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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  January 13, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now from the bay local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> now it's 3. the supreme court has blocked president biden's vaccine mandate for businesses, but it is still allowing the administration to proceed with that mandate in a different industry. thank you so much for joining us here during crawford is at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waldman. the supreme court has stopped the biden administration from enforcing a requirement that employees at large businesses be vaccinated against covid-19 or undergo weekly testing and wear a mask on the job. at the same time, the court is allowing the administration to proceed with a vaccine mandate
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for most health care workers in the united states. our washington correspondent jessi tenure is joining us now live with the latest on these decisions. jesse, thank you for joining us. good afternoon, justine. the court's conservative majority concluded that the administration overstepped its authority. >> when it comes to that large employer role. but this, of course, though, comes at a time that the white house has been trying to boost vaccination rates. >> so they blow to the biden administration. large companies do not have to require their employees to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 or tested weekly and wear a mask on the job. the u.s. supreme court struck down the biden administration's role for businesses with at least 100 employees essentially means that in the pen, this pandemic is up to individual employers. >> to determine whether their workplaces will be safe for employees. white house press secretary jen psaki says the requirement would have prevented unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. >> but south carolina republican senator lindsey graham argues the
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administration needed congressional approval know president. he's a king. wisconsin democrat senator tammy baldwin worries lives are at risk. this ruling injures public and causes more people to die. the ruling impacts more than 80 million people. i'm a grocery guy. >> i'm not the vaccine. police. the justices fast track the case brought by grocery store owner brandon trosclair and other large employers and heard it last week. there's nothing else. >> that will perform that function better. incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. justice elena kagan said the employer rule was appropriate. >> but justice amy coney barrett suggested it was too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no different haitian between the risk faced by unvaccinated. 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds. >> or industries? >> now testing requirements and potential fines for these large employers were not set to kick in until next month,
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but the mask mandate for unvaccinated employees was slated to begin this week live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. justine. jesse, what other vaccine related cases could the high court consider in the coming weeks? yeah. there is a separate vaccine mandate for federal contractors that is currently on hold. lower courts blocked that from taking effect. and so the supreme court could decide to take that up. but it hasn't decided one way or another yet. let us know. thank you so much. and today the biden administration announced more military medical teams will be deployed to help hospitals that have been hit hard by omicron new york, new jersey, ohio, rhode island, michigan, and new mexico all requested this additional aid. the teams we put in place inside hospitals by the end of the month. besides staffing, the administration is also addressing needs for more. facility space and protective
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equipment and bay area. congressman roe conn is calling on the biden administration to do more to get needed supplies into the hands of americans. he has joined with 40 other members of congress to send a letter to the biden administration calling on the president to use the defense production act to produce more rapid covid test to be sent to american homes. representative kiahnna says the united states is trailing behind european countries in distributing tests and face masks. >> the pandemic has been going on almost 2 years by now. we should be able to mail every american family, a test for every week. that's what they're doing in the uk. it's on the other european countries. the administration has said they're going to 500 million cast. really? what we need is 2 billion tests. and i said, let's invoke the defense production act to get these mail to american families and to have them available at the grocery store at the walgreens places where people go on a daily basis. >> the letter was also signed
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by bay area representatives. barb, really eric swallow mark the sanya and mike thompson. nurses at 8 hospitals across the bay area are on protest today. they say after 2 years into the fight against coronavirus, things are getting worse, not getting better. and this is coming as employers are now asking asymptomatic nurses to still go to work despite testing positive for coronavirus nurses at marin county hospitals were supposed to be on protest today as well. but it was called off after the organizer got coronavirus and is now in quarantine. nurses are saying this is not about money. they just want to make things safer. negotiations resume today between the teachers unions and the san francisco unified school district. the teachers union has asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. but the district came back offering 5. the teachers want the district to provide enough kn 95 masks for every student and employee each day.
