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tv   KRON 4 News at 12 Noon  KRON  January 10, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>>streaming now from 4, the bay area's local news station. >>good afternoon. welcome to vermeer of kron on at noon. i'm noelle bellow are glad you joined us this afternoon. want to straight to our top story right now over in contra costa county, first responders and people working in high-risk settings will now have to prove they've received a covid-19 booster shot or be tested for the virus every week the new booster mandate went into effect today. our charles clifford joining us live from contra costa county this afternoon with details on that new requirement. charles.
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>>yeah, well, here in contra costa county covid-19 cases continues to people who are unvaccinated make up the majority of those new cases. people are vaccinated. also make up quite a few new cases. people are getting sick, but people who are vaccinated and boosted they make up the smallest number of percentage of those new cases of the county now wants to expand on existing mandate to require booster shots for many of its first responders. let's go and take a look at some video now as of today, january 10th, all law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical responders and people who work in hospitals, jails and nursing homes across contra costa county must prove they are fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot against covid-19. the new rules also apply to non-emergency ambulance workers, county health services says the new requirement is necessary in order to slow the spread of the omicron variant of coronavirus and keep hospitals an emergency services from being overwhelmed by 6 but
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sick patients and staffing shortages. now, anyone who does not receive a booster shot works in one of these professions will have to take a weekly covid-19 testing alert. order to keep working around other people. so that is the very latest here in contra costa charles clifford will send it back to you. >>all right, charles, thank you for that. after weeks of increased demand and low or no supply, it's now even harder to get a covid test in san francisco, the city's department of public health announced today they're reducing testing hours at 4 of its sites. officials say this is all due to staffing shortages and increased processing time for tests. here's a look at the updated hours. the site at the l a hill hutch center is now going to close at 2 in the afternoon. that's 3 hours earlier than usual hours at the southeast health center are only shortened on mondays. that site opens at 11 the rest of the week. the center will open at 08:00am the al many
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farmers market site will now shut down at 6 in the evening and the testing site in selma at 7th and brandon street. so we'll now open at noon just a few hours later than normal. the department of health says these reductions are temporary. but at this point, they do not know when they'll return to full capacity. across the bay area. more city offices are having to close their doors because of surging covid cases. police and penn all have closed the public safety building to the public until further notice. newark's city and police offices are closed until next tuesday. hayward city hall offices are closed on fridays of this month. brett, what has closed its city hall police headquarters and the municipal services center until further notice and over in allejo city hall is going to be closed through february 28th. governor gavin newsome today
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outlined his proposed state budget. the governor answering questions now after outlining that proposal. he says he's prioritizing money to end the pandemic, including a proposed 2.7 billion dollars for a covid-19 emergency response package. he's also proposing 14 billion dollars to fight homelessness, which includes expanding project homekey more than 1 billion dollars is being proposed to help while fight wildfires, including 400 million specifically for cal fire. one of the proposals he highlighted today was for expanded behavioral health services for kids dealing with the effects of covid-19. 4 billion dollars. >>to completely. re imagine are screening services for our children. i mean, i don't need to tell you the stress and the anxiety that our kids have been under over the last few years, particularly related to covid. this is serious and
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we're taking it seriously. and there's 4 billion dollars. and multi year investment in this space. >>our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala is following the governor's proposal today. she's going to have a full report for us coming up on kron. 4 news at 5. bay area. schools are having a tough time handling the post holiday surge in covid cases. the san francisco teachers union demanding the district begin negotiations on covid protocols immediately. the teachers claim they ran out of covid tests over the weekend. kron 4 sarah stinson has more on their demands. >>the san francisco unified school district and the teachers union still don't have an exact date of when they're going to meet at the bargaining table was supposed to be on thursday, but they're trying to reach this agreement sooner as teachers say they're extremely uncomfortable teaching in the classroom with no agreement on covid safety precautions. these basic demands is what's needed to
