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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 7, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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districts across the bay area are dealing with teacher sickouts. >> the milpitas unified school district has decided to put the entire district on quarantine and a dozen schools are shut down more than 500 teachers sick across oakland. how the omicron variant is affecting in-person learning and how the district is responding. plus, the alameda county sheriff's office calling for freeway surveillance cameras. that's after a shooting left a recruit dead. >> but some oakland city leaders have privacy concerns. thank you for joining us for kron. 4 news at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. happening tonight. governor gavin newsome is bolstering the state's coronavirus efforts by activating the california national guard. >> school districts across the area are trying to deal with rising covid cases among students and staff here in the bay area. the milpitas unified school district says it's had 167 substitute teachers positions that went unfilled this week and now it's placing
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all schools on a district-wide quarantine. the district also says schools will go back to virtual learning until january. the 18th cloud force amanda hari asked a doctor with a more schools should consider following this model. >> school's out again from milpitas unified students. school leaders have put in place a district-wide quarantine after they say, quote, an exorbitant number of positive student and staff cases. but director of covid response for the ucsf emergency department doctor jeanne noble says moving to virtual learning may not be the best move. i think it's from safety and medical point of view. she says we're no longer in a pre vaccination era. so it's easier to protect kids. >> and that schools are usually very safe. we knew that schools are in retrospect. it looks very much like schools where the safest places for kids pre vaccination. >> that certainly remains the
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case. post vaccination in an email sent out us dea's office of superintendent. it says all the positive cases have led to even more students and staff quarantining because of close contact. >> but doctor noble says it may not make sense to test people who are asymptomatic. we're doing asymptomatic testing and keeping a lot of pushing a lot of kids into quarantine and really virtually increasing the panic in schools. really not clear. >> asymptomatic mass child going to school is going to spread covid to anyone. doctor noble says that in person school can sometimes help prevent covid. we have pretty good data showing that kids who participated in person learning in twenty-twenty were less likely to test positive for covid kids who are in distance learning. and that's just because kids don't just go home and stay home in their bedroom. they're out in the community generally unsupervised. she says when students are in school, they should continue to take precautions to prevent spread.
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she also encourages everyone that can to get vaccinated. >> amanda hari kron, 4 happening now. the hayward unified school district is holding a meeting to discuss moving classes online. this comes as a covid surge effects of schools in person learning. >> kron four's so the money will have a full report on this. coming up on the news at 9 o'clock and more than 500 teachers in oakland called out called out sick from work. today they are fed up with what they say is a lack of covid protocols from the district. >> teachers took to the streets and protested for more safety measures. parents received notice last night that the sick out was happening and the classes at 12 schools were being canceled. the teachers union is demanding distance learning for 2 weeks, but the school district does not agree the district wants to keep in-person learning by providing canine k n 95 masks for all of the students and the employees and extend
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employees covid paid sickly. however, one teacher told us that masks are insufficient and daily testing is not working. >> that our students are safe and we need better masks. you need better testing for all students in the u.s.. we feel that the district is not acting with enough urgency about the crisis that we're >> the school district's communications director says the decision by hundreds of teachers not to come to work today was not approved by the district. and as of now, the district is expecting all schools to be back open on monday in san francisco, teachers say they want the school district to do more to protect students and staff from covid. >> this comes after hundreds of teachers staged a sickout to bring attention to safety protocols that they are demanding the teachers union and the san francisco school district spent hours at the bargaining table. but so far no agreement made on covid safety precautions. the teachers union is asking for these items. 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons.
