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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 12, 2022 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sleep because today's the day you're going to use all that extra energy to get outside. and that's like last week rain, all that, we have a lot of sunshine. a meteorologist john shrable walking this into wednesday morning. john got last week that extra energy was all just staying warm this week. >> don't worry about that so much except for during your morning hours like right now where it is kind of chilly out there. cool, clear. still dark across the east bay. once that sun comes up, though, much like the past few days, we're going to see temperatures climbing really, really quickly. now, we do have some fog trying to spill over from the central valley on into our inland east bay area's. also a couple of patches of fog up in the north bay valleys, too. most of the rest of us doing just fine as far as visibility goes and besides some cool temperatures, really nice way to start the morning livermore as well as santa rosa say holiness and in in napa, our spots in the 30's this morning. in the meantime, doubling in concord in the low 40's, san francisco in pacifica, among our warmer
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areas in the low 50's not quite as chilly as yesterday was but not much of a change either. so you definitely want to layer up this morning. you can shed those layers later today right john, thank you. just a couple of things to tell you about their as you're traveling. this is in san jose that 2.80, connector ramp to guadalupe parkway. 87 is blocked because of emergency road work. >> we also have an accident. this is in union city, don't hours road. and so we are seeing some delays as you're traveling along a t. >> heading into the city right now, a little under 2 minutes that freeman street exit. >> san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major delays about 13 minutes for good, dry and out of richmond across towards sandra fell about 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls about a 20 minute drive for you. well, happening now, sonoma county's new stay at home. order is in effect. the new policy also impacts large gathering. kron four's will tran is live in sonoma county this morning with the details. good morning. well,
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>> good morning, rain and this is 6 hours old went into effect at 12. 0, one this morning and will stay in place for the next 30 days. it is not the law but a strong suggestion by the health department that if you come down to sonoma county downtown sonoma, that you are being asked to stay inside your home for the next month and you should not leave unless is very essential for things like groceries or even some cases where you have to work. there are some guidelines. so let me break it down for you. if you're outside and let's face it, the weather will get better and better and warmer and warmer of the next say several weeks there will be gatherings. but they're saying if you're outside and if it's more than 100 people, even if it's outside, they're saying don't do that. if you're inside and he's 50 or more, people don't do that. but if you have an office like kron 4, right? and if you have fewer than 50 people, then you
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should going into your office but mask up in best case scenario, of course, to zoom no distance work if you possibly can just the slow down on the crime for sonoma county. unfortunately, for them, they've had too much practice. but we did get a chance to talk to some people and they say they will try to adjust. >> stephan alliance and least stressful, you know, for everyone that it's missing out on works with we'll be able to eat. but it's fun. it's not easy. it's scary and stressful and very frustrated. >> it is very frustrating. poor sonoma county you know this because this location, wildfires have spread through sonoma county and the north bay. and this time it's not flames. a crime, but they're trying to make sure that they have enough staff members at the hospital. maybe it's not so much the bed amount, but
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the staff member so they can take care of people who are coming in for omicron. not everybody is so say generous are willing to adjust as far as enthusiastically. i can tell you that a lot of gym owners, they are very mad about this because january, they say one, they don't think on the kron is coming from their gyms and 2, they say january is a very busy month for them. they make a lot of money because let's face it. reyna new year. new resolution in a lot of people coming to the gym's to try to lose weight. they say the only thing that they're losing now, as far as the gyms are concerned, is money. to will. hopefully these changes are going to make leverage in all of this. thank you for that. >> another big story, san francisco has issued a new health order on mega events and vaccination requirements. kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san francisco this morning with the latest there. good morning, sarah.
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>> good morning, that's right. not only san francisco requiring people to have their booster shots to attend some of these mega events there. also significantly dropping capacity. and this is a big difference. all starting on saturday with the capacity limits. san francisco dropping indoor event. gatherings are big events. may events, large indoor events will be dropped from 5,000 people to 500 people. large outdoor events are now allowed to have 5,000 people down from 10,000 people that's outdoors up to date. vaccinations will be required, including boosters beginning february first for all of these events, the limited capacity will certainly impact warriors games and events at chase center, the first event to be affected by the new health order is the harlem globetrotters. this saturday and the first warriors game to be a force to have lower attendance will be this sunday's game against the timberwolves. so it's unfortunate. clay's back.
