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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 10, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now attend the explosion recently in covid cases and quarantine rules. even if you're asymptomatic. well, it's taking its toll on local hospitals, businesses, schools and >> one bay area county is taking its guidance now a step further to try to stop the rapidly spreading omicron variant. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. today. california surpassed 6 million total cases. this latest surge fueled, of course by the omicron variant. it's forcing restaurants to close their doors and school districts to send students home for distance. learning the surge prompted the sonoma county health officer to issue a ban on all large gatherings. and
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as kron four's dan thorn reports, everybody is being urged to stay home and limit travel, just unnecessary trips once again. >> stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days. that's the request from sonoma county's public health officer of the omicron variant. >> our case rates have never been higher. now, will they shun begin decline? >> doctor, some during mace says sonoma county is dealing with the rapid rise in covid-19 cases and is expecting the surge will get worse in an appeal to the community. doctor mace is asking people to limit their travel outside of their home to just going to work or school or taking trips to the doctor or the grocery store. beginning wednesday, large gatherings of more than 50 people indoors or more than 100 people outdoors are also banned in the county just by pure volume. we're seeing increases in our hospitalizations. we're really concerned about the county leaders are hoping these steps will help prevent hospitals
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from being overwhelmed over the last 2 weeks. the county is seeing the case rate increase for more than 24 new cases per 100,000 to more than 120 cases per 100,000. those numbers are expected to climb large indoor gatherings that are not banned in the county include school events, courthouse activities, places of worship malls, restaurants and museums, large outside events can go on as planned as long as social distancing could happen. doctor mace says this is a temporary adjustment to once again help stop the spread and is asking local police to help enforce this order. the next 30 days, heat. >> helping stop the rapid spread of the highly contagious variant. >> in our community reporting in sonoma county, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> the rising number of hospitalizations in the bay area means local hospitals now to decide between which patients to care for as they begin to suspend or postpone
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elective surgeries by pushing those non-emergency surgeries like or hip replacement back, hospitals can free up staff and pay attention to people who needed more urgently now. but some people warn it could lead to long-term health consequences. >> so sometimes, you know, so he comes into the emergency department, for example, and they you know, serious infection or a problem with their intestines where, you know, they could were sent in a very short period of time and they need surgery in order to deal with that. those are cases we really want to have the capacity to manage. >> the state health department has not issued an official order, but officials say they're evaluating the situation in the meantime, they're leaving it up to hospital teams to look at the elective surgeries on a case by case basis. decide what's necessary. patients should be ready to see their appointments postpone it. the rapid rise in cases also taking a toll on businesses. a growing number of restaurant
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owners say they're struggling to keep doors open simply because there. not enough people available to staff their restaurants, whether that's due to employees testing positive for just be exposed to the virus. some aren't even sick. can't go to work. laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association says the daily stress of not knowing how each day is going to go is profound. it's not just taking a financial toll on business owners, a mental one as well. >> real emotional stress that manifests in different ways. and we just really need to help each other and we need everybody understand that our industry is is really suffering. we had to make the decision to close this morning as we just didn't have a kitchen staff available. >> and it's taking it day by day, thomas. their recommends checking a restaurant's social media page to see if they're open. before you go, things can change quickly. one way to support your favorite restaurant. you can buy a gift card now and above all else i
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have patients they say is businesses try to get through this. >> all across the bay area school district leaders, there are dogs and just just a crime cases that are rising, too. our so the money and is in the newsroom with some of those challenges. unprecedented l a. >> certainly taking that approach has been varied across the region with some school districts seemingly fine with having people back inside the classroom like over him or in san mateo and santa clara counties, although they are in a dire need of substitute teachers. but we're now seeing the debate returned to at-home learning and it's hitting up in other cases. on friday, 500 oakland unified school district teachers called out of work. >> 2 instead strike over rising covid cases and what they said was an insufficient supply of masks. now, a public petition launched by students there is gaining traction online with at least 300 signatures collected by sunday. the students are demanding more covid-19 protocols and supplies by monday. the 17th, if not the
