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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 11, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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james, thank you very much, john, to our top story this morning as covid cases continue to surge here in the bay area. one school district is changing its protocols when it comes to contact tracing. >> proper. sara stinson live for us this morning with the latest on that. sarah. >> james, that's right. the san mateo foster city school district says it that they have so many cases that contact tracing is just becoming to be too much work. it's not working for them. and now they're focusing on testing. they're also recommending families in staff, too act as if they have been exposed at this point. of course, moving forward with getting that testing confirming if they are positive or negative. so speaking of 15 100, 15 cases, that's about 101 students testing positive and 14 and members testing positive. usually the salmon to foster city school identifies and
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reaches out to close contacts with those have been tested positive in the schools. but due to the spike in omicron cases, the district says testing is the best way to move forward. take a look at isolation guidelines from the district. they sent this in a letter to families. they said stay home for at least 5 days. if you have symptoms 10 day. one, of course, begins the day. you test positive isolation can end after day 5 of symptoms or not president or symptoms are resolving. >> students and staff must present a negative test result or a rapid test upon arrival back to school or back to work. if your staff member the recommendation right now is to get a rapid test rather than a pcr test. if you're unable to test or you don't want to and symptoms are not present resolving meant isolation goes up to 10 days. if you have fever, it's very important. remember that you should stay isolated intel that resolves. now the san mateo foster city
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school district. they are offering free testing for staff and students and they have a different school day today. that's at sunny brae elementary school. so it's really important if you have a student in this district and get that test done and then you can proceed from there. >> for now, i'm sarah stinson reporting live. back to you, james. all right. thank you very much, sara. >> in related news in oakland, the oakland schools are for the arts will be closed this week in a statement on the school's website, the school says it in part due to a staff shortage is a result of quarantines. we are unable to continue to provide person to person instruction to students and need to institute an emergency school closure for the remainder of this week. the school says that because of these changes to state laws, they are not allowed to offer remote learning at the moment, teachers will be posting work for students to do online, though, during this closure. the school plans to reopen next week. now happening today, we have students in the hayward unified school district. they're going to have their
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first day of virtual learning today. yesterday the students were asked to work independently and today will be the first day of classes on zoom. this comes after at least 7 to 117 staff members tested positive for covid in the past few days for students who cannot work remotely, there will be in person learning hubs available to them. those locations, as you can see, are listed on the screen. students will be working in open spaces like gyms or libraries, and he's learning hubs are going to be open from 8.30, this morning until 12, 30 this afternoon. classes, by the way, are resuming today in the west contra costa county school district. the district closed all of schools last friday and yesterday so they can deep, clean and sanitize all the campuses. the district also required employees and students to take covid tests yesterday and report those results before coming to school today. this is because a large number staff absences and an increased number of covid cases in the school district are causing concerns. and also starting today, all staff members are going to be
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required to wear medical grade kn 95 masks while on campus. and another big story this morning, the palo alto unified school district is desperate to have students learn inside the classroom and now they're asking parents to volunteer to help keep the schools open. kron four's will tran live in palo alto with this urgent message for parents will. good morning. >> good morning, james. you see those lights right behind me. the goal is to keep those lights on. they don't want to move the classes from face to face learning, too online, learning believe it's so much better for the kids to get that interaction for their mental health and for their education, which is why on sunday night, the unified school district here in palo alto. they sent it out. get this, james at 9 o'clock on sunday night. and then 12 hours later on monday, at 9 o'clock in the morning, they got at least 300, 60 parents responding saying either they will do it or they're
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interested in helping out in now. curious to find out what that number is this morning. they are not going to be teachers inside the classrooms. yes, there could be some staffing problems as far as that is concerned. if that's the case, then they will get substitutes inside. and sometimes, james, they even get administrators. they have a teaching background. they can possibly come in and help as well as far as the volunteers we're talking say covid testing. i'm sure it's for the fill out the paperwork recess duties, cafeteria. there's also things like just monitoring the hallways and then the playgrounds custodial work because even the custodians, obviously they're not immune to covid-19 in coming down with situation where they have to quarantine. so they might be asked to clean up the school to make sure that things are running. james, you and i are the face. our faces, i should say for tv news. among many people are