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they also want the district to provide to and 95 or kn 95 mask for every student and employee each day and for weekly covid testing of all students and staff at every district work site. the district came back offering 5 days instead of 10 days of paid sick leave for covid blaming the state for cutting funding for the additional days that they provided last year. the district agreed to make weekly covid testing available to all students and staff. the district says it will continue to provide masks but only for employees. the district says it will meet with the union again next thursday. >> and again this evening, governor gavin newsom announced that he has activated the california national guard to support local communities with additional testing facilities. amid the national surge in covid-19, cases driven by the omicron variant, the cdc meantime has updated safety guidelines for schools in order to keep in-person learning. this comes as the number of children with covid being hospitalized is
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increasing under the new cdc guidelines, teachers, staff and students who get covid can return to school after just 5 days. if they have not had a fever for 24 hours after that, they have to wear a mask for 5 additional days. the cdc also recommends both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated. staff undergo weekly testing the president of the american federation of teachers says despite the omicron surge, more than 90% of schools in the nation remain open. but more must be done to protect everyone. >> we to prepare for contingencies. we've got 2 or more weeks of really tough sledding. so let's get the you know that the rapid tests into people's hands. >> the cdc strongly recommends all children 5 and up get their shots and boosters. when eligible younger children who are not yet eligible for the covid vaccine are ending up in hospitals, satin or ming rate. according to the cdc.
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>> they release information today saying that hospitalizations of children under 5 have surged to more than 4 in 100,000 youngsters since mid december. that compares with the current rate of one per 100,000 for children, ages 5 to 17. the surge in hospitalizations comes as the highly contagious omicron variant spreads around the country. >> in the north bay solano county is now offering covid booster shots for teens 12 to 15 years old. he get the shot at the fairgrounds. mass vaccine clinic. it operates every friday and saturday from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. they accept both appointments and walk ins. you can go to the solano county's website to make an appointment and also to find other pop-up vaccine clinics. san francisco municipal transportation agency says it cannot provide enough muni services and those covid surge in the staff shortages are to blame for that. the agency says more than 100 of its employees have contracted
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covid since last month. on top of that, they've been experiencing staffing shortages right now. mta says it's missing up to 15% of scheduled muni service, which means riders will need to wait longer than usual for their bus or the train. the agency also says more services could be canceled in the future if more operators call in sick. they say the majority of workers have been fully vaccinated, but they still see a high number of covid cases. the san francisco department of public health is warning the public an authorized covid test sites are popping up around the city. >> this warning follows a tweet from 2 days ago offering free covid testing at a pop up tent alongside dolores park. but this site is not on the list of the city's authorized testing sites and unauthorized side could raise questions about testing methods and results. the health department says the best way to find a legitimate test site is to go to the city's website. covid tests are in high demand across the bay area and it could be pretty hard to try to
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find an appointment or even by the at home test kits. >> and now bay area, law enforcement officials are warning about covid testing scams. police say people are selling fake at home covid test kits online. so to avoid being a victim of this scam, the federal trade commission is offering a few tips. if you're looking for an at-home covid test kit, make sure the test is authorized by the fda. you can go on their website to check the list. do your research on the seller, the website or the company before you buy it. look up reviews on where you're potentially by the covid tests from pay by credit card because if you're charged by an order, you never god. you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. according to the fda, there are more than 400 covid test kits authorized by the agency right now kron 4 dot com and get the latest covid headlines including information on where to find testing sites and vaccines. scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device and it will take you straight to our website.
