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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  January 11, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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people experiencing mild symptoms or those who are asymptomatic. that's the word from john muir health. this comes as the health system says it's seen a sharp rise in emergency room visits for testing kron four's phillipe djegal tells us the issues not a matter of supply, but rather capacity to treat severely severely ill patients. >> up to 50% of patients admitted to john health emergency rooms are being diagnosed with covid-19 in addition to suffering from other serious illnesses and chief medical officer doctor russell rodriguez says those patients need the hospital's staff's full attention. those experiencing mild symptoms possibly related to covid-19 or are asymptomatic yet won a routine test should try to find one available to take at home or visit a local clinic, but not a hospital to somebody. >> has an entire family that has covid and now they have symptoms. they probably don't
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need to get tested for symptoms are mild. >> they have covid doctor. rodriguez says unlike in the past supply is not the issue. the health system has enough tests. in fact, everyone who was admitted to an emergency room is tested for covid-19. >> doctor rodriguez says requests for routine testing are taking attention away from people. >> we're suffering true emergency. see if somebody has. >> a mile. cold like symptoms and they live alone and they're vaccinated and boosted. they probably don't need to be tested. they can isolate themselves for 5 is ask for additional 5 israel, others of the 185 covid-19. tests administered at john mir's emergency departments in concord and walnut creek monday. >> more than 33% were for people with mild symptoms. >> testing is recommended if you have a high risk condition and covid-19 symptoms.
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>> or you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 >> meantime, in the south bay, you may soon need to show proof of a covid booster shots or a negative test to attend indoor events in san jose. the san jose city council has meeting since this afternoon. part of the agenda is to consider the booster mandate. the mandate would apply to anyone attending events at city owned facilities such as the s ap center or convention center. if passed, the order would also apply to new staff members. >> omicron is forcing some businesses in the north bay to shut their doors. concerts and weddings and other large events are being canceled in sonoma county. the new order takes effect at midnight with people being asked to stay home whenever possible for charles clifford has reaction. >> on monday afternoon, health officials said they are asking folks to avoid public gatherings. they are also canceling all indoor gatherings of 50 people are
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more and outdoor gatherings of 100 people or more. and that decision is already having an impact. >> feeling pretty frustrated. shannon o'donnell is the owner of the mystic theater in downtown petaluma after being closed for a year and a half. the theater just reopened this past fall. shannon says she and her staff are fully vaccinated and boosted and that they have done everything they can to follow the rules and keep the doors open news that sonoma county is once again canceling large gatherings for at least a month. it's devastating. >> it's obviously be on financially straining scary. and we just got to reopen in september. and then i got the news last night and forced to close down for another month. it's not possibly longer fits. it's been a rough >> shannon says the theater employs about 25 people in the attached restaurant bucaneers has 45 employees at this point. she's not sure if they'll have to let anyone go. but it is a possibility. you know, i just got the news last
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night at about >> and so i've definitely been. talking with the town buyers, my staff and i mean, get right here right now is to go right up something special to us and not all of my staff and to put out on our social media. but it's definitely it's and mistrustful, you know, for everyone that it's missing out on works with that? but it's fun. it's not easy. it's scary and stressful and very frustrated. and now the ban on large gatherings last until at least february 11th. >> but for now in sonoma county, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> new at 6 the time police say they busted a nurse and several others for giving fake covid shots and real certificate serve that actually fake certificates at a vaccine center to those who did not want to get inoculated. we have video that was just released yesterday
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from and kona italy. italian police say their investigation began in december of last year. you can see an or simulate the inoculation of the vaccine serum and then dispense of it in a waste bin local media reported the arrest of 4 accomplices as of today. among them, a lawyer, a building contractor and restaurant tour. dozens of people who improperly purchase a so-called green pass vaccination certificates are being sought on charges of corruption and police said they seized almost $25,000 cash during the operation. >> the cdc has issued a do not travel warning for canada. that nation says it has had a steep rise in covid cases recently. and americans are now being advised against non-essential travel. there. the state department also joined the cdc. in fact, the state department issued a level 4 very high risk travel warning for canada. canadian officials say they are aware of the new advice. well, let's
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check on our 4 zone forecast. a live look tonight sfo. what things look clear. >> can only imagine how beautiful must be in the sierra with these clear skies and all that snow that still up there, lawrence shots just a ton of snow for the sierra nevada and the roads are wide open. a great time to sneak up there. if you can, you have to watch out for some of that ground fog as you make way across the central valley. but otherwise, a look at that road was open and clear right now at donner summit, all that snow piled up on the side. there. yeah, it looks like we're getting a break from all that stormy weather. so if you want to go up there, enjoy nice powder up there. looking good. it will get a little slushy in the afternoon. these temperatures moving up in the low 50's but cooling down and dry right through thursday and friday out on the golden gate bridge right now, you've got some quiet conditions. you've got a couple high clouds up above temperature, wise numbers, not bad at all. compared to the rest of the country that are really freeze in other parts of the u.s.. but we're 54 degrees and livermore. 57 in fremont right now start to cool off in