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keep schools open so that the contagion doesn't bring us to a full halt. the teachers union tweeted out their frustrations on sunday vocalizing the fact that they want agreement meant now and that they need testing to be more available for testing program that's available is a hot spot, some mix and match of a few different options and it's not sufficient. we know that we know that there are reasons why folks rapid tests. and we know this folks, they need pcr tests. >>and access to those is limited throughout the city. let alone at the school district site. >>a spokesperson for the san francisco school district sent me this response saying sf usd has made reliable testing regularly available to students and staff since last spring since last sunday, we have distributed nearly 58,000 tests at our testing locations. we are and have been working closely with the sf department of public health with implementing all
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protocols. they recommend the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. but the district came back offering 5 days. the teachers want the district to provide to and 95 or kn 95 mask for every student and employee each day. the district says they have been providing masks and will continue to provide them but only for employees over 20. >>of them in the classroom. so it's important for everyone there. not just the educators. we can't have a system of the haves and have nots. the school district needs to provide these high quality respiratory masks for everyone. the district and the union have agreed weekly covid testing needs to be at every district site for all students and staff. meanwhile, they're still teachers calling out sick due to exposure or falling ill from covid as omicron cases continue to surge. >>we will continue to follow the latest between the district and the teachers union in san francisco as they work to reach an agreement for the latest head to our web
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site. >>kron 4 dot com reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. >>over in the east bay, meanwhile, classes are expected to resume tomorrow in the west contra costa county school district. that district closed all schools last friday and today to clean and sanitize all the facilities after a large number of staff called out due to covid cases. the district is also requiring employees and students to take covid tests today and report their results before they return to in-person learning tomorrow. meanwhile, a big change for students in milpitas this week. they now have the option of either going to school in person. we're returning to virtual learning. it's a major reversal from what the district announced over the weekend. it will tran is in milpitas with those details. >>any other time upi, this high school would be crawling with people. but look at this. it is practically empty, a ghost town as it seems like a lot of parents are choosing.
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they have that option. they are choosing to keep their kids at home. the milpitas unified school district. they're offering parents students the choice to either do it at home or here on campus. but it looks like a lot of people are choosing to do at home. here is henry and dakota. let's start with you. you walk inside the classrooms, the cota. how did they look like this morning? well, today, i just need try because it's broken and i don't know i really do not know where to go. >>but there are some kids that look like they're lost here and i don't know what to do with them. so >>normally you would see people inside the classrooms are a lot of teachers, your whole. but just a kid. tears like really crowded into i think it's good to stay at home and not be at school. >>i hope i hopefully it's just for a week because i don't want what happened last year, too. that is the plan for a week. the milpitas unified
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school district actually going into the weekend. there was some confusion that all the classes will be online, then decided over the weekend that to have the hybrid. >>you can see here is another student being dropped off. but it looks like a lot of people are choosing option b, meaning staying at home and distance learning. >>all right. it's about that time to get a check of your forecast meteorologist dave spahr standing by with a look at the sunny skies. we've got today a j. >>a good day there, noel. today, everybody. we saw a will out there earlier there yet his gloves on little chilly in the morning hours. but boy, in the afternoon, are still january? is that thermometer just doesn't know when it's moving sfo. no delays, of course, and enjoying the sunshine. a little bit of haze, though. so we'll call high clouds. here's the east bay shoreline. all lit up as well with blue skies temperature. check pushing through those 50's getting awfully close to 60 up in the north and off to the east bay freemont. you're there at 60 63, half moon bay. 59 for san
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jose was 64 freeman. 58. meanwhile, for san francisco, give you a quick comparison. even with those lofty numbers happen based trailing a little bit compared to yesterday at this time open 3 degrees behind. everybody else is in some cases, a half a dozen degrees ahead of yesterday. so we have to look for too, for the rest of the afternoon. they said the more the same, mostly sunny to kind of some of that high cloudiness, the action that we were kind of counting on before out here. yeah, that's going to go up and around us. but it will spray us with some cloud cover as we get into tonight and a little bit into tomorrow. so looking ahead for the rest of the afternoon, this a bit more optimistic. i think we want to keep some of those high clouds still in there. but temperature check upper 50's and about 60 mostly clear at about 7 o'clock dropping about 48 with the air drying out. this is one of the things you tend to get a little bit with that cold nights a touch. but hey, it's january. we get a nice day so you can see not much happens until tuesday afternoon. this is what's left of the hope of getting some
