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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 14, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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down in the 30's right now with petaluma santa rosa and there as well. san francisco among our spots in the 50's starting off the morning, a bit more mild later on today. we will be looking at highs back into the 60's a whole lot like we have been lately. i'm talking more about what you expected to the weekend itself. all still to come back over rain. all right, john, let's get a look at the bridges this morning traveling from the east bay into the city to fremont street exit. >> about 10 minutes for your drive. there. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that commute in about 13 minutes. there are pockets of fog out there this morning. there are some along the bay bridge looks like there's some along the san mateo bridge. take your time as you're driving. richmond center fell commute, traveling averaged about 9 minutes there and the golden gate bridge 20 minute traveling into the city this morning. now to a big development in our drought emergency. after weeks of winter storms, the entire state of california is now out of the exceptional drought
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category. the u.s. drought monitor released new data on the state's drought conditions on the left is from october when most of the state was an exceptional drought on the right is 3 months after with all california. now under severe to moderate conditions. however, we are still in a drought. so experts say we still need to keep conserving water. >> the question now is, do we rolled back into a wet pattern as we get towards the end of january and february? we don't know ultimately what the rest of the water your fault for us. and we want to make sure that our reservoirs are in good shape to take us through a hot summer and potentially a dry winter next winter. >> despite the improvement in our drought conditions, water restrictions are still in place in several bay area counties. and the supreme court blocks the biden administration from enforcing a vaccine or test requirement for large employers. but the justices did allow the administration to proceed with
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the vaccine mandate for most health care workers. our washington correspondent jessi tenure has that story for us. >> so they blow to the biden administration. large companies do not have to require their employees to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 or tested weekly and wear a mask on the job. the u.s. supreme court struck down the biden administration's role for businesses with at least 100 employees essentially means that in the pen, this pandemic is up to individual employers to determine whether their workplaces will be safe for employees. white house press secretary jen psaki says the requirement would have prevented unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. but south carolina republican senator lindsey graham argues the administration needed congressional approval know president. he's a king. wisconsin democrat senator tammy baldwin worries lives are at risk. this ruling injures public and causes more people to die. the ruling impacts more than 80 million people. i'm a grocery guy. >> i'm not the vaccine.
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police. the justices fast track the case brought by grocery store owner brandon trosclair and other large employers and heard it last week. there's nothing else. >> that will perform that function better. incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. justice elena kagan said the employer rule was appropriate. >> but justice amy coney barrett suggested it was too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no differentiation between the risk faced by unvaccinated. 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds. >> or industries now testing requirements and potential fines for these large employers were not slated to take effect until next month, but the mask mandate for unvaccinated employees was set to go into effect this week in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> well for your health, a new model by researchers at yale is supporting what many of us already knew covid vaccines are saving lives. researchers say the shot saved about 240,000 lives and prevent in
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nearly 1.2 million hospitalizations in the 1st half of 2021. but as the year progressed, the vaccines became less effective. overall, people stop getting vaccinated. and the study suggests that the u.s. covid vaccination program was associated with the reduction and as new variants continued vaccine push is going to be crucial to keeping those case numbers down. well, many pregnant women have been concerned about getting the vaccine because of the possible side effects it might have on their child. but now there's a new study that might put those fears to rest because researchers at the cdc looked at data from 8 organizations track the pregnancies and more than 10,000 women, they found no link between the vaccines and premature birth. they also say there was no difference in the rate of premature birth, regardless of which trimester pregnant women got their shots. the pandemic is also having a major effect on children's mental health. a
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growing number of psychologists like doctor brenda wade say they're seen an uptick in teens experiencing higher levels of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health concerns. >> all the things that used to hold, they have their classrooms. they had their teachers. they had friends. they had activities. they had sports. they had music. they had all those things. the teams typically have. but philip, their life and most importantly, give them emotional support and direction. >> doctor wade recommends modeling the behavior you want to see in children, including learning ways to calm yourself and talking about your own stress with them. we have that full interview with doctor weight on our web site over at kron 4 dot com. well, there's a big warning for anyone who has survived severe covid. there's a new study from the university of florida. it finds even after you recover your chance of death rises dramatically. melanie townsend has the new guidance from doctors that could save your life.
