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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  January 10, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PST

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all right, john, thank you very much. let's get to the news this morning in our top stories. fact that san francisco teachers union is demanding the district begin negotiations on covid protocols. now instead of waiting until thursday and all this comes after the teachers claim they ran out of covid tests over the weekend. kron 4 sarah stinson live in san francisco to explain. good morning, sarah. >> james, as you know, we've been covering this in the last week because the teachers union in san francisco, they're frustrated with the san francisco unified school district not coming to a covid safety precaution agreement. they really want this wrapped up as they again head into another school week demanding this gets done as soon as possible because they want to feel comfortable as they teach in-person. meanwhile, we still have hundreds of teachers still sick to see just how many this morning. for now, take a look at this tweet that we saw happening yesterday. it was from the teachers union
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saying we've received many reports the san francisco unified school district ran out of covid test. educators are being placed in impossible situations. the district needs to prioritize finalizing an agreement around mass testing and sick leave. now our students, families and staff can't wait till thursday or later. that was tweeted out by the teachers union, the district superintendent posted photos twitter as well showing a testing site opened over the weekend at the district office on franklin street. the district also tweeted saying last week they delivered 46,000 color covid tests. >> 2 schools, which is what the teachers have been wanting. this is a shipment from the state on thursday. the district is set to meet with the teachers union again to negotiate at the bargaining table. the union saying that is far too late. teachers have to continue working now and need that agreement. the teachers union is asking for this. remember 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons. but the district came
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back offering 5 days. the teachers want the district to provide mask for every student and employee every day. but the district says they have been providing masks and will continue to do that. but for employees only and they've definitely been trying to get that kn 95 mask out as well. the district and the union have agreed weekly covid testing needs to occur in every district site for all students and staff. so that has been happening. but the question is, have they been running out of tests? the union says that teachers have been struggling to get their hands on these tests and they are worried heading into the school week. they want all of this finalized because again, they do have to continue on teaching the students in the conditions of this surge of of omicron cases. so stand by a lot more to learn about this. will the districts say we can meet sooner than thursday or will teachers have to wait for now? reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. all right. we shall see. thank you very much, sara. >> meanwhile, another big story that we're following this morning. students in milpitas will now have the
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option of returning to virtual learning this week. this is schools are also open for in-person learning as well. crawford's will trend live for us in milpitas with more on what they're doing will to trying to ease the concerns of parents and students. as we're in the middle of the spike. >> james, they were trying to ease some of the fears, but instead heading into the weekend, especially yesterday they actually ramped up the confusion because a lot of parents there were told on friday heading into the weekend that now classes will be moved online. but classes will you'll have the option in about 90 minutes or so to come to any school pitas that your child goes to, of course, in-person learning face to face with the teachers or the option of online learning. so it's almost like going back to 2019 or early 2020 because of omicron variant continues. this sweep across the country. people coming down with covid-19 cases and that is why they're doing this. but james, i got to tell you, heading
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into the weekend, there was no in person face to face option. there were going to do this definitely for this entire week, possibly into next week as well. but they consulted and we're talking the administrators with the milpitas unified school district. they consulted with health officials and they decided that, yes, they can do that. hybrid. if you're want you, if you want your child to do online, learning you have to check your e-mail. supposedly you have to let the school district know that that is something that you are looking to go into or you can come to the school and talk to the principal, james, just to have an extra layer of all this. there are rumors that possibly they might not be enough teachers to staff in person learning either because they have covid-19 or some schools are sums teachers, i should say, might even stage a sick out at this school district because they are fearful that the school, a school district, the unified school not doing enough to make sure that they and the students are safe. so a very complicated issue. of plenty