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rain out of the early week. if you see a scattered clouds going on here. so now the next thing to look out for is way upstream into thursday and looking at the latest models that to looks like it's coming apart as well. temperatures for today about 60 san francisco. 62 for oakland, 65 san jose noting some of those scattered clouds warm with that in the seven-day program here. we'll see more of the 60's here thursday. let's is called a sprinkle question, mark. it's a possibility pick along the coast heading into next weekend. more of the same basically keeping it sunny to mostly sunny for those nights. again, we may dip back down in the 30's a little bit, but most inland spots will be in the lower 40's. but again, we may dabble a little bit into the 30's again in the inland spots where the coast stays in the 40's. noel. thanks, dave. >>this just into our newsroom. a real estate heir and convicted murderer robert durst has died at the age of 78 durst was serving a life sentence in stockton, california, for the 2000
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murder of his best friend susan berman. he was also facing trial in new york for the killing for killing his wife, kathy, who disappeared back in 1982. durst attorney says the death was from natural causes due to a number of ailments. new york city fire officials have corrected the death count in sunday's deadly apartment fire. the fire has claimed 17 lives. that's 2 fewer than originally reported. 8 of the victims were children. officials say the fire was sparked by a malfunctioning space heater happened in the city's bronx neighborhood. more than 60 people from the building have been hospitalized, mainly for smoke inhalation. this is the deadliest fire in new york city in 3 decades. in sports. back here at home, the san francisco forty-niners. they're headed to the playoffs. the red and gold beat out the rams yesterday in overtime. the niners got off to a rough start but they overcame a 17 point deficit to
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go into over time and take home that w niners get the 6th seed and are back in the playoffs for the first time since the super bowl run in 2019. meanwhile, the raiders, they're also staying alive for the postseason right now after beating the chargers yesterday in ot. and of course, in the nba, the splash brothers are back. lot of excitement last night at the chase center. it went wild yesterday for the return of klay thompson. the warriors star took the glass for the first time in nearly 3 years after suffering 2 very serious injuries. it was also his first time playing inside the chase center. if you can believe it. kron on sports reporter kate rooney is going to have a full recap of last night's historic moment. he slams down he had a bunch of threes. it really was a nice
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little show that they put on their last night again, kate rooney is going to have a recap coming up. >>at 12, 30. >>a lineup is out for this year's bottle rock. the event out list of more than 70 artists, including metallica, pink 21 pilots and luke combs. i love every single one of those. this is definitely going to be one. i'm not going to this year's bomber august scheduled from may. 27 through may 20th up in napa. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00am be sure sector timers for that one. coming up here on kron on how to fight back against businesses on fairly raising the price of covid test. plus, fans are remembering the life of bob side at why they say they enjoyed watching him on tv for so many years. right now. you're wa
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>>well, fans around the world are remembering full house star bob side at the actor and comedian was found dead over the weekend at the ritz carlton in orlando, florida. saito has a look back at his career and how he's being remembered. >>by the way, i want to start by apologizing for the way that i speak. it is again, it is shock value. it is a persona throughout the years. funny man above saggy remained a fixture in stand-up comedy, known for his raunchy humor.
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but it was his family friendly persona that captured the hearts of tv in philly second shot to superstardom in 1987 as the lovable dad, danny tanner on full house. everybody. he was right. there's no place like home. no stranger to ktla morning show sagging. explain to our sam rubin how the full house gig was. an accident has taken away. and then i never that are working again. and 2 weeks later, my manager called and said this show full house want you to be on all my goodness, newborn baby. and i said, yes, he would go on to host several seasons of america's funniest home videos say later reprised his role as danny tanner on the reboot fuller house. >>on sunday afternoon, officials in florida found say gets unresponsive body inside his orlando hotel room. segun had just performed the show in jacksonville the night before tweeting out this selfie. same love tonight show the cause of
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death has yet to be determined. but detectives say they found no signs of foul play or >>the laugh factory in hollywood honoring the comedian's death sunday night with the friend family member >>and he was a friend to all of us. 3rd medians here. >>and was so dark and so funny. and he just want everyone know former costars also expressing their condolences. john stamos tweeting out, quote, i am broken and good. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. >>i love you so much. body candace cameron brewer adding i don't know what to say. i have no words. bob was one of the best human beings i've ever known in my life. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>over in the east bay. brentwood police are investigating a shooting that killed a man from turn. lock. happened sunday afternoon on sycamore avenue in brentwood. officers say the victim died
