smith found inside the house. she has since been linked to a car theft. prowling incident reported earlier in the day she's been booked into the san mateo county jail. >> actor and comedian tiffany haddish has been arrested in
9:32 pm
georgia, charged with dui after receiving a call about a driver asleep at the wheel and officer in peachtree city says they saw a vehicle matching the caller's description and stopped it. they say haddish was inside. she later posted bond and was released from the fayette county jail. had she was the breakout star of the smash comedy girls trip. she also wrote the new york times bestseller the last black unicorn. the aftermath looks like a cargo train crash, lea of debris blanketing the area to mess but that is not what this is actually the aftermath of looters rating cargo containers in los angeles and apparently it's been happening for months. union pacific railroad says in the past year the deaths of added up to about 5 million dollars in claims and losses. reporter nancy loo is in los angeles with more. >> union pacific trains rolling through a sea of
9:33 pm
packages. the rejected spoils of thieves targeting train car going downtown l a today we ran into a worker contracted for clearing some of this you a lot more was taken, but >> we're here specifically just for the tires, supposedly because the tires pose more of a track hazard to cruise thieves are long gone with other valuable stuff. the within the debris high demand covid testing kits and ppe. >> also empty boxes from amazon, macy's and ari, i all lou did from containers this section of track is vulnerable because trains have to slow down or stop as they you keep the silla t for unloading the locks are really easy to break. to picked. >> screwdriver, pliers. yeah. these are heavy duty. >> boats are no locks on its contents. that's how to get in this morning. news nation captured someone helping themselves to what appeared to be beauty rest charcol lux pillows worth about $80.
9:34 pm
>> in a statement ups press concern about increased cargo thefts in california. adding we have increased the number of union pacific special agents on patrol and we have utilized unexplored additional technologies to help us combat this criminal activity. upi also criticized la county da george gascon on for only filing misdemeanor charges against more than 100 criminals who have been arrested over the past year, arguing that light punishment encourages more criminals. it doesn't matter what time. >> it is. it could be broad daylight and they just don't care. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight. >> still ahead at 9, the big changes to the annual martin luther king celebration, including the freedom track. >> and we've got some high clouds outside right now. what about the weekend ahead? we'll talk about that. your forecast is next. and in sports after getting a beatdown in milwaukee, the worries bounce back john at the coming got
9:35 pm
some balance. the rookie just took off a career night for the 7th overall pick in the draft. the rookie. he's good. we have highlights reaction. we come back.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> all right. what's been wrong with the worriers? worry 12, they're coming off a blowout loss to the bucks. didn't look good at all. the
9:38 pm
night before friday, looking to bounce back in chicago friday night. but having to do it. >> without klay thompson to for the time being will not be playing on back-to-back nights is he kind of works his way back from that long injury absence and draymond green is not with the team on this road trip. he's nursing a calf strain. so you have 2 of the big 3 out. you're on the road playing a bulls team friday. that is the best record in the eastern conference. what's going to happen? well, maybe the best game they've played all season. what a night it was for that man. rookie jonathan. coming more on him shortly. dubs come out on fire. andrew wiggins, top of the key 3 good then jordan poole. he'll pull it from deep bang. how about pull get from the other side of the court rattles that one in warriors jump out to a nine-point lead after the first good news. second, andre iguodala. the old vet. great handsy gets the steal behind the back. pass to damien lee for the layup. 51.
9:39 pm
33 golden state. and then jonathan coming took over defense leading the offense and the way he jumps the athleticism that gives the worries of 24 point lead. what about steph curry? yeah, it he's still good. try to find his touch. he's been in a shooting slump were scores season-high 78 in the first lead by 31 at the break. and could make it. get a break. the rim he goes of for that jab. he had a career-high. 25 points 7th overall pick. it just broke out this game. 4 dunks okay night for staff, 19 points but they didn't need more. you get dressed him in the 4th jordan fuller. 22 wiggins. 21 points. no klay, no dre. no problem. warriors rolled big-time one. 38 96 after the game. steve kerr had a lot of praise for his young rock. >> his gifts are so unique, athletically.
