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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 12, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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cities, including santa rosa. down to 35 degrees right now, pacific of bodega bay and san francisco are more mild spots right up at the coastline, hanging out in the 50's. now, as far as our bridges go this morning, conditions out there have overall been pretty easy, at least as far as our bridges are concerned. you can see the bay bridge a 12 minute drive. they're not really looking at a backup at the toll plaza. san mateo bridge, 14 minutes from a 80 to one o one. definitely a lot of tail lights, but things are moving along. there's a slight backup there at the richmond center fell bridge, but things are still moving in a 10 minute drive over that span as the sun comes up over the golden gate bridge. it'll take you 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls will be breaking down that and a couple of other slowdowns that we have on our commutes this morning. still to come back to james. all right. thank you very much, john. to the news now. and sonoma counties, new stay at home. order is in effect. the new policy also impact large gatherings. kron four's will tran standing by live in sonoma county this morning. >> to explain. good morning. well.
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>> good morning, james. we are 7 hours into it and went into effect at 12. 0, one in the morning. hopefully these people got the word and that they are going to do essential work, meeting to the grocery store or to work otherwise, this is not the law, but they are highly recommending that you stay inside for the next 30 days because well, wildfires, james, we know this flames have swept across sonoma county this time. it's not flame sits on the crime, which is why they're using the next 30 days to slow it down. so in essence, almost hiring you to be a firefighter to spread stop this flames from spreading throughout sonoma county. here's how it's going to work. if you're outside in a pure gathering with more than 100 people. >> don't. and that's according to the health department. if you're inside and it gets more than 50 people don't, you can go to work if it's a small workplace like kron 4, we only
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have a handful of people that work. they suggest that you do. zoom calls, if you can work from home for the next month, just to slow it down. why is it so important now? rate right now at last month? why not next month? well, according to the health department, time is of the essence. >> just by pure volume, we're seeing increases in our hospitalizations. we're really concerned about the next 30 days. heat. >> helping stop the rapid spread of the highly contagious variant in our community. our case rates have never been higher and begin decline. >> and james is not just hospitalizations. we've done this story for the last several weeks, months or so. >> staffing levels. a lot of the staff members either have covid there quarantining or let's face it. some people might even be calling sickouts. so that is why with
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the number of beds are that are limited and staffing levels. it is so important for sonoma county to do this. it is the only county in the bay area so far. >> to implement the restriction. you're not going to get fined are in trouble. but i'm sure if you have a large gathering, don't be surprised if the health department says knock it off. and james, i got to tell you this morning, just to piggyback on what john trouble did with weather, i would you even have to tell me to stay inside. look at this. >> it's so cold. you don't have to tell me to stay inside and listen leave me. no health officer needs to tell. this guy at a site when it's see your breath hold no doubt. all right. well, thank you very much. it's 7, 0, 3, is the time. another big story we're following. san francisco has issued a new health order as well on mega events and vaccination requirements for sarah stinson. >> live in the city to explain more about that. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. james. not
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only is san francisco now requiring you to be boosted if you go to one of these mega events starting february first, but they're also limiting capacity at teese mega events significantly starting saturday is when capacity drops for indoor events from 5,000 people to 500 people significant drop large outdoor events are also affected now allowing 5,000 people down from 10,000 people up to date. vaccinations will be required, including this is, as i said. but remember, that's beginning february. first for all of these events to limit capacity will certainly impact warriors games and events at chase center, the first event to be affected by this new health order is the harlem globetrotters. that was that's this saturday. >> and the first warriors game forced to have lower attendance will be th>s sunday's game against the timberwolves. however, the city's booster requirement already aligns with the decision by chase center. they
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made back in december require booster starting february. 1st, take a look at the vaccination requirements for kids starting this saturday for mega events for attendees 16 in up proof of a booster will be needed as soon as they're eligible 12 to 15 years old must also be fully vaccinated. but boosters will not be required until march 5 to 11 year-olds will either need to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test before attending and children 2 to 4 years old will need a negative antigen test one day before the event or a negative pcr test. 2 days before the event. and as omicron continues to spread like crazy across the city, san francisco health officials with this new order also made it clear they are formally recommending people to wear the kn 95 mask instead of the cloth mask saying that they do a lot more to keep people safe. of course, you can still use the cloth mask, but the formally recommending those