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on scene. police say the killing was a result of a family dispute. up in the north bay. sonoma county sheriff's detectives are searching for answers after a body was found in a remote area off highway one. 0, one happened in cloverdale friday afternoon. investigators say they found the body in a field after someone flagged down a chp officer. so far, investigators have not released any other information regarding the body. california has put in new tough restrictions on nursing homes in response to the omicron variant under the state's health order. visitors must now show a negative test. in addition to prove that their vaccinated with a booster before they can visit folks in nursing homes. the new rules are set in place through february 7th, but they could be extended. now the covid surge does continue to impact medical services. and this time officials say they're
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being overwhelmed with non-emergency 911. calls the san francisco fire department says dispatchers are seeing an increase in the number of calls with people reporting minor symptoms. kron on's amanda hari has that story. >>please help us keep endurance is available for medical emergencies. health officials are warning people not to overwhelm the system. they say they've seen a surge in 911. calls and er visits for covid tests and minor cold flu or covid symptoms. we've been having about over 400 ems calls. >>a day in the city for the past several days. typically that number hovers around 300 or 330, that's about a 20 to 25% increase in calls. doctor susan ehrlich chief executive officer at zuckerberg, general hospital. >>says as the only level one trauma center in the city, there are always extremely busy, but they've never seen
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anything like this. people are coming to emergency departments seeking testing. >>because i think the demand is high some cave in some circumstances, the supply is both ems and zuckerberg general hospital are seeing about 10% of their staff out with covid or quarantining because of a close encounter. they also have other people out on vacation personal time or other illnesses. she jeanine nicholson with the san francisco fire department says they're struggling to keep up with the extra demand for one-third of our staff today is on mandatory overtime. health officials want to remind people that most covid cases are mild and can be safely treated at home. they want to relieve some of the strain on the system so they're able to better assist those who are in dire need of medical assistance. we really want to get to our most critically ill or injured patients. >>and we need the public's
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health help. we need the public's help in doing in doing so. health officials say this is not a san francisco specific problem. they say emergency medical systems across the state and country are seeing a similar surge in call volume for the same non emergent requests. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>welcome back to the news at noon to say it was a big weekend for bay area. sports would be a bit of an understatement. we had klay thompson back in action helping the warriors beat the cabs last night and in football, the forty-niners and the raiders are both playoff bound kron four's. kate rooney has the latest in sports. >>coming up for pre-game warmups. huge roars going up from the chase center crowd. >>and then, of course, the intro clay taking the court for the first time in 941 days and his first ever game at chase center. >>then right after that, clay turns the corner. and gets the lay in his first basket showing that leg is lookin good. hey, don't forget about this steph curry. >>had 4 threes in the first pretty good sign as he's been in a mini slump, got go to the late second clay turn that
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corner again this one down on 2 cabs dream on is happy. that's in from clay and steph even know what to do. but what about threes? so here you go. 3 from downtown warriors up 5 at the break. 3rd quarter now hey, how about a nother trait for 3? that one from 30 feet down 60 to 48 warriors. klay absolutely got to feel so good. 4th quarter. he steps back behind the screen. another 3 down. thompson finished with 17 points in 20 minutes. steph had 28 warriors win. 96 to 82 in an epic night at the chase center. >>was a very special moments. i'll never forget on their feet that this never forget the fans gave us, especially myself and she was fun and it was worth every single day of
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being away. and in a squat rack or on the shuttle shuttle boring all the conditioning days, it was worth every single moment and i'm so grateful to just just compete again. it's a it's been a long road, but just all so proud of myself for persevering and it you know, a very special on their forget. >>let's talk nfl football. one last chance in week 18 for the forty-niners to punch a ticket to the postseason. they had to beat the rams in la to do it. the red and gold. take us on a wild ride. jimmy g had a bit of a rough 1st half with his injured thumb all wrapped up as jim eastham and the forty-niners had a rough 1st half to down 17. nothing at one point that they make a furious comeback. not only touchdown in the most annual taking the pitch and throwing it one jennings for the 24 yard. touchdown. >>17, 17. the 2 and a half minutes left. matthew stafford to cooper cup from 4 yards
