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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 10, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news has known all indications are. >> what if there will likely get worse? avoid large gatherings and stay home as much as possible. >> now, 9 hope you enjoy them while they lasted because in response to covid cases surging in sonoma county, the health officer there is pulling the plug on large gatherings. good evening, everybody. welcome in to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis and that's not all county leaders are also asking people to stay home and limit travel to just necessary trips once again,
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proffers dan thorn has the story. >> stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days. that's the request from sonoma county's public health officer of the omicron variant. >> our case rates have never been higher. they shun begin to climb. >> doctor, some during mace says sonoma county is dealing with the rapid rise in covid-19 cases and is expecting the surge will get worse in an apaeal to the community. doctor mace is asking people to limit their travel outside of their home to just going to work or school or taking trips to the doctor or the grocery store. beginning wednesday, large gatherings of more than 50 people indoors or more than 100 people outdoors are also banned in the county just by pure volume. we're seeing increases in our hospitalizations. we're really concerned about the county leaders are hoping these steps will help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed over the last 2 weeks. the county is seeing the case rate increase for more than 24 new cases per 100,000 to more than
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120 cases per 100,000. those numbers are expected to climb large indoor gatherings that are not banned in the county include school events, courthouse activities, places of worship malls, restaurants and museums, large outside events can go on as planned as long as social distancing could happen. doctor mace says this is a temporary adjustment to once again help stop the spread and is asking local police to help enforce this order. the next 30 days, heat. >> helping stop the rapid spread of the highly contagious variant. >> in our community reporting in sonoma county, dan thorn kron. 4 news. >> across the bay area, more city offices are closing their doors because of omicron surging. police in pinole have close the public safety building to the public until further notice. newark's city and police offices are closed until next tuesday. hayward
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city hall offices are closed on fridays this month. brett would has closed its city hall police headquarters and the municipal services center until further notice. and the laos city hall is closed through february 28th. health officials in contra costa county are now requiring first responders to get a booster shot. and we all know maybe we don't. they say omicron is the reason. and once again, health officials say that mostly unvaccinated people are getting sick while breakthrough cases are also on the rise, the vaccinated and boosted remain. the smallest percentage of people who are really getting sick. and that is why, as of today, all law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical responders, along with people working in hospitals, jails and nursing homes must get a booster shot. anybody working in those places who has not gotten a booster shot. we'll have to now test every week. just got more difficult to get a covid
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test in san francisco. the city's health department announcing today that. >> a nationwide computer glitch to shut down some testing sites for the entire day. here's the list of the affected locations. alum, a a southeast health center. la. he'll hutch 20 norton and bayview opera house officials are asking people not to go to the sites for testing for the time being. they are working with the vendor to accommodate anybody who had an appointment today. now try to get that to roll over in the future. we will check on any developments in certainly bring you the latest information with covid test in such high demand. right now the governor signed an executive order banning price gouging. i'm at home test. the order prohibits ehlers from increasing prices on test kits by more than 10% and the seller who violates the order can be fined or even receive jail time. anyone who's been a victim of price gouging on at-home covid test is being encouraged to file a complaint with the state attorney general's office.