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of moving parts. milpitas is no different than many other school districts in the bay area. we do know that. hey, where james, just a few cities north of this location, they are doing online, learning back to you. >> interesting. all right. thank you. will in just north of that in oakland, the oakland unified school district is planning on a regular school day today. so different districts are taking different approaches. the oakland unified school district says it's meeting the demands from students to have increased covid-19 protocols and supplies to keep them safe. the district responded to a growing petition by students who plan on skipping in-person classes. if the district didn't provide these covid safety supplies, hundreds of students have already signed the petition which gives the district a january 17th deadline to meet their demands to just 7 days from now, some students claim there's a lack a la bill ity of testing and other resources. >> we are demanding kn 95 masks for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and
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rapid tests for everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. over district does not want to give it to us. we demand a shift. those 2, i'm ready. >> last friday, more than 500 teachers took part in a sick out and they called for called out from work over covid safety concerns as well. and then over in dublin, parents in the dublin unified school district are also pushing for a return to distance learning so far more than 2300 people have signed a petition calling on the district to move back to virtual learning some saying that they are alarmed by the rise of covid cases and they're worried about the omicron variant on campus, dublin unified superintendent says they cannot extend the winter break and that the current state rules do not allow the entire school district to move to on time. learn on to online learning. so they're sort of stuck. >> we can go district-wide virtual learning because the
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legislature, the governor does not give us permission to do that like to done in the past with the executive order from the governor. and so we would have to have 100%. parents sign waiver in order for us to receive our ada from the state. and we know majority of our parents want their kids in school. >> well, the district will continue with in-person learning today. we'll see if that changes going forward. meanwhile, elsewhere in the east bay, the west contra costa county school district is canceling classes for today. this is because a large number of staff absences and an increasing number of covid cases are being discovered in that school district. the district closed all of the schools last friday to clean and sanitize the facilities. the district is also requiring employees and students to take covid tests today and report those results before returning to in-person learning all of the schools, except they're expected to resume classes tomorrow. we'll see if that
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actually happens. meanwhile, as will mentioned moment ago, the hayward unified school district is going to remote learning for at least one week. and that begins today. this after 117 staff members tested positive for covid-19 in the past few days, the district has become so understaffed, but it forced them to move to online learning the district plans to have students back for in-person instruction next tuesday will be on january. 18th. school leaders are making an exception for the families without wifi or childcare. those students are going to be allowed to at least a 10, some physical campuses so they can continue their virtual learning. there. >> but again, this is only in situations where it's absolutely absolutely necessary for a family if we implement virtual learning, we can't allow those staff who might be in quarantine might be awaiting test results to feel ok and choose to do the virtual learning from home. that allows us to really increase the number of staff we have available for
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instruction for our students. >> now, the school district's public information officer says that board members are going to regroup this upcoming friday and they'll decide when students should come back to the classroom, whether that's going to be january 18th or if they're going to extend the remote learning timeline. we'll just have to wait and see. all right. let's turn the corner here. talk about the warriors. they have a lot to celebrate. klay thompson was back on the court. the help the team secure another win in front of the hometown crowd 2 and a half years of rehabbing that torn acl and ruptured achilles tendon and boy, look like he has missed a beat. clay obviously. welcome back to the chase center by a roar of the crowd. his return was a success as the warriors host of the cavaliers, he scored 17 points on the night making 3, 3 pointers in 19 minutes of game time. >> fellow splash brother steph curry was feeling the energy. the crowd to he scored 28 points. and in the end it was the warriors with the win over
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the cavs. 96 to 82. and here he is the man of the hour. klay thompson react it. >> was a very special moments. i'll never forget on their feet that this never forget the fans gave us especially myself and she was fun. >> well, we're going to see more of clay tomorrow night when the warriors go on the road to play the memphis grizzlies. tipoff is at 05:00pm. and how about them niners way to come back and make it to the playoffs. now securing that wild card spot after beating the rams in over time. this one was a thriller in la the niners getting off to a rough start, but they overcame a 17 point deficit again taking the game to overtime. and in the end, the niners march down the field. >> and broke the tie with a field goal. niners winning in overtime bite intercepting a pass by matt stafford. so niners getting the 6 seed and they're back in the playoffs for the first time since their super bowl run back in 2019.