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out. rams take a 24 17 lead. so the niners going need to drive the length of the fied with 31 seconds left to rot below hits jennings from 14 yards out to tie it at 24 huge game for him. we're going to overtime niners. get it first after winning the toss and robbing gold. the kicker. next from 24 yards out to give san francisco a three-point lead. still some time on the clock, though. so in suing rams drive stafford goes deep down the sidelines. but the rookie, every just came off the covid list yet he makes the game winning. >>an interception putting the forty-niners in the playoffs. gm john lynch is pumped and gutsy performance by garoppolo. he threw for 316 yards with that bad. some. >>the niners will now travel to dallas for the wild-card round this sunday game time set for one 30%. better how
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about the raiders? derek carr look into secure a playoff spot for his team hosting the la chargers nearing halftime charges up for josh jacobs gets the handoff and he's in there for the touchdown. raiders regain the lead. but with 5 seconds left, they're up 7. justin herbert. finds mike williams in the end zone. the catch is good and that touchdown would send the game to overtime. now in ot after the raiders drive it down the field. daniel carlson's. 47 yard field goal for the win is good. and with that, the raiders have punched their ticket to the playoffs. they win. 35 30 to las vegas will head to cincinnati for the wild card game to take on joe burrow. >>and the bengals. what a game. >>want to game indeed. alright. so the warriors, they're going to be playing the grizzlies tomorrow. and memphis tipoff for that is set for 5 o'clock. and the forty-niners are set to play the cowboys in dallas this sunday kickoff for that game set for one 30 in the afternoon. all right. let's switch gears now. going to
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talk a little bit about the weather forecast taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. absolutely. gorgeous day today, blue skies. maybe a little bit of cloud cover you see there in the distance, no complaints here, not even really windy. i'm meteorologist dave spahr is joining us now. he's got the latest on what we can expect this week a good afternoon. well, good afternoon, everybody live shot coming in from half moon bay and boy, behind all of this. temperatures are in the 60's already looking good at that. not even much the way of high cloudiness, but there is a little bit out the scene worth noting. we'll call it sunny to mostly sunny, going on with temperatures in the upper 50's. >>but scratching into the 60's which were already doing in spots with fairly dry. air temperatures falling quickly into the 40's already by 7 o'clock progress thus far, upper 50's for all of the east bay freemont 63. 57 santa rosa nevado 58 for san francisco. but we didn't mention for half moon bay. 63 at this hour. so that's what i'm talking about. this column pier was supposed
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to be the little rain opportunity early in the week. not happening for us. it's going up and around spraying us with some high cloudiness handing it over to future cast for. you can see some what an eventful going into tonight's what could be another chilly night. still with those temperatures dipping in spots in the 30's by tomorrow, little bit of scattered clouds going on. maybe not quite as sunny as today, but the rain event we're hoping for then turn sprinkle turn nothing. it looks like next thing to look out for now will be thursday later on during the week. that to just not what very helpful as we watch things into motion here we get into the end of the week by thursday. there you can see there is activity to our south and north, but it's not hitting us like the 6 the predecessors did during december, even into november. so now we're taking a bit of a breather in. this is somewhat reminiscent during the drought in the last couple of years with most of the system's going up and around us. and that keeps the rainfall amounts in totals down. that's not good. that keeps up too long. now we had a good start
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to the season. so we got to return to that 7 day forecast. we'll keep it about 60 ish or so thursday. pence, one, maybe a sprinkle, not much hopeful for that. we'll see mostly sunny by the weekend. temperatures stay pretty consistent. upper 50's lower 60's. again, those lows with the drier air will be in the upper 30's to 40 degree range. meanwhile, at the coast will do those 40's noel. thanks, dave. >>pope francis is calling on all catholics to get vaccinated saying it's a moral obligation. the pope denounced how people have been swayed by baseless information to refuse one of the most effective measures to save lives during the pandemic. the pontiff used some of his strongest words yet calling for people to get vaccinated. this all in a speech to ambassadors accredited to the holy see an annual event in which she sets out the vatican's foreign policy goals for the year. previously, the pope had referred to vaccination as an act of love, saying refusing to get inoculated was, quote,
12:38 pm
suicidal. pope francis and former pope benedict have been fully vaccinated with pfizer shots. a warning now from health experts against buying at-home covid tests through social media. resellers are listing testing kits for sale on craigslist, e-bay linked and i've seen them on facebook and instagram as well. officials are warning fake and overpriced at home. covid tests are all too common right now and an authorized retailers are often trying to profit by selling the cats high markup. the federal trade commission released an online guide to avoid being scammed by people selling fake covid tests. they advise buyers who use their credit cards so they can dispute the charge if they get scammed and only by kits approved by the fda. we do have information on covid tests scams on our website. if you'd like to have a little bit more information. kron 4 dot com. now since covid tests are in such high demand. right now, the governor has signed