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the district says they have been providing masks and will continue to provide them but only for employees. the district and the union have agreed weekly covid testing needs to be at every district site for all students and staff. we're still following the latest on the negotiations as soon as any changes come down, we will bring them to you right here on kron. 4 on air and on our website. kron 4 dot com. in the mount diablo unified school district substitute teachers. there. we'll be getting paid more of the school board raised the daily rate of pay for substitutes from 170 to $230 that exceeds regular pay time for full-time teachers. the school board approved the race to attract more substitutes to the district and help with staffing during the pandemic. in addition to the daily rate increase, the school board also approved a $1000 bonus for substitutes who work 20 or more days in the district. now to the south bay and santa clara county. health officials are saying they will not be
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implementing a vaccine mandate for customers at businesses because they feel would have very little impact. instead, what they're doing is urging businesses like restaurants and bars to require proof of vaccination. doctor. sara cody, the county's public health officer says it is important to get boosted, but says businesses in the county have been responsible. doctor cody also cited the county's high vaccination rate. she says santa claire is more so focused on the updated. mandate that requires boosters for healthcare workers, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities and homeless shelters. >> this term is to both safety of a of people in hospitals or congregate settings as well as to ensure that the staff caring for them are less likely to get ill. >> san jose is not the first city in the united states to require a booster shot for city workers and city owned properties. that includes the s ap center. city leaders say
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this mandate is going to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. governor gavin newsome was in santa clara county today highlighting major investments in the state's transportation and infrastructure kron four's charles clifford at that announcement today. he's joining us now here live with details. how to go. charles? >> well, you know, earlier this week the governor unveiled his proposed budget for next year. and now he is on the road news in santa clara county earlier today talking about infrastructure. >> governor newsom says that in the proposed budget he's asking for 9.1 billion dollars for a transit package. 2.3 billion dollars of that would go to improving ports. 1.2 billion dollars would go to improving infrastructure. 1 billion dollars would be used to support the workforce and to deal with supply chain issues. he's also asking for the first of 2 payments to cover a 10 billion dollar plan over 2 years to switching the state of california to 0
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emissions vehicles. he says that by 2035, california is planning to have all vehicles be alternative fuel or 0 emissions vehicles. the governor says that this infrastructure funding will be in addition to the 40 billion dollars over 5 years that the federal government has committed to help improve roads and highways and ports across california. and he wants all californians to know that the state is working on fixing those problems there. parts of the state. >> where their potholes that are old enough to qualify for medicare. >> but i want folks in the state of california know that this state is whole another level of investment over many, many years to improve the infrastructure to put the connectivity in the state north and south regional. >> now in the proposed budget, governor newsome is also reaffirming his support for high speed rail in california is asking for 4.2 billion dollars to finish the first phase of that project under construction in the central valley to finish the job. >> get that first phase done.
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all right, back live now, current estimates are that high speed rail could be carrying passengers by 2000. 28. >> but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. thank you so much. >> new today at 3 o'clock, governor newsom has refused to grant parole to robert f kennedy's assassin, sirhan sirhan in his decision. governor newsom said sirhan poses an unreasonable threat to public safety. sirhan will be scheduled for a new parole hearing no later than february of 2023, his defense attorneys said they will ask a judge to overturn newsom's decision. kennedy was shot moments after he claimed victory in california's democratic presidential primary. see originally was sentenced to death, but that sentence was commuted to life when the california supreme court briefly outlawed capital punishment in 1972. in national news, the republican national committee is planning to ban presidential candidates
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from participating in any debates that are sponsored by the commission on presidential debates. this is video of a previous debate between then candidates, joe biden and donald trump. the rnc cited concerns with moderators selected by the debate commission. a desire for a debate before early voting starts and changes to the commission's board. the new rules would apply to candidates seeking the party's nomination. the party plans to discuss this proposal at its winter meeting. a lot more ahead here today. at 3 o'clock. we have been talking a lot a lot about the omicron variant. so are we done with delta? what's up with that? so what comes next after we get over this omicron surge will get answers to these questions ahead at 3.30. plus, an independent report into gabby petito's murder finds problems. >> with the police response. and controversy today after san francisco's district attorney dropped charges against a man accused of assaulting a police officer.
