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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 7, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news tonight at 10. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. we start off tonight with the late announcement that governor gavin newsom is activated. the california national guard to help with the covid-19 testing crisis in california. more than 103,000 new cases were reported today. yet millions of people see in the state say they're struggling just to get tested. more than 200 members of the national guard will be deployed across 50 testing sites in california. all to help boost the staffing levels making the test more easily accessible. this is video of members of the guard assisting
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a covid testing site at deer valley high school in ante. up today. the site will run tomorrow from 11 in the morning until 7 at night. >> additional sites in alameda contra costa, napa, santa clara and santa cruz counties are expected to receive assistance from the national guard in the coming days. those locations have not yet been revealed. this all comes as a growing number of bay area schools, colleges and universities are struggling to keep students in the classroom. >> during this slated latest covid surge. some are now extending their distance learning try to keep students and staff safe. santa clara university announced tonight that the isolation housing for students who have tested positive for covid. it's now at full capacity. officials did not reveal just how many students have tested positive, but they say any students living on campus who test positive in the near future, we'll be forced to isolate in their dorms, other colleges and universities that have been forced to move to online. classes include san francisco
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state cal state, east bay, saint mary's uc berkeley and uc santa cruz in hayward 117 staff members tested positive for covid in recent days. and many more are in quarantine. so. >> the hayward school district from home all next week for is in our newsroom tonight with the latest on the debate. l a and that debate is still ongoing as school leaders explain that they're trying to focus on action instead of reaction. >> related to complications of the omicron surge. we're seeing so staff shortage because of quarantining, as you mentioned, has a hayward school district seriously thinking about returning to last year's distance learning model next week. so students could be sent back home on monday where they would then log on to zoom and learn remotely once more. some district leaders think that these next 10 days will help to better manage the situation. so if passed would be encouraged but not
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mandatory families will have the option to send their students to distance tubs. those locations have not been announced just yet. >> it's with reluctance, but we need to take action to ensure that our students and staff can be safe. we can operate schools and that we're trying to provide a coherent educational experience. >> questions were raised tonight whether one week is too short of a break from in-person learning. so there again is an ongoing debate as we speak about that whole hit on a friday night. of that only gives parents by monday to prepare for whatever the decision may be. families are encouraged to check for texts and emails from the school district as well as logging on to their website and clicking on a red banner for covid related information live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian kron. 4 news. ella. thank you for that. well, the milpitas unified school district has ordered a quarantine across all 18 schools in its district. this after officials
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say they had 167 substitute teacher positions go unfilled this week. >> and a, quote, exorbitant number of positive student and staff cases. students are expected to return to in-person learning on january 18th more than 500 teachers in oakland called out of work sick. today, teachers took to the streets and >> protested for more safety measures. parents receive notice last night at the sick out what's happening in the classes at 12 schools will be canceled. the teachers union is demanding distance learning for 2 weeks, but district officials are insisting on keeping students in class by providing kn 95 masks for all students and employees and extending teachers covid paid sick leave. >> that our students are safe and we need better masks. you need better testing for all students in the u.s.. we feel that the district is not acting with enough urgency about the crisis that we're >> the school district's communications director says the decision by hundreds of
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teachers not come to work today was not approved by the district as of now, the district is expecting all schools to be back open on monday. the san francisco municipal transportation agency new day says that it cannot provide enough services and the covid surge and the staff shortages are to blame. the agency says more than 100 of his employees have contracted covid since last month. and on top of that, the agency has been experiencing staff shortages, but now it is missing up to 15% of scheduled who want them. according to the washington post, the biden
