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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 10, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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or live chat at today. the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> tonight, a tough choices said hospitals up and down the state. why patients who do not have covid are suffering because of this omicron search. plus cracking down the changes one local county is making to try to keep more people from getting sick and across 4 exclusive la to san francisco board of education member says is wrong with the current covid policies. >> thank you for joining us at kron. 4 news at 8. i'm vicki liviakis said i'm grant lotus elective surgeries. now the latest victim of this omicron surges hospitals once again
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deal with staffing shortages due to the highly contagious variant throughout california hospital administrators say they're having to postpone or delay some surgeries to deal with the lack of available beds and critical staff out sick. our current first resist osseo has more now on the increasing problem and how it is now impacting hospitals throughout the state. >> put on pause, elective surgery, such as in journeys back woes are cataracts on hold with hospitals in california facing staffing shortages and a lack of ample bed space due to omicron california department of public health saying it is evaluating the situation and not ordering hospitals to suspend all elective surgeries. as of now, leaving it to each facility. >> we have decreased some of our surgeries. we have a list of medical criteria that we use. >> doctor sam ward was stanford. health care is the vice president of impatient preoperative services. he
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explains elective surgeries right now are a case by case situation. >> it depends on the type of surgery and the other the person's medical comorbidities someone undergoing orthopedic surgery might be living in horrible pain. and if they're in that debilitated pain and that might move the top in terms of urgency compared to somebody else. but in general, we're rying to treat things that have medical emergency like cardiac disease, trying to treat things like cancer at ucsf. a spokesperson says that they are suffering staffing shortages but have not canceled electives, however, at hospitals in southern california. >> and central california, many are reporting widespread delays. doctor ward and stanford explains at least this time with the pandemic impacting elective surgeries. a virus is better understood and there's vaccines and the spread can be mitigated in hospitals. unlike the beginning, he says it is still important for everyone to do their part to try and stop the
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spread. adding. >> i think for those people who do have to be postponed for them to remain patient and know that your health care systems are doing their best to give you access and get care and that if you do have see delays that we're doing our best in order to try to get you seen as soon as possible. but sometimes we are having to do medical triage so that we take care of patients in order for medical to recess to kron. 4 news. >> if you have not already, you may soon find omicron affecting your favorite restaurant or business. a lot of businesses are dealing with more and more people calling out sick because of a positive test or exposure. our kron four's amanda hari spoke with the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. >> about how restaurant owners are coping with the challenges. >> super stressful. it's emotionally stressful. it throws everything else out the window. nearly 2 years into the pandemic. covid specifically the omicron
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variant is causing some businesses to close their doors again temporarily executive director of the golden gate restaurant association and small restaurant owner laurie thomas since made some people consider quitting. and i'm being honest with you. i mean, there is real emotional stress that manifests in different ways. and we just really need to help each other. and we need everybody understand that our industry is is really suffering. we had to make the decision to close this morning as we just didn't have a kitchen staff available. thomas says making the decision to close because of low staffing can be difficult. all her staff is vaccinated and boosted but still caught the virus. she says since about christmas. >> many restaurants have been struggling with high rates of covid or exposure among staff. not only do you lose revenue, but you might have to throw food away. so you have waste on top of the loss of revenue you may or may not have the ability to pay your staff. she
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says rick close we paying their employees during the closure, but that's not always feasible. all the federal sickly program expire the state simply programs have expired. we really need the restaurant revitalization funding. >> topped off congress. she says if you're wondering if your favorite restaurant is open, call or check social media things change day by day. if you want to help the restaurant while they're closed, she says buy a gift card. she's also asking customers for patients and also there and just be understanding. she says it still may be a few weeks of restaurants and businesses closing. we know there are about 2 weeks behind new york and we're starting to see new york come down. so i think like i say, unfortunately, i think we're or 2 more weeks of a really rough go. and then >> hoping that things can level off amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> in the north base now the county is issuing a new health order that bans large events. officials are also asking people to stay home. >> as much as possible for the next 30 days, that
