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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 13, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> well, the good news is that the court upheld a vaccine requirement for medicare facilities that receive federal funding. that's about 10 million health care workers in the country. but they struck down an extension of vaccines mask or a test or a vaccination requirement for workers which could reach as many as 80 million people. so at this kind of spending, the baby and it shows that for us, if you will, of these 3 trump appointed justices, all though, in the opinion today sustaining the mandate for medicare facilities, justice kavanaugh joined the majority together with chief justice roberts and the 3 liberal justices. so it indicates that there's a little bit of a moderate split within the conservative group. >> so one of the liberal justices said that one of the conservative justices said this was too broad. the employer mandate. the other one other said this is going
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to hurt public health. do they weigh the for instance, the surging numbers of omicron. do those things come into play when they're making a decision on a case like this? >> well, they're supposed to write. both of these cases are actually in front of the court on motions to stay or 2, you know, stop the enforcement of certain regulations and part of that mix of the tests for to you step in as a federal court step in and stop something is where does the public interests lie? and in one case, the ocean case, they said, well, forcing 80 million people to get vaccinated, which they can't reverse once they do it, that the public interest, it is appropriate in staying that one. but in the health care medicare facility, they say, well, that the public interest is to make sure people who go to medicare funding facilities are protected against the disease infection from workers, things like that. so they are supposed to consider that. now both of these regulations were put in place before the
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omicron surge. and so to some extent concert is not relevant to the current. the litany of the regulations, but it certainly enters their consideration as to whether the public interest should be served or not. this case was brought by a grocery store owner who said, look, i'm not the vaccine it should be my responsibility to make sure that my employees get vaccinated. >> on the other hand, you have companies such as nike, columbia sportswear. the oregonian newspaper is reporting today employees of those companies are going to be fired as soon as saturday if they don't get vaccinated, if they don't have a legitimate excuse not to be vaccinated, can an employee of nike or columbia, sportswear all of us and go to the court and say, hey, you know, you just made this ruling. can i sue to get my job back? >> well, you know, who knows what that system allow right in in america. you have one solid, right? and that is you can sue about anything. but there's a difference between the employer adopting such a program as a condition of their own employment and an
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employer being forced to adopt the program by the federal government. and that is what the case turns on today just as gorsuch write a separate opinion, only 3 justices. but he says, you know, the question is who gets to decide this and other elected bureaucrats should not decide whether employers do this or not. the irony of this, of course, is that the justices themselves are wearing masks, all that it's except for justice gorsuch apparently and they're taking lots of precautions in their own workplace to not be infected. and yet here today, they say, well, it's not really a workplace regulation for roche osha. they are patients safe and healthy administration to impose such a thing. so the question is not can you impose such a thing? the question is who gets to decide that employees have to do this? >> does the decision today on the employee mandates solidify that this is a conservative court or do you see some wiggle room you mentioned are a little bit earlier that there's some sense that there might be more balance that we may have thought.
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>> let's put it. it's a conservative court. there's just no doubt that there's 3 justices appointed by president trump. some people think does justice is we're not completely legitimately appointed but it's a conservative court, but they did split the baby today. that is they upheld a very significant max. a vaccine mandate for medicare facilities and the conservative. the most conservative justices were dissenting in that case. so just as capital, for example, in the majority, if you will, on both of these cases. so he's somewhere in the middle a little less extreme. let's just say that justice gorsuch justice thomas justice alito. so there's no that is a conservative court right now. the question is really how far they're going to go. and today there's at least a healthy, break on at least one of these cases. uc hastings law. professor little, thank you again for helping us sort through this latest decision by the supreme court. >> globally, the pandemic has
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caused more than 2 years of uncertainty. lockdowns, confusion over the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and the need to adapt to new variants. the question now is what happens when omicron phillipe djegal talked with the public health officer. he discusses what may be next. >> doctor matt willis believes covid-19 will continue to mutate and spread in our communities indefinitely. but the severity of illness will diminish with each variant. >> look no further than the difference between alpha, the first rain of concern, then the highly virulent delta variant. >> and now omicron which is highly transmissible but causes less severe symptoms. and i hear that, you know, places like spain, they're talking about just letting it rip, you know, basically just allowing this to continue through the waiver. that approach influenza. >> or other viruses. that's understandable as a strategy. we're not there yet. we think it's important to take steps to continue to prevent
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transmission where they make sense for us. but it is we are making progress towards that. eventually. future. mc relationship with this virus, doctor willis has served as marin county's public health officer throughout the pandemic. the county that ranks among the top in the state of most vaccinated against covid-19. still, he says right now, one in every 20 residents is testing positive for the virus. but there are no plans to revert back to a shutdown. it's unlikely we will see a lot of action from variants that have already moved car community. >> delta, you know, those are more likely the past that that's in the rearview mirror. you know, it's currently omicron and hopefully not for much longer. doctor willis expects omicron case rates to lower significantly in the coming weeks. meanwhile, he says we are better protected now with effective vaccines. more of us just need to get the shots. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4
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news for your health. pregnant women have been concerned about getting the covid vaccine because of a possibility of premature birth. >> but now a new study might put those fears to rest. researchers at the cdc looked at data from aid organizations to try to determine a link and they found that the vaccines do not raise the risk of premature birth. they also investigated any effects depending on which point in the pregnancy that the shots were received. they say there was no difference in the rate of premature birth, regardless of which trimester pregnant women got the vaccine. coming up tonight at 5 ditching class to go to work. why researchers say choosing jobs over college could be detrimental for the economy. >> and a potentially major win for those with student loans. details on a lawsuit settlements today.
