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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 14, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PST

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of this weekend is the nice weather that we do have for it. we've got a really nice week so far. and that trend just keeps going right into the weekend. a bit of fog earlier this morning. but that is no longer in your east bay hills camera right here. we are still seeing some patches of it on the peninsula along the bay shore into the santa clara valley as well as along the east bay shoreline. it's really lifted in started to burn off very quickly. the worst of the fog now is out towards the central valley. as far as we go, otherwise skies will be increasingly right towards the afternoon in temperatures he was, as you would expect, increasingly warm palo alto in livermore. we're in the 30's. now. you're back into the 40's. dublin, still hanging out in the upper 30's at 37. same number for you in nevado petaluma as well as santa rosa. well, fairfield are very cold. the spot at 36 degrees. really the biggest issue on our roads this morning has been the fog as well for the bay bridge. it was formerly a very foggy drive. but as you can see here at the toll plaza, things are
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ok now a 12 minute drive across the bridge. we had seen some fog as well over the san mateo bridge. that's since cleared. and you only got a 13 minute commute there. it's been nothing but sunshine on the richmond center fell and the minute drive there under the sunny skies and same for you at the golden gate bridge. clear skies. lot of bikers out there. i think that's more of the backup them. anything we're seeing on the road, james. all right, john, thank you very much to some breaking news this morning. and some good news in san francisco. the school district there has come to an agreement. it looks like with its teachers union over covid. >> health and safety protocols with kron 4. sarah stinson on the story for us in the city to explain. good morning, sir. >> james, good morning. it was a week of a lot going on. a lot of posts on twitter from the san francisco unified school district and from the teachers union. >> there was a sick out. there's a petition people writing into the city and district leaders. and in the
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end, the teachers union got everything they asked for. so they are relieved and happy this morning. >> let's take a look at what this agreement guarantees. and that is a variety of mass troubled students and staff. that's the n 95 kn 95 and the kf 94 masks for all students and school workers guaranteed weekly testing at all district sites. and that includes every school for all students and employees who need a test. 10 days of supplemental paid sick leave for any covid-related reasons. affected. this is in effect until july 31st. so all 3 demands granted the district has already been distributing tests in mass, but the agreement guarantees the more effective times. and for everyone making sure that supply continues to be running and ordered. the sickly was an item. the union was not going to budge on and it has been granted retroactively since december. 21st for teachers
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who sick time after the winter holiday for covid reasons. >> and for anyone moving forward. the ucsf union president said last night to me at zoom call, it you know, after six-plus hours of negotiating, she said she's grateful teachers can feel safer. now with this agreement in place, but they will definitely be making sure that mask and tests are ordered that so that this agreement is fulfilled. >> for those who choose to make available, the district should have to stop. a minimum of 60,000 tests weekly. in order to meet disagreement. we can hope that they're prepared, but for sure. >> our user community to enforcing this finding agreement so that parents don't have to guess. and so pundits don't have to president real labor leaders here are committing that. we will the there to hold this districts feet to the >> sf unified has delivered
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and is continuing to deliver today 60,000 at-home testing kits to families, the students and staff making sure that everyone has one. so they feel symptomatic or they've been exposed. they can take that test and not go to school infecting others. now that 60,000 this weekend, now that this agreement has been reached will be 60,000 tests available every week. so it'll be interesting to see how they keep up with the mask contests order as we know. it's difficult to get your hands on both. for now reporting live in san francisco, sarah stinson. >> back to you. very good. all right. thank you, sarah. meanwhile, the hayward unified school district today will meet to discuss whether to extend remote learning the district began virtual learning this week because of the recent surge in covid cases. there. if the board does not vote to extend remote learning well, and students will be expected back in class on tuesday. we'll let you know what their decision is. meanwhile, also happening today, at least 3 schools in sonoma county will be closed due to the rising number of covid cases. there both
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grabbing steen elementary school and hillcrest middle school in robbins teens, union school district. they're going to be shut down today as well as reach charter school in sebastopol with office. officials there saying that they're facing a staffing shortage because of too many educators that have tested positive or could potentially been exposed to the virus. so they're quarantining no word on if the schools will reopen next week. will you know when we find out more? in the east bay, the west contra costa county school district held a special meeting to address staff shortages there because of the rising cases of covid and plans sickouts as well. it was the teachers in the district who started a petition to talk about these issues with district leaders stage elementary enrichment, which serves more than 200, 30 students already had a short staff of about 10 teachers. and in recent days, none of those 10 have showed up to school because they either have covid or they were part of a planned sick out. >> very much impacted when one teacher is out. we are down to
