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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 14, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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usable or does this need to be something with the employers watching personally on a zoom call? >> how do you work that out? due to the recent covid-19 surge getting tested has proven difficult to the new testing requirement. not something everyone agrees with. >> i think the home tests are okay, especially with it being such a fine for people to be able to get tested. it's stressful as it is trying to get tested for work. there are mass changes as well. workers now must wear a surgical mask, a medical mask or respirator or a tightly woven fabric or nonwoven material of at least 2 layers. i think that that clock masks aren't really doing much. >> the surgical mask and above are probably better to protect transmission, especially with omicron. >> being so contagious right now, something the new mask regulations won't make much of a difference as they have seen businesses being more relaxed when it comes to masking up. i've noticed that a lot of people don't really what i've seen a lot of people doing is walking in the like are you wearing them and pulling down
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been like you're not you. are you what do we have to when it comes to isolation? there are new regulations for the unvaccinated before coming back to work. they have close contact exposure, right? someone your workplace test positive. they are close contact with individual. >> don't be saluted for 5 days and then test and they test negative and then they can come back and for those who are vaccinated and boosted, they can come back after the exposure so long as they have no symptoms, but they still must test after a few days. >> again, that was erin myers reporting for us tonight. those new workplace guidelines go into effect as every county in california is now at the highest level of coronavirus transmission. and the cdc says it's not just happening here, but across the country. the agency says more than 99% of the united states has reported 100 or more new cases per 100,000 people in the past week in order to have high community transmission. the cdc says each county must have a poiitive rate of above 10%. california has reportedly had more than 735,000 new cases of
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covid over the last 7 days, china may cancel all flights from the u.s. starting next week as a safety precaution. head of the winter olympics, according to reports, beginning january 19th and continuing for at least 2 weeks. all flights from the u.s. to china have either been canceled or suspended the beijing winter games open on february. 4th and participants are mostly taking special flights restricted to people with olympic credentials. the restriction is part of a strict bubble that authorities are implementing around the olympics events. chinese officials say the regulation is an important step to try to reduce the risk of cross border spread of covid. >> selecting a new high quality mask for your family is becoming more difficult. thanks to so many counterfeits on the market mayabb. elaine has the advice from experts on how to spot the fake products so you don't waste your money or risk your health. >> with the omicron variant continuing to surge. is it time to upgrade your mask?
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experts say the 95 and kn 95 masks are the better options. but between the 2, there's a big difference in regulation. they can make it difficult to spot a counterfeit up to 60% of the kn 95 masks that are circulating in the united states are our face with so many of the masks on the market. the cdc is warning about the red alags to watch out for the n 95 mask is approved regulated in the united states by the national institute of occupational health and safety. whereas you have the kn 95, which is developed in yet the united states does not have a regulatory body. >> that can readily, i would say, guarantee those mask. >> according to the cdc, these are just some of the signs of a potential fake n 95 mask including spelling errors, decorations, known ios markings on the mask and ear loops to secure the mask to
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your face instead of bands that wrapped around your head. >> the increase in counterfeit masks makes it difficult for local companies to sell their legitimate products. there's a high of a risk to customers because they're spending a lot of money, especially but some spitters. >> that they may potentially good counterfeit products. >> medical supply in mentor is currently in the process to get 9 dash approval for n 95 masks. they plan to manufacture and sell that i was really important because that that means you can trace the manufacturing from the raw material. >> to the finished goods when in doubt about how to spot a counterfeit. >> check the source. you can go to ny, site or you can type in. i asked i o s h in 95 and you can actually those of their certify equipment list and you can type in the model number of the mask that you would have to see if it is a
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real or fake in cleveland. maya belay. >> take a look outside now live picture. they bridge toll plaza. so the sun going down now and a very calm friday night come friday night leading to a may be busy weekend. big playoff weekend, right? a lot of folks going to be sitting in sidewalks in the football games. a nice it nice weekend to kind of get outside to. it's going to be a dry weekend. couple high clouds up above in san francisco right now. turn out to be a beautiful friday outside. >> numbers running above the average 62 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland talk about consistency. this is the 4th day in a row. it has been 66 degrees in san jose. 63 in lemore 67 in concord about 68 degrees. a beautiful day in santa rosa. now compare that to rest of the country. it's a different story. we've got a very cold snow storm that is working its way across the country. look at these temperatures for highs tomorrow in minneapolis, 8 degrees, 10 degrees in des moines. 24 in chicago, 19 in new york. 21 and cold in
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kansas city and look at norman, even dallas. 37 degrees. so some cold air going to break out across the country and even parts of the midsouth. even deep south. a bye parts of sunday into monday. here we're looking at long range forecast. it looks like things are going to stay dry. now. high pressure overhead that should keep us dry through the weekend and far beyond. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. the democrats push to pass federal voting rights legislation hit major roadblocks yesterday despite his best efforts, president biden was unable to convince certain democrats in the senate to go along with a senate rule change to get the effort past. gilmartin is in washington with the president's reaction. >> well, it does not look like there is a path for to passing voting rights legislation in congress. yesterday, moderate democrats made their point clear and quite frankly, it's the same point they've made for months. now they're in interested and changing the senate rules fearing an into bipartisanship in washington.