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>> alaska airlines is cutting is scheduled by 10% because so many people are calling out sick with covid. airline officials say the reductions will remain in place until at least the end of the month. last week, alaska airlines announced it had canceled 170 flights because of winter weather and displaced crew members. airline officials say the cancellations will give them more flexibility and capacity needed to reset and figure out a path forward with covid. now to our 4 zone forecast as we step outside, give you a view of the rick de san mateo know i got it wrong in the beginning i thought going to be rich and rich. >> it's a bridge in lawrence and pam. it's a it's the weekend is friday night ahead of the friday night for sure. large said we had some rainfall and is there more to ca? yeah, not. we're going to hold off on the rain for the weekend. we'll do that for you. how about that? we have that rain move through early on this morning. skies start to clear out now looking good. a couple patches of fog. >> begin to form rainfall totals the past. 24 hours, almost half an inch in mill to brought checked in almost a
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just over a 3rd of an inch in napa, not as much only for hundreds. a san francisco just under a 10th of an inch of rain. oakland. they had to hundreds of an inch of precipitation and union city had 600. so not a rainmaker, but that is moving out of town. you see all the way down into southern california. now, still a couple lingering snow flurries up over the sierra nevada. these little rough going get up there, folks. but overnight tonight because we've had a little more rain. guess what? we're going to be dealing with. some more of that gets to leave fog. it's going to be patchy overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so after midnight tonight, likely to see that form coming in sacramento valley. then as we get toward a 6, 7 o'clock in the morning. look at the visibilities here in little more. that is less than a mile. so a pretty thick ipfog in spots. and of course, this fog pretty hard to forecast, but you can plan on some of that patchy, dense fog early on tomorrow morning. lease to the delta possibly in the napa valley and the tri valley as well. that the good news is as we head toward the afternoon tomorrow up to get that offshore wind long. look at that. all they start to
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move offshore as we're going to see more sunshine making returns should be some nice weather, too. a little cooler right now. we've got some 40's and some 50's now. i think overnight lows going to get chilly in spots inland. but i think by day tomorrow, not looking for a pretty nice day after you get through that fog early on the morning. i think the afternoon looks nice. temperatures should be a little bit warmer, too. highs will be in the 50's and the 60's. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, the monster jam returns. oakland tomorrow. we will tell you what you can expect this year. >> we back plus. see how many county sheriff's department is calling for freeway surveillance cameras after a shooting left one of their recruits dead. but some open city leaders disagree. we'll explain. >> and as covid cases surge, the u.s. supreme court takes up a case focused on the biden administration's effort to slow the spread vaccine mandates.
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>> vaccine requirements that affect. more than 80 million americans were discussed before the nation's highest court. today, the supreme court justices will decide whether to allow the biden administration to enforce a vaccine or testing requirement for large employers and a separate vaccine mandate for most health care workers. our washington, dc correspondent jessi tenure has details. good get is the first time the u.s. supreme court has weighed in on administration vaccine policies and it seemed more skeptical about that employer role. >> a grocery guy. i'm not the
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vaccine. police brandon trost claire refuses to enforce requirements. that is 500 grocery store employees get vaccinated against covid-19. >> and is asking the u.s. supreme court to step in how groceries to the grocery store. >> have a grocery store stock on shelves in the head with a check people out. i think this is going to be a huge economic disaster. the biden administration wants trust claire and other lar people strongly to vaccinate themselves. but justice amy coney barrett suggested the employer role is too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no different haitian between. >> the risk faced by unvaccinated 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds or industries. the high court are
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open to the separate vaccine mandate that applies to virtually all of the country's health care workers. what could be closer to addressing the covid-19 problem to health? and health care. but officials from conservative states like louisiana attorney general jeff landry urged the justices to strike down both requirements than ever before. have we seen the federal government try to reach into lives and basically dictate medical procedures? >> both came to the court on an emergency basis and unlike other cases, the justices decision could come down in just a matter of days. >> now the testing requirement and potential fines for large employers are not set to start until next month, but masking requirement for unvaccinated employees is set to begin on monday in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> the white house is working with the u.s. postal service to distribute millions of covid home test kits to people who want them. the administration is purchasing 500 million of the kits. the according to the washington post, it is close to
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finalizing an agreement with the post office to achieve that asked the postal service is negotiating with the labor unions to expand the seasonal workforce. that's about 40,000 extra personnel hired as holiday. hello web site will be set up in the near future where people can request the government issued test kits. the fda has shorten the amount of time you have to wait before getting a moderna booster. those 18 and older can now get the booster shot. >> at least 5 months after initial vaccination. the decision comes amid a nationwide omicron surge. the fda has also shorten the wait time for those 12 and older who got the pfizer vaccines. also to 5 months, those who received johnson johnson can get a booster after at least 2 months. >> broadway san francisco is requiring a proof of covid booster shot for all ticket holders starting february. first, everybody, 16 and older must show that they got their booster at least one week prior to their scheduled performance. 12 to 15
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year-olds will have to show proof of full vaccination 5 to 11 year-olds can either show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. children under 5 are not admitted. everybody is required to wear a mask. >> a jam and weekend ahead in oakland, monster jam returns to the coliseum tomorrow, the mortars sports experience is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. he's world class drivers say they're ready for anything and they're ready to test or speed and skill. we caught up with the drivers says he's pretty excited to perform. >> and this is the season opener for monster jam 2022. is going to be a big year, especially for our teams on me. we've got a veteran crew chief. we are set and ready to rock this house and over. this is my first time here. so i'm excited to make some new fans. >> tickets are still on covid restrictions and make it tomorrow into sunday.