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kron 4, but we know it's the backbone. it's the people work. same deal for the palo t - alto unified school district and they have the enforcement or excuse me the endorsement, i should say from the santa clara county public health officer and the school superintendent for santa clara county. they both say yes, if you possibly can keep those lights on because the kids do a lot better. it's about a 90 minutes away from the school, possibly opening up for the parents to show up. i can't wait to hear their response. why they're doing this. if it was my james, my mom and dad, they probably say i would volunteer to make sure he shuts up in class aa has quite that's why they're on there just to make sure he doesn't get in trouble. >> you it's not just the elementary middle and high school and that's they're dealing obviously with covid outbreak there. stanford now also reporting like 800 new
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covid cases as a post holiday covid outbreak continues to grow nearly 500 students and over 300, 50 staff members have tested positive 600 students are isolating right now in student housing winter quarter. classes at stanford are online at the moment. students will reserve to resume in-person classes next tuesday after martin luther king junior day on january. 18th testing is required before returning back to campus. now, university officials believe that the search will continue as more students return to campus for in-person learning. so we'll have to track the numbers and see. if that becomes true. hopefully it's not. but we'll see. meantime, in san francisco, it appears that parents and teachers and city leaders along with school board members are all struggling to get on the same page as far as covid safety. this all comes after more than 600 educators called out sick last week. now the san francisco board of education, president gabriela lopez tweeted that city health officials are refusing to attend an upcoming school board meeting to take questions from the public
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officials with the city's department of health confirmed they are not taking up her request. fellow board member alison collins is blaming the district and city leaders for creating what she's called an educational emergency. >> we have schools that are, you know, barely able to function because of lack of staffing. we're trying to fill gaps with parent and we're trying to fill gaps with central office staff. and that's just not. that is just not acceptable. so we know that the demand is very high. we're doing everything we can to get these tests into the hands of students, staff and families and will continue to do that this week. >> well, colin says that there needs to be more available testing sites in the district. the district spokesperson says that 56,000 take home tests that were provided by the state will be sent out to families this week. well, just got more difficult to get a covid test in san francisco. we had several testing sites in the city. well, they're going to close through today because of a nationwide
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computer glitch. the city's health department said that this glitch shut down test sites yesterday as well. so here's a list of the affected locations on your screen. officials are asking people to not go to the sites for testing at this point. they're working right now with the vendor to accommodate people who had appointments yesterday trying to get them rescheduled somewhere else. the rapid rise in cases is also taking its toll on businesses. a growing number of restaurant owners say that they're struggling right now to keep their doors open simply because there just aren't enough staff, whether that's due to employees testing positive for being exposed to the virus. laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says the daily stress of not knowing how each day is going to go. well, it isn't just taking a financial toll on business owners. it's also a mental toll as well. >> real emotional stress that manifests in different ways. and we just really need to help each other. and we need everybody understand that our industry is is really
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suffering. we had to make the decision to close this morning as we just didn't have a kitchen staff available. >> thomas recommends checking a restaurant social media page to see if they're open in the first place. things can change day by day by day. so do that. first. and one way you can support your favorite restaurant is by buying a gift card and above all else have patience as businesses try to get through this. the rising number of hospitalizations here in the bay area means that local hospitals now have to decide between which patients to care for as they begin to suspend or postpone elective surgeries by pushing back those non-emergency surgeries like a or hip replacement, hospitals can free up staff to keep attention on those who need it more immediately. but some warn that it could lead to long-term health consequences as well. >> so sometimes, you know, so he comes into the emergency department, for example, and they you know, serious infection or a problem with their intestines where, you know, they could were sent in a very short period of time
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and they need surgery in order to deal with that. those are cases we really want to have the capacity to manage. >> yeah, the state health department has issued an official order, but officials say they are evaluating the situation for now. they're leaving it up to hospital teams to look at the elective surgeries on a case by case basis throughout the day to decide which ones of elect touch to perform. patients should be ready to see their appointment postponed if it can be. so just understand. it is 7.11. will take a quick break. but still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, a bay area county put a ban on large gatherings will tell you why they say it's better if everyone stays. >> home as much as possible. and the deadline is coming up for covered. california health insurance plans. why having coverage could benefit you as this pandemic continues? >> and today we are going to be seeing more of that sunshine that we've gotten used to the past couple of days and some of her most mild temperatures of your forecast, too funding well into the 60's today. i've got details still
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to come.