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group refuses to show up to class for the remainder of the week. we are demanding. >> kn 95 masks for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and that that has for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. >> over in the dublin unified school district, more than 2300 parents signed a petition there to transition back to remote learning the superintendent said that the california state legislature, we will not allow that unless 100% of parents signed an independent studies waiver was contra costa county council classes monday because of absences related to covid-19. but everyone there is expected to return on tuesday very and the peta says back to in-person studies on monday, although parents can opt in their kids to learn from home. >> resorting to a hybrid model. meanwhile, kids in hayward will be at home all week long after a staffing shortage at their school district. for now, they're
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expecting to come back to campus on the 18th unless distance learning is extended. but hayward unified is offering a safe space called learning hubs at several schools. >> for students to go to if they can stay at home or if they don't have access to internet from home, they posted a list up on our website live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. thank you, ella. meantime, in san francisco to peers that parents, teachers, city leaders and school board members are. >> all struggling to get on the same page as far as covid safety. this after more than 600 educators called out sick last week. san francisco board of education, president gabriela lopez tweeted that city health officials are refusing to attend an upcoming school board meeting to take questions from the public officials with the city's department of health confirmed they're not taking up her request. fellow board member alison collins is blaming the district and city leaders for creating what she calls an educational emergency. >> we have schools that are,
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you know, barely able to function because of lack of staffing. we're trying to fill gaps with parent and we're trying to fill gaps with central office staff. and that's just not. that is just not acceptable. so we know that the demand is very high. we're doing everything we can to get these tests into the hands of students, staff and families and will continue to do that this week. >> colin says that there needs to be more available testing sites in the district. and as you just heard the district, a spokesperson says 56,000 take home tests that were provided by the state are going to be sent out to families this week. >> across the bay area, more city offices are having to close their doors because of surging covid cases. police in pinole have close the public safety building to the public until further notice. newark's city and police offices are closed until next tuesday. hayward city hall offices are closed on fridays this month. brett would has closed its
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city hall police headquarters and the municipal services center until further notice. and vallejo city hall is closed through the end of february. a new mandate took effect in contra costa county today ordering all first responders to get their covid booster or get tested. this includes all law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical responders, along with people working in hospitals, jails and nursing homes, workers who do not get the boost. we'll have to get tested for covid every week. even if they have gotten there. original doses. that's because breakthrough covid cases are becoming more common. even among those who are vaccinated and boosted. >> health experts say that the omicron variant course is to blame, meaning everyone, even the fully vaccinated should double down in protecting themselves over the next few weeks. that means wearing top tier and 95 or kn 95 masks and limiting the number of people you're around. >> be careful about about the kinds of situations you get into. especially indoors,
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especially people without masks, especially people. you don't know who may or may not be vaccinated, who may or may not have been careful in the past. we might have going on bart. >> but it wasn't so crowded. you know, think twice. if you really have to do that. >> experts point out that those who test positive despite getting their vaccine and booster shot, we'll likely have milder cases. but they add cdc data shows people with underlying conditions are most at risk for hospitalization and starting saturday, private health insurance companies are going to be required to cover the cost of at-home covid test. the biden administration announced this change today as it looks to lower the cost and make testing for more convenient or more convenient and affordable under the new policy health insurance providers will be required. the cost of up to 8 at home tests per person per month. the white house says this policy will dramatically reduce the costs of test
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adding they soon expect to roll out a new website where you can order covid tests online and then have delivered directly to your home. >> all right. weather time as we get a check here on the 4 zone forecast beautiful live look at san francisco tonight. and that conference chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here fill in the blanks. let us know what it's going to look like. yeah. boy, weekend. we had an today not a bad start to the week as we've had some sunsline make a return from all that gloomy weather. we have. yeah, it was nice to get that rain, but it's nice to see that sunshine as well. look good up toward the golden gate bridge right now. not having to worry about too much in the way that dense to leave fog temperatures today. hey, not bad at all. in fact, a little bit above the average in san francisco. 62 degrees. oakland right at the average of 57. it was 66 a very nice day in san jose. 61 degrees and live more in concord. and 63 degrees in santa rosa outside right now. yes, get a little chilly in spots. you've got 43 in livermore. 43 in