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>> just so proud of everybody in that locker room they never saw fine and they had to. that's really good team. i'm just so proud of the guys is kind of down 17 to 0, then go down and get 3 points and >> you know, it's and co-head agree misses in the locker room. you know, go out there and just play the ball that we play in. we showed up in the 2nd half. >> and it played journey's don't stop believin the niners going to be facing the dallas cowboys this sunday afternoon for the wild card game kickoff. is it one 30? >> and the raiders also making the playoffs as well, beating the chargers in overtime in las vegas. so let's get to the highlights here. the raiders leading with 5 seconds to go in the 4th quarter. but chargers touchdown sent this game into overtime and after going back and forth in the extra quarter was derek carr getting the ball in field goal range kicker. daniel carlson carlson making that 47 yard field goal for the win raiders. now back in the playoffs for the first time since 2016 raiders are the 5th
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seed face the fourth-seeded cincinnati bengals this sunday kickoff is at one 30 and coming up in the next half hour, we're going have an in-depth breakdown of all the highlights from the raiders game, the niners game, clay's come back with the warriors. all of that just ahead. so stay tuned for that. speaking of what's coming up, well, on the proper morning news, tensions are still rising between the u.s. and russia will tell you what the u.s. says will happen if russia invades ukraine. >> and the covid cases surging across the country causing another surge of 911, calls. we'll tell you why it's causing problems for dispatched. and we do have plenty of sunshine just around the corner today. you're starting to see some of that. >> as we get some brightness over the horizon, some upper 50's at the coastline, upper 50's to low 60's elsewhere across the bay area comfortably. cool one. as long as you've go
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and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to >> 7.15 is the time here on the kron. 4 morning news. we want to get a check of weather and traffic and that forecast with john here as we're kicking off the week on a monday morning morning, john. hey there, james, good to after a week of vacation, we are looking at conditions this week that kind of feels like a vacation from the rainfall and snowfall across the bay in the sierra 80 corridor up towards donner summit looks beautiful under the sunrise right now. also pretty snow free at this point. any light snowfall seen over the weekend didn't add up to enough to be closing down
7:16 am
those mountain roads in this morning. snowfall is really set up north towards the oregon border in the southern cascades. also looking at some rainfall, just very light showers across the north coast ranges back here at home. we're too far south to be tapping into any of that moisture and not a lot of cloud cover. either skies have cleared out really quickly for us now. and now we're going to be looking at some mostly sunny skies throughout the course of your monday, really favorable monday to be back to work today and kicking off the new week. tomorrow. skies will also be mostly sunny for most of the day. cloud cover increases generally towards the afternoon on tuesday with wednesday. also bring some upper 50's to low 60's and mostly sunny skies much like today and tomorrow will now any chance of rainfall. we have continues to be sent well to the north on up into the pacific northwest, our best shot of rainfall will be on thursday. and even then it is the slightest of slight chances of rain. maybe a couple of sprinkles drifting into the north bay. it's honestly looking pretty unlikely. that's about the only shot at rain that we do have this week. so it's a dry
7:17 am
in cool trend of weather ahead of us 50's and 60's for your daytime highs across the bay area today. no brain, san bruno, each in the upper 50's while looking at some low 60's from san mateo down through mountain view and some mid 60's and san jose and campbell, our 2 warmest spots at 65 east bay. temperatures 50's to 60's for you with oakland at 62 degrees. concord at 58 north bay, temps in sonoma and yacht bill in the low 60's each at 61. well, santa rosa and petaluma each at 62 tomorrow and wednesday. don't change things much and really the rest of the week won't either. even though we do get a couple degrees cooler come the weekend holding on to sunshine and dry skies all the way through a look at our bridges this morning. conditions have been really favorable for your monday morning commute, especially along the bay bridge, got some sunshine out there and got an easy commute through the toll plaza. only 11 minutes from the maze to fremont street san mateo bridge. 14 minutes for you from 80 to one o one that set the limit right there. and
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the richmond center fell bridge just a little bit of a back up there at the toll plaza. but nothing that's slowing you down too terribly much. only a 10 minute drive from the tolls over to one o one in marion county and the golden gate bridge from rain down through san francisco. taking you 20 minutes there in a pretty easy drive as well. back to you, james. all right, john, thank you. 7.18, the time for your money this morning across the bay in emeryville, pixar announces that its newest movie will skip theaters. >> and go straight to disney. plus, and alaska airline passengers are going to notice some changes on board as well. we've got jane king live in new york with these stories and more. hi, jane. >> yes, same time. good morning. so alaska airlines will offer just one beverage on the matter. the length of the flight. and they're going to cancel the fresh meals on the medium haul flights, at least through the end of january. so flight attendants raised concerns that they weren't increased risk of covid infection up and down the aisles serving passengers.