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>> we are back and we're just about at 7.15, here. so time to check the weather. find out what it's like outside as you make your way outside this
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tuesday morning. hey, john. hey there, james. really nice morning. so far as long as you don't mind, a little bit of a crisp feel to it. we are seeing temperatures down into the 30's and 40's areas like palo alto actually having fallen into the upper 30's this morning. this is san jose right here. a little bit of a glow on the horizon from those remaining clouds that are gradually going to become less and less of a thing throughout the day today, we're actually going to be very solid dose of sunshine for this tuesday and some of her most mild temperatures of the week. not a huge change from where we've been, but about one to 2 degrees warmer than yesterday for a few spots. that's enough to make today. the warmest of the week. high pressure ridge firmly in place. mild day ahead of us. really nice weather you can see in future cast that we do have those mostly sunny skies ahead. a few passing clouds certainly to be seen. so not a crystal clear day by any means tomorrow is going to remain mostly sunny, a few clouds here and there as will be the case for the remainder of the week. now, what would have been our best chance of rain would have been thursday. you
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can actually see couple of those spots of green sitting offshore towards activities going to fizzle out before it reaches the bay. so we're going to continue to remain dry all the way through the second week of january. well, into the weekend, too. now today's daytime highs for the most part are peaking solidly in the 60's. burlingame at 62 degrees would side as well as most of the south bay at 66 degrees for highs. really comfortable. one, especially considering how cold and gloomy a has been. today is one. i think we're all going to clinton. i-65 same for you in napa. well, a little cooler. the low 60's from santa rosa down through standard fell. now. tomorrow's highs right around the same as today's likely not quite as warm but very comparable thursday and friday will continue that trend of nice and mild weather and dry conditions. just a little cooler this weekend. but staying dry and staying pretty sunny, looking at our bridges this morning, something else that's been really favorable for getting out. there's been a roads only 15 minutes from the maze to fremont street.