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>> was to god answer is i don't it may be back to the drawing board for democrats despite the president delivering his strongest calls for voting rights legislation this week, thursday, moderate democrats stood firm that not support changing senate rules to force the bills through without republicans. while i continue to support these bills. >> i will not support separate actions that were sent the underlying. >> disease of division following a meeting with senate democrats, president joe biden, that not to give up long as i'm in the white house on and gazed at all. >> i'm going to be friday. he says the bills are necessary to combat a wave of new voting laws in republican led states continue to change. >> the law not as to who can vote, who gets to count the vote. >> but republicans deny states are trying to suppress the vote about in this country is buying the fake hysteria. south carolina senator lindsey graham says the president is
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looking for a political win. the whole buying presidencies in freefall. he says the legislation is a power grab. and as moderates are right to push back against any rule change serves a lot of credit loan center mentioned later thursday. president biden made yet another attempt to soften their stance according to the white house, the 3 met for a, quote, candid and respectful exchange on voting rights and no major announcements following that meeting last night. we also now know that democrats will be missing that martin luther king day deadline to try and change senate rules. >> senate majority leader chuck schumer last night thing due to covid and also extreme weather. that vote will be postponed until tuesday for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. still ahead tonight, what one study is saying about chewing your food and how it can actually help you lose weight and was some health experts are saying about pregnant women using artificial sweeteners and how that could be linked to childhood obesity.
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>> for your health, a new study finds babies have a higher risk for obesity. >> if their mothers consume low calorie sweeteners during pregnancy. the study published in frontiers in nutrition, focus on the artificial sweetener. aspartame and the natural alternatives. tva, a group of pregnant rats were given one of the sweeteners, the offspring of those who received the sweeteners game away had higher body fat percentage and experience
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changes in their gut bacteria. the researchers say while the study was only performed on rats, other human studies have shown a link between sweet there's and weight during pregnancy. >> researchers in japan found chewing your food more could help keep off the pounds. they say chilling more leads to the human body expending more energy and increasing the metabolism of food in the digestive system. researchers say on the difference in energy expenditure per meal is small. the cumulative effects gather during multiple meals every day for an entire year is substantial. they say slow eating and thorough chewing could be a significant factor in weight management efforts. slow down. still ahead after recording the 6th hottest year on record. >> where
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. and noaa found that 2021 was the 6th hottest year on record. >> the agency say the u.s. is dealing with the fallout from that which includes extreme heat waves, larger wildfires and more severe storms. alexander le mon reports on where things stand with legislation to try to fight climate change. >> the past 10 years are the hottest ever recorded? according to nasa and noaa that's caused by increases in greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide? the thing thos greenhouse gases come from the use of things like coal, gasoline and diesel doctor
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steven pa sun and earth system scientist with nasa says the hotter global temperatures have real and devastating impacts on people's lives. if we look at the pacific northwest in the past year, we so extremely hot temperatures. temperatures of the never been recorded before pas and says the heat is that for people's health and feel the wildfires and droughts in the west, the hotter global temperatures also lead to more severe storms and are increasing coastal flooding. if not every day that when there's a high title, especially in those regions when there's a major hurricane, president biden's build back better plan would invest more than 550 billion dollars in transitioning the country to greener cleaner energy. but it's unlikely to pass republicans like louisiana congressman steve scalise say the price tag of build that better would have negative impacts higher taxes, additional spending things that by many accounts would increase inflation. you look spending, we look at those investment. democrats say
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preventing global temperatures from rising even further is worth the investment. so our children and grandchildren don't have to deal with even worse. natural disasters in washington. alexandra limon. >> for your money, you are codes have become the new it item during this pandemic to minimize contact many restaurants and businesses have replace paper menus or brochures with the qr codes. but according to see that cyber criminals are also using those qr codes to scam people. >> we just have to, you know, think before you snap that image just like you think before you click on a link in the email, we've seen instances where in austin, texas, recently somebody put fake qr code stickers all over parking meters and people want to go pay for their parking and ended up paying a malicious site instead of the actual city's parking site. there's really nothing stopping people from doing
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this on restaurant menus or really anywhere else. >> experts say if a qr code seem suspicious or is asking for unnecessary information from you, it's best to err on the side of caution and don't use it this. take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge on this friday night on a pretty clear friday night, too. and it's a getaway for some folks. want to get out of town. let's check in with lawrence karnow. yeah. if you want to head on out to, you're going to see dry conditions around the bay area tonight. looking good. >> out there in right now, just some high clouds up above. no delays reported at sfo, oakland or san jose. at this hour, looking good into v% the monterey bay. you are going to see a lot of cloud cover from that area of low pressure approaching the coastline for tomorrow. so don't expected to be fully sunny, but the temperatures not bad at all about selena 68 degrees. 65 degrees in monterey and 65 in southern california. there's a slight chance you could see a couple of scattered showers not going to be much but on those temperatures will be cooler in