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some high-risk americans will be eligible for a 4th covid vaccination doses early as this week. >> in august, the cdc recommended a 3rd dose for immunocompromised people. the agency also recently shorten the wait time for pfizer and moderna boosters from 6 months down to 5 months. so people who got their 3rd dose in mid august would be eligible for their 4th dose. mid-january, about 3% of the u.s. population is set to be immunocompromised starting this week. insurance companies will begin reimbursing people for their at home covid tests. the measure was announced last week by the white house. as of now, there's no official guidance on how the reimbursement will work. consumers will most likely have to file a claim with there insurance to get the money back to the federal government is also expected to release a new website this week that will allow americans to request at home testing kits at no cost. the white house has ordered 500 million tests to be delivered via mail. now to a story you'll
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only see here on kron 4 talking about parents, teachers, city leaders and school board members. >> all. >> finding it hard to get on the same page about these covid safety protocols within the san francisco unified school district. tonight, a san francisco board of education member sounding the alarm. she spoke to kron four's haaziq met you. >> this crime the from your perspective, these sense of urgency surrounding more testing and mask being needed for students and staff of the san francisco unified school district. >> this is an educational emergency. we have schools that are, you know, barely able to function because of lack of staffing. we're trying to fill gaps with parent and we're trying to fill gaps with central office staff. and that's just not. that is just not acceptable. san francisco board of education commission member allison collins says she believes that sfu as these lack of planning for the post
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winter break. covid surge has created a crisis for parents, teachers and students. and i think immediately. >> we can do. we need to get testing ramped up and we also need to get high quality >> disposable and 95 masks for all students in all staff because we also know that if we were doing that, you know, parents and students would feel safe and we would also be reducing the spread of covid in our classroom. >> yes, so we have continued with our rapid testing programs through the weekend last week alone, we administered nearly 58,000 tests across the board after getting off to what some parents and teachers say was a slow start last week. take home. covid testing kits are now available in the district. in fact, sf usd spokesperson laura dudnick says >> thousands of test kits provided by the state are going out this week. so we have about 56,000 of those. >> and so we're working on getting those 2 schools right now so that schools can get
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those into the hands of students and families this week. so one test is amazing and really grateful that. the state for sending, you know, sending us those tests. but we need to have regular weekly testing. this is something that educators and families are consistently asking for. >> has made kron 4 news? >> it's not just san francisco unified this having a tough time getting on the same page about the rules all across the bay area. teachers, students and parents are at odds about how to adjust to the rise in omicron cases. kron four's ella sogomonian is live in the newsroom with some of those challenges. while. >> here they're grant. and vicki, that approach has been varied across the region with some school districts seemingly fine with having everyone back in the classroom like over in moran, san mateo and santa clara counties, although they're in desperate need of substitute teachers bought. we're seeing the debate to return to at home, learning heat up in other places. >> on friday, 500 oakland
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unified school district teachers called out of work 2 instead strike over rising covid cases and what they said was an insufficient supply of masks. now, a public petition launched by students there is gaining traction online with at least 300 signatures collected by sunday. the students are demanding more covid-19 protocols and supplies by monday. the 17th, if not the group refuses to show up to class for the remainder of the week. we are demanding. >> kn 95 mask for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and that that has for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. >> over in the dublin unified school district, more than 2300 parents signed a petition there to transition back to remote learning the superintendent said that the california state legislature, we will not allow that unless 100% of parents signed an independent studies waiver was contra costa county council
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classes monday because of absences related to covid-19. but everyone there is expected to return on tuesday and the peta says back to in-person studies on monday, although parents can opt in their kids to learn from home. >> resorting to a hybrid model. meanwhile, kids in hayward will be at home all week long. >> after a staffing shortage at their school district for now, they're expecting to come back to campus on the 18th unless distance learning is extended. but hayward unified is offering a safe space called learning hubs at several schools. >> for students if they can stay at home or if they don't have access to the internet from home, there's a list up on their website live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. >> thank you, ella. there is an ever-increasing number of breakthrough cases occurring among those fully vaccinated and boosted. here's a look at current covid-19 cases across the state right now. it's not just breakthrough cases, but overall you can see the positivity rate has been trending upwards and there's an average of nearly 57 1000
