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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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die. >> your hands are swelling. we love you. we wouldn't be here if we didn't love you. we want you to get better. >> the point is i'm doing what i'm supposed to do. ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 could very and be on the decline. data gathered from wastewater and one bay area county is indicating that could be the case. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 5. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne promising signs the omicron variant may be close to peaking here in the bay area. but even if true, there will still be several rough weeks ahead for dan kerman is live tonight with details on this stand. that's right. and santa
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clara county, they are monitoring for wastewater treatment plants for covid and over the last week at 3 of the 4 of them, we've seen some decline. >> in the number of covid cases, this could mean that we are quickly reaching that peak. but it is too early to say. but the signs are looking promising. >> i do want to offer a glimmer of hope will still in the throes of the highest covid infection rate since the pandemic began, some cautious optimism from santa clara county public health officer doctor sara cody. we are now seeing some signs that >> increasingly make me feel confident that that the levels of infection are just starting to come down. those signs have to do with this lab samples of wastewater over the last week. the prevalence of covid has dropped to 3 of the counties for wastewater treatment plants. >> we're by far from out of
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the woods. >> doctor, cody caution. this is no time to let your guard down, though. and bay area infectious disease specialists agree typically takes. >> the week, 10 days, the wastewater numbers start to drop that we see our case numbers start to drop. >> and even if we peak and begin to see case numbers start to drop over the next week, there still will be high levels of transmission for several weeks to come. i think it's going to be a very rough. >> remainder of this month, i think the first couple weeks of february are going to be very rough. probably not quite as bad as what we've seen. we're going to see at the end of this month. but it's still going to be really rough towards the end of february. things going to be really looking up march. looking up even more in that. i'm very optimistic for april may and june. >> so what does it all mean for the next few weeks ahead means continuing to mask, especially with those more protective masks that we've been hearing about over the last week, distancing and
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avoiding large gatherings live in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. dan, thank you for that. >> well, the federal website where people can request free at home covid tests will launch next week. the website is covid test dot gov. the white house says orders will be accepted starting on wednesday, january 19 supplies will be limited to just 4 test for home. the tests are free, including there's no shipping fee but do not expect a rapid turnaround on the orders. the white house says tests will typically ship within 7 to 12 days of ordering starting tomorrow. private health insurance companies will be required to cover the costs of at home covid tests. the biden administration announced this change in order to lower the costs and make testing more convenient health insurance providers will be required to cover the costs of up to 8 at home tests per person per month. >> meanwhile, open enrollment for covered. california is open through january 31st.
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experts say with covid cases surging, it's important to make sure you have health insurance because while vaccines are free, hospitalizations are not. if you sign up this month, coverage begins on february. 1st in the south bay, health officials say that with covid cases surging getting tested is more important than ever. but admit that it's hard right now to find a test. earlier today, officials offered some advice on what to do until those tests are available. kron four's charles clifford has details. well here in santa clara county, the demand for covid-19 testing is way up. we have seen long lines. >> people trying to get pcr tests and there's a real shortage of at-home test. today. the county offered up some advice what people should do until more testing is available. santa clara county health officer doctor sara cody says she expects that in the near future the supply of at-home antigen chest will increase. but until then, she's offering some advice on when and when not to use the tests that are currently available. first, she suggests only using at-home test. if you already know you have
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covid-19. those tests are best used to, quote, test out early from isolation. >> so if you already know you have covid and you're just wondering i no longer infectious i no longer a a risk to others. an antigen test is the best test to use their. she says the more accurate pcr tests which often require an appointment and take several days to get the results are best used. if you suspect you may have been exposed, those tests can detect even trace amounts of the coronavirus doctor. cody is also asking that people not go directly to hospitals to get tested. please do not use emergency rooms as testing centers. emergency rooms are there for people who require emergency care. as for when the testing supply crunch will ease up. doctor cody doesn't have an exact timeline, but she believes it won't be long. there are a lot of testing the pipeline antigen both from the federal and the state government. >> and i don't have an exact timeline on that. but i would
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say, you know, in the nearest future. >> we may a softening of the supply crisis. >> in santa clara county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union reached an agreement after spending hours at the bargaining table last night. in the end, the union got everything it asked for. the union members will get more masks for all students and school workers, weekly testing and 10 days of paid sick leave for all covid-related reasons. this all comes after a full week that included a sick out petitions and letters sent to leaders by staff and families. the teachers union president says she is grateful that teachers can now feel safer about this. great with this agreement in place. >> we are grateful and happy to have won the demands that we were right and where necessary. we're also very aware of the reality that this may not be the last turn for
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the last pop. as you referenced to covid crisis. and so it's it's a happy moment. it's a great for a moment and it's also wanted for resolve to continue fighting together. >> the agreement will last until july, the thirty-first. other news tonight, the nfl wild card weekend kicks off tomorrow. the las vegas raiders got sent off in style as they had to face the cincinnati bengals. >> you see first responders sending them off this afternoon in las vegas. kickoff is tomorrow at one 30 in the afternoon. we'll have all the highlights this weekend on both the raiders game and the forty-niners during kron. 4 news in prime time tomorrow night and sunday night. yeah, that's right. the forty-niners play the dallas cowboys on sunday afternoon and the nfc wild-card game. fans of both teams were at sfo on their way to dallas to see the game in person. and that's where kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live with more on this long-running rivalry.