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the 60's. there. and in the high country, of course, lots of snow on the slopes and some nice temperatures go along with that pretty comfortable for this time of year. 45 in southlake. 44 in truckee and 49 degrees in reno. we plan on sticking around the high country looking good as we're not expecting any major storms over the weekend. so the roadways should be wide open. that should be a problem. may be the big, probably all the people trying to get up there. so maybe a little bit crowded. but otherwise you're looking at mostly clear skies until we get into monday. and that's when the clouds start to roll back in outside tonight. kind of quiet out there. high clouds up above that so far. so good. doppler radar showing it's quiet out there to just some high clouds continue drift from area of low pressure off the coastline. but the bay area are tooking nice and dry right now. that's way it's going to stay to the weekend. temperatures pretty mild as we are, though. winter's night numbers of 62 degrees in san jose. 59 degrees in oakland. 61 in san francisco and 54 degrees cooling off now in petaluma on
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into sunday. it's going to bring some wraparound clouds back up into the bay area. otherwise we're going to see some very mild conditions outside of fact, pretty comfortable in most well into the 60's. a little chilly overnight. tonight, though, 30's and 40's for lows. by day, though, we're back into the 60's for most of the bay area. 65 degrees in san jose about 63 in san rosen. 62 degrees in oakland dry through the weekend to, in fact dry. and martin luther king day, just some partly cloudy skies. then it looks like we'll keep things dry well into next week. thank you, lauren. still ahead, the rats are loving this. we're going to show you where the trash troubles have been piling up for weeks. >> causing a public health >> causing a public health emergency. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> causing a public health emergency. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> officials in one southern california city are planning to declare a public health emergency. not because of covid, but because of piles of garbage. the trash is piling up because sanitation workers are on strike. reporter nancy loo is in chula vista and shows us the week's worth of garbage. >> all over chula vista trash keeps piling up and spilling over. and then the months since uniontown it haitian workers at republic services went on strike rats have been
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working overtime. i would say there are at least 8 inches long plus the tale. so these rats, have not missed a meal if you know what i'm saying. well, negotiations drag on between the company and their workers. the city of chula vista may move on without both of them here. obligations under the contract are not being fulfilled with republic services, not in service. right now, the chula vista city council is expected to approve the city manager's declaration of a public health emergency next tuesday. >> that will allow the city to tap another vendor. union workers are demanding higher wages, better benefits and safer conditions. the company has argued to the city that they already provide that. >> they fall squarely and in some they're essential work. colleagues and that's on their current contract. never it. >> in my working life has the company made me feel so disrespected, humiliated? and
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human eye, public services. as the standoff goes on, hundreds of garbage piles are growing along with the population of fat rats. my stomach was turning. i to throw up. it is like a total nightmare. >> there was nancy loo reporting. >> going to the beach in southern california is a little bit safer now thanks to some new shark buoys. 2 buoys are set off the coast of coronado in san diego bay. use technology to detect sharks have been tagged. sharks can be spotted as far as 300 yards away. officials say there's been an increase in the great white shark population and the technology can help detect where those sharks are and even contact lifeguards if needed. >> so we have about 200 tag white shirts that we've tagged throughout southern california in the past month or 2. >> we haven't had any shark sightings previously starting in. 2019, we were having somewhat regular sightings.
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>> the buoys are solar powered and can send environmental data as well. officials say they hope more cities install the buoys across california coastlines and officer in florida took part in an unusual rescue video shows the moments the officer helped free a dolphin tangled in a fishing net. the officer was able to bring the animal to his boat. but the dolphin kept thrashing about making it difficult. >> for the officer to cut it free. eventually he was able to open that enough for the dolphin to swim away. the officer says because of the way it took off, that dolphin is going to be ok. >> that's good news. yes, it is. the dolphin say thank you. he just took >> that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. but we have a lot more news ahead on kron. 4 news is 6 its side leaving the bay area to watch their teams play the forty-niners getting ready to take on the cowboys and texas. the raiders hoping to take down the bangles and cincinnati. both teams fighting to move on in the playoffs. plus, covidetests
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continue to be in high demand and short supply. would health officials say you should do if you can't get a test? >> and you're experi ncing symptoms. some news at 6 is next.
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>> that's we're all hoping for now at football fans have their bags packed as they head off to the airport to go see the niners and the raiders and the nfl playoffs this weekend. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. i'm pam moore. the raiders will face the cincinnati bangles tomorrow. the forty-niners play the dallas cowboys on sunday fans of both teams. what sfo today. and that's where we find kron four's. rob nesbitt joining us live with more on this. >> big rivalry, especially with the niners and the cowboys. rob. that's right. can i expected to see a lot of reading gold jerseys that sfo today? but i was surprised to see cowboys fans at the terminals pretty their boarding passes. both sides will be for a wild card win this weekend. they were easy to spot and excited as ever streaming api. extremely chris puckett board a plane friday at sfo to fly to dallas for the playoff game against the cowboys. >> it was a last minute ticket decision for the


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