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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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omicron. >> between staff testing positive or being exposed. many eateries have had to close because they have not had enough bodies to run the businesses kron four's. dan kerman live for us in san francisco with more on this new survey among the restaurants in the city than well, you know, throughout the bay area, many places don't even have a vaccine requirement to dine in san francisco does. but right now they're only recommending that. >> booster check. but some restaurants seem to feel like if it was mandated, they would go ahead and do it. a new golden gate restaurant association survey finds half would support a mandate that all customers over 12 have a booster to dine inside. >> about 50% are supportive or would be supportive of a city wide mandate or a wider geographic mandate. 25% are still you know, last week, i'm sure changed. now at the new data. currently, the city requires restaurants to check
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that patrons are vaccinated. >> but at the present time, the city is only recommending restaurants. check for boosters. the restaurant association says unless there's a mandate, it's unlikely most restaurants will voluntarily come on board, but the mandate would be a different thing. ideally, it's at the state level so that we don't lose business to other areas of the state. i mean, if interested in in keeping everybody moving to a safer position, the wider the area, more fair it for everybody. >> and also the easier message it is for everybody. however, some san francisco restaurants like zuni >> have moved ahead on their own requiring what the cdc calls up to date vaccinations, which includes boosters if eligible, they say it's all about following the advice of medical experts need to the ultimate means of protection in terms of >> vaccines. >> so we wanted to create the safest environment we could.
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>> so far as any has not had to close during the omicron variant they chalked up not only did this but a rigorous testing program of staff as well as a rigorous masking program of staff live in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news stand. thank you. in the south bay, san jose is now the first city in the country to require a booster shot for city workers and city owned properties. >> that includes the sapd center. city leaders say the mandate is going to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. some council members say your chances of getting infected with omicron arlo with your booster shot compared to only having 2 doses. >> it's important for the city of san jose to take a leadership role because we know that the only way we're going to get out of inside this pandemic is by working together. >> there are exceptions. if you received your second dose of the covid vaccine within the last 6 months or if you're a miner who cannot get the additional shot because of your age. and if you don't
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have your booster, you can provide a negative covid test. >> in the east bay, oakland will also require proof of vaccination at indoor public locations. this action takes effect on february. the first and by this friday, businesses are required to post an advisory notice. here's the list. proof of vaccination will be required for people 12 years and older inside restaurants and bars. entertainment venues and recreation facilities, gyms fitness centers and yoga studios, senior adult care facilities. large indoor events at city own and privately owned facilities and city hall are all covered. however, in the case of city hall injury, only a patron may show proof of a recent epnegative covid test within 72 hours of entry and the photo id in lieu of showing proof of vaccination. this option is to ensure that members of the public who may not be able to meet the vaccination o% requirement for entrance to city hall, a fully benefit
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from the public services which are provided. sonoma county is asking people to stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days. the county also issued a new health order. >> that went into effect overnight. it limits indoor events to a maximum of 50 people and outdoor events to no more than 100. the monthlong orders in response to a surge in covid cases in sonoma county. positive testing. their reached an all-time high of almost 17% this week. >> another big story tonight, the san francisco department of public health says that masks should be upgraded and vaccines need to be updated. health officials have also made changes to boost a requirements at large events such as concerts and sports events. well for us, rob nesbitt joins us live now with what you need to know about the updated covid order. rob. >> pam, a cloth mask alone will no longer cut it when it comes to omicron health experts say okay and then kn
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95 mask or a mask like it will better protect you against the serious variant. it's all about the fit. the san francisco department of public health says that a cloth mask alone is no longer good enough and should be worn over a well-fitted surgical mask. if at all side here you can see that they always told this is not a well fitted mask. infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor peter chin-hong says the city's health officer is also recommending well, fitted masks such as n 95 and kn 95 because of how easily omicron has spread from person to person can linger in the air like dandelions, awful long, a period. >> so if you're making a lot of virus just close the way people talking and so on, you can have a little bit more linger in the air. boosters will also be required at mega events for those eligible starting february first, if you've only gotten 2 shots, it's almost like you are unvaccinated for prevention infection, kids, ages 2 to 4, going to mega events were not yet eligible to be vaccinated. must have proof of a negative covid test within 24 hours for
