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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 13, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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address staff shortages due to rising covid cases in those planned sickout kron four's taylor bisacky spoke with teachers at one of the schools in the district who started a petition to district leaders about these very issues. >> teachers and parents, we sing their frustrations for hours thursday night during a special meeting held by the west contra costa unified school district to come up with a plan to address high staff shortages due to covid and planned sickouts. and now you're going transfer teachers, quote, unquote, to fill vacancies. >> because of that, they don't have enough subs. so my daughter has to go to the cafeteria. with a bunch of other classes because they true. so full just to sit outside the cafeteria because there's so many classes that are covered with sens. at the middle school. some of the things we've had 30 to 40% stopped making other schools in the district also dealing with similar problems, stage elementary school in richmond, which serves more than 200, 30
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students. >> already had a short staff of about 10 teachers and in recent days none of the 10 teachers have showed up at school because they have covid where they're a part of a plan to seek out center south small where? >> very much when one teacher is out. we're down to teachers are ready. we're short, can teach it. we do not have a 4th grade teacher and we do not have a little one to teacher which makes him even more car. our principal has had a in the 4th grade class. 2 recent griffin is one of the teachers who signed this petition started at the school demanding kn 95 masks for all students and staff and more accessible, mandatory testing seeking for the district to have a clear plan. >> for staffing shortages. >> and >> the continued surge of the omicron variant. >> sam clear, who helped organize this effort says they haven't received a response to their demands yet. we also haven't received a response from the district in the
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meantime, teachers at steve elementary say they will not return to the classrooms on friday. i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. the san francisco unified school district has reached an agreement tonight with the teachers union. >> over health and safety conditions. the district, a green to offer an additional 10 days of sick leave for employees to be taken for covid-19 related reasons and will continue to offer weekly testing in high quality face masks. in addition, the color pcr testing the district is making rapid testing available to the community at select school sites and district offices throughout the month of january disagreement. is that going to run through july 31st of this year? at least 3 schools in sonoma county will be closed tomorrow due to >> the rising number of covid cases. they're both grab and steen elementary and hillcrest middle school in the grab unseen union school district as well as reach charter school in sebastopol. all be closed. officials say they're facing staffing shortages as
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too many teachers have either tested positive or been exposed. no word on if the schools will reopen come monday. state labor leaders were joined by a bay area legislator today to call on the california legislature to bring back covid sick pay in may or may not remember but sick pay expired back at the end of september. kron four's dan kerman has the story tonight from san francisco. >> paid sick leave is as basic and critical as getting vaccinated. wearing a mask. if you are your children are sick or have been exposed. you need to make sure not to pass it on. and that means staying at home. and an online news conference thursday, california, labor leaders, workers and legislators called on the california legislature to bring back covid-19 sick pay already >> implemented the policy wants it needs to be implemented again. >> immediately. >> among those speaking bay area, state senator dave cortese. >> supplemental paid sick leave is one of those portent weapons against the virus to
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slow the spread. that's the science. that's not just an economic issue. a worker protection issue. that's the science. the state supplemental covid-19 sick leave expired at the end of september. and those calling for its reinstatement say that's led to a series of awful choices. >> the expiration of covid, something has left health care workers and essential workers more affordable, our force choose to protecting our communities and staying home when you're sick or pay. >> if the legislation is brought back, it won't resemble what california had last year. that's because in 2021 there was federal funding to help support small businesses that federal funding is no longer available. >> so what we have before us is an opportunity with the 46 billion dollars surplus in in the state budget. an opportunity for the governor for the senate and for the assembly to be creative in terms of what does this look like? we're going to move it forward because there is no federal funding systems.
