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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 9, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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got tickets to the game and kept popping and hoping and hoping that klay thompson would come back on the day we decided to come. >> oh, >> yeah. now at 9, more than 900 days since he last put on his warriors uniform. the long lost half of the splash brothers made his return at chase center tonight. and thank you for joining us here tonight. during kron, 4 news at 9. i'm justine waltman of jonathan mccall. we have live team coverage tonight of klay thompson's return back to the dubs. >> the warriors guard you may remember suffering an acl injury in the 2019 funnels. so that's when the >> warriors played against the toronto raptors, then suffered achilles injury in november of 2020 after 2 years of surgeries and rehab, they finally hit the court again tonight. picking up where he left off. >> we'll start our team coverage right now with our sports director jason dumas at chase center. he was there when klay got hurt and he was there tonight when klay made
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his return. >> that's right. justine. it feels like so long ago that night on june, 13th, 2000, 19, is acl. but he came out tonight 2 years later like he didn't miss a beat. he was aggressive. he scored on all 3 levels, tough lanes, dunks 3 pointers, mid-range. and there really wasn't a dry eye in the crowd when his name got announced during the starting lineup, this was truly a in connick night here in bay area sports history and it did not disappoint. he scored 17 points in 20 minutes. he shot the ball fairly well. and you've got to realize these are 2 very traumatic injuries that he suffered that torn acl couple years ago. and then a ruptured achilles. those are both injuries that can really end someone's career. so no is taking this for granted. clay coming back and he's been through so much in this sports
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town. obviously 3 championships winds down him in his splash brother steph curry to the best shooters to ever play basketball. so it was fitting that it happened here. and crazy thing is this was the first time he played in chase center. this is the first time he played with andrew wiggins. he's had teammates for so long that he hadn't even played with because he's been out so long. but you know what? it was really a perfect, perfect night because not only did clay play well, the warriors won. they have the second best record in the nba right now behind the phoenix suns. and this is a legitimate championship contender and they only get stronger with klay thompson coming a 3 time champion 20 the best players in the nba. so now they're all set to make a run and they still have one more guy coming back. james wiseman, their second year center hasn't played yet either. so, guys, the party is just getting started here at chase center.
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this is a special team that could have a very special season and they have klay thompson back at the home. so all feels doesn't jason, we know you talked about those twos. just devastating injuries. >> clay looked like he was moving. well, any word on any apprehension on him being able to do some of the things that he was doing before? all systems go for him. they weren't going to let him come back until he felt completely comfortable. >> jonathan, you saw that dunk. yeah. you put someone on the posters first game back. so he still has those hops. and one thing is he won't be playing back to backs in the beginning and he'll be on a minute. county probably won't play more than 25 minutes on a given night as they start to ramp it up. but this is just the beginning. but as far as that goes for things he can do on the court, he can do everything that he did before he got hurt. >> today is definitely a day warriors fans, sports fans in the bay area will not forget
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jason dumas, sliwa chase center. thank you so much. >> and for all of nation, as we mentioned, it's been a long 2 years as we've been waiting for claytor hit the court once again. yeah, fans were there. got what they paid for. kron four's gayle ong at chase center with reaction from happy fans tonight. >> it was so excited that we got to this for this game and that is coming back. the excitement for the return of golden state warriors shooting guard klay thompson. and that even to see me in >> because it's my first time to see good luck to us. >> drive city. a chase center was quiet sunday afternoon. but inside the warriors shop fan stocking up on thompson gear of to 6 his head and says >> jersey. >> thompson returning to the court for the first time in 2 and a half years after being sidelined by 2 injuries. it's been a long time for we've
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been keeping track with him when it but he's back with us and, you know, good for all loyal fans keeping track of this progress and sending nothing but well wishes we love you and >> it we're so glad you're back. and we know that you're going to do everything that you've always that and also create new things for us, ok, you just going to be fantastic. at chase center, gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> well, clay was hot, but the weather's cold. that's for sure. as we take a live look outside here downtown san francisco on the sunday night cropper meteorologists marisa rodriguez here tonight to get you ready for the start of your new week. yeah, that's right, jonathan. just and it's still so we're to call it sunday. when i've been hearing clay day all day long. so i'm going to stick with that in this forecast. >> for your clay night, we're tracking thin layer of high clouds tonight. dry, calm conditions and also mild night out there right now in the bay