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just a touch of a backup at there at the toll plaza. but i mean, compared to a normal that is easy stuff right there. san mateo bridge, 14 minutes for me. 80 to one o one and a little bit of a backup forming there before you get to the toll plaza at the richmond center fell bridge still just 10 minutes, though. that's an easy go. and the golden gate bridge moving along, just fine under that pink glow in the clouds as the sun rises. james, thank you very much, john, for your money this morning. you may have a harder time finding cold and cough medicine this winter. >> and where does california rank when it comes to raising a family? well, we've got jane king live in new york to talk a little more about that. good morning, jane. >> hello, james. good morning to walk brace, california. 24 th-best say to to raise a family now says golden state has tons of things for families to do but did lose some ground in affordability. in fact, california ranked 50th for affordable housing on this list and among the highest child care costs as well. massachusetts, by the
7:18 am
way, number one on the overall list of best states to raise a family will be prepared to drive to several stores to find cold and cough medicine over the counter remedies for those winter things. dallas news did spot checks of some walmart. cvs target. walgreens. sam's club. and they found some empty shelves in some past going supplies as well. well, target and said in that area had the bare shelves. walmart and walgreens had better stock tiles. well, as supermarket see a warning of a potential shortage of meat and eggs. john casson that he's such as the owner of the east coast chamber cd set the supply chain impact of the omicron variant and the rising cost of gas is distracting the delivery of some food items and the irs is still backlogged with last year's tax returns due to pandemic-related closures and some budget cuts as well. so to avoid a delay in getting a refund, the irs says file taxes as soon as you can will start taking the returns on january 24th. this year's filing tax deadline is april 18th. many americans can file
7:19 am
for free the irs free file program was introduced in 2000. 3. it does allow low income people to file their tax returns at no cost. live from new york, i'm jane king. back to james. >> it is 7.18 we have to santa clara county board of supervisors and the county judge that have declared mental health and substance abuse of public health crisis supervisor. susan ellenberg, an auto lee called the current system of care fractured, saying that the current crisis is decades in the making and requires a large scale response. they say the focus should be on workforce shortages that hurt the ability to provide services, especially for children who need more access to mental health. the national institute for mental health. >> states that right here in santa clara county, more than 50,000 of our 263,000, 500 and rolled students, they from some mental illness and less than half will receive
7:20 am
treatment. this is just not acceptable. we have to do better. >> the supervisors say that the coronavirus has exacerbated the need for these services to be improved. they're hoping it can be done quickly. in the east bay. the el police department is mourning one of its own this morning. the department confirms that officer jerick burn stun was killed in a car crash sunday morning on interstate 80 near san dam road. authorities say that a van in front of officer bernstein lost control and collided with the center median bernstein's car and 2 others then struck that van. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the chp is still investigating the cause of that accident. there was a procession yesterday afternoon as the officer's body was escorted from the contra costa county coroner's office. in a statement, the department says that officer bernstein was, quote, everything a person could hope for in a police officer, citizen teammate, sun brother and friend. he was
7:21 am
just 26 years old. santa rosa police meantime, are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing a holocaust memorial. police say the fountain at the santa rosa memorial park was knocked over and sustained a lot of damage. pretty major damage. they say an employee believes the fountain was vandalized on friday between 09:15am, in the morning and 2.40 in the afternoon. the fountain at the holocaust memorial was previously vandalized and knocked over in 2020 as well. police are still looking for the suspects in that case. we'll take a break at 7.21. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, president joe biden is trying to win the support of more lawmakers in georgia will tell you why the extra support is necessary. >> getting the rights voting rights legislation through that state. we'll be right back. we're back at 7.24.
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president joe biden is heading to georgia to gain support for voting rights legislation that right now that effort is gridlocked in that state. 50, 50 split. >> in the legislature. so this week democrats will try to change the senate rules to force it through with raquel martin. now with the very latest from washington. >> his plan is to sign voting
7:25 am
rights legislation into law. president joe biden is heading to georgia tuesday. >> in an effort to gin up support for sweeping federal votin rights legisaation. he's quite focused on. >> ensuring the american people understand what is at stake here. the president will deliver a speech endorsing 2 plans currently being blocked by senate republicans. the bills are designed to strengthen the 1965 voting rights act and improve everything from redistricting to campaign finance laws. the president forcefully advocate for protecting. >> the most bedrock american, right? the president will likely call on senate democrats to change the senate rules to get around republican opposition. the west virginia democratic senator joe manchin has yet to endorse the option on the senate floor monday. senate majority leader chuck schumer, val to hold a vote to do just that by the end of the week to move forward on defending democracy. meanwhile, republicans are promising a historic fight. i would do anything in my power