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dublin. 48 and san mateo right now. 48 also in oakland down to 42 in san anselmo. and 41 in fairfield. so it's going to be cold in spots overnight tonight. that's a far cry from what they're seeing in other parts of the country. here are the current temperatures right now. you get your way just to the east here. 39 in vegas. 31 in denver. we go down from there. 24 omaha that all of a sudden minneapolis, 33 degrees right now, 6 in chicago, 9 in detroit. and 24 new york. you throw in the wind conditions to and you get the wind chill factor. these temperatures feel like -9 in minneapolis. -3 in detroit. they're going to wake up to a very cold start the day tomorrow thrown some snow. and you're talking about some nasty weather across parts of the northeast. all right. take me back out west. you can see the storm track is lifted a little further to the north. rain clouds moving parts of oregon just clipping the northern part of the state of the bay area. staying dry. now, most of the focus now is going to be up toward the pacific
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northwest all the way up into canada. high pressure going to build in over the next 24 hours. so we're dry out there right now. looks like we're going to stay dry. the better part of this week before start to entertain the thought of some precipitation. so storm clouds moving to the north. one frontal system going to stretch all the way up. 7 northwest. and here comes high pressure just kind of rolling in along the coastline from the pacific. bring in another nice day around the bay area tomorrow should see a lot of sunshine as a very comfortable weather. all the yeah, you can see it just picking up on some high clouds begin to drift in by tomorrow morning. early on, maybe some high clouds and especially by the afternoon that kind of rolled over the top of the ridge you can make for a great sunset tomorrow night with those high clouds up above as the sun sets, just after 5 o'clock in the afternoon. should be a great night to take some pictures. and then as we get into wednesday, you start to see some clouds coming up on the south. a really interesting that ridge just going to kind of fluctuate over the next few days here, but really kind of maintain and strengthen. keep us dry around the state temperatures. yeah, you've got a lot of 60's around much of
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the state that you're looking at the overnight lows here in the 30's in the 40's by day, the were up in the 60's. lawrence. happening now, authorities in daly city are searching for a mountain lion after a woman spotted it in her backyard. >> daly city police officers along with the department of fish and wildlife. they've been in the area of west more avenue and baldwin avenue all day long. lori goal of says she actually first spotted this mountain lion with her dogs barking up in a tree. >> as i was approaching the tree on the upper level of the yard. i noticed this big tail hanging down and i was like, oh, my god, what is that? so i walked a little closer. may look right up. and it was looking right down at me that mountain lion what? >> daly city police last tweeted around 05:30am, tonight that they are monitoring the area. have been no further updates. they are urging residents use caution when they leave their homes.
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santa rosa police are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing a holocaust memorial. >> the fountain at the santa rosa memorial park was knocked over and sustained major damage. police say employee believes the fountain was vandalized friday between 9.15, in the morning and around 2.40 in the afternoon. the fountain at the holocaust memorial was previously vandalized in october in 2020, police are still looking for the suspects in that incident as well as this more recent one. new tonight at 10, the el serino police department is mourning one of its own tonight. the department confirms officer jared bernstein was killed in a car crash sunday morning on interstate 80 near san pablo dam road. authorities say a van in front nf the officer lost control and collided with the center median burnside scar struck the van and he was pronounced dead at the scene. the chp is still investigating the exact cause of the accident. it was a procession this afternoon as the officer's body was escorted
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from the contra costa county coroner's office. in a statement the department says officer burnside was, quote, everything a person could hope for in a police officer, citizen teammates, son, brother and friend. he was just 26 years old. convicted killer robert durst has died 3 months after he was sentenced to life in prison for the death of his friend susan berman. >> durst was also linked to the death of his wife, kathie, who went missing in 1982, why his health had been failing for years and he tested positive for covid-19 last year, which is lawyers say were sent his other medical problems. durst died after going into cardiac arrest at the san joaquin general hospital today. his lawyers say that he had been taken there for testing. durst was 78 years old. no breakthroughs to report after another round of talks between russia and the u.s. today's meeting in europe a bit defusing tensions over russian military buildup on the border with ukraine.
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our washington correspondent kellie meyer has the latest. >> face to face talks between old adversaries and so far neither side is blinking. it was not what you would call a negotiation. u.s. deputy secretary of state wendy sherman calling the discussion with the russian deputy foreign minister, candid and business like as the 2 countries try to understand each other's asks. sherman says the u.s. made clear to russia de-escalate the situation at the border or face severe sanctions. sherman refused to tip her hand, not going into any detail of what those sanctions might be. russian officials downplayed the potential invasion fool you got you in no way. do we plan or intend to, quote, unquote, attack ukraine? >> and all the arrangements regarding the combat readiness of the armed forces are made within our national territory.