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>> pam, i expected to see a lot of reading gold jerseys at sfo today, but i was surprised to see cowboys fans at the terminals printing their boarding passes to head to dallas. >> both sides hoping for a wild card win this weekend. >> they were easy to spot and excited as ever streaming api. extremely chris puckett board a plane friday at sfo to fly to dallas for the playoff game against the cowboys. it was a last minute ticket decision for the forty-niners fan. i literally just by but after the forty-niners came back from a 17 point deficit last weekend to beat the los angeles rams state. puckett decided he had to see sunday's playoff game in person long as we don't mess it up defense. a strong and offense plays good. you should come out with it won't be easy against the 3rd seeded dallas cowboys. san francisco in dallas have had a rivalry going back it wasn't just forty-niners jerseys and hats at sfo friday. pete avila
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was one of the few cowboys fans at the airport. we do have a rivalry with the you you know, 2 super bowls me being in the villa grew up in texas but now lives in the bay area. >> the game at atnt stadium will be a family affair with 12 of his family members flying out, hoping for the same outcome as their rivals looking for for >> kickoff for the forty-niners game against the cowboys is scheduled for sunday at one 30 pm live at sfo. i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> thank you very much, rob. taking a live look outside at the bay from mount sutro looks very calm and peaceful out there, pam. yeah, it does. but let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow to find out about the forecast for the football game forecast for the weekend. what a rivalry game this weekend. head of the big d you can see the star there in the stadium. of course, that's a covered stadium. but folks headed to a dallas, you're going to see
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some beautiful conditions out there. it is going to be very nice. should be sunny and bright. the temperatures going to be. >> probably in the 50's to mid 60's and then you're looking at cool temperatures as you head toward the latter part of the game game time one, 30. how about the raiders game starting out with some snow early on in the morning that giving way to some partly cloudy skies. the temperatures that is going to be a cold weather game. temperatures only in the low 30's for highs that day. so yeah, big difference from there and the bay area. the skies looking good out there. now, some high clouds up above. we're going to look at some changes coming our way, though, for the weekend. looks like high pressure trying to sneak in overhead that we've got those low that continues to spin off the coastline is what we call a cutoff just tough to follow. the system comes on shore, bringing some high clouds. unfortunately, no rain for us. they're seeing a couple scattered showers pop up in southern california right now. the bay area looks to remain dry. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. and the east bay. there's a new restaurant in town. it's getting a lot of attention. this is cao bird in
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west oakland. the place was packed even before the doors officially opened today for the first time. >> as you can see in this video and pictures, cow bird focuses on chicken, specifically fried chicken sandwiches. we caught up with the owner today says growing up. he spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his mother and siblings and made a huge difference. he says preach appreciates the bond that cooking creates. and how can bring people together. he also says being in oakland is special. >> i think, you know, being here in oakland and, you know, our businesses are based here and being a part of this wonderful you know, my family is grateful to be here. we've got nothing but support from the people here. you know, here was so just a bay area in general. so, you know, we owe that to our community we have a responsibility to our guests, to our community, to be able to serve not just food that's made with love, but also be able to go out and be a part of community outreach and be a part of community and
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just be a really good, great neighbor. and it's just really important to us just as important as running a business that that will be something positive in that community. >> matt horne says launching a new business during covid certainly has its challenges. he says the supply chain issues everyone is seeing has created some hardships for him as well. but just like everybody else, they're working their way through them location. the restaurant is at 17. 33 peralta street in oakland look for cal bird. >> can't wait to try it. coming up on kron, 4 news at 5. why local food banks are struggling to get their packages out the door. >> annual believe how much? 70 paid for a single page of a spiderman comic and tell you about the record setting. sail. >> plus, the decision made with the santa clara county sheriff was in court today. that's coming up after the that's coming up after the break. i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills.