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>> you've heard about the long-term effects of covid longhaulers like met newly feel forever changed 20 months. post covid matt says his lungs are still tight and he lost his sense of taste and smell it strongly affected my appetite of lost over 20 pounds because of it. >> and food isn't fun anymore. university of florida study published in the journal frontiers in medicine found your chance of death after recovering from severe covid dramatically spikes in the year following your illness. researchers say patients over 65 or 2 times as likely to die than those who did not get covid and younger patients under 65 or 3 times more likely to die. doctor arch manus is the study's lead investigator. this is an extremely >> significant outcome. deaths in the next in the next year. these deaths that have been have not been linked back to covid. >> doctor manus as the inflammation from severe covid
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causes major internal trauma. the deaths have been linked to various factors including kidney and heart failure. the bottom line, doctor manus as covid patients need to be closely monitored post illness. the danger does not end at recovery. once people are hospitalized and they recovered from covid, they need to go back to their doctor and be monitored for a variety underlying conditions that might have. so if you already had some sort of kidney problem. >> then we would you definitely want to look at that. well, that was melanie townsend reporting. the study included more than 13,000 adults who were tested for covid and then they were followed for 12 months. >> in that group, 178 at severe covid require hospitalization. the rest tested negative or had a mild case. well, in other news, if you're driving through downtown san francisco, getting ready to slow down the speed limit are being lowered from 25 to 20 miles per hour for 7 streets in san francisco
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there on your screen, 24th street, fillmore street, haight street, polk street ocean avenue, san bruno avenue and valencia street. this is due to a law that went into effect at the start of the year that allow cities to lower speed limits areas or at least half of the buildings along the corridor having commercial uses. and if you're a resident of santa clara county, you may be entitled to some unclaimed money. santa clara county department of taxing collections announced it's sitting on nearly half a million unclaimed dollars. the department published a list this weekend, 676 individuals and businesses who are potential owners. the list includes money that has been on deposit with the county's general collections and trust funds for more than 3 years. potential owners to qualify for them. money. most all claims by march 14th. we have a link over on our website at kron 4 dot com. cannabis industry leaders are demanding that state lawmakers cut some of their taxes and
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regulations. they say the legal market is on the brink of shutting down from fort ashley zavala explains that request and how state leaders are responding to this. >> standing next to a slouching marijuana plant. cannabis growers and sellers rally for relief from the state's taxes and regulations on the industry state of california. we're tired of the rhetoric. the plans posture up a trail of the state of california's legal market, which industry leaders say is wilting the unfair taxation spells the end of the dream. >> for so many small farms and small businesses, urban shop owners of world cannabis growers urging state lawmakers and the governor to repeal the excise and cultivation taxes they say are burdensome. >> adding to the price of their legal products while consumers lean toward the illegal market for lower costs. they also say regulations are not fair for small shop owners in black and brown communities, including some local requirements for those seeking a marijuana license to already have a store front. my pathway to
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license. took over 3 years of a $400,000. that meant. >> while waiting on regulators and bureaucratic delays, security. another major issue for the legal sellers who say because they legally cannot have bank accounts, their targets for big cash robberies. are businesses broken into 5 times. >> by 5 different groups of individuals, they took everything. state senator steven bradford stood with the group. he says he's working with legislative leaders for change. but what exactly is to be decided to suspend the tax for a period of time or we can reduce it for a period of time. >> again, i think one of the things that we really need to look at is still requirement by a lot of local jurisdictions to require you to have a brick and mortar facility before you can even get a license. makes no sense. some lawmakers and the governor agreed they must work together on a solution. the governor weighed in on these calls from the cannabis industry earlier this week. we have a lot of work to do in the space. >> newsome noted at the current cannabis tax rates, the state this year expects to bring in 787 million dollars
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total from the industry. portions of that go to youth services, land acquisitions and law enforcement. he says any reforms will need to consider those. it is my goal. >> to look at tax policy to stabilize market it. same time. it's also my goal. to get these municipalities to wake up to the opportunities to get rid of the illegal market. state leaders hope to help this legislative session, but how soon is to be determined at the state capitol? ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> we'll be right back after the commercial break.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at time. you now 04:43am. here on this friday. you just hours away from the weekend, the weather looks great. hopefully you have some really great to to rejuvenate it for your week ahead. company john. we've got to get rejuvenated for the weekend. get ready to go as we see some sunshine this weekend. and i know a lot of us are going to want to take full advantage of what will be a dry and pretty comfortable next couple of days and not just the next couple of days, but really next 10 to 14 days because >> this pattern, it's not breaking your viewing outside san francisco right now, which is sitting under clear conditions, saw some showers for southern california and the central coast yesterday. those working their way out of the picture for southern neighbors, bay area. we're just holding on to the familiar this high pressure.
