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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 10, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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goes, it's been really nice as well. now it is a little bit of a slower drive over the bay bridge this morning. not because of any backup at the toll plaza, but rather because we do have some construction there on the bay bridge that has been holding things up just a little bit. that's what's bumping up your drive time across the bay bridge this morning. otherwise the san mateo bridge city under sunshine, 12 minute drive there. the richmond center fell bridge. hardly anyone making your way through the toll plaza at this very moment. 7 minute drive there and the golden gate bridge. 22 minutes across the really beautiful span, especially to start the week, james. all right, john, thank you very much. let's get to our top story this morning. the san francisco teachers union is demanding the district begin negotiations on covid-19 protocols right now. they don't want to wait till thursday when its originally scheduled to be this after teachers say they ran out of covid tests over the weekend proper. sarah stinson live in the city to explain sarah. >> it seems to be a back and
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forth still with the teachers union in san francisco and the school district, both, of course, wanting everyone to be safe, but they still just haven't met that agreement yet. and teachers are in the classroom right now. some of them uncomfortable with the fact that this agreement still has not been reached while others are still calling out sick, exposed or falling ill to covid. we still have this omicron search really affecting this district. take a look at what the teachers union in san francisco tweeted out yesterday. we wrote it out for you. in case you missed it says we received many reports today that the san francisco unified school district ran out of tests. educators are being placed in impossible situations. the district needs to prioritize finalizing an agreement around mask tests and sick leave. now our students, families and staff can't wait till thursday or later. a spokesperson for the san francisco school district just sent me this response to that saying the san francisco unified school district has
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made reliable testing regularly available students and staff since last spring since last sunday, we have distributed nearly 58,00% tests that are testing locations. we are and have been working closely with the sf department of public health. but in london, all protocols, they recommend the district superintendent posted these photos showing a testing site opened over the weekend saturday sunday at the district office on franklin street. spokesperson says the negotiations with the teachers union will continue this week. the teachers union asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. the district came back offering 5 days. the teachers want the district to provide mask for every student and every employee, specifically the kn 95 mask. the district says they have been providing masks and will continue to prod them only for employees, though the district and the union have agreed weekly covid testing needs to be at every district site. and as you saw that is happening and they're working to get even more accessible, not the state is to provide those rapid tests. meanwhile,
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teachers saying they don't have as good of access as the district is saying to these test. meanwhile, we have teachers calling out due to being exposed or sick from covid and the got a lot of subs having to be called in. so well. question is going to have to wait. wait till thursday. are they going to be able to meet before that? obviously, teachers anxious to do so. >> reporting live in san francisco, sarah stinson. >> back to you know, they want to start sooner rather than later. thank you very much, sara. another big story that we're following this morning comes to us from milpitas where students there have the option of returning the virtual learning this week. but school say they're also in person learning if that is preferable with kron four's will tran live there with more on which way it seems to be going where where the majority students going well. >> well, james, if it's right down the middle and this is online learning or in-class, we're talking it is way over
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here. it looks like the majority of students are doing on class learning. look at the campus right behind me. it is empty. virtually empty. be together. administrators and teachers inside. but nowhere near what we saw last week before the school district offered the parents and the students of the weekend, a choice to either do online learning or in class. let me show you some video right around at the time when school should have started. this was around 8.15, in the mornint. looking out empty. the drop-off locations are obviously high school. a lot of kids would be driving themselves. but there are a lot of parents to drop off their kids. but we didn't see a lot of it. i can tell you inside right now there are teachers. they are conducting their classes and they're being videotaped, meaning it is being transmitted to the students at home to do online learning milpitas unified school dmstrict over the weekend. they were talking
