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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 11, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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actually right there to numbers are changing really quickly. now, as i said, that sunshine is making short-lived those cold temperatures. now it's time for some warmer and doubling more comfortable weather the rest of the day. as far as our bridges go, we also had a short-lived, a backup there at the bay bridge toll plaza earlier on only 9 minutes to get you the bay bridge from the base to fremont street. those bright skies certainly look inviting as does our view of the san mateo bridge. only 13 minutes there and an 8 minute drive from the tolls to one o one across the richmond center fell and just as pretty there at the golden gate under all that sunshine. also just as easy of a drive. 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls, james. all right, john, thank you very much. just in to the kron 4 news room. we have new developments now from one bay area school district. that's >> now reversing course this morning when it comes to contact tracing for sarah stinson joins us with the update. sarah, good morning. >> yeah, that's right. parents expressed concern to the san
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mateo foster city school district after they received a letter saying that contact tracing would be paused because they had a huge spike in covid cases. well, the district heard these parents loud in clear and resumed the use. the contact tracing within 24 hours. it really never stopped to. thdy really took a one 80 here. let's take a look at what the superintendent just sent me over e-mail. the emailing back and forth trying to get all the details worked out. so we're giving everyone the latest diego ochoa. he sent me this e-mail superintendent saying the district administration received feedback from concerned parents about this change. and we've developed a plan to reassign staff from other duties to resume contact tracing today. this is a complete one, 80, as i said from parent and a lot parents received just yesterday about the district concentrating more on testing. >> the district is still asking students, staff and families to act as if they have putting potentially exposed and to get tested since students returned from
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winter break. there has been 115 confirmed cases of covid in the san mateo foster city tudents and 14 staff members have tested positive today. additional staff will be assigned to identify and reach out to close contacts with those who have tested positive in the district's schools. now, let's take a look at the district's isolation guidelines stay home for at least 5 days after testing positive day when day one rather begins the day after you test positive isolation can end after 5 days. if your symptoms are not present or symptoms are resolving staff and students must present a negative test result before they return to school. the recommendation is to get a rapid antigen tests rather than a pcr test. if you're unable or you choose not to test. well, they're recommending 10 days of isolation. if you have a fever, you're definitely going want to stay in isolation. that is truly a very important tip. and then for testing, of course, that's what they recommend the most right now.
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please get tested as they're saying, please, all everyone involved in their school districts just >> act as if you've been potentially exposed that rather know if people are positive or negative and they are offering testing for people today at sunny brae elementary school. now i'm still trying to see. i mean, we can sit down on zoom with the superintendent and discuss this again. make sure that people in the school district know all of the details they need to. >> james, for now, we'll send it back to you. >> good enough. thank you very much, sara. meanwhile, in the east bay, the oakland school for the arts is going to be closed this week in a statement on the school's website, they say it's partly due to a staff shortage as a result of quarantines. adding that we are unable to continue to provide personal person instruction to students and need to institute an emergency school closure for the remainder of this week. and quote, now the school says that because of changes to state laws, they aren't allowed to offer remote learning at this point, teachers instead of posting work for the students to do
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online during the closure. the school plans on reopening next week. if all goes well, classes, though, are resuming today in the west contra costa county school district. the district closed down the schools last friday and yesterday. so they had the time needed to sanitize all the campuses. the district also required employees and students to take covid tests yesterday and report those results before school today. and this is all because a large number of staff absences and increased number of covid cases in the school district. and also starting today, all staff members are going to be required to wear medical grade kn 95 masks while on campus. another big story, the palo alto unified school district is desperate to have students learn inside the classroom and they're turning to parents to make that happen. they're asking the parents to volunteer kron four's will tran is live in palau to axe to explain what's being done here will. >> many schools are doing online learning, but in the
