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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at never seen anything quite like during the search. a search is had so far. >> now at 9, the covid search continues to impact medical services. but this time around, officials say they're being overwhelmed with non emergency calls. thank you so much for joining us here during kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall, the san francisco fire department says the dis its dispatchers. >> we are seeing an increase in the number of calls of folks reporting just simple minor covid symptoms. others they say are looking for covid-19 test kron four's amanda hari live in the newsroom with a look at the impact that those calls now having on services and the request from leaders, man.
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>> jonathan ems leaders are asking you to only call 911, in a life-threatening emergency in the last few days they've seen about a 20 to 25% increase in call volume and with their own. that staff members out with covid. there's a supply and demand issue. >> please do not go to an emergency room for a covid test. health officials are warning people not to overwhelm the system. >> they say they've seen a surge in 911, calls and er visits for covid tests and minor cold flu or covid symptoms. we've been. >> having about over 400 ems calls a day in the city for the past several days. typically that number hovers around 300 or 330 doctor, susan ehrlich chief executive officer at zuckerberg, general hospital. >> says as the only level one trauma center in the city, there are always extremely
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busy, but they've never seen anything like this. people are coming to emergency seeking testing. >> because i think the demand is high in some cave in some circumstances, the supply is both ems and zuckerberg general hospital are seeing about 10% of their staff out with covid or quarantining because of a close encounter. they also have other people out on vacation personal time or other illnesses. she jeanine nicholson with the san francisco fire department says they're struggling to keep up with the extra demand for one-third of our staff today is on mandatory overtime. health officials want to remind people that most covid cases are mild and can be safely treated at home. they want to relieve some of the strain on the system so they're able to better assist those who are in dire need of medical assistance were already in some challenging
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waters. >> we really don't want to get any worse. >> health officials say this is not only a san francisco problem. they say emergency medical systems across the state and even the country are seeing a similar surge in call volume for the same non emergent requests. live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron, 4 news. thank you so and and governor gavin newsom has now activated the national guard to help with covid-19 testing. >> and the crisis that's happening there here in california. more than 103,000 new cases of covid were just reported on friday. did millions of people in the state say they just can't even get tested to find out if they have covid or not. so more than 200 members of the guard will be deployed across 50 testing sites to help boost the staffing levels and make the tests more easily accessible. so here's video of the members who are assisting a covid testing site at deer valley high school in antioch. and additional sites will be opening up in alameda contra
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costa, napa, santa clara and santa cruz counties. they are all expected to receive some assistance from the national guard in the coming days. but information on those locations has not yet been released. and also the white house is working with the u.s. postal service to distribute millions of covid home test kits to anyone who wants one. the washington post is reporting the biden administration is very close to finalizing an agreement to give out 500 million of the test kits. but in order to send them the postal service is negotiating with labor unions to extend its seasonal workforce of some 40,000 extra personnel who was hired during the holidays in order to help a website also will soon be launched where people then can go on to request those test kits be sent to them. today. governor gavin newsome laid out a new plan to battle the latest covid-19 surge here in the golden state. >> among the items bringing that covid sick time for some health care workers. the items are all part of the governor's
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budget for the new year. and the governor is expected to present a proposed 2.7 billion dollar covid-19 emergency response package coming up on monday. >> kron four's gayle on though got a preview of it for us tonight on saturday. governor gavin newsom's administration unveiled a proposed 2.7 billion dollars covid-19 emergency response package. overall. the package includes 1.2 billion dollars to bolster testing by expanding hours and capacity at testing sites throughout the state. >> 583 million to accelerate vaccination and booster efforts combat misinformation. 614 million to support frontline workers. 200 million to support state response operations and 110 million to support vulnerable populations. the governor's proposed budget also calls for new legislation to put supplemental paid sick leave policies in place to protect the state's health care workers. this amid the surge driven by the omicron variant last year, there was an emergency supplemental paid sick leave policy that expired