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>> so there are some strong reactions coming in on both sides regarding charges being dropped against a man accused among other things, a
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resisting arrest resulting in injury to a san francisco police officer prof or says the money and has our story. >> san francisco district attorney chesa boudin has decided there will be no criminal charges filed against 41 year-old surgio luego who was arrested back on february 17th 2021 following a physical altercation with san francisco police. this is a photo of surgio luego taken after the incident. sfpd officials say lugo was detained by undercover officers conducting surveillance for burglary crimes a valley. we need to cited to walk away. sfpd investigators say during the struggle to detain he used a sharp object, wounding an officer. kron 4 received this statement from the da's office regarding the decision to drop the charges. quote, we carefully reviewed all the evidence in the case, including statements, surveillance. the fact that the officers were not wearing body worn cameras inconsistent season police officers statements. the fact that
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mister lugo was behaving lawfully when stopped by police. and it was clear that this was not a provable case, unquote in response to the district attorney dropping the charges. san francisco police chief bill scott is quoted saying i'm disappointed with the district attorney's decision in this case. mister lugo resisted arrest and violently assaulted our officers, injuring one of them with an exacto knife. these kinds of attacks are unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated by our criminal justice system with the r it sends a dangerous message that in boldin's criminals to use violence and not just against police officers. we absolutely agree with the chief's statement. the president of the union that represents san francisco police officers, montoya. and this is not the first case where >> he's led a violent person without any form of that. you know, consequently, you know, it gets he should let the jury's and the coroners decide. whether or not you
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know, there's enough evidence. san francisco public defender, my no right to use it differently. it is absurd that mister lugo spend a in jail on this case and dismissing it was absolutely the right and legally sound thing to do. anyone expressing disappointment that this case was dismissed should be instead answering for this gross display. >> a police brutality. >> has it you cry on for news? >> now to the east bay where a woman is dead after being hit by a car in antioch and that car took off after the collision. this happened yesterday evening near delta, fair boulevard and san jose drive. police say they found the woman on the road and provided medical assistance, but she later died from her injuries. police do not have a description of the car that hit her. we don't have any information on the victim's identity yet either. there's a new report out today that says utah police made several mistakes when they encountered gabby petito weeks before her body was found in wyoming. officers responded to a domestic disturbance
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disturbance report on a highway near moab last august. they found petito and her boyfriend brian laundry parked on the side of the road. an independent investigation found the encounter should have been classified as a domestic violence case against petito who admitted to hitting laundry. the first view also said officers failed, ask proper questions. petito's death was ruled a homicide and laundry later committed suicide in florida following a weekslong manhunt. it's being reported this afternoon that rapper kanye west better known now as ye is under investigation today by the los angeles police department for alleged criminal battery reports say this happened earlier this morning in downtown l a they say that west got into an argument near this. so how warehouse and apparently push someone it's being reported that this incident is being investigated as a misdemeanor battery. no word yet on how or if this will affect his performance at coachella. that's coming up.
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in april west was announced as a headliner just yesterday. have some exciting news on this thursday as we take a look at the latest drought monitor, there is no longer the exceptional drought anywhere in california. lot of that red and maroon. he's gone replaced with more oranges and yellows. we're doing better doing better. let's turn now to our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. that's such an improvement, but we're staying dry for a couple more days. so how are we going to do here? >> well, the good news is justine. we're heading in the right direction. this was just a week ago with our drought monitor map. most of us under this tan severe category. but you could see a huge chunk of the east bay even heading into the south bay under that red extreme category. but look at today's drought monitor map released today. we're all under that 10 category as a sacramento, modesto, even livermore. so we still have a
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long way to go still in a drought. but hey, any time we see improvement with the drought monitor, i get rea-ly excited. and we are tracking, though, like you mentioned, fairly dry conditions out there. increase in cloud cover did have the storms sweep through the bay area. fortunately didn't really make its track as far south to give us some rain for us. even in the north bay, dry conditions. but we did notice some cooler temperatures. thanks to that increase in cloud cover. but still relatively hazy. even with that cloud bank. but we are tracking moderate air particles throughout today, even through the weekend as well. so unfortunately, air quality, not the best, but we're still seeing that blanket of high cloud cover. most of the bay area. but for those of you in the north bay, seeing some better clearing their but dry conditions going to remain at least through the middle of this week. let's take a look at futurecast for because it is a long holiday
3:21 pm
weekend at that martin luther king junior monday. and we're tracking a lot of cloud cover on saturday. better clearing by sunday and even into your monday as well. so it is going to be great outdoor barbecue weather and temperatures out there right now for the most part cooler. then to yesterday where we are today. we are in the t0's and 60's mateo 61 degrees. 62 for those of you and fremont and half moon bay. 55 degrees with pacifica in the mid 50's upper 50's though, for tipper on in downtown san francisco at 58 degrees with novato and san anselmo. >> in the low 60's thanks to the better clearing their. but when trucker for tracking stronger sea breeze out there right now, we could see wind gusts upwards of 20 miles per hour less throughout the highest peaks. calmer winds, though, by the end of the workweek friday. details ahead on your full long holiday weekend forecast in just a few minutes. just back to you. thank you so much. we do have some dramatic video from argentina that captures police officers. >> jumping into action to save
3:22 pm
a choking girl. 2 officers we're patrolling and windows heiress when they say a woman with a choking girl. >> in our arms approached her in the officers then took that 18 months old. her mother to the hospital video from dash cams in that police car show us that the child did start to breathe on the way to the hospital. incredible. she was discharged from hospital the same day. and as we understand it, she is in good health. still ahead, a 3.45, a major student loan servicing company has settled allegations of lending practices. so how this could cancel billions of dollars in debt. >> and after the break, we'll hear from a man who came face to face with a mountain lion, how he walked away without a scratch.