7:19 am
now last week, alaska airlines set precedent levels of staff sickness and bad weather had forced to scrap about 10% of scheduled flights this month. royal caribbean is canceling cruises on 3 of its ships until march 7th. norwegian has already said it was canceling voyages on half of its fleet. this is the first mass crews cancellation since the omicron variant and the new pixar movie turning red will go directly to disney. plus odis. he says they're not seeing families, especially those with young kids going back to movie theaters yet. and this just follow the heels of soul and luca now turning red is an animated movie about a canadian chinese girl who turns into a red panda when she feels certain emotions. and that will be on disney. plus, march 11th and this meat is looking for tiktok social media influencer specifically there were people who love theme parks and food and social media. the biggest requirement for the role is that they are savvy on trends on social media platforms. live from new york, i'm jane
7:20 am
king. back to james. nobody as old as me. that's going to have been? >> i know. i know thank you, it is 7 and tension between russia and the u.s. reaching a new high now is russia continues to beef up its military presence. >> on the ukraine border this week. u.s. and russian officials will be undergoing some high stakes talks in geneva to try and de-escalate the situation. raquel martin has the very latest now from dc. >> the question really now is whether president putin will take the path of diplomacy and dialogue or >> 6 confrontation. sunday on abc's this week, secretary of state antony blinken said the u.s. will lay out the beer consequences if russia chooses to invade ukraine, economic, financial and other consequences. but blinken says he does not expect any major breakthroughs this week as u.s. and russian officials hope negotiations in geneva. the talks come as right now roughly 100,000 russian troops
7:21 am
away at the ukraine border. russian president vladimir putin contends the country belongs to russia and he's demanding natal stop that expansion in eastern europe and the u.s. pull some troops from the region by those on the table on cnn's state of the union blinken said while the u.s. is not willing to go that far, there is room for compromise. if they a proceeding in good faith, we think we can make progress in addressing concerns on both sides. but if russian aggression continues, nato allies are prepared to reinforce its position along its eastern flank and both u.s. and russian officials have already dampened hopes of a potential compromised by the end of this week. a top russian diplomat last night said he expects these negotiations to be difficult. >> now, of course, this is just the latest attempt from the u.s. to try and de-escalate the tension on the ukraine russian border. we know president biden has held at least 2 talks with russian president vladimir putin in recent month. for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you.
7:22 am
>> thank you, raquel 7.21. is the time. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news governor gavin newsome is putting a ban on price gouging for at-home covid test kits. tell you about the consequences sellers could face if they charge too much for these tests. and after the break, fans are remembering the life of bob sag and we'll tell you why they say they enjoyed watching him on tv for years. we'll be right back. there's this feeling we chase...
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actor and comedian bob sag. it has died. the orange county, florida sheriff's office confirming the they discovered at the ritz carlton in orlando, florida. and now remembrances have started pouring in from around the world with carlos taking a look back at his career and how he's being remembered. >> by the way, i want to start by apologizing for the way that i speak. it is again, it is shock value. it is a persona throughout the years. funny man above saggy remained a fixture in stand-up comedy, known for his raunchy humor. but it was his family friendly persona that captured the hearts of tv audience. in philly second shot to superstardom in 1987 as the lovable dad, danny tanner on full house. everybody. >> thought he was right. >> there's no place like home. no stranger to ktla morning show sagging. explain to our sam rubin how the full house
7:26 am
gig was. an accident has taken away. and then i never thought or work again. and 2 weeks later, my manager called and said this show full house want you to my goodness. had a newborn baby and i said, yes, he would go on to host 7 seasons of america's funniest home videos. saggy later reprised his role as danny tanner on the reboot fuller house on sunday afternoon. officials in florida found say gets unresponsive body inside his orlando hotel room. second had just performed the show in jacksonville the night before tweeting out this selfie saying love tonight show the cause of death has yet to be determined. but detectives say they found no signs of foul play or drug use. the laugh factory in hollywood honoring the comedian's death sunday night with a friend member >> and he was a friend to all of us. 3rd medians here.
