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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 11, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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other thing. sure. like a common cold, but because you can get a test, you kind of know for sure you're potentially >> going to transmit it to other people. >> so is becoming all too common over the last year. but now those shortages are focus on the at home covid tests. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. couple. those covid test shortages. what's not enough appointments for pcr tests and the highly transmissible variants such as omicron and it's a perfect storm. so if you need a test and you can't get one and thank you might have the virus, what should you do? a cloud four's. dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight to help answer that question than a lot of people need to know. that's right. because people can't get the tests. and right now this variant is so transmissible. medical experts say you have to assume you have it and you have to isolate. with increased difficulty. scheduling a pcr
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test in store shelves bare when it comes to at home. covid tests. >> what do you do if you feel sick and can't get tested? yeah. >> a scratchy throat cough. runny nose congestion. its covid right now and there's so much to be going around. >> ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says because you could potentially transmit the virus to others. those untested and 6 should go into isolation. >> you keep us off from people from society, you all yourself up in a one. after the 5. yes symptoms. i'm proving you can go out into the world with a mask on. but i read additional 5 days. if your son doesn't not improving, you basically stay until the u.s. so improving and wear the mask for the remainder of the time to make up 10 days. >> medical experts say if you have no symptoms but were exposed to others who do have covid those who have been
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recently boosted must mask for 10 days. if they leave the house. >> if you not do city stay at home for least 5 and then you can walk around. in society. but with the mask on. >> medical experts say the hope is that you are continuing to look for a test and hopefully during that 10 day period, you're able to get one so you can confirm whether or not you do indeed have covid live in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news stand. thank you. another big story tonight. san francisco has more positive covid cases than ever before. on average, more than 1300 people are testing positive each day in the city. the city says it's conducting the majority of those tests and will now require hospitals to administer more tests or face a hefty fine kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now live with more on the updated testing guidelines. rob. can last week san francisco broke a record testing more than 17,000 people in one day.
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>> an impressive number. the city says it can do more if hospitals pitch in. with more tests come more positive cases. director of health in san francisco, doctor grant colfax gave an update tuesday on the city's record breaking numbers. and right now. >> nearly one in 5 positive. the san francisco department of public health along with mayor london breed's office will now require large health care providers to help administer tests to minimize the surge in omicron cases, health department to shoulder on the basque burden of the of this testing. and so as we learn to live with this virus has a testing on demand absence laws. we need to make sure that everybody is doing their part if hospitals and hospital affiliated systems don't show proof of providing tests for patients who are symptomatic or who are close contact with someone who has tested positive. they'll face fines of up to $10,000 per day. getting that test within 24 hours of that request and that they are then getting results from that testing
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within 48 hours. and that happening 90% of the time schools are also getting more help. the city is sending more kn 95 mask and rapid antigen test of the san francisco unified school district. and this week we're distributing the 56,000 at home test kits from the california department of public health to all schools. >> health officials did not put additional covid restrictions on san francisco's businesses. >> as the city experiences case numbers 4 times higher than last. winter's peak. none of this is easy, but we're going to keep working together to support everyone in the city. it's how we lead. >> the way during covid and is how we will keep moving forward. >> according to doctor colfax, hospitalization numbers aren't as high as they were last winter. he credits vaccines for that saying the majority of people in the hospital right now with covid either unvaccinated or they not up to date with their vaccines. live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank
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you, rob. >> well, the state provided covid take home. test kits are being distributed this week in the san francisco unified school district. but getting tested at a district site could still be a problem for some parents and teachers. many of them are desperate to find out if it's safe for them to go back to school. well, for says the has that part of the story. >> look at testing to >> jessica hobbs broader side to this covid-19 testing site at the crocker, playground in san francisco. it is one of these for covid testing locations available tuesday for parents and students in the san francisco unified school district. she talked about some of the challenges he had to overcome to make this happened starting with navigating the school district's website to figure out exactly where to go. >> so to be able to find out i make it. my son tested today.