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teachers are ready. we're short can teach it. we do not have a 4th grade teacher and we do not have a one to teacher which makes him even car. our principal has had duty in the 4th grade class. >> so teachers there, it's teach elementary say that they will not return to the classrooms today. well, happening today, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith will have to appear in court to answer questions about corruption and misconduct. kron four's camila barco is following the story for us joins us now live with the update. camilla. >> jay smith is expected to contest the charges against or so today's court hearing should go by quickly. the santa clara county civil grand jury is accusing smith of 7 counts and the taste court hearing is expected to be held over zoom. around 10 this morning. and smith and her lawyers are expected to answer to the accusations he has been indicted for willful at corrupt misconduct in office. and if you take a look at your
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screen, here are some of 7. here are some of the charges. 3 of the center on claims that the share illegally granted licenses for concealed carry weapon permits to people who either contributed to her campaign or are prominent in the community. 3 other charges focus on a san jose sharks game that the sheriff that ended in february of 2019, she allegedly received free suite tickets, food and drinks exceeding the $500 gift and court documents say that she failed to disclose those gift. now the 7 count accuses her of family to cooperate with the ongoing investigation. so rounding the treatment of an amy now, sheriff's sheriff smith has been in office for 23 years and following the indictment saying council leaders call for her to step down. among those officials is san jose mayor sam liccardo. he came out strong saying that she must resigned. now again,
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james sheriff smith is expected her court hearing is expected to be around 10:00am this morning. and of course, we will bring you all the updates and the information regarding this case as we get them for now. back to you. ok? thank you very much. camila. >> 8, 0, 7 is the time. let's turn our attention to sports now. the forty-niners as one of the biggest stories that niner fans are focused on this weekend as the team continues its quest for another super bowl championship. they'll be facing. the cowboys will have to get through them in dallas first and that's around one of the playoffs this sunday kron four's will tran live for us at levi stadium. we're 40 niner fans will are cheering for the team. >> yes, a lot of people will be showing up to the niners their gift shop over here because they want to get their jersey for sunday's game. maybe you want to keep the receipt. i'm not going to lie about it. i'm a dallas cowboys fan. so maybe want to keep the receipt. you bring it back
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before sunday's game because the niners they are going to take off tonight from levi stadium. i'm sure the players are inside right now. they are looking over the game plan and then they will take off tonight to big d because they have the lesser record, which is why they're on the road. but they're quite familiar with each other. i mean, let's face it. the rivalry from the 80's and 90's. they're very familiar with each other. as far as the 2 teams, the current teams not so much, but both teams have this in common. james, both are looking for their 6th super bowl ring. the niners. here's practice from this week. they are good to go. you can not have any excuses for either team after the game. it looks like all of their key players, our healthy, their covid free, their injury freeze. so they're at full strength when they take the field on sunday. so we're a little bit more than 48 hours away from kickoff. jimmy g his thumb, which she basically tore a muscle in his throwing. it looks like he's good to go as well. left tackle trent
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williams and he is key for the run, the ground and pound game with the niners. he'll be back on the field as well. everybody is excited. fans are excited. jimmy g and kyle shanahan not talking any smack. >> you know, their whole defense, pretty skilled across the board, got some big-time players and a big challenge for us. you can see why why they're in this position. i mean, just offensive defensively. special teams. >> i mean, their numbers are, you know, off the charts on both both phases. they got very good they got very good schemes, very talented team. it's very obvious why they're in this position. >> okay. says james, you're absolutely right. at 7 o'clock, it's basically a pick em game. the cowboys are favored by 3 at home, but that's standard. according to vegas. so it's anybody's game. so don't be surprised if one team wins or loses. that's how much is going to be a slugfest kickoff at one 30, the niners. they have a chance to play at