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>> russia is amassing more than 100,000 troops near its border with ukraine and says they're there for training today. sherman says if that's true, then it's time to send those troops home. >> and they can prove. that, in fact, they have no intention idea the lighting and returning. >> the u.s. and its allies threatening the toughest sanctions yet against russia. an effort to head off what could be a widespread regional conflict triggered by a potential russian invasion a little today. ukrainian officials separately made their case in a meeting at nato headquarters. what russia is doing is tries to impose its agenda of returning to the negotiation table. nato secretary general threatening russia that any further aggression would come at both a political and economic cost. but he's hopeful all sides can agree on a way forward. don't think we can expect that these meetings to seoul, old issues reporting here in washington. i'm kelly meyer.
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>> still ahead on kron, 4 news at 10, a pilot narrowly escapes death not once but twice. the heart-stopping rescue. the police officers dragging him from the wreckage just seconds before a train comes barreling through. plus, the bay area morning. the loss of bob say get the tributes tonight as weak. we learn new details about the comedian's death. also a surge in covid cases shining the spotlight on who is benefiting from sick leave and who's not with governor newsome is revealing
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new york officials announced today that the death toll from the apartment fire in the bronx has actually dropped to 17. >> including 8 children. authorities initially said 19 people were killed in the fire that broke out yesterday morning. and they say that an electric space heater is believed to be the cause. officials say the door of the apartment where the fire started did not close allowing the smoke to quickly spread throughout the building. firefighters found victims and stairwells and on every floor of the building, more than 60 other residents were injured. mother in new mexico tossed her newborn baby in a dumpster. but the child miraculously survived. we should warn you that this video may be hard to watch. 18 year-old alexa confessed to tossing her baby in the trash after learning of her pregnancy just a few days before when she visited her doctor for abdominal pain. she
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told investigators she gave birth unexpectedly in panicked, wrapping the child up in trash bags and throwing it away. thankfully, 3 people came to the rescue. they found the infant about 6 hours later. the child is recovering tonight via has been charged with attempted murder and felony child abuse. >> a memorial service was held in los angeles today for the 14 year-old victim of a deadly police shooting. valentina peralta was shopping with her mom, burlington store in north hollywood december 23rd when an officer shot a suspect who was violently violently attacking customers. one of the rounds went through the dressing room wall where valentine and her mom were trying on clothes. that bullet hit the 14 year-old she died in her mother's arms. the eulogy at today's service was delivered by civil rights activist. the reverend al sharpton. >> that don't know had a goal in a department store doing christmas shopping and not
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shoot like this is the wild. wild west must be held accountable. famous put value on human life. it was bad. you took the life of valentino. >> la mayor eric garcetti and police chief michel moore called the killing an imaginable. they've launched multiple investigations into the shooting to examine the officers use of deadly force. tonight. this is while we're learning more about what led to this dramatic scene in los angeles officers rescuing a pilot who crash-landed on to train tracks. the pilot narrowly escaped death twice in one day. first, of course, when his plane crashed into the tracks and then when a train smashed into his downplay yeah, video is incredible. it fortunately for him, those officers pulled him to safety. just seconds before that train to smash his plane into pieces. >> mary beth mcdade shows us what happened next.
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>> cam footage shows the life and death situation that lapd officers put themselves in sunday evening in pacoima to save a pilot's live. they managed to rescue him from his down plane just seconds before a train crashes into it on the metrolink tracks. >> not far from whiteman >> and the timeframe from especially the pilot team when the train hit was about 5 seconds. it all happened so fast. frantic on-lookers at first feared the worst. >> after seeing the train smashed into the plane. that crash landed onto the officers talk today about the moments that led up to the heart pounding rescue. i mean, are to our communications >> stop all real activity. >> to because the pilot was the sole occupant and able to breathe and talk. they wepe going to wait for the fire department to extricate him.
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that point again, we're just going to. we the pilot >> intact because we didn't know what his injuries were. >> that plan changed in an instant when realized train was speeding down the tracks towards a small plane with a pilot inside. when all the bells and whistles and light started flashing. >> this can really be happening. but look down the tracks and >> you see that rain nearly the officers realized this train wasn't going to stop. >> and quickly jumped into action. and all reached in, grabbed we just from the plane and dragon as far we you know, for degree air for secondary fire. we know what happened. i don't believe the realize how close that ring was. i didn't realize i was it was at the time the pilot and his wife are extremely grateful for these officers. heroic actions. thank you. >> a job they i mean, they saved his life.