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new ones per day. so what does that tell us those or anything we can do to protect ourselves? kron four's dan kerman pose that question to bay area. infectious disease expert. >> breakthrough covid cases are becoming more and more common. even among those baxton boosted since the omicron variant exploded across the nation. breakthroughs are common now because >> the virus omicron this period is more capable of evading our immune system. the delta variant factions, disease experts say that means everyone, including those vaxxed and boosted must double down on protecting themselves, especially over the next few weeks. that means wearing top tier in 95 or kn 95 masks. >> and limiting the number of people you're around. be careful about about the kinds of situations you get into. >> especially indoors, especially people without masks, especially people. you don't know who may or may not be vaccinated, who may or may
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not have been careful. you know, it's a time to be careful in past we might have going on bart, but it wasn't so crowded. you know, think twice. if you really have to do that. >> in the past, we might have gone too. some performances are sporting events. if you know outside. i think that once you got those things now, infectious disease experts point out those vaxxed and boosted you get breakthroughs. >> we'll likely have milder cases. but they say cdc data shows those most at risk for hospitalization. continue to be those with at least one underlying condition. the things i worry about, first of all, older age, second of all, obesity, 3rd. >> underlying pulmonary disease for in a suppression and then 5th, maybe pregnancy or late pregnancy. those are the sorts of things where your lungs don't work as well. and he can mount the same sort of. immune response that someone who is younger. ken, about
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infectious disease experts say if you have one of those conditions, you really should consider. >> staying close to home until this current surge peaks that supposed to happen within the next few weeks. dan kerman kron, 4 news despite the surge in covid cases, a lot of people are still making time to get out of town. january's top trending travel destinations range from. >> snowy vermont and montana to the california coast and several states in between including florida, texas and nevada. this is a code according to broad re which monitors the pulse on travel trends. the site based its picks on google travel, insights and searches. other top destination states, georgia and tennessee. right now on kron 4 dot com. you can see what school districts, colleges, universities are moving. >> forward with in person or virtually also find information on where to find testing sites and vaccines to scan the qr code there on the screen with your phone's camera and you'll be taken right to our website.
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universal health care, a gas tax holiday, billions of dollars to address homelessness, climate change and public safety issues. big issues. those are just a few of them. the financial priorities. the governor newsom outlined in his proposed state budget today. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks down the spending plan. >> for the second year in a row, governor gavin newsome presenting his financial priorities amid a pandemic health care at the top of new sums list in his 286.4 billion dollar spending plan. the governor are proposing to extend the state's health care coverage. medical to all low income californians regardless of immigration status, it would be the first of its kind in the nation. newsome wants to earmark 614 million dollars in this year's budget for the program. it would cost more than 2 billion dollars every year after with the program starting in january of 2024, we said we're going to do it. so we take a few years we're committed to doing it. flush in cash and grappling with rising inflation. the governor proposing a gas tax holiday to
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hit the brakes on a gas tax increase that is set to trigger in july. the pause would decrease the states feel revenue this year by 523 million dollars on transportation. newsome wants to spend 4.2 billion dollars to complete the first phase of the high-speed rail. the segment running through the central valley. other financial proposals include 2 billion dollars on homelessness and mental health housing 750 million to continue to address drought. 1.2 billion on forest management to prevent wildfires money to combat crime. and 2.7 billion dollars on covid-19. response. newsom says he's working with the legislature on renewing paid covid-19 sick time for california workers but couldn't give many details monday, including how soon it could go into effect. i'll tell you, this is a top priority for me. republican vice chairman of the assembly and senate budget committees responded to the proposals. senator jim nielsen said much more needs to be done on water storage and fire prevention saying with the budget surplus, there's no reason to not provide enough money to fund these critical priorities. assemblyman vince
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fong said in a statement, overtaxed, californians should keep more of their hard earned money. precious tax dollars need to be spent wisely and effectively to serve those in need with such a big budget surplus. governor newson could not say if californians will see another round of those golden state stimulus checks. he says it's likely there will be some contribution back to the taxpayer, but exactly what form is to be determined. >> there's still plenty of time to figure that out because the state budget is not finalized until june at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. >> all right. we're going to switch gears now to talk about the weather as we take a live look out above san francisco on a monday night. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence wanders in to join us now on this to 5 softer good. 20 feet away from yeah. but distance but here together all together. that's right. and enjoying the beautiful weather we in that. nice to see that sunshine boy. after those dark days, we had all that rain to