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levi stadium for one game. that's the nfc championship. if everything falls into place. but a lot of things have to happen, including you've got to win the first game. so are you ready to go? and james, i don't want to hear any excuses on monday. keep your phone on because, you know, at jimmy and not talking smack, but i'm ready to talk a lot of smack. it's it's what you're best at will. and i can't wait monday morning for you to be on this story, talking about the niners win and on sunday, i have to tell you will, before we let you go, anybody who's followed will and social media knows he's been a cowboy fan since birth. basically. >> but we had somebody called in the newsroom saying how dare will hold up a cowboys star. but jersey here in the bay area. it's all in. good fun. >> i know. talk faithful. you shouldn't be rattled. that just makes me feel better that somebody was so triggered by that. so i'm not going to sit there and say how the cowboys
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are america's team. they have more hall of famer. they have the better record that home-field advantage. i'm not going to be immature like that. james, you're not okay. good enough. i heard a stat what? i don't. it's true. but i think this is the first time that too. >> 5 ranked teams have ever faced each other in the in the postseason. 2 teams with 5 super bowl rings off the look that yeah, absolutely. because the patriots have won more super bowls and then the steelers have 6, 0, you're absolutely right. this is >> the first time that they have played in the playoffs since i got to give you guys credit, they beat the cowboys to go on to win their 5th super bowl back in. you know, when our producers are just born. always got to throw in that back and it has come thank you very much. we'll. >> we'll take a quick break here at 8.12. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news governor newsome visiting the bay area to push a plan for improving transportation and infrastructure. and we'll tell you more about what he had to say in his message. and after the break, all that recent
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rain actually helping hugely when it comes to the statewide water crisis will have the drastic difference. now we're seeing in our drought map. yeah, it's or did help out a lot. now we're on this dry trend of weather which is great for the niners game coming this weekend. it's going to stay just like it is this morning with clear skies highs in the 60's towards our afternoon hours. >> i've got the full breakdown of what to expect for the days we've been cooking up this kitchen design for a while... it's going to be perfect. ok, that pattern works. wow, this whole look works.
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>> we are back at 8.15, big development in our drought situation. after weeks of winter storms, which we've benefited from the entire state of california now is out of at least the exceptional drought category, the u.s. drought monitor map released new data on the state's drought conditions. john, talk about this yesterday here when it first was issued on the left. that's what the situation was in october of 2021. and on the right is what it looks like right now. and you can see that we have gotten out of those deep reds and we're now in. we're still in a drought, but at least not as severe as we were before. however, again, we still need to conserve because experts say that we are completely out of this yet. it's going take a few more atmospheric rivers to really do it. so, you know, keep doing what you're supposed to be doing. >> the question now is, do we roll back into a wet pattern as we get towards the end of january and february? we don't know ultimately what the rest of the water your fault for us. and we want to make sure that our reservoirs are in good shape to take us through
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the hot summer and potentially a dry winter next winter. >> yeah, so we'll have to wait and see despite the improvement in our drought conditions, the water restrictions are still in place in several bay area county. so keep conserving. i know john's been keeping an eye on the extended forecast and he's right, john, we don't season. how much rain we're going to get. but there are some hints on the horizon, right? yeah, definitely some hints that the end of january could maybe bring a bit of a pattern change. but right now it is this holding pattern of dry weather. and even though there's so much progress as we were just hearing, obviously huge difference from the start of the season. there's still a complete shroud of orange across the bay area. and if you look at the scale right here, we were in exceptional. we're only halfway there. we still have a long ways to go before we even get to have normally dry conditions. so the state's drought is still very concerning. but big, big progress. and we love to see that. so little moment to celebrate. but it also moment of reality. and knowing galley, do you still need to
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conserve now, as far as the south bay is concerned, we are looking at some clearing happening. it's not near as foggy as it was, but it's pretty obvious. there is still some fog in the santa clara valley that will linger over the next hour or so. but it is burning off really quickly going to set us up for a nice sunny afternoon today. and we're going hold on to that sunshine in this dry conditions through the weekend through next week, likely into the following weekend before any hint of rainfall that could happen the week after that. now, as far as temperatures go today is going to be back to the 60's fo. most areas. livermore you'll hold on to the upper 50's while hayward conquered and out each at 62 today tomorrow and sunday. not much different than today. really carbon copying one day after the next tuesday. monday is going to be our coolest day. not by much, though. this is just a holding pattern of mild days and chilly evenings. as far as our bridges go, we had had some major impacts from fog at the bay bridge. not so much anymore. now you're under the sun. a 10 minute drive from the base to fremont street.