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>> canada's many people there. but with the omicron variant spreading like crazy, the city says we need that and we also need people to be boosted up. this booster requirement already aligns with the decision by chase center back in december to require booster starting february. 1st. now let's take a look at the vaccination requirements for kids starting this saturday for these mega events for attendees 16 and up proof of a booster will be needed as soon as they are eligible 12, 15 year-old must also be fully vaccinated. but boosters will not be required until march 5 to 11 year-olds will either need to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19. test before attending and 2 to 4 year-olds will need a negative antigen test one day before the event or a negative pcr test. 2 days before the event and as omicron continues to spread the city san francisco is now officially recommending the kn 95 mask saying they're much more effective in keeping you
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safe. then the cloth mask, of course, you can use a cloth mask as you head into run an errand here there. you can wear them wherever, but they really recommending. >> the kn 95 mask reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson back to all right. sarah, significant changes 5,000, 500. hopefully we see some progress there. thanks for that. >> san francisco is now recording more positive covid cases than ever before. on average, more than 1300 people are testing positive each day in the city. now, mayor london breed has announced a new order that requires hospitals to administer covid test to patients with symptoms in a timely manner. the order goes into effect today and hospitals that don't follow the order could face some hefty fines. the public health department says testing is needed because of just how contagious omicron u.s.. >> getting that test within 24 hours of that request and that they are then getting results from that testing within 48 hours. and that happening 90%
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of the time. and so as we learn to live with this virus has a testing on demand absence lows. we need to make sure that everybody is doing their part. >> well, in san francisco, doctors say the vast majority of those hospitalized with covid are unvaccinated or have not gotten their booster shot. the covid-19 test sites that were close in san francisco for the past 2 days are going to be back open today. the health department said several sites set to close on monday because of a nationwide software glitch that suspended the testing providers service. the department said they were working to reschedule appointments for the people who had appointments scheduled on monday into tuesday. the test provider says people can now make appointments or walk in for a test today. in the south bay, san jose has approved a booster mandate for city workers and city owned properties. that also includes s a p center which is city owned kron four's camila barco is live with the details this morning. good morning, camilla.
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>> good morning, c s an jose is the first city in california to require booster shots for its city employees and also for city owned venues and they could also possibly be the first city in the country to do this. now, like you said, booster shots are going to be required for city employees, but also for anyone attending an event at a city owned property. and also like you said, this includes the sapd center the san jose sharks are currently in season >> it. >> we need to prove you have your booster shot. now, though, the dose is also necessary. if you want to step inside the convention center, the center for performing arts and historic theaters. mayor sam liccardo proposed the idea last month and the proposal applies to city own venues for any indoor event with 50 or more people. and last night the board agreed with look and they ooted unanimously on the
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plan. many council members including a cited the effect effectiveness of the vaccine for moving forward on their decision. the booster mandate applies to anyone who is 5 years or older, but there are exceptions like if you received your second dose of the covid vaccine within the last 6 months or are a minor who is ineligible to get the shot. but if you don't have your booster shot, you can also provide a negative covid test. and city staff says that this that's mandate is going to be in effect immediately. now, there are vaccine mandates across the country, including here in the bay area. so not only is the city of san jose going to have vaccine mandates. now they have a booster mandate and of course, people are still going to be acquired the required to wear mask indoors. ran back to you. all right, miller, thanks for that will be interesting to see if other cities. >> follow this trend. well, still ahead, contra costa county moves forward with
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in-person learning why they say their students. >> we need to be in the classroom. plus, police say an elderly woman was assaulted in oakland's. we're going to show you a closer look at the video as police search for the attacker. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, president joe biden wants federal voting rights laws pushed through the senate twice is changing the filibuster rules. are going to help to do just that. we had were keeping another dry day around. today's daytime highs are actually going to be just as warm if not a little bit warmer in some spots than yesterday. 60's and san francisco and oakland near 70 in san jose. >> your forecast is ahead.