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ridge is going to continue to send any chance of rainfall. well, to the north of us and the jet stream along with it, meaning that temperatures will remain cool along with these dry conditions. so you will see another day with ample sunshine. and you will see another day with the time highs climbing as warm as the 60's a little above average for this time of year. today'h temperatures are going to look really familiar, especially when you stack up next to yesterday, 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline and then pretty solid 60's elsewhere across the bay low 60's from san mateo down through mountain view in a range of low to mid 60's for the south bay with san jose at 64 degrees east bay. daytime highs ranging anywhere from the upper 50's to low 60's with oakland and nice. 61 walnut creek and concord at 60 to vallejo along there with you. well, sonoma and i-65 and look at santa rosa year. the warm spot today at 66 degrees. some light jacket stuff. and that's all you need to worry about today. all you really need to worry about the next few days. aside from cold
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evening lows. our daytime highs are definitely cooperating for any plans you want to have on getting back outside. >> right john, they even that let you look at the traffic today traveling from the east bay into the city about a 10 minute drive. i do see some pockets of fog along the bay bridge. so take your time as you're traveling san mateo bridge about 13 minutes heading across towards the peninsula. there. the richmond, sandra fell bridge about a 9 minute commute for you and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls are looking at a 20 minute drive this morning. the forty-niners are getting the final prep work done as they get ready to face the cowboys in the playoffs and the lawyers open a bounce back after losing back-to-back games on the road. kron. 4 sports director jason has the latest for us in sports. >> close, the been right. and for the most part they've been able to win is by shooting. but now we are entering a tough of this so they're going to happen or it out quickly.
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it on a lot you on thursday night and boy, polls one got quick and company. they've been slumping. we pick things up. the green for you got going early. and let him downhill like yeah. 11 points in the 1st bar. >> asking him his side of middleton. ball open a few joleen. they're all by 16 at end of the second 5 important the guy. and today, i know, he shooting coach lethal, huge contained in the 1st half of the quickly pulled away. so 27%. 77. 38 bucks at lou, the 2nd half more. yeah, this time with the it's of so yeah, triple-double. it's now highlight for the dup. john, i
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mean that he gets there where he's got a close case 18, but it close enough lose one 18. 99 yanez, like i said, a triple-double, 30 11 12 going get any easier for the warriors. >> on friday they're taking on the chicago bulls in chicago. plants often will not play. he is not play back to back games now as they reintegrate him into polls. basketball, all righ james wiseman is coming up on all right. to day since he had surgery for his torn last april. both have been wondering why is taking him so long to get back on the battled for plant? >> well, we've got some answers. why another surgery in mid december to clean up his knee of big sporting? if? >> it's new is considered a big part of the more your future and some even hope have a big role this season. but at this point, probably a tough
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ask of a young player who simply hasn't had many. the per host be integrated all the practices in the coming week. all right. we have some college hoops, kids don't get paid to play. the stanford cardinal, all of the washington state cougars close game throughout carnival. >> they started to pull away late brandon engel had 16 points off the bench and spencer jones also had 16 and for his into 50's and then that's the record straight win or get out of and get the usc ranked team in the country will take what i think in the first heat. >> on saturday, the mark of a good. forty-niners time. they had a big coming that we're just a few days out of the forty-niners opening around matchup with the dallas cowboys, the matchup that everyone is looking forward to considering the history of the
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2 franchises. some good news for the niners they got there. all pro tackle back from williams was back at practice on thursday. it's game with voting. i mean, he was also a participant which was expected, but he still no. we dealing with that right now. the forty-niners a three-point dogs. but yes, them. they're pretty confident. they are healthy battle tested. they're ready to go. >> they got stars and athletes all over the field. that know how to play football. i'm about playing football. so it's a really good looking for to get the not an opportunity to play against them were in a position. now we have guys, healthy guys coming i think our offense is hitting a little bit of a stride here. guys are playing at a high level and our defense looks pretty good. we just got to keep this thing rolling and take advantage of every single snap that we have. >> i can't wait for that game, right? and that is your look at sports. >> i will kick off for the niners game against the cowboys is going to be this