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also looking at some increasingly clear conditions on the san mateo bridge. easy commute there. richmond center fell. you never had the fog. it's all about the sun this morning. 8 minutes for and also never saw the fog at the golden gate bridge. got a smooth commute there. 22 minutes from 37 to the tolls, james. all right. thank you very much, john governor newsome was in the bay area to promote his new state budget proposal and to discuss how he plans to address transportation. >> and infrastructure improvements. the 9 billion dollar budget plan pushes toward clean and climate friendly transit project. it also includes billions in support for ports and the movement of goods across our state as well as the goal of finally finishing the state's high speed rail project, which has been delayed time and again. a big part. >> of our broader strategy is to connect the central valley central coast, northern california, southern california, the entire state. >> california. >> well, newsom's proposal
8:20 am
also commits 10 billion dollars of state funding over the next 2 years to move us toward 0 emission cars. the governor says that there's already millions of dollars in federal funding set aside for that cause as well. to national news. democrats pushing to pass federal voting rights legislation hit a major roadblock yesterday despite his best efforts, president joe biden was unable to convince moderate democrats in the senate to go along with a senate rule change to get the voting rights bill passed. our washington correspondent raquel martin has more. >> good morning. well, it does not look like there is a path for to passing voting rights legislation in congress. yesterday, moderate democrats made their point clear and quite frankly, it's the same point they've made for months. now they're in interested and changing the senate rules fearing an into bipartisanship in washington. >> was to god answer is i don't it may be back to the drawing board for democrats despite the president delivering his strongest calls for voting rights legislation
8:21 am
this week, thursday, moderate democrats stood firm not support changing senate rules to force the bills through without republicans. while i continue to support these bills. >> i will not support separate actions that were sent the underlying disease of division following a meeting with senate democrats, president joe biden, that not to give up long as i'm in the white house on engaged at all. >> i'm going to be fighting. he says the bills are necessary to combat a wave of new voting laws in republican led states continue to change. >> the law not as to who can vote, who gets to count the vote. >> but republicans deny states are trying to suppress the vote about in this country is buying the fake hysteria. south carolina senator lindsey graham says the president is looking for a political win. the whole buying presidencies in freefall. he says the legislation is a power grab. and as moderates are right to push back against any rule
8:22 am
change serves a lot of credit loan center mention later thursday, president biden made yet another attempt to soften their stance according to the white house, the 3 met for a, quote, candid and respectful exchange on voting rights and no major announcements following that meeting last night. we also now know that democrats will be missing that martin luther king day deadline to try and change senate rules. >> senate majority leader chuck schumer last night saying due to covid and also extreme weather. that vote will be postponed until tuesday. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. >> thank you, raquel. a 22 that i'm coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. what one local gym is doing to help keep its customers safe during this pandemic will take a closer look at their story. we'll be right back.
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they'll learn smart spending firsthand, while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. time gym owners in san francisco are required to wear masks inside regardless of their vaccination status. >> the rule change happened in the last week of december, right when yard in pac heights was open opening actually for the first time proffers rob nesbitt reports on how the gym's owner adjusted to create a socially distance. jim experience for members. >> new year's resolutions usually means a boost in membership at fitness centers and gyms. that's tough with new covid regulations. one san francisco, jim has created a pod system to adjust to the new rules. >> good focus at least 6 feet apart, pushing harder and
8:26 am
harder. and one member at a time. the 8 workout pods of the yard and san francisco were a big draw for member trent cotchin son go try making the best out of home workouts during the pandemic but was never satisfied with his progress. when covid hit, i started stocking up on equipment from my apartment of there's only so much space you can get for like battle ropes are obviously like a tired of he didn't want to be in a crowded public gym during the surge of omicron cases. he signed up for membership of the yard 3 weeks ago, feeling comfortable with the limited number of people inside because been really conscious of, you know, public health. it's kind of kept me out of the gym for better part of the last 2 years. so finding a place that cares about it. i think it's really important to going down into a squat. he works out with trainer elliott who rents a pause face the same way. some barbers rent their chairs, spaces. 7, 3 more know sharing equipment between pods questioning if things have been wiped down after news, you have your own said on those you have your own bar bill, you have your own squat rack and it kind of brings a sense of security.