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>> if this does move forward, it's unclear how quickly this legislation can be passed and enacted, though the governor is on record as saying sick leave is a top priority for him. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> in an effort to slow the omicron surge, tougher workplace rules will go into effect tomorrow in california. employees will now have to get a covid test after exposure in the workplace. you can no longer just take a rapid test on your own and self report. instead an employee can now go to a lab or take a rapid test. but in front of a supervisor or health care professional, cal osha is also tightening its rules regarding what qualifies as a face covering the new definition includes a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask like an n 95 or kn 95 respirator or cloth masks that have to have at least 2 layers. >> today president biden announced more military medical teams will be deployed to help out hospitals hit hard
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by omicron new york, new jersey, ohio, rhode island, michigan and new mexico all requested additional assistance. the teams are going to be in place inside hospitals by the end of the month. biden also announcing today that he is doubling the amount of free at home covid tests for the public. >> i'm directing my team to procure an additional half of additional 500 million more test to distribute for free. i mean, a billion tests in total. to meet future demand. >> you'll be able to order those tests on our website and happened delivered directly to your home. biden says that website will launch next week. the supreme court blocks the biden administration from enforcing a vaccine or test requirement for large employers today. but the justices did allow the administration to proceed with the vaccine mandate for most health care workers. kron four's washington correspondent jessi tenure reports. >> so they blow to the biden administration. large
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companies do not have to require their employees to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 or tested weekly and wear a mask on the job. the u.s. supreme court struck down the biden administration's role for businesses with at least 100 employees essentially means that in the pen, this pandemic is up to individual employers to determine whether their workplaces will be safe for employees. white house press secretary jen psaki says the requirement would have prevented unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. but south carolina republican senator lindsey graham argues the administration needed congressional approval know president. he's a king. wisconsin democrat senator tammy baldwin worries lives are at risk. this ruling injures public and causes more people to die. the ruling impacts more than 80 million people. i'm a grocery guy. >> i'm not the vaccine. police. the justices fast track the case brought by grocery store owner brandon trosclair and other large employers and heard it last week. there's nothing else. >> that will perform that
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function better. incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. justice elena kagan said the employer rule was appropriate. >> but justice amy coney barrett suggested it was too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no differentiation between the risk faced by unvaccinated. 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds. >> or industries now testing requirements and potential fines for these large employers were not slated to take effect until next month, but the mask mandate for unvaccinated employees was set to go into effect this week in washington. i'm jessi tenure. president biden issued a statement praising the ruling on health care workers but criticized the ruling on business. >> we talked with uc hastings law professor rory little about today's rulings. he says the court did not see covid as being a work place. danger. >> but there's a difference between the employer adopting such a program as a condition of their own employment and an
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employer being forced to adopt the program by the federal government. and that is what the case turns on today. so the question is not can you impose such a thing? the question is who gets to decide that employees have to do this? the ruling affects about 17 million health care workers, although they still may decline the vaccination on medical. >> or religious grounds. new tonight at 10 president biden's push for new voting rights legislation was dealt a big blow today as well. but >> he says he's not giving up democratic sen kyrsten sinema of arizona defiantly said she will not support a change to senate rules even though they have long allowed a minority of lawmakers to block legislation. it comes 2 days after biden gave a fiery speech backing to voting rights measures and saying changes to the filibuster. rules are essential in the senate to getting these new laws passed in the evenly divided senate. but democratsp they have the advantage
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because of vice president kamala harris. it is fifty-fifty in the senate. but with harris on their side, they could get things passed if they change the filibuster rule. democratic senator joe mansion of virginia is also suit changing the filibuster. west virginia. >> right now, a big development in our drought emergency after weeks of winter storms, the entire state of california is now out of the exceptional drought category. the u.s. drought monitor releasing some new data on the state's drought conditions. and what difference 3 months makes. does it ever as kron four's gayle ong reports, though, we're still technically in a drought and we need to keep conserving water. >> all the rain and snow from the fall and winter came down all at once, making a dent on the state's drought. here's the latest map on the left is from october when most of the state was an exceptional drought on the right 3 months later, us drought monitor data showing all of california is now under severe to moderate conditions after 2 years