7:27 am
>> and was so dark and so funny. >> and he just want everyone know former costars also expressing their condolences. john stamos tweeting out, quote. >> i am broken and got it. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much. body candace cameron brewer adding i don't know what to say. i have no words. bob was one of the best human beings i've ever known in my life. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673, up on 7.30, here on the kron. 4 morning news. let's get a check of the weather here at the half hour. mark. >> and for that will hand it over to john. stand by. we'll that's a great looking picture behind there. john yapp beautiful out there this morning. james, getting a little of sunshine between a few of the lingering clouds that we are still seeing your camera above the east bay hills, looking out towards a pretty fog free bay and actually pretty mild bay this morning at that skies on radar looking increasingly clear and temperatures have been hanging out in the 40's and 50's throughout the course of the morning thus far. alameda, you're one of her most mild spots at 50 degrees right now. while santa rosa, definitely the icebox of the bay this morning and only 39 degrees. so definitely don't forget the jackets as you do. get out there. first, the roadways go
7:31 am
well, it's been in the easy commute so far at least for bridges, the bay bridge from the maze to freeman street at the limit. 12 minutes to get you there and looking at it, no backup at the toll plaza. always nice to see that. san mateo bridge is also been relatively light. certainly a commute with a lot of tail lights there. but everyone is also traveling at the limit. 13 minutes for your drive. little backup before the toll plaza at the richmond center fell bridge. but it's still under 10 minutes to get you across the north part of the bay and the golden gate bridge one. 0 one from 37 to the tolls. 22 minutes there and nothing back in the up on the golden gate. either. james. john, thank you. 7.31 is the time back to the news now. and the covid surge continues to impact medical services. we know about that. but this time officials say that they're being overwhelmed with non-emergency 911. calls the san francisco fire department, for instance, as the dispatchers, they're seeing an increase in the number of calls with people reporting. >> only minor symptoms, but they're scared. crawford's amanda hari has the story.
7:32 am
>> please help us keep endurance is available for medical emergencies. health officials are warning people not to overwhelm the system. they say they've seen a surge in 911. calls and er visits for covid tests and minor cold flu or covid symptoms. we've been. >> having about over 400 m s calls a day in the city for the past several days. typically that number hovers around 300 or 330, that's about a 20 to 25% increase in calls. doctor susan ehrlich chief executive officer at zuckerberg, general hospital. >> says as the only level one trauma center in the city, there are always extremely busy, but they've never seen anything like this. people are coming to emergency departments seeking testing. >> because i think the demand is high in some cave in some
7:33 am
circumstances, the supply is both ems and zuckerberg general hospital are seeing about 10% of their staff out with covid or quarantining because of a close encounter. they also have other people out on vacation personal time or other illnesses. she jeanine nicholson with the san francisco fire department says they're struggling to keep up with the extra demand for one-third of our staff today is on mandatory overtime. health officials want to remind people that most covid cases are mild and can be safely treated at home. they want to relieve some of the strain on the system so they're able to better assist those who are in dire need of medical assistance. we really want to get to our most critically ill or injured patients. >> and we need the public's health help. we need the public's help in doing in doing so. health officials say this is not a san francisco specific problem. they say emergency medical systems across the state and country
7:34 am
are seeing a similar surge in call volume for the same non emergent requests. amanda hari kron, 4 news. >> the california nurses association is speaking out now after the california department of public health released new return to work guidance for healthcare professionals. so the guidance says that those who tested positive for covid or were exposed but are asymptomatic can return to work immediately without isolating or further testing. well, the california nurses association is condemning that decision by the california department of public health. we spoke with a registered nurse about why they disagree with this new guidance. take a listen. >> if we go to war, knowing that we have covid. we know that we are potentially. infecting our non covid patients. our non-covid co-workers for some people, maybe they just got the call. that's well and good. but we never know what else will develop after that home.