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better respiratory mask. >> james, i'm live in san francisco. send it back to you. >> well, thank you very much, sheriff. speaking of the city, san francisco is recording now more positive covid cases than ever before. on average, more than 1300 people now are testing positive each day in the city. and the mayor is now require hospitals to administer more tests or face a hefty fine kron four's. rob nesbitt explains. >> last week san francisco broke a record testing more than 17,000 people for covid in one day. the problem is that the department of health is conducting the majority of those tests and they say hospitals need to pick up the slack. with more tests come more positive cases. director of health in san francisco, doctor grant colfax gave an update tuesday on the city's record breaking numbers. and right now. >> nearly one in 5 tests are positive. the san francisco department of public health along with mayor london breed's office will now require large health care providers to help administer tests to minimize the surge in omicron cases, health
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department to shoulder on the vast burden of the of this testing. >> and so as we learn to live with this virus has a testing on demand. absence was we need to make sure that everybody is doing their part if hospitals and hospital affiliated systems don't show proof of providing tests for patients who are symptomatic or who are close contact with someone who has tested positive. they'll face fines of up to $10,000 per day. getting that test within 24 hours of that request and that they are then getting results from that testing within 48 hours. and that happening 90% of the time schools are also getting more help. the city is sending more kn 95 mask and rapid antigen test of the san francisco unified school district. and this week we're distributing the 56,000 at home test kits from the california department of public health to all schools. >> health officials did not put additional covid restrictions on san francisco's businesses as the city experiences case numbers 4 times higher than last. winter's peak. none of this is easy, but we're going to keep working together to support
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everyone in the city. it's how we lead. >> the way during covid and is how we will keep moving forward. according to doctor colfax hospitalizations, art as high as they were last winter. he credits vaccines for that saying the majority of people who are in the hospital with covid are either unvaccinated or not up to date with their vaccines. >> in san francisco, i'm rob nesbitt. kron. 4 news. >> well, the covid-19 test sites that were closed in san francisco for the past 2 days are now back open today. so some good news there. the health department said that several sites had to close on monday because of a nationwide software glitch that suspended the testing providers service. the department said that they're working right now to try reschedule all those appointments for people who had them canceled on monday and tuesday. the test providers says that people can make an appointment or walk in for a test today. to the south bay. now san jose has approved a booster mandate for city workers and city own properties. and that includes the sa peace center which is city owned properties. camila barco live with the details on
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that as well. good morning, camilla. >> good morning, james c s an jose is the first city in california to require booster shots for its city workers and for city owned venues. and they could also be the first city in the entire country to do this. so this mandate applies to city workers, like i said, for also for anyone who wants to go inside the city like you said, james, it's a eyes to the sapd said the san jose sharks. they have some games. they're currently in season. so if you're planning on attending a game or a concert at the center, you need prove that you have gotten your booster shot. now the dose is also necessary. if you want to step inside the convention center, the center for performing arts and historic theaters. and this mandate applies to those city owned venues for any indoor events with 50 or more people. mayor sam liccardo proposed this idea last month last night the board voted unanimously on the plan. many
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council members, including la cited the effectiveness of the vaccine for moving forward on their decision and this this term. and it applies to anyone who is 5 years or older. there are some exceptions. like if you received your second dose of the covid vaccine within the last 6 months or are a minor who is ineligible to get the shot. if you don't have your booster shot and you want to go inside the city venues or your city worker, you could also provide a negative covid test. now city staff says that this mandate goes into effect immediately. so san jose. is not only having 2. it's not only has a vaccine mandate, now they have the booster. mandy and of course, that mask mandate indoor mask mandate is still in place. and like i said, sit this city of san jose is the first city in california to do this. but now we'll have to see if other bay area cities will also implement this twister mandate. james, back to you.