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about possibly doing everything online and a lot of parents are confused when they reversed it saying now you have that choice in class or online learning. and a lot of i'm sure a lot of parents asked there. there are child. what would you like? and it seems like some people say i rather see mike, my teacher face to face. >> i believe that learning online is not as active as in cost because being in class aa gets you the opportunity. 2, phil, prepare to whatever you have to. accomplish that day, then being at home where you have the worst, that siblings, if you guys have any or you have likened problems and then you just have that lack of motivation to do stuff. >> so here's what's going to happen right now. they will have that choice for the entire week, possibly bleeding into the following week that they can either do online at
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online or go here to campus and learned that is a choice. but here's what you need to know. you need to go to the school's website or i should more specifically say that school district's website and then you as a parent need to do a form and i'm sure you can e-mail him back to them. i was speaking to the assistant principal. let them know that james fletcher will tran. i choose to keep my child at home. so the school district knows exactly what's going on and just to have one more layer, james, they are taking attendance, but at other face to face or you're taking attendance with zoom classes. i'm sure this practice for these high school kids. 2019 wasn't that away from online learning. and let's face it, james. it was happening even last year in the middle of 2020. >> back to you. it was. yeah. thank you very much. well, well, not too far away from will to the north up in the hayward unified school district. they are going to remote learning for one week starting today after 117 staff
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members tested positive for covid-19 in just the last few days. so the district has become so understaffed, apparently that it's been forced to move to online, learning the district plans to have students back for in-person instruction, hopefully as early as next tuesday. that will be january 18th. school leaders are making an exception right now for the families that don't have wifi or childcare, those students, they will be able to go to a physical campus where they can have their virtual learning. there. the oakland unified school district is planning on a regular school day today. the district says that it is meeting the demands of students who wanted increased covid-19 protocols and other supplies to keep them safe. the district responded to growing petition by students who say they planned on skipping in person classes. if the district didn't provide them with what they needed to be safe, hundreds of students, in fact, a sign that petition and it gives the district a january 17 deadline to meet their demands. some students claim there's a lack of available testing and other resources to
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take a listen to one student. >> demanding kn 95 masks for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and rapid tests for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. over district does not want to give it to us. we demand a shift. those 2. >> i'm me. >> last friday, more than 500 teachers took part in a sickout calling the district to provide better work, safety and addressing of their concerns as well about covid protocols. parents in the dublin unified school district, by the way, also pushing for a return to distance learning as well. more than 2300 people have signed a petition right now calling on the district to move back to distance learning. some say they're alarmed at the rise of covid cases and they're worried about this new omicron variant spreading on campus, dublin, unified superintendent says, well, they can't extend the winter break and the current
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state rules don't allow the district to move back to online. learning. >> we can go district-wide virtual learning because the legislature, the governor does not give us permission to do that like to done in the past with the executive order from the governor. and so we would have to have 100%. parents sign waiver in order for us to receive our ada from the state. and we know majority of our parents want their kids in school. >> the district will continue with in-person learning today. turning our attention now to sports, a few things to celebrate. first of all, we have the warriors got a lot to celebrate. klay thompson was back on the court and the team won another one in front of the home town crowd after 2 and a half years of rehabbing for that torn acl and achilles tendon klay. there you see him with one of his great shots
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last night. welcome home to the chase center. >> his return was a success for the warriors. they beat the cavaliers. clay scored 17 points 3, 3, pointers. 90 minutes of play time. all told fellow splash brother steph curry also feeling the energy is well, he scored. 28 and in the end, as i said, it was the warriors with the win over the cavs. 96 82, the final. and here's reaction from >> was a very special moments. i'll never forget on their feet that this never forget the reception fans gave us especially myself and she was fun. a long road of recovery for him and >> nice to see that. and it's oh, well, we're going to see more of clay tomorrow night when the warriors go on the road, they'll be playing the memphis grizzlies with tip off at 5 o'clock. as for the niners, they're back in the playoffs to they secured a wild card spot after beating the rams in over time. >> a thriller down in la with the niners getting off to a rough start at one point