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significant rainfall deficits. >> year so far for the water here. and by the way, the water year runs from october. first through september, 30th this year for the water here around the bay area. we're sitting in the 150 to 200% of normal thus far. meteorologists brian garcia with the national weather service ads. we can expect a midwinter dry spell. this is something that we typically see. the question now is do we roll back into a wet pattern as we get towards the end of january and february? that's why garcia says we can't forget about water conservation. we don't know ultimately what the rest of the water year holds for us. and we want to make sure that our reservoirs are in good shape to take us through a hot summer and potentially a dry winter next. winter water restrictions are still in place in several bay area counties. and we did put in water >> we didn't quite hit our targets of 4 desired levels of
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reduction. captain cushing is a professor of environmental studies at san jose state university. about 50% of water use goes to outdoor irrigation. so if you think a little bit more as strategically about making our outdoor irrigation needs fit the climate of the area, which is some eye area. you can actually save up to 50% of all residential water use gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> hundreds of salmon are returning to bay area streams for the first time in years. all thanks to the region's record amounts of rain in october and december. oakland city officials posted this photo of chinook salmon spotted in glen echo creek adjacent to the veterans memorial building near lake merritt. 7 of also been seen recently in marin county, the one acre in san jeronimo streams, wildlife officials say the 7 are using various streams to spawn and then die after spending 3 years in the pacific. ocean's salty waters. but the big question now,
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lauren, so we're going to get more rain, more senate. yeah, i would like to get that rain going white now, though, we're enjoying that. a dry spell that was spoken of. we've got that. >> midseason dry spell that are typical for our weather patterns here in california. in fact, they usually last between about the 19 days long as the average, but they can go as long as 56 days. that is the longest one on record that was back in the 2014 and 2015. these records going back some 70 years or so. but pretty typical to get these midseason dry spells. almost feel like spring for a while that something was snapped back and we get back in the some winter weather. here's the long-range forecast model. this one coming from noaa, the showing you the forecast until about the 27th of the month. you look at california, see all the brown out there. and that's likely going to see below average precipitation. that's kind of what we're seeing in long range models. we look at that for quite a while now. not to right around the 27th of the month or so. do i start to think we get back in the some more significant rainfall? so here's where we sit. rain
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totals, not bad at all. in fact, we're still 165% of normal. almost 17 inches of rain in san francisco. remember if we get to just about 23, that's average for the entire year. san jose over 6 and a half inches of rain. 125% of normal 183% of normal in over 15 inches in oakland. and 22 inches in santa rosa now sitting in almost 150% normal. so, yeah, we're looking good. so far. we've got a ways to go here, but we'd like to get that rain going again out there tonight. skies. well, we've got some high clouds up above down below a little hazy as high pressure sits over head. we are seeing some rain moving in the california. you can see it, though. it's moving into southern california. all the what what's called a cutoff low that spins off the coastline, bring some very light showers in the southern california for us. some high clouds continuing to stream up above. but now we're beginning to see a bit of an offshore wind. and that is going to be the trend overnight tonight that wind really going to kick in, especially over the mountain tops above about 1000 feet or so going to be looking
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at some gusty winds, maybe some 30 and some 40 mile an hour gusts out there overnight tonight and tomorrow temperatures are cooling off of some drier air moving in. 45 degrees in dublin. now, 43 in the napa valley. 44 in fairfield, 43 degrees in petaluma. so getting chilly in some spots already. high pressure will build into the bay area for tomorrow. that's going to send these storms. they look impressive out there, but they are all rolled over the top of that ridge. at the same time as that ridge builds overhead. we've got low pressure drop in the south and the east of us. so i think we're in for kind of a blustery day around the bay area over the mountain tops down below to be a little bit breezy at times. the temperatures likely to stay mild and should stay dry out there. guys. thanks, lawrence. caught a cut tunnel is closed tonight. this is highway 24, of course, part of it is closed. caltrans is performing maintenance work until about one 30 this morning. it's closing one eastbound board to do so. but the other bourse are temaining open tonight.
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and if you're driving through downtown san francisco, get pretty to slow down. speed limits are being lowered from 25 down to 20 miles per hour for 7 streets in the city, the streets are on your screen there. 24 street, fillmore, haight street polk. >> street ocean avenue, san bruno avenue in valencia street. this is due to a law that went into effect at the start of the year that allows cities to lower speed limits in areas where at least half the buildings along the corridor have commercial uses. >> homegrown the oakland roots took to twitter today announcing their new president bay area born lindsay barons will lead the soccer club. here's a look at the club's tweet. and they, quote, barons. she writes, i'm incredibly excited to join. he'll can root sports club and help them in their mission to build a leading purpose. driven sports team in the u.s. end, quote, parents most recently served as the president of business operations for the washington spirit of the national women's soccer league. she starts this tuesday.