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>> monster jam world finals will be held in orlando in may. >> it looks like your all right, let's check on the 4 zone weather forecast. a live look outside along san francisco's embarcadero. pretty shiny and sparkly tonight, you know, driving on some of these muddy roads out there at yeah, that all the vehicles kind of look like that right now. you could use one of those. remember that have the grave digger that and those tires are as tall as pam it's incredible. they are something to out there tonight. skies have started a part just a bit. you saw that sunshine come in late in the day when that nice to see the sun actually set. >> in the bay area today to come back tomorrow should be very nice. so far rainfall totals impressive this year. we're already at almost 17 inches of rain in san francisco. we get another 8 inches of rain will be at normal for the entire season. so running at 181% of normal in san francisco, san jose over 6 and a half inches of rain at 140% of normal oakland
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over 15 inches of rain. that is 200 to one percent of normal so far and sen rose over. 22 inches of 162 percent of normal. this month, though, looks to be drier than what we experience this several. probably a good thing. 9 don't want all that rain all once that we have to worry about flooding. so the storm system kind of breaking up now you can see some scattered showers and a little more snow over the high country. the fog going to be a bigger issue overnight. tonight we had some light rain around the bay area that's going to give rise that fuel to some of that fog developing outside right now, more of an on shore breeze, although overnight tonight probably becoming offshore wind. that's going bring some of that fog from the central valley back into the delta. high pressure will build in overhead. and here's the good news. the jet stream going to lift a bit. that yeah. we're gonna have a nice dry weekend. looks like it will be a nice warm up. some warmer temperatures around the bay area to just a brief break in the stormy weather, we may get back to a few scattered showers as early as monday. that still a bit on the side. but it's going to be cold out
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there tonight. bundle up. it's going to be chilly overnight. lows going to be in the 30's 40's all around the bay area. thank you are still ahead. former san francisco department of public works director mohammed nuru has pleaded guilty. >> to wire fraud. charges in federal court will have details on the investigation coming up. >> plus, the u.s. economy adding far fewer jobs than expected in december. how the white house plans to remove barriers that prevent people from working.
