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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. tonight at 5 new san francisco guidelines announced this afternoon will require all large health care facilities to provide access to covid testing or they'll pay the price. >> thanks for watching. kron. 4 news at 5. i'm ken wayne and 9 palmore. san francisco has more positive covid cases now than ever before. on average, more than 1200 people are testing positive every day in the city. >> new rules were announced today requiring hospitals to help administer tests. if not, they will face a hefty fine kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us now live with more on the updated testing guidelines.
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rob. ken, last week, san francisco broke a record testing more than 17,000 people in one day. >> the problem is that the department of health is conducting the majority of the test and they say hospitals need to pick up the slack. with more tests come more positive cases. director of health in san francisco, doctor grant colfax gave an update tuesday on the city's record breaking numbers. and right now. >> nearly one in 5 tests positive the sf department of public health along with mayor london breed's office will now require large health care providers to help administer tests to minimize the surge. in omicron cases. we need all of our health system partners to step up and do their part to meet the needs of their members, staff and patients. if hospitals and hospital affiliated systems don't show proof of providing tests for patients who are symptomatic or who are close contact with someone who has tested positive. they'll face fines of up to $10,000 per day. getting that test within 24
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hours of that request and that they are then getting results from that testing within 48 hours. and that happening 90% of the time schools are also getting more help. the city is sending more kn 95 mask and rapid antigen test of the san francisco unified school district by the end of this week. >> every student and every classroom teacher will have a take home test kit additional measures to help fight off covid as san francisco experiences case numbers 4 times higher than last. winter's peak. none of this is easy, but we're going to keep working together to support everyone in the city. it's how we lead. >> the way during covid and is how we will keep moving forward. >> according to doctor kovacs, hospitalization numbers aren't as high as they were last winter. he credits vaccines for that saying that people who are in the hospital with covid are either unvaccinated. >> not up to date with their
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vaccines. live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news from thank you. well, shortages have become all too common in the last year, but now those shortages are focused on those at home covid tests. >> couple that with not enough appointments for the pcr test and a highly transmissible variant like omicron and it is the perfect storm. so if you need a test and can't get one and you think you might have the virus, what do you do? four's dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight with that day. >> we've been talking medical experts about this and there are various steps that you really must take, especially because the omicron variant is so transmissible. >> at home, covid tests are hard to come by and scheduling a pcr test is equally difficult. so if you can't get tested and you feel sick, what are you supposed to do? >> this moment, you have to it's covid. it could be other thing. sure. like a common cold, but because you can get a test, you kind of know for sure you're potentially going
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to transmit it to other people. ucsf, infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says. >> that means you must isolate yourself from others. you all yourself up in a one. >> after the 5, yes symptoms. i'm proving you can bought into the world with a mask on. but i read additional 5 days. if your son doesn't not improving, you basically stay until the u.s. so improving and wear the mask for the remainder of the time to make up 10 days. if on the other hand, you are not sick but have been exposed to others who are sick. the decision to quarantine depends on whether you're recently vaccinated or boosting. >> if you're not do said you stand on for 5 days, isolating itself. wall yourself off from society. and that day 5, you can go around but wear masks to the remaining 5 days. if you have, you said you don't have to walk southpaw from society. from the get go. you
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can sign moving or on. but you wearing a mask, the shore and a good mask for it for 10 days. >> and medical experts make it clear during this period you should continually try to get a test so you can be sure of where you stand live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. dan, thank you for that. in the east bay visiting a hospital for covid testing is not recommended for people experiencing mild symptoms or those who are asymptomatic. that's the word tonight from john muir health. this comes as the health system says it's seen a sharp rise in emergency room visits for testing. first, we all reports the issue is not a matter of supply but rather capacity to treat severely ill patients. >> if you are experiencing mild symptoms, possibly related to covid-19 or are asymptomatic yet won a routine test. you should try to find one available to take at home or visit a local clinic. >> but not a hospital over trying to do is ensure that
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people need to be tested. our test, john mirror health chief medical officer, doctor russell rodriguez says up to 50% of patients admitted to john muir health emergency rooms are being diagnosed with covid-19. >> in addition to suffering from other serious illnesses may be abdominal pain and some surgical issue they happened to have covid may be a patient happens after covid. >> so we're seeing a lot of that which is very different previous or just for people. also they were generally in the hospital for. >> a primary diagnosis of covid of the 185 covid-19. tests administered at john years. emergency departments in concord and walnut creek monday. >> more than 33% were for people with mild symptoms. testing is recommended. if you have a high risk condition and covid-19 symptoms or you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. if somebody has.