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>> and if you're a resident santa clara county, you may be entitled to some unclaimed money. santa clara county department of tax and collections announced that it is sitting on nearly half a million dollars worth of unclaimed money. the department published a list this week of 676 individuals and businesses who are potential owners. the list includes money that has been on deposit with the county's general collections trust fund. for more than 3 years. potential owners who qualify for the money have to file their claims by march 14th. we have a link on our website kron 4 dot com. strong reactions are coming in on both sides regarding charges being dropped against a man accused of among other things, resisting arrest, resulting in injury to a san francisco police officer. controversial issue here across forces. it made you breaks it down. >> san francisco district attorney chesa boudin has decided there will be no criminal charges filed against 41 year-old surgio luego who was arrested back on february
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17th 2021 following a physical altercation with san francisco police. this is a photo of surgio luego taken after the incident. sfpd officials say lugo was detained by undercover officers conducting surveillance for burglary crimes a valley. we need to decided to walk away. sfpd investigators say during the struggle to detain he used a sharp object, wounding an officer. kron 4 received this statement from the da's office regarding the decision to drop the charges. quote, we carefully reviewed all the evidence in the case, including statements, surveillance. the fact that the officers were not wearing body worn cameras inconsistent season police officers statements. the fact that mister lugo was behaving lawfully when stopped by police. and it was clear that this was not a provable case, unquote in response to the district attorney dropping the charges. san francisco police chief bill scott is quoted saying i'm disappointed with the district attorney's
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decision in this case. mister lugo resisted arrest and violently assaulted our officers, injuring one of them with an exacto knife. these kinds of attacks are unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated by our criminal justice system with the r it sends a dangerous message that in bolden's criminals to use violence and not just against police officers. we absolutely agree with the chief's statement. the president of the union that represents san francisco police officers, montoya. and this is not the first case where >> he's led a violent person without any form of that. you know, consequences. and, you know, it gets he should let the jury's and the coroners decide. whether or not you know, there's enough evidence. san francisco public defender, my no right to use it differently. it is absurd that mister lugo spend a in jail on this case and dismissing it was absolutely the right and legally something to do. anyone expressing disappointment that this case
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was dismissed should be instead of answering for this gross display. >> a police brutality. >> has it made kron? 4 news governor newsome has denied parole toerobert f kennedy's assassin. >> sir, answer. and in his the governor says that sirhan poses and unreasonable threat to public safety. sirhan will be scheduled for a new parole hearing no later than february of 2023. his defense attorney says that they will ask a judge to overturn newsom's decision. kennedy was shot moments after he claimed victory in california's pivotal democratic presidential primary. sir hannah regionally was sentenced to death, but that sentence was commuted to life when the california supreme court briefly outlawed capital punishment in 1972. oakland, police are investigating another illegal casino operation in the city. take a look. police say all of this was found inside the business on east 16th street near garfield park. officers say there were 10 firearms
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including for assault rifles with extended magazines, 5 and a half pounds of suspected crystal methamphetamine and 15 and a half pounds of marijuana. police also seized more than $7,000 in cash and 12 illegal casino gaming machines. 2 people were arrested for outstanding warrants. still ahead tonight at 10 with teachers, sickouts in remote learning health experts say the pandemic has become extremely difficult for kids. mental health. >> more parents now are getting involved in counseling. plus, a look at what life after the pandemic could look like. and the fbi arrests, the founder of a far-right militia in connection with the january 6th attack on the capitol.
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>> the pandemic is having a major impact on kids, mental health. that's according to health care data coming in shows that there have been a look. there has been a large uptick in teen suicide during the pandemic. also, the teens are experiencing higher levels of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health concerns. our 4 spoke with the psychologist doctor brenda wade about what she's seeing and how she's counseling parents during this pandemic. >> what's important, what's important is to remember our children need support all the things that used to hold. they
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had their classrooms. they had their teachers. they had friends. they had activities. >> they had sports. they had music. they had all those things. the teams typically have. but philip, their life and most importantly, give them emotional support and direction. >> doctor wade ads modeling the behavior you want to see in children, including learning ways to calm yourself and talk about your stress that can help them deal with their own stress. nurses across the country took part in a day of action today to address working conditions during this latest. >> covid surge, they say after almost 2 years into the fight against the coronavirus, things are getting worse rather than better. this comes as employers ask asymptomatic nurses often times to still come to work despite having tested positive for covid nurses in rain county hospital. some of them were supposed to have a protest today as well. but that was called off after the organizers of the demonstration got covid. i had to quarantine. nurses say this
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is not a battle over money. they just want to make things safer. still to come, how does a $50,000 set so much money? the u.s. army is offering for. >> new soldiers who sign up better able to do critical job. state ailes, the head. and some high clouds up above the staying dry tonight. could we find some rain or even just the raindrops in the next 10 days? we'll have the answer with your 10 of coming up next. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids.