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>> the u.s. added just under 200,000 jobs in december. that's far short of economics. economists expectations. yeah, but the white house calls the numbers encouraging our washington, dc correspondent reshad hudson breaks it all down. >> i think its historic day. for our economic recovery. >> despite the market only adding 199,000 jobs in december, president biden says unemployment dropping below 4% shows the country is back on its feet. >> the sharpest one-year drop in unemployment, united states history and the president rejects the republican idea that his administration is responsible for inflation. >> malarkey. >> i want to talk down the recovery because they voted against the legislation that made it happen. >> the white house us to keep the economy on track. it is working to remove barriers preventing people from
8:26 pm
working. >> one of the biggest ones is childcare. and the president has proposed an ambitious, accessible, affordable childcare program. jared bernstein from the national economic council says another one is fear of catching covid-19, our vaccination program are testing program also essential components to creating path when the job market. bernstein says the administration expects omicron's impact on the economy to be temporary. the effect it would have with the increased absences people out for week or 2 because they they call it the more contagious variants reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> coming up for a take, a live look at the road. conditions heading up to the lake area and let you know how to be ready for the weather conditions. plus, regular body cameras. that's old news. what a local police department is doing to try to ensure accountability and transparency and how a new high technology is
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>> in the wake of this week's deadly freeway shooting of an alameda county sheriff's deputy recruit officials in the east bay are pushing for increased surveillance along oakland freeways california. highway patrol continues to investigate deadly shootings along the oakland freeways in recent months. and as ken mentioned, the most recent is that >> sheriff's recruit who was killed along interstate 5.80,
8:30 pm
earlier this week. now the call to install freeway cameras is ramping up and he's coming with some privacy concerns. kron 4 says he has more. why think? >> videos are are extremely valuable. we've just seen that recently with kevin nishita. they had the video of the car. even though the end of the play, they have the car. >> and they were able to find that car eventually and then made arrests on that case. and without that evidence, i'm not sure that would happen. the alameda county sheriff's office is making that call for surveillance cameras in the wake of this week's deadly freeway shooting killing. 28 year-old david when he is a deputy recruit who died after being shot while traveling with the 5 80 freeway in oakland. he was heading home after a day of training at the sheriff's academy and get the cameras out there so we can start solving some of these shootings. alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson sergeant jd nelson says now is the time to take action on this before somebody else is killed in a car to car shooting with the plethora shootings that we had on the
8:31 pm
freeway, not just our own recruit. >> but jesper woo. >> you would think that somebody would say, hey, it's time to get cameras up, not just on the freeways, but in the cities as well. >> we have had 6 gun deaths related to gun shootings on freeways in oakland in the past year and we have not closed out any of those in terms solving in bringing someone to justice. we absolutely need camera technology. >> however, oakland city council member laura taylor cautions that the right ballot has to be struck between public safety and the privacy rights of local residents. >> you know, can we have a privacy advisory commission that helps us balance the needs to improve safety using technology while also making sure we don't abuse the >> access to that technology nelson says there's no time to waste. i know that in contra costa county, they have a series of cameras that they put on the freeways that have worked very well in solving crimes. and i'm quite honestly
8:32 pm
amazed that that cameras does not exist in alameda county. >> has he let kron? 4 news? >> in the north bay, the vallejo police department is investing in new body camera technology later this month. the department will roll out audio analysis software that will transcribe body cam audio in real time. she shawny williams says the software will make it easier for department leaders to review body cam footage. a process that typically takes hours and often only happens after major incidents. >> do a keyword search on, for example, we're going to measure it creates a matrix like a measure in respectful miss or measuring courtesy. and so it allows us to look at that. how respectful as the officer being. >> chief william says that this new tool can also identified de escalation efforts which could help investigate cases such as the deadly vallejo police shooting of 22 year-old sean
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monterrosa. in that case, it was determined the officers involved failed to de escalate the situation the size of a police department. this software is currently used by the alameda police, san francisco department of public works. director mohammed nuru has pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges in federal court. >> that's according to the u.s. attorney's office. a new exhibit at the center of a federal investigation into public corruption at city hall since he was arrested back in january of 2020, he allegedly accepted numerous bribes and kickbacks in exchange for giving favorable treatment on city contracts. nurudfaces up to 9 years in prison as part of the plea agreement is set to be sentenced on may. 26 see remarns out of custody on bond. >> in national news, the 3 georgia man convicted of murder for chasing and killing ahmaud arbery was sentenced to life in prison today. all 3 white. 25 year-old aubrey was black travis mcmichael who shot arbery as he was running
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through the georgian neighborhood and his father, greg mcmichael, who along with his son chase arbery. both got life in prison without parole. their neighbor, william roddie bryan, who joined the pursuit and recorded cell phone video was granted a chance of parole. but first, he must serve at least 30 years in prison. in a statement for the victim arbery's mother talk about that day that our son was killed. >> these man. deserve the maximum sentence. for the crimes. i never say they were to them. he never threatened them. he just wanted to be left alone. >> during the trial, travis mcmichael, who pulled the trigger at mit arbery pose no immediate threat during the confrontation. all 3 men plan to appeal their conviction. >> slow down and be prepared for delays. that's the advice from the highway patrol. anyone who's heading up to the tahoe area this weekend.