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>> santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is getting more time before entering a plea on 7 counts of corruption and misconduct charges. the decision made by a judge this morning. the case is being tried in san mateo county but being handled by the san francisco district attorney's office to try to avoid any conflicts of interest. many city and county leaders in the south bay have called for smith to step down amid facing criminal charges. smith has been in office for 23 years. she faces reelection this year, but no word yet if she'll run again, she's expected to return to court on march 15th for a status hearing. in the east bay. 2
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women in concord been arrested after police say they tried to steal more than $1000 worth of cosmetics by putting them in baby strollers happened yesterday at the sephora at the brand a shopping center. police say the women placed the items in the baby strollers and then left the store without paying. officers said they were able to stop the women and recovered the stolen cosmetics. the names of the women have not been released. >> food banks typically see a drop in volunteers after the winter holiday season. but in the first 2 weeks of this year, bay area food banks say the problem is worse than they anticipated, of course, is because of the surge in covid. well forcefully to go shares their desperate plea for help. >> close to 1 million people in the bay area rely on food banks to feed their families and volunteers are essential to keeping the nonprofits running. that's why michael offense says a recent drastic drop in volunteers is alarming. fact of the matter is. >> hunger is as high right now as it has been for the last 2
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years. and we really, really need the community to step up now through this pandemic to make sure that our neighbors are folk fest works for the alameda county community, food bank, where he says entire groups are canceling their ships. the warehouse has capacity for 50 volunteers, fest says they are only reaching about one 3rd of capacity in recent weeks. all related to covid-19 either volunteers are testing positive have been exposed, simply have no choice but to stay the last thing that anything they can afford to do right now is to come back our services in this fest is speaking for 5 bay area, food banks all reporting a critical volunteer shortage that threatens to impact services, creating the most safe environment possible volunteers and our staff. if the shortage continues, it may threaten the home deliveries. the service seeing increased demand with more of u.s.
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homebound as the virus continues to spread the legion ball kron. 4 >> martin luther king junior day events have been canceled in san francisco. caltrain said that it will not run. it's a celebration trade on monday as it does usually this is video of the ride back in 2020, the northern california doctor martin luther king junior community foundation also postponed this year's outdoor events. the parade and music now moved to next year. all indoor events are still on, but they will be virtual oakland's annual day of action to honor doctor king's legacy will go on as planned. the event is set to begin with speakers at 11 o'clock in the morning on monday at 27 77 middle harbor road near middle harbor shoreline park. a car caravan will follow at 12, 30. this event will be streamed live on the anti-police tara projects, facebook page. that group is sponsoring the event. reservations will not be
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needed this year for anybody looking to kuz this spectacular phenomenon known as fire fall at yosemite. it happens during the month of february when the sun is in perfect position, creating a bright red orange waterfall making it look almost like lava. it usually attracts thousands of visitors last year. a reservation system was added to cut down on the crowds because of covid concerns. but last night park officials decided to open horse fall trail to the public without reservations. boy, after all, the snowfall we receive are probably have some spectacular waterfalls all over. i u.s. take a look outyide at the embarcadero in the city. >> and lawrenceeis standing by with the weekend forecast. yeah. can you believe it friday already this weecend. just a flying by and yeah, looks like the weather is going to work out. nice as we head into weekend to get my clouds out there. another beautiful sunset on tap for the bay area's. we have. >> another dry day outside high pressure overhead you seek and that ridge to the north down the south. you see that cut off low, just kind of
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spinning around, bring some clouds in north skies tonight. yeah, we've seen some of those gusty winds around the bay area to kind of a mixed bag right now right along the coastline. start to see a little bit of a sea breeze still offshore wind in many of the interior valleys. but the winds begin to calm down quite a bit. now, temperatures outside. we've got some 50's and some 60's. if you're stepping out the door coverage of high pressure, going to take care of us. but we're going to see a lot of clouds coming up from that area of low pressure. that's going to move a little bit closer. the bay area's we get in toward tomorrow. that is going to bring with it. the more cloud cover some mild temperatures, though, around the bay area as we head throughout the weekend to see right here on the models. you see all that moisture just kind of wrapping up, moving back up into the bay area, southern california. if you're headed that direction, there's a chance you could see a couple of scattered light showers for the bay area. not so just some wrap around moisture and some high clouds out there as well continues saturday in the sunday to some of that continues to rotate on by. so you see a lot of cloud cover over the weekend. head out the door, the next 2 hours here in the clouds up above the temperatures dropping off into