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start out the beginning of the season. then we took a break and all of a sudden that several we got back into it again and the first week of january as well. but now things are quieting down. and today actually warm those temperatures up a little bit above the average in the census. good 62 degrees. 57 degrees in oakland. 66 very nice in san jose. 61 in both livermore caulker today and 63 degrees in santa rosa. tracking skies right now. you can see the rain moving further to the north. now as high pressure starting to sneak in here, there's a rich kind of rolling in off the pacific. that is going to pend that moisture in the jet stream further to the north. that means we're going to dry things out. i for the foreseeable future as high pressure takes over and that is probably some good news. of course, you had all that rain to start out the season someplace running over 200% normal in the bay area. but yeah, good time to dry things out just a little bit anyway. temperature wise, you've got some 40's. get a little chilly now n livermore. 44 in dublin, it is 43 degrees in the napa valley. also petaluma. 43 also in san anselmo in 46 degrees right now in santa rosa of
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those storm track changing a n% little bit now to the north. and you can see all the red arrows here and that is going to be the focus of the storms. they're going to move up 7 northwest and all the way up into canada. high pressure going to slide across the bay some really mild conditions. we will see some passing high clouds as that ridge builds overhead. but other than that, we've got a nice dry day ahead for tomorrow. the temperatures not bad either numbers by tomorrow afternoon, likely to be a little bit warmer. but in the mid to upper 60's of the warmer spots inland. thanks wants local comedians and fans are paying tribute to bob said it tonight. the actor and comedian >> was found dead yesterday afternoon in his orlando hotel room. that was less than 24 hours after he performed a a stand-up routine at the jacksonville, florida at a comedy club there. an autopsy report found no foul play or drug use, but an official cause of death could actually take weeks. kron four's rob nesbitt reports on how seconds career affected the bay area and its local comedy scene.
9:19 pm
>> bay area comedian say this is a tough time with omicron canceling stand-up shows left and right. bob said gets death is just one more hit to the industry. they didn't see coming. it was the perfect balance of a career for the ranching bob side, its punch lines on stage. by the way, i want to start by apologizing for the way that i speak. it is again, it is shock value. it is a persona to his lovable role as danny tanner and full house, everybody. the actor and comedian had his fair share of success, really had a quite spectacular career. john allen from it's cheaper than therapy. and san francisco grew up watching full house and funniest home videos. the comedian says sag its reputation is well known throughout the stand-up world. no one has a back story about it. >> and absolute he nice person hold the jokes. >> we'll show full house has kept tours coming to the bay area for decades to snap pictures of the famous tenor house where a memorial of flowers and cards begin to for monday morning for sag it.
9:20 pm
just one devastating blow after another. but hey, be performed. the best of has that stand up and says the surge in covid cases is causing show cancellations. the company grew posted on facebook sunday night about the 65 year olds. death being one more blow to the industry. i know will be missed by like a lot of people and a lot of fans like a. >> i've reached out and just express their sadness over the whole situation. so it's a really sad thing to hear about sag its former costars took to social media to express their sadness. >> john stamos posted on twitter saying, quote, i will never have another friend like him. according to the orange county chief medical examiner in florida. the cause and manner of side gets death are pending. further studies in the investigation could take up to 12 weeks to complete in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> bob's hagg. its tv daughters mary kate and ashley olsen released this statement on tech its death. bob was the most loving, compassionate and generous man. we are deeply saddened that he is no longer
9:21 pm
with us. but no that he will continue to be by our side to guide us as gracefully as he always has. betty white's cause of death has been revealed. the actress died from a stroke which she suffered. >> a week or so prior to her death, friends and family say that he was alert and coherent after the stroke and she died peacefully in her sleep on new year's eve. white would have turned 100 years old next week, a new movie about her life and legacy will hit theaters next monday. still to come, we continue our covid coverage. taking a look at how the spread of omicron. >> the massive number of sick days it's creating is affecting area businesses. >> then tragedy in new york city. what investigators believe sparked the deadly fire at an apartment building in the bronx. and what we're now learning about the victims. >> but first says fewer fewer couples decide to have kids. that's creating a strange problem for local judges deciding who gets to keep custody of the pets. when a
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups.
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because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to >> as we all know, sometimes relationships can be difficult and things don't always work out and it can be even more messy. when couples filed for divorce or break up. and then there are pets involved. sound jian grasso explains the growing legal fights over who keeps the pets.