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>> a little bit too close for comfort. a southern california man had a dangerous run-in with a cougar while out alone on a hike. reporter rick chambers has more of this terrifying close encounter. >> yeah, and you know, i'm just grateful to be alive. you know, that's dutch farrell recalling his encounter recently with this mountain lion. the 21 year-old musician and private chef was on his way to bakersfield last saturday when he remembered a friend mentioning pyramid lake. so i figured i'd ghosts, check it out and the next thing i know i'm going down to
3:26 pm
the hike. now the water, my my own business. during the height, though he became the target of this young lion aside, my peripheral vision and you know, i and then tried to yell at it nothing happened. and it was just about to jump in pounds on me. and, you know, i had primal instinct and roared at >> that was my last hope is if yeah, i mean, you know, it was coming at me. what was i going to keep on running? i stood my ground and just roared at it. worked. we have that surprise. i thought it was going to have to fight this thing. farrow says he could see the cat's eyes staring at them through the brush and he knew it wasn't full grown. >> i was more worried that the mom was going come by. you know, in a foot, you know, real deal he planned. he says to jump in the lake if the emerged, then he found a road that took him back to his car,
3:27 pm
stayed in the middle of the road and had a stick in my just playing it safe. yeah. farrell, who was uninjured says that he doesn't usually hike alone and he certainly won't. next time. rick chambers. >> you go next at 3.30, a huge astore is expected to come very close to earth next week, at least close by nasa standards. what do we need to know about this after a ton? should we be concerned? and as we involved with this pandemic, this can cause some major confusion and stress for children and adults. so how we can keep our chill. and after the break, what do we have to look forward to or not we navigate through this next stage of covid-19.
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>> now at 3 after more than 2 years of uncertainty from lockdowns mandates and the need to adapt to new variants. the question now is what's going to happen when omicron cases plateau on for such a ball spoke with a public health officer to see what might be next. >> gary, let's contagiousness a new property. those are the 3 characteristics infectious disease specialists examined when the new variant of covid-19 is detected. >> compared to alpha and delta
3:31 pm
we know on the kron is far less virulent. it is highly contagious, but the illness it causes is less severe. leading to fewer hospitalizations, seeing a virus that is much more texas right now. we estimate that. >> about one in 20 residents and marin counties infected. and what happened lockdown. because we don't need to because this virus is less of a in county. public health officer doctor matt willis says he expects the explosion of omicron cases to soon level off and likely drop significantly. >> but doctor willis says we should expect more variants to come. when i hear that, you know, places like spain, they're talking about just letting it rip, you know, basically just allowing this to continue through the waiver. that approach influenza. >> or other viruses. that's understandable as a strategy. we're not there yet. we think it's important to take steps to continue to prevent transmission where they make sense for us. but it is we are
3:32 pm
making progress towards that. eventually. future. mc relationship with this virus. doctor willis says once a variant moves through a community, it will likely stay in the past. he says the key to working out of the pandemic is to continue to make the vaccine widely available and masking when appropriate to prevent transmission. >> eventually testing for the virus will not be a priority but ultimately covid-19 is here to stay indefinitely. felipe kron 4 news years. and i look. >> in an effort to slow the omicron surge, tougher work breaks rules will go into effect tomorrow in california. employees will have to get a covid-19 test after exposure in the workplace. self-administered test at home will no longer be allowed. instead, an employee can go to a lab or take a test in front of a supervisor or a health care professional. cal osha is also tightening its rules of what qualifies as a face
3:33 pm
covering the new definition includes a surgical mask, a medical procedure mask a respirator or cloth masks that must have at least 2 layers. the pandemic is having a major impact on children's mental health. this is according to health care professionals. and this is especially true right now with this latest round of covid-19 causing a new flurry of restrictions and some confusion data is coming in that shows there has been a large uptick in teen suicide during the pandemic. also, the teenagers are experiencing higher levels of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health concerns. we do et a chance to speak with a psychologist about what she says she's seeing and how she's counseling parents during this pandemic. >> if there's anything i want our listeners to take away today. it's that children's brains are finished for girls. not until 24 for boys. not until 26. what's important, what's important is to