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last fall. >> it provided additional 80 hours of paid sick leave state administration officials say additional contract and health care workers from out of state will be deployed to help hospitals stretched thin. governor newsom will present his proposed state budget on monday. gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> a number of bay area banks and credit unions say that covid cases in staffing shortages has now forced them to temporarily shut down some of its branches in an e-mail to nts customers. patel co credit union said that it closed some of its branches because of rising covid cases. that also led to longer wait times for callers. other banks like chase and wells fargo are also reporting temporary closings of some of its branches. meanwhile, in less than a week, citigroup will say goodbye to a number of its unvaccinated workers. the company says workers who have not yet received the vaccine will be let go on january 14th. back in october, the company said it would require the vaccine as a condition of work. the bank, the first
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major wall street institution to instant to that policy. the bank said at the time it was simply complying with the biden administration's policy that required all workers supporting government contracts to be fully vaccinated. >> as surging covid-19, cases forced a number of school districts to move back to virtual learning health and education leaders in santa clara county say right now in-person learning is still the best way to go for them. kron 4, some to call learn more about the county's decision to keep kids in class. >> while the omicron variant of covid-19 spreads through south bay communities, santa clara county public health director doctor sara cody says it is milder than previous variants. a factor in why she believes students should contlnue attending class in person. we've learned that in person, education is what they and remote learning doesn't support their mental health. emotional health. >> i'm an academic well-being
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nearly the way the in-person learning does. doctor cody stands in solidarity with doctor mary ann dewan. do want is the county superintendent of schools at the santa clara county office of education and join cody for a joint media statement released friday. the ability for school district to offer remote or virtual learning ended on june 30th 2021. still the numbers are concerning. data posted online by the public health department shows the 7 day average of cases has increased about 237% since christmas, 630 were reported on december. 25th. >> 2123 were reported friday and the age group making up the highest percentage of cases are those 19 years of age and younger. let's continue to operate with the latest health and safety guidance offered by the california department of public we're working alongside our districts to preserve in
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person, learning together. i think that we're going to get through this surge. >> we're going to keep our kids in school where they thrive. doctor cody, adding the community will have to find ways to co exist and live with covid-19. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 >> right now is kron 4 dot com. you can get the latest covid-19 headlines including information on where to find test sites and vaccines. just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile devices and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> let's now go to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside at a very cold san francisco this saturday night. it's a good night to cuddle up on the couch with some good friends and what kron 4. that's right. make sure put your socks on so you don't. you don't get cold, you don't have to use anybody else for body heat or anything like >> robbie, that's the plan. no use. those said that were you not disappoint. a lot of socks like hey, bud, a lot. let's let's take a look at your
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cuddle weather out there. this specifically for you. >> and we are tracking right now. cold, clear night out there because of that. like a blanket of cloud cover and also calm wind speeds. that's what we're tracking widespread low to mid and upper 40's downtown san francisco barely holding on in the low 50's 52 degrees alameda's well in the low 50's but about 10 degrees warmer than those of you in petaluma. 41 degrees there. so bundle up and cuddle up because it's certainly a chilly night already at this 9 o'clock hour when trucker for tracking calm wind speeds out of the east. but we're going to see a change in wind direction out of the northwest 20 miles per hour or less. and we are expecting another round of that pesky dense, low clouds and fog, especially for those of you in our north and east bay valleys. first arriving for those of you in the north bay in santa rosa, just 2 miles, visibility at or near 0 for our east bay valleys, specifically livermore by around mid
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morning for your sunday. so make sure to plan ahead. if you do have any sunday morning plans, but better lifting in clearing by your noon lunch time hour. going to gradually warm up on sunday. we're going to remain seasonal for the next 7 days. details ahead on our storm track. if any wet weather is coming our way in my full forecast in just a few minutes. jonathon, just seen back to you risa. we'll check back with you in just a few moments. thank you. >> ahead tonight at 9, we continue our covid-19 coverage as california lawmakers trying to implement a new way to bring health care to everyone looks playing the proposal. >> but first, national leaders came to las vegas to honor the late democratic sen harry reid. the coast guard has