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area, widespread 40's and 50's still even at this 9 o'clock hour. 51 degrees for downtown san francisco in half moon bay as his alameda. but almost 10 degrees cooler for livermore. still holding steady at 42 degrees. one of the chilliest cities out there right now in the bay area as the san anselmo. 42 degrees with novato and allay in the low 50's and oakland currently at 49 degrees. so when tracker for tracking some calm winds out of the east in the single digits. going to see more of a northerly offshore flow, though, for your monday. but future cast for going to show during the overnight hours, dense low clouds and fog. not going to be much of a nuisance for your monday morning commute as you head back to work or school. so that's the good news right there. the poor visibility will be over downtown san francisco and san jose, 4 to 5 miles visibility. and that's going to continue for san jose even through around 6, 7 o'clock in the morning until we start to notice better lifting by mid
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morning. but we are going to notice an increase in cloud cover overnight. warming up our overnight lows in temperatures. pretty seasonal for the next 3 days. even warming up into the mid 60's for some of our warmest inland valleys. details ahead on your full work week forecast coming up in just a few minutes. jonathon, just seen back to you. taking a actor bob sag best known for his role in full huuse. >> has died today. deputies in orlando, florida found him unresponsive in his hotel detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use. in this case, the medical examiner's office will determine the cause and manner of death. his other big roles included hosting america's funniest home videos for much of the 1990's. most recently said that was on tour doing stand-up, even tweeting about the show that was in jacksonville on saturday night and tonight, some of his full house co-stars have reacted to this sad news. john stamos tweeted out, i'm broken. i'm
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gutted. in complete and utter shock. i will never have another friend like him. i love you so much, bobbie and dave, simply tweeted out, my heart is broken. i love you, bob. you're forever brother bob sag. it was 65 years old. and now to the east bay where authorities in san pablo are continuing to investigate a crash that killed one person this morning then blocked all the lanes of i-80 east for several hours. the california highway patrol says the crash happened at about 6.15, this morning west of san pablo dam road. they say someone driving a van lost control and hit the center divider and then ended up in the middle of the freeway going in the wrong direction. and that's when 3 other cars hit the van. according to the chp, a man in his mid 20's died and 2 others were taken to the hospital with major injuries. traffic was diverted for several hours, but it is back open tonight.
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>> in the north bay, sonoma county sheriff's detectives are searching for answers into a body that was found in a remote area off of highway one. 0, one in cloverdale friday afternoon. chp says that someone flagged down one of their officers about the discovery. one sonoma deputies got to the scene. they say they found that body in a field so far. investigators have not released any other details. stay with kron. 4 for updates as they become available. >> we're following some developing news out of new york city tonight where at least 19 people are dead following a massive apartment fire reporter tom negovan has the latest. >> video shot by witnesses shows the massive emergency response. approximately 200 firefighters. the first on scene within 3 minutes. >> members found victims every floor in stair was they were taking them out in cardiac and respiratory arrest. this is a
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hope cope painful moment. well, the city of new york, some survivors were pulled out through windows, smoke billowing through the fdny says this started in a duplex apartment spanning the second and 3rd floors of the 19 story building. i was born in his to like this. >> all of the victims suffered smoke inhalation of the 63 injured. more than 30 are considered life threatening. and tonight there are patients at every hospital in the bronx looking for don't kn w which hospital bringing that they're ok, the fire department that inmate was able to get us out. they said. >> follow to stay until you see why. >> agencies like the salvation army and red cross being brought in to help. >> we want to assure everyone that we will not leave you. this is devastating for all of
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us to find something comparable in new york. you have to go back more than 30 years tonight. a jam packed social, happy land nightclub fire in 1990, also in the bronx. 87 people lost their lives. this is going to one of fi is that we have during modern times. >> a pilot is badly hurt tonight after crashing his single engine plane in the la suburb of pacoima. the pilot was the only person on the plane when it went down and one or more lanes of traffic in the area had to be shut down for hours as authorities investigated exactly what caused this small plane to come down on railroad tracks just outside of the suburb in los angeles, right near the airfield. so far, no word yet from officials on why the plane went down. but we'll stay on top of the story and bring you more updates as soon as they become available.