8:27 am
>> to most of my clients who control the balance owner joe cicero opened the gym the middle of december when omicron cases were beginning to rise and up with a pod system already in place to prevent spread having this socially my private space. >> that sanitized between each use gives a lot sense of security and safety precautions that have attracted around 50 members and 10 trainers who all wanted to work out with gym equipment. but without the gym crowds make you feel more safe in this place place a barbell on back in san francisco. rob nesbitt, hold that position, right? the kron, 4 news. nice and slow feeling all coming up on the kron. 4 morning news as we navigate the pandemic after more than 2 years, we're going to hear from a local health expert about perhaps what we can expect in the year ahead. we'll be right back.
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sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at >> we are back at 8.30, john trouble kicking off the half hour with a check of that forecast as we take a live look outside. you can see the sunshine there at the port of oakland all the way across the bay. what do you think you've got a shot to from berkeley got all that sunshine here to james. it was not weaken this way just a few hours ago. so this is something really nice for sure. getting your spirits up and are ready to go for a friday. we did see some fog there in berkeley and oakland earlier this morning really burned off quickly. the stubborn spots, the pockets that are still burning offer in the santa clara valley and further south along the bay shore. and then you head out
8:31 am
to the central valley further inland and you're still looking at some really dense fog out that way to otherwise. skies are nice and sunny towards the afternoon, a repeat of yesterday and a lot of ways. a cold morning, sunny afternoon and some 60's later on. but some 30's and 40's right now, dublin, you're at 37, same for you in santa rosa and petaluma with napa. the late h.o.a. nevado each at 39 degrees. it was formerly foggy at the bay bridge. look at this. now, though, you have cleared out really nicely. bay bridge looks great under some sunshine. what will be sunny skies through the remainder of the day. sub 10 minutes for your commute. just above that. 10 minute mark for your san mateo bridge commute. as for the richmond center fell bridge, you have been the backed up one the past couple of days. it's just been the trend for you there at the toll plaza. still only going to take you 10 12 minutes. once you get past those tolls over to one o one in marion county, a golden gate bridge. 22 minutes to get you across the span all the way from 37 to the tolls, james. all
8:32 am
right, john, thank you. globally. this pandemic, as we know, has caused more than 2 years of uncertainty on a lot of levels. we've had lockdowns. we've had vaccines confusion about the safety and efficacy of those vaccines. >> the need to adapt to these new variants as they come up. so the question now is what happens going forward? we're dealing with the omicron variant will the plateau will come down. what's next? kron four's fleet recall spoke with a public health officer and talk about that. >> gary, let's contagiousness a new property. those are the 3 characteristics infectious disease specialists examined when the new variant of covid-19 is detected. >> compared to alpha and delta we know on the kron is far less virulent. it is highly contagious, but the illness it causes is less severe. leading to fewer hospitalizations, seeing a virus that is much more texas right now. we estimate that. >> about one in 20 residents in marin county is infected.