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all right. we shall see. thank you very much. camila. >> it is 7.10, still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news contra costa county moving forward with in-person learning will tell you why they say their students. need to be in the classrooms. plus, police say an elderly woman was assaulted in oakland. we're going to take a closer look at the video as police continue to search for the attacker. >> and skies nice and sunny yet again today. we're in for another day with daytime highs in the 60's to san jose inching really close to 70 as will be much of the santa clara valley. your forecast is ahead.
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>> we are back at almost 7, 15 here in the morning with a check of the forecast. john, looking at our weather conditions here on this wednesday, midway through the week. john, what you see and what we are looking at, a lot of sunshine out there. that's for sure. james, tomorrow is going to be a bit of a change of pace from that. as we do see some cloud cover moving overhead thursday. that's about all we've got as far as changes go and what is a really steady, smooth sailing forecast ahead that your view outside at the exploratorium birds enjoying that cool air this morning? i'm sure some of our joggers are as well long as you keep your heart rate going because it does have a chill to it as you're
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venturing outside with all the sunshine that we're already seeing across the bay. we're going to see short work of those 30's and temperatures rising quickly much as they have the past couple of mornings. setting us up for another really sunny and another really comfortable day ahead of us. we do have some fog in the central valley trying to scoot its way on into our inland east bay valleys and a couple of spots in the north bay, too. high pressure id's sits firmly in place and that's going to keep us dry over the next 10 to 14 days. long-range forecasts are showing no break in the dry trend of weather. so dry janeary ahead of after such a record breaking lee wet behind us tomorrow would have been the best chance of rainfall. couple of those sprinkles showing up on radar offshore. not packing enough of a punch, though, to break through that high pressure ridge and make its way into the bay area. so we stay dry tomorrow. just a few more clouds for your thursday. as for temperatures today will be 50's and 60's right along the coastline. temperatures for our bayshore cities will be among our warmest, although the santa clara valley, really the
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warmest of all inching close to 70 degrees for san jose and surrounding cities. so that is one to enjoy for sure. might even be able to get away without the jacket. for a few minutes this afternoon down in the south bay, oakland at 63 today. the feeling good at 61 under all that sunshine. you'll be seeing some 50's from mill valley out to the coastline. a look ahead in our next 7 days shows daytime highs sliding very, very slowly downward by early next week. we will drop back down into the upper 50's on average. notice a lot of sunshine in this forecast and no chance of rainfall in sight. bridges this morning. well, they've been pretty easy yet again, feel like a lot of people either working from home or that extended holiday still from the maze to fremont street. that was going to take your 14 minutes on the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, 14 minutes as well. and we do have a decent amount of traffic but still rolling at the limit. richmond center fell bridge 11 minutes. bit of a backup at the toll plaza under that brilliant sunrise
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and the golden gate bridge. 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. let's get a look at summer commute times this morning. we do have a slowdown on 80 southbound in the east bay from san leandro at the intersection of 2.38. to milpitas at the intersection of 2.37. and that's going to take you. 25 minutes. still a pretty modest commute, but just a little bit slower the e through that one stretch. if you are traveling westbound on highway 4, we are also at a standstill between pittsburgh and conquered. it's a 20 minute drive. so certainly not the worst i've evar seen. it. and as for the south bay, the chp has issued a severe traffic alert, an emergency roadwork on i-80 to 80 or the i-280 southbound ramp to guadalupe parkway in san jose. all lanes are closed until 09:00am. i'm looking right now and not seeing any backups in the area, but we do have that closure again. that's on the ramp as you're getting off. i-280, southbound to guadalupe parkway. james. all right, john, thank you very much. time now, 7.17, for your money this morning. fresh inflation
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numbers show just how much we're paying for everyday goods. >> and only 22% of people less than a quarter give themselves high scores when it comes to financial wellness. we have jane king live in new york with these stories and more. good morning, james. >> hi, james. good morning. so this is a t i a survey and they did find that most americans do not give themselves time marks when it comes to financial health. in fact, only about one in 4 of us say we handle money. well, now the pandemic certainly made people a lot more aware of the importance of having an emergency cash fund to some experts say ship 6 months worth of living expenses. set aside. >> workplace benefits can go a long way toward helping people improve their financial health. that survey found not a lot of people take advantage of those, but we just got the first inflation report of 2022, the price of goods versus a year ago. now up about 7% on average. that was the number that was expected. it is the biggest jump since