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>> california is suing new rules for health care workers coming back to the job after covid-19. one nurses say the changes are not fair to them.
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a new study is breaking the areas with the most active lifestyles across america and 16 california cities made the list. >> that was put out by wallet. hub in san francisco came in at number one, san diego and
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la came in number 4, 6 respectively. and researchers looked 34 key indicators to the study and some of those included the accessibility to gyms and even prices on health insurance premium. here's something that won't help your waistline. the golden state has been named the best state for tasty tacos. >> red dot com ranked all 50 states by the number of mexican food restaurants per square mile. they found the golden state has more spots than anywhere in america. huntington park listed as the best city in california for taco lovers. that's because nearly a 3rd of all the restaurants in that town and serve mexican food, texas coming in second, followed by florida and illinois. rounding out the top 4. >> and it's not even taco tuesday. it's it's sunday. number never a bad time for tuesday. everything talk goes,
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it's every day every day. what do you do? flour or corn? tortilla doesn't matter. tacos at taco tacos are delicious. really crunchy or soft? doesn't matter. lately. soft me. i used to be a crime. she talked us a little 2022. is brought the crunchy and breeze that it's a new hey, it's healthier so i can dip the glock in it multitask. right? >> i was going to share my poem. do you want to hear you guys? okay? here goes roses are red tacos. are delicious. i like using plates because they hate washing the dishes. like a just lasting and mortified. jonathan's like expect that from you. murray said i mean, it's all about the paper plates, even for your thumb during christmas time right after tacos, right? it anything okay. the producers like theresa do,
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whether i got sidetracked anytime we talk about tacos, i just my mind thinks of food, especially at this 9 o'clock hour. alright, temperatures today. we warmed up into the mid 60's san jose. 63 degrees. >> upper 50's to low 60's for most bay area cities and we are tracking an increase in cloud cover tonight during the overnight hours. there is this storm. believe it or not off to the coast? unfortunately not going to make its way into the bay area. you can blame lining up for that. just giving us his force field where we're going to stay dry for at least the next 7 days. so most of our storm track going to remain up and over us. and we're just going to see the storm clouds overnight giving way to plenty of sunshine by your monday afternoon. and temperatures out there right now, widespread mid to upper 40's for most of our inland valleys and still in the low 50's along our bay area coastline with the exception of livermore, the coolest city right now at 42 degrees overnight lows tonight low to mid 40's conquered, though, a
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little bit chillier. 39 degrees and we're tracking temperatures. widespread low to mid 60's. check out redwood city, san jose and even nevado santa rosa's. well warming up into the mid 60. still about 5 degrees above average. there little change with the next 7 days might groundhog's day forecast. we're really i could just repeat the same forecast and you guys may not even know. but i'm sure you can tell i'm wearing the same dress. every hits. i can't really pull that off. but i would certainly love to dry conditions, as you can see for the next 7 days. jonathan, just plenty of time to go out and get thank you, theresa. >> today is national law enforcement appreciation day and one california lawmaker showed his appreciation for their hard work today. california congressman mike garcia led a group of volunteers who delivered coffee and breakfast burritos to sheriff's offices in southern california. he says the strain of the pandemic and working long hours to protect our communities should be recognized. >> guys and gals frankly been work in that weird stories of some of our deputies. we're
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kinda, 7200 hours of overtime in a given month. so they're tired. covid's definitely impacted them. had a rough couple of years. as a nation, we've got to respect and encourage our law enforcement. >> garcia says this recent covid spike has been tough on law enforcement. that's because it's stretched. many agencies said. the biden administration, meanwhile, is now warning russia about possible penalties and could face if it decides to invade ukraine. u.s. officials on the condition of anonymity say that if russia does invade ukraine, it could signal changes in the u.s. strategic positions in europe and force harsh economic sanctions on russian entities and exports u.s. and russian officials are set to meet in switzerland tomorrow to discuss the escalating tensions. >> still ahead. the struggle to find an at-home covid-19 test kit is real. but the where before buying one online that test could be fake. >> california nurses are
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hoping that governor gavin newsome can step in to change. new guidance connected to covid related return for work. a nurse explains why they believe the rules are not fit.