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get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> welcome back to the kron. 4 morning news at times are u now 6.14, on this wednesday morning. a lot of sunshine out there and warmer conditions. so hey, if you are thinking about putting off plans, don't do it. today's the day to get that done and be outside. good morning, absolutely. is today a good one to take advantage much as we've seen sunday through today, sunshine, mild temperatures. >> it is a cold morning, though, so much like the past couple of days to start. you do want to bundle up this morning. you can pack those layers away later on your view outside at san francisco looks beautiful. we've got those crystal clear skies overhead.
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really nice way to kick things off. as long as you don't mind, a little chill to the air. now we do have some fog having form for the central valley trying to spill over into the inland east bay. a couple of spots of fog having formed in the north bay, too low pressure areas continuing to track right up to the north, offering western canada and the pacific northwest. more rainfall while this high-pressure ridge continues to keep us dry across the state. that's going to be the trend of weather over the next 10 to 14 days to our best chance of rain was tomorrow. now what we're tapping into some cloud cover. just not enough. steven, that system to work its way through this high pressure ridge that's preventing really anything from reaching us here in the bay area. so this dry trend of weather only continues very much. so a dry january ahead of us 50's and 60's near the coastline for your highs today. we will be looking at some 60's and solidly so for the rest of the bay area. in fact, nearing the 70 degree mark for much of the santa clara valley, san jose. up to
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68 degrees today. low 60's for the inland east bay mild mid 60's right along the east bay shoreline. a couple of upper 50's in benicia and pittsburgh as well as what you had to build valley out towards the coastline. now tomorrow's temperatures won't be quite as warm as today's but very comparable. not much of a noticeable difference aside from the increasing cloud cover thursday will bring lots of sunshine this weekend. touch cooler this weekend. daytime highs will be coolest early next week, but still rising into the upper 50's. back to you, ray to john, thank you for that. or i in the south bay to 80 southbound that connector ramp to guadalupe parkway. all lanes are closed. >> because of some emergency road work being done there, traveling from the east bay into the city right now. we'll take you 10 minutes. no major delays here. san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. you can make that about 13 and let's get a look at the richmond center fell bridge. it will be about a 9 minute drive heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell. well in the south bay. a
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san jose man was killed after being involved in a traffic collision. it happened tuesday evening in the area between kirchner and chaos. garden. the victim was taken to a hospital but died from his injuries. sadly, this marks the 3rd traffic fatality and the second pedestrian death for san jose in 2022. oakland, police need your help finding an elderly woman they say was assaulted in the chinatown neighborhood. police released this video of that attack. you can see the woman she's walking down the street, the air when a person walking behind her shoves her to the ground unprovoked. this all happened monday at the corner of 9th in franklin street just outside of the pacific. a renaissance plaza officers arrived on scene but were not able to locate the victim. she she's described as roughly 70 years old about 5 feet tall. police are also searching for that suspect was last seen heading north on franklin street. for oakland city council members have introduced new legislation to
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ban the distribution of creation of untraceable ghost guns. these guns do not have serial numbers. they can be purchased online or deliver right to people's homes and assembled in just a few minutes. authorities say they are growing problem across the bay area and the city council is expected to hold a vote on the ban next tuesday. similar laws have already been passed in los angeles as well as san diego. well, the alameda county board of supervisors, they voted to ban smoking in some homes such as apartment town, homes and senior care facilities. the new law takes effect in july and only applies to unincorporated parts of the county. the goal is to prevent secondhand smoke from drifting from one home to the next starting on july. first, smoking will also be banned in common outdoor and indoor areas within about 25 feet of a door or a window. well in the south bay, some san jose city council members are considering whether to allow non u.s. citizens to vote in local elections. the
6:19 am
measure would give more than 200,000 noncitizen residents. it settles a the right to select new lawmakers and weigh in on different policies. well, new york city and acted a similar measure last month. san francisco also passed a law in 2016 to allow non-citizen parents to vote in school board elections. lava could say expanding the vote will benefit people who are here from all over the world. president biden delivered his strongest endorsement for voting rights during a stop in georgia. the president is calling on senatoos to change the filibuster rules to force federal voting rights through despite widespread republican objections. raquel martin is live in dc with the very latest. good morning workout. good morning. will the majority of democrats here on capitol hill are applauding the president's more aggressive tone that he took yesterday. >> but there are several civil rights organizations that say seeing that already so many states have passed voting laws they believe are voter
6:20 am