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>> that they did well. that was mary beth mcdade reporting for us tonight. the pilot was the only one on board that plane got smashed apart. he's now actually in stable condition. authorities are investigating why the train was not stopped even after police made the request. next, a 10 voting rights is at the top of the agenda for democrats in the u.s. senate. the new push tonight to turn the election reform legislation into law. >> and the sun returned to the bay area this weekend and today. how long will that last? we'll check that out if your tenant coming up next. and universal health care, a gas tax holiday and billions to address homelessness after the break. what's at stake
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>> california is poised to be if this proposal is supported the first 8. in the country to achieve universal access to health coverage. >> universal health care, a gas tax holiday and billions of dollars to address homelessness. climate change and public safety issues. big ticket item sen. these are just a few of the financial priorities. governor newsom presented in his proposed state budget today. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks down the spending plan. >> for the second year in a row, governor gavin newsome presenting his financial priorities amid a pandemic health care at the top of new sums list in his 286.4 billion
10:31 pm
dollar spending plan. the governor are proposing to extend the state's health care coverage. medical to all low income californians regardless of immigration status, it would be the first of its kind in the nation. newsome wants to earmark 614 million dollars in this year's budget for the program. it would cost more than 2 billion dollars every year after with the program starting in january of 2024, said we're going to do it. so we take a few years we're committed to doing it. flush in cash and grappling with rising inflation. the governor proposing a gas tax holiday to hit the brakes on a gas tax increase that is that the trigger? in july, the pause would decrease the state's bill revenue this year by 523 million dollars on transportation. newsome wants to spend 4.2 billion dollars to complete the first phase of the high-speed rail. the segment running through the central valley. other financial proposals include 2 billion dollars on homelessness and mental health housing 750 million to continue to address drought. 1.2 billion on forest management to prevent wildfires money to combat crime. and 2.7 billion dollars
10:32 pm
on covid-19. response. newsom says he's working with the legislature on renewing paid covid-19 sick time for california workers but couldn't give many details monday, including how soon it could go into effect. i'll tell you, this is a top priority for me, republican vice chairman of the assembly and senate budget committees responded to the proposals. senator jim nielsen said much more needs to be done on water storage and fire prevention saying with the budget surplus, there's no reason to not provide enough money to fund these critical priorities. assemblyman vince fong said in a statement, overtaxed, californians should keep more of their hard earned money. precious tax dollars need to be spent wisely and effectively to serve those in need with such a big budget surplus. governor newson could not say if californians will see another round of those golden state stimulus checks. he says it's likely there will be some contribution back to the taxpayer. but exactly what form is to be determined. >> there's still plenty of time to figure that out because the state budget is not finalized until june at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news
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>> many people are praising the governor's announcement that he wants to bring back covid sick pay, especially with this omicron surge highlighting the disparities between people who get paid sick leave in people who do not, according to a national compensation survey, nearly 80% of all private sector workers get at least one paid sick day here, but only 33% of workers whose wages are at the bottom 10% get any paid sick leave the survey by harvard's shift project also found that 65% of workers who reported being sick in the last month said they went to work anyway. meanwhile, san francisco will be considering making sick leave permanent supervisor. gordon mar introduced the public health emergency ballot measure last week. it would make sure city employees and private companies with more than 100 employees get paid if they get sick enough to quarantine or care for a family member. the board has to approve the measure for it to go on the ballot. this coming june. >> in national news tonight,
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time is running out for americans who need health care coverage. enrollment for the affordable care act that into just a few days. the centers for medicare and medicaid services say that nearly 14 million people have already signed up for coverage this year and with covid cases surging health officials point out while vaccinations are free, hospitalizations are not. >> i think we've seen so much over the last couple of years. how important it is to get health insurance to manage our kind of conditions that we have, those or just in case something unexpected happens like an accident. you want to have health insurance coverage. >> the deadline to sign up is this saturday, january 15th with coverage beginning on february. 1st, democrats are putting the build back better agenda on the back burner for a while and making a renewed push to pass a voting rights bill. >> president biden will be leading that charge when he travels to georgia tomorrow.