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>> an incredible rescue was caught on camera. this video from florida on the recording is showing us first responders rushing to save a woman who was trapped inside a burning car. that car had just been
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involved in a head-on collision. end video is showing us crews using fire extinguishers to try to put out the flames before they had to use brute force to pull the driver out of the burning vehicle. and the driver is expected to be ok. >> 18 wheeler truck dealerships across america say they are quickly selling out of new 18 wheelers and more trucks will not be expected to arrive until sometime next year. the shortage they say has now caused the price of used trucks too rise dramatically while prices are at record highs for new and used customers say they don't have much of a choice when in need. the problems have also extended to finding financing for truck sales. these finance companies are looking at financing the track. >> that have 700,000 miles on it. and they're looking at the numbers thinking, how how do we make this work? but you've got to keep right moving. you gotta keep food in the grocery stores and they got to make it happen.
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>> many dealerships say they expect the problems to last until sometime next year. the cause of sitting behind the wheel of a self-driving car is going up on twitter. tesla ceo elon musk said that self-driving software for the cars will now cost around $12,000. that's up by 2000 bucks. the price hike on the software. if you're curious is only for american drivers. bucs musk says they also plan to increase the price for a subscription for full self-driving. once the software is more widely available. >> ford is warning its dealers of potential resale issues by customers about its new electric trucks. ford has sent a letter to dealers concerning its new electric f one, 50 trucks and customers are quickly rrselling it for profit. so they're suggesting dealers that a no sail provision to contracts preventing buyers from resale within the first year of
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ownership. that's in order to keep market prices pretty close to the list. price. ford is also warning against extra order fees or deceptive marketing practices. >> and coming up for your sierra forecast tracking a gradual warming trend to start of this upcoming week. details ahead in just a few minutes. stay tuned.
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>> now at 9.30, some of the california nurses say they are
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disappointed with the california department of public health's new return to guidance guidance says anyone who tests positive for covid or was exposed. >> but has no symptoms. a return to work immediately without isolating or testing. kron four's amanda hari spoke with a registered nurse about why they believe that this guidance is dangerous. good evening. i'm and. >> good evening. the california department of public health says this just a temporary change to do critical staffing shortages because of the rise of the omicron variant. but the nurse i spoke to says this could result in more health care professionals getting sick and then she wonders who will be left to take care of their patients. >> it is morally distressing and exhausting that we continue to do this 2 years into the pandemic. the california nurses association is condemning the california department of public health decision to send asymptomatic or exposed health care professionals back to work
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without isolation or testing. it will. >> put our nurses and health care workers at risk there by also increasing the risk of further probably an infection and illness is for our patients, registered nurse and president of the cna zenni trying folk art has says we need to continue to take covid seriously. she says for some people the virus may be minor. >> but it impacts everyone differently for some people. maybe they. >> we just got the that's well and good. but we never know what else will develop. after that comb. the cdph says this change is in preparation for an anticipated surge in covid patients. >> because of the omicron variant they do recommend that healthcare professionals that test positive try to separate from other workers and wear an n 95 mask at all times. we will do the best we can given given what we have in given
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the situation that we are in the nurses association is hoping that by speaking out, the department of public health will reconsider the changes are hoping and >> urging the governor and the cdph to rescind their decision. because what we want is for our patients to get well. and what we want is for our nurses to stay healthy and safe. >> the guidance from the cdph does say that before facilities implement these temporary changes, they must have made every attempt to bring in additional staff and to consider modifications to staffing. live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron. 4 news. >> you said these changes are temporarily temporary. do we know how long that the california department of public health say they will stay in effect? >> yeah, we do. right now. it went into effect yesterday and the cdph says it will continue to be in effect until