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announcement made earlier this evening. the health officers asking residents to limit interactions with people outside of their immediate household as the omicron variant just continues to spread. and for the next 30 days, large indoor gatherings of more than 50 people in large outdoor gatherings, more than 100 people and social distancing is not possible. will be prohibited. this includes wedding venues. the health order goes into effect on wednesday and last until february, 11th. >> another school week started today and still no agreement on covid safety precautions between the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union bargaining was set to resume this coming thursday. but the teachers union wants that to happen immediately. so the school year is not brought to a full halt. the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick leave is for all covid related reasons. but the district came back and offered 5. the teachers also want the district to provide 2 and 95
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or kn 95 masks for every student and employee each day. the district says they have been providing masks and will continue to provide them but only for employees. teachers also want more testing available for all employees and students. >> are testing program that's available is a hot spot to mix and match of the few different options. and it's not sufficient. we know that we know that there are reasons why folks rapid tests. and we know at this folks who need pcr tests and access to those is limited throughout the city. let alone at the school district site. >> a spokesperson for the san francisco school district told kron 4 that the district has made reliable testing regularly available to students and staff since last spring. and they say they've distributed nearly 58,000 tests since last sunday will continue to follow the latest on negotiations here on kron 4 as well as on our website kron 4 dot com. now to a story you'll only see here on kron. 4 news parents, teachers, city
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leaders and school board members. >> are all finding it hard to get on the same page for covid safety in the san francisco unified school district. well, tonight, a san francisco board of education member is sounding the alarm. she spoke to kron four's. has he you? >> describe the from your perspective, these sense of urgency surrounding more testing and mask being needed for students and staff of the san foancisco unified school district. >> this is an educational emergency. we have schools that are, you know, barely able to function because of lack of staffing. we're trying to fill gaps with parent and we're trying to fill gaps with central office staff. and that's just not. that is just not acceptable. san francisco board of education commission member allison collins says she believes that sfu as these lack of planning for the post winter break. covid surge has created a crisis for parents, teachers and students. and i think immediately. >> we can do. we need to get
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testing ramped up and we also need to get high quality >> disposable and 95 masks for all students and all staff because we also know that if we were doing that, you know, parents and students would feel safe and we would also be reducing the spread of covid in our classroom. >> yes, so we have continued with our rapid testing programs through the weekend last week alone, we administered nearly 58,000 tests across the board after getting off to what some parents and teachers say was a slow start last week. >> take home. covid testing kits are now available in the district. in fact, sf usd spokesperson laura dudnick says thousands of test kits provided by the state are going out this week. so we have about 56,000 of those. and so we're working on getting those 2 schools right now so that schools can get those into the hands of students and families this week. >> so one test is amazing and
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really grateful state for sending, you know, sending us those tests. but we need to have regular weekly testing. this is something that educators and families are consistently asking for. >> has made kron 4 news, the hayward unified school district is going to remote learning for one week starting today that after 117 staff members tested positive for covid. just the past few days. >> under staffing forced to move to online learning the district does plan to have instruction next tuesday, n january 18th. school officials are making an exception for families without wifi or childcare. those students will go to physical campuses to continue their virtual learning. the school district's public information officer says that board members are going to regroup this friday. they will decide whether students should come back to the classroom. january 18th or extend remote learning. coming up tonight at 8 presenting the latest state budget proposal. how governor
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newsome once >> to spend a billion dollars surplus vaccinated. boosted still getting covid. we talk to local doctors about how you can better avoid getting a breakthrough case. and skies clearing out nicely around the bay area. looking at more sunshine ahead, c
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>> there is an ever-increasing number breakthrough cases happening among those fully vaxxed and boosted it is not
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just breakthrough cases. but overall you can see the positivity rate has been trending upwards and there's an average of nearly 57,000 new cases per day. so what does that tell us? is there nothing we can do to better protect ourselves? we posed that question to bay area. infectious disease experts can force and current reports. >> breakthrough covid cases are becoming more and more common. even among those baxton boosted since the omicron variant exploded across the nation. breakthroughs are more common now because >> the virus omicron this period is more capable of evading our immune system. the delta variant factions, disease experts say that means everyone, including those vaxxed and boosted. >> must double down on protecting themselves, especially over the next few weeks. that means wearing top tier in 95 or kn 95 masks and limiting the number of people you're around. be careful about about the kinds of situations you get into.