suppression efforts. this speech comes just a little too late. they want to see less words and more action. >> i'm tired of being quiet. in a fiery speech and georgia, president joe biden put federal voting rights on front street. he's demanding democrats alter senate rules to get to sweeping election bills to his desk immediately. i will not pledge i will defend the right to vote our democracy against all enemies. but on capitol hill delivering on that promise is easier said than done. west virginia. says while he supports mansion - protecting voter access, he objects to changing the filibuster rule which allows democrats to bypass republicans to pass the bills on their own filibusters. what makes the senate hopefully work when it's supposed to work and republicans agree the senate isn't broken donate fiction. they argue the rule change will damage democracy insisted the voting bills on the table are designed to give
6:21 am
democrats an advantage at the polls purely and simply a power grab. but democrats argue the bills are necessary to stop a republican power grab and dozens of states states like texas, florida, kansas, iowa, new hampshire and montana have passed laws making it harder, harder to register to vote. senate majority leader chuck schumer is vowing to hold a vote on the rule change as early as this week. senator schumer will need every democrat in the senate in order to change the rules and its bite. the votes not being there at this point. he says he wants to hold a vote by martin luther king day. >> for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you right now. well, still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news covid cases in other countries are. >> starting to slow. why that is making a local health experts feel the surge could peak soon. and nfl icon john, that in his honor by congress, we hear from an east bay congressman about what maddon meant to the bay area will have that when we come back.
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tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. >> well, congressman, in the u.s. house of representatives gave a special tribute on the house floor to the late nfl legend john madden yesterday, east bay congressman eric swalwell left that tribute.
6:25 am
his district includes pleasanton, which is where matt and died last month matter was head coach of the raiders from 1969. 1978. he then went on to become one of the most popular nfl commentators in history. but congressman swalwell says john madden was much more the football icon. he was a fixture in the east bay community. >> john madden was simultaneously a larger than life hall of fame coach and broadcaster, but also someone you can hang out with and have a cold miller light at the outback steakhouse in dublin after his grandsons football game. bump into at ace hardware on a saturday afternoon looking at power tools. or join for ham and eggs after mass on a sunday morning at vick's all-star kitchen on main street in pleasanton. well, our nation mourns his passing at the age of 85. the loss is particularly felt and the tri valley community. we share.
6:26 am
>> swallow went on to say whether you knew him as a coach or a broadcaster or a video game icon. there's no denying the legacy maddon leaves behind a football and pop culture. a public memorial service is going to be held for madden on february. 15th in oakland, the details are going to be released some time next month. coming up next to the kron, 4 morning news. there's a high demand for covid-19 testing. why? >> health officials are asking those with mild symptoms to refrain from visiting hospitals will be right back after the break. welcome back
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to the kron. 4 morning news and radar. be the time for you now. 6.29. going on 6.30. >> we've been tracking the forecast for the past couple of we are very happy to hear. >> sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, such sent all the way across time. so i'm gonna make some give me a moment. but lot of days to choose from here. so there's shortage of make some good plans. maybe get out there today in the back yard. walk the dog a little extra long block. >> be just fine later on today. now, obviously we're a little cool this morning. we are seeing clear skies up above the east bay hills, but
6:30 am
temperatures are also really chilly. we do have some spillover of fog from the central valley trying to get into the inland east bay and a little bit of fog forming up in the north bay valleys. to aside from this, you're good to go as far as visibility goes, temperatures right around the same as they were yesterday, dublin livermore, santa rosa, san anselmo, saint helene in napa. you're our spots in the 30's and that's our coldest areas. so you got to bundle up. oakland, you're at 43 right now with san francisco, one of the more mild areas right at 50 degrees. back to rain. a job. thank you for that. alright. hot spot in the south bay. this is 2.80 southbound ramp to guadalupe parkway. >> all lanes here closed. it looks like until 09:00am heading into the city right now, the of the bay bridge about a 10 minute drive to the fremont street exit. nice and light force across the san mateo bridge at 13 minutes for your drive. time there as well. let's head over. also check out the richmond center fell bridge 9 minute drive for you there. and 20 minutes, golden gate bridge. 37 to the
6:31 am
tolls. happening today. groups of teachers in the west contra costa unified school district are in all a second day of sickouts. the teachers are protesting what they believe to be insufficient covid safety measures. today the sickout is expected to impact at least 2 schools, including hercules middle school. yesterday, a number of teachers called out sick at grant elementary school and korematsu school. now that teachers are calling for weekly required testing for students. a former covid safety plan for the omicron variant from the district. now the district superintendent issued a statement condemning the protests saying this type of action is not helpful. a spokesperson for the district says the schools are going to have enough substitute teachers to keep the schools open. and despite those sickouts we've been seen contra costa county health and education leaders are uniting to deliver single message. kids belong in the classroom and they need to be in class during this current omicron surge kron four's. jonathan mccall has the latest for us.