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petaluma. 48 and 48 saint lena high pressure overhead, though the couple high clouds drifting overhead. but really that jet stream just kind of following the arc. and that is moving well up 7 northwest and canada. so we'll stay dry here for quite some time. kind thing, though. you see the high clouds drifting overhead tonight around the bay area. and then as we head toward tomorrow morning, some sunshine, a few clouds otherwise looks like a nice day again tomorrow. then all of a sudden you start to see all this moisture streaming up from the south. there's an area of low pressure that likely will push into southern california. there's a chance they could be talking about some showers on thursday and friday, but we're kind of on the northern end of that system. so we're going stay dry from that. but in the meantime, overnight lows going to be chilly in spots, some 30's and 40's for overnight lows tonight. tomorrow by day looks like another nice day ahead. you'll see a mixture, some 60's in the san francisco along the forget that offshore wind again should be very nice about 64 pacifica. 64 in millbrae and also and the burning game 16 san carlos numbers well into the 60's in the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. maybe even some low 70's. so looking like a
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gorgeous day outside for tomorrow and looks like another nice sunset coming our way by tomorrow evening with a few more high clouds coming across our skies for right now. looks like we're staying dry for the next 7 days. >> thank you, lauren. still ahead, progress at the ports transportation secretary pete buttigieg makes a visit to southern california to assess the months-long strain on the supply in sports warriors head coach steve kerr has an update on james wiseman. plus, check in on the warriors in the grizzlies game. sports director jason dumas says all that and more coming up next. and first responders call it a miracle landing. the latest on the survivors of a medical helicopter crashed today in pennsylvania.
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>> new at 6, 4, people, including an infant, survived. a medical helicopter crashes outside a church near philadelphia. the baby was on its way to the children's hospital in the chopper began experiencing an emergency around 01:00pm local time. the pilot managed to avoid surrounding trees and power lines to crash the aircraft just outside the church. the local police chief called it an absolute miracle that nobody was killed. the infant was taken to the children's hospital by ambulance, everyone, including the baby, is expected to be ok. >> fast. but haitian secretary pete buttigieg inspected the ports of los angeles and long beach this week to see the progress being made in getting cargo moving. buttigieg was
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joined for his visit by some members of congress and los angeles mayor eric garcetti. he wanted to talk about ways to alleviate the supply chain backlog as well as see how a recent federal grant is helping out implementation of the fees on those stalled cargo containers has been delayed once again. but transportation secretary says there are other ways to get things shipped out. >> now we're going to continue to see challenge. so we're very proud of what was achieved her. but the other side of the coin is that as long as the pandemic persists. as long as we are making up for decades of past this investment, we are going to -% see impacts on shipping times and shipping costs. but that's exactly why we're here. >> he says the federal infrastructure lot clear the way for 52 million dollars to go towards a rail system for the port of long beach. and he added there will be even more federal money to help the ports and their
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without talking to your doctor. bay oakland city council members introduced legislation to ban the distribution or the creation of those untraceable ghost ago. according to the council. the percentage of firearms seized by law enforcement which were privately manufactured
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firearms, jumped from 6.7% in 2000, 19. >> to 16.5% in 2020. and as of march of 2021, those types of guns accounted for. nearly 22% of the firearms confiscated last year. similar laws have already been implemented in san diego and los angeles. the legislation will go to the full city council for consideration and a vote next tuesday, january 18th happening right now, california lawmakers are debating whether or not to create the state's first universal health care system. >> there are 2 bills under consideration. one would create the system. the other would outline how would be paid for the first bill would have to be passed by january 31st to vote is expected to come soon. there have been debating for now several hours now. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala will have a full report tonight in our prime time news casts. let's check on the 4 zone forecast. a live look outside tonight. san francisco's coit
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tower just be made in the sky like that tonight. just like our weatherman. lawrence karnow faith. thank you for just like to be a beacon light it all the darkness out there. but >> hey, we've got some great conditions ahead as weather is holding on beautiful out toward sfo right now, no delays being reported there. weatherwise either into oakland looking good into san jose as kind of a quiet night around the bay area. tonight, we've got the storm clouds staying well to the north that all the way up in the pacific northwest. you can see the rain moving in that direction. we've seen a few high clouds drift overhead here, but that's about it. the main focus of the storms all the way to the north. you can see up toward a seattle and portland there into the rain. we are on the south and we're staying dry for right now. and boy, it looks good out there right now. so you just got some high clouds up above, but it's kind of a quiet night weather wise around the bay area. winds. yeah, they've even decreased in fact, pretty calm. reporting stations calm conditions around the bay area. the trend will be talk little bit of an offshore wind and that would give arise to