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trailing 17 to nothing. but in the end they made it into overtime with the niners marching down the field and breaking that tie with a field goal. niners winning in the end. and so they're the 6 seat. they're going to be back in the playoff first time since the super bowl run of 2019 to take a listen. >> we're just so proud of everybody in that locker room they never saw fine and they had to. that's really good team. i'm just so proud of the guys is kind of down 17 to 0, then go down and get 3 points and >> you know, it's and co-head agree misses in the locker room. you know, go out there and just play the ball that we play in. we showed up in the 2nd half. >> yeah, they did 2nd half. they were physical. so with this when the niners are going to face the dallas cowboys now, this coming sunday afternoon in the wild card game kickoff set for one 30 and a shot. not just the niners to raider fans have something to celebrate. raiders also in the playoff and also with an overtime field goal. in this case, it
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was the chargers in las vegas. so here are the highlights. raiders were leading pretty much the whole game with 5 seconds to go in the quarter and the 4th quarter. but that's when the chargers scored their touchdown, sending it into overtime. and after a back and forth in that extra quarter, it was derek carr leading the team down in a field goal range. it made that game winning. 47 yard field. 47 yard field goal for the win. so the raiders now back in the playoffs for the first time since 2016 raiders, the 5th seed. they'll face the fourth-seeded cincinnati bengals. this coming saturday with kickoff at one 30 and coming up in the next half hour. by the way, we're going to have a much closer look and in-depth breakdown of all the highlights from the raider game from the niners game and from the warriors game 2 with klay thompson's come back. so stay tuned for they want to miss. okay, run. he's got a great update for us on that front. we'll take a quick break. nine-twelve that i'm still ahead. fans remember the life of fog said if you hadn't heard he passed away, we're going to take a closer look at why so many people love watching him on tv for years.
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and the covid case surge is causing another surge of 911. calls will tell you, though, why it's causing problems for dispatchers. it's not what you might think. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.15, is the time. let's get a check of the weather. we've got john standing by with that. and what are you seeing out there? john? lot of sunshine so far this morning, james, we held on to some cloud cover earlier on this
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morning, but wasting no time pushing it out. >> and this is what we've got to wake up to beautiful at coit tower as well as across the rest of the bay area. we are seeing some snow showers up towards the oregon and nevada borders right there at the eastern end of the cascades. saw some across mount lassen as well as mount shasta last night. but that's about the only precipitation. we're going to be talking about for much of the week ahead of us as the state as a whole is on for a much drier forecast. and that's very true, especially for the bay area. we're going to be seeing mostly sunny skies today. a few passing clouds tomorrow, but remaining dry and remaining really clear as we work through monday, tuesday and into wednesday, too. our best chance of any precipitation anywhere across the state. we'll be on thursday with some light showers across the north coast may see a couple of sprinkles across the north bay, but honestly, looking really unlikely. so this is a very dry forecast as the jet sends any chance of rain and snow well up into the pacific northwest and western canada.
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that's going to dry things back out across the region. we are going to really comfortably cool day today. daytime highs mostly in the upper 50's to low 60's. some of our warmest of temperatures will be near the bayshore in our very warmest will be in the south bay with san jose and campbell, each at 65 temperatures in the east bay upper 50's to low 60's with oakland at 62 concord at 58 degrees today. you'll be at a nice 60 degrees with santa rosa and pedaling about at 62 degrees tomorrow and wednesday. not a lot of change from today. lots of sunshine holding steady through the middle of the week. just that slim chance of a sprinkle or 2 in the north bay on thursday. aside from that, this is a dry and comfortable forecast ahead. good chance to get back outside. after all the rainfall that we needed to see. back to you, james. all right. thank you very much, john. let's talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black. joining us this morning, rob, on a day where we're seeing some pretty. >> a tough times on wall street at the nasdaq off by more than 2%. the dow down by