7:35 am
>> well, the guidance from the california department of public health does say that before facilities implement these temporary changes, they must have made every attempt to bring in additional staff and considered modifications to staffing. california, by the way, put in touch put in tough new restrictions on nursing homes in response to the omicron variant under the state's health order. visitors have to now show a negative test in addition to proof that they've been vaccinated with a booster. the new rules are in place through february, 7th. it could be extended. we'll have to wait and see. and with at home covid tests in high demand, some people are turning to social media to try to track down tests for personal use and resellers are listing testing kits for sale on craigslist, e-bay even linked in. but health experts want to warn the public that that might not be the best idea. fake and overpriced at home. covid test kits are all too common these days and an authorized retailers often try to profit by selling kits at a very high markup. the federal
7:36 am
trade commission released an online guide to try to avoid being scammed by people selling fake covid tests. want to check that out. they advise buyers to use their credit cards so they can dispute the charges if they discover after the fact they've been scammed. and again, they recommend only buying kits approved by the fda. well, since covid tests are in such high demand, that governor now has signed an executive order banning price gouging for those at home tests. the order prohibits ehlers from increasing prices on test kits by more than 10% and the seller who violates that order will be fined or potentially even receive jail time. anyone who's been a victim of price gouging on these at home test kits is encouraged to file a complaint with the state attorney general's office and they will take a look at it. governor newsome, by the way, will present his proposed state budget today. the state is estimated to have a surplus of about 31 billion dollars. and his office says that the proposal that they have would build on ongoing work to boost
7:37 am
economic growth and invest in california's future. the budget must be approved by june. 15th. the governor presented part of his proposal on saturday and it includes a proposed 2.7 billion dollars effort for covid-19 emergency response items. we'll see what the rest of his budget proposal unveils. all right. still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news, klay thompson making an emotional return to the warriors will tell you why he says it's a moment. >> well, he's going to remember forever. plus, crews rescued a woman on a mountain bike trail over the weekend. we'll tell you what they say happened while she was riding her bike. and skies clearing quickly this morning. already seeing some sunshine above sfo after a chilly start to this morning, we will be in for a comfortably cool afternoon. highs back into the upper 50's to low 60's. the details of your forecast are still ahead.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> 7.40 is the time. the placer county sheriff's office says that the body of missing skier rory angelo de was found saturday morning. they say his body was found roughly about a half mile from the neighborhood near schaefer mill creek. angelo de was reported missing on christmas day near northstar ski resorts. authorities say his ski pass was last used that very morning on the lift at north star. investigators say there was no sign of suspicious activity. in the north bay. sonoma county sheriff's detectives are searching for answers after a body was found in a remote area just off of highway one. 0, one in cloverdale. they made the discovery friday afternoon, according to the chp, someone flagged down an officer about the body and once in on the deputies got to the scene. that's where they found in a field. so far investigators haven't released any other information, but we'll keep you updated as we learn more. also in the north bay, a woman was rescued after falling from a mountain bike trail. this happened sunday afternoon. she partly fell
7:42 am
while cycling on the coastal trail in marin county. the chp helped out by the plane or helicopter and assistant crews on site. this was according to their social media post to 22 in the afternoon, the woman was transported to a hospital chant, just minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. it is 7.42. we'll take a quick break. we'll be back with more in a minute.