6:32 am
>> plus is we're back in session tuesday. that was contra costa unified schools after a covid outbreak prompt a district leaders to close campuses for 2 days for a deep cleaning. but as teachers, parents and even some students push for a return back to virtual learning during this latest surge tuesday county education and health leaders agreed kids should be in the classroom. >> for early on, we were like, oh, no, the kids are going to transmit it to each other and though the safer at home. well, it turned out that being at being unmasked and playing with their friends. i'm actually probably cause more transmission and then being in school contra costa county, public health director doctor or ease of illy. >> said despite hundreds of new covid cases being reported at schools daily. >> and the county averaging nearly 2000 new cases in the past week. he says in person learning is better for kids and families and our workforce. >> right now is really suffering with a lot of
6:33 am
absenteeism related to people getting covid-19 are quarantining from exposure to covid-19. said. >> cervelli says the county has one of the highest vaccination rates in the bay area. lynn mackey is superintendent of the contra costa county board of education. we are funded for in-person ce. >> learning this year are required to keep schools open and require 2 offer an option for those families who want to independent study. >> teachers across the bay area have raised concerns over safety. a lack of personal protective equipment in schools and the lack of testing available. some have even staged protest. mackey says the county is dealing with a shortage of teachers because of the surge and is now asking folks to step up to fill in as substitutes. >> if you maybe recently retired air graduated from college. we can really use your help in all the schools throughout the county of elise's, the peak of the surge
6:34 am
is likely a few weeks away, but says until then, >> it will be a rough go until we're on the other side. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> well, state providing covid take home. test kits are being distributed this week in the san francisco unified school district. but getting tested at a district site can still be a problem for some parents and teachers who are desperate to find out if it's safe for them to go back to school. well, first, you have to navigate that testing site. and then once you navigate that testing site since they are rotating clinics, you have to figure out what time you can go on their different windows of time. you can get tested each site, parents, teachers and administrators all seem to agree on one thing. the process has to be simplified. district testing itself. as i said >> is, is it forever schedule and what makes the most sense is testing schools. we've seen this in la there are other bay area districts that are making testing a lot more accessible
6:35 am
and site based. >> well, if your one of the people trying navigate the county's testing process, you can find all the links you need on our website at kron 4 dot com. well, governor gavin newsome sign an executive order to try to address the staffing shortages in schools. and we've been seeing during this latest surge order makes it a lot easier for schools to hire an extent assignments to substitute teachers while allowing them to stay in those roles for longer. if they need to be and also let certain retired teachers return to classrooms to help out if they're called upon executive orders in expire on march 31st. the hayward unified school district is expanding covid-19 testing for students and staff members. the district says they're regionalize in test centers and lengthening test times a mobile testing unit is also going to be coming to the school district office today. this testing is for staff members only so that test starts and 10 and ends at 6. the mobile units going to be part of the visitors parking lot at the school's district
6:36 am
office. it's located just off on the door street. staff members can also get tested on friday. about 62,000 students and staff in los angeles county tested positive for covid-19 before they were set to return to school today. that's according to the los angeles unified school district. now the school district is requiring all students and employees show proof of a negative test before they can go back to school. well, a spokesperson for the district says they have about 4,000 staff members that are ready to step in if they need to teach. in the east bay. if you're visiting a hospital for covid-19, testing is not recommended for people experiencing mild symptoms or if you're asymptomatic. that's word from john muir hospital. this comes as the health system says it's seen a sharp rise in emergency room visits for testing. the issue is not a matter of supply, but rather the capacity to treat severely ill patients. if you're experiencing mild symptoms possibly related to covid-19
6:37 am