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announced new safety rules in response to the deadly 2019 conception boat fire. the rules include new fire prevention measures and better escape routes for boats with overnight passengers. devices will also be installed to ensure that the boats a night watchman is awake and doing their rounds. the new rules are coming nearly 3 years after the conception, which was a scuba diving boat caught fire off the coast of santa barbara and killed 34 people an investigation into the disaster blamed the boat's owner for a lack of oversight. he has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of seaman's
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manslaughter and is out on bond right now awaiting trial. >> here's some good news, california received more rain in the last 3 months of 2021. that we saw in 2020, in fact, drought monitor say that the golden state received nearly 34 trillion gallons of water since october. 1st, leaving behind a generous snowpack in the sierra. but officials say despite all of that, some parts of the golden state are still seeing drought levels and much of california remains in the severe or extreme category. that's why folks are now banned from water, wasting practices such as hosing down sidewalks and driveways. time for our 4 zone forecast saturday night. a live look at as a foe, san francisco international airport. some folks out going places may arriving home from a trip. >> maybe when they come back, they can bring some rain with them. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the current
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drought monitor. it's encouraging, but we still need more rain. yeah, improving certainly especially from where we were just a few weeks ago when we were under the 2 worst categories, extreme and exceptional drought. >> we've moved a few steps in the right direction, especially for most of the bay area under that orange tans, severe drought category, still under extreme drought, though, for more than half of the east bay. but our wet weather certainly help because we're tracking our water. you're right now. well, above average, averaging about 150 to 200% of normal. san francisco international airport. more than 16 and a half inches of rain. 212% of average. so we've certainly gotten a big boost, especially thanks to mother nature's atmospheric rivers. as you can see, though, as we take a look at our future cast for we are going to have a little bit of a drying trend for the next week. ahead. >> in fact, that this latest chance that we do have rain, as you can see, will arrive on
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thursday. but that storm track well to the west over the pacific and to our north. so we are going to see an increase in cloud cover. but overall, dry conditions and even the sierra not going to get much as far as helping out the snowpack. but fortunately, it is averaging about 140% of normal. so let's hope. let's keep our fingers crossed. do some rain dances out their bay area, clean your car? that always helps to kind of get mother nature's attention and getting us some wet weather, which will hopefully happen by the end of the month and through early february. but as you can for the next 7 days, we're going to see dry. but fortunately tracking seasonal weather in the mid to upper 50's for the next 7 days. back to you, jonathan, just recent. thank you. >> just days after the one-year anniversary of the january 6 insurrection. today, we learned that the u.s. capitol police under estimated the threat for violence according to capitol police intelligence reports obtained by the associated press, law
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enforcement officials thought that there was only a remote risk of violence. the capitol police ranked as, quote, highly improbable. any acts of civil disobedience and arrest. instead, thousands of president trump supporters swarmed the capitol complex, clashing with law enforcement officials. some of the biggest names in politics spending the day in las vegas today to pay tribute and to honor former nevada senator and senate majority leader harry reid during a memorial service. president biden and also president obama speaker nancy pelosi. those are just some of the few people who are there to pay their respects. reporter caroline bleakley. >> takes us there. >> from a humbled start in searchlight to the hallowed halls of washington, former nevada senator harry reid is remembered as the quiet guy who got things done it. my dad ever hang up the phone on you. without saying goodbye. reid's
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5 >> personal friend carole king and 2 presidents among those painting a picture of a senator. we didn't always see. you know, he said you've been working hard doing a lot of the right things to be democratic leader, but you need to dress better. >> please buy some better shoes. >> devotion to his wife of 62 years. landra and his story of working his way from a rural town to congress, all echoing through the smith center about harry. he never gave up. he never gave up. he never gave up on anybody. he cared about former president barack obama eulogizing read saying he could not have passed his landmark agenda senate. >> and the country benefited from your extraordinary leadership. i could not have asked for better. for a friend. sure. did. love you
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back what did you see the killers frontman brandon flowers saying can read, had a shared faith and desert beginnings, recalling this moment from a visit to the capitol. he had me sing the nevada state song. >> and u.s. i think you show me off a little bit. but i also as we've all heard today, i think he just he loved where he was from.