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february. first after that, it will likely go back to the previous guidelines. amanda, thank you so much. and california has now put in tough new restrictions on nursing homes in response to the omicron variant under the state's health order. >> visitors must now show a negative test in addition to prove that their vaccinated with a booster, the new rules are in place through february 7th, but they could the extended also with at-home covid test in very high demand. some people are turning to social media to try to track down the test and resellers are listing the test kits for sale on craigslist, e-bay even linked in. but health experts are warning that that might not be such a great idea, fake and overpriced at home. covid tests are way too common and an authorized retailers often try to profit by selling the kits at a high markup. the federal trade commission has released an online guide to avoid being scammed by people
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who are selling these fake covid test. they're advising buyers to use their credit cards so they can dispute the charge that they get scammed and only by kits that have been approved by the fda. >> just days after oakland unified teachers staged a sickout to protest covid-19 concerns. students are also raising concerns over their safety. >> looks like school is on for monday, but hundreds of students within the district have come together and they formed an online petition where they are now demanding for increased covid-19. protocols are also say they're going to skip out on school kron four's taylor sec reports. >> students at schools in oakland unified school district are now demanding increased covid-19 protocols in supplies if their demands are not met, they plan to boycott showing up for in person classes. we are demanding. >> kn 95 masks for all the students because not easily accessible to them twice a week pcr and rapid tests for
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everyone on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely when it rains. over at district does not want to give it to us. we demand a shift. those 2. >> i'm eileen serrano is a 10th grader at nat west high school as one of the organizers of this online petition that's now gathered nearly 300 students signatures. serrano says she and her classmates began the petition after seeing increased covid cases and a lack of available testing and resources. we were really shocked when we saw how many signatures were like flooding in so fast. >> and we're happy that it's not just us that are concerned, but there's more students out there that are concerned. serrano says. >> they're sending this public petition to district leaders on monday. and if their demands are not met by monday, the 17th the students will not attend in-person classes for the remainder of that week until a planned strike outside the district's office building on friday. the 21st the student petition follows a plans teacher sick out on
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friday for more than 500 teachers called out of work sick over similar concerns. >> a rising cases and insufficient masks and available testing as a result. classes at 12 schools in the district were canceled. in addition to some teachers not showing up to work over safety concerns. serrano says some of her classmates have chosen to do the same in. stay at usd communications director john told kron 4 news in a statement on sunday. quote, the district is aware of the petition that usd students are circulating. we share the students concerned about the spike in omicron cases of covid-19. that concern is why we have distributed kn 95 and n 95 masks to all staff. we have also ordered enough kn 95 masks for all students. they will be distributed to students as soon as they are delivered. we have had the supplies for new covered seating spaces at dozens of schools, including new tables and shade structures on order since in some cases last summer supply line issues have slowed their delivery
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significantly. they're already meeting or are in the process of meeting most of the demands noted in this petition and we will continue to work towards fulfilling the rest in the coming weeks. i'm taylor reporting kron. 4 news. >> happening tomorrow, classes will be canceled in the west contra costa school district. that's because of a large number of staff absences and it rise in the number of covid cases in the school district. the district closed all of its schools on friday to clean and sanitize them. it also requires workers and students to take covid test tomorrow and report the results before returning back to in-person learning on tuesday. all the schools are expected to resume classes on tuesday. unified school say they will now hold in-person learning for students at its schools this week friday, the district announced plans to move to virtual learning for the week because of the rise omicron cases. today in a letter superintendent cheryl jordan said that parents still have the option of using the district's independent study program. also in that letter, she says that after talking
9:36 pm
with santa clara county health leaders. the district cannot offer a district-wide quarantine, which was also announced on friday. >> parents and another east bay school district are pushing for distance learning almost 2000 people have now signed this petition to ask the dublin unified school district to change its back-to-school plans. and some are saying they're alarmed by the rise in covid cases and are worried about the omicron variant spreading on campus. but the school district superintendent is saying it cannot just extend winter break and the current state rules do not allow the entire school district to move to online. learning. >> we can history quite. virtual learning because the legislature, the governor does not give us permission to do that like to done in the past with the executive order from the governor. >> and so we would have to have 100%. parents sign waiver