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administration is close to finalizing an agreement to give out 500 million of the test kits but to be able to send them out. the postal service is negotiating with the labor unions to extend their seasonal workforce of some 40,000 extra personnel who were hired as holiday help. a web site will soon be set up where people can request those test kits. the u.s. supreme court today heard challenges to president biden's primary pandemic fighting tools, vaccine mandates for businesses and health care workers. it's the first time the high court is weighing in on the white house's vaccine policies for big businesses. employees must be vaccinated or tested regularly. health care workers at facilities that receive federal medicaid and medicare funds must also be vaccinated. justice amy coney barrett suggested the employer rule is too broad, but justice elena kagan said the vaccine requirement is appropriate. but the problem here is its scope and that there's no differentiation between. >> the risk faced by
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unvaccinated 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds or industries. >> a court decision to either allow the federal regulations to go into effect or to stop them could come quickly. both sides asked the court to act soon. right now, kron 4 dot com. you can get the very latest covid headlines including information on where to find testing sites and vaccines. scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be taken straight to our website. >> let's check in on the 4 zone forecast on this friday night. a live look outside at the san francisco skyline. what looks like a pretty clear night. you can see the transamerica of their pyramid there lawrence is standing by with the weekend forecast. yeah, guys, after starting out some showers early on this morning, clearing out your skies now across most of the bay area. the exception starting to see a couple of patches of fog form. but we'll see more of that overnight. but dry out there at the golden gate bridge looking good right now and the rain. yeah. had a nice little soaking this morning,
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especially in the north bay. also half an inch in mill valley over a 3rd of an inch in timber on napa just for hundreds just under a 10th in san francisco. just a couple hundreds in oakland and 6, 100's in union city. but all around the bay area. a little wet early on this morning with that system is kind of weaken the tapered off quite a bit. you can see the remnants all the way down toward big sur monterey and up in the sierra nevada. they continue to see a few snowflakes. but overall, the storm system really kind of winding down in the bay area beginning to see some of that patchy fog forming. but the rain has come to an end and i think it's going to stay that way for the weekend. that's the good news. if you've got some weekend plans weekend, looking good as we're going to see a lot of sunshine after we get our way through the fog. but it may be a little thick early on tomorrow as we're going to see those rain drops that we had this morning. well, that's going to the fuel give rise to the moisture levels of the atmosphere and probably some ground fog developing by early tomorrow morning. so visibilities pretty low on spots in. this could be very patchy. you can see model starting paid less than a mile
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in livermore. you less than a couple miles. and the hayward, even temperatures go up, tried to paint less than a mile. see if that happens or not. but i think especially to the delta and the tri valley and and that value probably want to watch out for that early on tomorrow morning. the good news is by tomorrow afternoon, we clear out your skies and looking sunny and bright all the way to the coastline be able to see that sunset. that will be nice to see. it's been kind of a dreary week, but hey, it's going to be cold morning talking 30's and 40's for overnight lows while the rest your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. well, outdoor dining, of course, has been a mainstay during the pandemic, but today, restaurants in downtown pleasanton were ordered to dismantle those set ups. the city is requiring all downtown businesses to remove their outdoor set up so crews can clean the streets and trim the trees. but as kron four's gayle ong shows us. >> it's bad timing for restaurants have been relying on outdoor service during this latest covid surge. >> murray's t-cells owner of restaurant in downtown pleasanton had crews remove
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his $10,000 parkland for outdoor dining in order from the city of pleasanton requiring all downtown businesses. remove outdoor setups for cleaning and tree trimming the removal of park was temporary. but bad timing for t cells think our businesses. suffer. >> since the latest omicron surge to south says more than half of his customers prefer to eat outside. >> and now with that option gone right now, it looks like we're going to have to cut staff cutter hours of operation you ride this thing out. >> the city of pleasanton is working on a new park designed with the uniform. look in a meeting on january 4th, the city planner told the council businesses can expect to see site plans by march. 1st installation of the new park lutz is expected in early spring. we engineering's eyes on them. operations planning everybody. >> and then they need to finalize them. and then not only that, but they need to prepare construction drawings, which i really that that structural detail that we can nnd get out a statement from the city of pleasanton reads in part.