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>> welcome back, everyone. a nasa project in the works since the 1980's finally coming to fruition today as the space agency's most powerful telescope to date will soon be providing researchers with their best images yet of deep space. a lesson alexis mcadams has their story. >> there it is in front of us. you're looking at this animation. this is not premade animation. this is based on actual data coming from the telescope to us. right now, nasa administrators breathing a sigh of relief saturday as the james webb space telescope fully deployed the last part of its primary mirror. the last step in and ever more than 25 years in the making. bottom emotional about it. an amazing milestone. we see beautiful pattern out there in the sky. now more powerful than the hubble space telescope. the 10 billion dollars or vettori will help astronomers. >> see further into space than
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ever before. scanning the light from the first stars and galaxies formed more than 13 billion years ago. the chance to see the universe as it was only a couple 100 million years after the start of the big bang with a giant sunshield the size of a tennis court. it was too big to fit into a rocket fully assembled. and so it had to be set up in segments. the pieces snapping into place and the observatory taking its final form 600,000 miles above the earth. that was alexis mike adams reporting. and nasa's going to spend the next 5 months. tweaking the telescope smears. >> to bring them into focus. they expect it to send back its first images some time the summer. be right back. and we
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go back now to our covid-19 coverage in the struggle over how to handle schools during this omicron variant surging according to the state department of education, california students. well, they continue to fall behind during this part of the pandemic. the news definitely not good. according to the california state department of education. >> only 49% of california students met the basic english standard. the numbers are even lower for math standards. only 33% meeting the basic minimum requirements. that's a significant drop from the 2018, 2019 school year with
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51% of students met english requirements. and 39% met math requirements. the state also reported a rise in the number of absences at schools and a drop in graduation rates. >> and the hayward unified school board voted to move to remote learning. but just for one week, the vote coming down last night after 117 workers inside of the district. >> tested positive for covid-19 in the past few days. kron four's camila barco has the details. 1> just this week alone, more than 500 students in the hayward unified school district tested positive for covid. but the bigger problem for the district is its employees who have either been sick in quarantine or have not shown up for work. the district has become so understaffed and it's forced them to move to online the issue was not about transmission. >> in school, it was about our ability to maintain a safe
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environment in our schools. and given just the number of staff. >> but we have out at this time in the past week, 117, hey, we're unified school district employees. >> have tested positive for covid and each day the district has had more than 300 employees. the absent for work. you cannot >> operate school safely with this level of staffing is put in incredible strain. i'm our operations and particularly at our sites and i say administrators and state staff superintendent doctor matt wayne says >> 165 elementary classrooms closed and 615 secondary classrooms have been impacted this week alone. and we want. >> our students to be in school in person, learning. we're reaching a point where operating schools with this few staff is not a safe proposition. late friday night in a 4 to one vote with the board, members decided students will go remote for one week.