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>> especially indoors, especially people without masks, especially people. you don't know who may or may not be vaccinated, who may or may not have been careful. you know, it's a time to be careful in past we might have going on bart, but it wasn't so crowded. you know, think twice. if you really have to do that. >> in the past, we might have gone too. some performances are sporting events. if you know outside. i think twice about those things. no infectious disease experts point out those vaxxed and boosted you get breakthroughs. >> we'll likely have milder cases. but they say cdc data shows those most at risk for hospitalization. continue to be those with at least one underlying condition. the things i worry about, first of all, older age, second of all, obesity, 3rd >> underlying pulmonary disease for the minister oppression and then 5th, maybe pregnancy or late pregnancy. those are the sorts of things where your lungs don't work as well. and he can mount the
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same sort of. immune response that someone it was younger. ken, about infectious disease experts say if you have one of those conditions, you really should consider. >> staying close to home until this current surge peaks that supposed to happen within the next few weeks. dan kerman kron, 4 news, some high-risk americans will be eligible for a 4th covid vaccination doses early as this week in august, the cdc recommended a 3rd dose for immunocompromised people in the 4th in october. the agency also recently shorten the wait time for pfizer and moderna boosters from 6 months to 5 months. so those who got their 3rd dose in mid august would actually become eligible for their 4th mid january. about 3% of the u.s. population is said to be immunocompromised. switching gears here for a moment. checking our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero. the bay bridge in the background there all lit city paid the pg e bill this
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month meteorologists. lawrence karnow is with us dry out week, lawrence. yeah, yeah. just what we need it right. we had all that rain now. >> finally seeing that some comeback this weekend. that was a nice sight to see today. another beautiful day out there tonight gets a mostly clear skies. couple clouds likely to move in a little bit later on that today. the temperatures not bad at all. 62 degrees a little bit above the average checks. lee in the san francisco right at the average of 57 degrees in oakland. how about san jose? it kind of the start of the show. their 66 degrees. just a beautiful day in the santa clara valley. 61 in livermore. 61 in concord and 63 degrees in santa rosa. right now, we do have some storm clouds, but they are staying well to the north. a few high clouds moving into far northern california. high pressure is going to build in ahead of that next system. that's going to keep us on the dry side of things. and that's where we sit right now. mostly clear and dry. and that's the way it's going to stay. i think for quite a while now. temperatures tonight will get a little chilly. in fact, some of those numbers dropping off in the 40's inland already likely to see some overnight
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lows down in the 30's as we head toward early tomorrow morning. the jet track further to the north. you can see really the red arrows here pointing to where a lot of that moisture is headed right now. we're going to see all the bumping up in the pacific northwest. we're going to see a few high clouds move overhead, but high pressure is going to kind of settle in here and it will weaken from time to time. but overall, that ridge is going to be sticking around. that means we're going to really some drier weather, i think for the next week to hear as with things dry out, the middle of january. temperature wise for overnight lows, 30's into santa rosa. low 40's in little more than by day tomorrow. looks like another nice day. a mixture of sunshine and some high clouds. temperatures mid 60's and the fremont. 64 in the napa valley and cooler 50's in the san francisco. we've got some more sunshine, a few clouds coming our way. but dry weather into the weekend. thanks, lawrence. the world's 5th hottest year on record is driving the conversation this weekend. the european union's copernicus climate conference. the average global temperature last year was 1.0. 1, 1.2
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degrees celsius or 2.2 degrees fahrenheit warmer than baseline temperature set during the 1800 right before the in just real. yeah. the industrialization around the globe took effect flooded gases emitted 1.5 degrees celsius warmer than that baseline is what experts say. we need to stay below to avoid the worst effects of global warming during this climate conference, scientists have been discussing how greenhouse gas emissions are creeping higher and higher every year creating a warming effect in creating extreme weather events all over the world. we are expecting to see more and more frequent. >> he traced all more intense heat waves and all say there is already upset observational evidence that in europe due to the roaming taken place already in place have already become. become more intense. >> europe's summer last year was the warmest on record,