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>> california attorney general rob bonta announced a settlement with the student lending company wiping out millions of dollars in debt, california. dozens of other state settled with the company navient over claims of improper lending and collecting practices. now end will offer 95 million dollars in restitution for borrowers and cancel more than a billion dollars in private loan debt borrowers across the country that 11 million dollars of the direct restitution and 261 million dollars of the private debt cancellation will be for californians.
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>> more high school graduates are choosing to enter the workforce instead of going to college. that's according to new data from the national student clearinghouse. more than 1 million fewer students are enrolled in college now than before the pandemic began. researchers point to the labor market as the reason for the decline is unemployment is down and the minimum wages up. some say that facts could spell trouble for the economy. long term as jobs, which require a secondary education would be more difficult to fill. >> coming up, an independent report into the gabby petito murder finds problems with the
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banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> there are questions of whether or not moab utah police officers made mistakes tesponding to the domestic violence call involving gabby petito and brian laundry. city leaders there have released the findings of an independent investigation and some question the officer's response, the day of that call in august, just weeks before petito's murder in wyoming. justin schecker is in tampa, florida with more on this new report. >> 5 weeks before authorities recover gabby petito's body in wyoming national forest and 911. caller reported senior in a fight with brian laundry moab, utah on august 12, 2 slapping her. >> yes. and then we stop. they ran up and down the sidewalk. he proceeded to enter in the car and they drove off the
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police officers. body cameras were recording as they pulled over the couple. your arches national park to people that came to us and tell us that they saw >> there's 2 people say they just independent witnesses by no charges were filed. instead, the officers decide to separate the couple for the night. >> in late september, the city of moab hired investigator from another agency. so if you have the officers responded to this highly scrutinized incident, captain brandon directly from pricey. police recommends more officers undergo additional domestic violence in legal training. it is 99 page report. one of the responding officers, erich pratt is quoted saying i'm desperately leftover that she got killed. i really am. done a thing to stop it. if it would have known that was coming at the end of his introduction. captain ratcliffe rights. there are many what ifs that presented itself as part of this investigation, the primary one being we get to be alive today if this case was handled differently, that is an
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impossible question to answer. despite being the answer, many people want to know nobody knows and nobody will ever know the answer to that question. >> that was justin schecker reporting for us tonight. the rapper ye formally known as west is under investigation after being accused of punching a person out nightclub in downtown los angeles. early this morning, west got into an argument near the soho warehouse which led to the alleged assault. the incident is being investigated as a misdemeanor battery. no word yet on whether or not this will have any effect on his performance at coachella, which is scheduled for april. was just announced as a headliner yesterday >> dramatic body camera video has been released showing officers rescuing 2 motorists from a fiery crash in north carolina. this happened over the summer near charlotte. you
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can see the 2 officers risking their lives when they ran toward a burning car and separately drags 2 injured men to safety away from the flames. no word on how they're doing tonight. >> let's take a live look outside. looking out over san another dry and pretty quiet night outside. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by and dry periods in the winner. not unusual. are that? yeah, you know, it's kind of you think, right? the middle of winter. we be all seeing the storms rolling in. but we typically get a dry period in california. and that's exactly what we're experiencing now. midseason dry periods a pretty normal for december and january on average, they're about 19 days, the longest dry spell on record was 56 days. is a long and that's almost a couple of months. so that was back in 2014 2014 2015. but we'd like to get things going again. things right now are looking very dry, though, until the end of the month. here's the long-range forecast. this is the 8 to 14 day forecast for precipitation through the end
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of the month. just about and you can see in that brown area in california. if you look there that is leading below average or precipitation between now and that that's one kind of seeing all the models kind of lining up right now. but but what happens usually after this, usually things get to opening up again. we get right back to that rain in february and probably into march and april as well. here's where we sit as far as rainfall totals are concerned. so 165% of normal in san francisco, 17 inches of rain, 125% of normal in san jose. you're 183% of normal in oakland and over 15 inches of rain in santa rosa. 147% of normal so well above the average for this time of year. enjoy the sun sets while we have and they have been spectacular last few days. beautiful skies out there. probably can see that again for tomorrow night. it's going to stay dry. now, their quality. you've got a little hazy out there. so monitor quality, expect around much of the bay area for tomorrow as well. probably some good air quality along the coastline, but we're going to see gusty offshore wind kick in
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overnight tonight. and that will begin to change the mix out the atmosphere. but still, we do have some storm clouds roll in the california but of southern california. that's actually seeing some of those rain drops right now. most of that just a very light moisture moving on through. but the bay area left with just a few high clouds in the beautiful sunset and more of an onshore breeze. kind of kicking in right now. but that wind is going to turn offshore overnight tonight. temperatures right now in the mid 50's around most of the bay area of high pressure trying to sneak in here is that ridge because the bill that area of low pressure or isis going to die for the south and that's going to crank up the winds. give us that offshore flow and some gusty winds developing around the bay area. maybe some 30 40 mile an hour gusts across some of the mountain tops. not so much down below will be a chilly night tonight. overnight lows going to be the 30's and the 40's by day tomorrow should be a nice day. numbers up in the 50's and the 60's around the bay area. but right now looks like we're going to stay dry right through the weekend and well into next week. thank you, lawrence. governor gavin newsome was in santa clara today promoting his plan to improve the state's infrastructure.