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more than 400 points, kind of a crazy way to start the week. >> yeah, it was a crazy way to start the year last week. so the nasdaq is down about 4 and a half percent. somebody with some quick calculations and down about 6 and half percent. but it had an all time high late last year. so right about a 6% correction. one 0nd, we could go down another 15% tech names have huge valuations and they've a good 10 year run. so wall street scene, the i word inflation and that means things. team change your portfolio. slightly. if you own big tech stocks that we find of the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years over the next couple months. we're looking at them is worth a little bit less because of inflation and the value of the dollar. a 10 year treasury hit 1.8% today passed 2%. it's a headwind to the wall street. results and the jobs report that came out on friday basically under 4% implies even you don't like your job. you can leave it for more money or better work
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condition. that's all inflation is the 2022 ever to boil it down to sesame street moment. i stands for inflation and we'll be dealing with it for at least the first 2 to 3 months of the year. hopefully we can contain the fear but get the correction on the way. it's normal and healthy, james. all right. i also stands for influencers to and that's something i guess disney really wants to start. >> using more in their their social media. influencers. you and i were born at the wrong time. and aid and her influence and social media and young people like that they're more powerful for disney to get people in the theme you too, instagram tiktok they're all 3 their social media platforms are created introducing music, but also created introducing like social experience is like business or disney is doing something interesting. they're bringing in 8 of their best influencers to teach other
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influencers. how to monetize, how to brand had a merchandise. they're offering up 8 courses it's free. but you have to get the invite with that being said, they're saying, you know, you're going to create content for us and we're not going to pay for you to educate to be educated on how to do it right? so everyone wins their disney and the influencers. big losers are the outings acts. people who sell commercials whether it's radio influencers are a lot cheaper. they go a lot deeper in their or their reach and my kids know all the music that i know for most of the radio, but they know it all from us. times are changing, james, i suppose so. and that could be said to for the gaming front, i guess we have take 2. >> that the maker pretty popular games, grand theft, auto red, dead redemption. they're looking at getting into mobile gaming now with a big, big by. >> yeah, this is kind of good news. bad take to grand theft auto red, dead redemption.
9:21 am
we've got a new game coming out called billy to. we don't know when that's the problem is. we don't know when the next grand theft auto is coming out. so in order to get product out the door quiring singer who does farmville that license things like star wars and ice turned potter. it's more of a mobile platform. take two's, maybe a desktop playstation sony i like the story in the sense that it's about content and product and i don't want people a yahoo ix. these are things that are kids are playing a lot of time on its been rivals. it's been there the discretionary dollars on to the video game industry still very, very viable. this feels like take 2 may have a bad year on product because they're doing an acquisition when they're supposed to come out with more titles than any other video game company this year. so i'm kind of good news, bad news and the virtual cow is being and no need to pay for a fake cow. i don't like that story and pretty soon. >> after trade and you have to buy pay top dollar for him.
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you have time for a quick question. the ok? we had a viewer write in which we encourage everybody to do. and this was from kimberly and others on the screen. kimberly wright, should i sell today before it gets orce kind of picking off piggybacking off of what you're saying? your pop? >> market time or i'm 50 plus, i'm not smear 60 yet. so if there's a pullback, i'm excited. if she's in a situation where she's in retirement, her time frames a lot shorter than mine. so it really depends on or time frames. and then you go to cash. and when you get back in were 6% on the nasdaq. i think we can easily go down 10. keep in mind we can go up today. so i don't like market timing. should i sell before it gets worse and have a plan before that? but really your age is the most important thing. if you can write it out 3 years, the higher interest rates, you'll be ok, no need to sell if you still like companies and that funds that you got for that same reason got him short term. it's just a readjustment valuation. long-term, stay with great names will be okay. okay.
9:23 am
>> gotten up. rob, thank you as always. and again, like you just saw rob's here to answer your question. so let them know what you'd like him to talk about facebook, twitter. you can reach him there. you can e-mail him directly at robber, a black dot com and we'll chat about it right here on the kron. 4 morning news. rob, thank you. we'll see tomorrow. we're back at 9.25.