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though 2010 2018 were not far behind. meanwhile, the western side of north america, which we're a part of saw record breaking heat, of course, drought and wildfires last summer. >> slight decrease in average gas prices may be short-lived as costs could increase soon. that's according to experts. national gas value decreased $0.2 over the past 3 weeks to $3 and $0.39 per gallon across the country. currently the highest gas average is in san francisco with prices more than $4. well, the lowest prices are in houston with costs under $3. others tensions and talking. but no breakthroughs as the u.s. and russian negotiators meet over ukraine and other security issues at today's meeting was the first of 3 planned this week in geneva. russia has massed 100,000 troops and fire power along its border with ukraine. the u.s. is threatening russia was severe sanctions if the russians invade russia's vladimir putin
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has said that nato expansion into ukraine and other former soviet states is a, quote, red line that cannot be crossed. former american idol runner-up clay aiken is running for congress in north carolina. it can ran last 8 years ago. >> in the mostly republican district. but now he's running in a region dominated by can is from north carolina and it would be the south's first openly member of congress if he's elected, he says he'll promote inclusion, work to provide free health care and fight climate change. still ahead, a new plak to provide leave for families dealing with sickness. how one city hopes to expand access to people in need. >> plus, the search for suspects in santa rosa. what we know about the people responsible for vandalizing a holocaust memorial.
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>> santa rosa police are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing a holocaust memorial. take a look at the fountain at the santa rosa memorial park who was knocked over and it sustained major damage. police say an employee believes the fountain was vandalized friday between 09:15am, in the morning and about 2.40 in the afternoon. the found at the holocaust memorial was previously vandalized and knocked over in 2020. police are still looking for the suspects in that incident as well as this one. the search continues for a mountain lion in daly city.
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>> officers with daly, city police and department of fish and wildlife have been in the area of west more avenue and baldwin avenue since this morning. lori golub says that she first spotted a mountain lion in her backyard. winner dogs kept barking at a tree. >> as i was approaching the tree on the upper level of the yard. i noticed this big tail hanging down and i was like, oh, my god, what is that? so i walked a little closer. may look right up. and it was looking right down at me that mountain lion. >> haha. >> while that will get your attention, we have a crew on the scene and we'll let you know soon as the animal is captured. daly city police are urging residents to use caution and leaving their house is up. well, the lineup is out for this year's bottle rocked the event. organizers released a list of more than 70 artists who will be performing, including. >> metallica, pink. 21 pilots. luke combs. this year's bottle rocket scheduled for may 27th through the 29th in napa. tickets go on sale tomorrow
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morning at 10 o'clock. still to come on cross for his provide a covid test said no cost to the biden administration. >> hopes to expand access and crackdown on all these cases. plus, paying for the year 3 of the pandemic. but governor newsome is promising and proposing to spend on the state's recovery and people are remembering bob simon tonight. tributes pouring in from costars fellow comedians. from costars fellow comedians. a lot of people e after my car accident, from costars fellow comedians. a lot ofi wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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>> universal health care, a gas tax holiday and billions to address homelessness, climate change and public safety issues. these are a few of the financial priorities. governor newsome presented in his proposed state budget today. it's a lot. our capitol bureau reporter, ashley zavala breaks down the spending plan. >> for the second year in a row, governor gavin newsome presenting his financial priorities amid a pandemic health care at the top of new sums list in his 286.4 billion dollar spending plan. the governor are proposing to extend the state's health care coverage. medical to all low income californians regardless of immigration status, it would be the first of its kind in the nation. newsome wants to earmark 614 million dollars in this year's budget for the program. it would cost more than 2 billion dollars every year after with the program starting in january of 2024, we said we're going to do it. so we take a few years we're committed to doing it. flush in cash and grappling with
8:30 pm