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>> this time frame will not only help the city ensure that all long-term design, accessibility and safety standards are properly addressed. >> but also allow time for essential street maintenance and cleaning that's been deferred for 2 years due to the presence of temporary pop up along main street, the city's working closely with its local businesses and the pleasanton downtown association to ensure a smooth transition to its parklet program for waiting restaurant owners like the south was sooner. the better. i'm hoping that that >> is the case and that they are in having those plans ready and delivering them to us. so. >> i'm rooting for him in pleasanton gayle ong kron. 4 news. >> other news tonight, former san francisco department of public works. director mohammed nuru has pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges in federal court. nuru has been the center of a federal investigation into public corruption at san francisco city hall since he was arrested back in january 2020,
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he allegedly accepted numerous bribes and kickbacks in exchange for getting favorable treatment on city contracts. a new roof faces up to 9 years in prison as part of the plea agreement. he's set to be sentenced on may. 26. he remains out of custody on bond. >> in national news, the 3 men convicted of murdering ahmaud arbery in georgia was sentenced to life in prison today. >> because individuals here in this courtroom. took the law into their own hands. >> travis mcmichael and his father, gregory mcmichael, were given life without the possibility of parole. the 3rd man, william brian, was given life with the possibility of parole after serving 30 years. all 3 are white. arbery was black in february of 2020 opry was jogging through a suburb when he was confronted by the 3 men who then shot and killed him. arbery's mother spoke before the sentencing today. >> these men? have chose to
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lie. and the tech and his surviving family. they each have no remorse. and do not deserve any leniency. >> the 3 men sentenced today still face a federal trial where they are charged with hate crimes and attempted kidnapping. jury selection for that begins next month. in michigan, a judge has denied a motion to reduce a $500,000 bail for the parents of suspected school shooter ethan crumbley james and jennifer crumbley. his parents have been in jail since december 4th. that's after disappearing following their son's implication in the school shooting in michigan. the incident claimed the lives of 4 students at oxford high school that was on november. the 30th the 15 year-old is being charged as an adult for murder, even as parents are accused of making the gun accessible to their son and failing to intervene on the
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day of the shooting. despite many red flags signaling his intentions, president joe biden visited boulder county, colorado today to survey the damage left behind from last week's wildfires. >> more than 1000 homes were destroyed in the cities of superior and lewisville north of denver. president recently approved a disaster declaration for the state. authorities say the marshall fire caused at least 513 million dollars in damage and burned almost 1100 homes and other buildings. >> you know, we're going to make sure that everything you need occurs, including clearing all the debris, putting people in position to be able to rebuild insurance provides for additional help with insurers doesn't and the kind of help they need in order to get resettled. >> the marshall fire is considered the most destructive wildfire in colorado history. the cause of that fire is still being investigated. today we learned
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the president will deliver his address further into his term than any other president in history. house speaker nancy pelosi has invited the president to address congress and the nation on march. 1st, the delay is due to the legislative calendar. the winter covid spike and the upcoming winter olympics. the president did address a joint session of congress in april about 100 days into his first term. latest jobs report shows hiring has slowed down in december. just 199,000 jobs were added last month as her economy battles inflation and supply shortages. however, the unemployment rate did drop to just 3.9%. that's a pandemic era. low and is edging closer to the 50 year low of 3.5% that the u.s. hit in february of 2020. >> a pillar in the oakland community is retiring as the head of a children's nonprofit. that's after dedicating nearly 3 decades to
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the role. >> janet jackson is hanging up her head as the ceo of th east oakland youth development center. >> during her tenure, jackson connected young people with all kinds of resources. empowering thousands of young people to achieve lifelong academic and career success. jackson is credited with creating a national youth development model, which is focused on leadership. she has scores of awards and recognitions nationally and otherwise. she's now looking back at 2 major achievements that she's most proud of. >> creating a mechanism by which the young people can be leaders and create the strong pipeline of leadership to take over at the stoke. a new development center is probably the most substantial contribution that i could make. and eli, dc which was a haven and was a beacon. now almost looks like a castle in the midst of i'm challenged environment. and so it's a place that stands for hope. and it looks like it's hope.
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>> jackson admits she spent the last 27 years working 7 days a week with there's still no stopping her. she will help secure the future for idc. and although her four-year term as chair of the oakland police commission has and it she staying on for a while to help transition her successor into that position. and on a personal note, i have to offer my congratulations. i have watched regina jackson up close and personal for many years and she has worked with young people in east oakland. she provides love and support and discipline to the young people in east oakland who come to her and she produces i've seen that with the young people going to college coming back and leadership roles. she is amazing that human investment and those young people in the people in east oakland, in particular know what a jewel and how precious she has been to that community. so congratulations to her. a public memorial service to remember nfl icon john madden will take place
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next month in oakland. madden, as you know, died last month on december. 28 >> and family says the memorial service will be held on february 15th, but the exact location in time hasn't been announced yet. if that will happen soon. and of course, coach the raiders in oakland for 10 years spring, the team's super bowl championship in the 70's. he was born in daly city, lived most of his life in the bay area. he was inducted into the nfl hall of fame in 2000, 6. still ahead tonight, increasing accountability and transparency among officers out of a layup police chief says. >> new body cam technology will help him do just plus, scammers trying to take advantage of the surging demand for covid test. how you can make sure that as you received is legitimate. also, he changed the film industry and the country forever. take a look back on the life of sydney. 48, the first black man to win an academy award.