7:26 am
lawfully. it would destroy a key feature of american government for every monday. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell slammed both bills and insisted the rules are in place to force both parties to work together a radical. >> senate takeover. for a radical elections take over in the past. both republicans and democrats have referred to changing the senate rules as the nuclear option. but democrats insist with more than a dozen states now changing their voting laws. there's never been a more justified reason to take this step. but do they have the votes will that's yet to be seen for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. thank you, raquel. it is 9.26. and we'll take a break. but coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news. >> governor gavin newsome has unveiled his proposed budget for the state. we'll tell you what it includes and how much everything's going to cost will be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. at 7.30. we've got a check of the forecast here with john before we get back to the headlines. so let's head outside looks pretty a warm and sunny behind me. well, look, sunny, not necessarily warm out that sunshine would make you think, oh, my gosh, beautiful. warm morning. >> we are going to get there later on today. but indeed, still little bit on the cool side for looking at also a
7:30 am
very nice clear view from your east bay hills camera all the way out. if you look really close to the golden gate bridge there in the distance, skies are mostly sunny already. that's the way they're going to stay today. then you look at the current temperatures. as james alluded to, it's got to feel to it. palo alto, fremont, livermore, dublin, all in the 30's, allay on up through santa rosa over to san anselmo. also each in the 30's. so it is cold. definitely bundle up. it's even colder than yesterday was beautiful. sunrise just bundle up. if you want to enjoy it. now, as far as our bridges go, it's in the easy go across all of them. bay bridge things back up. just a little there at the toll plaza. but you're still only sitting at 15 minutes. this is a very moderate back up. i've seen a lot worse. i know you have to if you've ever made that crossing before san mateo bridge, 13 minute say 80 to one o one. easy. go there. yeah. a little bit of a slowdown before the toll plaza at the richmond, sandra fell bridge but still a good 12 minutes there. and at the golden gate bridge, you're
7:31 am
just looking at the sunshine and things rolling at the limit across the span, james. all right, john, thank you very much. back to the news now. and the explosion in covid cases and quarantine rules. even if you're a person in asymptomatic is taking its toll. >> on local hospitals and businesses and schools, as we've reported, california surpassed 6 million total cases yesterday. the omicron variant is fueling this latest surge. in fact, the surge is prompting the sonoma county health officer to issue a ban on all large gatherings as kron four's. dan thorn reports, everyone's being urged to stay home and limit travel to trips that are necessary. >> stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days. that's the request from sonoma county's public health officer of the omicron variant. >> our case rates have never been higher a shunt and begin to climb. >> doctor, some during mace says sonoma county is dealing with the rapid rise in covid-19 cases and is
7:32 am
expecting the surge will get worse in an appeal to the community. doctor mace is asking people to limit their travel outside of their home to just going to work or school or taking trips to the doctor or the grocery store. beginning wednesday, large gatherings of more than 50 people indoors or more than 100 people outdoors are also banned in the county just by pure volume. we're seeing increases in our hospitalizations. we're really concerned about county leaders are hoping these steps will help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed over the last 2 weeks. the county is seeing the case rate increase for more than 24 new cases per 100,000 to more than 120 cases per 100,000. those numbers are expected to climb large indoor gatherings that are not banned in the county include school events, courthouse activities, places of worship malls, restaurants and museums, large outside events can go on as planned as long as social distancing can happen. doctor
7:33 am
mace says this is a temporary adjustment to once again help stop the spread and is asking local police to help enforce this order. the next 30 days, heat. >> helping stop the rapid spread of the highly contagious variant. >> in our community reporting in sonoma county, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> we'll break through covid cases are becoming more and more common. even among those who are vaccinated and even boost it. health experts say the omicron variant is, of course, to blame, which means that everyone, even the fully vaccinated should double down on protecting themselves over the next few weeks. that means wearing an n 95 kn 95 mask and limiting the number of people that you are out. >> be careful about about the kinds of situations you get into. especially indoors, especially people without masks, especially people. you don't know. who may or may not be vaccinated, who may or may not have been careful in past. we might have going on bart. >> but it wasn't so crowded.