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antigen in 48 hours for pcr tests. >> vp of community relations for the golden state warriors. yoyo chan says the chase center will fall in line with the new requirements for boosters and negative tests. for youngsters. we do recommend results come with the date of birth as well as when the test was taken along with the name of the individuals. she says that physical swabs of negative tests will not be accepted and says young fans coming to the chase center should take advantage of mobile apps and qr codes for the negative results. really appreciate our fans being able to respond to all of these new protocols that were >> pushing forward. >> mega events of 500 people or more indoors and 5,000 people or more outdoors will be able to begin again on saturday. staff of those events will be required to show proof of vaccine or up to date boosters eligible live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. thank you, rob. >> the covid test sites that were closed in san francisco
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for the past 2 days are back open today. the health department says several sides had to close on monday because of a nationwide software glitch that suspended the testing providers service. the department now says it is working to reschedule appointments. the test provider says people can make an appointment or walk in for a test once again starting tomorrow. this friday, sfo is hosting a free vaccine clinic from 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening. it will be held in the international terminal. appointments must be made in advance doses doses of the pfizer and the moderna vaccines will be available if you cannot make it this friday sfo, the airport will be hosting another clinic next month on wednesday, february 16th. the biden administration says it's increasing federal support for coronavirus testing for schools. >> the administration announced yesterday its making 5 million rapid tests and 5 million lab-based pcr tests available to schools starting
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this month. the goal is to ease supply shortages and promote the safe reopening of schools. white house says states will be able to request a test immediately. they'll be available for use by the end of the month. speaking today, white house coronavirus response coordinator jeff zients said keeping schools open is a top priority. >> we know in person learning is what's best for our children. so keeping schools open safely is a top priority. and we know what works to keep schools open vaccinations masks better ventilation distancing and testing. >> currently more than 96% of the schools in the united states are open for in person, learning starting saturday, private health insurers will have to cover up to 8 at home. covid tests per month for people on their insurance plans later this month, the federal government will launch a website to make 500 million free tests available through the mail.
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>> a sickout by hundreds of teachers and open may have been averted. the oakland unified school district has reached a deal with the teachers union on more covid will have a wellness day this friday, january, the 14th. this will be a non-work wellness day for teachers who can use the time for self-care to take time to get vaccinations and or to get booster shots. the other agreement focuses on extended covid leave open education association members who get covid or our quarantine because of exposure to covid now have extended time through the end of the year. but for jonathan mccall is the following this story tonight and he will have more on kron. 4 news coming up in prime time. an increase in teacher absences continues to affect east bay schools. the growing problem is tied to the pandemic, of course, and it is complicated by a shortage of substitute teachers. well forcefully to go reached out to districts in contra costa county for a look at staffing levels.
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>> we reached out to the 3 largest school districts in contra costa county and learned that 2 out of 3 are reporting a high number of teachers. absent since resumed from winter break. we did not experience a large number of staff absences. so that was good news for us. the san ramon valley unified school district returned to class tuesday. on that day, 128 teachers were absent. >> and on wednesday, 134 teachers called out sick superintendent doctor john malloy says >> those numbers fall within the normal range of teacher absences. >> but says his staff is preparing for those numbers to possibly our goal is to stay in school. >> safely and effectively. and that's what all of our contingency plans are focusing on an increase in covid-19 cases and staffing shortages led the west contra costa unified school district to cancel classes this past friday and monday, 284
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teachers were absent this tuesday, 249 called out sick wednesday and on average 265 teachers have called out on a daily basis in the 6 days class has been in session this past week and a half. we roughly about 150 teachers who are absent each day. that's been the case for the mount diablo unified school district in it 6 days back to class superintendent doctor adam clark says the district has been unable to fill about 30% of those absences. >> but at the district's governing board meeting wednesday, he is preparing to propose increasing the pay, offered to substitutes from $170 a day to 200, $30 a day for thinking outside the box. we're trying to get as much support we can to our current teachers. easier said than done. >> in contra costa county, phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> coming up, a one-on-one conversation with the oakland
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police chief leronne armstrong, his vision for the city after a violent year. >> and could cannabis prevent covid? we'll explain the findings of a new study. plus, uber cancels one way to call a rideshare. why using your wrist? >> is no longer an option to call a vehicle. beautiful day around the bay area. some clouds moving in later. more on the way for tonight. we'll explain what that means. coming up next. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks.... that's how you du more, with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids.