9:37 pm
in order for us to receive our ada from the state. and we know that majority of our parents want their kids in% school. >> as of now, the dublin unified school district will continue with in-person instruction tomorrow. also happening tomorrow, governor newsom will present his proposed state budget the state is estimated to have a surplus of 31 billion dollars. the governor is saying this proposal would build that ongoing work to boost economic growth and invest in california's future. the budget must be approved by june. 15th newsom did present part of his proposal yesterday, which included a proposed 2.7 billion dollars for a covid-19 emergency response package as covid cases continue to surge across the country. >> the white house says that help is on the way. administration officials say they're working to free to provide free rapid test to numerous covid treatments. and
9:38 pm
that should be coming in the following weeks. but as anna wiernicki reports, some fear that the help us. >> too late. >> good evening. the house returns on monday from winter recess and already lawmakers say as the start the new year, their first order of business is ending the pandemic. >> covid it is the center of it all. house speaker nancy pelosi said on cbs face the nation that when congress returns this week covid-19 will be the top priority. but that may not mean another covid relief bill. the administration >> has not made a formal request for more funding, but it is clear from the opportunities that is there. despite the 6 trillion dollars, the federal government has spent fighting covid-19 so far. >> some states like california are looking for more funding as case numbers surge. again, the administration is rapidly scaling up what they are able to purchase and get out to the american people. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky said on fox news sunday that the biden administration is
9:39 pm
working to provide some relief this month. another batch of pfizer's covid-19 treatment pill was shipped out this week and the administration is finalizing details to begin shipping 500 million free rapid tests to americans by the end of january. it's unfortunate we started this late. we should have done this earlier. former trump fda commissioner doctor scott gottlieb said on cbs face the nation that many of the supplies take time to produce and ship and americans need them now need to start thinking about how we distribute these to normal a retail channels where people used to accessing health care services, not these government direct the channels. >> which is goinghmake it more challenging. people get these in timely fashion. >> the white house says they've already purchased the treatment pills and are ready to begin distributing them to americans once they're off the production line, which could be late june. for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> right now to kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid-19 headlines including information on which tool which schools will be. moving
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to in-person learning and which ones will move to virtual again. scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile devices and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> here's a live look outside right now. the conditions along the golden gate bridge. traffic's find if you want to come unit this hour. and it's cold out there tonight. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight. look at what's on the way overnight. and first thing in the morning. yeah, we're going to notice that pattern. chilly overnight lows but mild afternoon highs. so that is going to be the tradeoff for much of this upcoming workweek with tonight being no exception. in addition to that, tracking your sierra forecast, i-80 at donner summit. all clear. they're smooth sailing, not tracking any significant snow showers making its way to this year up for us here in the bay area. we are going to notice an increase in cloud cover overnight because as you can see out in the pacific, there is a storm, but unfortunately not going to make its way into
9:41 pm
the bay area. wish i could make that track a little bit more eastward so that we can get a shot of some rain. but it looks like we're going to remain dry and not just overnight, but even through your monday as well. we're tracking a clear and dry conditions for those of you in this year. up with some snow showers, mainly arriving for those of you over reno just north of south lake tahoe. so just barely going to miss it. it is going to be very light. but as you could see, dry outlook for much of this year and we are going to see temperatures on the mild side all ready to start your monday in the mid 40's warming up just a touch. 47 degrees by tuesday and then low 50's by the middle of this upcoming week. unfortunately, overnight lows, they said that storm cloud cover. we are going to notice some high clouds during the overnight hours, acting like a blanket. so it's not going to be as chilly in the single digits or teens like it has been just a few weeks ago. so that's great news there. but unfortunately, we certainly need the snow for
9:42 pm
the sierra snowpack, not looking like it's really going to make an impact there in the coming days. your bay area forecast coming up in just a few minutes to see if any rain is going to head its way into our neck of the woods for the next 7 days. stay tuned, jonathan, just in back to you. >> is it? thank you. sports is up next. and after more than 900 days, thompson finally makes his long anticipated return to the dubs. okay. will have the highlights and we will check in with sports director jason dumas slide the chase center on the way.