7:34 am
you know, think twice. if you really have to do that. >> experts point out that those who test positive despite getting their vaccine and booster shots will likely have milder cases. but they add that cdc data shows that people with underlying conditions are still of most at risk for hospitalization. a new mandate is in effect in contra costa county requiring all first responders to get their covid booster shots. now. and this includes all law enforcement and firefighters and emergency medical responders, too, along with people working in hospitals and jails and nursing homes, workers who don't get their booster shot will have to then get tested for the virus every single week. even if they've gotten their original doses. across the bay area. more city offices are having to close their doors now because of surging covid cases. police in pinole close the public safety building to the public until further notice. network should say new works city and police officers are. closed until
7:35 am
next tuesday. hayward city hall offices are closed every friday of this month. brett, what has closed all of its city hall and police headquarters in municipal services centers until further notice. and the latest city hall is closer february. 28. so the list continues to grow. and starting this saturday, private health insurance companies are going to be required to cover the cost of at home covid tests. the biden administration announced this change as it's looking to lower the cost make testing more and more convenient and affordable under the new policy health insurance providers will be required to cover the cost of up to 8 at home tests per person per month. the white house says this policy will dramatically reduce the cost of tests, adding that they soon expect to roll out a new website where you can order covid tests online and have them delivered straight to your home. for californians who need health care coverage. open enrollment for covered. california is open through january 31st. experts say with covid cases surging, it's awfully important now to make
7:36 am
sure that you have health insurance because while vaccines are free, hospitalizations are not. >> i think we've so much over the last couple of years. how important it is to get health insurance manage are kind of conditions that we have those or just in case something unexpected happens like an accident. you want to have health insurance coverage >> for people who sign up for covered california coverage will begin on february. 1st. governor newsom has unveiled his proposed state budget that totals more than 286 billion dollars. the budget that he laid includes a gas tax >> the gas tax holiday should say and billions of dollars to address homelessness, climate change and public safety issues. the governor says that he is also working with the legislature right now on renewing paid covid-19 sick time for california workers. but the governor's biggest priority is the universal health care program, which which start in 2024 and come
7:37 am
at a price tag of more than 2 billion dollars each year. california is poised to be if this proposal is supported the first 8. >> in the country to achieve universal access to health coverage. we said we're going to do it. so we take a few years. we're committed to doing it. >> well, newsom's administration projects the state will have a 45.7 billion dollars surplus. but governor newsome couldn't say whether taxpayers. we'll see another golden state stimulus check. the state budget will be finalized in jim. many are praising the governor's announcement that he wants to bring back covid sick especially with the latest covid surge highlighting the disparities between people who get paid sick days and those who don't data from a national compensation survey shows that nearly 80% of all private sector workers get at least one paid sick day. but only 33% of workers whose wages are at the bottom 10% get any sort of paid sick leave. the survey
7:38 am
also found that 65% of workers who reported being sick in the last month said that they went to work anyway. meanwhile, san francisco will consider making sick leave permanent supervisor. gordon mar introduce the public health emergency ballot measure last week and it would basically make sure that city employees and private companies with more than 100 employees get paid if they get sick and have to quarantine for care for a family member. the board has approved for has to approve the measure for it to be on the ballot this coming june so that voters can vote on it. we'll take a break here at 7.38. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. klay thompson still reflecting on his return to the court. >> why he says the support from fans. i mean, so much to him. and after the outlines spotted in daly city. we'll tell you how woman says she discovered it in her neighborhood.
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time and police in daly city. we're looking for a mountain lion after a woman spotted in her backyard yesterday. daly city police officers%along with the department of fish and wildlife were out there looking for the big cat. >> this was in the area of west more avenue and baldwin avenue. they were there all day long. lori gall up says that she first spotted them out line when her dogs kept barking at a tree in the backyard know why until she took a look.