10:35 pm
and as our washington correspondent jessi tenure reports, biden will argue the senate has to pass something on voting rights even if it means changing the rules to do so. >> his plan is to sign voting rights legislation into law. president biden is concentrating his efforts to get the biggest changes to federal elections in decades to his desk. he's quite focused on ensuring the american people understand what is at stake here. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president's trip to georgia tuesday will highlight the legislation that would reform voting procedures. campaign finance, redistricting and governmental ethics. the present will forcefully advocate for protecting the most bedrock american, right, the right to vote. the visit is also an effort to get every democrat on board to change senate rules to pass the legislation with a simple majority. the key holdout, west virginia senator joe mansion has been opposed to scrapping the 60 vote threshold without republican by an i would do anything in my power lawfully.
10:36 pm
to make sure the senate never becomes the house. south carolina senator lindsey graham says of then republican controlled senate resisted president trump's call to reform the filibuster and is now calling on senate democrats to do the same. that's the price you pay to allow the minority boys to exist. graham argues the voting rights legislation could hurt the country and shouldn't be forced through major changes 2 american life. need to have some consensus, right? republicans on capitol hill have argued changing the filibuster would allow even more democratic priorities. they opposed to be pushed through. >> including adding more justices to the u.s. supreme court or making dc a state. but democrats have said that really this would just be a one-time thing to allow them to pass voting rights legislation in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> a federal judge has to decide if former president trump can be held liable for the 2020 attack at the u.s. capitol. at least 3 lawsuits
10:37 pm
seek to hold trump and other republican figures accountable for their actions during and leading up to the insurrection. today, the judge pointed out that trump told a crowd to march to the capitol on january 6th, but did not issue a call to stop the attack for at least 2 hours as it was happening. a ruling is not expected any time soon. all right. switching gears here, it's time for the 4 zone forecast as we get a live look right now at co international airport taking a break from the rain. meteorologists lawrence karnow with us now. >> lawrence, this is yeah, we need the rain, but it's kind of a welcome change to see the sun. yeah, it's great to see that sunshine. kind of give us a break. was our chance to really >> see all the tributaries. the rivers kind a lower themselves just a bit from all that rain, then i think we'll get back into right now. it looks like a high pressure building in and it's going to be sticking around for quite some time. that ridge, yeah, just strong enough to bump the latest storm system a little further to the north. we are going to see some high clouds kind of trickle over the top
10:38 pm
of that ridge. but and that looks like it remains dry. here's the long-range forecast model. you see kind of that train of moisture. you see where it's headed up 7 northwest where they had just tremendous amounts of rain that all the way up in the going to send that further to the north as we head toward the next couple days while the bay area. yeah, just a couple clouds rolling on through otherwise staying dry. a few more clouds from a system coming up from the south as we get into friday and saturday. you see the showers possibly popping up into the monterey bay and big serve further south. but we continue to keep things dry. then that ridge just takes over again for the weekend saturday and sunday. look very nice across much of the western half of the u.s. and then the next week. guess what? that ridge is holding on this front tries to get a little bit closer. late next week, but still keep things dry. so looks like right now we're going to see one of those midseason dry spells right through a good part of january, at least for the next 10 days or so. then after that, i'm starting to see him that we may begin to get some as we get toward the last week
10:39 pm
of january. right now, enjoy that sunshine while we have about 65 degrees. in fremont, 67 in concord for a high tomorrow about 64 degrees in the napa valley and your 10, 10 forecast getting to the next few days. a few more clouds coming our way. but staying dry into the weekend and well into next week, too. thank you, lawrence. we're learning new details tonight about betty white death. according to her death certificate, the beloved actress died from a stroke that she suffered. >> 6 days earlier, but he white passed away in her sleep on new year's eve at the age of 99. the cause of death was listed as a cerebral vascular accident. that's the medical term for a stroke, close friends and her agents. a funeral arrangements are being handled privately because that's what she would have wanted. many in the bay area are still mourning the death of bob sag. the actor and comedian was found dead yesterday afternoon in his orlando hotel room. just about 24 hours after performing a
10:40 pm