3:34 pm
remember our children need support all the things that used to hold. they had their classrooms. they had their teachers. they had friends. they had activities. >> they had sports. they had music. they had all those things. the teams typically have. but philip, their life and most importantly, give them emotional support and direction without that direction. without that emotional support. sadly, we have an epidemic of teen suicide that coincided with covid. >> the doctor also shared with us several other tips for parents. she says modeling the behavior you want to see in children, including learning ways to calm yourself. the talk about your stress can help them deal with their stress kron four's to resist osceola have more on the story coming up during kron. 4 news at 5. well, old to the 6th hottest year on record in 2021? this is according to several newly released
3:35 pm
temperature measurements from nasa and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. scientists say the exceptionally hot year is part of a long-term warming trend that is showing hints of accelerating scientists say heat trapping gases from the burning of fossil fuels have now warm the earth about 2 degrees since the late 18, 100's. a huge asteroid is barreling towards earth right now. it's not though, on a collision course. and even if it were. late last year, nasa did unveil a spacecraft that was designed to stop an asteroid from destroying our planet. that's reassuring. but as michael shure reports, this one is expected to come really close to earth, at least by nasa standards. >> this isn't really happening. >> don't look up. well, actually, you can. life may soon imitate the movies to a degree while not a comment bound for earth. as in the current hit netflix movie, a massive asteroid is scheduled
3:36 pm
to zoom past our planet in the next week. it is known by the catchy moniker 7 for a 2, 1, 9, 9, 4 pc, one. and he's traveling nearly 44,000 miles per hour at a distance of 1.0, 2 million miles, which sounds far because it is far but by astronomical standards, it's actually pretty close. this one has been classified as a well, a potentially. >> hazardous asteroid. so this time by it's going to miss us. it's going to miss us by quite a lot. but we've got to keep an eye on these because it could come back later sumpter. david, is the astronomical lecturer at the griffith observatory in los angeles. he says that this asteroid has even been here before first spotted in 1933. cosmically speaking 1933. was yesterday with this is we haven't known about this a long time. a little nudge here. a little much there. it can change, pass and come back and hit or so. it is very important that
3:37 pm
we have certainly some keep track of them. in fact, 5 other near earth objects or anios as the space folks call them are passing by us. nasa saying the 3 or the size of a house, one the size of a bus and the other the size of a jet airplane. none coming this close, though, as old 7, 4, 8, 2, 1, 9, 9, 4 pc, one. >> and it is getting all of the attention because it dwarfs those planes, buses and houses. it is actually the size of 2 empire state buildings. if one like that comes by. and hits the earth, it could be devastating. if if it's a metropolitan area. >> it probably would be family devastating even if it hit the middle of nowhere because it but for some much and dust into the atmosphere. >> hey, something, look forward to. and let's talk about our forecast now as we take a live look outside here across the san mateo bridge. the atmosphere in the air quality is a little
3:38 pm
questionable. let's check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. how come it's been so hazy out there the past couple days, especially today? yeah, we're noticing a lot of that haze, justine, just because of the fact that we've had above average temperatures widespread mid 60's for warmest inland valley throughout much of this week and the lack of rain isn't really cleaning out our skies. so that's what we're noticing the haze out there. >> remember, we should be in the mid to upper 50's this time of year and it looks like january going to be below average as far as rainfall goes. and even for those of you in this as well, taking a long look ahead at what you can expect for your holiday weekend. forecast tracking drier conditions there as well this weekend. the good news is it is going to make for a safe commute. for those of you who want to take advantage of the snow out in this year, maybe snowboarding or just enjoying the great outdoors. it's going to be great weather, not just for the remainder of this week, but even into your martin luther king junior holiday weekend mix of sun and clouds. temperatures a little bit cooler for your friday
3:39 pm
afternoon in the low 40's for truck in south lake tahoe. but then check out those mid 40's, partly cloudy skies. turning into a few high clouds by sunday with widespread mid 40's this weekend. so head out and enjoy it. have fun and be safe. just seen back to you. >> thank a briefing coming up this hour with the cannabis industry now wants from the state order to keep up with the illegal market. also turn on the of it the best way to clean and n 95 and kn 95 mask with the new recommendations.