7:42 am
>> as i was approaching the tree on the upper level of the yard. i noticed this big tail hanging down and i was like, oh, my god, what is that? so i walked a little closer. may look right up. and it was looking right down at me that mountain lion. >> haha. >> outs carries that daly city police last tweeted that about 5.30, last night that they were monitoring the area, but that there had been no further sightings. they're urging residents to use caution, obviously, when leaving their house and if you see along giant tale, hang up your tree. >> they advise you don't walk up to the tree trunk and look up just back up and call fish and wildlife. we'll be right back.
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7:44 am
7:45 am
>> 7.45 is the time a new law is giving veterans and gold star families free lifetime access to national parks and federal recreational lands. it was signed into law over the holidays and includes the park service's 400 23 sites around the country. lawmakers say the law represents a small way to say thank you for the military communities. brave service and to promote access to the beautiful national parks that we have to enjoy that they help protect and keep free. it is 7.45 we like get to the just to the weather center now. we've got john stand by with a look at the forecast.
7:46 am
really bright sunshine here behind me. although temperatures kind of lagging a little bit, john, still kind of chilly. it's still chilly. yeah. said about the national parks. they know 2 of them just this past weekend. >> i think that today would probably be a good day to get out there. even those james noted temperatures are lagging just a little bit. it's still very chilly out there. despite the very clear look to it. we are about to see daytime highs getting upwards really nicely come the afternoon likely to set us up for our most mild day of the week. today. just one to 2 degrees warmer than yesterday and bark and arrow bay bridge there in the distance. all of it looks absolutely gorgeous. under this mostly sunny start that we have increasingly clear skies today after a partly cloudy evening last night. really, the set up is quite similar as to what we had yesterday, that low pressure area continuing to be sent to the north of due to a ridge of high pressure that's pushing the jet stream up into the northwest all the way up into western canada. that's going to keep a steadily mild and
7:47 am
dry throughout the course of this forecast. big change of pace from obviously where we spent december and even where we spent last week, which was kind of gray and cool today is going to be noticeably warmer and also nice and sunny. now our best chance of rainfall was thursday. and you can actually see a little a bit of green showing up there just offshore, not going to have enough steam to make its way to the bay area. so we will remain dry thursday. just a little on the cloudier side, a couple of degrees on the cooler side as well come thursday and friday. today's highs will solidly be in the 60's. whether it's low 60's from brisbane to burlingame. we're mid 60's in areas like san carlos woodside into the south bay, which will have some of our warmest temps today. san jose at 66 today, fremont on up to hayward in the low 60's while oakland all the way up to 65 degrees for really comfortable afternoon, fully. how at 61? well, santa rosa through center fell each also in the low 60's. here's a look ahead in our next 7 days. not a lot changing here. we're
7:48 am
staying in the upper 50's to low 60's. just a couple of degrees down into the weekend. mostly sunny skies to partly cloudy conditions at times and no chance of rainfall anywhere in sight. for the second week of the month. as for bridges, things have slowed down a little bit at the toll plaza there before you get to the bay bridge. this is looking more like a typical commute, but it's still only taking your 14 minutes to get from the maze to fremont street, even on a normal commute day. this is a nice light back up there at the bay bridge. so nothing really to note that would slow you down too much. san mateo bridge, 13 minutes at the limit there. and a nice sunrise in the distance from the richmond center fell only 11 minutes there. and the golden gate bridge has been looking easy all morning long. not just because traffic is moving along just fine, but weather nice to venture out into james. all right. thank you very much, john 7.48. is the time klay thompson's return to the warriors will go down as one of the most memorable moments there at the chase center. so far. >> and the forty-niners are getting ready for the wild
7:49 am
card round against the dallas cowboys with kron. 4 sports director jason dumas, us with the latest. >> chase center is still in its infant stages. the building is about 2 years old and haven't had any memorable moments, especially when you factor in covid in games being played without fans. but man, the building was truly baptize chase center had its first defining moment. klay thompson made his return to the court for the first time in 941 days. if you're counting, that's nearly 31 months over 134 weeks and 27 holiday them. >> they did not disappoint either. he finished with 17 points in 20 minutes and ksat with louder than i've ever heard. and i've been there a lot. it's a donation. miss clay that doesn't even do it. justice. >> i love our where i know they were. hard for me last 2 years and so special. i mean, i knew it would be try to visualize this moment for for years, really. and gosh, is
7:50 am
worth every second. and i just i'm just excited. kind of get out the way now. i can get back in the rhythm of things because the last 2 years was different with rehab. and now like computer have to reprogram. i approached everything in. that's a blessing. so i'm very thankful for that ovation and the love they showed me with. not only did sunday see the return of clay, but both the forty-niners and the raiders. >> locked up postseason berths and they did so in dramatic fashion. the niners. >> came all the way back from 17. roads in los angeles. they went on to win in overtime and they will now. >> head to dallas to take on the cowboys in the wild-card around what iconic matchup that'll be. that game is sunday at one 30. meanwhile. >> the rate they also played an overtime thriller. they beat the chargers at home in what was a shootout. daniel carlson hit a field goal as time expired to win this one.