stand-up show in jacksonville, florida. an autopsy report found no foul play. no drug use, but an official cause of death. it's going to take weeks. kron four's rob nesbitt now is a look at second career. >> how it was affected by bay area comedy scenes. >> it was the perfect balance of a career for the ranching us above side, its punch lines on stage. by the way, i want to start by apologizing for the way that i speak. it is again, it is shock value. it is a persona to his lovable role as danny tanner in full house, everybody. the actor and comedian had his fair share of success, really had quite spectacular career. john allen from it's cheaper than therapy. and san francisco grew up watching full house and funniest home videos. the comedian says sag its reputation is well known throughout the stand-up world. no one has a bad story about it. >> just and absolute. he sent nice person cold your jokes. >> we show full house has kept tours coming to the bay area for decades to snap pictures
10:41 pm
of the famous tenor house where a memorial of flowers and cards begin to for monday morning for sag it. just one devastating blow after another. a hovey performs. the best of has that stand up and says the surge in covid cases is causing show cancellations. the comedy group posted on facebook sunday night about the 65 year olds. death being one more blow to the industry. i know will be missed by like a lot of people and a lot of fans like a. >> i've reached out and just express their sadness over the whole situation. so it's a really sad thing to hear about sag its former costars took to social media to express their sadness. >> john stamos posted on twitter saying, quote, i will never have another friend like him. according to the orange county chief medical examiner in florida. the cause and manner of side gets death are pending. further studies in the investigation could take up to 12 weeks to complete in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> still ahead, a new labor movement brewing across america, starbucks. but reese
10:42 pm
is working to unionize in as many as 8 states of the company is responding to those efforts. >> plus, a last ditch effort to save the man's life. the groundbreaking procedure with doctors transplanting. heart into a human patient. >> and clay day was clay night and the heat. he had quite a return to the warriors. sports director bus recap that. and he's the rest of the sports. when we come back. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> chase center is still in its infant stages. the building is about 2 years old and hasn't had many memorable moments, especially when you factor in covid in games being played without fans. but and last night, the building was truly baptize. chase center had its first defining moment in its young life. klay thompson made his return to the court for the first time in 941 days. if you're counting, that's nearly 31 months over 134 weeks and 27 holidays and they did not disappoint either. he finished with 17 points in 20 minutes. you saw that. don't you see the threes right there and chase senate. i've been there every step of the way and it was louder than i have ever
10:46 pm
heard. so this aide of nation misplay that doesn't even do it. justice. >> i love our way i know they were. hard for me, not much, 2 years and over to i mean, i knew it would be try to visualize this moment for for years. really. and gosh, was worth every second. and i just i'm just excited. kind of get out the way now. i can get back in the rhythm of things because the last 2 years was different with rehab. and now like if you have to reprogram, i approached everything in. that's a blessing. so i'm very thankful for that invasion and the love they showed me with. >> god might hurt me. yapping to my producer out saying i love that moment. when klay ran over an embrace the crowd after he hit that 3 anyway, not only it, clay return on sunday, but both the forty-niners and the raiders locked up postseason berths and able did so in dramatic fashion. the niners came all the way back from 17 point down. they beat los angeles.
10:47 pm
in so fi stadium them. it went on to win in overtime and they'll now head to dallas to take on the cowboys in the wild card round. that game is sunday at one 30. meanwhile, the raiders, they also played an overtime thriller. they beat the chargers at home in a shootout. daniel carlson hit a field goal as time expired as you see right there. the raiders will now head to cincinnati and take on the bengals. a shocking team this year. that game is saturday at one 30. all right. let's head out to end college kids, m% college football national championship, georgia, a burst is all sec national title game. 4th quarter, georgia. with a one-point lead. but bright young ex tapes the pocket, he found fine cameron lot to in the end zone. now, couple minutes later, alabama up by 5 stetson. bennett goes deep to tony mitchell that a 40 yard. touchdown with scroll
10:48 pm
a little faster traffic, too. but couldn't convert later on. bennett gets it out to napa native brock bowers. find a lane. georgia extend their lead to a still some time left for the crimson tide. but you can't do this right young. he and the throws. it picked off by kelly ring, though. he takes it all the way the other direction, 79 yard house call. the final nail in georgia's coffins and bama's cough. and i'm sorry. 33, 18 bulldogs win. first national championship since 1980. all right. you lo
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>> workers had a second starbucks location in buffalo, new york have voted to unionize about a month after workers in a different starbucks in buffalo became the first in the country to form a union. if starbucks stores in several other states that are following suit. yeah. location in ohio today announcing this started the process to unionize. well, others are launching campaigns to secure what they call appropriate wages and working conditions. kelly, the son has a closer look at those efforts. >> screams of celebration last month when a starbucks store in buffalo, new york, became the first to unionize in the company's 50 year. history.