9:40 pm
>> they jump out even you know, nba and you guys see it. i mean, it's sort of stunning when he >> explodes to the taking advantage of those gifts. now allows him to build a foundation. and then, you know, as he goes, he's shooting will improve his understanding of the game will improve overall skill level improved. but what i liked about the last 2 nights is this the hardest i've seen him run the floor on consecutive nights. >> that's some college hoops. number 2, stanford women taking on and beating and 22nd ranked colorado in boulder game tied going into the 4th. but the cardinal went on a 13 4 run to begin the 4th cameron brate getting it done inside. she had 10 points. haley jones added 11 for a balanced attack. stanford gives colorado its first loss of the season friday night, 60 to 52. the cardinal will be at utah on sunday. jonathan how good he could be. it's scary. bridge
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country which need repairs will soon get billions of dollars from the federal government. washington correspondent jessi tenure reports on the president's announcement. >> good evening. after a rocky week here in washington for his priorities, president biden suggested he wanted it to end on something his administration was able to accomplish. >> this is something we did get down and normas
9:44 pm
consequence to the country as part of the new infrastructure law. president biden announced friday nearly 27 billion dollars to fix or rebuild thousands of smaller bridges across the country over the next 5 years. and about 5.5 billion of those funds will go out by summer. these investments our country has never fully made. now we are transportation secretary pete buttigieg visited the martin luther king bridge in philadelphia friday, which used to carry 25,000 vehicles every day when it gets bad enough, like we see here, bridges have to be closed entirely for safety. buttigieg said the funds will allow states to bypass future bridge closures that impact everything from deliveries to school and work commutes to emergency response times. the consequences are felt by every car pooling parent. >> every commuter and every truck driver. >> and those delays at up to profound costs for america's families. >> and economy. and president biden said the money will also focus on reconnecting communities too often. bridges and highways were built through the heart of his story. communities, particularly black
9:45 pm
communities. >> coming off, families, churches in >> and another part of the new infrastructure law funding for high-speed internet allows low income households to get up to $30 per month for broadband and $100 to put towards something like a laptop or tablet. in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> meanwhile, north bay congressman jared huffman announced the first round of investments in repairing california. bridges under the new infrastructure investment bill. nearly 800, 50 million dollars will be used to fix state bridges this year alone. that is part of a total of 4.2 billion dollar investment over the next 5 years in california. more than 1500 bridges have been determined to be in poor condition. huffman reports the main bridges will receive nearly 725 million dollars. while the so-called off system bridges, we'll get nearly 130 million dollars. a review of tiktok videos discovered the most popular national parks in the world. and most of them are
9:46 pm
here in the u.s. experts park sleep fly. look at which park video said the most view counts on tiktok 6 of the top 10 are in the u.s. yellowstone national park. top on the list with more than 630 million views. i guess that's good. followed 70 and then grand canyon national park, joshua tree made the list as well as glacier and redwood national park was also popular with more than 95 million hits. all right. 4 zone forecast time as we take a live look over san francisco on this friday night. katherine, large cheers to the weekend. yeah, thanks for reminding us. it's friday so large. so what kind getaway weekend will abate? yeah, it looks like a nice weekend, although you're going to see a lot more clouds you make way into southern california. we see quite a few right here in the bay area outside right now as high clouds. >> up above, no delays being reported at san francisco, oakland or san jose airports. we're looking good as you make your way in the monterey bay. a lot of cloud cover in the
9:47 pm
monterrey. the temperatures will stay fairly mild. still about 65 degrees in monterey. 64 in carmel. 67 degrees. inslee this about 61 in santa cruz, southern california. they can see temperatures in the 60's. there's a slight chance you could see a light sprinkle there that cut off low kind of spending a little bit closer to them and the high country. here's the good news. the roadways are open and clear. you've got all that snow on that. from all of a december. and the first part in january. now you can enjoy the slopes up there. 44 degrees in south lake tahoe. 43 in truckee. 49 for a high in reno. so a little bit cnol. if you plan to stick around. yeah, it looks like it's going to stay nice and dry across the country. big time storm rolling right through the country's midsection all the way into the deep south. going to bring some very heavy snow and severe weather along that pattern along that line all the way into the deep south over the weekend. and temperatures. yeah, it's going to be cold out there for tomorrow. it's going to be only 8 degrees for a high in minneapolis tomorrow. 12 in
9:48 pm
des moines. 24 chicago. 21 in kansas city. but the cold temperatures dipping all the way into dallas at 37 degrees. the good news is for game day on sunday. there talking about temperatures there in the mid 50's. all right. outside tonight, we do have some high clouds up above those continue to stream by. but no threat of any rain here. temperature wise numbers in the 40's and 50's across most of the bay area. i think as we head through the night tonight, we're going to continue to see plenty of those clouds stream up above and tomorrow you're going to see even more that this low, the core low going to move a little bit closer as it moves up. it's going swing in a few more clouds in our direction. so expect to see more of that throughout the day. tomorrow. a few more of that as we head in towards sunday, too. it will be to about tuesday of next week to that low kicks on shore and then things begin to change. but overnight lows still going to be cool in numbers mainly in the 40's. colder 30's and some of the north bay valleys. by day, though, some sunshine and some clouds and temperatures in the 50's and 60's and san francisco 50's along the coastline inside the
9:49 pm
bay. you'll find some warmer temperatures down the peninsula. 64 redwood city, plenty of 60's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. numbers i-65 degrees in lemore. 65 walnut creek about 62 degrees in orinda. get the idea. look at a nice weekend. although do plan on to see plenty of clouds throughout the day. >> thank you, lawrence. well, the annual celebration train offered by caltrain and doctor martin luther king junior day. well, not be running this year because of the pandemic. caltrain instead will operate on a modified schedule. you're looking at video from the 2020 event. the 54 mile ride up the peninsula pays tribute to the 1965 march, which doctor king led from selma to montgomery, alabama. caltrain officials say they hope to resume the event next year. and the northern california doctor, martin luther king junior community foundation has postponed this year's outdoor events, meaning no parade, no music festival. all of the indoor events this weekend.