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and the alameda county sheriff's office is calling for freeway surveillance cameras after a shooting killed one of their recruits. why the calls for justice are also raising concerns over privacy.
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>> this just in tonight, the hayward unified school district has voted to switch to remote learning for one week. reported on this earlier in the newscast with ella sogomonian who've been watching the meeting. the vote was 4 to one. the school board
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held that virtual meeting tonight expressing concern over the rapidly rising number of covid cases in the bay area. it has also led to a staffing shortage with the district. as of now, students will return for in-person instruction on january. the 18th, but the board members will meet again next friday, january, the 14th to talk about whether they need to extend the distance, learning process even further. >> las vegas police are looking for the person who tossed a lit firework from a white mustang on the las vegas strip, injuring 2 pedestrians. it happened monday just after 7 o'clock at night near harrah's casino. the 2 victims were standing on the sidewalk at the time suffered serious burns. this is video of a separate incident that same night you can see the somebody in the mustang threw a firework into that orange corvettes there that that victim didn't even report the incident. >> the calls are growing to
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install surveillance cameras on freeways in alameda county. that's after alameda county sheriff's with david. and when became the latest victim of an apparently senseless act of violence, he was shot and killed along interstate 5.80. that was earlier this week. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case. >> as kron four's haaziq madyun tells officers say more cameras will go a long way towards solving these kinds of crimes. why >> videos are are extremely valuable. we've just seen that recently with kevin nishita. they had the video of the car. even though the end of the play, they have the car. >> and they were able to find that car eventually and then made arrests on that case. and without that evidence, i'm not sure that would happen. the alameda county sheriff's office is making that call for surveillance cameras in the wake of this week's deadly freeway shooting killing. 28 year-old david when he is a deputy recruit who died after being shot while traveling
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with the 5 80 freeway in oakland. he was heading home after a day of training at the sheriff's academy and get the cameras out there so we can start solving some of these shootings. alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson sergeant jd nelson says now is the time to take action on this before somebody else is killed in a car to car shooting with the plethora shootings that we had on the freeway, not just our own recruit. >> but jesper woo. >> you would think that somebody would say, hey, it's time to get cameras up, not just on the freeways, but in the cities as well. >> we have had 6 gun deaths related to gun shootings on freeways in oakland in the past year and we have not closed out any of those in terms solving in bringing someone to justice. we absolutely need camera technology. >> however, oakland city council member laura taylor cautions that the right balance has to be struck between public safety and the privacy rights of local residents. >> you know, can we have a privacy advisory commission
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that helps us balance the needs to improve safety using technology while also making sure we don't abuse the >> access to that technology nelson says there's no time to waste. i know that in contra costa county, they have a series of cameras that they put on the freeways that have worked very well in solving crimes. and i'm quite honestly amazed that that cameras does not exist in alameda county. >> has it made you cry on for news later this month, the vallejo police department will roll out new audio analysis software. it will transcribe the audio from an officer's body camera in real time. >> police chief shawny williams says the software developed by will make it easier to review body cam footage, which is a process that typically takes hours and often only happens after major incidents such as the deadly vallejo police shooting of 22 year-old sean monterrosa. in that case, it was determined based on part on body camera
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video that the officers involved failed to de-escalate the situation. >> it's a game changer. it's going to help me to fulfill a promise that i made as the chief 2 years ago to be more accountable to be more transparent and to be more inclusive. >> the audio will be transcribed once officers dock their body cameras back at the police station. the same software is currently being used by the alameda police department. >> coming up next, a 10 covid cases are skyrocketing across the country fueled by the omicron variant. why experts say the severity of the surge is much worse. it will ever know. clear skies out there right now around the bay area. looks like a nice weekend. but what about the following weekend could have feel like spring. we'll have the answer with your 10. forecast coming up. >> and it is one of the biggest shortages you might not know about. after the break, the new study in the bay area that could help address the nation's historically low blood supply.