8:33 am
and what happened lockdown? because we don't need to because this virus is less of a county public health officer doctor matt willis says he expects the explosion of omicron cases to soon level off and likely drop significantly. >> but doctor willis says we should expect more variants to come. when i hear that, you know, places like spain, they're talking about just letting it rip, you know, basically just allowing this to continue through the waiver. that approach influenza. >> or other viruses. that's understandable as a strategy. we're not there yet. we think it's important to take steps to continue to prevent transmission where they make sense for us. but it is we are making progress towards that. eventually. future. mc relationship with this virus. doctor willis says once a variant moves through a community, it will likely stay in the past. he says the key to working out of the pandemic is to continue to make the vaccine widely available and
8:34 am
masking when appropriate to prevent transmission. >> eventually testing for the virus will not be a priority but ultimately covid-19 is here to stay indefinitely. felipe kron 4 news years and i look >> better what in an effort to slow the omicron surge, tougher workplace rules are set to go into effect today here across the state. so employees will now have to get a covid-19 test after exposure in the workplace. and you can no longer go to a rapid test or she should. i should say you can no longer take it home. instead, an employee will have to go to a lab or take the test in front of supervisor or health care professional. cal osha is also tightening its rules of what qualifies as face covering the new definition will now include, quote, a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask a respirator or cloth masks that have at least 2 layers. state labor leaders are also calling on the california legislature to bring back covid sick pay. you may
8:35 am
remember we enjoyed covid sick pay last up until last september when it expired. if the legislation brings it back. so it won't be what we had last year. that's because back in 2021, there was a federal funding component to help support small businesses. that's no longer available. so lawmakers are asking for sick pay now to be paid with money from the state's surplus bay area state senator dave cortez. he believes that sick pay is one of the best ways to slow the spread of the virus. >> this is simply a policy that would prevent the spread of covid-19 keep workers safe on job. little paid sick leave is one of those port and weapons against the virus to slow the spread. that's the science. that's not just an economic issue. a worker protection issue. that's the science. >> if bringing back sick pay does move forward in the legislature. it's still unclear how quickly it could be enacted. governor newsome is on record saying that he does support >> covid sick pay and he's making it a priority. so we'll see if they can get quick action on that. college
8:36 am
enrollment, though, continues to drop as we're still working our way through this pandemic. according to a report by the national student clearinghouse research center, undergraduate enrollment dropped 3% in the fall of 2021. compared to 2020. it's now dropped 6.6%. if you compared to 2019 and that amounts to about 1.2 million students and community colleges. they're the ones getting hit the hardest with enrollment there down over 13%. in other news this morning, if you are driving through downtown san francisco, get ready to slow down speed limits are being lowered from. 25 to now 20 miles per hour along 7th street. and we've listed them on your screen. you can see they include 24th street fillmore, haight street, polk ocean, san bruno avenue and valencia street. this is all due to a law that went into effect at the start of the year that allows cities to lower speed limits in areas where at least half of the buildings along that corridor have commercial use. so that's
8:37 am
one way they're going to try to make those stretches of roadway safer. cannabis industry leaders are demanding that state lawmakers cut some taxes and regulations for the legal market that they say is on the brink of collapse. they want lawmakers to repeal the cultivation taxes that they say have become incredibly burdensome. the cannabis leaders say that the price of their legal product is now so high that customers are going to the illegal market just to save some money. security is also another big concern for the legal sellers because they say they can't get bank accounts. and so as a result, they keep a lot of cash in their facilities and that makes him big targets for robberies to spend the tax for a period of time or we can reduce it for a period of time. >> again, i think one of the things that we really need to look at is still requirement by a lot of local jurisdictions to require you to have a brick and mortar facility before you can even get a license. makes no sense. >> governor newsom says that the state expects to bring in 787 million dollars from the cannabis industry. with the
8:38 am
current taxes in place. a portion of that he says will go towards youth services, land acquisitions and law enforcement. we'll see if these cannabis owners have any sway with state lawmakers. 37 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the forty-niners preparing for sunday's big game against the cowboys kron. 4 sports director jason dumas still have an update from the players. >> and after the break, residents and businesses could be entitled to unclaimed money in one bay area county. when you have money waiting for you to collect, we'll tell you about it. coming up. and it was really foggy at sfo. earlier. skies have cleared out really quickly, though, and remain there through the day with another comfortably cool afternoon in the 60's. >> i'
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>> we are back at a 41 and some good news for student loan borrowers. california attorney general rob bonta has announced a settlement now with a student lending company wiping out millions of dollars in debt, california and dozens of other states settled with the company navient over claims of improper lending and collecting practices as a result, navy and now will offer 95 million dollars in restitution for borrowers and cancel over a billion dollars in private student loan debt for borrowers across the country. fact, about 11 million dollars of the direct restitution and 261 million of that private debt cancellation will be for californians. so check your student loan may have just disappeared. 41 the time. if
8:42 am
you are resident in santa clara county, you may be entitled to some unclaimed money. the santa clara county department of tax and collections announced that it's sitting on nearly half a million dollars of unclaimed dollars. the department published a list this week of so 676 individuals and businesses who are potential owners. this list includes money that's been on their books. they're in the county's general collections trust fund for more than 3 years. maybe you overpaid or for whatever reason there's money there waiting for you to collect it. potential owners to qualify for the money have to file claims by march 14. if you want to find out if you're on that list, we have a link on our website at kron 4 dot com. we'll be right back.