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sunday afternoon. a lot of people very watching one, 30 and the warriors have a game tonight against the chicago bulls. tipoff is 4.30. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back. 4.53 on this friday. starting off the weekend with dry conditions and that's the way will be closing out the weekend to see if your plans on heading up to the sierra nevada. nothing should be holding it back. donner summit right there. no one is driving up just big surprise this early. but as you do later on today, it is going to be a good day for it. take it back. there's a snow plow right there. we are looking at conditions out there that will be nice. and sunny today. plenty of sunshine. a cool afternoon ahead of us at the coastline. some upper 50's near the coast in some low 60's for inland and bay shore cities all this and are plenty of sun and dry skies much as we've been seeing so much of lately. high temperatures today looking pretty familiar because they're right around the same as what we had yesterday right now. john, thanks for that. and will the u.s. is facing its worst blood shortage in more than a decade? >> if you still need an incentive to donate blood. how about a free trip to the super bowl? because the american red cross is offering one lucky winner, 2 round-trip tickets.
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a 3 night hotel stay and a $500 gift card. people in the month of january are going to automatically he entered into that draw line and they're going also have the chance to win a home theater package for the big game. the red cross says they nee type o blood donations. the most, but they just need blood as well. and the late betty white is being honored with a mural in los angeles. it was meant to be unveiled on monday. white one 100th birthday but was debuted earlier this week. artists corie mattie painted a message on it that read be more like betty since white was also a big animal activists. the mural includes a qr code. people can scan and donate to a local animal rescue in white's honor. well, coming up in the next hour, the teachers union and the san francisco unified school district. >> have reached an agreement on covid safety measures will have the details. and a live report and santa clara county sheriff laurie smith is expected to be in court today to answer. accusations of
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corruption will have that and more. when we get back. you want fries with that? introducing wendy's new hot and crispy fries. preferred, almost 2 to 1, over mcdonald's. [scream] try them today. only at wendy's.
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>> from the area's local news station, you're watching the kron 4 morning news far. >> well, good morning. thanks
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for joining us for the kron. 4 morning news here on friday. january 14th, i'm reyna harvey and i've been talking about the weekend for the past couple of and now finally year. so we need to look at the forecast, john, so we can know how we can plan our day. yeah, definitely an important one on a friday because if you are heading out about you want to know what is going to look like. >> in which case it's going to be much the same. so just remember yesterday and you're pretty set up for success here. we had such a dicey december, which is exactly what we needed. but january just dry. that app right back out. you can see outside this morning that we do have some low gray hanging out across the east bay. some cloud cover and some fog that is draping parts of the bay area isn't resulting in much lower visibility. we're still doing all right for visibility for most areas. intel, you head out to the central valley. that's where we do have another dense layer of tooley fog otherwise today, an easy one for your commute just cold this morning. so don't forget to bundle up livermore and
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dublin, teach at 38 degrees. and 39 while petaluma at 36 in a rose at 38 a little bit more mild for areas like pacifica in san francisco near the coastline in the 50's, john, thank you for that are let's get a look at your traffic on this friday morning. still pretty light. >> traveling from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit about 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. you're looking at a 13 minute commute. fog is a part of your morning commute this morning to definitely take your time as you're traveling out there. the richmond center fell bridge about an 8 minute drive at this hour and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls looking at a 20 minute drive time for you. well, breaking overnight, the san francisco unified school district has reached an agreement with the teachers union over covid health and safety conditions. kron 4, sarah stinson. you have been tracking this story since yesterday. what's the latest here? sarah? good morning.


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