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>> around the globe, this pandemic is cause more than 2 years of uncertainty. lockdowns, confusion over the safety and efficacy of the the vaccine and the need to adapt to the new variant. >> you could go on and on about how tough it's been. the question now is what happens once this omicron plateau sort of abates con forcefully to gall speaks with a public health officer who discusses what could be next. >> mary, contagiousness a new property. those are the 3 characteristics infectious disease specialists examined when the new variant of covid-19 is detected. >> compared to alpha and delta we know on the kron is far less virulent. it is highly contagious, but the illness it causes is less severe. leading
10:30 pm
to fewer hospitalizations, seeing a virus that is much more infectious right now. we estimate that about one in 20 residents in marin county is infected. >> and what happened in lockdown? because we don't need to because this virus is less of a county public health officer doctor matt willis says he expects the explosion of omicron cases to soon level off and likely drop significantly. >> but doctor willis says we should expect more variants to come. when i hear that, you know, places like spain, they're talking about just letting it rip, you know, basically just allowing this to continue through the waiver. that approach influenza. >> or other viruses. that's understandable as a strategy. we're not there yet. we think it's important to take steps to continue to prevent transmission where they make sense for us. but it is we are making progress towards that. eventually. future. mc relationship with this virus. doctor willis says once a
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variant moves through a community, it will likely stay in the past. he says the key to working out of the pandemic is to continue to make the vaccine widely available. >> and masking when appropriate to prevent transmission. eventually testing for the virus will not be a priority but ultimately covid-19 is here to stay indefinitely. felipe kron 4 news years and i look grocery stores across the country are experiencing another round of empty shelves. the shortage is being reported nationwide are widespread. >> impacting produce and meat as well as packaged goods. there are a few reasons for this. the recent surge in covid cases and some significant winter storms have piled on to the already tough supply chain issues and labor shortages. >> police calling out of work sick. it's not having enough truck driver. still. it's not having full capacity as far as the trains in the cargo moving from one part of the united states to another part.
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>> grocery stores are urging people to avoid panic buying when it comes to certain items. and they recommend just getting what you need at the moment. >> our 4 zone forecast time as we take a peek outside. it is dark up in the sky. but those buildings that bridge lights it up. a beautiful shot of san francisco kron. first chief meteorologists lawrence karnow here to light it up right to live middle of this. dry spell outside. looks like things are going to stay that way for tomorrow. friday looks dry. the weekend looks very fairly mild conditions out there tonight. going to get cold in spots. a high clouds up above. unfortunately, no rain for us to speak of right now. but let's take a look at long-range forecast model this what's called the european model right now. it's been on track so far. you can see the cut off low down in southern california and off the coastline. you get these fronts developing out there. this is really the main jet stream. but all that energy is racing on the top of that ridge. we get into saturday. you start to see the arc of that ridge of high pressure
10:33 pm
building back in sending the jet stream all the storms. well, to the north, the exception, maybe southern california, seeing area of low pressure kind of wobble a little bit closer the coastline and bring them some scattered showers. and that's just a few more high clouds the last couple days. but no that ridge starts to flatten out a little bit as we head in toward tuesday of next week. and you can see the rain starts to spread a little further to the south may be making its way into northern oregon as well. but staying dry for the most part in california. and then as we get into the middle week, a little more impressive storm system rolls in some more heavy rain. may we start talking about more flooding up in the pacific northwest, california, for the most part, staying dry. and then behind that, guess what? we get a big dome of high pressure building back in and that takes us in to the following weekend. so really does not look promising as far as rain is concerned, we're going to keep things dry outside. temperatures tomorrow. still running a little bit above the average planning a lot of 60's, maybe even upper 60's in some spots tomorrow near 10, we're keeping it dry through this weekend. martin luther king
10:34 pm
day looks dry as well dry well in the next week. the next weekend, too, looks fairly ball only for this time of year. thanks, laura. it's now a live look at the u.s. capitol tonight as the justice department. filed the most serious charges yet today in connection with the january 6th attack, the leader of a far right militia group in 10 of his followers. vicki had been charged with seditious conspiracy. yeah. meantime, house minority leader kevin mccarthy is doubling down on his decision not to cooperate with lawmakers investigating the attack. >> lauren lister has the latest. >> founder and leader of the far-right militia group, the oath keepers. 56 year-old stewart rhodes arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy in connection with the january 6th capitol attack. he's the highest ranking member of an extremist group arrested in connection with the deadly riot is among the most serious charges. >> we've seen so far, but i think it the extraordinary danger to the country posed by