7:19 am
june of 1982. 50 airports including san jose and sfo will install a 5 g buffer. the restrictions will be in place for 6 months. so the talk on companies will be rolling out their upgraded 5 g here just a couple of weeks. but aviation officials are worried that it could interfere with plane to ground communication. so they're going to be a prohibiting that 5 g around their property and oreo celebrating its 100 10th birthday with a first ever flavor so to celebrate the occasion, oreo has something called the chocolate confetti cake. sprinkles galore. this the first time they say they had sprinkles on both the inside and the outside the cookie and stores will begin selling it at the end of the month. live from new york, i'm jane king. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, jane. it is 7.20. let's go to the east bay where oakland police need your help finding an elderly woman that they say was assaulted in the chinatown neighborhood. >> the action released video of the attack and you can see a woman walking down the und. street. and then a person walking from behind comes up.
7:20 am
and shoved her to the ground. for no reason. yeah. this happened monday at the corner of 9th and franklin streets just outside the pacific. reza renaissance plaza officers got to the scene but were unable to locate the victim. she's described as roughly 7 years old standing about 5 feet tall. police also look for the suspect. but couldn't find him. he was last seen heading north on franklin street. meanwhile, oakland city council members have introduced new legislation to ban the distribution or creation of untraceable ghost guns. these guns have no serial numbers on them. they can be purchased online, delivered right to people's homes and assembled in just a few minutes. authorities say there are a growing problem all across the bay area. and the city council is expected to hold a vote on this ban next tuesday. similar laws have already been passed in los angeles and san diego. the alameda county board of supervisors has voted to ban smoking in some homes like
7:21 am
apartments and town homes and senior care facilities. the new law takes effect in july and only applies to unincorporated parts of the county. the goal is to prevent secondhand smoke from drifting from one home to the next starting on july. first, smoking will also be banned in common, outdoor and indoor areas within 25 feet of the door or window. in the south bay, a san jose man was killed after being involved in a traffic accident that happened tuesday evening in the area right between kirchner avenue and, know, it's garden the victim was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately died from his injuries. this marks the 3rd traffic fatality in the second pedestrian deaths for san jose. so far this year. elsewhere in the south bay, some san jose city council members are considering whether to allow non u.s. citizens to vote in local elections. the measure would give more than 200,000 noncitizens, reza, non-citizen residents in san jose, the right to select new lawmakers and weigh in on different policies. new york city enacted a similar measure last month and san francisco passed
7:22 am
a law back in 2016 to allow non-citizen parents to vote in school board elections advocates say expanding the vote will benefit people who are here from all over the world. we'll take a break at 7.21, coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. california's proposal for universal health care is moving forward. >> how that plan would help give all residents access to health insurance and some of the critics behind 2. we'll be right back. for your health
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this morning. state lawmakers have moved forward with an effort to create a single payer universal health care system right here in california. >> now the health care bill has to pass through another committee and the entire assembly before the end of the month. in order for it to stay alive, some democrats and republicans, though, are opposed to this bill saying it has too many unknowns, including funding and how it will affect retirees and the medical workforce to. >> so many unanswered questions is not a time to a brand new city-run bureaucracy funded by unsustainable taxes, play some employers trying to survive the pandemic. >> governor newsom is proposing his own version of universal healthcare by insurance to all low income p-
7:26 am
californians regardless of immigration status. the california department of housing and community development now has 62 million more dollars from the u.s. treasury to help renters who fell behind on their housing payments during the pandemic. according to the hcd, the golden state received more than 30% of all federal funds dedicated to this purpose. despite that, though, it still falls short of the demand that's needed. the hpd says the state will continue to request funds to help struggling households in the months to come. so there may be more help for you on the horizon. 7.26. on the clock. next up on the kron. 4 morning news. there is a high demand for covid-19 testing and health officials are asking those with mild symptoms to refrain. >> from visiting hospitals will explain.