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palo alto school district, they are doing their very best to make sure the schools look just like this full of cars full of teachers and full of students face to face learning and for that to happen, they need volunteers, substitute teachers, of course, because there are teachers out there not showing up because of covid-19 and other things. but the backbone of the education system, they're seeing the things that happened behind the scenes like this, tony, over seoul. lot of parents dropping off their kids this morning. a lot of them are doing. you turns and coming back and volunteering not just at this elementary school, but at schools across the palo alto unified school district. they have the support of the parents. they actually got the email from the school district on sunday night at 09:00pm and by 09:00am on monday morning. they had 300, 60 responses from parents saying, yes, i will do it or i'm very interested in got a chance to
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talk to parents. they say it is great for them because their kids to learn a lot better face to face. >> we could see the impact on his mental health. i mean, he definitely needs people of his age age group to, you know, scream rahm play, learn how that classroom setting and how the level be level headed at his age grew his age 11, right without the parents. could you guys still operate? >> we are. we can just how well can we i mean, i'm constantly checking my suburb port in terms of of filling in one of my custodians has been out on a still out today. a couple of items that i'm thinking a parent could help would be helping us to wipe down the high touch point surfaces. >> so that was the principal. you will not be teaching the kids. instead, you'll be doing things like custodial work. you'll be doing a tendency will be helping with covid tests as far as the paperwork, all the things that happened
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behind the scenes to make the front line workers like the teachers do their job. they are making sure that the parents i mean, they want to make sure, especially the elementary school kids are safe. so no parent, we'll be alone with a child. if that is your concern, you can go on to the web site at the school district or the individual schools and tell them you would like to volunteer. i've already taken the liberty of volunteering. a lot of people at kron 4 so shifts will begin as soon as people that kron 4 get off of work. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll 9, 0, 7, is the time. stanford is reporting 800 new covid cases as a post holiday covid outbreak continues. there. nearly 500 students and over 300, 50 staff members have tested positive. 600 students are being isolated right now in student housing winter quarter. classes at stafford are for the moment online. only students will resume in-person classes next tuesday after the martin luther king
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junior holiday. so again, classes don't resume till january. 18th testing is required before returning back to campus. so don't forget that university officials think the surge will probably continue as more students come back to campus for in-person learning. meantime, in san francisco, it appears that parents and teachers along with city leaders and school board members are all struggling to get on the same page as far as covid safety. this comes after more than 600 educators called out sick last week. the san francisco board of education, president gabriela lopez tweeted that city health officials are refusing to attend an upcoming school board meeting to take questions from the public officials with the city's department of health confirmed that they're not going to take up her request. fellow board member alison collins is blaming the district and city leaders for creating which she says is an educational emergency >> we have schools that are, you know, barely able to function because of lack of staffing. we're trying to fill gaps with parent and we're trying to fill gaps with
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central office staff. and that's just not. that is just not acceptable. so we know that the demand is very high. we're doing everything we can to get these tests into the hands of students, staff and families and will continue to do that this week. >> colin says that there needs to be more available testing sites in the district. a district spokesperson says that 56,000 take home tests that were provided by the state will be sent out to families this week. well, just got a little more difficult to get a covid test in san francisco has several testing sites in the city. now we're going to be closed through today because of a nationwide computer glitch. the city's health department says this glitch shut down test sites yesterday as well. here's a list of those locations that were affected. officials are asking people not to go to the sites for testing at this point. they're working right now with the vendor to accommodate people who had to have their appointments canceled yesterday. see if they can get them rescheduled somewhere else. the rapid rise in cases is also taking its toll on businesses, too. a
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growing number of restaurant owners say that they're struggling to keep their doors open simply because there just isn't enough staff. and that could be because employees are testing positive or potentially just worried about being exposed to the virus. laurie thomas, with the golden gate restaurant association says that the daily stress of not knowing how each day is going to go. he's taking more than just a financial toll on business owners is taking a mental one, too. >> real emotional stress that manifests in different ways. and we just really need to help each other. and we need everybody understand that our industry is is really suffering. we had to make the decision to close this morning as we just didn't have a kitchen staff available. >> thomas recommends checking a restaurant social media page to see if they're open. first because things can change on a daily basis. one way you can support your favorite restaurant is to buy a gift card from them and above all else, have patience as these businesses are struggling to get through these tough times.