rising inflation. the governor proposing a gas tax holiday to hit the brakes on a gas tax increase that is set to trigger in july. the pause would decrease the states feel revenue this year by 523 million dollars on transportation. newsome wants to spend 4.2 billion dollars to complete the first phase of the high-speed rail. the segment running through the central valley. other financial proposals include 2 billion dollars on homelessness and mental health housing 750 million to continue to address drought. 1.2 billion on forest management to prevent wildfires money to combat crime. and 2.7 billion dollars on covid-19. response. newsom says he's working with the legislature on renewing paid covid-19 sick time for california workers but couldn't give many details monday, including how soon it could go into effect. i'll tell you, this is a top priority for me. republican vice chairman of the assembly and senate budget committees responded to the proposals. senator jim nielsen said much more needs to be done on water storage and fire prevention saying with the budget surplus, there's no reason to
8:31 pm
not provide enough money to fund these critical priorities. assemblyman vince fong said in a statement, overtaxed, californians should keep more of their hard earned money. precious tax dollars need to be spent wisely and effectively to serve those in need with such a big budget surplus. governor newson could not say if californians will see another round of those golden state stimulus checks. he says it's likely there will be some contribution back to the taxpayer, but exactly what form is to be determined. >> there's still plenty of time to figure that out because the state budget is not finalized until june at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news omicron is shining a spotlight on the disparities between who gets paid sick days and who doesn't. >> nearly 80% of all private sector workers get at least one paid sick day according to a national compensation survey. but many workers are vulnerable, particularly those in the low income bracket. only 33% of workers whose wages are at the bottom 10% get paid sick. leave a survey by harvard's shift project
8:32 pm
found that 65% of workers who reported being sick in the last month said. they went to work anyway. meanwhile, san francisco will consider permanent sick leave supervisor gordon mar introduced the public health emergency ballot measure last week. it would make sure that city employees and private companies with more than 100 employees get paid if they get sick and have to quarantine or care for a family member, the board still has to approve the measure for it to be on the ballot. this coming june and starting this week, insurance companies will start reimbursing people for their at home covid tests. the measure was announced last week by the white house. as of now, there's no official guidance on how the rebursement will actually work. consumers will most likely have to file a claim with her insurance companies to get the money back. the federal government is also expected to release a new website this week that will allow americans to request at home testing kits at no cost. the white house has ordered 500 million test to be delivered via mail. heads up
8:33 pm
the deadline for health care. open enrollment is fast approaching. americans have until saturday to sign up for coverage through the affordable care act. >> the centers for medicare and medicaid services say nearly 14 million people have already signed up for coverage this year. the agency is crediting increased outreach efforts for such a high sign up for 8 and they're emphasizing the necessity for americans to get covered, especially with covid cases on the rise, noting. while vaccinations are free, hospitalizations are not. >> the manager are kind of conditions that we have. those 4 just in case something unexpected happens like an accident. you want to have health insurance coverage, making sure you can get access 2 if you get sick. >> the agency is promising that no matter where americans live, they can get coverage beginning february 1st. >> the tax season is starting on monday, january 24th. this is when the agency will begin
8:34 pm
accepting and processing. you're 2021. tax year returns. administration officials are already warning of a frustrating season is the agency grapples with a backlog of returns from previous years. the irs commissioner saying that it will do everything possible with the resources that are available. the tax filing season will and on april 18th this year for most individuals rather than the usual deadline of april 15 because that's when emancipation day will be observed in washington, dc goldman sachs is forecasting 4 interest rate hikes this year. the wall street bank told clients that it expects the federal reserve to raise interest rate in march june september and in december, the bank previously predicted only 3 rate hikes in 2022, the new forecast is in response to high inflation and low unemployment rate hikes will raise the cost of borrowing on mortgages, car loans and credit cards. federal reserve chairman jerome powell is set
8:35 pm
to discuss inflation and interest rates during his confirmation hearing tomorrow with lawmakers. our weather time now as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast, aerial beautiful one at that of the golden gate bridge. >> hugh, full indeed. kron four's a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with a look at what we can expect. which sounds like we can put away the umbrellas for a while. just for a bit. sometimes we get these dry periods in the middle of january and that's where we sit right now and probably a much needed one. we've had the incredible start. the rain season so far. well above the average dry out there right now. it's going to stay that way all night long. storm clouds moving further to the north. now as high pressure begins to build in skubal high clouds likely moving overhead. really cold out there. temperatures, 40's and 50's. now as we head across the country, though, not as cold as other spots. look at this. the wind chill right now -3 with the wind and the temperature combine in chicago -6 in detroit, -7 in minneapolis. storm clouds rolling in in that direction. expecting a lot of snow in the next couple of days. meantime,