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>> for pet owners, your animal is part of the family. but what happens when that family gets divorced? well, a growing number of countries are now considering the welfare of pets when their owners breakup. >> we don't have kids, you know, and so our pets. >> are so important in the u.s. up. it is typically considered property with one spouse usually awarded custody of the animal during the divorce settlement. but over in spain, a new law is requiring judges to view pets is something more than objects making them. take a closer look at a pet's best interests when eciding who maintains ownership. >> can you us most important thing is the modification of the law so that they are no longer considered things. that means both feelings before the new law. officials say the person who registered the past usually had a better chance of winning custody. but now proponents believe one more thought is given to the animals welfare. the pet will wind up in the best home. whether that's being shared or given to just one owner. >> of course, took is this will help decrease the
9:26 pm
abandonment and mistreatment of animals. >> meanwhile, it turns out the pope is not happy with people choosing to become pet parents recently criticizing couples who prioritize getting animals instead of having or adopting children. many couples don't have children because they either don't want them or they have only won because they don't want anymore. but they have 2 dogs, 2 cats. >> this denial of fatherhood and motherhood mix a smaller takes away our humanity in the same speech, the pope says the world is experiencing a demographic winter and called for more people to consider raising children. >> that was sound june. grasso reporting for us tonight. france and portugal are among other countries where judges must also consider the welfare of the pat during divorce proceedings. next on kron, 4 news at 9, more and more people across the bay area are catching omicron which we know. >> they're there for staying home from work a lot of times after the break, we take a
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 9. we continue our covid-19 coverage by looking at how omicron is impacting your favorite restaurant or small business. a lot of these places are dealing with more and more people calling out sick because of a positive test or exposure. kron and
9:30 pm
harry spoke with the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association about the challenge that presents. >> super stressful. it's emotionally stressful. it throws everything else out the window. nearly 2 years into the pandemic. covid specifically the omicron variant is causing some businesses to close their doors again temporarily executive director of the golden gate restaurant association and small restaurant owner laurie thomas since made some people consider quitting. and i'm being honest with you. i mean, there is real emotional stress that manifests in different ways. and we just really need to help each other. and we need everybody understand that our industry is as really suffering. we have to make the decision to close this morning as we just didn't have a kitchen staff available. thomas says making the decision to close because of low staffing can be difficult. all her staff is vaccinated and boosted but still caught the virus. she says since about christmas.
9:31 pm
>> many restaurants have been struggling with high rates of covid or exposure among staff. not only do you lose revenue, but you might have to throw food away. so you have to waste on top of loss of revenue you may or may not have the ability to pay your staff. she says rick close we paying their employees during the closure, but that's not always feasible. all the federal sickly program expire the state simply programs have expired. we really need the restaurant revitalization funding. >> topped off congress. she says if you're wondering if your favorite restaurant is open, call or check social media things change day by day. if you want to help the restaurant while they're closed, she says buy a gift card. she's also asking customers for patients and also there and just be understanding. she says it still may be a few weeks of restaurants and businesses closing. we know there are about 2 weeks behind new york and we're starting to see new york come down. so i think like i say, unfortunately, i think we're or 2 more weeks of
9:32 pm
a really rough go. and then >> hoping that things can level off amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> omicron is shining a spotlight on the disparities between people who get paid sick days and people who do not nearly 80% of all private sector workers get at least one paid sick day here, according to a national compensation survey. but many workers are vulnerable, especially those in lower income brackets. only 33% of workers whose wages are at the bottom 10% get any paid sick leave a survey by harvard's shift projects found that 65% of workers who reported being sick in the last month. so they went to work anyway. meanwhile, san francisco is considering permanent sick leave moving forward. supervisor gordon mar introduce the public health emergency ballot measure last week. that would make sure city employees and private companies with more than 100 employees get paid if they get sick and have to quarantine or care for a family member. the
9:33 pm
board has to approve the measure for it to be on the ballot. this coming june. today to santa clara county board of supervisors and the county judge declared mental health. >> and substance abuse. a public health crisis supervisors ellen, susan ellenberg and auto lee called the current system of care fractured saying the current crisis is decades in the making and requires a large scale response. they say the focus should be on workforce shortages that hurt the ability serve up services to serve up services, especially for the most acutely ill residents and children who need more access to mental health. >> the national institute for mental health states. that right here in santa clara county, more than 50,000 of our 263,000, 500 and rolled students, they from some mental illness and less than half will receive treatment. this is just not acceptable. we have to do better.