7:43 am
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>> 7.45 is the time. let's get over to the weather center. get another check of the forecast with jon. before we get back to the headlines this there, james, we are seeing a really nice start to this monday morning in des a nice start to the week to the exploratorium welcoming in some bikers and some birds out there. enjoy a little bit of those clear skies and relatively mild temperatures that we do have to start this week. >> cloud cover is already making its way out of the bay area. some snowfall in the southern cascades up around mount lassen in mount shasta there near the oregon border. aside from that, though, the sierra is also looking quite dry will remain dry for the bay area throughout the course of the day today. and really, for most of this forecast ahead of u.s. skies today will be mostly sunny tomorrow, a few passing clouds, but also another mostly sunny day for your tuesday, as will also be the case asuwe work our way into the middle of the week on wednesday, you can see that
7:46 am
the jet stream continues to send most chances of rain and snow. well to the north of california come thursday will be our best chance of rain here in the bay area. and at that, just a very slight chance of showers. most of those showers will be a law right along the north coast on thursday. very limited potential of any of that reaching the bay area. our best shot and what is a very dry forecast ahead. today's daytime highs will be in the 50's to 60's across the region a little bit cooler near the coastline in some of our warmest spots near the bayshore itself. foster city in redwood city each at 60 to our warmest spots being campbell and san jose at 65 degrees today. east bay temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's much as we saw yesterday, a really pleasant one. all that sunshine is really going to be helping the feels like temperature out. so get a load. the light jacket, the sweater out and you'll be pretty set up for the rest of this forecast with really no chance to be bringing in that rain jacket or umbrella. if we do see a sprinkle on thursday, that's exactly the way it will
7:47 am
stay. just an isolated sprinkle as this forecast remains so dry. i'm pretty comfortable overall. as for our traffic conditions out, there have been pretty favorable on the roads to can't complain about this view. looking at the bay bridge right before you get to the toll plaza. 12 minutes to make you're crossing over the bay. the san mateo bridge, a 13 minute drive. certainly some cars on the road, but things are still working their way across the bridge at the limit. richmond center fell bridge 9 minutes to make your way across there. and a really pretty sunrise in the distance golden gate bridge also absolutely gorgeous. a few cars making their way across the bridge, but nothing slowing you down. james. all right, john, thank you very much. let's talk sports. klay thompson making his long-awaited comeback. >> to help beat help, the warriors beat the cavs, the forty-niners and the raiders to both of them making the playoffs. lot of excitement over the weekend. a crawford's kate rooney has the latest. >> a moment, 2 and a half years in the making the return of one of the most popular athletes in the bay area. klay
7:48 am
thompson is officially back. back-to-back acl and achilles injuries may have kept him off the court, but you can't keep up 5 time all-star and three-time champ down clay coming out for pre-game warmups. huge roars going up from the chase center crowd. >> and then, of course, the intro clay taking the court for the first time in 941 days and his first ever game at chase center. >> then right after that, clay turns the corner. and gets the lay in his first basket showing that leg is lookin good. hey, don't forget about the sky, though. steph curry. >> had 4 threes in the first pretty good sign as he's been in a mini slump, got go to the late second clay turn that corner again this one down on 2 cabs. dream on is happy. that's normal from clay and steph is done. you know what to do. but what about threes? so here you go. from downtown
7:49 am
warriors up 5 at the break. 3rd quarter now hey, how about a nother tray for 3? that one from 30 feet down 60 to 48 warriors. klay. absolutely. palm got to feel so good. 4th quarter. he steps back behind the screen. another 3 down. thompson finished with 17 points in 20 minutes. stefan, 28 warriors win 96 to 82 in an epic night at the chase center. >> was a very special moments. i'll never forget on their feet that this never forget the or your fans gave us especially myself and she was fun and it was worth every single day of being away. and in a squat rack on the shuttle shuttle boring all the conditioning days, it was worth every single moment and i'm so grateful to just just compete again. it's a it's
7:50 am
been a long road, i'm just all so proud of myself for persevering and it you know, very special on their forget. >> let's talk nfl football one last chance in week 18 for the forty-niners to punch a ticket to the postseason. they had to beat the rams in la to do it. who did the red and gold? take us on a wild ride. jimmy g had a bit of a rough 1st half with his injured thumb all wrapped up as jim eastham and the forty-niners had a rough 1st half to down 17. nothing at one point that they make a furious comeback. not only touchdown in the 3rd steepest annual taking the pitch and throwing it one jennings for the 24 yard. touchdown. >> 17, 17. the 2 and a half minutes left. matthew stafford to cooper cup from 4 yards out. rams take a 24 17 lead. so the niners going need to drive the length of the field with 31 seconds left to rot