8:36 pm
we're going to keep things dry or on the west coast. you've got 50's and 60's in the san francisco along the coastline, kind of cool out toward the beaches, but not bad. 15 60's. there inside the bay will start to warm things up. 63 in millbrae 6, 3, in burlingame about 66 in san carlos. 65 for our friends and woodside. the south bay joined temperatures well into the 60's in many spots and mild in the interior valleys should be nice out there tomorrow. a lot of 60's to be had after not a bad start the day. we're not going to see that real dense ground fog. we had over the weekend. so you're off and running with some sunshine. then a few high clouds going to start to move in overhead by the afternoon. 62 degrees in the napa valley about 64 degrees in sonoma and 61 degrees in benicia. 64 in centreville at about 65 should be a nice day in santa rosa. next few days, high pressure overhead. that will keep us dry. a few clouds will continue to roll over the top of that ridge. but staying dry, it looks like through the next couple of days. in fact, right through the beginning of the following week. thanks,
8:37 pm
lauren. still ahead tonight at 8 saying goodbye to bob sag, the bay area warns the comedian who >> unexpectedly passed away this weekend. and where's the beef? where's this be? hopefully not your kitchen. the new recall affecting 28,000 pounds of protein. and keeping travelers safe from the surge, the option one airline is preparing to offer passengers.
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>> it just got harder to get a covid test in san francisco. not ideal timing, but the city's department of public health announced today the reducing testing at 4 sites. they say it's due to staffing shortages and then increased processing time for tests updated hours. the site at the l a hill hutch center will now close 3 hours earlier close to 2 in the afternoon hours at the southeast health center. our only shortened on monday's still open at 11 the rest of the week open at 8, the alum, 80 farmers market site will now shut down at 6 at night. and the testing site in so much 7, the brand and will now open at noon. the department of health says the reductions are temporary, but at this point, they don't know when they go back to full capacity. southwest airlines is trying to help international passengers get home more easily during the pandemic. >> the company is providing discounted covid-19 tests for those traveling back here to the u.s. the airline is partnering with city health to
8:41 pm
offer rapid return test kit for 50 bucks. each kit comes with the cdc approved rapid antigen test and a virtual appointment with a round. the clock testing specialist the company promises that those with negative results will receive a secure link to a health certificate in about 3 minute travelers not flying on southwest can also purchase the test that the full price of $75 despite the surge in covid cases, a lot of folks are still making time to get out of town. january's top trending travel destinations range from snowy vermont and montana to the california coast and several states between including florida, texas and nevada. this is according to audrey broad dream, which monitors the pulse on travel trends. the site based its picks on google travel, insight in searches. other top destination states, georgia and tennessee. what a sunday for bay area sports. we'll take a look back at clays, emotional return to the
8:42 pm
court. plus. >> the niners and raiders playoff home. that was easy right left reaction from both football coaches. clay got out. sports director jason dumas, u.s. says a recap. when we come b after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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>> new york real estate heir robert durst has died in stockton 3 months after being sentenced to life behind bars for murder. durst had been battling a series of health issues during his recent murder trial during which even
8:45 pm
test positive for covid-19 and was briefly connected to a ventilator. his lawyers say his condition worsened at other medical problems and then it is they who confirmed his death at the san joaquin general hospital today after being taken there for testing. durst was convicted in september of killing his friend in 2000 who is also suspected killing his neighbor in texas in 2000. one as well as his wife in new york in 1982, he was 78 years old. local comedians and fans are paying tribute to bob sagna. tonight, the actor and comedian was found dead. >> yesterday in his orlando hotel room, it was less than 24 hours after performing at a standup show in jacksonville, florida. an autopsy report found no foul play or drug use, but an official cause of death could take weeks. kron four's rob nesbitt shows us how seconds career affected the bay area and its local comedy scene.