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actor and comedian bob sag. it has died at the age of 65 the orange county, florida sheriff's office confirmed his
9:26 am
death saying that he died yesterday afternoon at the ritz carlton in orlando, florida. authorities responded to the hotel after security there found sackett unresponsive in his room. they say he was pronounced dead at the scene. not clear exactly how he died. but deck detectives say that they did not find any signs of foul play or drug use. sackett best known for his longstanding role as danny tanner in full house. lot of fans remember him for that. >> he always had that sense of humor with cam. and john stamos said and all the kids and it was just like it almost seemed like they were your family, even though it was a tv family. you know, and then i watched him on america's funniest home videos. and that was just i haven't had my nephew at the time was 5 years. all watching, you know, america's funniest home videos and we would giggle and watching. it was just good. it was awesome. >> most recently said that have been doing stand-up shows around the country and his latest performance. it was just this past saturday night in jacksonville, jacksonville, florida. we'll take a break
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here at 9.26. but coming up on the kron, 4 morning news governor gavin newsome put a ban on price gouging for at-home covid test. tell you what the consequences are for sellers. if they charge too much. we'll be right back. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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we're back at 9.30, this morning with a check of the weather to start off this half hour. we've got john with a look at some fantastic conditions outside john. yeah, it's been a beautiful monday morning. easy traffic, easy weather. great way to start off this second week of january. of course, we've seen lot of rainfall this season. so the sunshine not to be taken for granted. >> you can see the east bay hills camera sitting under all that sunshine that we saw quickly moving in across the bay area after a partly cloudy night last night. most of our current temperatures are now back in the 50's after having fallen into the 40's this morning. alameda, you're one of her more mild spots at 54 degrees. all santa rosa still hanging out in the low 40's at 43. as far as our roadways go, it's been pretty easy out there. we did have a bit of a slowdown at the bay bridge early or do some construction closer to the san francisco side. but things are right back down below 10 minutes now with an 8 minute drive from the maze to fremont street. the san mateo bridge. 13 minutes to get you from a 80 to one o one. and the richmond
9:31 am
center fell only 7 minutes right there looks like we got highway patrol pulled someone over. so with these lighter traffic conditions you doing to make sure to keep yourself slowdown because traffic is it going to slow you down golden gate bridge. beautiful. it is breezy out there, though. you can see the flag blowing in that strong. a northeast wind pushing into the bay. james. all right, john, thank you at 9.31, the covid surge continues to impact medical services. >> but this time officials say they're being overwhelmed with non-emergency 911. calls. the san francisco fire department says the dispatchers are seeing an increase in the number of calls with people reporting will turn out to be just minor symptoms. proffers amanda hari has the story. >> please help us keep endurance is available for medical emergencies. health officials are warning people not to overwhelm the system. they say they've seen a surge in 911. calls and er visits for covid tests and minor cold flu or covid symptoms. we've been. >> having about over 400 ems
9:32 am
calls a day in the city for the past several days. typically that number hovers around 300 or 330, that's about a 20 to 25% increase in calls. doctor susan ehrlich chief executive officer at zuckerberg, general hospital. >> says as the only level one trauma center in the city, there are always extremely busy, but they've never seen anything like this. people are coming to emergency departments seeking testing. >> because i think the demand is high in some cave in some circumstances, the supply is both ems and zuckerberg general hospital are seeing about 10% of their staff out with covid or quarantining because of a close encounter. they also have other people out on vacation personal time or other illnesses. she jeanine nicholson with the san francisco fire department says
9:33 am
they're struggling to keep up with the extra demand over one-third of our staff today is on mandatory overtime. health officials want to remind people that most covid cases are mild and can be safely treated at home. they want to relieve some of the strain on the system so they're able to better assist those who are in dire need of medical assistance. we really want to get to our most critically ill or injured patients. >> and we need the public's health help. we need the public's help in doing in doing so. health officials say this is not a san francisco specific problem. they say emergency medical systems across the state and country are seeing a similar surge in call volume for the same non emergent requests. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> well, the california nurses association is speaking out after the california public, a part of public health released their new return to work guidance for healthcare professionals. this guidance says that those who have tested positive for covid or were exposed. but art
9:34 am
presenting any symptoms, a return to work immediately without any isolation or having to take any further testing. the california nurses associarion is taking issue with that. they're condemning the department of public health's new rules. kron 4 spoke with a registered nurse about why they disagree. >> if we go to war knowing that we have covid. we know that we are potentially. infecting our non covid patients. our non-covid co workers for some people. maybe they just got the cold. that's well and good. but we never know what else will develop after that home. >> yeah, the guidance from the california department of public health does say that before facilities implement these temporary changes, they have to first attempt to bring in additional staff and they have to consider modifications to staffing again. that's all before they can put these new protocols into place.