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>> experts are saying today that the more effective and 95 or kn 95 mask can be reused for a couple of times. although the masks were created just for single use guidance from the cdc says people can get several uses out of the masks. they recommend not using them, though, more than 5 times unless they're cleaned and rotated health experts say sanitize your hands before touching the mask is crucial and storing them outside or in heat will help keep the mask dry and clean. they say the best way to clean the mask. i found this fascinating is to heat them up in an oven at 158 degrees for about an hour. notice not the microwave because sometimes there's metal nose part. they're saying put it in the oven. it's not recommended that you
3:43 pm
use soap or water to clean this type of mask. take it for what it's worth. still ahead, a potentially major win for people who have student loans. >> details on that lawsuit that was settled today. that could save you a lot of money. c, c, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth.
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in a survey, 92% of current users said they wish they'd talked to their doctor and started botox® sooner. plus, right now, you may pay zero dollars for botox®. ask your doctor about botox® today. >> some good news for student loan borrowers, the company navy and will potentially be canceling the debt of tens of thousands of borrowers. this is coming after 39 state
3:46 pm
attorneys generals when after the company claiming it led student borrowers into long term forbearance is instead of giving them advice on less costly repayment plans. if this settlement is approved in court, 66,000 borrowers could see one 0 billion dollars in debt canceled. and cannabis industry leaders are demanding state lawmakers cut some taxes and regulations for the legal market. they say is on the brink of shutting down. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains that request and how state leaders are responding. >> standing next to a slouching marijuana plant. cannabis growers and sellers rally for relief from the state's taxes and regulations on the industry state of california. we're tired of the rhetoric. the plans posture up a trail of the state of california's legal market, which industry leaders say is wilting the unfair taxation spells the end of the dream.
3:47 pm
>> for so many small farms and small businesses, urban shop owners of world cannabis growers urging state lawmakers and the governor to repeal the excise and cultivation taxes they say are burdensome. >> adding to the price of their legal products while consumers lean toward the illegal market for lower costs. they also say regulations are not fair for small shop owners in black and brown communities, including some local requirements for those seeking a marijuana license to already have a store front. my pathway to license. took over 3 years of a $400,000. that meant. >> while waiting on regulators and bureaucratic delays, security. another major issue for the legal sellers who say because they legally cannot have bank accounts, their targets for big cash robberies. are businesses broken into 5 times. >> by 5 different groups of individuals. they took everything. state senator steven bradford stood with the group. he says he's working with legislative leaders for change. but what exactly is to be decided to suspend the tax for a period of time or we can reduce it for a period of time. >> again, i think one of the
3:48 pm
things that we really need to look at is still requirement by a lot of local jurisdictions to require you to have a brick and mortar facility before you can even get a license. makes no sense. some lawmakers and the governor agreed they must work together on a solution. the governor weighed in on these calls from the cannabis industry earlier this week. we have a lot of work to do in the space. >> newsome noted at the current cannabis tax rates. the state this year expects to bring in 787 million dollars total from the industry. portions of that go to youth services, land acquisitions and law enforcement. he says any reforms will need to consider those. it is my goal. >> to look at tax policy to stabilize market same time. it's also my goal. to get these municipalities to wake up to the opportunities to get rid of the illegal market. state leaders hope to help this legislative session, but how soon is to be determined at the state capitol? ashley zavala kron. 4 news
3:49 pm
>> let's talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside here at downtown san francisco. hazy out there today. we do have a long weekend ahead of us. lot of businesses and schools are closed on monday for martin luther king junior day. so people might have some plans for the three-day weekend. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has details on what we can they're just and it looks like it's going to be a spectacular holiday weekend, especially if you plan on any outdoor barbecues. >> we're going to stay dry with partly cloudy skies throughout most of this weekend. a little bit cloudy out there and hazy as well for your thursday afternoons. but that blanket of cloud cover expected to dissipate during the overnight hours giving way to cooler temperatures tonight because of that lack of blanket of thick clouds. so we are going to cool down tonight, but warm up for the end of your workweek forecast. so it's going to be a great transition into your long