8:46 pm
>> bay area comedian say this is a tough time with omicron canceling stand-up shows left and right. bob said gets death is just one more hit to the industry. they didn't see coming. it was the perfect balance of a career for the ranching us above side, its punch lines on stage. by the way, i want to start by apologizing for the way that i speak. it is again, it is shock value. it is a persona to his lovable role as danny tanner and full house, everybody. the actor and comedian had his fair share of success, really had a quite spectacular career. john allen from it's cheaper than therapy. and san francisco grew up watching full house and funniest home videos. the comedian says sag its reputation is well known throughout the stand-up world. no one has a back story about it. >> and absolute the scent. nice person hold the jokes. >> we'll show full house has kept tours coming to the bay area for decades to snap pictures of the famous tanner house where a memorial of flowers and cards begin to for monday morning for sag it.
8:47 pm
just one devastating blow after another. a hovey performs. the best of has that stand up and says the surge in covid cases is causing show cancellations. the company grew posted on facebook sunday night about the 65 year olds. death being one more blow to the industry. i know will be missed by like a lot of people and a lot of fans like a. >> i've reached out and just express their sadness over the whole situation. so it's a really sad thing to hear about sag its former costars took to social media to express their sadness. >> john stamos posted on twitter saying, quote, i will never have another friend like him. according to the orange county chief medical examiner in florida. the cause and manner of side gets death are pending. further studies in the investigation could take up to 12 weeks to complete in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. >> now an update on the passing of beloved actress betty white reports say she suffered a stroke nearly a week before she died that he white passed away in her sleep new year's eve at the age of 99, close friends and her agents. a funeral arrangements
8:48 pm
are being handled privately because that is betty. that is what that he would have wanted. >> a new us quarter featuring the late maya angelou went into circulation today. congresswoman barbara lee making the announcement today on twitter. this makes the legendary poet and activist the first black woman ever to appear on a coin. it is the first in the american women quarters program which will include coins featuring prominent women in american history. the mint says other quarters in the series will begin rolling out later this year and through 2025. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> chase center is still in its infant stages. the building is only about 2 years old and hasn't had many memorable moments, especially when you factor in covid in games being played without fans. but man, last night, the building was truly baptize.