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>> starting on monday for now. the idea is for them to come back for in-person instruction on january 18. if we implement virtual learning. >> we can't allow those staff who might be in quarantine might be awaiting test results to feel ok and choose to do the virtual learning from home that allows us to really increase the number of staff we have available for instruction for our students. school leaders are making an exception for the families without wifi or child care. >> those students are going to be able to go to some physical campuses to continue their virtual learning. but again, this is only in situations where it's absolutely absolutely necessary for a family. the school district's public information officer says board members are going to regroup this upcoming friday. they'll decide then whether students should come back to the classroom on january. 18th. >> or extend the remote
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learning timeline? i'm camila barco reporting for kron. 4 news. >> for your health tonight, a new warning about fake covid testing kits that are being sold online. a lot of people are desperately trying to find these home testing kits and authorities are saying scammers are now using that as a way to try to make a quick buck. there has reportedly been a spike in these fake test kits that have been sold online and people are being urged to only buy tests that are approved by the fda. so check the fda's list of fraudulent covid products. first. and then you can compare credible reviews for the testing kits from reliable sources before you make that purchase. and today governor gavin newsom issued an executive order that bans price gouging on at-home covid-19 testing kits. so under this order, sellers of the kits are banned from increasing prices on the kits by more than 10%. the order also gives additional tools to the california department of justice and attorney general's
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office. district attorneys and other local law enforcement agencies to take action against price gougers. meanwhile, a new study is questioning just how quickly those at home rapid tests can detect. omicron variant. >> the study looking at a only a small group of folks. but a number of bay area. doctors say it shows that we have to take several steps in order to protect ourselves and others. kron four's. dan kerman has more. >> a study of 30 people finds in most cases at home rapid antigen tests using nasal swabs didn't detect omicron until several days after participants became infectious. that rockets going to be beneficial because it's going to pick up. >> the vast majority of people when they're the most infectious ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says rapid tests remain effective even though they don't identify every single person infected. >> before they transmit the virus. still, he says it supports the notion that one can't count on testing alone
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to protect themselves others. >> if you have. no, that 5 other people in that went to a positive. but that initial rocket su did id 3 is negative on the fight. you might still want to weigh in. my spit a little bit longer in a high-risk situation where you might be exposing someone because it may eventually 10 positive. >> the new study has yet to undergo scientific review and chin. hong says he would like to see a much larger study done in the future. >> the study also found that pcr tests of saliva proved to identify omicron quicker. further study is done and that's proven to be true. it's possible that in the future we might have at home tests that swap the mouth and throat instead of the nose. dan kerman kron, 4 news. california lawmakers are proposing a sweeping first in the nation. universal health care plan. >> if approved, the golden state would become the first in america to provide health
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care to every single one of its residents. lawmakers say it would be paid for through a series of taxes on individuals and businesses. groups representing doctors and insurance companies are opposed to the plan. voters would have to greenlight tax hikes through an election that would amend the california constitution >> check this out. it was a wild scene at a covid-19 vaccine clinic. this is out of orange county and video is going to show here. a man hitting health care workers. apparently this all started over mask dispute. it was back on december 30th when this happened. and you can see the moment that the man starts to go into a rage after a security guard reportedly asked him to wear a mask. the alleged attacker has been identified as 43 year-old thomas apollo and reportedly he called staff murderers before he hit 2 of them. it took officers 15 minutes to restrain him and nearly 2 years into the pandemic, health care workers are saying they're concerned how some now are viewing them as the enemy.