or you're asymptomatic and you want to routinely test, he should try to find one of those available. take home test or you could visit a local clinic, but not a hospital. with increased difficulty. scheduling a covid test and covid test being hard to come by. what do you do if you feel sick and you can't get tested. ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says because you could potentially transmit the virus to others. people who are untested and 6 should go into isolation. >> you keep us off from people from society, you all yourself up in a after the 5. yes symptoms. i'm proving you can go out into the world with a mask on. but i read additional 5 days. if your son doesn't not improving, you basically stay until your symptoms are improving and wear the mask for the remainder of the time to make up 10 days. >> medical experts say if you have symptoms, but you were
6:38 am
exposed to others who do have covid those who have been recently vaccinated or boosted must mask for 10 days. if they leave the house. doctors are saying this latest surge with omicron might be nearing a peak numbers here in california. continue show an uptick in cases but infectious disease experts say right now they're feeling cautiously optimistic and into this latest surge could be around the corner, forced to recess. stasio explains omicron cases took off like a wildfire infecting record numbers nationwide. and here in california. but >> new numbers in south africa and europe show a dramatic drop leading experts here to be hopeful. but the flames of this surge could be fanning out. it's looking. >> cautiously optimistic. the problem is, you know, with this. with this pandemic, you just learn not to put all your eggs in one basket. >> infectious disease expert doctor yvonne maldonado was stanford. health care says that she and other health care
6:39 am
leaders are carefully reviewing the data out of south africa where omicron was first detected. we're looking at models from south africa. >> some from europe, different ones and a few from the united states and the that we have from south africa be. virus peaked dropped off fairly rapidly within a period of about 6 weeks. >> and it's looking like the same thing may be happening in the u k. >> well, we're not quite sure yet because they're not as far along, say south africa is. and we're expecting that that might happen here. but we're early to know for sure. the doctor says omicron's highly efficient nature, maybe its demise. what we know about the viruses such as sabal that we're we may actually just run out people to effect. so it will go fast in may. actually taper >> when it's affected, just
6:40 am
about all people can reach it. so we are hoping that based on the models and seeing from the u k and especially from south africa that omicron surge may be over by the end of january or by early february. >> she has in the meantime, as the data continues to come in and paint a more complete picture, the variant continues to wreak havoc on communities hurting the workforce. already struggling are really working. >> through and hospitals, restaurants and >> we're just seeing record numbers of people getting infected. and while most people are getting that sick, it's really depleting our workforce. >> theresa kron, 4 news. well for your health state lawmakers move forward with an effort to create a single payer universal health care system right here in california. now the health care bill most pass to another committee and the entire assembly before the end of the month. in order for it to stay alive, some democrats and
6:41 am
republicans opposed the bill saying it has just too many unknowns, including funding and how it can affect retirees and the medical workforce. >> so many unanswered questions is not a time to start a brand new city-run bureaucracy funded by unsustainable taxes, play some employers trying to survive the pandemic. >> governor newsom is proposing his own version of universal healthcare by expanding the state's health insurance to income californians regardless of immigration status. the california department of housing and community development now has 62 million more dollars from the u.s. secretary of the u.s. treasury to help renters who may have fallen behind on there. housing payments during the pandemic. according to the hcd golden state received more than 30% of all federal funds dedicated to this very purpose. despite that, it still fall short of the demand. need it. the hpd says the state is going to continue to request funds to help
6:42 am
struggling households in the months to come. still ahead of the kron, 4 morning news of lawyers took on the memphis grizzlies on the road. why klay thompson says they're a tough team to play. john. >> and we are looking at conditions outside. cool this morning. mild this afternoon. 60's for your daytime highs for the year at the coast by the beyer further inland
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> well, welcome back to the
6:45 am
kron. 4 morning news it time for you now 06:44am. here on this wednesday morning. >> you have any pets, that's what i'm hoping. maybe in this year. >> might be able to get a furry friend. but if you do have one today's the day to get outside and walk yeah, short walks for my dog because he's a little older these days. >> he loves it when it's not raining now. so it's a little treat for him on our 5 0nd but we are looking at a nice day to hopefully be getting if you do have that chance later on san jose, obviously still really dark. but you're going to be one of our warmer spots today. climbing very near 70 degrees for your daytime high. not just in san jose, but across the santa clara valley. skies are pretty clear overall across the region. we are seeing some fog from the central valley trying to slip into those inland east bay area's in a bit of fog formation in north bay valleys to now this high-pressure ridge continues to keep the pattern going strong. no chances of rainfall ahead of us really over the next 10 to 14 days. what would have been