9:34 pm
>> they say the coronavirus has exacerbated the need for these services to be improved. santa rosa police are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing a holocaust memorial. take a look at this. the fountain at the santa rosa memorial park. it was knocked over and sustained major damage. as you can see there. police say an employee believes the fountain was vandalized on friday between 09:15am, in the morning into 40 in the afternoon. the fountain at the holocaust memorial was previously vandalized and knocked over in 2020 as well. police are still looking for the suspects in that incident as well as this one. new at night, the oakland fire department responded to a boat fire this morning near the port and estuary. >> a lot of smoke there. this video is from the citizen at fire. officials say the crews quick work helped prevent any further damage. no word on what they have caused that fire or if there were any injuries involved. they did mention that the department will soon be getting a new
9:35 pm
fire boat to better deal with these kinds of incidents. another big story we're following tonight. new york city officials have revised the death toll in yesterday's apartment fire in the bronx. real tragedy. at least 17 people we know died, including 8 children. dozens more are hospitalized tonight. tom negovan with the latest on the investigation. >> when they came in, broke the window next to us and we had the one to the next room come up with the survivors gathered outside the building. reliving their narrow escape. was black smoke arms frames. wesley patterson was trapped on the 3rd floor right next to the fire. here's a shot of firefighters bringing him out. but this is an unspeakable tragedy. the death toll dropping today to 17. the victims were taken to 7 different hospitals and 2 were counted twice. in fact, there were dozens of frantic
9:36 pm
transports, the new york city trauma centers. patients in cardiac and respiratory arrest. tonight, we're hearing more stories of heroism and survivor heard a lot of people screaming for help. >> so the people being pulled out of we know either the building through the stairs, seeing more of the video shot by witnesses. you've got a people waving for help from apartment windows, past smoke and flames. firefighters, their companies short-staffed due to covid their air tanks running low, putting latter's against the high rise making trip after trip in and out. >> the smoke was so thick. you couldn't make the 19 story 120 unit building rapidly filling with that thick, acrid smoke. the fire sparked by a space heater in a duplex unit straddling the second and 3rd floors tonight. agencies like the red cross are working around the clock to help we
9:37 pm
need blankets. we need clothing. go to continue been it to address this. just horrific tragedy that with facing promises of immediate aid repeated in washington on the floor of the senate, an unspeakable tragedy made 1000 times worse. >> because it happens within the confines of people's own homes, places that should be safe. >> that was tom negovan reporting. new york governor kathy hochul says she plans to include a victims compensation fund in the state budget to help fire victims find temporary housing and the cover burial costs. still ahead tonight, president biden is pushing to get the biggest changes in decades to federal elections. he wants those on his desk of republican lawmakers are responding. >> and it was a dry start the workweek. but will that continue will take a long-range look at your forecast when we come back. and in sports, we're going to take a look at clay thompson's emotional return to the court on sunday night. sports
9:38 pm
director jason dumas has all that and more coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> chase center is still in its infant stages. the building is about 2 years old and haven't had any memorable moments, especially when you factor in covid in games being
9:41 pm
played without fans. but man, last night, the building was truly baptize chase center had its first defining moment. klay thompson made his return to the court for the first time in 941 days. if you're counting, that's nearly 31 months over 134 weeks and 27 holiday them. >> they did not disappoint either. he finished with 17 points in 20 minutes and ksat was louder than i've ever heard. and i've been there a lot. it's a donation. miss clay that doesn't even do it. justice. >> love our way i know they were. hard for me to last 2 years and so special. i mean, i knew it would be try to visualize this moment for for years, really. and gosh, was worth every second. and i just i'm just excited. kind of get out the way now. i can get back in the rhythm of things because the last 2 years was different with rehab. and now like computer have to reprogram. i approached
9:42 pm