12:39 pm
an executive order banning price gouging on at home tests. the order prohibits sellers from increasing prices on test kits by more than 10%. any seller who violates the order can be fined or receive jail time. anyone who has been a victim of price gouging on at-home covid test is encouraged to file a complaint with the state attorney general's office. well, 7 people and 3 cats were displaced from their homes in san jose over the weekend following a fire and officials say that fire may have been intentionally set. the fire erupted in a victorian home that had been converted into apartments on 6th street. san jose firefighters received the call just before 10, 30 last night. fire was burning on the second floor of the building. they had it contained in about 20 minutes. arson. investigators are looking into the cause right now. luckily no one was injured. some technology news this afternoon. nasa administrators are breathing a sigh of relief right now is the james webb
12:40 pm
space telescope has reached a major milestone. it fully deployed the last part of its primary mirror over the weekend. the 10 billion dollar observatory is set to help astronomers see further into space than ever before. scientists will now spend the next 5 months tweaking the mirrors to bring them into focus. they expected to send back its first images some time this summer. the cost of sitting behind the wheel of a self-driving car is going up on twitter. tesla ceo elon musk said self-driving software for the cars will now cost $12,000. that's an increase of $2000. this price hike on the software is only for american drivers. musk says they also plan to increase the price for a subscription for full self-driving. once the software is more widely available. meanwhile, ford is warning dealers of potential
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resale issues by customers. it all has to do with their electric trucks. ford sent a letter to dealers concerning its new electric f one, 50 trucks and customers quickly reselling them for profit. they suggest dealers at a no sail provision to the contracts preventing buyers from resale within the first year of ownership. try and keep market prices close to the listing. price. ford is also warning against extra order fees or any deceptive marketing practices. all right. coming up here on kron on, if you love tacos, california is the place to be for kind of tell you all about why in just a bit. but for now, you're watching kron on.
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>>or 6 confrontation sunday on abc's this week, secretary of state antony blinken said the u.s. will lay out the beer consequences if russia chooses to invade ukraine, economic, financial and other consequences. but blinken says he does not expect any major breakthroughs this week as u.s. and russian officials hold negotiations in geneva. the talks come as right now roughly 100,000 russian troops. >>a week at the ukraine
12:46 pm
border, russian president vladimir putin contends the country belongs to russia and he's demanding natal stop expansion in eastern europe and the u.s. pull some troops from the region. neither those on the table on cnn state of the union blinken said while the u.s. is not willing to go that far, there is room for compromise. if they a proceeding in good faith. >>we think we can make progress in addressing concerns on both sides. but if russian aggression continues, nato allies are prepared to reinforce its position along its eastern flank and both u.s. and russian officials have already dampened hopes of a potential compromised by the end of this week. >>a top russian diplomat last night said he expects these negotiations to be difficult. now, of course, this is just the latest attempt from the u.s. to try and de-escalate the tension on the ukraine russian border. we know president biden has held at least 2 talks with russian president vladimir putin in recent months. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you.
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>>let's talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black and rob on a day where we're seeing some pretty a tough times on wall street at the nasdaq off by more than 2%. the dow down by more than 400 points, kind of a crazy way to start the week. >>yeah, it was a crazy way to start the year last week. so the nasdaq is down about 4 and a half percent. so i do some quick calculations and down about 6 and half percent. but it had an all time high late last year. so right about a 6% correction. one 0nd, we could go down another 15% tech names have huge valuations and they've a good 10 year run. so wall street scene, the i word inflation and that means things. team change your portfolio. slightly. if you own big tech stocks that we find of the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years over the next couple months, we're looking at them is worth a little bit less because of inflation and the value of the dollar. a 10 year treasury hit 1.8% today passed 2%. it's a headwind to the wall street. results and the
12:48 pm
jobs report that came out on friday basically under 4% implies. if you don't like your job, you can leave it for more money or better work condition. that's all inflation 2022. ever to boil it down to sesame street moment. i stands for inflation and dealing with it for at least the first 2 to 3 months of the year. hopefully we can contain the fear but get the correction on the way. it's normal and healthy, james. all right. i also stands for influencers to and that's something i guess disney really wants to start. >>using more in their their social media. influencers. you and i were born at the wrong time. aid and her influence in social media and young people like that. they're more powerful for disney to get people in the theme you too, instagram tiktok they're all 3. their social media platforms are graded