8:35 pm
here's a live look at the conditions on interstate 80 due to the snowy conditions. all vehicles traveling on the highway through placer county will be screened for change. if you're heading to tahoe tonight, highway patrol officer pete man says the heavier out planned out and to take it slow. >> really open and moving. and part of that is that and coming on, the people that are driving on it, though, making sure your loan yourself out in inclement weather. give yourself plenty of defense. don't cut off band other vehicle, you know, trying to find yourself out, though, not all is imperative to make that it at that aggressive driving maneuver because that's what caused you to lose control. and then you've got a bigger problem. >> officer man said even if the roads are clear, make sure you have a full tank of gas and plenty of snacks and water in the car because all it takes is one unexpected accident. up ahead of you to cause very long delays. >> well, let's check the 4 zone bay area forecast. a live look at the sfo tonight. looks
8:36 pm
clear enough. dan and no snow, no snow here. but, lawrence, there's still plenty of it up there in the sierra. yeah, boy, it's still coming down up. there are a lot of folks traveling up there. i-80 right now. you can see a live cam over the summit. snow continues to fall. the roads are open, but they're chain up still. so few plan ahead. the high country. this kind of tough time to go. you get late at night, starting to see some icing affects out there on the roadways, kind of dangerous to travel up there now. but i think tomorrow you're looking good as we're going to get the snow is going to quickly come to an end to 9 and by tomorrow, you're talking about some sunshine and that continuing right through sunday. even monday looks good. now back to probably chance of a more snow up there until about thursday of next week. so a good timing. if you want to head up the high country starting tomorrow, lots of sunshine coming your way. temperatures are going to be a very nice with all that snow up there. 30's in some low 40's and just a ton of fresh powder to ski on up there saying dry. it looks like now through at least monday. but we're going to see some changes around here. the
8:37 pm
snow kind of winding down up there. now you see 80 here. you see 50 also. so, yeah, kind of a tough go up there for tonight. but this started become more scattered up there right now. so it's going to diminish overnight tonight around the bay area are dealing with some low clouds and some of that thick to le foll you see coming in from the sacramento valley as we head toward tomorrow morning. the good news is by the afternoon. that is long gone and we get enjoy some sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. that should be justin. i'm not a heat wave, but will be enough to bring the temperatures up in the 50's and maybe a few low 60's. i think we stay dry through sunday with fog in the morning giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. then a slight chance of showers on monday. thank you. or still ahead, a dramatic rescue in florida driver nearly killed in a fiery crash. >> we'll show you the quick action from deputies to savor from the burning wreck.
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>> stone here at the >> newly released body cam video shows deputies in florida rescuing a driver from a car that was on fire. this happened on december 29th staff to the driver apparently struck a guardrail deputies, as you saw, used fire extinguishers to put out the flames and they had to bend of the damage driver's side door to try to get the driver out of the vehicle. the pasco county sheriff's office issued a statement saying its proud of the deputies selfless efforts to ensure that the driver made it out of that
8:41 pm
car. >> alive today, a judge dismissed the only criminal charge filed against former new york governor andrew cuomo. it was, of course, in connection with the harassment allegations against him. those allegations drove cuomo out of office. the decision was expected after albany county. prosecutors said that they could not prove the case and they decided they wanted to drop it. cuomo denied the allegations but did not speak during today's hearing. he could still face lawsuits over his conduct if his accusers choose to take him to civil court. in michigan, a judge denied a motion to reduce of $500,000 bail for the parents of suspected school shooter ethan crumbley. >> james and jennifer crumbley been in jail since december 4th after disappearing following the shooting which claimed the lives of 4 students at oxford high school, michigan on november. 30th. he says parents are accused of making the gun accessible to their son and failing to intervene on the day of that school shooting.