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>> a mile cold like symptoms and they live alone and they're vaccinated and boosted. they probably don't need to be tested. they can isolate themselves for 5 is ask for additional 5 is others. doctor, rodriguez says unlike in the past supply is not the issue. the health system has enough tests. in fact, everyone who was admitted to an emergency room is tested for covid-19. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 news. >> the cdc is now weighing an update to its mask. in the middle of the surge of the omicron variant. it is reported that the cdc is considering formally encouraging n 95 masks over cloth masks. the wall street journal reported yesterday that they can take about a half an hour or 2 people wearing cloth mask to pass the virus to one another. that's compared to about 25 hours when both are wearing n 95 masks, which are typically war by health care personnel. the
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updated guidance is expected to say the best mask is the one that is worn consistently and correctly. >> happening right now, california lawmakers are debating whether or not to create the state's first universal health care system. there are 2 bills under consideration. one would create a system. the other would outline how be pay for the first bill would have to be passed by january 31st. a vote is expected to come soon. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala in sacramento have a full report coming up at 6 o'clock. let's go outside right now. give you a live look at beautiful shot of the golden gate. and this is from the sutro tower looking at the bay. and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with another beautiful view. look sons about that. yeah. mother nature's beauty tonight on full display. 5.11, the official sunset time and we've got a couple high clouds up above. so you're just seeing some gorgeous colors. >> in the atmosphere right now. so get out the cameras. take a couple pictures. you're
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not to be around very long. you know how quickly these pictures a change as you head in the evening hours. but beautiful ouhere. nice day today. couple high clouds up above the rain staying well to the north. now as high pressure sits over california, the bay area seeing those clouds continue to move overhead. otherwise really kind of a nice day. we had some temperatures well into the 60's along the coastline right now. 62 degrees in half moon bay. 61 in san francisco. 62 in fremont and 60 degrees in hayward. high pressure. still taking care of that. you can see these storms kind of lineup, very active out there in the pacific. but this ridge just too strong. so that moisture just kind of rolls over the top of that ridge. occasionally some of these high clouds drift over the top of that ridge of the same time. otherwise we're left with some very mild weather. i think tomorrow will be another day of that. expect those temperatures soaring. well in the 60 some places near 70 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. thank you, lauren. new details this evening in the death of actor bob sag it. investigators in orlando are working to determine his exact cause of death, but
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>> a new report suggests that the actor may have suffered a fatal heart attack or a stroke. the official cause may not be revealed for weeks, but it is being reported tonight that security guards at the ritz carlton found him face up on the hotel bed with his left arm across his chest and his right arm line beside him. it is also being reported that the 65 year-old actor had battled covid, though it is not clear when. an autopsy revealed no foul play was involved and no evidence of drug use. a special tribute today on the floor of the house of representatives. late nfl legend john madden was honored by congress. >> our catherine heenan joins us now live from our newsroom with more on how a local congressman paid his respects. catherine. yeah, it was. it was a nice tribute. it was in washington, dc today led by east bay congressman eric swalwell. his district includes pleasanton, which is where i'm at and i december 28th madden spent the majority of his life in the east bay.