10:35 pm
a violent attack on a peaceful transfer of power. roads did not enter the capitol building january 6th, but is accused of helping put into motion the violence that disrupted certification of the 2020 presidential election. charges indicate that just for many casting a burnett. >> meantime, as a house committee investigates the insurrection minority leader kevin mccarthy refusing to cooperate with the panel's request for an interview and to turn over records concerning the riot. because i think he has an obligation as we seek the truce to see. >> help with that. but up to the committee as to what they do next, mccarthy defending his decision not to testify, accusing the house speaker of playing politics with the probe may be of nancy pelosi had done what other speakers would do. >> and not play politics with it. you could have been a different answer. one point of interest, a phone call between mccarthy and then president trump on the day of the
10:36 pm
capitol attack. my conversation was very short. advising the president. what was happening here? a washington post editorial states to subpoena the minority leader would be unprecedented. but justified the houses. the capability essentially policing its own. i want to figure out what what appropriate steps are necessary. we haven't made any decisions about that yet. >> and that was lauren lister reporting for us tonight. stewart rhodes, the leader of the oath keepers, is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. >> the january 6 committee is taking aim at big tech over its alleged role in the insurrection. subpoenas were sent to mehta, the parent company of facebook and instagram as well as twitter and read it. and alphabet alphabet is the parent company of google and youtube. lawmakers want to know how the social media platforms were used to organize the attack as well as whether they are helping spread misinformation and violent extremism. the committee requested these
10:37 pm
details in august, but it says after months of negotiations, the companies are still not willing to comply. the republican national committee is threatening to boycott future presidential debates in a letter to the commission on presidential debates, the rnc says it is taking steps too bad. future gop nominees from participating in 2024, the rnc claims voters have lost trust in the commission and complained that none of their requested changes have been addressed in response, the commission says it deals directly with candidates and its plans for 2024. are based on fairness and neutrality. for the first time the u.s. army is offering. a lot of money enlist bonuses to highly skilled recruits to sign up for 6 years. the army says it is struggling to soldiers and certain critical jobs during the continuing pandemic school. sir, closed during covid, some of them and the
10:38 pm
competitive job market is also posing a challenge for army recruiters until now the army had offered a maximum bonus of $40,000. but the new bonus. will be 50 $1000. college enrollment continues to drop during this pandemic. undergrad enrollment dropped 3% in the fall of 2021. compared to 2020. >> it is now dropped 6.6% since 2019. that amounts to 1.2 million students, community college. they're getting hit the hardest with and moment down over 13%. some good news for student loan borrowers. california attorney general rob bonta announced a settlement with the student lending company wiping out millions of dollars in debt, california and dozens of other state settled with the company navient over claims of improper lending and collecting practices navigate for 95 million dollars in restitution for borrowers and cancel over a billion dollars in private loan debt for
10:39 pm
borrowers all across the country. about 11 million dollars of the direct restitution in 261 million dollars of the private debt cancellation will be for california. >> cannabis industry leaders are demanding state lawmakers cut some of those taxes and regulations because they say the legal market is on the brink of shutting down our kron four's. ashley zavala explains their request and how state leaders are responding. >> standing next to a slouching marijuana plant. cannabis growers and sellers rally for relief from the state's taxes and regulations on the industry state of california. we're tired of the rhetoric. the plans posture up a trail of the state of california's legal market, which industry leaders say is wilting the unfair taxation spells the end of the dream. >> for so many small farms and small businesses, urban shop owners of world cannabis growers urging state lawmakers and the governor to repeal the excise and cultivation taxes they say are burdensome. >> adding to the price of
10:40 pm
their legal products while consumers lean toward the illegal market for lower costs. they also say regulations are not fair for small shop owners in black and brown communities, including some local requirements for those seeking a marijuana license to already have a store front. my pathway to license. took over 3 years of a $400,000. that meant. >> while waiting on regulators and bureaucratic delays, security. another major issue for the legal sellers who say because they legally cannot have bank accounts, their targets for big cash robberies. are businesses broken into 5 times. >> by 5 different groups of individuals, they took everything. state senator steven bradford stood with the group. he says he's working with legislative leaders for change. but what exactly is to be decided to suspend the tax for a period of time or we can reduce it for a period of time. >> again, i think one of the things that we really need to look at is still requirement by a lot of local jurisdictions to require you to have a brick and mortar facility before you can even get a license. makes no sense. some lawmakers and the