8:49 pm
chase center had its very first the finding moment klay thompson made his debut to return to the court for the first time in 941 days. >> if you're counting, that's nearly 31 month over 134 weeks. >> and 27 holidays play. he did not disappoint either. who finished with 17 points in 20 minutes and face and it was louder than i have ever heard. >> they say the nation miss clay just doesn't do it. justice. >> i love our way i know they were. hard for me to last 2 i knew it would be try to an, visualize this moment for for years, really. and gosh, was worth every second. and i just i'm just excited. kind of get out the way now. i can get back in the rhythm of things because the last 2 years was different with rehab. and now like computer have to reprogram. i approached everything in. that's a blessing. so i'm very thankful
8:50 pm
for that invasion and the love they showed me with. >> not only did sunday see the return of clay, but both the forty-niners and the raiders blocked a postseason berth and they both did so in dramatic fashion. the niners came all the way back from 17 points down on the road in los angeles. they went on to win in overtime. >> it will now head to dallas to take on the cowboys. the wild card round at jerry world. that game is sunday at one 30. meanwhile, the raiders also played an overtime thriller. they beat the chargers at home in a few that this was an exciting one. daniel carlson hit a field goal as time expired to win this one. the raiders will play in cincinnati against the bengals on saturday at one, 30. >> he's only been to a number of good and bad things. you look at the game yesterday to go through a bunch of good about things it's about just fighting and not worry about it and do whatever you can to come out on top of him. i just
8:51 pm
hope that we're still fighting. we still got a game this week that guaranteed to isis want honor, make sure that we put all the work in this week to leave all on the field. so it is said and done hopefully get a chance to play again. we'll have a great deal of >> pride for our team and and the way in which they compete. that's what we try to preach every day. we try to preach, trying to find a way to get a little bit better turn improve. the day is over and again, you know, we get ourselves overtime game again. and certainly somewhere in there we improved a little bit. >> all righty. that is your look at sports. back to you guys. >> all right, jason. what's the secret to a long life? one woman says the start of the golden arches. her explanation after the break. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee.
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>> it's not every day that somebody celebrates their 100 and 6th birthday, dorothy net of south philadelphia turned the big one. 0, 6 on friday and credits her long life to her faith. and big macs. yeah, the great grandma of 9 and great. great grandmother of one says that she is looking and feeling her best these days. her grand daughter who takes care of her now says that she remembers attending church with dorothy and their special trips to mcdonald's afterwards. >> grandma always took me to church. we used to go to a friendship, a district. 28 people were in street then after church, we sometimes go
8:55 pm
to mcdonald's my grandma big making. she was the big going on. >> you know, so you wonder what does someone who is 106 years old want for their birthday? when asked dorothy replied, sweet, living. a bacterial outbreak in ground beef is forcing a recall in store chains all across california. more than 20,000 pounds of ground beef have been recalled under 4 brands that was sold in wal-mart and winco foods, locations in california and several other state. it questionable are in question is a possible e-coli contamination? it has the e s t 9.65 on the label. those products should be thrown out a return to the store kids with more active lifestyles. skip better grades, according to researchers, study was done in switzerland. kids were put under a series of fiscal test. >> and then evaluated on memory and decision-making skills. researchers say they
8:56 pm
found children who had better cardiovascular fitness, scored higher at math memory and learning new languages. the findings show a link between the heart lungs and overall brain health. researchers say they hope the study shines light on incorporating more physical activities in schools. ever wanted to run in another city. but from the comfort of your own home or apple is announcing the launch of a new audio running experience called time to run. it features new episodes that will be released every monday will be set in different locations, including brooklyn, miami beach, london, with images of notable sites showing up on your apple watch. they have to have san francisco right? yeah. have to. quite out. bikeway tower. it's a pretty good hill if you're here getting up there to the base of coit tower. but we just had kind of like an all or nothing weather situation lately. it's so are
8:57 pm
so dry. lawrence is here with his telescope looking really far down the line. yeah. want to see if we can actually get a little something going rain again, but not just yet. we're getting one of patterns where things really begin to dry out. >> starting to see things change as we head into the weekend. yeah, that's where we sit right now. high pressure taking over. you'll notice. here's our long range. a model. you'll see the storms start to roll up for the north. and there you go as we get through wednesday and thursday keeping dry, but a few more clouds coming our way over the weekend. high pressure builds right back in. you're talking about some sunshine and some nice weather and that ridge is going to stick around. it looks like not only this weekend, but well into next week. guys, back to you. is at 9 right back to you. is at 9 right after this. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news has known all indications are. >> what if there will likely get worse? avoid large gatherings and stay home as much as possible. >> now, 9 hope you enjoy them while they lasted because in response to covid cases surging in sonoma county, the health officer there is pulling the plug on large gatherings. good evening, everybody. welcome in to kron. 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis and that's not all county leaders are also asking people to stay home and limit travel to just necessary trips once


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