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he was head coach of the raiders from 1969. to 1978. he then went on to become one of the most popular and afl commentators in history. but congressman swalwell says john madden was much more than a football icon. he was a fixture in the east bay community. >> john madden was simultaneously a larger than life hall of fame coach and broadcaster, but also someone you can hang out with and have a cold miller light at the outback steakhouse in dublin after his grandsons football game. bump into at ace hardware on a saturday afternoon looking at power tools. or join for ham and eggs after mass on a sunday morning at vick's all-star kitchen on main street in pleasanton. well, our nation mourns his passing at the age of 85. the loss is particularly felt and the tri valley community. we share. whether you are from an older generation of fans that simply
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knew him as coach. my generation of fans that connected with him as john. from his years in the broadcast booth hosting snl star in commercials or the younger generation. who simply knew him as madden. from the video game. it can be stated that few, if any individuals have had a greater impact on football and popular culture in the last 50 years. >> and a public memorial service will be held for madden february 15th. that will be in oakland, specifics on that event will be released sometime next month. pam and ken. catherine, thank you. >> coming up on kron, 4 news, the palo alto school district asking parents for help as omicron continues to cause chaos by the district says parents can help keep schools open and delta crime. that's the delta and omicron variant merged together. what scientists are saying about the likelihood of it actually
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existing. plus, despite receiving a number of at home test kits from the state students, families and educators of san francisco are still finding it a challenge to get tested. we'll tell you why don't we come back? >> right in the heart of the wet season here in the bay area. but we've got some dry weather out there. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks....
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> state provided covid take home. test kits are being distributed this week in the san francisco unified school
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district. however, getting tested at a school districts site can still be a challenge for some parents and teachers who are desperate to find out if it is safe for them to return to school. well, force has the lead. un has that story. >> so test of >> jessica hobbs out as broader side to this covid-19 testing site at the crocker, playground in san francisco. it is one of these for covid testing locations available tuesday for parents and students in the san francisco unified school district. she talked about some of the challenges he had to overcome to make this happen. starting with navigating the school district's website to figure out exactly where to go. >> so to be able to find out i make it, my son tested today. i had to look through. i went on the web. satan had to look through because the locations rotate and i feel like i'm extra savvy because if you if
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employee, but that might be for other families to be able to figure out exactly where to go. there are also narrow windows of time to get tested at each site. have to pay attention to the hours that the testing sites are because they want to davidson. >> until 12, in addition to being a parent, alvarez is also a teacher's. the sf unified school district who says she had to take off work to get this done. >> many of many teachers at my school have gotten sick or their children have been thick. and so they've needed to be out and there are not enough substitute teachers to cover all those classes. so i've been helping out with that. and now i'm not able to be at work today. because of my son that you ation san francisco board of education commissioner allison collins, district testing itself. >> as i said >> is, is it forever schedule and what makes the most sense
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is testing schools. we've seen this in la there are other bay area districts that are making testing a lot more accessible and site we also need. >> access masks. so we're safe at work and students are safe i've got my n 95 mask on right now. my son has his on by the school you have believe that about myself in san francisco. has might you kron 4 a school district on the peninsula has decided to reverse its decision to pause, contact tracing. >> after a number of parents voiced concern yesterday, the san mateo foster city school district said it was facing a staff shortage due to a spike in covid cases since returning from winter break. there have been 115 confirmed cases of covid 100, one students and 14 staff members have tested positive earlier today. the district issued this statement kron 4 saying, quote, the district administration received feedback from concerned parents about this change. and we've developed a
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plan to reassign staff from other duties to resume contact tracing today. the district is also handing out free tests for students and staff. the palo alto unified school district wants to take parent participation to an entirely new level. the district has asked parents to help at the schools. >> with tasks such as administering covid tests, custodial duties and classroom duties as well. the school district sent out the request on sunday night and within 12 hours, 360 parents replied either say that they want to help or they are interested in health. it without the parents. could you guys still operate? >> we are. we can just how well can we i mean, i'm constantly checking my suburb port in terms of of filling in one of my custodians has been out and he's still out today. a couple of items that i'm thinking a parent could help would be helping us to wipe down the high touch point surfaces. >> the school district says it wants to do all it can to keep