9:35 am
california put in tough new restrictions on nursing homes. in response, the omicron variant under the state's health order. visitors have to now show a negative test. in addition to prove that they were not only fully vaccinated but also have received their booster shot. the new rules are in place through february, 7th. they could be extended. we'll have to wait and see. and with at home covid tests in such high demand, some people are turning to social media to try to track down a kit to use resellers are listing testing kits for sale on places like craigslist and ebay linked into. but health experts warn against this. this is not a good idea. fake and overpriced at home. covid tests are all too common and an authorized retailers often try to profit by selling kits at huge markups. federal trade commission released an online guide to avoid being scammed by people selling these fake tests. they say you need to perhaps use a credit card when you make a purchase like this because at least you can dispute the charge if it turns out you were scammed and only by kits approved by the fda.
9:36 am
and speaking of people selling these kits at huge markups. we've got the governor now signing an executive order banning price gouging on these at-home tests. this order will prohibit sellers from increasing prices on test kits by more than 10%. so that's the maximum they can do. and the seller who goes above and beyond that could face a fine or even receive jail time. anyone who's been a victim of price gouging for these at-home test kits are encouraged to file a complaint with the state attorney general's office. they will take it seriously and look into it. governor newsome, by the way, laid out a new plan to battle the latest covid-19 surge. and that includes bringing covid sick time back for some workers. the governor is expected to present the 2.7 billion dollar covid-19 emergency response package today and kron four's gayle ong breaks down what we know about it so far. >> on saturday, governor gavin newsom's administration unveiled a proposed 2.7 billion dollars covid-19
9:37 am
emergency response package. overall. the package includes 1.2 billion dollars to bolster testing by expanding hours and capacity at testing sites throughout the state. 583 million to accelerate vaccination and booster efforts combat misinformation. 614 million to support frontline workers. >> 200 million to support state response operations and 110 million to support vulnerable populations. the governor's proposed budget also calls for new legislation to put supplemental paid sick leave policies in place to protect the state's health care workers. this amid the surge driven by the omicron variant last year, there was an emergency supplemental paid sick leave policy that expired last fall. it provided additional 80 hours of paid sick leave state administration officials say additional contract and health care workers from out of state will be deployed to help hospitals stretched thin. governor newsom will present his proposed state budget on monday. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, klay
9:38 am
thompson making an emotional return to the court. we'll tell you why he says he's returning from hometown fans. it's something he's going to remember forever. and we are seeing plenty of sunshine already across the bay area. upper 50's to low 60's is where we'll spend the afternoon whether you're at the coast or further inland. >> beautiful day to step outside. a like yesterday was i've got the details of the
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> 9.40 is the time the placer county sheriff's office says the body of missing skier rory angelo de was found saturday morning. they say his body was found roughly a half-mile from the neighborhood right near schaefer mill creek. he was reported missing back on christmas day up at northstar ski resort. authorities say his ski pass was last used that very morning on a lift their north star. investigators say there was no sign of suspicious activity. in the north bay. sonoma county sheriff's detectives are searching for answers now after a body was found in a remote area just off highway one. 0, one in cloverdale friday afternoon. according to the chp, someone flagged down one of their officers when they found something in a field they thought was a body. one. sonoma deputies got to the scene. they confirmed it was so far investigators haven't released any other information, but we'll stay on the story fwr you. let you know when we find out more. also in the north bay, a woman was rescued after falling from a mountain bike trail. this happened sunday afternoon apparently fell while cycling
9:42 am
on the coastal trail up in marin county. the chp was called in. they brought in their helicopter to help in rescuing her, which they did. these are some of the pictures they posted on social media that afternoon the woman was taken to a hospital apparently with just minor injuries. so should be okay. 9.42. is the time. we'll be right back.