6:46 am
our best chance of rain tomorrow? just not packing enough of a punch. you can see a couple of those green blips sitting offshore not have enough. stephen, a to make their way into the bay. so tomorrow, despite an increasing cloud cover for your thursday, not going to be looking at any chance of rain for the day clearing right back out into friday and keeping that dry trend going right into the weekend, right into next week, too. 50's 60's for your highs near the coastline today. well, or daytime highs along the bay shore as well as inland rising into the mid to even upper 60's south bay temperatures. as i noted at the start of your forecast, very close to 70 in many spots, fremont hayward on up to oakland hanging out in the mid sixties today with low 60's. for the most part, the inland east bay that mission pittsburgh, your some of our cooler areas today at 59 degrees for your highs. tomorrow's daytime highs right around the same as today's will cool a little bit into friday and even further into the start of next week. lots of sunshine in this forecast. really the biggest change to know it's just a few clouds
6:47 am
tomorrow. reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. so we are seeing a hot spot. this is in san jose. >> 2.80, southbound that rent to guadalupe parkway. looks like they've got some emergency road work going on there. as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. it will be about 10 minutes for you drive on the bay bridge tunnel, seeing any delays there. also, let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. about a 13 minute ride for you this morning. also, let's get a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute traveling out of richmond across towards sandra fell about 10 minute and the golden gate bridge. 37 to the tolls. 20 minutes for your drive. well, lawyers fell to the grizzlies and as klay thompson gets his first game on the road under his belt for sports director jason dumas says was there and takes a look at what happened on the court. >> the warriors on laid one of a four-game road trip. it starts down in memphis against the grizzlies team. that has been a thorn in the dove side. that doesn't just 4, 4, in the
6:48 am
last 8 games they've played against memphis. but it helps when you get klay thompson back clay making his first appearance on the road this year in the 2nd quarter. grizzly pouring it on up 16. john morant on the break. he's a terror on the brakes. extend that lead with 18 0rd quarter. now slowly chipping away. klay thompson with the 3. he had 14 points. then just minute later, back to back threes by the brothers have waiting to see that 27 10 10 for staffed. closing moments of quarter. up up and away. gary payton the second ago that it would with the assist. but memphis, they kept on dyer williams. the stanford product catches the alley. you he finished with 17 off the bench. and here's the nail in the coffin. john morant the hoop and the harm. that puts his game out of reach. 29 for john moran. he is becoming a superstar in front of our eyes. warriors
6:49 am
fall one, 16, one. 0, 8, after the game. klay thompson was asked if this young this team mirrors a young golden state team years ago. >> they're a good team. i mean, the record reflects that. but i don't and our teams pretty unique kind of. especially those early championship use kind of change the way the game is played. but other good team, i mean, tough for the west. possible playoff matchup down the road and we do not take them lightly. >> plays like good but not a college hoops. now the stanford cardinal taking on usc picking up in the 2nd half usc by for harrison ingram nails. the 3 had a double double 21 in 10, 10 seconds left the nail in the coffin. stanford. >> takes down number 5 ranked that is their first win
6:50 am
against a top 10 team since get this. they did so way back in 2000, 7 when they be u c l stand for. >> meanwhile, we've got past the games. we've got past the clay come back. now we're waiting on james wiseman, the second year center still rehabbing that torn mcl that he suffered last season. >> it's been 9 months since injury and we're getting close to that returned. steve kerr said he expects wiseman to ramp up physical contact drills this week. white men. we actually in memphis on monday night to get his jersey retired by his high school. but here's steve kerr on his prize working. >> rehab is going really he's his knee is really good is spirit he's bouncing around high energy. he's getting ready you know, play with with
6:51 am
some contact and it's exciting just to see a smile on his face when you see him in back, you know, after this long absence and so i'm i'm thrilled for him and thrill for us too. >> the sharks at home taking on the detroit red wings over time. we've got a tie game. red shot but logan to floor they're for cleanup duty sharks get the win 3 to 2. they'll face. >> no league best. new york rangers on thursday at the shark tank. we expect to have to live coverage there with >> kylen mills on kron 4. all that's your look at sports. >> well, the lawyers play the bucks in milwaukee tomorrow night. tip off is going to be at 04:30pm. we'll be right back after the break.