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>> had to look through. i went on the web. satan had to look through because the locations rotate and i feel like i'm extra savvy because if usd employees, but that might be for other families to be able to figure out exactly where to go. there are also narrow windows of time to get tested at each site. have to pay attention to the hours that the testing sites are because they want to davidson. >> until 12, in addition to being a parent, alvarez is also a teacher. the sf unified school district who says she had to take off work to get this done. i have had to be of work today. able to make it. as far as you have also look at if they're saying that are open after regular work hours, san francisco board of education commissioner allison collins. you know, we can say that testing is available. >> as it like an idea. but what we're hearing on the ground is that parents are literally driving across town to find tests. it's an extreme hardship families who don't
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have transportation. >> we need to help parents make it easy for them. this mom agrees would be great if we had a full-time nurse at every school or like a covid person to help >> with all of this because it's a lot for everyone in san francisco. has might you kron 4 news? >> schools on the peninsula are also facing staffing problems. column also unified school district wants to take care of participation to a whole new level. the district has asked parents to help at the schools with passages administering covid tests, custodial duties and classroom duties. pa usd sent out the request on sunday night and within 12 hours, 300, 60 parents replies, how they're saying they want to help or they're interested in helping. >> without the parents, could you guys still operate? >> we are. we can just how well can we i mean, i'm constantly checking my suburb port in terms of of filling in one of my custodians has been out on a still out today. a
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couple of items that i'm thinking a parent could help would be helping us to wipe down the high touch point surfaces. >> school district says it wants to do all it can to keep classrooms open, believing that children learn better with face to face learning. >> the 7 tail foster city school district has decided to reinstate contact tracing. that's after a number of parents voiced concern over the decision to pause it. yesterday the school district said it was facing a staff shortage because of the spike in covid since returning from winter break. there have been 115 confirmed cases of covid 101 students. 14 staff have tested positive earlier today. the district superintendent issued this statement to kron 4 saying, quote, the district's administration received feedback from concerned parents about the change. we've developed a plan to reassign other duties to resume contact tracing today. the excuse me. and stafford is reporting 800 new covid cases
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as a post holiday covid outbreak continues to grow nearly 500 students and more than 350 staff have tested positive there. 600 students are isolating in the student housing winter quarter. classes at stanford are online right now. the students will resume in-person classes next tuesday. testing is required before returning back to campus. university officials believe the search will continue as more students come back to the campus. >> here's a live look at sfo where we're seeing some flight cancellations today. another setback by the omicron variant. a lot of staff members can work because they're infected. the airport is hosting a free vaccine clinic this friday. it's from 10:00am to 06:00pm in the international terminal. appointed appointments must be made in advance doses of pfizer and moderna will be available. all right. let's take a look at the total flight cancellations and delays in the bay area today. this is according to flightaware as a foe saw 40
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cancellations and 43 delayed flights today. san jose had 5 canceled flights. 13 delays, oakland airport to cancel fight flights in just 3 delays. >> let's check on the forecast. there can't be weather delays. that's for sure. this is the golden gate bridge. just a lovely day and evening out there. yeah, it might stay that way for a while, right, lawrence? yeah, we're going to see this midseason kind of dry spell. i think hanging out almost all of january. at least that's the way it looks now, at least to the end of the month. but some passing clouds today made for a beautiful sunset. still some gorgeous skies out there tonight. and really a nice day around the bay area. these temperatures running a little bit above the average. i think we get back there again for tomorrow. 63 degrees in san francisco. that is 6 degrees above the average oakland a little bit above the average as well at 60 66. very 2 days in a row, the same temperature in san jose. 63 in lemore 62 in concord and 62 degrees in santa rosa. high pressure overhead. so it's kind of shredding these storms trying to approach to left with just