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alright, checking bay area weather here at 9.45? we've got john standing by with that. what's been really great looking forecast so far, john? mother nature taking it easy on us to kick off the brand new week with lots of sunshine out there and >> really some pleasant weather to look forward to this afternoon. now. it is chilly this morning. so of course, you don't forget the jackets. coit tower looks great under all that sunshine this morning. we have seen cloud cover overnight that has worked its way out of the bay. now city over the central valley. a few lingering sprinkles up along the north coast. and we had snow showers last night in the southern cascades. aside from that, though, we are on a much drier trend of weather and it's not just us in the bay, but across the rest of the state to that's about to enjoy a good helping of sunshine for the remainder of the week today. tomorrow on into wednesday. we'll continue to see these mostly clear skies. lots of sunshine to make those cool temperatures feel just a little bit nicer. and after the amount of rain and snow
9:46 am
that we saw last month, it is kind of nice to be catching this break. the jet stream will continue to send a rain and snow well into the pacific northwest with only one lone chance of rain this week. and at that, very slight chance of it. really nothing more than a few sprinkles across the north coast bay area is a very likely to be remaining dry into thursday. that's that loan day that may bring a couple of north bay sprinkles. now, as far as temperatures go today, it will be 50's and 60's for us. mostly upper 50's to low 60's. although we're bayshore cities will be among are more mild areas and especially the south bay looking at a really comfy one. san jose and campbell, you chat 65 for today's daytime highs. we'll this in fremont each at 64. now, oakland, you'll be at a comfortably cool 62 with a light jacket will be perfect. as you venture out there with lots of sunshine, helping that feels like temperature a whole lot making it feel pretty nice today will keep that around into tuesday and wednesday. a touch cooler into the weekend.
9:47 am
as i mentioned, thursday will bring some showers north of the bay area. likely not anything to us, though. so this is definitely a dry second week of january forecast looking outside at our bridges. we are also looking at some really easy conditions on the roads, from the sunshine to the lack of traffic out there. what a nice monday. 8 minutes to get you from the maze to fremont street. not a lot of traffic on the san mateo bridge. you and you either. and few enough cars, any ways to keep you up to limit. now, as far as the richmond center fell goes, lots of sunshine, 7 minutes. they're not a whole lot of cars at the golden gate either. just a 90 minute drive from 37 to the tolls, james. all right. thank you very much, john. so klay thompson, as we take a look at sports here, made his long-awaited comeback to help the warriors beat the calves. >> and the niners and the raiders also playoff bound. we've got kron four's kate rooney with the latest in sports. >> a moment 2 and a half years in the making the return of one of the most popular athletes in the bay area. klay
9:48 am
thompson is officially back. back-to-back acl and achilles injuries may have kept him off the court, but you can't keep a 5 time all-star and three-time champ down play coming out for pre-game warmups. huge roars going up from the chase center crowd. >> and then, of course, the intro clay taking the court for the first time in 941 days and his first ever game at chase center. >> then right after that, clay turns the corner. and gets the lay in his first basket showing that leg is lookin good. hey, don't forget about the steph curry. >> had 4 threes in the first pretty good sign as he's been in a mini slump, got go to the late second clay turn that corner again this one down on 2 calves dream on is happy. that's normal from clay and steph, you know what to do? but what about threes? so here
9:49 am
you go. from downtown warriors up 5 at the break. 3rd quarter now state. hey, how about a nother tray for 3? that one from 30 feet down 60 to 48 warriors. klay. absolutely. palm got to feel so good. 4th quarter. he steps back behind the screen. another 3 down. thompson finished with 17 points in 20 minutes. stefan, 28 warriors win 96 to 82 in an epic night at the chase center. >> was a very special moments. i'll never forget on their feet that this forget the for your fans gave us especially myself and she was fun and it was worth every single day of being away. and in a squat rack on the shuttle shuttle boarded all the conditioning days, it was worth every single moment and i'm so grateful to just just compete