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>> attorneys representing hillsborough heiress, tiffany li have agreed to settle a wrongful death. civil lawsuit with the murder victim's mother. keith green was ex-boyfriend and father, at least 2 daughters, according to prosecutors, green was shot execution-style in lee's hillsborough mansion back in april of 2016, body was and dumped in a field north of the city. green's mother suitely as a way of trying to seek justice after a san mateo county jury found lee not guilty on all charges center 2019 criminal trial. the attorneys did not reveal the settlement's terms. >> in the east bay, oakland, police say they need help finding an elderly woman who was assaulted by somebody in chinatown. police released this video of the attack. you can see the woman walking down the street and a person walking behind her chefs her to the ground. this happened on monday at the corner of 9th and franklin streets just outside the pacific. sounds plaza officers arrived on scene but were not able to
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locate the victim. the president of oakland chinatown, chamber of commerce says the community does feel supported by the police department and then they will help the suspect. >> this is not the west side seams. it was the beginning of last year in 2021. that's when we have so many seasons. we were real concerned. yes, we should have have and police and the preston punch. i have, you know, community which has been helping. we know that the lunar new year is will be prepared for that will see increased staffing china and so we'll continue to work with our like the chinatown chamber of commerce to be able to solve those issues. >> police say the suspect was last seen heading north on franklin street. if you have any information you are asked to give police a call. meanwhile, local police say they arrested more than 60 homicide suspects and recovered more than 1200 guns
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last year. at the same time, the city also recorded more homicides last year than any previous year going back to 2000, 12. well, today, well, force has the and had a virtual one-on-one interview with the chief of the oakland police department covering a wide range of topics. >> my first one-on-one interview with oakland police chief leronne armstrong, the 2022. i was given 15 minutes. there was a lot of ground to cover. all right. let's get to achieve. first question. what does success look like in the year 2022? for the oakland police departments. >> i think success looks like. you know, i if it can decrease in overall homicides and violent crime, i think we all recognize that 134 homicides is far too many lives lost in our city. biggest challenge for your officers in 2022. because biggest challenges are
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being asked to do so much with so few resources. and challenge trying to sort of what we can do and prioritize and how we do it. starting january 22nd additional police resources will be on the ground in east oakland, expanding from 2 police districts to 3 police districts. >> the strategic game hopefully getting to calls quicker so that community sees a greater presence when when it call 911. >> his police department's response to an emerging trend of car caravans coming to oakland targeting marijuana we push that information out immediately. we deployed officers into the areas where these dispensaries are located and we believe we these individuals from coming into our city and causing havoc to these businesses priority for you to get the department finally in compliance with the negotiated settlement agreement. i'm encouraged by the fact that the judge said that will come back in april.
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but couple task that we need to get complete it, but also with a pathway towards full compliance. and so i think that's going to be what our focus i think that's also a morale booster for department regarding officer out the oakland city council approves that additional police academy, which would seem to be like a boost of how do you see it? >> well, i i think it's a boost of support. i think officers know that help is on the way. >> 2 weeks into the new year, the city of oakland has recorded 4 homicides twice as many at this time in 2021. has it. but kron 4 news new at 6. you can no longer request a ride share through your apple. watch now and you try to book an uber using the apple watch. >> it puts up a message saying the company no longer supports the app and to instead request to ride using your phone when checking uber's restaurant. there's no reason as to why the watch app no longer works to get a ride. only that the company says it's sorry for any inconvenience.