7:51 am
below hits jennings from 14 yards out to tie it at 24 huge game for him. we're going over time niners. get it first. after winning the toss and robbing gold. the kicker. next from 24 yards out to give san francisco a three-point lead. still some time on the clock, though. so in suing rams drive stafford goes deep down the sidelines. but the rookie, every just came off the covid list yet he makes the game winning. >> interception putting the forty-niners in the playoffs. gm john lynch is pumped gutsy performance by garoppolo. he threw for 316 yards with that bad thumb. >> the niners will now travel to dallas for the wild-card round this sunday game time set for one 30%. that is >> how about the raiders? derek carr looking to secure a playoff spot for his team hosting the la chargers nearing halftime charges up for josh jacobs gets the handoff and he's in there for
7:52 am
the touchdown. raiders regain the lead. but with 5 seconds left, they're up 7. justin herbert. finds mike williams in the end zone. the catch is good and that touchdown would send the game to overtime. now in ot after the raiders drive it down the field, daniel carlson's. 47 yard field goal for the win is good. and with that, the raiders have punched their ticket to the playoffs. they win. 35 30 to las vegas will head to cincinnati for the wild card game to take on joe burrow and the bengals. what a game. >> what a game. and don't forget the warriors play the grizzlies tomorrow in memphis. tipoff is at 5 and then the niners will play the cowboys in dallas this coming sunday with a kickoff. >> at one, 30, we'll be right back.
7:53 am
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♪ ♪ at lowe's, you never have to be finished with your finishing touches. with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle. for whatever style you're feeling. at prices you're really feelin. shop the lowe's bath style & save event now in-store and online. >> 9.50, 7.55. is the time. and a new study is ranking the areas with the most active lifestyles across the country and 16 california cities made that list. the survey was conducted by wallet hub and san francisco actually came in at number one, believe it or not. san diego and la came in 4th and 6th respectively. researchers looked at 34 key indicators to as they conducted the study and some of those indicators included accessibility to gyms and even prices on health insurance
7:56 am
premiums and well, behold, san francisco came out on top. we'll take a break. >> coming up on 7.56, in the next hour. schools in milpitas will be open this week.uwe're going to tell you the options of students have, though, if they're concerned about returning to in-person learning will have a live report and teachers in san francisco want the school district to start negotiations on covid-19 safety protocols. now they say it cannot wait. we'll explain.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on a monday. it is 08:00am on this january 10th. i'm james fletcher. we have john trouble standing by with a check of the forecast as we kick things off this week with a look at what kind of weather, john? yeah, looking at some sunny weather overall, sunny and cool temperatures is the way we're working our way into this next week in january. >> quite the change from the cold and the rain that we finished last year with your view outside our berkeley hills camera looking bright, some sunshine now reaching its way down towards uc berkeley in conditions out there have wasted no time clearing out for us after what was a partly cloudy night last night. current temperatures are mostly in the 40's, alameda
8:00 am
and san francisco. each of 49. well, our coldest temperatures are in livermore as well. santa rosa in the low 40's or the upper 30's santa rosa at 37 degrees right now. so definitely don't forget your jackets this morning. but all in all, not a bad way to start off this morning. commute. as for the roads, we are going to be seeing some clear skin dishes on our bridges has been all morning long there at the bay bridge. i think your biggest issue will be in the same counter count could commute direction as you'll be driving into the sunrise. that is brilliant and crystal clear out there. but the east bay hills, the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes to make your crossing there. and also a really nice sunrise over the richmond center fell bridge that back up that we had at the toll plaza all but gone at this 0, 8, minutes to get you from the tolls to one o one and the golden gate bridge. also absolutely gorgeous to kick off a monday clear skies. and 26 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. john, thank you. let's get back to the news now and our top story this morning. the san francisco teachers union is demanding that the district begin negotiations on covid p


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