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maybe some of that dense to leave fog developing right to the delta into the central valley. get that offshore wind. it will drag it back in that direction. so in the benicia possibly conquered antioch, watch out there in those spots early tomorrow morning for some very dense fog temperature rise right now. we're running in the 50's almost 60 degrees in the san francisco. high pressure is going to slide right across the state tomorrow as a ridge because the migrate eastward, we're still going to get a great day out. lots of sunshine coming our way. but eventually as a ridge moves east, the circulation around that probably help with those low, though, the south too track some clouds above the south in our direction. and that will factor into the next few days. so attempts wise around the state. and how about mid 70's? los angeles? 77 in san diego about 69 degrees in monterey and 69 in santa barbara clouds overnight tonight and then into tomorrow morning. kind of breaking up just a little bit. we're not going to completely cloud-free watch out for that dense fog again. then as we head toward the some clouds begin to come up out of the south. that's that begin work at whip out the south toward southern
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california. and so we'll see some more clouds coming our way. but right now we're going to keep it dry. temperatures holding lots of 60's, almost 70 degrees in a place like morgan hill the next few days. temperatures above the average. it's going to stay nice and dry right into the weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the in game one of a four-game road trip starting out in memphis. and right now we have a tight one down there in tennessee. the warriors are losing this one. 82 to 81 lay in the 3rd quarter. we will have full highlights as soon as that game goes final. that's warriors at memphis grizzlies. >> all right. meanwhile, we've got past the clay comeback. now we are waiting on james wiseman. the second-year center is still rehabbing that torn mcl. he suffered last season. it's been 9 months since that injury and we're getting close to that return. steve kerr said he expects wiseman to ramp up physical
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contact drills this week. wiseman was actually in memphis last night to get his high school jersey retired. that was a great scene. all of his teammates with the warriors went to that ceremony in memphis. i'm not sure he's still there. i think he took a flight back to the bay to get back to rehab. but any who? here's steve kerr on his prize young center. >> rehab is going really he's his knee is really good is spirits are up. he's bouncing around high energy. he's getting ready you know, play with with some contact and it's exciting just to see a smile on his face and to see him him back. you know, after this long absence and so i'm i'm thrilled for him and thrill for us to without size and skill and being such diligent no doubt in my james's going to have great career.
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>> college hoops. now stanford cardinal taking on the number 5 ranked usc trojans will pick it up in the 2nd half usc up for until harrison gets his own rebound and puts it back. stanford within follow that up with a 3 on the wing showing his versatility. he's going to be a first-round pick, possibly a lottery pick 21 in 10 for the freshman couple minutes later. stanford up to now jaiden delaire lays it off the glass stanford pad that lead to 4, 10 seconds to go to get ahead. to jones, spencer jones. i'm sorry. 21 points for him. that would be the dagger stanford win. 75 to 69. that is their first win over a top 5 program since get this all the way back in 2000, 7 when they defeated u c l all righty. that's your look at sports. back to you guys.
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beats a sow cow team. we love it. yeah. yeah. it was a good one in. >> it's too bad that do. fans couldn't get to see it. stand for it right now. it's only for their winter sports. only family and friends, close friends can be indoors at all. the indoor winter sports the students weren't there, but great win nonetheless. now, hopefully the warriors can eke out a win that 4th quarter is about to start down in memphis. all right. thanks, jason. yeah, we'll be right jason. yeah, we'll be right when a truck hit my car, jason. yeah, we'll be right the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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>> girl scout cookie season is officially underway. the organization kicked off the season across the nation today and the girl scouts are bringing back the favorites such as thin mints. my as and >> carmel or caramel depending how you like to say a delight. >> this year there's a new addition. the at ventura full cookie after making changes during the pandemic. the girl scouts are returning to in person selling one of the changes is doordash deliveries. customers can order cookies from the app starting next they make it so convenient. that's dangerous. >> some canadian cats are making it clear to their owners at the household blender belongs to them. a couple bought a new blender recently and say that the moment of riots, their cats claimed it as their own and have refused to get off the
6:56 pm
unopened box. couple figure they might lose interest while they went on a christmas vacation. but didn't work out that way. they are still guarding that box with the blender and it the couple says anyone who suggests they should just let the can off the box. he's probably never owned a cat. >> well, california has been ranked as the 24th best state to raise a family by the company wallet hub. that's not a great showing. the report says the california lost ground in safety and affordability. as for affordable housing and childcare costs, california is dead last at number 50, massachusetts was number one in that ranking. but we're number one in so many other categories, too numerous to >> thank you for being with us tonight kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock. we hope you have a nice evening, everybody. >> next newscast, 8 o'clock right here on kron 4. vicki and grant have a great evening baby.
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