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a few high clouds drifting overhead, making for some beautiful skies in the evening hours that offshore wind. yeah, it cranked up the temperatures along the coastal areas. some place like apple babe civica reporting some upper 60's for highs today. almost 70 degrees. so that offshore wind continuing again, something to watch out for likely to see some to leave fog develop in the central valley. you get that offshore wind that blows that back into the delta. i mean, some dense fog early tomorrow morning. in fact here, the visibility forecast for tomorrow morning as we head through the night tonight, not much in the way of fog and then late tonight. you get into early tomorrow morning right there at atm. you see it, the visibilities down to next to nothing that conquered in antioch to see some of that to fog developing there that is going left lots of sunshine, a few clouds coming our way for tomorrow. talk more about that in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. also coming up on kron, 4 news at 6 president biden asking democrats in congress to do whatever it takes to the voting bill. >> details in a live report. >> plus, nfl legend john madden honored in congress
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today. we're going hear from a bay area. congressman payne tribute and respect to the former raiders coach. a little bit later, a covid shot scam caught on camera where one caught on camera where one nurse is now under arrest. when a truck hit my car, caught on camera where one nthe insurance companyest. wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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non-citizen residents in san jose, the right to select new lawmakers and weigh in on different policies. new york city enacted a similar measure last month. san francisco passed a law in 2016 to allow non-citizen parents to vote in school board elections advocates say that expanding the vote will benefit people who are here from all over the world. we'll update you with any developments from san jose. >> in national news, president biden returning to a key battleground state today to endorse changes to the senate rules which have stalled the voting rights legislation being pushed by the democrats. the president sent a clear message from georgia back to washington saying that it's time to choose, quote, democracy over autocracy. four's washington correspondent jessi tenure joins us live now with more testing. >> good evening, pam. and some civil rights groups skipped president biden's remarks today saying that they were protesting the administration's inaction, but the president told them to
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keep the faith. >> the battle for the soul of america is not over in the heart of where the civil rights movement took place. president joe biden is making his strongest case yet for the biggest overhaul of u.s. elections in a generation. we want the people to rule the federal legislation would strike down state voting hurdles, reduce the influence of big money in politics and limit partisan influence over the drawing of congressional districts after previously defending senate rules. the president says he's willing to make an exception to pass these measures. we have no option but to change the senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster for this. but not all democrats are on board with changing filibuster rules to pass voting reform with a simple majority. west virginia senator joe mansion. once republicans support filibuster is what makes the senate. >> hopefully work when it's supposed to work. the senate isn't broken. donate fiction. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has united his caucus against democrats
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legislation. we know there are already willing to manufacture a voting rights prices to increase their own power. texas republican senator john cornyn argues 94% of voters said voting in 2020 was easy. >> and senate democratic leaderechuck schumer agrees stressing democrats wanted to stay that way. 2020 worked out, ok? >> i guess my friend is saying the big lie is false because donald trump said it was fraudulent. >> and schumer said this. monday's martin luther king junior holiday as the deadline to consider these measures live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. jesse, thanks for that. a special tribute today on the house for washington. late nfl legend john madden was honored by congress. >> our catherine heenan joins us now live from our newsroom with more on how local they're paid his respects, catherine. yeah, it was a nice tribute in washington, dc today. it was led by congressman eric swalwell, his district includes pleasanton. that is where madden died december.
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28. >> madam spent the majority of his life from the east bay. he was head coach of the raiders from 1969. to 1978. he then went on to become one of the most popular nfl commentators in history. but congressman swalwell says john madden was much more than a football icon. he was a fixture in the east bay community. >> john madden was simu%taneously a larger than life hall of fame coach and broadcaster, but also someone you can hang out with and have a cold miller light at the outback steakhouse in dublin after his grandsons football game. bump into at ace hardware on a saturday afternoon looking at power tools. or join for ham and eggs after mass on a sunday morning at vick's all-star kitchen on main street in pleasanton. well, our nation mourns his passing at the age of 85. the loss is particularly felt and the tri valley community. we share.