3:50 pm
holiday weekend. temperatures out there right now, widespread 50's and 60's, but an 8 degree difference from half moon bay at 54 degrees with santa rosa. 62 degrees. so a little bit of that cool sea breeze influence right now impacting the san francisco peninsula coastline with overnight lows tonight, widespread low 40's mid 40's, though, around the bay area, shoreline downtown san francisco in half moon bay. 45 degrees. but upper 30's for those of you in santa rosa. so bundle up their widespread low to mid 60's with novato even warming up to 66 degrees. so we're going to be about anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees above average for most of our inland valleys. seasonable, though, for downtown san francisco in half moon bay at 59 degrees and little changed this long holiday. martin luther king junior day weekend. so enjoy your monday. have fun and be safe out there. be area lot of sunshine, but unfortunately dry for the next 7 days. back to thanks. a >> the city of san francisco is giving the public library
3:51 pm
2 million dollars to expand services for incarcerated people. the city's mayor, london breed is citing that for many incarcerated individuals, access to resources to the library is a lifeline and it is critical in the rehabilitation process. the initiative is called expanding information access for incarcerated people. and it is in collaboration with the american library association. the project will pilot digital literacy. trainings, revise outdated standards and create an interactive map to help incarcerated individuals locate library services services nationwide. the initiative is set to start in the coming months pending approval from the san francisco board of supervisors. up next, talk about. first date horror story. a woman was forced to stay at her blind dates. house for days. a lot of people have
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
at least one nightmare. first date story, there is a woman in china that might win this competition. thanks to a covid-19 lockdown on social media. the woman said she went to a blind dates house because he offered to cook for them. but in the middle of the date, a lockdown was ordered. and under china's rule, she couldn't leave. as of monday, which marked 5 days. she says she was still at his house on social media. she has had this assessment of their date, quote, besides the fact that
3:55 pm
he is as mute as a mannequin, everything else about him is pretty good. she also said he's cooking for every day, but his food is mediocre. let's check in now with news nation to see what they're working n for tonight. >> news nation polling shows only 31% of americans trust doctor fauci. what the new exclusive poll shows president biden needs to do about covid. plus micro schools how they could change your kids lives that on balance. here's dan abrams. >> tonight on dan abrams live on news nation. back from the dead, a rhode island man who faked his own death in 2020 has been found alive. the lengths he went to and ghosts of his past. he was trying to run from. and dan abrams live. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed right here. we have more details on our website. kron 4 dot com.
3:56 pm
now reece, i would ask you a terrible first date story out of you. but >> i know you're a bad first date story. my dad, but i was never kidnapped. thank goodness. and at least if you got kidnap, you least want to be able to be good at cooking. exactly right. knee got i learned, you know, a couple relationships later shep. okay. that well, we are tracking 60's out there. gosh, that poor girl like i do. he's dealing with that and her poor parents to right. that must be terrifying for that. but the good thing is she's okay was run low to mid 40's and we are tracking daytime highs tomorrow. warming up into the low to mid 60's for most of our inland valleys, especially for those of you in the north bay novato in santa rosa mid 60's. and we are seeing very similar conditions all week long. a lot of sunshine with a
3:57 pm
mix of clouds this weekend by saturday, but better clearing for the remainder of the days and seasonal temperatures as well. justine, thank god you found grant. that's all i have to say. that was the bad for state story was that he forgot his wallet? on our first date. >> just sand and ended up fine. that does it for us here during kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. here's what's coming up. at 4 o'clock. they have a lot of good things. coming up, oakland police are investigating another illegal casino operation in the city. so download the kron on app right now. as you watch that story and so much more. that's coming up at 4. i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive,
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