everything in. that's a blessing. so i'm very thankful for that invasion and the love they showed me with. not only did sunday see the return of clay, but both the forty-niners and the raiders. >> locked up postseason berths and they did so in dramatic fashion. the niners. >> came all the way back from 17 roads in los angeles. they went on to win in overtime and they will now head to dallas to take on the cowboys in the wild-card around what iconic matchup that'll be. that game is sunday at one 30. meanwhile, the rate they also played an overtime thriller. they beat the chargers at home in what was a shootout. daniel carlson hit a field goal as time expired to win this one. the raiders will play in cincinnati against the bengals on saturday at one, 30. all right. let's head out to indianapolis for the college football national championship game, georgia, alabama, sec
9:43 pm
title game 4th quarter, georgia with a one-point lead. but bryce young escape the pocket and he find cameron latu. in the end, bam regains the lead. couple minutes later, though, pam, up 5 bennett goes deep to don a that's a 40 yard pitch and catch. they were trying 2 but couldn't convert later on that. it gets out to the nap and made brock bowers at the map and name brock bowers. he find a lane. that's a touchdown right there. 8 point game. still some time left. but young under throw the ball and he is picked off by a leading rain. go. guess what, folks. it's ring in its ring in its ringing that the house call. and that's the nail in mammals coffin. georgia win. 33 to 18. they capture their first natty 1980. all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a
9:44 pm
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limited availability in select areas. voting rights sits at the top of the democrats agenda this week. president biden will be traveling to georgia tomorrow to push for. >> election reform legislation and changes to senate rules to make it law. senate majority leader chuck schumer has promised to force a vote on it by mlk day. jessi tenure reports. good evening. the
9:47 pm
white house says president biden will return to the late congressman john lewis, his district tomorrow on purpose. >> to argue that the senate has to pass something on voting rights, even if it means changing the rules to do so. >> his plan is to sign voting rights legislation into law. president biden is concentrating his efforts to get the biggest changes to federal elections in decades to his desk. he's quite focused on ensuring the american people understand what is at stake here. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president's trip to georgia tuesday will highlight the legislation that would reform voting procedures. campaign finance redistricting and governmental ethics. the president will forcefully advocate for protecting the most bedrock american, right, the right to vote. the visit is also an effort to get every democrat on board to change senate rules to pass the legislation with a simple majority. the key holdout, west virginia senator joe mansion has been opposed to scrapping the 60 vote threshold without
9:48 pm
republican buy-in. i would do anything in my power lawfully. to make sure the senate never becomes the house. south carolina senator lindsey graham says of then republican controlled senate resisted president trump's call to reform the filibuster and is now calling on senate democrats to do the same. that's the price you pay to allow the minority boys to exist. graham argues the voting rights legislation could hurt the country and shouldn't be forced through major changes 2 american life. need to have some consensus right? republicans have argued changing the filibuster would pave the way for other democratic priorities they oppose like adding more justices to the u.s. supreme court or making dc a state. >> but democrats have said this would really be a one time thing to address voting rights in washington. i'm jessi tenure. the world's 5th hottest year on record is driving the conversation at copernicus climate conference today. >> the average global temperature last year was 2.2
9:49 pm
degrees fahrenheit above levels seen during the late 18, 100's when industrialization around the globe is just taking off during the recent climate conference, scientists discussed, you know how greenhouse gas emissions are creeping higher and higher, creating a warming effect and extreme weather events all over the globe. >> see more and more frequent. well, he traced all more intense heat waves and all say there is already upset observational evidence that in europe due to the roaming, the second place already in place have already become. but become more intense. >> europe summer last year was actually the warmest on record, though 2010 2018 were not far behind. meanwhile, the western side of north america fell off the charts. heat, drought and wildfires. as we know last summer. i let's get one last check of your forecast. this hour is a live look now at the conditions along the golden gate bridge.