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>> we're here is not going all our wonderful everybody. were not so much here now for some people with the enemy. so i don't understand this isn't a job. >> apollo was released from custody the next day in the orange county district attorney's office could file charges against him as soon as monday. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at the golden gate bridge on this saturday night. >> cold saturday night that it is on. our meteorologist rodriguez is here now with a look at the forecast and also more snow is coming to the sierra. yeah, we're tracking drier conditions for our bay area and sierra forecast. those of you, though, heading out i-80 at donner summit. >> smooth sailing. we're tracking still a lot of snow off the roadways. but fortunately, safe travel conditions for those of you want to take advantage of that fresh powder right now, averaging 141% of normal for this year's is certainly
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getting a much needed boost. thanks to all our recent wet weather. an atmospheric rivers, but we're going to take a little bit of a break from all that storm activity. so hitting pause on that. but we are going to see, though, a lot of clouds and sunshine in the coming days and a gradual warming trend as well in the days ahead. truckee warming up to 41 degrees for the 2nd half of your weekend. south lake tahoe in the upper 30's. and as you could see border next 3 day forecast, that warming trend going to continue through tuesday in the mid 40's. so enjoy that and warmer overnight lows in the nights to come. jonathan, just seen back to you so much debris. so we do some chilling video now the moment in upstate new york police officer used a stun gun on a man. >> and then set him on fire. now, this began when a large batch to man who appeared to be intoxicated staggered around the front lobby of the catskill police station that was on october. 30th. >> in the video that was released by the state attorney
9:37 pm
general officers appear to try and calm him. but at one point he begins covering himself with hand sanitizer from a large dispenser. and as officers moved towards him, one fires the stun gun and that set the man's head and body on fire. the man there died from his injuries last month and many sanitizers contain and alcohol, which is a very flammable liquid. >> as a rule, we're talking gasoline. we're talking about natural gas environments. we're talking about environments that are fairly calm. and i think it's fair to say most taser, trainings. we don't talk about sanitizers being that obvious flam, a bullet. >> man's family is saying the most distressing part of this video to them is that officers can be seen initially running away from him after he caught on fire, not towards him, trying to help. >> technology will often helpful and even fund can also have a dark side. some folks now say that they have found out that apple air tags are being used to violate their
9:38 pm
privacy. rudabeh shahbazi has the story. >> they're meant to find keys wallets, remote controls and other items we commonly use and lose. but as with most tools meant to help us navigate daily life, the apple air tag can be dangerous if it falls in the wrong hands. ellie tindall in tennessee got a strange notification on her phone and believe someone put an air tag in her car tracking her every move. when i went outside to go look for tag. >> 2 men in hoodies standing awaiting in the second. they saw me open in july with they turned around and sprinted down the street. she's not alone reported cases in new york, toronto and florida, just to name a few in louisiana. jennifer perkins also got the notification on her phone. it says your current location can be seen
9:39 pm
by the owner of this item. and showed with the nye and has like a red dot of light where they check your location. criminologists alex says where there are technological advances. there are opportunists looking to pounce in the case of of the one new york that the little size quarter was inside a bumper d can take a look inside my bumper. >> you know, if ever, but and i know they're going to do it every single day. apple has addressed the issue saying, quote, air tag is designed to discourage unwanted tracking if someone else's air tag finds its way into your stuff, your iphone will notice it's traveling with you and send you an alert after a while. if you still haven't found it, the air tag will start playing a sound to let you know. it's there. >> rudabeh shahbazi reporting tonight. a man believed to be connected to a string of car thefts across the bay area is behind bars tonight. como police say they were called to a drive-thru restaurant in daly city on thursday. during that call, they arrest the man inside of that car. police say
9:40 pm
the car was indeed stolen during the search. they say they also found a loaded gun that was reported stolen from louisiana. police have not released the name of the man, but tonight he is behind bars at the san mateo county jail. >> next in sports, it is finally official after 2 seasons klay thompson set to return to the court tomorrow as the dubs take on the cavaliers. plus, we take a trip around the bay area for local college hoops. highlands. up next with the highlights.
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>> let's take a live look outside here in san francisco at the transamerica pyramid. clear night out there. very cool as well. actually probably downright cold in some parts of the bay area for meteorologists for recent rodriguez is here with a look at. >> temperatures overnight and what you can expect tomorrow morning. yeah, fortunately we're going to warm up tomorrow afternoon after our chilly start our sunday morning. but today very seasonal weather mid to upper 50's from coastal valleys. but >> 5 degrees below average. for those of you in livermore, only warming up to 52 degrees. what you should be in the mid 50's. thanks to that stubborn low cloud cover you woke up to this morning, but we are tracking clear 10 temperatures and conditions out there right now for your saturday night