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>> let's go to another final check of your forecast this hour with kron. 4 meteorologists mabrisa rodriguez. >> yeah. let's take a look at your bay area forecast for your sunday night because we are tracking some changes out there right now in the pacific. believe it or not, there are some showers, unfortunately, not expected to make its way into the bay area. let's take a look at our 7 day futurecast for to see. we're going to get any rain in the extended forecast and by early monday morning, a lot of storm clouds overhead. it's only going to get thicker and really just
9:46 pm
we showers just north of santa rosa. so unfortunately not going to nudge or eastward. otherwise, we would certainly be getting the bulk of that wet weather. but even staying dry through tuesday by tuesday night through wednesday morning, we are going to see some more storm cloud storms to the north. just really linger over the bay area. but we're just not going to get it. we're going to be at the tail end of the storms where we really just see all the clouds coming in, bringing us plenty of sunshine by the afternoon, but very dry outlook by around friday night through saturday morning could see some showers trying to clip the southern portion of the bay area, specifically san jose, but also tracking drier conditions there as well. so really, mother nature not helping us out in the rain department for the next 7 days. details ahead for going to see any rain in our 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes at 10 o'clock. but the good news is we're going to have seasonal weather in the upper 50's to low 60's and
9:47 pm
even warming up into the mid 60's for some of our warmest inland valleys in the next 7 days. i know jonathan is happy about that for shorts because you need to break those out during the winter. yeah. never a bad time to break his. think get a 7 year-old girl fighting a battle against leukemia is gearing up for an annual charity hockey game in alabama. >> this is because olivia nolan design the wolf on the front of the jersey is being worn by the huntsville havoc hockey team. the team will auction off the jerseys after the game for saint jude night. libby was diagnosed with leukemia back in 2020, she must undergo chemotherapy for the next 120 weeks. she just finished up week 60 halfway through. >> maintenance type therapy. so she is considered in remission. >> saint tonight scheduled for later this month. olivia and her family will be at the game wearing those special jerseys. >> and now kron 4 sports.
9:48 pm
>> a moment, 2 and a half years in the making the return of one of the most popular athletes in the bay area. klay thompson is officially back. back-to-back acl and achilles injuries may have kept him off the court, but you can't keep up 5 time all-star and three-time champ down clay coming out for pre-game warmups. huge roars going up from the chase center crowd. >> and then, of course, the intro clay taking the court for the first time in 941 days and his first ever game at chase center. >> then right after that, clay turns the corner. and gets the lay in his first basket showing that leg is lookin good. hey, don't forget about the steph curry. >> had 4 threes in the first pretty good sign as he's been in a mini slump, got to go to the late second clay turn that corner again this one down on
9:49 pm
2 cabs. dream on is happy that snarled from clay and steph doesn't even know what to do. what about threes? so here you go. from downtown warriors up 5 at the break. 3rd quarter now state. hey, how about a nother tray for 3? that one from 30 feet down 60 to 48 warriors. klay. absolutely. palm got to feel so good. 4th quarter. he steps back behind the screen. another 3 down. thompson finished with 17 points in 20 minutes. steph. had 28 warriors win. 96 to 82 in an epic night at the chase center kron. 4 sports director jason dumas was at chase for clay's debut. jason was the arena as wild as it looks here in this newsroom. >> kate, i didn't say it was even more wild here at the arena. i mean, when he came
9:50 pm
out for his pre-game routine, the floor was shaking and he came out. he went through the routine was back in the tunnel. and then when they announced him at the starting lineup, that's really when i started to feel the goose bumps, you could just feel the energy in the air. and it's funny. steve kerr said after the game that first play was not drawn up for clay. but of course, clay called it and he said, i'm taking this. he took it right to the rim. he finished over lauri markkanen and that was the start of a great night. like you said during that highlight 17 points in 20 minutes, it looked like he didn't miss a beat and yet too traumatic injuries. i mean, to miss 941 days after caring your acl and then rupturing your achilles. a lot of players would have been able to get back to that point. but clay really work for it and he made it no secret. these last 2 and a half years have been brutal for him, excruciating. they rehab the mental hurdles