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the rising number of hospitalizations here in the bay area means that local hospitals now have to decide between which patients to care for which ones to allowed to have surgeries. a lot of these elective surgeries are being postponed. and that's pushing back some non-emergency surgeries like that. or hip replacement and hospitals can free up staff by doing that so that they can focus on those who have a more immediate need. but some warn that it could lead to long-term health consequences, too. >> so sometimes, you know, so he comes into the emergency department, for example, and they you know, serious infection or a problem with their intestines where, you know, they could were sent in a very short period of time and they need surgery in order to deal with that. those are cases we really want to have the capacity to manage. >> yeah, the state health department hasn't issued an official order. officials at this point are evaluating the situation for now. they're leaving it up to the individual hospitals to take a look at elective on a case by case basis and decide which
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ones they deem are necessary. patients should be ready to see their appointment postponed, though, if it can be. we'll take a break at about 9.12 this morning. a bay area counties now putting a ban on large gatherings will tell you which one and why they say it's better for everybody. just stays home right now. >> and that deadline is coming up for covered. california health insurance plans. why having coverage could be a big benefit here is we're still benefit here is we're still dealing with the pandemic. when a truck hit my car, benefit here is we're still dthe insurance companymic. wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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we are back at 9.15. we've got john trouble with a look at our forecast this morning as hopefully temperatures are starting to warm up just a little bit. another pretty cold earlier, john. yeah, we have a lot of 30's this morning, james, but those are all gone now. it would only took a few minutes once the sun really popped over. >> to be start to see those temperatures climbing into the 40's. and now even the 50's. and that's where we're going to be this afternoon. climbing even further into the 60's making for likely the warmest day of this forecast by only a couple of degrees. but that's still something certainly nice. and i think that we've earned after a very rainy month last month in kind of a dreary week last week, san jose looks absolutely beautiful. got the clear blue skies up above skies will grow ever clear for the bay area for the rest of the morning. now come the afternoon, you will see a few passing clouds but no moisture associated with those as this high
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pressure. ridge is ensuring any chance of rainfall is sent well to the north, keeping us mild in on a steady, dry trend across the bay area. you see that here in future cast conditions remain dry throughsut the course of the day today, even with some of those passing clouds that we will see today tomorrow and for the remainder of the week. so by no means a crystal-clear forecast, but a dry and mild one for sure. thursday would have been our best chance of rainfall. you can actually see that we do have some showers sitting just off shore. those little green pockets, not enough energy to steer their way into the bay area, though. so we will stay dry on thursday. 60's for your highs and san francisco, a few 50's nestled right along the coastline. well, some 60's in mid 60's for some of our peninsula bayshore cities as well as the south bay. look at the santa clara valley. pretty solidly into the mid 60's at 66 degrees today. oakland's not far behind you at 65 degrees for your daytime high. as for temperatures in the north bay, mostly 60's until you get to the coast. that's where you'll find those 50's. as for next 7 days, temperatures don't change
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much. we stay pretty solidly in the 60's through the remainder of this week. a touch cooler this weekend remaining dry, mostly sunny to partly cloudy in this forecast. as for roadways, conditions remain clear. not a lot of cars going across the bay bridge right now. so if you we don't even need to look at it. back to you, james. all right, john, thank you very much. time now to check winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. joining us this morning as we're taking a look at the markets, rob, where it looks like we're pretty positive across the board. >> but investors are waiting for what word from jerome powell today. >> it's been turbulent start for the year. i just check numbers right efore i came on. they're pretty good. a pretty solid for today. earlier it looked is going to be negative in large part. drone policy testified before the senate. he's been renominated. he should get through. but look for a little bit of senator grandstanding today where they got great senator from wyoming says was
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as will be used in ad campaigns. that will be a little dramatic on wall street, but all things considered. we had a great year last year. this year, we're starting to focus on inflation. and as we do that big tech memes that are earning good money like apple, amazon, google and facebook and have these are the market in a little bit punished. but if you're not earning money, you're getting really and if you're an old boring company, kind of this year, because that's to predict versus inflation of note, house of inflation, we're paying more for gas airlines, hotels, housing, medical, the average debt in america has now swelled to 155,000. 600. 22 $1. that's up from last year after we reduced it during covid. and cbs said today that company should be paying for covid testing. cbs said they're going to be coming in buying covid testing. that's great for business. so there's some weird stories out there that makes money on. if you pay attention and a cbs, a good long-term play on the aging of america.