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whether you are from an older generation of fans that simply knew him as coach. my generation of fans that connected with him as john. from his years in the broadcast booth hosting snl and starting commercials or the younger generation. who simply knew him as madden. from the video game. it can be stated that few, if any individuals have had a greater impact on football and popular culture and the last 50 years. >> a public memorial service will be held for john madden, february 15th. that will be in oakland, specifics on that event will be released sometime next month. can a lot of people waiting to find out those specifics? because i'm sure there are thousands and thousands of people around the bay area who would love to be there just to honor him. yeah, it was a little like when betty white died, his appeal cut across generations, you know, seem very likable. same with matt and yeah, who ever
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heard anybody say? i don't like john madden. nobody like all right. thank you, catherine. >> new video tonight at 6, a bitterly cold temperatures in the northeast have caused see smoke to rise from the atlantic ocean just off the coast of new hampshire and dry see smoke occurs when extremely cold air passes over warmer water. the seacoast science center posted this footage to twitter this morning. the organization says the smoke began to rise when the temperature was 5 degrees fahrenheit. and here's another chilly video. a time-lapse captured in osceola, new york. it shows major snow buildup yesterday. it was taken over a period of about 17 hours from midnight to 05:15pm. look at the snow just piling up. this is in the town of lake on close lake ontario. forecasters say 30 inches, 30 inches of lake effect. snow fell in that area. all right. let's check our very quiet 4
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zone forecast specially compared to what's going on back. isis is a live look outside along san francisco's embarcadero. yeah, we are loving life here with our weather because a lawrence, it's a different picture across much of the country is not yet been one extreme, right? we had our rain early on. they've got there. >> dry weather now they're getting the cold stuff and we're getting our warm weather. here we go. here's a look at the wind chills right now. >> talk about the cold temperatures in the snow is what it feels like right now in boston. -1 degrees out there with those gusty winds and those cold temperatures in place. 9 degrees in new york. how about detroit? levon degrees there. that's what feels like outside. only 24 in chicago. so yeah, they are socked in with some wintry weather outside and we are basking in sunshine around much of the bay area today. some high clouds drifting in late in the day, only made for gorgeous sunset. but now that ridge, you kind of get the idea, look at the arc, that's kind of form here. they can just sense of that ridge of high pressure building in across california, sending all the storm tracks well to the north. so they've got those
6:22 pm
frigid temperatures. we've got our nice weather right now. here are the numbers around the bay area almost at 60 degrees in half moon bay. right now, 59 in san francisco. 58 in fremont. 53 now in concord. we're looking that dome of high pressure continuing to build that it will slide right through make its way eastward as it moves on by going to bring us another nice day. the storm system just kind of roll over the top of that ridge. that will leave us very mild around the bay area again for tomorrow. and then we're going to see some changes. we're going to see some clouds begin to move up out of the south. but tonight you can see the clouds kind of drifting on and off throughout the night tonight into early tomorrow morning lows, mainly in the 40's for lows. tomorrow. turnout today with some sunshine, a few passing clouds. going to see that too. as we head throughout the day, then you see late the day you get to get to see some clouds coming up out the south. that will be more of a factor. i think as we head in toward thursday and friday, really going to see an area of low pressure. it's been up a lot of clouds from the south in our direction. alright, that being said temperatures tomorrow should be very nice again. it will be a dry day numbers moving well into the 60's. almost 70 degrees in
6:23 pm
fremont and san jose, maybe even hitting 70's in the morgan hill along the coastline. we've got some 60's in the half moon bay about 62 in mill valley the next couple days. keeping you dry, a few clouds on the way but dry right through the weekend. thank you. lauren is coming up next for the first time in more than a decade, the red cross says it is in a crisis. how you can help solve a nationwide
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>> well, the first time in decades there is a nationwide blood crisis. the american red cross as the nation's blood supply is and record low territory with the pandemic leading to a 34% drop in donors. red cross says is having trouble delivering the requested amount of blood to hospitals right now in the bay area, nonprofit blood donation company by talent says that it is saying the lowest overall blood supply and more than 2 years here. >> every blood type right now it is currently needed. you know, we typically like to see at least a four-day supply on our shelves. and right now in certain blood types, we have less than a one-day supply ourselves. so it's really important that all eligible donors, you know, show up and give. and if you don't know your blood type, that's ok, because you find out your blood type. a preliminary indication of your blood type your first time. donors don't know when you come in to donate. >> january is national blood donor month is free to donate. and if you have recently had
6:27 pm
covid you should be symptom-free for at least 2 weeks before you give blood. >> coming up next, deceiving nurses and patients. >> how italian police were able to bust a fake covid vaccination operation. plus, a new travel warning from the cdc where you're being urged not to visit due to rising covid concerns.
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>> our top story at 6.30, visiting a hospital for covid
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testing is not recommended for people experiencing mild symptoms or those who are asymptomatic. that's the word from john muir health. this comes as the health system says it's seen a sharp rise in emergency room visits for testing kron four's phillipe djegal tells us the issues not a matter of supply, but rather capacity to treat severely severely ill patients. >> up to 50% of patients admitted to john health emergency rooms are being diagnosed with covid-19 in addition to suffering from other serious illnesses and chief medical officer doctor russell rodriguez says those patients need the hospital's staff's full attention. those experiencing mild symptoms possibly related to covid-19 or are asymptomatic yet won a routine test should try to find one available to take at home or visit a local clinic, but not a hospital to somebody. >> has an entire family that has covid and now they have symptoms.


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