9:51 pm
getting hurt, getting back and then getting hurt again. it hasn't been easy both physically and mentally. but guess what? all of that was worth it after he saw his first bucket going tonight. was a very special moments. i'll never forget on their feet that this >> never forget the reception fans gave us especially myself and she was fun and it was worth every single day of being away. and in a squat rack on the shuttle shuttle boarded all the conditioning days, it was worth every single moment and i'm so grateful to just just compete again. it's a it's been a long road, i'm just all so proud of myself for persevering and it you know, a very special on their forget. >> now it feels like the warriors can recalibrate a bit
9:52 pm
because there's a lot of buildup. there's been so much buildup all season first. it was steph breaking that all time, 3 pointer record. then all eyes pointed to klay thompson and it kind of a little bit and drains your energy is you try to get to these night. so now they're past that they can recalibrate and clay's going to be a mainstay in the lineup things and kind of go back to normal. he's not going to play more than 25 minutes on a given night. he is not going to play back-to-back, but they can get back to some normalcy that's going to be their starting lineup. clay at the 2 and this is a team that is 39 to have high expectations. they think they can win an nba championship and now they got the splash brother back. so we're just getting started reporting from oracle. back to you. >> thanks, jason. does kind of feel like a new start to the season for the dubs. let's talk nfl football. one last chance in week 18 for the forty-niners to punch a ticket to the postseason. they had to beat the rams in la to do it. who did the red and gold? take us on a wild ride. jimmy g had
9:53 pm
a bit of a rough 1st half with his injured thumb all wrapped up as jim eastham and the forty-niners had a rough 1st half to down 17. nothing at one point that they make a furious comeback. not only touchdown in the 3rd steepest annual taking the pitch and throwing it one jennings for the 24 yard. touchdown. >> 17, 17. the 2 and a half minutes left. matthew stafford to cooper cup from 4 yards out. rams take a 24 17 lead. so the niners going need to drive the length of the field with 31 seconds left to rot below hits jennings from 14 yards out to tie it at 24 huge game for him. we're going to overtime niners. get it first after winning the toss and robbing gold. the kicker. next from 24 yards out to give san francisco a three-point lead. still some time on the clock, though. so in suing rams drive stafford goes deep down the
9:54 pm
sidelines. but the rookie, every just came off the covid list yet he makes the game winning. >> interception putting the forty-niners in the playoffs. gm john lynch is pumped gutsy performance by garoppolo. he threw for 316 yards with that bad thumb. >> the niners will now travel to dallas for the wild-card round this sunday game time set for one 30%. that is how about the raiders? derek carr look into secure a playoff spot for his team hosting the la chargers nearing halftime charges up for josh jacobs gets the handoff and he's in there for the touchdown. raiders regain the lead. but with 5 seconds left, they're up 7. justin herbert. finds mike williams in the end zone. the catch is good and that touchdown would send the game to overtime. now in ot after the raiders drive it down the field. daniel carlson's. 47 yard field goal for the win is good. and with that, the raiders have punched their ticket to the playoffs. they
9:55 pm
win. 35 30 to las vegas will head to cincinnati for the wild card game to take on joe burrow and the benga
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
>> that's going to do it for us here during kron. 4 news at 9. but we will be back with kron. 4 news at 10 next.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. it's been a long time for we've been keeping track him when it but he's back with us and, >> you know, good years. >> very good for the warriors. and now at 10 after more than 900 days since he last put on a warriors uniform, clay day has now come with a victory. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news


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