12:49 pm
introducing music, but also created introducing like social experience is like business or disney is doing something interesting. they're bringing in 8 of their best influencers to teach other influencers how to monetize, how to brand had a merchandise. they're offering up 8 courses it's free. but you have to get the invite with that being said their stand. you know, you're going to create content for us and we're not going to pay for you to educate to be educated on how to do it right. so everyone wins their disney and the influencers. big losers are the outings acts. people who sell commercials for a look whether it's radio television influencers are a lot cheaper than there are lot deeper in there or their reach. and my kids know all the music that i know for most of the radio, but they know it all from washington times are changing, james, i suppose so. and that can be said to for the gaming front, i guess we have take 2. >>that the maker pretty popular games, grand theft, auto red, dead redemption. they're looking at getting
12:50 pm
into mobile gaming now with a big, big by. >>yeah, this is kind of good news. bad take to grand theft auto red, dead redemption. they've got a new game coming out called billy to. we don't know when that's the promise. we don't know when the next grand theft auto is coming out. so in order to get product out the door there quiring singer who does farmville that license things like star wars, a nice turn hotter. it's more of a mobile platform. take two's, maybe a desktop playstation sony i like the story in the sense that it's about content and product and i don't want people a yahoo. 6, these are things that are kids are playing a lot of time on its been arrivals and spending there their discretionary dollars on some video game industry still very, very viable. this feels like take 2 may have a bad year on product because they're doing an acquisition when they're supposed to come out with more titles than any other video game company this year. so i'm kind of good news, bad news and the virtual cow is being and no need to pay for a fake
12:51 pm
cow. i don't like that story and pretty soon. >>after trade and you have to buy pay top dollar for him. you have time for a quick question. the senate. okay. we had a viewer write in which we encourage everybody to do and this was from kimberly and others on the screen. kimberly wright, should i sell today before it gets orce kind of picking off to get backing off what you're saying? your pop. >>on the market time or i'm 50 plus, i'm not smear 60 x o if there's a pullback, i'm excited. if she's in a situation where she's in retirement or time frames a lot shorter than mine. so it really depends on or time frames. and then you go to cash. and when you get back in were down 6% on the nasdaq. i think we can easily go down 10. keep in mind we can go up today. so i don't like market timing. should i sell before it gets worse? i have a plan before that. but really your age is the most important thing. you can write it out 3 years. the higher interest rates, you'll be ok, no need
12:52 pm
to sell. if you still like companies in funds that you got that same reason got him short term. it's just a readjustment valuation. long-term, stay with great names will be okay. okay. >>going up, rob, thank you as always. and again, like you just saw rob's here to answer your question. so let them know what you'd like talk about facebook, twitter. you can reach him there. you can e-mail him directly at robber, a black dot com and we'll chat about it right here. >>you're watching kron on. we'll have more news after the break.
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>>their money now picks ours.
12:56 pm
newest movie will skip theaters and go straight to disney. plus, meanwhile, alaska airlines passengers are going to notice some changes on board their flights. jane king is in new york with those stories and more. >>so alaska airlines will offer just one beverage on the matter. the length of the flight. and they're going to cancel the fresh meals on the medium haul flights, at least through the end of january. so flight attendants raise concerns that they were increased risk of covid infection up and down the aisles serving passengers. now last week, alaska airlines set precedent levels of staff sickness and bad weather had forced to scrap about 10% of scheduled flights this month. royal caribbean is canceling cruises on 3 of its ships until march 7th. norwegian has already said it was canceling voyages on half of its fleet. this is the first mass crews cancellation since the omicron variant and the new pixar movie turning red will go directly to disney. plus, so does he says they're not
12:57 pm
seeing families, especially those with young kids going back to movie theaters yet. and this just follow the heels of soul and luca now turning red is an animated movie about a canadian chinese girl who turns into a red panda when she feels certain emotions and that will be on disney. plus, march 11th and this meat is looking for tiktok social media influencer specifically. there are people who love theme parks and food and social media. the biggest requirement for the role is that they are savvy on trends on social media platform. >>well, if you love tacos a year in the right play, california has been named the best state for tacos. rents dot com ranked all 50 states by the number of mexican food restaurants per square mile. the time california has more taco spots than anywhere else in america. texas came in second followed by florida and illinois. rounding out the top 4.
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>> judge tanya: did you leave your 1-year-old unattended? >> ver-- very short amounts of time. >> judge patricia: i don't believe that for a second. you should be reported


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