9:50 pm
we'll in place, but they will be virtual. >> actor and comedian bob said it was laid to rest today in a private family funeral nearly one week after his death, according to sources close to seconds family, the private service and burial will be held. it mount sinai memorial park cemetery in los angeles. the 65 year-old full house star was found dead in his orlando hotel room sunday. the cause of death has not yet been released. a larger memorial is expected to be held at a later date. >> coming up next, a florida police officer makes a very unusual rescue.
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>> fake testing sites are popping up in cities across the country and with covid tests in high demand, scammers are taking advantage. so how can you tell the difference between a scam and the real thing? here's reporter brian and ton. >> you've probably seen covid pop up sites. they look quick and easy but be aware some are sending the wrong test results sending results late or just never sending them at all. i still haven't heard anything. it was very frustrating, but then just really upset. and mike devastated. the center for covid control has pop-up sites from coast to coast and they also have complaints throughout the country to a lot of them. accusations of emailing test results before people even took the test and concerns about identity theft. at the moment. it was it asked
9:54 pm
for. >> my driver's license number or a lot of quite a bit of personal data i thought was a bit excessive. but i'm in the moment. i was desperate and 6. so i just went along with it. the company is under investigation by the department of justice in oregon and better business bureaus in multiple cities. i think what's so alarming is this isn't just one or 2 site. i mean, this is a big company with sites all across the united states. and it is also very concerning because people. >> our concern right now about their health, they're very concerned about. the fact is a cold. is it covid is that in what? what am i feeling right now? the center for covid control didn't respond to our calls. so we showed up to their pembroke pines, florida location. is this the center for covid control? >> this is this. this is it. yes, just this picnic table. >> the location really is just a picnic table in a couple of
9:55 pm
boxes. the employees here told us they were not allowed to talk to the media and soon after we received a statement from the center for covid control saying they were going to stop testing for the next week because of what they call high patient demand and operational strain. bottom line, the better business bureau says to look at reviews before choosing a location. ask your doctor for recommendation. go with reputable companies and government testing sites. we could end up with a false results or no test results at all. it's just it's wrong and it's infuriating and >> it's just not ok. so i i just feel like it's something that people need to know about. not ok, andy. >> brian entin reporting there. and experts say one of the main issues says that no one is really regulating these pop-up testing sites. some states require the sites to get a temporary business license. but the sites are not being monitored for how the tests are being performed or if the results are actually being delivered. >> seattle firefighters found
9:56 pm
a dog alive. this is a pretty amazing 6 days after a house had collapsed with him inside. clearly had managed to find food or water or something. some point, dug through the rubble. they found the black labrador named sammy sammy was really excited to see his owners. they were happy to see him but says he will be okay. >> an officer in florida taking part here in an unusual rescue. but great work video shows the moment the officer helped free a dolphin tangled in a fishing net. the officer was able to bring the animal to his boat. but the dolphin kept kind of thrashing about making it for the officer to set him free. but they kept working. this is officer nelson silva who in the video you can hear him say i got you, buddy. and he was able to open the net enough for the dolphin to swim free. the officer says because of the way it took off. he believes the dolphin is going to be
9:57 pm
okay. and that's great news. wraps up kron. 4 news tonight at night. >> but our kron, 4 news in prime time continues at the top of the hour. coming up at 10 to the country's biggest retail pharmacies are temporarily closing stores. how the pandemic is playing a role in the struggle to keep them open. and starting tomorrow, private health insurance companies will be required to cover the cost of at-home covid tests. i'm grant lotus and i' when fun time.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> there are a lot about grocery store airlines. but as health care providers employees have experienced a lot of challenging times during the pandemic. >> now 10 another group of workers hit hard by staffing shortages, fueled by the rapid spread of omicron. some pharmacies are now closing their doors for the weekend. it thank you for joining us on kron. 4 news at 10, everyone. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan. this latest covid surge has proven to be just too much for walgreens. and for cvs, they both announced temporary closures and as kron four's gayle ong reports, pharmacists have been dealing with staffing problems. well before the omicron search.


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