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>> well, the pandemic has led to more shortages and we can probably remember, but one of the most critical shortages we now face is blood. but collectors like the american red cross or vital and say the nation's blood by talent rather say that nation's blood supplies reach historically low levels. despite the shortage, and bisexual men are still banned from donating blood safe. recently had with
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another man. but a new study is looking to change that. and researchers might be able to use your help. we are joined now by doctor brian custer, the director of epidemiology and policy science vitality research institute in san francisco. thank you for being with us tonight. so first of all, just explain why. >> why is this portion of our population still excluded from donating blood? >> thank you. so so we can start playing. of course, there's precedent from quite a long time ago of the hiv epidemic. really, i think it's the caution with the fda of changing rules too quickly. and so this and bisexual men are still excluded because we don't feel that that there are enough data available to be able change the policy or at least that's the fda's perspective. and that's exactly why this particular study is trying to address topics to see if we can change that >> but but hiv does not affect only game in hiv can affect
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anyone. so instead of screening against men, why aren't people just tested to see if they have hiv period and if they don't have hiv, should they be able to give blood? >> i think that's actually an excellent point. so every donation that is given is tested for hiv. and the testing is exceptionally good. and that's exactly why the policy really can and we can find a better way of making an individual risk based assessment. so each individual with their particular risks, word be selected are not selected based on those. and that really is the future. that is where we want to go. >> so tell us about the study was going to happen. >> sure. so the study is the advanced study and the specific purpose of this is exactly that is to try to say how could we introduce new questions on the donor history questionnaire would allow and bisexual men who are sexually active to be potential blood donors. so we are part of the study that's being conducted
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in 8 different cities, including the bay area to try to collect these data that the fda feels it needs to be able change the policy to that individual risk-based approach. issue has been discussed a bit for a long time about whether or not men should be able to donate blood. but right now it's particularly important. >> because of the blood shortage, what can you tell us about how bad that shortage really is? it really is a very serious shortage. we are looking at a 2 year low in the availability of the stocks in the supply. but i mean by that is we have about a four-day supply on hand. that's a historically low level. >> and so we're trying to do everything we can to encourage people who are interested in going to be donors to come in to donate in parallel. a study like this can actually help expand the donor base. it won't address the current problem, but it might alleviate any risk of such a kind of. deficiency and amount of been supplied in the future. >> so talk about the recruits
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that you're looking for, how they should apply. what are the criteria? you know, when does this begin? absolutely happy to do so. >> so the best thing to do is just going to be advanced study, dot org website will tell you more about the specific study expect, but we are specific for this study looking for 18 to 39 year-old man who are or bisexual or men who have with men. and i've had with another man at least once in the last 3 months. and then they come their original point. we have 2 appointments, eczema barrier, one in san francisco at the blood at took a masonic and the city and the second one that's opening up next on claremont avenue in oakland. so of those locations, people will be able to book an appointment registered to participate in the study and then come in to to consent to go through that process of actually asking alaskans test that are the ones that might be on the future 100 district questionnaire and also collect a blood sample for testing.
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>> and real real quick because we're out of time. once you get your recruits, how long do you think before you have the study results? >> yes, so we're planning to run the study in terms of enrolling participants through probably july of this year and then we'll analyze the data for the 2nd half of the year hoping to get all of these data to the for them to to work on the decision that the fda, of course, moves fairly cautious i don't expect anything into the end of the year at the earliest. all right, doctor brian custer with my talent, thank you so much for your time tonight. good luck with your study. thank you very much. new at 10 tonight as the omicron variant sends covid numbers soaring across much of the country. many health officials are struggling to keep track of new cases. >> deaths and hospitalizations, according to johns hopkins university, more than 300 million people worldwide have contracted the virus. nearly a 5th of those cases are right here in the u.s. brian entin reports. health experts warn the real numbers may actually be far greater.