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vanguard. clock. let's check the weather here this morning as we've been enjoying some nice, sunny skies out the window. let's find out what it's like when step outside. good morning, john. yeah, nice to be taken in that sunshine rather than the fog because this view just an hour ago was very gray, san jose and the santa clara valley. >> has cleared up really quickly. that sunshine burning off the layer of fog that had been traveling much of the bay itself. so big improvements there, especially as you take to the roads. now, conditions this weekend are going to stay really clear. also remaining very dry. we've been dry for about a week now. that trend is going to continue on into
8:46 am
the weekend next week. likely the weekend after 2 before after that, we could see something that bus up that high pressure ridge just enough to hopefully get back into the rainy mix. but a nice mid winters break from the rain. i suppose a good chance to get back outside and enjoy all the sunshine as i hope you've been doing this week. and as i hope you'll get a chance to do this weekend, 50's and 60's for your highs in sf and right along the coastline, bayshore cities will be solidly in the 60's for most areas at 61 from san mateo clear down through mountain view, south bay temperatures in the low to mid 60's today with san jose at 64 degrees. freeman through hayward on up through oakland in the low 60's. while the creek concord, each at 62 while oakland at rather valais co-head 62 degrees too warmest spot today that's in rosa. 66 for your high. getting a look ahead in our next 7 days. we will solidly stay in those mild upper 50's to low 60's all the way through the end of next week. upper 30's for
8:47 am
inland lows and 40's for bayside in coastal lows. and yes, staying dry, too. as far as our roads go this morning, it had been a very foggy morning, but that is since no longer the case. and you can see at the bay bridge conditions are nice and clear night minute drive there. san mateo bridge, 13 minutes to take you across the bridge right now in looking at the richmond center fell bridge. you've got a 12 minute drive there. little bit of a back up before you get to the toll plaza. you're about the only spot that's been looking at that backup golden gate bridge. 22 minutes and plentiful sunshine overhead. looking at some of our roadways. this is 85. that's 21 minutes to get you from one. 0, one. back on to one o one. if you're heading around the south bay that way and what had formerly been a very foggy route has since cleared out nicely one. 0 one. you are 30 minutes to get you from san jose to menlo park. james, thank you very much, john. 47. the time the forty-niners getting their final prep work done as they.
8:48 am
>> prepare to face the cowboys in the playoffs this weekend. and the warriors are also hoping to bounce back after losing back-to-back games. this most recent one was pretty painful proper sports director jason, do boss has the latest. >> what was the has about a long, right? and for the most part they've been able to despite the but now we are entering a tough of this so they're going to happen or it out quickly. on a lot you on thursday night and boy, polls one got guys and company. they've been slumping. we pick things up. the green for got going early. let him downhill like yeah, 11 points in the 1st bar. >> asking him his side of middleton. ball open a huge lead. they're all by 16 at the end of the second 5 important
8:49 am
the guy and today shooting coach lethal. huge contained in the 1st half of the quickly pulled away. so 27%. 77. 38 bucks at lou, the 2nd half more. yeah, this time with the itself. so you had a triple-double. it's now highlight for the du john. i he gets there or got close k 18, but it close enough lose one 18. 99 gun is like i said, triple-double, 30 11 12 going get any easier for the warriors. >> on friday they're taking on the chicago bulls in chicago. plants often will not play. he is not play back to back games now as they reintegrate him in polls. basketball, all righ james wiseman is coming up on all right. to day. and he had surgery for his torn last
8:50 am
april. both have been wondering why is taking him so long to get back on the battled for plant? >> well, we've got some answers. why another surgery in mid december? the cleanup is me and if. >> it's a new is considered a big part of the more your future and some even hope have a big role this season. but at this point, probably a tough ask of a young player who simply hasn't had many. courier post be integrated into, be practices in the coming week. all right. we have some college hoops, kids don't get paid to play the stanford cardinal, all of the washington state cougars close game throughout horrible. >> they started to pull away late brandon engel had 16 points off the bench. and spencer jones also had 16 and for his that's the record