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the 40's by 8 o'clock this evening. as we look toward tomorrow afternoon, you'll see a mixed bag, some sunshine and some clouds and temperatures in the mid 60's and some of the warmer spots 50's 60's along the coastline. keep you dry through the weekend and well into next week. thank you, lawrence. a single page of one spiderman comic just set a record at auction. it brought in 3.3 million dollars. it was original artwork by artists. mike, exact in 1984, for marvel's secret wars. number 8. >> so spider man right here in a black costume for the first time, the suit would eventually lead to the emergence of the character venom bidding, which started at $300,000 came on the first day of heritage auctions, four-day comic event in dallas. it beats the previous record holder of about 600, $50,000. that was for art 1970's issue of the incredible hulk. still ahead on kron 4 news, president biden's voting rights legislation has hit a major roadblock. coming up,
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we'll tell you how optimistic he says he feels about getting it passed. also a new program just started the one bay area city designed to text to before your car gets well, just
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of a about all of us have been in the city, know this terrible feeling of finding your car towed. well, it could be solved by a text message giving you time to actually move your vehicle s f mta board member who created the
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new text before tow program tells kron four's haaziq mod-yoon exactly how this works. >> it is a new program that gives you a heads up before your car gets is going to get the text message us him say your car's going to get towed comes your car immediately and move it. the program is called text before it is now in effect in san francisco. >> sfmta board director mandy, you cook came up with the idea. there's a very simple online web who aren't? >> that you fill out that we put your license plate, your cell phone number, your name. and for about 4 different offenses, including things like 72 hour parking which is considered an abandoned vehicle block driveways, construction zones and temporary. no parking for special events and moving trucks. >> once you get the text message, what happens next? you better be wearing your track shoes. according to the
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sfmta website, a tow truck will be dispatched with the text message notification and could be there. it is few as 5 minutes. >> and you have some they're not going to specify exactly how much time to come back and move your car. i'm really proud of this. this is a quality of life issue. 7. cisco is already expensive enough and this way will be able to provide some relief for people and just parked in the wrong place. didn't realize that weather part where they parked a was a tollway zone in san francisco as it might kron 4 >> still ahead on kron, 4 news with omicron surging. many people are on the hunt for those and 95 mask but be aware of counterfeits. how you can tell if your mask is the real deal. >> and criminals are using qr codes to steal your personal information. i can keep your info away from cyber thieves. plus updating covid rules in the workplace. the new policies now in effect as what can i du with less asthma?
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employers in california are now required to implement changes to masking and texting for those who are exposed to the covid virus. erin myers reports on the updated rules. >> new workplace rules put out by cal osha now in effect for businesses across the state, employees can no longer read at home test themselves before coming back to work. they must be taken in front of a supervisor or health care representative causing some
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confusion are at home tests usable or does this need to be something with the employers watching personally on a zoom call? >> how do you work that out? due to the recent covid-19 surge getting tested has proven difficult to the new testing requirement. not something everyone agrees with. >> i think the home tests are okay, especially with it being such a fine for people to be able to get tested. it's stressful as it is trying to get tested for work. there are mass changes as well. workers now must wear a surgical mask, a medical mask or respirator or a tightly woven fabric or nonwoven material of at least 2 layers. i think that that clock masks aren't really doing much. >> the surgical mask and above are probably better to protect transmission, especially with omicron. >> being so contagious right now, something the new mask regulations won't make much of a difference as they have seen businesses being more relaxed when it comes to masking up. i've noticed that a lot of people don't really what i've seen a lot of people doing is walking in the like are you wearing them and pulling down


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