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>> ok, well, what you think about airline stocks, are they worth investing in right now? because i mean, that's our second item. again, they're still getting hammered. lots of cancellations still. >> really so and i bring this up as a public service, but also has a 1st quarter gdp be on the financial world because we're not travel and we're not spending ireland's capital 1300 flights on saturday, 1300 flights on sunday. if council 1000 flights now for 15 days in a row, the airlines who are getting hit most of the bay area are southwest and united as well as alaska. so check special flying for days. i'm checking out my flights going out. my flights come back. have they been affected in may be renting a car to get back to work on time on tuesday. martin luther king day on monday, wintestorm and covid. it's going to the cruise. winter storms are hitting big airport. so it makes a little bit of sense with that said, james, we're going to get better and better as the year goes on. omicron looks to be incredibly infectious but less deadly,
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which could mean the people who refuse to get shots are basically going to get infection and the people have gotten shots won't get the disease as much. but that's what the airlines are hoping for. is that omicron basically vaccinate everyone one way or the other >> okay. and then our last story kind of made me chuckle just from the headline alone. google says apple's i message dominates because of bullying. google complaining about being bullied the smartphones. that's that's funny. >> well said, actually stems from a wall street journal article about 3 years ago my kid who's 13 just got its first iphone. and he knows i'm like, you know, blue messages are worse. the green is blue means came from an apple device and green means came from a google like it's about right and blue means that he can get video easier he can get. i pay easier. he get he could see the other person typing on the other screen. it's a little bit of a status
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symbol. and if you're a big family trying to plan something like a disney, it's nice to have everyone on the same device you can share the same kind of i'm out but never looks the same to everyone. so google's right there, there's kind of lead to it. the original founder of apple's operating software for the phone said that that was the goal is making more family inclusive, like without the blue. well, but now saying turn around and saying we're excluding bp, which seems a little bit extreme. the meal, but i get it. i'm having received that it's delivered. read the title references all make it nicer experience video sharing. i pay all makes a nice experience of note. this is wall to entry for apple into the ecosystem and i like 89% of apple users are will to apple. 92 1% of google phone u ers are loyal to the gulf islands. i was surprised how high that number is and even me and my friends and will fight any kind of a front is going to go your it's just
9:22 am
juror same time will it is a status symbol. >> i can't tell you how many times i've had friends complain who have apple phones. i've got an android one that they can. >> my texts to them don't look the same to them. they can see some of my reaction is it's a bit. it's intentional for sure. apples doing that to make sure that i finally come around to get an apple phone. so i could be part of the club to apparently. >> the investment lesson is investing luxury label town away in a c is a great long-term name. companies like lululemon do well because they're perceived as better than nike. nike is better a t-shirt. and apple's considered the more elite than say a google android operating system. >> so they'd like you to believe still hold firm to my google phone. thank you very much as always, rob. and if you have a question for rob that you'd like him to talk about a topic that you'd like him to pick apart for you. let him know facebook, twitter. those are his handles. you can e-mail him directly and will visit with rob once again tomorrow morning. we'll be right back. well, californians
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who need health care coverage listen up. open enrollment for covered. california is open through january 31st. experts say with covid cases surging, it's really important to make sure that you do have health insurance because while vaccines are free, a state hospitals not. >> i think we've seen so much over the last couple of years. how important it is to get health insurance to manage our
9:26 am
kind of conditions that we have. those 4 just in case something unexpected happens like an accident. you want to have health insurance coverage. >> for people who sign up for covered california coverage, it will begin on february. 1st. well, to santa clara county board of supervisors and the county judge had declared mental health and substance abuse. a public health crisis supervisor susan ellenberg, an auto lee called the current system of care fractured. they say the current crisis is decades in the making and requires a large scale response. they add that the focus should be on workforce shortages that hurt the ability to provide services, especially for children who need more access to mental health care. the national institute for mental health. >> states that right here in santa clara county, more than 50,000 of our 263,000, 500 and rolled students, they from some mental illness and less than will receive treatment.