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>> seen the long lines for covid tests and the numbers have reflected with doctors and testing sites seeing a surge like never before. the numbers have really escalated. and when we come back after new years, it was like, i mean, almost like nothing we had ever seen. even in the height of covid previously, maybe a year or so number is escalating numbers of cases, numbers of deaths. we hear about covid numbers all the time. whether they make us feel better or more nervous. but the truth of the matter is, most experts say, while the numbers matter they are not accurate, our liable really are the numbers >> there underestimate vast underestimate the latest count from johns hopkins university shows the u.s. has had 59 million covid cases and almost 9 million in the last 28 days. >> but infectious disease expert doctor aileen marty says covid cases are likely 20% higher than the numbers show. part of the reason is
10:36 pm
because so many people are using at-home tests home tests are so popular. now. >> most people i know aren't reporting the numbers. do you think that's a big problem? >> it was that it's a because it's it gives us a false sense of security. and it doesn't allow us to recognize exactly where the hot spots are. remember, surge in cases usually comes weeks before a surge in hospitalizations. and doctor, marty says not knowing where the hot spots are is especially troubling because additional resources can be sent in before hospitalizations get out of control. there's always going to be a problem with numbers. and and you know, not nothing's perfect. you've got to get to as close as you can. and you do estimate. and that's what we've always done for all kinds of diseases. >> that was brian entin reporting. experts say the number of covid deaths is also inaccurate because they don't always account for people suffering from long-term
10:37 pm
covid. there's also the fact that many people get covid and then recover without ever knowing they really had it. when is the best time to get tested for covid after exposure. the cdc has a few suggestions. >> get tested at least 5 days after you last had close contact with the person with the virus, the date of the last close contact is considered a 0 fully vaccinated. people should get tested 5 to 7 days after close contact with a person suspected or confirmed with having covid. and according to the cdc, people have tested positive for covid within the past 3 months and recovered. do not have to get tested as long as they do not develop new symptoms. the skyrocketing demand for covid tests has led to a rise in new testing scams. san francisco health officials are warning of an authorized covid test sites in the city such as this location in a tweet advertising free pcr testing at a tent near to lowe's stores park. that is not on the list of san
10:38 pm
francisco's authorize testing sites. you can find that list at s f dot gov. slash get tested. it's not just happening in the bay area. health officials in san diego are also warning about fake pop-up testing sites. they say while any of the sites are collecting information, they're not releasing test results. the county's chief medical officer says there are red flags. people should be watching out for. >> when you ask test is being around and what what labs are running at and what organization there with or who the ordering physician is. can't tell you any of that. and they also can produce a document showing a bear or a medical professional, many tide, which you have to be in order to be collecting that type of in the field. >> officials say no testing shy site should ever ask for any non medical information such as your social security number. and it is not just an official pop-up test sites. local authorities say they are getting reports of people selling fake at home. covid
10:39 pm
tests kits online. >> here is some advice from the federal trade commission on how you can make sure that as you are buying is the real thing. make sure it is authorized by the fda. you can find the complete list on the fda agency's website. also do your research on the seller, the website or the company before you buy. that includes checking reviews on where you are potentially by the covid test and be sure to pay by credit card because you can always dispute the charge with your bank. you can find all of this information on our website. kron 4 dot com. happening now. a winter storm is pounding large portions of the northeast causing school closures, power outages and flight cancellations. the first big storm of the new year stretches from maine to virginia. the governors of new york i'm sorry, new jersey and virginia have declared states of emergency point. look at how snow, buffalo, new york, was hit with 14 inches of snow by early afternoon. the snow
10:40 pm
was hit by the south. i'm sorry, was hit by a storm to which led to car accidents and traffic jams on highways. what she looking at the pictures, you can really get this story. our chief lawrence karnow following it. all right. yeah, it looks like it's going to be a wicked think we're just getting things go on right now. >> across much of the u.s. been fairly mild so far to start the season without all the action out west. but now we're starting to some winter storm warnings going up into idaho, expecting some 10 inches of snow between now and 10:00am tomorrow morning. further the east, this is where things you get very tonight. winter weather advisory continue until 9 o'clock on saturday see more snow there and even some freezing rain. but that may not be the worst of it. i want to show you the forecast over this time period. you see the cold air is going to be dropping down out of the north right through the northern plains. the same time you've got this warm, moist air coming up, the south and they meet put themselves together
10:41 pm
and that the recipe for some severe weather developing as it moves across the country here goes rotating on through moving in that cold air across the great lakes looking to see plenty of snow and freezing rain across the northeast will further south severe weather could be breaking now. we could be talking about more tornadoes being an issue as we get in toward a lot of part of the weekend. so we're going to watch that very, very closely. the meantime, the high country here back donner summit. the roads yet to go to a couple of snowflakes falling up there. and so kind of a tough night to go across the sierra nevada. but you can see those cars dwarfed by that snow along the side. and that means the weekend. well, it is going to be spectacular. i think the weather is going to clear out for the weekend. if you're headed up there tomorrow should be a great day to do that. the one thing you want to watch out for some that dense to leave fog early tomorrow morning across the delta may be the central valley of california. otherwise getting up there. it's just going to be great conditions, 30's 40's for highs. and of course, plenty of a powder to enjoy while you're up there as well.