9:44 pm
and also calm wind speeds as well. both factors certainly playing a huge role in to our cooler temperatures. but we're going to notice a lot more sunshine by your sunday afternoon and also dense, low clouds and fog, some very stubborn marine layer once again returning far north bay and east bay valleys. but better lifting and clearing by roger new lunchtime hour. but temperatures as you step outside already in the low 40's. for those of you in santa rosa. >> 40 degrees, 11 degrees warmer for downtown san francisco at 51 degrees. widespread mid to upper 40's in between. but we are expecting to see overnight lows tonight in the mid to upper 30's for most of our valleys in the north, the east bay. and yes, even those of you in the south bay with san jose cooling down to 39 degrees. 37 degrees of peace for concord and livermore. but santa rosa near chile. subfreezing temperatures there at 35 degrees. so make sure to bundle up because it certainly is going to feel colder tonight than it was last
9:45 pm
night. low 40's around the bay area's shoreline with half moon bay and downtown san francisco. cooling down to 42 degrees. and we're going to see a few degrees of warming for the 2nd half of your weekend. dry weather returning as well and a few low 60's in the south bay and even parts of the san francisco peninsula as well. and in the east bay in hayward, 60 degrees, 62 degrees of peace, though, for redwood city and san jose. mid 50's, though, for downtown san francisco and napa. but upper 50's for half moon bay and oakland, both rounding out at 58 degrees and taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. really little change after tomorrow. doctor tracking 7 days of plenty of sunshine. some clouds mixed in and temperatures warming up into the mid to upper 50's from coast to valleys. very dry. 7 day outlook. but we'll see if we get any rain returning in our 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes. at 10 o'clock back to jonathan. just seen. >> but recent thank you. starting next month, the trip to westfield valley fair mall
9:46 pm
in san jose will cost you more than what you buy inside of the mall. starting on february, 8th shoppers will have to pay to park the first 2 hour. will be free. but after that, it will cost you a buck an hour up to $10 per day to park. all workers can buy a parking pass for $40 a month. mall management says they have to make this move because folks are some folks who live and work nearby are simply leaving their cars parked at the mall all day long and not coming back together. >> fresca is getting. the famous fizzy drink is entering the canned cocktail craze. prescott owner coca cola is teaming up with corona. brewer constellation brands to launch fresca mixed. that should happen later on this year. the companies are saying the 0 calorie beverage is surging in popularity, and it is the ultimate choice as a mixer. no word yet on what flavors will be released. but officials are saying fresca mixed will be inspired by recipes created by
9:47 pm
fans. >> kron 4 sports. >> clay day is upon us. we're star klay thompson will make his return to the nba tomorrow against the cavaliers. the last time thompson played grizzly star john morant wasn't even in the league kind of hard to believe. that seems like murray has been around much longer. thompson made the announcement on his instagram page. the workers also shared a brief video of thompson saying dubbed nation i'm back the 5 time all-star hasn't played the game since june of 2019 after suffering an acl tear followed by an achilles tear in october of 2020 thompson and star steph curry earned the nickname the splash brothers for their shooting prowess during the wars championship seasons in 2015, 17 18 curry in the rest of the team are thrilled. they say this moment has been a long time coming. >> feel like super excited before anything. i'm a fan of his game. i love this game.
9:48 pm
the game needs clay. means one of the best shooters. 10 plays games. just a beautiful thing. like always say the games are to me. so i just appreciate it. it's fun. watching him play. i mean. the way she was the boss, a beautiful thing. the mechanics, everything. he's statically, please. and so i'm excited to get him back out there. >> a beautiful thing indeed. after tumultuous year of and or cain is out of the san jose sharks organization, the team announced that cain has been placed on waivers and they plan to terminate his contract for violating covid-19 protocols. espn is reporting that cain broke the league rules by traveling home to vancouver while he was in covid protocols is supposed to be isolating due to the virus. cain was just assigned to the san jose barracuda of the hln november after serving a 21 game suspension, the punishment was for using a fake vaccination card this fall. the nhl also is investigating allegations of domestic abuse against cain made by his estranged wife. however, the league said they
9:49 pm