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this is just not acceptable. we have to do better. >> the supervisors say the coronavirus has exacerbated the need for these services to be improved. we'll take a break at 9.27. coming up next on the kron. 4 morning news governor gavin newsome unveiling his budget proposal for the state will tell you what it includes and more importantly, how much is going to cost? we'll be right back.
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9.30, is the time. welcome back here to the kron. 4 morning news as we get a quick check of the forecast this morning. we've got some conditions outside that look fantastic. let's find out just how chilly it is. i know john, earlier it was on the very cold that we're talking like 30's for a lot of fun. yeah, a lot of us fell into the 30's this morning, james. and even though it looks gorgeous, you are probably stepping outside and getting that rush of cold air in your face. that. >> maybe what you write up a little perk of the cold temperatures we are seeing temperatures rising quickly now because of all that sunshine, half moon bay looks beautiful and feeling a little bit more tolerable at this point. thanks to that. sunshine today is actually going to be our most mild day of this forecast. so after a morning spent in the 30's for areas like dublin livermore in palo alto, each of you are solidly back in the 40's. now, alameda san mateo pacific in
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the 50's with pacifica. just 2 degrees shy of 60 right now. but big bay also at 57 degrees. so those coastal areas are first to warm up inland areas soon to follow. also in for a comfortable afternoon. as far as bridges go, it's been an easy drive. the past few hours. we briefly had a backup there. the bay bridge plaza. but that is really since cleared. and now it's less than 10 minutes to get you across the span. san mateo bridge just over 10 minutes and at the limit as you head either way. now, we have seen a big slowdown there at the richmond center fell bridge 20 minutes now to get you across the bridge. that is a big change from where we were a few minutes ago and all be looking into exactly what is going on there and what clearing we can expect over the next few minutes. the golden gate bridge 20 minutes. that's the typical to get you from. 37 to the tolls. james. all right, john, thank you. the explosion in covid cases that we've seen and quarantine % rules even if you're asymptomatic is. >> taking its toll on local
9:32 am
hospitals and businesses and schools. california surpassed 6 million total cases yesterday. the omicron variant, the big reason behind this latest surge which has prompted the sonoma county health officer now to issue a ban on all large gatherings as kron four's dan storm reports everyone's being urged now to stay home and travel only when absolutely necessary. >> stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days. that's the request from sonoma county's public health officer of the omicron variant. >> our case rates have never been higher and begin to decline. >> doctor, some during mace says sonoma county is dealing with a rapid rise in covid-19 cases and is expecting the surge will get worse in an appeal to the community. doctor mace is asking people to limit their travel outside of their home to just going to work or school or taking trips to the doctor or the grocery store. beginning wednesday, large gatherings of more than 50 people indoors or more than 100 people outdoors are also
9:33 am
banned in the county just by pure volume. we're seeing increases in our hospitalizations. and, you know, we're really concerned about the county leaders are hoping these steps will help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed over the last 2 weeks. the county is seeing the case rate increase for more than 24 new cases per 100,000 to more than 120 cases per 100,000. those numbers are expected to climb large indoor gatherings that are not banned in the county include school events, courthouse activities, places of worship malls, restaurants and museums, large outside events can go on as planned as long as social distancing could happen. doctor mace says this is a temporary adjustment to once again help stop the spread and is asking local police to help enforce this order. the next 30 days, heat. >> helping stop the rapid spread of the highly contagious variant. >> you know, community reporting in sonoma county, dan thorn kron, 4 news.