8:51 am
straight win or get out of and get us even for a team in the country will take what i think the the first heat. >> on saturday, the mark of a good. forty-niners time. will be more coming that we're just a few days out of the forty-niners opening around matchup with the dallas cowboys, the matchup that everyone is looking forward to considering the history of the 2 franchises. >> some good for the 9 or they got there. all pro tahoe back from williams was back practice on thursday. it's game with voting. i mean, he was also a participant what was expected. but we still know we dealing with that right now. the forty-niners are three-point dogs, but yes, them. they're pretty confident. they're healthy. >> battle tested. they're ready to go. >> they got stars and athletes all over the field. that know how to play football. i'm about playing football. so
8:52 am
it's a really good looking for to get the not an opportunity to play against them were in a position. now we have guys, healthy guys coming i think our offense is it a little bit of a stride here. guys are playing at a high level and our defense looks pretty good. we just got to keep this thing rolling and take advantage of every single snap that we have. >> i can't wait for that game, right? and that is your look at and that was sports director jason dumas for us this morning. the kickoff for the niners game, by the way, against the cowboys a sunday afternoon at one, 30 raiders saturday, one 30 and then the warriors will have a game tonight against the chicago bulls. tipoff at 4.30. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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check this out. a dog was pulled from the wreckage of a home 6 days after a landslide destroyed. it. sammy the black lab was pulled out of the rubble by first responders. you can see there in the video and ultimately reunited with his owners. the owner sought they lost the dog, but then their neighbor heard sounds coming from the house and alerted the fire department who came out and save the day and now sammy can recuperate and relax with his family. also this morning, a new barbie doll is honoring the legacy of ida b wells journalist and civil rights icon who wrote about race and politics. the new addition is part of barbie's inspiring
8:56 am
women series wells was born into slavery and eventually owned her own newspaper called the memphis free speech and headlight. she was also a vocal critic of segregated schools. the doll will be available starting next week. we'll take a break at 8.56. coming up in the next hour. the teachers union and the san francisco unified school district have reached an agreement on covid safety measures. >> we'll have the very latest coming up in a live report. and in the south bay, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith. he's expected to be in court today to answer accusations of corruption. we'll have full details there as well. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news. at know. >> good morning. it is 09:00am here on a friday. you'ri watching the kron. 4 morning news. i'm james fletcher. we've got john trouble. >> starting off the hour, the finest hour of the morning with a check of that weather. hey, john. yeah, definitely find as far as weather goes compared to where we were just a few hours ago, which was foggy and a lot colder than it is currently your view outside at the east bay hills shows you all the way out to the golden gate bridge. if you can look really close under clear blue skies now not going to be as easy as yesterday was. that's certainly a nice know. and after what was a foggy start, that fog is burning off. still just a couple patches hanging on mostly at
9:00 am
the southern edge of the santa clara valley and then out into the central valley itself. skies will could stay nice and clear and dry through today and through the weekend long gone are the 30's that we had in the east bay, although there are a couple lingering up in the north bay fairfield, i'm looking at you at 37 degrees. pittsburgh down the road. you have 52 degrees right now. quite the temperature variance variation of pretty short distance there. oakland, alameda, san francisco, each back up in the upper 40's. now, as far as our bridges are concerned, we had a foggy start, but that is no longer the bay bridge is taking the less than 10 minutes to cross under all that sunshine. san mateo bridge just a little over 10 minutes and looking just fine. you're definitely at the limit there. still plenty of cars, though. now the richmond center fell bridge. there's a backup before you get to the toll plaza. once you get through those metering gates, though, you're good to go with travel at the limit as you make your way across the span and the golden gate bridge. it's been beautiful all morning long. just looking at


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