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>> well, our dry spell continues. this. take a live look outside right now as we look into the 4 zone forecast at the bay bridge toll plaza. pretty quiet out there tonight, lawrence karnow standing by was a little bit of a cool down on the horizon. yeah. high pressure. kind of weakening just a little bit. the system's kind of rolling in the gets that ridge may 4, another gorgeous sunset. tonight, the clouds up above. you got some high clouds moving on by. that will be just enough keep the temperatures from getting too cold today. not a bad day. the temperatures. 61 degrees in san francisco. 59 slightly above the average in oakland. 66 again for the 3rd day in a row in san jose. 61 degrees in livermore in concord and 63 degrees in santa rosa to of clouds coming up from the really factor into our weather late in the day started out mostly clear. and then here come all these clouds should up from the south. area of low pressure up the coastline of southern california. that is what we're going to see overnight tonight. more those clouds moving overhead. but it's kind of like a blanket to keep the temperatures up. just a tad a little bit offshore
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wind inland, a little on shore get inside the kind of a mixed bag out there tonight. you've got 50's around much of the bay area. if you're stepping out the door, i think by tomorrow afternoon, again, we're going to see more of those high clouds up above should make for another nice sunset by tomorrow evening. 63 degrees in san jose about 62 degrees in the bottle. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up at 6, a first a look at the new quarter featuring the late poet and activist maya angelou. we'll hear from east bay congresswoman barbara lee and her push that made the so-called american women so-called american women quarters program possible. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now, to see your new lower price. enrollment ends january 31st.
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enrollment ends january 31st.
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>> late poet maya angelou has become the first black woman on a u.s. quarter. maya angelou's spent much of her life right here in the bay area and her quarter is the first to be released in the american women quarters program today. four's noelle bellow talked with east bay congresswoman barbara lee, who led the effort to create the coins. >> soon you could be holding an historic coin in your hands. my angeles become the first black woman to appear on the u.s. quarter. us meant to begin shipping the coins this week. i'm just excited because, >> you know, so many who have contributed 2 the building of this country and so many ways the public only sees skies the family that is and now they'll be able to see when women of color and our first coin our
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beloved doctor. maya angelou, east bay congresswoman barbara lee led the bill to create the first american women quarters program. >> angelou is the first of 6 women honorees. who's coins will be in circulation through 2025. she's pictured with her arms uplifted and a bird in flight behind her. the way she depicted in the quarter. >> it's so appropriate because she wasn't gather. she focused a lot on the black community and and connecting people. san francisco state professor of africana studies doctor dorothy sarah >> interviewed by angelou back in the 80's. she says angela's works are still pivotal in her classes. >> my students have followed her career. of course, and the pledge practically in the classroom is our pollen. and still i rise in addition to being a legendary poet, angelou was a performer and civil rights activist. she was
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also the first female african-american cable car conductor in san francisco to know doctor angelou was to love or congresswoman lee says angeles writing inspired countless americans and fueled greater understanding across our nation. >> she says honoring her on us currency. it's a major milestones like it's important. not only that we recognize that this is historic moment with african american woman, a woman of color on a coin but get to know her. get to know who she was. get to know. get to read or i know why caged bird saying maya angelou quarters should be available at your local bank branch in the coming weeks in san francisco. noelle bellow kron, 4 news. >> coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6, a local doctor dealing with covid in his family. his message to the bay area. plus, a sign of the times and the store shelves are a problem. why this is happening again and how it's also hurting our wallets.
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>> well, a top story at 6.31, of the covid experts that the bay area has come to rely on is the chair of usf department of medicine. but his tweets recently took on a more personal and troubling note. kron four's. catherine heenan joins us now live from our newsroom to explain catherine. yeah, on some recent days, doctor bob wachter really has sounded more like a worried father >> detached medical expert. his 28 year-old son got sick with the omicron variant. despite the fact he >> is fully vaccinated. he had
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a booster. the doctor says the experience has taught him some lessons, including the fact you can not always rely on cdc advice. and of course, how covid is an even bigger story when it hit someone you love. >> one morning i tried to call them at 90. didn't pick up 10. pick up. i knew his chances of having a terrible outcome. we're very, very low but still cross my mind that he was dead. and so all of that happens when the u.s. or balance the facts with the emotion of it being someone who's very close to you. it's very hard for everyone. but just the struggle in trying to figure out what is risk of going to the hospital of getting very sick. how good are the medicines and are they available? was was a big deal. and then the decision about isolation the cdc says on day 5 he could have gone back to work as long as he wore a mask. by that time had found test and tested on monday, 5 and still florida lee positive, which means he still infectious. >> so his son had gone back to wo


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