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>> we'll break through. covid cases are becoming more common. even among those who are vaccinated and boosted health experts say the omicron variant is what's behind this, which means that everyone even the fully vaccinated should double down on protecting themselves over the next few weeks. that means wearing and that n 95 or kn 95 mask. if you have one and limiting the number of people you're around. >> be careful about about the kinds of situations you get into. especially indoors, especially people without masks, especially people. you don't know. who may or may not be vaccinated, who may or may not have been careful in past. we would have going on bar. >> but it wasn't so crowded. you know, think twice. if you really have to do that. >> experts point out those who test positive despite getting their vaccine and booster shot, we'll likely have milder cases. but they add cdc data shows people with underlying conditions are still most at
9:35 am
risk for hospitalization. so be careful. a new mandate is in effect right now in contra costa county and requiring all first responders to get their covid booster shot as well as includes all law enforcement and firefighters. emergency medical responders. basically anybody working in the hospitals, jails and nursing homes is included workers who don't get their booster shot will now have to test for the virus every single week, even if they've gotten their original doses. so the booster now required. across the bay area. more city offices are also having to close their doors because of surging covid cases. police in pinole, for instance, close the public safety building to the public until further notice. newark's city and police officers are also closed until next tuesday. hayward city hall offices are closed every friday of this month. and brentwood has closed its city hall. it's police headquarters and the municipal services center until further notice. the latest city hall has also been shut down through february 28th. starting this
9:36 am
saturday. private health insurance companies will be required to cover the cost of at home covid tests. the white house has announced this change as it looks to try and lower the cost of these tests and to make them more convenient and affordable under the new policy health insurance providers will be required to cover the cost of up to 8 at home tests per person per month. the white house says this policy will dramatically reduce the cost of tests, adding they soon expect to roll out a new website where you can actually order these covid tests online and have them delivered right to your house. governor newsome, by the way, has unveiled his proposed state budget with a price tag of about 286 billion dollars in the budget. he laid out a tax holiday or gas tax holiday and billions of dollars to address homelessness and climate change and public safety issues. he says he's working right now with the legislature on renewing paid covid-19 sick time for california workers. but the governor's biggest priority he says is the universal health care program,
9:37 am
which he wants to have off the ground and running by 2024, it will come at a cost of about 2 billion per year, but he says it's worth it. california is poised to be if this proposal is supported the first 8. >> in the country to achieve universal access to health coverage. we said we're going to do it. so we take a few years. we're committed to doing it. >> newsom's administration projects the state will have about a 45.7 billion dollars surplus. but governor newsome couldn't say whether that would mean that taxpayers would get any sort of golden state stimulus check like we've received an months passed. the state budget will be finalized in june. so we'll see what's officially in at them. well, many are praising the governor's announcement that he wants to bring back the covid sick pay, especially with the large latest covid surge that highlighting the disparity between those who get paid sick days and those who don't data from the national compensation survey shows that nearly 80% of all private sector workers get at
9:38 am
least one paid sick day. but only 33% of workers whose wages are at the bottom 10% get any picks. pick a sick, paid, leave it all. the survey also found that 65% of workers who reported being sick in the last month said that they went to work anyway. meanwhile, san francisco will consider making sick leave permanent. we've heard from supervisor gordon mar who introduced what he's calling the public health emergency ballot measure. he did that last week. he said it will make sure that city employees of private companies with more than 100 employees get paid sick time and have if they have to quarantine or care for a family member, the board has to approve the measure for it to be on the ballot. this coming june. we'll take a break. coming up on 9.39. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. klay thompson still reflecting on his return to the >> warriors and the court. he says the support he's received from fans means so much to him. and we'll hear from him coming up. and after the
9:39 am
break, a mountain lion spotted in daly city will tell you how one woman discovered it in her backyard. >> and i'm sure you're waking up loving all the sunshine we're seeing this morning. it was a cold one, but that sunshine work on those cold temperatures. we're already climbing close to the 60's for a few coastal spots. that's where most of us will be spending the afternoon. i've spending the afternoon. i've got your forecast. after my car accident, spending the afternoon. i've got your forecast. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> 9.41 is the time police in daly city. we're looking for a mountain lion after a woman spotted it in her backyard yesterday. police officers were there along with the representatives from the department of fish and wildlife. they all spent the day looking for this big cat% in the area of west more avenue and baldwin avenue. the homeowner, lori gallup, says that she first spotted the mountain lion with her dogs kept barking up a tree in her backyard. so she went out there to see what all the fuss was about. >> as i was approaching the tree on the upper level of the yard. i noticed this big tail hanging down and i was like, oh, my god, what is that? so i walked a little closer. may look right up. and it was looking right down at me that mountain lion. haha. >> daly, city police tweeted about 5.30, last night that they were going to turn in for the night. but they keep monitoring the area. nobody spotted the mountain lion