10:42 pm
temperatures for tomorrow around the bay area. we're going to see more sunshine by the afternoon after a couple of patches of fog temperatures bumping up in the 50's. maybe a couple low 60's. but a lot more sunshine by the afternoon as well. and your next 10 days. here it is. we're going to see more sunny weather after some morning fog on saturday and sunday. slight chance showers on monday and thursday of next week. but the following weekend, temperatures popping up possibly in the mid 60's. wow. well, thank you so much. laura is going to be a jamming weekend in the bay area. monster jam returning to the oakland coliseum. tomorrow you can watch can go. >> the event is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. and these world class drivers say they are excited to show off their speed and scale. >> and this is the season opener for monster jam 2022. is going to be a big year, especially for our teams on me. we've got a veteran crew chief. we are sick and ready to rock this house and opened. this is my first time here. so i'm excited to make some new fans.
10:43 pm
>> those monster trucks will be putting on a show tomorrow and on sunday, there are still tickets available on ticketmaster. the monster jam world finals will be held in orlando, but in may. still ahead, paying tribute to a trailblazer. a look back at the remarkable life and legacy of actor sydney coming up next in sports, the latest on jimmy g status for sunday. plus, a second ranked. >> stanford women take on oregon and get a career game from one of their many stars. kylen mills has the highlights. coming up.
10:44 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the second-ranked stanford women's basketball team hosting oregon in front of only family at maples pavilion tonight. head coach tara vanderveer, the legend herself in her. 36 season at the helm going after back-to-back nacds too. 3rd quarter. fran belibi tips it here going coast to coast in transition. a nice step through for the and one. 63. 48 cardinal, but it was hall about lexi whole 4th quarter. she gets the ball beyond the arc nails. the 3 pointer. stanford gets an 11 point lead less than 2 minutes left levy fines. haley jones, again in transition to lexi
10:47 pm
hole. that's how you run a break. it's raining treason. maples whole had 7 of them on our way to 33 points. both career highs. the cardinal win 80 to 68 improving to 10 3 on the season. they host guns on sunday. the forty-niners quarterback saga going on longer than the star wars movie series at this point. head coach kyle shanahan is not named the starting quarterback for this sunday's game with a playoff berth on the line. veteran qb jimmy jimmy garoppolo's listed as questionable with a right thumb sprain rookie qb trey lance earned his second nfl start this past weekend. flow is out. he was able to lead the forty-niners to win over struggling texans team this weekend. the forty-niners have to beat the rams or the saints have to lose in order for san francisco to earn an nfc wild-card spot. earlier this week, rob lowe told the media it hurts every time he throws. however, today, shanahan see much more optimistic about jimmy g's week at practice. >> he had a good week and good
10:48 pm
week of practice. when he was in there and so going right now, obviously, i've never had the injury, but i know that, you know how to jimmy i know that hurts when he throws and things like that. so >> i know he's everything you can to to play on sunday. and i know he's he's a tougher can do so whenever you can if you're feeling good about where jimmy is right now on. >> if you want to take the leap in and say you might be starting now. >> nope. keeping it short and sweet. the raiders also on the verge of making the playoffs depending on how sunday goes, vegas will surely be rocking on sunday night when the raiders host the chargers with the season on the line. both teams are 9, 7, and fighting for an afc wild card spot. the simplest route to the postseason for las vegas would be winning that game and securing a playoff spot outright if the raiders lose a lot of other factors come into play. the colts would have to lose and the steelers would have to lose or tie interim head coach rich bisaccia said
10:49 pm
his team is focused on taking care of business and they won't be checking the scores throughout the day either. >> we talked to those guys all the time about a telescope and microscope, right? the telescope, you get to see into the distance, you get to see far. you know, we all like to know what we're and then we go into the microscope and it's the task at hand. so i think to answer your question throughout the week, we certainly dealt with both. i think we're at the point right now where we're doing with the task at hand and awe i went what happened at their practice today. and we understand on the magnification of what's going to happen on sunday night here in our house. >> the raiders chargers in prime time on sunday. that's all we've got for sports fro