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chase first banking. a debit card for kids, and a set of tools to help them learn good money habits. by creating allowances and assigning chores, they can practice earning every day. with a debit card just for them, they'll learn smart spending firsthand, while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. >> long-running tradition is coming back to the oscars. the 94th academy awards is going to be the first for years to have a host. that's the word from the academy when the oscars takes place on march. 27th know we're getting a lot of those will be. jimmy kimmel was the last person to host the show back in 2018 they would host lists the following year. but since then, the ratings have plummeted to a record low. 10.4 million viewers last year. so we're
6:55 am
going to add another house this year and many people stuck at home during the pandemic are apparently getting comfortable in crocs. the footwear company says it is revenues surged. 67% in 2020. everybody stay want to be comfortable and they're now projecting nearly a billion dollar increase in revenue this year compared to 2020 other constable shoemaker such as of sand. decker's have also seen their cells rise during the pandemic. all comfy shoes. well, coming up in the next hour, sonoma county is placing a stay at home order. they're asking everyone to only leave your home. >> for essential reasons. only more details to come in. a live report. plus, san francisco leaders are implementing the new health order which impacts make events in the city and vaccine requirement. sarah stinson has the details. and a live report on and changes in san jose's. well, boosters are now required for city workers in visit city owned properties will have the latest in the next hour.
6:56 am
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> from the area's local news station, you're watching the
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kron. 4 morning news at 7. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on the kron. 4 morning news. it is wednesday, january 20 are not 21st january. 12th. we're halfway through the month. almost. i'm james fletcher. let's get a check of the forecast. john, standing by to fight. heard correctly earlier, john, i guess the potential rain for tomorrow's kind of petering out. yeah, it wasn't looking super promising anyways, but it definitely is a look unlike anything anymore. we're just going to see a couple of clouds drifting across the bay area. come tomorrow. aside from that, this forecast is crystal clear and definitely staying dry. long-range forecast projecting that for the next 10 to 14 days. if you outside of your berkeley hills camera, a nice little glow as the sun begins to come up over the horizon. very nice way to start the morning. as long as you don't mind the crisp feel to it all over again. we are seeing some fog from the central valley trying to work its way on into the inland east bay. a couple of spots of valley fog on up into the north bay, too. back to the 30's for palo alto, dublin, as
7:00 am
well as a few north bay cities, including santa rosa. down to 35 degrees right now, pacific of bodega bay and san francisco are more mild spots right up at the coastline, hanging out in the 50's. now, as far as our bridges go this morning, conditions out there have overall been pretty easy, at least as far as our bridges are concerned. you can see the bay bridge a 12 minute drive. they're not really looking at a backup at the toll plaza. san mateo bridge, 14 minutes from a 80 to one o one. definitely a lot of tail lights, but things are moving along. there's a slight backup there at the richmond center fell bridge, but things are still moving in a 10 minute drive over that span as the sun comes up over the golden gate bridge. it'll take you 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls will be breaking down that and a couple of other slowdowns that we have on our commutes this morning. still to come back to james. all right. thank you very much, john. to the news now. and sonoma counties, new stay at home. order is in effect. the new policy also impact large gatherings. kron four's will tran standing by live in sonoma county this morning. >> to explain. good morning. el


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