10:41 pm
governor agreed they must work together on a solution. the governor weighed in on these calls from the cannabis industry earlier this week. we have a lot of work to do in the space. >> newsome noted at the current cannabis tax rates. the state this year expects to bring in 787 million dollars total from the industry. portions of that go to youth services, land acquisitions and law enforcement. he says any reforms will need to consider those. it is my goal. >> to look at tax policy to stabilize market it. same time. it's also my goal. to get these municipalities to wake up to the opportunities to get rid of the illegal market. state leaders hope to help this legislative session, but how soon is to be determined at the state capitol? ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> still ahead. >> why rapper ye is under investigation for an alleged assault. >> and in sports, the warriors continuing their four-game road trip tonight in milwaukee. look into bounce back against the bucks that a
10:42 pm
that didn't happen. sports director jason dumas. has your highlights. coming up.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the been about and for the
10:45 pm
most part they've been able to win by the but now entering a tough of this so they're going to happen or it out quickly. it on a lot you on thursday night and boy, polls one got quick and company. they've been slumping. we pick things up. the green for got going early. let him get downhill like yeah, 11 points in the 1st bar. >> asking him his side of middleton. ball open a huge lead. they're all by 16 at end of the second 5 important the guy and today shooting coach lethal, huge contained in the 1st half of the quickly pulled away. 27%. 77. 38 bucks at let's through the 2nd half more. yeah. this time with the
10:46 pm
itself. so you had a triple-double. it's now highlight for the du john. i he gets there or got close k 18, but it close enough lose one 18. 99 gun is like i said, triple-double, 30 11 12 doesn't get any easier for the warriors. >> on friday they're taking on the chicago bulls in chicago. plants often will not play. he is not play back to back games now as they reintegrate him in polls. basketball, all righ james wiseman is coming up on all right. to day. and he had surgery for his torn last april. the boats have been wondering taking him so long to get back on the going to be it? >> well, we've got some answers. why another surgery in mid december? the cleanup is me of big sporting. if.
10:47 pm
>> it's a new is considered a big part of the more your future and some even hope have a big role this season. but at this point, that is probably a tough ask of a young player who simply hasn't had the per host be integrated into, be practices in the coming week. all right. we have some college hoops, kids don't get paid to play the stanford cardinal, all of the washington state cougars close game throughout with the horrible. >> they started to pull away late brandon engel had 16 points off the bench. and spencer jones also had 16 he's be that's the record straight win or get out of get us even a a team in the country will take what i think the the first heat. >> on saturday, the mark of a good. alright, forty-niners time. they have a big coming that we're just a few days out of the forty-niners opening
10:48 pm
around matchup with the dallas cowboys. the matchup that everyone is looking forward to considering the history of the 2 franchises. >> some good news for the niners they got there. all pro tackle back from williams that it acted on thursday. it's game of voting. i mean, he was also a participant what was expected. but we still know we dealing with that right now. the forty-niners are three-point dogs, but yes, them. they're pretty confident. they're healthy battle tested. they're ready to go. they got stars and athletes all over the field. that know how to play football. i'm about playing football. so >> it's a really good looking for to get the not an opportunity to play against them were in a position. now we have guys, healthy guys coming i think our offense is it a little bit of a stride here. guys are playing at a high level and our defense looks pretty good. we just got to keep this thing rolling and take advantage of every single snap that we have. >> i can't wait for that game,
10:49 pm
right? and that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a quick break. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> rapper and fashion designer. yeah day formerly known as khan ye west is a investigation for criminal battery and he reportedly punched a fan of the ground would ask for his autograph. reporter kimberly chang has details. >> hours before the alleged
10:52 pm
incident, rapper kanye west was spotted with julia fox and some very famous faces. madonna, floyd mayweather and antonio brown. this video was posted to instagram by singer actor evan ross early thursday morning. the famous group was seen at the hot spot. delilah images circulating online showed who's going through a divorce with kim kardashian kissing fox could by signing autographs and leaving the restaurant club by himself. >> we photographed them at a lot with his julia fox. he was in great spirits around 03:00am. lapd received a call and responded to santa fe avenue and bay street in downtown l a. >> police confirmed someone made a battery report and said connie was a suspect. tmz reported that connie allegedly punched a man who was trying to get an autograph. the site posted a video showing a man lying on the ground as a livid. connie walks away screaming at a woman identified herself as family. this was outside the soho warehouse, a private social club located in a nondescript building in the arts district.