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>> we are back here at let's get a check of the forecast here at the half hour. find out what's waiting for you as you step outside this morning morning, john. hey there, james. we are seeing a really nice morning along very bright sunrise to kick things off of the embarcadero right here. >> and definitely not a lot of cloud cover either. so as you're venturing outside, know that you don't to worry about rainfall yet again. but you do have to dress for some chilly temperatures. we do have some fog trying to spill over into our east bay valleys from the
7:30 am
central valley. the couple of pockets of it up in the north bay. aside from that this morning as an offering up too much to worry about palo alto in dublin at 39 degrees right now. santa rosa are very spotted a chilly 35 san francisco pacific and bodega bay. in the meantime, our most mild areas starting off this morning in the 50's. now, bridges have also been pretty easy. it's been a nice week so far, not just with the weather, but also with your commute. 13 minutes from the maze to fremont street, not looking at much of a backup at the toll plaza. a 40 minute drive across the san mateo bridge and the richmond center fell bridge a little backed up there as you're heading westbound, trying to get across 5.80, over the bay, the golden gate bridge. on the other hand, 22 minutes a bit of a breeze, pretty noticeable there on the flag at the right side of your screen. so it is brisk outside. you do want to bundle up. but the drive is looking. all right. james, john, thank you very yeah, gorgeous shot out there. all right. happening today, we have groups of teachers in the west contra costa unified school district holding a
7:31 am
second day of sickouts. >> the teachers are protesting what they believe to be insufficient covid safety measures. today the sickouts are expected to impact at least 2 schools, including hercules middle school. yasterday, a number of teachers called out sick at grant elementary and korematsu middle school. the teachers are calling for weekly testing of students and a formal covid safety plan for the omicron variant from the district. the district superintendent issued a statement condemning the protests saying that this type of action is. not helpful. a spokesperson for the district says the schools will have enough substitutes to keep classes going. well, despite the sickout classes were back in session tuesday at west contra costa, unified schools after a covid outbreak prompted district leaders to close campuses for 2 days for a deep cleaning. but as teachers, parents and even some students push for a return back to virtual learning during this latest surge county education and health leaders agreed that kids should be in the classroom despite hundreds of new covid cases being reported at schools daily and the
7:32 am
county averaging nearly 2000 new cases in the past week, the county's public health director says that in person learning is better for kids and their families. >> early on, we were like, oh, no, the kids are going to transmit it to each other and though the safer at home. well, it turned out to being at being unmasked and playing with their friends. i'm actually probably cause more transmission and then being in school. >> teachers across the bay area have raised concerns over safety and a lack of personal protective equipment in schools and a lack of testing available. some have even states protests. the superintendent of the contra costa county board of education says that the county is dealing with a shortage of teachers due to the surge and is now asking people to step up and fill in as substitutes if they can. state provided covid take home. test kits are being distributed this week at the san francisco unified school district. but getting tested at the district's. i can still be a problem for some parents and teachers who are desperate to find out if it's safe for them to return
7:33 am
to school. first, you have to navigate the district's website to figure out exactly where the test sites are since they rotate locations. it makes it difficult and there are now also narrow windows of time to get tested each site. parents and teachers and administrators all seem to agree on one thing. the process needs to be a whole lot easier. >> district testing itself, as i said is, is it forever schedule and what makes the most sense is testing schools. we've seen this in la there are other bay area distriits that are making testing a lot more accessible and site based. >> of the people trying to navigate the county's testing process. you can find all the links that you need. kron 4 dot com. we've got a lot of information there for you hopefully make the process a little simpler. the hayward unified school district is expanding covid-19 testing for its students and staff members. the district says that there regionalize ing
7:34 am