7:51 am
the raiders will play in cincinnati against the bengals on saturday at one, 30. all right. let's head out to indianapolis for the college football national championship game, georgia, alabama, sec title game 4th quarter, georgia with a one-point lead. but bryce young escape the pocket and he find cameron latu. in the end, bam regained the lead. couple minutes later, though, pam, up 5 bennett goes deep to don a that's a 40 yard pitch and catch. they were trying 2 but couldn't convert later on bennett gets out to the nap and made brock bowers at the map and named brock he find a lane that's a touchdown right there. 8 point game. still some time left. but young under throw the ball and he had picked off by leading rain. go. guess what, folks. it's ring in its ring in its ringing back to house call.
7:52 am
and that's the nail in mammals coffin. georgia win. 33 to 18. they capture their first mattie 1980. >> well, the warriors again will play the grizzlies tonight in memphis. tipoff is at 5 o'clock. well, nfl legend john madden is going to be honored today in congress. a group of congressmen plan to honor on the floor. the u.s. house of representatives, congressman eric swalwell was going to lead a special hour honoring him. madden died last month at the age of 85 and he coached 10 seasons in the nfl leading the oakland raiders to a super bowl win. back in 1977, he became one of football's most popular commentators in the decades that followed a public memorial will be held for him on february. 15th here in oakland, he's been an east bay native for years. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
then on december 16th, a man skiing just west of lake tahoe spotted the dog. rescuers were called in and they were able to track down russ and bring him to safety. he was in good health and because he was microchipped, his owners were contacted. andrus is now back home in riverside. amazing months later, they're pretty united. it is >> we'll take a break. coming up in the next hour. the kron 4 morning news. the palette out the school district is turning to parents for help. we'll tell you why the district says. >> parents can help keep schools open books. point how plus other school districts are making tough decisions as covid cases overwhelm them from 4 sarah stinson. we'll have details for us coming up in a live report. we'll be right back.
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8:00 am
above clear skies all the way out to the golden gate bridge. if you look really closely and a really beautiful set up for the rest of the day today. we do eventually warm up under all the sunshine and factor most mild temps of the week. but as james said, it is cold out there this morning. palo alto and fremont each at 39 right now, livermore to chilly. 37 in dublin even got a little colder. 36 degrees for you. same number in santa rosa and much of the north bay. also in the 30's. so, yeah, just don't forget that extra layer were notably even colder than we were yesterday. 24 hours ago, we're 7 degrees warmer than we are now in nevado and napa. as far as our bridges go almost inviting looking as the skies are very, very easy commute across the bay bridge, only 12 minutes from the means to fremont street. we had a little back up at the toll plaza during the last check with you. metering lights off now and it is go free. making your crossing san mateo bridge, 13 minutes and at the limit, the richmond center fell bridge got a beautiful sunrise and not much of aba


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