9:50 am
again. it's a it's been a long road, i'm just all so proud of myself for persevering and it you know, a very special never forget. >> let's talk nfl football one last chance in week 18 for the forty-niners to punch a ticket to the postseason. they had to beat the rams in la to do it. who did the red and gold? take us on a wild ride. jimmy g had a bit of a rough 1st half with his injured thumb all wrapped up as jim eastham and the forty-niners had a rough 1st half to down 17. nothing at one point that they make a furious comeback. not only touchdown in the 3rd annual taking the pitch and throwing it one jennings for the 24 yard. touchdown. >> 17, 17. the 2 and a half minutes left. matthew stafford to cooper cup from 4 yards out. rams take a 24 17 lead. so the niners going need to drive the length of the field with 31 seconds left to rot
9:51 am
below hits jennings from 14 yards out to tie it at 24 huge game for him. we're going to overtime niners. get it first after winning the toss and robbing gold. the kicker. next from 24 yards out to give san francisco a three-point lead. still some time on the clock, though. so in suing rams drive stafford goes deep down the sidelines. but the rookie, every just came off the covid list yet he makes the game winning. >> interception putting the forty-niners in the playoffs. gm john lynch is pumped gutsy performance by garoppolo. he threw for 316 yards with that bad thumb. >> the niners will now travel to dallas for the wild-card round this sunday game time set for one 30%. that is >> how about the raiders? derek carr look into secure a playoff spot for his team hosting the la chargers nearing halftime charges up for josh jacobs gets the handoff and he's in there for
9:52 am
the touchdown. raiders regain the lead. but with 5 seconds left, they're up 7. justin herbert. finds mike williams in the end zone. the catch is good and that touchdown would send the game to overtime. now in ot after the raiders drive it down the field. daniel carlson's. 47 yard field goal for the win is good. and with that, the raiders have punched their ticket to the playoffs. they win. 35 30 to las vegas will head to cincinnati for the wild card game to take on joe burrow and the bengals. what a game. >> yeah. and the warriors play the grizzlies tomorrow in memphis with tip off at 5, the forty-niners will play the cowboys in dallas this coming sunday with kickoff at one 30. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> well, we're just about done here on the kron 4 morning news. but of course, they never stop on kronon. and noelle bellow standing by in the newsroom with a preview. good morning. well, good morning, james. big day here at kron 4 today, we're launching our noon newscast. so to catch that either. come right back here on kron 4 or you can download our kron on app and stream it during your lunch break. if you are streaming coming up at 10, 30 this morning, the governor set to speak about his state budget proposal. one of the big things in their includes reinstating covid sick pay for some workers. so to hear all he has to say about that and
9:56 am
to get real-time updates all day long on local and national headlines, all you got to do is grab your phone, scanned the qr code that you see on your screen. it's going take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. back to james. all right. thank you very much. noel and new this morning, this year's lineup for the bottle rock music festival up in napa valley has been announced and you can see some of the >> headliners there on the screen. very rock legend metallica's going to be there. pink is going to be there. country star luke combs, rock rap duo. 21 pilots. there are dozens of other acts performing as well during that three-day event which goes on from may 27th through the 29th ticket actually go on sale starting tomorrow at 10 o'clock. they go real fast. you're going to want to keep refreshing that browser. if you want to snag some of those tickets bought a rock is back. all right. take one final look here at your seven-day around the bay forecast before we say goodbye this morning. and it looks like we've got a fantastic week ahead with partly cloudy skies today. a lot more sunshine tomorrow.
9:57 am
and it looks like we're going to hold on to that nice weather as we head throughout most of the week, which is to smallest chance of maybe something on thursday. but beyond that, a look at the weekend saturday sunday, mostly sunny to sunny skies. all right. that's it for us here on the kron. 4 morning news. thank you so much for joining us on this monday. we'll see you back here tuesday morning. don't forget to stay tuned for kron on and brand new noon newscast. >> we'll see that.
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