test centers and lengthening tests times and a mobile testing unit is also going to be coming to the school district's office today. this testing is for staff members. only it starts at 10 and at 6, the mobile unit will be parked in the visitors parking lot at the school district office. it's located just off amador street. staff members can also get tested on friday, too. governor gavin newsome, by the way, signed an executive order to try and address the staffing shortages that we're seeing in schools during this covid surge. the order makes it easier for schools to hire and extend assignments to substitute teachers while allowing them to stay in those roles for a little bit longer if needed. it also lets certain retired teachers return to classrooms to help out if they're called upon the executive order will expire on march 31st. about 62,000 students and staff in los angeles county tested positive for covid-19 before they were set to return to school today. that's according to the la unified school district. and now the school district is requiring all students and employees to show proof of a negative test before they can
7:35 am
come back to the classroom. a spokesperson for the district says they have about 4,000 staff members that are already set to step in and teach if needed. so we'll see if they're called upon. meanwhile, closer to home in the east bay visiting a hospital for covid-19. testing is not recommended for people experiencing only mild symptoms or those who are asymptomatic. that's the word from john muir health. and this comes as the health system says it's seen a sharp spike in emergency room visits just for testing. issue is not a matter of supply, but rather the capacity to treat severely ill patients. so if you're experiencing just mild symptoms, possibly related to covid-19 or you're asymptomatic. but you want a routine test. you should try to find one available to take home or visit a local clinic. just don't go to a hospital's er. they need those resources for people who are more severely ill. with increased difficulty in scheduling covid tests and at home covid tests becoming harder and harder to find. what do you do if you
7:36 am
feel sick and can't get tested? well, ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says that because you could potentially transmit the virus to others. you if you are untested but think you might be sick, you need to isolate. >> you keep us off from people from society, you all yourself up in a one. after the 5. yes symptoms. i'm proving you can go out into the world with a mask on. but i read additional 5 days. if your son doesn't not improving, you basically stay until yo have been recently vaccinated or boosted must mask for 10 days. if you leave the house kind of piggy backing on what doctor peter chin-hong just said. the cdc, by the way, is now considering an update to its mask guidelines, possibly recommending and 95 or kn 95
7:37 am
masks versus cloth masks. and this is in response to the highly t ansmissible omicron variant, the current mask recommendations from the cdc say that masks should have 2 or more layers of washable breathable fabric. the masks should completely cover your nose and mouth and fit snug with no gaps. these guidelines could still be useful if and 95 is are not readily available. there's no estimate as to when new mask guidelines will be released. multiple studies that have shown that cloth masks offer the least protection, especially indoors. we'll take a break 7.37. the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news nfl icon john madden. >> is honored by congress. we're going to hear from east bay congressman eric swalwell about what matt that to the bay area. and the warriors taking on the memphis grizzlies on the road. why klay thompson says, yeah, they're a tough team to beat. >> and today, another beautiful one. we're getting kind of spoiled this week as we make our way into a much drier pattern. san francisco
7:38 am
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>> congressman, in the u.s. house of representatives gave a special tribute on the house floor to the late nfl legend john madden yesterday he's
7:41 am
been congressman eric swalwell led the tribute. his district includes pleasanton, which is where madden died last month and lived for years and was head coach of the raiders from 1969. to 78. he then went on to become one of the most popular nfl commentators in broadcast history. but congressman swalwell says that john madden was much more than football icon. he was a fixture in the east bay. >> john madden was simultaneously a larger than life hall of fame coach and broadcaster, but also someone you can hang out with and have a cold miller light at the outback steakhouse in dublin after his grandsons football game. bump into at ace hardware on a saturday afternoon looking at power tools. or join for ham and eggs after mass on a sunday morning at vick's all-star kitchen on main street in pleasanton. well, our nation mourns his passing at the age of 85. the loss is particularly felt and the tri
7:42 am
valley community. we share. >> swallow went on to say that whether you knew him as a coach, the broadcaster or a video game icon, there's no denying the legacy that maddon - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪
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the beautiful shot that he found along the coast this morning to share with us here in this weather update last. i want to go there. so really like should we got to the coast today? will we find the motivation to do this is what you have in store for you. it is also our most mild that the coastline this morning with some current temperatures in the 50's in pacifica. >> half moon bay and bodega bay as well as even in san francisco. the further legit get will the colder this temperatures are? so this really is the place to be right now and will be later on today to lots of sunshine across the bay. whether you're out the coast or further inland, we do have some fog in the central valley that's trying its best to spill over into or interior valleys in the inland east bay. now, as
7:46 am
far as the big picture set up goes this high pressure ridge is winning out for the foreseeable future. in fact, the next 10 to 14 days are looking consistently dry. that includes tomorrow, which would have been our best shot at any rainfall. it was already looking like a slim chance tomorrow. well, it's just not packing enough steam to reach the bay area. we will see an increasing cloud cover come thursday. that's about the biggest change that your forecast is offering up friday is going to see skies clearing back out really nicely. we're going to stay nice and clear through the weekend. dry through next week. 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline today, temperatures in the south bay will be our warmest so warm that will be within striking distance of 70 for the santa clara valley up to 68 for areas like san jose east bay. temperatures ranging from the mid to low 60's for your highs. oakland at 63 degrees. some of our cooler numbers in pittsburgh in benicia right along the car. key to this 59 degrees. each
7:47 am
now tomorrow's temperatures will be right around the same as today's just a little on the cloudier side. but you're still going to have bright conditions friday, saturday and sunday. beautiful and clear. a little cooler, though. not a big change. inland lows will continue to get really cold down into the 30's will be cited. coastal lows drop into the 40's. its first bridges go this morning. we haven't seen any major issues, at least on our bridges bay bridge. it's a 12 minute drive across the span there and no backup at the toll plaza. nice and bright on the san mateo bridge in a 13 minute commute. nice sunrise over the richmond center fell in only 10 minutes that back up before you get to the tolls. it's starting to break a bit. the golden gate bridge. 26 minutes picking up just a little bit from earlier, as you make your way from 37 to the tolls. we do have some slowdowns right on 8.80, as you're traveling from oakland all the way down to milpitas. we're looking at a 29 minute drive from san leandro to milpitas. and so as you get into the south bay, do watch for a closed the ramp as you're getting off. i-280,
7:48 am
southbound on the guadalupe parkway. all lanes are closed on that ramp again. that's as you're getting off. i-280 southbound on the guadalupe parkway. and as far as your commute on highway 4 goes not too bad. actually, we are slowing things down as you get west of pittsburgh, but you'll still be moving at a slower pace. 20 minutes to get you from antioch to concord, james. all right, john, thank you. 7.48. is the time. let's talk sports. the warriors. >> they fell to the grizzlies as klay thompson gets his first game on the road under his belt. we have kron 4 sports director jason dumas, us with a look at what happened. >> the warriors on leg, one of a four-game road trip. it starts down in memphis against the grizzlies team. that has been a thorn in the dove side. that doesn't just 4, 4, in the last 8 games they've played against memphis. but it helps when you get klay thompson back clay making his first appearance on the road this year in the 2nd quarter. grizzly pouring it on up 16. john morant on the break. he's a terror on the brakes. extend
7:49 am
that lead with 18 0rd quarter. now slowly chipping away. klay thompson with the 3. he had 14 points. then just a minute later, back to back threes by the brothers have been waiting to see that 27 10 10 for staffed. closing moments of quarter. up up and away. gary payton, the second, though, that it would with the but memphis, they kept on dyer williams. the stanford product catches the alley. you he finished with 17 off the bench. and here's the nail in the coffin. john morant the hoop and the harm. that puts his game out of reach. 29 for john moran. he is becoming a superstar in front of our eyes. warriors fall one, 16, one. 0, 8, after the game. klay thompson was asked if this young memphis mirrors a young golden state team years ago. >> they're a good team. i mean, the record reflects
7:50 am