9:50 pm
very quiet out there tonight. >> yeah, but a warming trend here in the bay area today, lawrence karnow is with us. it was nice out there yeah, it's good to see that someone getting a much needed break in the stormy weather pattern and looks like it's going to continue for a while. now. high pressure building in overhead. looking good out there right now. we've got a couple of passing clouds, otherwise lot of stars and. >> well, some chilly temperatures developing outside as well. we're in the 40's in the tri valley. 48 degrees in concord. 43 now in the app and also the petaluma. 44 degrees in saint helene. so getting colder likely going to see some numbers drop into the 30's in the north bay for overnight lows storm track, though, moving to the north. scan your skies right now. you can see on the doppler that rain headed up in oregon. but high pressure now building in and that's going to keep all this moisture well to our north. and that means we're going to keep things dry for a little bit here as we'll wait and see. but right now drying things out around the state and around bay area as well. so high pressure taking over this ridge is going to kind
9:51 pm
fluctuate over the next few days are going to see a building for tomorrow. those storms kind of right over the top of that ridge that is going to kind of weaken a little bit only to strengthen again as we get into the weekend. that means overall the jet stream staying to the north. same with the storms that will keep us on the dry side. so we're looking down the railroad here. you can see as we head through the night tonight, you see a few more high clouds drift over the top of that ridge. but we stay dry as all that moisture has. well to the north passing clouds throughout the bay area, especially the afternoon tomorrow should make for a spectacular sunset by tomorrow night. and that's going to be kind of the trend here. and even some clouds moving up from the south as we get in toward wednesday and thursday. temperatures for overnight lows going to be cold in spots. 39 in santa rosa about 41 in concord and the more 44 degrees in san jose. by day, though, looking good, enjoy that sunshine and a mix of some mid to high level clouds rolling on overhead. temperatures in the 60's, even some upper 60's inland by tomorrow afternoon. next few days, looking good. a few more clouds coming our way. but staying dry wednesday, thursday and friday and dry
9:52 pm
over the weekend. thanks, lawrence. now to an incredible story of survival and a lost pup has been reunited with his family after they were separated for months. you have pit bull terrier mix. russ. he ran away from his owner's. well, they were visiting lake tahoe in august. that was during that caldor fire. so >> things were we're there. the owners were then forced to evacuate and really couldn't look for russ. but then on december, 16th, a guy skiing just west of lake tahoe spotted the dog, see pictures. rescuers were called. they were able to track down russ and to safety. he was said to be in good health and because he was microchipped, his owners were found in russ is now back home in riverside. nowhere near lake tahoe. really? but what's russ been what you've been eating guess a lot pretty girls there. snow cones. >> coming up next, we take a look back at the role san francisco played in the creation of the united nations
9:53 pm
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9:56 pm
again a year before that the un charter was drafted here in san francisco as world war. 2 was about to it. and on this day in 1964, tiny record label in chicago called v j records released the first american album by some up and coming english acts titled introducing the beatles, the healthy record feature 12 tracks, including the harmonizing hit. love me do. and i saw her standing there. a team of researchers found one of the biggest sea dragon skeletons in uk history. the jurassic giant was discovered. >> at the rutland water nature reserve. the skeleton is said to about 180 million years old. the sea dragon first appeared approximately 250 million years ago before it went extinct. it was so big scientists had used a truck to transport the bones. the skeleton is around 32 feet long and weighs about a ton. scientists call it quote, a discovery of a lifetime. and
9:57 pm
that wraps up kron news at she being with us this hour. stick around, though. our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, including >> a young bay area pomice officer tragically killed in a car crash over the weekend. what we're learning about. >> his death, his life and how his fellow officers are remembering him tonight. and don't call it to shelter in place. but health officials in one bay area county want you to stay home as much as you can possibly stand the new order as covid cases explode in the bay area and beyond the news at 10 next. when fun time
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. now attend the explosion recently in covid cases and quarantine rules. even if you're asymptomatic. well, it's taking its toll on local hospitals, businesses, schools and >> one bay area county is taking its guidance now a step further to try to stop the rapidly spreading omicron variant. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 10, everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. today. california surpassed 6 million total cases. this latest surge fueled, of course by the omicron variant. it's forcing restaurants to close their doors and school districts to send students home for distance. learning the surge prompted the sonoma county health officer to issue a ban


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