10:52 pm
starbucks said it will negotiate in good faith with workers and now stores across the country are looking to do the same, including locations in massachusetts, tennessee. >> new york, illinois, colorado, arizona, washington, oregon and ohio. once we have union, we will actually be able to hold company accountable. >> to its own ethics. and i just hope that. starbucks knows that we're not intimidated. you know, we're not. >> scared. employees of the store in buffalo who voted to unionize last month, walked off the job on wednesday saying they lacked the staff and resources to work safely. amid surging covid cases, starbucks workers united said in a statement the company has again shown that they continue to put profits above people. but a company spokesperson said starbucks has met and exceeded cdc guidelines offering vaccine in isolation pay noting that all buffalo
10:53 pm
area stores have been operating as grab and go locations since last week. pretty groff has been an employee of starbucks for 5 years and said the company paid for her education at arizona state university. still, she says the terms of employment during the pandemic have not been fair. well, i think that's the things that looking for help in for par. >> are more fair compensation, especially considering how much time the company itself makes. it's not very, you know, fair for us to be working as hard as we are to his don't be struggling to sometimes pair of bills. >> that was kelly. be sun reporting for us tonight. analysts say even if more stores do union, i say don't forsee starbucks. raising prices in response. dole is expanding its recall of packaged salads linked to a listeria outbreak. the company says iceberg lettuce processed at its facilities. and soledad, that in monterey
10:54 pm
county, as well as in ohio, may be contaminated besides the lettuce about 36, other dole products found in its salad were recalled from this soledad facility. so far, though, no illnesses from consuming those products have been reported. listeria can cause high fever headaches, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea and healthy patients for children and elderly people that can cause serious or even fatal infections. >> the remarkable medical first doctors have successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig's heart into a human. the 57 year-old patient, david bennett was too sick. they say, to receive a human heart. the surgery took place friday and so far his body has not rejected the transplanted animal organ. doctors have tried this procedure before, but without the gene editing process that made this surgery such a success, there were more than 3800 heart transplants in the u.s. last year. and scientists say this
10:55 pm
new procedure could help keep people alive. who need donated organs? well, it's not every day that somebody celebrates number one. 0, 6, about that birthday. dorothy made of south philadelphia hit that milestone and she credits her long life to her faith and her big macs. maybe a couple cheese steaks and stuff pretzels as well. she says she's looking and feeling her best and her granddaughter there who takes care of her now says she remembers attending church with dorothy and their special trips to mickey d's. afterwards. >> always took me to church. we used to go to a friendship baptist church, people were in street then after church, we sometimes go to mcdonald's my grandma for that big making. she was the big going on. >> she's been on those big back. so what does someone who is 106 years old? what for their birthday besides a big mac? well, when asked art, the replied with. sweet living.
10:56 pm
and who can argue with that. happy birthday, dorothy one. 0, 6 beautiful lake. alright, well, that's kind of the secret. live well and enjoy what you do. but out there tonight, we've got skies clear not is getting cold around the bay area tonight. some of the temperatures will be dropping off into the 30's for lows and some of the valleys and early tomorrow morning. yeah, it's going to be a little cold to start out your day right now. getting chilly in spots 40 degrees now in livermore. 43 in the napa valley. 43 also in santa rosa nevado. 46 in half moon bay. i think as we look toward the day tomorrow, we're going to see some sunshine, some high clouds, temperatures in the san francisco 50's and some low 60's out toward the beaches plan on 50's and low 60's. little cool coast side. but you get inside the bay. it should be a warmer day. you're going to see some filtered sunshine and some of those high clouds up above. 63 millbrae, 63 burlingame, as you work your way inside the pundits, a 66 degrees in san
10:57 pm
carlos about 65 in redwood city, the south bay, santa clara valley, looking nice. 65 in campbell. tomorrow, 67 in saratoga about 66 in milpitas and san jose east bay also looking at some very comfortable temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. so weather looking good outside. looks like a remain dry. looks things are not going to change much as we get in toward the next today. just a few more clouds cruising overhead. otherwise we stay dry right to the weekend. well, into next week, too. that's it for kron. 4 news at 10. thanks for being with us, everybody. stay safe. have a good night. >> good night.
10:58 pm
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