that. but i don't know, man. our teams pretty unique kind of. specials early championship use kind of change the way the game is played. but other good team, i mean, tough for the west. possible playoff matchup down the road and we do not take them lightly. >> plays like good but not dana college hoops. now, the stanford cardinal taking on usc picking up in the 2nd half usc by for harrison ingram nails. the 3 had a double double 21 in 10, 10 seconds left the nail in the coffin. stanford. >> takes down number 5 ranked that is their first win against a top 10 team since get this. they did so way back in 2000, 7 when they beat. you see la you. performance. stand for. >> meanwhile. we've got past
7:51 am
the games. we've got past the clay come back. now we're waiting on james wiseman, the second-year center still rehabbing that torn mcl that he suffered last season. >> it's been 9 months since we're getting close to that returned. steve kerr said he expects wiseman to ramp up contact drills this week. white men. we actually in memphis on monday night to get his jersey retired by his high school. but here's steve kerr on his prize working. >> rehab is going really he's his knee is really good spirits are up. he's bouncing around high energy. he's getting ready you know, play with with some contact and it's exciting just to see a smile on his face and to see him him back. you know, after this long absence and so i'm i'm thrilled for him and thrill for us too. >> the sharks at home taking on the detroit red wings over
7:52 am
time. we've got a tie game. red shot but logan to floor, they're for cleanup duty sharks get the win 3 to 2. they'll face. >> no league best. new york rangers on thursday at the shark tank. we expect to have full live coverage, their work >> kylen mills on kron 4. all right. that's your look at sports. >> all right. thank you, jason. well, the warriors play the bucks in milwaukee tomorrow night. tip off is at 4.30. we'll see if they can chalk up a win in that matchup. it is 7.52. will be right back.
7:53 am
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add to your experience, not your expenses. and with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, creating the kitchen to match your taste has never been easier. discover floor and decor today! 7.55. to take a look at this. 2 want bats are taking on the role of gardeners for this woman in australia. you can see one is sylvie the others. tina, and they're rummaging through a garden bed and munching on pretty much any plant they can find. wombats are marsupial is native to australia and the caretaker of the animal say that the pair had a tough start to life, but the now loving their new home and they're focusing on their favorite things sleeping and eating. while fats. i like that. they're my new spirit. animal. sleeping and eating do that all day. a huge asteroid more than twice the size of the empire state building is
7:56 am
expected to raise past earth at 43,000 miles per hour. the astros going to fly by on january 18th at one 15 pacific time or one. 51 pacific time. it will be too small to see with the naked eye, but it should be visible if you have a telescope. the asteroid's approach will give astronomers the chance to actually study the surface and learn a little more about these ancient space rocks. it's the closest that this asteroid will come to earth for another 2 centuries. so now is the time, if you can, to give it a look. we'll take a break at 7.56. coming up in the next hour of the kron. 4 morning news. sonoma county is asking residents to stay home and only leave their homes for essential business. >> we'll have more details on that coming up in a live report. plus, san francisco leaders, they are implementing a new health order now which impacts mega events in the city and it will also impact vaccine requirements. sarah stinson want details in a live report from san francisco in a minute and changes in san jose as well. boosters are now
7:57 am
required for city workers and to own city owned properties. that includes yes. ap center will have the latest coming up in the next hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning, everybody. 08:00am is the time here on the kron. 4 morning news. it
8:00 am
is wednesday. >> we're almost to the middle of the month now. so we're in the mid week almost in the middle of january. let's find out what kind of weather we have on this day. good morning job. yeah, nice and bright out there, james. but it's back to the cold. we go this morning, which has been the way it's been so far each and every morning this week you've got the bright skies there equate our lovely view. but as you get outside to enjoy it, just make sure you are bundled up. we do have some fog in the central valley that's trying to spill its way into the inland east bay. couple of patches in the north bay. but overall skies have been really nice and clear. temperatures range anywhere from the 30's in areas like dublin and at the north bay to the 50's in half. moon bay pacifica, san francisco in bodega bay near the coastline. so the coast is the place to be this morning. if you are further inland, just make sure you are layered up and staying warm. bridges have also been really nice this morning. it's been a nice forecast and it's been mostly pretty co-operative. as far as your travels of gun, especially across the bay bridge where we haven't seen much issues at all. only


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