10:50 pm
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>> trailblazer, activist icon just a few of the words used to describe actor sidney who died today at the age of 94 put was known for the quiet dignity, brought to his roles and for helping to break the hollywood color barrier. yes. and entertainment reporter sam rubin has a look back at the incredible life of the first black man to win an oscar for best actor. >> a man whose imprint on the film industry spans decades. >> call me a misstep >> by the time sidney poitier
10:53 pm
proclaimed those words on the big screen in 1967, he smashed through hollywood's color barrier, becoming the first black leading man and the biggest box office draw in hollywood. you know, i was right. i know i was right. i've got to prove it. audiences for on the big screen in 1950, with a supporting role in no way out playing a physician treating a racist patient, but it wasn't until 1955, that hollywood really took notice. got any questions asked, just raise your hand. should teach. >> you come in strong hands and you blackboard. jungle was billed as the most startling film in years. >> about a teacher trying to get through to his juvenile delinquent students. it was violent towards time racially diverse, rock and roll music to mainstream audiences and featured a stellar breakout performance by that led to more movie offers. >> you know more. start
10:54 pm
opposite. tony curtis in 1959, is the defiant ones playing escaped prisoner shackled together. the role earned him an oscar nomination in a very shopping. but it was this 1963 performance that made history. >> played a hand helping build chapel for a group of nuns. >> and the role earned him an oscar making party the first black man to win an academy award for best actor knocking able just because something so looks different. the actor continued to trail blaze refusing to play stereotypical roles and proving that true talent regardless of race would find an audience and he was right. >> i fell in love with your daughter. with me in 1967. he had not one but 3 box office hits, including guess who's coming to dinner, which took on interracial marriage.
10:55 pm
>> if you my babies, they him a new home. >> he dealt with the race and class issues as a school teacher in to sir with love. >> we want to know you want beg. you have have those guys had john town up to he played detective virtual tips in the crime drama in the heat of the night, which won 5 academy awards, including best picture i can pull that fat cat down. i can bring in my he ended 1967 making history again. >> as the first black artist to be the number one box office star. the 70's brought a change audiences were looking for edgier content, shows to go behind the camera and direct. instead, we do it. you got the right case. he found box office gold with the richard pryor. gene wilder comedies stir crazy becoming the first black director to make a movie grossing over 100 million dollars. >> at the box office he slowdown in later years doing
10:56 pm
a few television movies in the 90's and retiring in 20. 0, one, but he always kept busy writing 3 autobiographical books and serving as an ambassador and accepting accolades from his peers, including multiple lifetime achievement awards. an honorary oscar, the presidential medal of freedom and a kennedy center honor. but the greatest gift he leaves behind is his legacy. a pioneer that helped change hollywood. >> that was sam rubin reporting tonight said new push leaves behind his wife, his 6 children and an extraordinary legacy. >> all right. time to talk some weather. one last look as we get ready for the weekend. mostly clear skies outside right now. couple patches of fog likely to form overnight tonight and that will be some of that dense ground fog outside. otherwise. yeah, it looks like high pressure going to sneak in just in time for the weekend. that means we've got some nice weather coming
10:57 pm
our way. at least it will be dry. patchy fog giving way to sunshine by the afternoon. the temperatures will start to warm up a few degrees highs by tomorrow should warm things up and it's going to be a cool start to the day 30's and 40's early on by the afternoon, though, the clouds are going to part the temperatures going to warm up in the 50's and some 60's outside next few days. looks like a nice dry weekend. chance of showers a slight chance returns on monday. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. and thank you for watching. have a great weekend and stay safe night. everybody.
10:58 pm
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