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>> kron four's charles clifford has the details. >> earlier this week, california governor gavin newsom unveiled his proposed budget for next year on thursday here in santa clara county took that proposal on the road to talk about infrastructure. governor newsome says that in the proposed budget he's asking for 9.1 billion dollars for a transit package. 2.3 billion dollars of that would go to improving ports. 1.2 billion dollars would go to improving infrastructure. 1 billion dollars would be used to support the workforce and to deal with supply chain issues. he's also asking for the first of 2 payments to cover a 10 billion dollar plan over 2 years to switching the state of california to 0 emissions vehicles. he says that by 2035, california is planning to have all vehicles be alternative fuel or 0 emissions vehicles. the governor says that this infrastructure funding will be in addition to the 40 billion dollars over 5 years that the federal government has committed to help improve roads and highways and ports across california. and he wants all californians to know
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that the state is working on fixing those problems there. parts of the state. >> where their potholes that are old enough to qualify for medicare. but i want folks in the state of california know that this state is whole another level of investment over many, many years to improve the infrastructure to put the connectivity in the state north and south regional. >> now in the proposed budget, governor newsome is also reaffirming his support for high speed rail in california is asking for 4.2 billion dollars to finish the first phase of that project under construction in the central valley to finish the job. >> get that first phase done. >> but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> coming up, a popular tech tool meant to track keys and wallets is being used to track unsuspecting victims. what cyber experts are saying you need to know.
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>> apple's air tag tracker continues to prop security concerns. in fact, several women have reported being stopped. they say the devices were planted in their purses or their cars without their knowledge. cases like that are being heard across the country. tests. barker spoke with us securities a cyber security expert about how you can protect yourself. >> apple air times are small about the size of a quarter. if you have a newer iphone, you'll see one when it's nearby. if item was car keys and an air tag on a new, you gotten your son by got near
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those keys, your phone, the largely saying, hey, i'm an air here you can click on your phone. click on the alert and it will tell you who owns an air attack and whether or not they have reported it lost run. pierce runs trinity solutions, inc, a computer support company. he explains if one is following you an iphone will notify you using the find my application. he says there are ways to be proactive. if you're worried someone is trying to find let's say that you're in a domestic situation where you don't trust that partner and you think that partner might be air attack in the way that they should >> i can definitely see someone having a new route home and basically walk around their car, scanning their car inside and out this evening. think contracts tax itself. an apple spokesperson told me, quote, air tags designed with a set of proactive features to discourage unwanted tracking a first in the industry that both inform users if an
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unknown air tag might be with them and deter bad actors from using an air tag for nefarious purposes. the company can also work with law enforcement to provide information on a known air tag. and always if you if you feel that, you know, your security is being threatened. >> don't hesitate to contact the local authorities. you know, by you know, take a look at your car. take a look at, you know. >> your surroundings, your your step to see if they can't find what you know what is causing dowler. >> that was test. reporting tonight. most people have at least one nightmare. first date story, however, woman in china may be the all-time winner. thanks to a covid lockdown on social media. the woman says she went to a blind date house because he offered to cook. but in the middle of the date, the lockdown was ordered and under china's rules, she couldn't leave as of monday, which marked 5, 5, 2, days. she was still have the house. laura says laughing
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of heard a quote besides the fact that he's as mute as a mannequin. everything else about him is pretty good. she also said he's cooking for her every day, but his for his food, his mediocre. wow. boy, you better be careful. and over all right. that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5. we have a lot more coming up on kron. 4 news at 6 as omicron rapidly spreads. tougher safety rules are going into effect in the workplace. what you need to know if you're exposed to work. >> and the face mask you're now required to wear. the state's cannabis industry is at risk of shutting down. the leaders were in sacramento today calling on lawmakers to cut their taxes will have more on the rally
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> paid sick leave is as basic and critical as getting vaccinated. wearing a mask. >> without covid paid sick leave workers currently have no safety net. if they are exposed or sick with covid just as the virus is breaking new records. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. state labor officials were joined by a bay area leader today to call on the california legislature to bring back covid sick pay.


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