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the classrooms open, believing that the children learn better with face to face learning. a live look outside right now looking out over downtown san francisco. i think him mention of the days of finally getting longer, you can still see sun out there. and it's a pretty cleared a little hazy. yes, summer is not quite here yet, but we can dream, right, lauren? oh, yeah, you get sunsets like this. this little bit more. look at the colors in the sky above the golden gate bridge right now. some. >> beautiful pinks and reds begin to show up in the sky. yeah. how about this shot? this come from the berkeley that is gorgeous. beautiful skies out there right now. the sun is setting what was a very nice day around the bay area. of course, word right now. and then we get these dry spells in the middle of our season. looks like we're going to see one through good part of january as well. look at the forecast track now. you see all that rain, all the green moving up in the pacific northwest. high pressure sitting out ahead of these storms. kind of roll over the top of that ridge. that ridge weakens a little bit only to strengthen again once fronts
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move through. next couple days. yeah, there you go. you've got some nice, dry weather. the one exception you've got some moisture coming up in the south will see a few more clouds moving in across our skies next couple days. you see a little swirl. well, the south, too, but the main jet stream that is guiding all the real stormy weather. well to the north of the bay area. so we get into saturday and sunday that ridge begins to build back in the bay area said the jet stream well to the north keeps us dry and looks like that will be right to the weekend. and into next week, southern california may actually get a little rain from that low that's circulating down the south as we get into next week. but for right now, looks like we're going to keep things dry around the bay area. looks like that will be the case not only this week, but maybe all of next week. may we not talking about rain until late may be near the end of january. guys, back to you. all right, lauren, thank you. still ahead on kron 4 news, the white house covid response team on the hot seat today. >> what transpired between them and lawmakers on capitol hill and what the federal reserve chair is saying about 2021. say the highest inflation rate jump in almost 40 yea
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>> president biden has nominated jerome powell to serve another term as the chair of the federal reserve also served as fed chair under president trump. but before confirming him today to another term, senators questioned him on issues such as how he plans to control inflation. washington correspondent alexandra limon reports. >> senators praised the steps the federal reserve took during the pandemic to save
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the economy, but say those same steps contributed to the problems we're seeing now. all of us recognize that americans are experiencing. >> price increases and in many areas in 2021, inflation rose by nearly 7%. the highest rate jump in almost 40 years. federal reserve chair jerome powell blames a lack of supply. people want to buy cars. car car makers can't making more cars because they know semiconductors to fight inflation. powell says the fed plans to end asset purchases by march and raise interest rates throughout the year. >> but republicans say that may not be enough. >> i'm concerned that the fed missed the boat on addressing inflation sooner. a lot of us are. powell admits the feds predictions about inflation or
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cooling off. >> the economy. what they really mean is making it harder for people to find jobs and stopping paychecks from growing. and we know how this goes. the cooling off never seems to extend to corporate profits. are executives pay instead, brown wants to see fixing supply problems remain. the government's primary focus in washington. alexandra limon. coming up, the next red cross or the red cross has declared a crisis summit nationwide. blood shortage. >> we have information from a local nonprofit and the call to donate blood. >> and president biden in a key battleground state today. how his administration is standing up for voting rights and possibly a change in senate rules.
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>> concerts and other large events are being canceled in sonoma county after the health officer issued an order asking people to stay home when they can and limit the size of gatherings on for charles clifford has details and reaction.
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>> all right. we'll try to fix that audio. get back to charles report a little bit later on happening right now. lawmakers in san jose are meeting to decide if >> people need to show proof of covid booster shot or a negative test to attend indoor events in san jose. the san jose city council is considering the booster mandate at its meeting that began earlier today. the mandate would apply to anyone attending events at city owned facilities, including the sa peace center, the convention center or the center for performing arts if passed, the order would also apply to venue staff for the first time in decades. there is a nationwide blood crisis. the american red cross says the nation's blood supply is in record low territory with the pandemic leading to a 34% drop in donors. the red cross says it's having trouble delivering the requested amount of blood to hospitals right now. nonprofit blood donation company vital and says it's seeing the lowest overall blood supply and more than 2 years here in the bay area.


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