10:53 pm
it's not known if condit was visiting soho warehouse at the time, but this member tells us it's a place where many celebrities go. it's i was very low key and >> there's a there is environment of that like privacy that is kind of treated here like where it's not. you're not really allowed to have your phones and you're certainly not, you know, a lot to pictures inside. so it people feel safe here for that reason. independent photographer chrome's an audi didn't see what happened. but he often photographs connie and says lately he's been in a good mood. they are easy target because they they love their fans. they want to get back to the fence. kind is a great guy. >> he's they do >> beautiful things. great things. and that was kimberly chang reporting for us tonight. in other news, a new bag of potato chips might taste like victory depending on which nfl squad you root for. >> that taste like 3 super bowl wins 22,000, 895 yards
10:54 pm
1000, to 49 receptions. 28 touchdowns and 13 pro bowls. >> you know the best receiver ever jerry rice to get into a bag of lay's golden grounds. chips. these are limited edition bags potato chips where the potatoes are grown with the help of nfl teams. they took dirt from 29 teams, stadiums and actually added that dirt a potato field potatoes grown in each field. they then used to make chips and they go into each team's bag. for example, the chips and the niners bag are made with potatoes grown with dirt from levi stadium. the chips will not be sold in stores, though. that's an interesting twist. you have to follow lays on twitter and then wait for instructions. and if you are wondering if lays in the nfl have robust marketing teams. now, you know the answer the u.s. is facing its worst blood shortage in more than a decade. so if you still need
10:55 pm
an incentive to donate, have a free trip to super bowl. >> and the american red cross is offering one lucky winner, 2 round-trip tickets and 3 night hotel stay plus $500 gift card. people who donate in the month of january will automatically be entered in the drawing and will also have the chance to win a home theater package for the big game. the red cross says that they need type o blood donations the most, but they're not going to turn anybody away is willing to donate. tom brady may be playing in the super bowl this year. the tampa bay quarterback has launched his own clothing line called brady niners fans hope he's not they are. the website describes the athletic line is the world's. >> finest performance where the brand has been says in the making for years now as a number of endorsements from college athletes, some fans were quick to comment on the steep prices, including 165 bucks for a track jacket and nearly $400 for a parka. ouch. the late betty white is being honored with a mural in
10:56 pm
angeles. it was meant to be unveiled on monday. whites 100 birthday, but was a >> debuted a little earlier this week artist corie mattie painted a message on it that reads be more like betty since white was also a big animal activists. the mural includes a qr code that people can scan and donate to a local animal rescue in white on her laurent. all right. one last check of the weather outside tonight. some high clouds up above, getting ready for the weekend. we've got friday ahead of us. >> he is going to be pretty nice day outside as high pressure going to take care of as the temperatures going to be a little cool in the san francisco going to see a lot of high clouds streaming overhead. 50's and 60's cool, especially along the coastline. the winds we'll be kicking up overnight tonight and tomorrow as we're going to see some gusty winds, especially across some of the mountain tops here, gusting to 30 and 40 miles an hour. mid 60's in the millbrae and burlingame about 66 in san carlos. 64 im follow-up to the south bay enjoying some nice weather tomorrow afternoon. it will be mild some high clouds up plenty of sunshine in
10:57 pm
between 63 degrees in pleasanton about 66 in union city. 63 in danville about 62 in moraga. it's going to be a nice day around the bay area. gusty winds, especially in the north bay. parts of the diablo range, the oakland hills, little blustery out there. the next couple days, though, we keep things dry right on through the weekend. martin luther king day, a few more clouds coming our way, but dry looks like we're going to stay dry, at least for the next 10 days. all right. that's it for kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for joining us. everybody. really appreciate your time. keep it here. kron. 4 news at 04:00am. >> is next. that's early. get
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