9:43 am
sense. they are urging you, though, here in the area or if you're in an area where there's occasional mount lines coming into town. >> approach with caution fact on approach at all, just call police. they'll handle it. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back at 9.45. and get a look at this. a new law is
9:46 am
giving veterans and gold star families free lifetime access to national parks and federal recreational lands. this was signed into law over the holidays and it includes the park service's 423 sites around the country. the supporters of the bill say that this law represents just one small way of saying thank you for the military service of that community and the brave service to promote to access to beautiful national that's something that they'll be able to enjoy. and hopefully you get a chance to enjoy that some time, maybe in the summer it will hold unless you really like some people really love getting out there and enjoy the cold wilderness john. yeah, as long as you're bundled up, i get out there and enjoy it. >> today is going to be one of the most mild days of the forecast. so, you know, it's january. you may want to wait till it gets a little bit warmer, but certainly not a bad day to venture out. we are looking at the bay bridge right here. a very still flag above pier 15 and blue skies up above. what a chilly start to the morning. it's been we've been talking about all
9:47 am
morning how temperatures have fallen into the 30's and 40's. but all that sunshine is helping us out really quickly. as far as the way it's feeling outside go. so we're already climbing close to the 60's right along the coastline. areas like monterey and santa cruz are actually expecting some 70's today. so we're seeing those numbers climbing in today is likely by only a couple of degrees to be the most mild of this forecast. that high pressure ridge is going to keep us consistently dry, sending any chance of rainfall or snow for that matter. well, up into the pacific northwest, the rest of california is just looking at this kind of conditions. a little cloudy at some points, but bright skies nonetheless, pretty consistently today, tomorrow on into thursday, thursday was her best chance of any sort of rainfall. and you can see by thursday, a couple of those green pocket showing up there at the edge of your screen offshore. that's where they're going to stay, though, as the system doesn't have enough energy to be producing any precipitation for the will remain dry all the way through the week into the weekend, likely into the starting next week, too. 50's
9:48 am
and 60's near the coastline today. while everywhere else is pretty solidly low to mid 60's, the santa clara valley will have some of our warmest of temperatures up to 66 degrees for many of our south bay cities, east bay, temperatures in the 60's for the low 60's in livermore, pleasanton dublin to the mid 60's over in oakland at 65 degrees. same number for you in napa right at 65 and santa rosa down through center fell in the low 60's today. tomorrow, thursday, friday, much the same as today's about to be certainly not a lot of change. we cool down just a couple of degrees into the weekend. taking us back into the upper 50's and as already noted, skies are going to stay dry all the way through this one. spurs. are bridges go mostly on the good side of things we are seeing in very easy commute across the bay bridge. 8 minutes from the maze to fremont street and also very easy on the cross. the san mateo bridge still plenty of traffic, but you're rolling at the limit. now, we do have this back up here at the richmond. sandra fell toll plaza and i looked into why
9:49 am
that is. it does look like the right lane is blocked due to some construction there mid span. so that is definitely sending that back. a pass that hole itself 14 not as bad as it was earlier, but expect a few extra minutes as you have to make that crossing and the golden gate bridge 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. back to james. all right. thank you very much, john. klay thompson's return to the warriors will go down as one of the most. >> memorable moments at the chase center. so far the forty-niners to they're getting ready for their wild card game against the dallas cowboys this weekend. we have kron 4 sports director jason dumas, us with a look at all. >> chase center is still in its infant stages. the building is about 2 years old and haven't had any memorable moments, especially when you factor in covid in games being played without fans. but man, the building was truly baptize. chase center had its first defining moment. klay thompson made his return to the court for the first time in 941 days. if you're
9:50 am
counting, that's nearly 31 months over 134 weeks and 27 holiday them. >> they did not disappoint either. he finished with 17 points in 20 minutes and ksat with louder than i've ever heard. and i've been there a lot. if a donation miss clay, that doesn't even do it. justice. >> i love our way i know they were. hard for me to last 2 years and so special. i mean, i knew it would be try to visualize this moment for for years, really. and gosh, is worth every second. and i just i'm just excited. kind of get out the way now. i can get back in the rhythm of things because the last 2 years was different with rehab. and now like if you have to reprogram, i approached everything in. that's a blessing. so i'm very thankful for that ovation and the love they showed me with. not only did sunday see the return of clay, but both the forty-niners and the raiders.