could be substantiated. kane's agent has declined to comment. sharks at the flyers tonight and what a game it was for that man told hurdle after philly led 2 zip in the 3rd hertl scored twice in the period to tie it with help from timo meier and brent burns who assisted on both goals. then in overtime hurdle. here are the sharks going transition on the brake hurdle lights the lamp to win it. he gets a natural hat trick. that is 3 consecutive goals in a game. sharks win 3, 2 in overtime. they host detroit on tuesday. in college hoops. cal hosting 5th ring to u c l a the golden bears putting up a fight in this one. check out this ball movement. nice little high-low action. andre kelly with the monster dunk inside. he had 22 points. however, kaleta only 1, 3 pointer and turned it over 15 times. this was one of them not pretty. johnny juzang finishes on the other end for the bruins ucl a holds off the
9:50 pm
bears 60. 52 callous at washington on wednesday. and usf greats. bill cartwright in the house for this game. don's hosting san diego bryce monroe, the san francisco native on the ball here who nice reverse layup for san diego. he had 15 points. however, this one all u.s. yoann miss all ski cats. the position inside for the layup and he was found to 21 points and 17 rebounds for him. don's win 88 73. they host loyola marymount on thursday. finally, saint mary's at byu. there's the man, the myth, the legend. logan johnson. nice fake. their egos on the drive. a pretty move finishes. the layup gales within 7 points of 5 minutes left under a minute deals with a chance to cut it to 5. but no a turnover. tommy % kuz, he throws it away. one of 19 saint mary's 2 turnovers in
9:51 pm
the game. the cougars made them pay on the other end faust ray henri with the bucket inside foods rather let the lead back to 9. saint mary's loses 50 to 43. the kill shot. only 29% from the floor. a florida man
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
is working on making his dream come true and it is to deliver food.
9:54 pm
>> in all 50 states by tomorrow has autism and is an uber driver. but he says he has a goal to deliver food to all 50 states across america. he's more than halfway there. so far he's delivered in 26 states. the cool thing about this is parents ride in an rv alongside of them as he makes that track. >> you say it to strangers that you're an adult with autism. i'm okay with that because >> i'm just unique person that likes get out there. enjoy the world one day at time. >> so in addition to delivering the food, mike and his family say they also provide food to the homeless along the way as well. a bar, wisconsin is paying tribute to the late betty white. and doing so by donating to one of her favorite causes. the commerce street bar in mineral point, wisconsin lets its customers by beers for their friends in advance. it turns out that middle point was also the hometown of white has been the late allen ludden for
9:55 pm
years. locals were pre paying ludden and white's bar tab, especially white, 40 beer credit. now the bar is launching a special fundraiser to take advantage of the tradition on the proceeds will go to a local animal charity. >> elmo's longstanding feud with the pet rock has consumed the internet this week. >> that was my last >> so >> that's elmo. losing his cool because his we would not let him eat the cookie. that was set aside for her pet rock named rocco and this specific clip from 2000, 4 went viral on twitter and in just 2 got
9:56 pm
addressed. he had to address the controversy himself. he tweeted alamo tweeted, yes, tweeted, has anyone ever seen a rock eat a cookie? elmo is just curious. and now the rock. like dwayne johnson, the rock. got involved and had a response and replied almost tweet saying, yes, this rock devours cookies. he says he's headed to sesame street to, quote, kick and eat cookies. no word yet on whether the rockets actually serious. and if he is, let's hope that he gives elmo cookie. i really have to follow up on this one this week. jonathan. because you and this has so controversial and see what the rock is cooking on sesame street very soon. >> i cookie monster in all this. not even cookies. they had that looking first when they that win for the cookie monster. >> but now obviously the rock is going to go on sesame street right? hopefully he's
9:57 pm
got cookies. he's he's bringing got to bring something can be he's cooking them. on sesame street, chef's hat, everything in the kitchen. >> that does it for us now here during kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. we have much more coming up. the news at 10 is next. we'll go to work.
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10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news that our students are safe and we need better masks. need better testing for all students in the u.s.. we feel that the district is not acting with enough urgency about the crisis that we're >> now at 10 o'clock, the oakland unified school district along with the rest of the bay area. now dealing with a rough start to the new year as sickouts and closings continue to continue with covid cases surging across the region. that is where we start this saturday here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. i'm jonathan mccall. i'm justine waldman. reports of sick students and school staff are growing and so are the frustrations. >> among school administrators, teachers and parents. we'll start now here with the list of the current colleges and universities that have turned to online classes because of the increased covid cases. san francisco state


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