9:51 am
>> locked up postseason berths and they did so in dramatic fashion. the niners. >> came all the way back from 17. on roads in los angeles. they went on to win in overtime and they will now head to dallas to take on the cowboys in the wild-card around what iconic matchup that'll be. that game is sunday at one 30. meanwhile, the rate they also played an overtime thriller. they beat the chargers at home in what was a shootout. daniel carlson hit a field goal as time expired to win this one. the raiders will play in cincinnati against the bengals on saturday at one, 30. all right. let's head out to indianapolis for the college football national championship game, georgia, alabama, sec title game 4th quarter, georgia with a one-point lead. but bryce young escape the pocket and he find cameron latu. in the end, bam regained the lead. couple minutes later, though, pam, up 5
9:52 am
bennett goes deep to don a that's a 40 yard pitch and catch. they were trying 2 but couldn't convert later on bennett, get it out to the nap and made brock bowers at the map and name brock he find a lane to touchdown right there. 8 point game. still some time left. but young under throw the ball and he had picked off by a leading rain. go. guess what, folks. it's ring in. it's ring in its ringing that the house call and that's the nail in mammals coffin. georgia win. 33 to 18. they capture their first natty 1980. >> well, the warriors don't forget play the grizzlies tonight in memphis with tipoff at 5, we'll take a break or 5, 9, 52. we'll be right back.
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9:55 am
>> 9.55. the time we, of course, just about done here on the kron 4 morning news. but as always, the news never stops on kron on. so be ready to switch to that. noelle bellow. stand by the news with a preview of what we can expect in a well. good morninge james. the city of san francisco is giving update about omicron in about 15 minutes. will stream that live
9:56 am
for you right here on kron on. plus for the next month, large gatherings are banned in sonoma county will have a live report during our brand new noon show. with all the details need to know about that new mandate. >> and john madden's being honored in congress today. that happens around 11. 45 will show you that as well to catch it live and to get real time updates on local and national headlines all day long. grab your phone scanned the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron-on for free. back to you. all right. well, thank you very much. and we'll leave you with one. beautiful story of survival. a lost dog reunited with his family after being separated for months. >> the pit bull terrier mix named russ. it all started when he ran away from his owner's while they were visiting lake tahoe back in august during the caldor fire, the owners were then forced to evacuate. they couldn't search for him because they had to get out. and then on of december 16th, the man skiing just west of lake tahoe spotted the dog. rescuers were
9:57 am
called. they were able to track down russ and bring him to safety. he was apparently in good health and because he had a microchip, they were able to track down the owners. andrus is now back home in riverside. all right. here's a quick a final look at the forecast. our 7 day around the bay shows that we've got some sunshine today to enjoy a little cloudier tomorrow and the day beyond that. but then the sun comes back out to play on saturday and sunday. >> that's it for us here on the kron. 4 morning news. but the jacket on little chilly out there. we'll see tomorrow morning.
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