8:42 pm
>> next on kron, 4 news today, the new high-tech tool triggering stalking concerns. we'll show you how criminals are using this new device to follow every move of unsuspecting victims. and as far as jimmy garoppolo's status for sunday's huge game in la against the rams is still up in the air. kylen mills has the latest details. plus we'll hear from the coac
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>> technology while helpful can also have a very dark side. some people say they have discovered apple air tags being used them, violating their privacy reporter rudabeh air tag can be dangerous if it falls in the wrong hands. ellie tindall in tennessee got a strange notification on her phone and believe someone put an air tag in her car tracking her every move. when i went outside to go look for tag. >> 2 men in hoodies standing awaiting in the second they saw me opened in july, which in the end they turned around and sprinted down the street. she's not alone reported cases
8:46 pm
in new york, toronto and florida just to name a few in louisiana. jennifer perkins also got the notification on her phone. it says your current location can be seen by the owner of this item. and showed with the nye and has like a red dot. of light where they check your location. criminologists alex says where there are technological advances. there are opportunists looking to pounce in the case of of the water york that the little size quarter was inside a bumper d can take a look inside my bumper. >> you know, if ever, but and i know they're going to do it every single day. apple has addressed the issue saying, quote, air tag is designed to discourage unwanted tracking if someone else's air tag finds its way into your stuff, your iphone will notice it's traveling with you and send you an alert after a while. if you still haven't found it, the air tag will start playing a sound to let you know. it's there. again. that was rudabeh shahbazi reporting for us tonight. legendary actor
8:47 pm
sidney has died at the age of 94 putting a was a hollywood icon. he is the first black man to win an oscar. >> and was also known as a trailblazer and civil rights activists put grew up in the bahamas before moving to the united states to pursue acting. he got his first movie role in the 1950's. but it was met with criticism because of his skin color. said despite discrimination, he kept on acting and eventually landed his biggest role at the time. the leading performance in lilies of the field. this made him the first black man to win an academy award for best lead actor. it became one of many significant groundbreaking roles in his career. sam rubin talked to a screen actors guild president fran drescher about his amazing impact in hollywood. >> i heart goes out to his family for such a profound loss and for our community. we are seeing this really. i'm a very special person and amazing talent.
8:48 pm
>> aside from his work on screen, was knighted by queen elizabeth. the second in 1974, and president barack obama awarded him the presidential medal of freedom in 2009, he leaves behind his wife and 6 children >> a public memorial service remember nfl icon john madden will take place next month in oakland. madden, as you recall, died last month on december 28th. the madden family says a memorial service will be held on february. 15th, the exact location and time will be announced soon and coached the raiders in oakland for 10 years bringing the team's super bowl championship in the 1970's he lived most of his life here in the bay area was inducted into the nfl hall of fame in 2000, 6. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> another sunday, another
8:49 pm
mystery as to who will star under center for the forty-niners this week, though a playoff berth is on the line. veteran quarterback jimmy garoppolo is listed as questionable with a right thumb sprain rookie qb trey lance earned his second nfl start this past weekend. while garoppolo was out, he was able to lead the forty-niners to win over struggling texans team. >> this weekend the forty-niners have to beat the rams or the saints have to lose in order for san francisco to earn an nfc wild-card spot. earlier this week, rob lowe told the media hurts every single time he throws. however, today head coach kyle shanahan seemed much more optimistic. >> i had a good good week of practice. when he was in there and so going right now, obviously, i've never had the injury, but i know that, you know how to jimmy i know that hurts when he throws and things like that. so >> i know he's everything you can to to play on sunday. and i know he's a he's a tougher can do so whenever you can if you're feeling good about where jimmy is right now on.
8:50 pm
>> if you want to take the leap in and say you might be starting now. >> man of many words that kyle shanahan, the raiders also on the verge of making the playoffs depending on how sunday goes, vegas will surely be rocking on sunday night when the raiders host the chargers with the season on the line. both teams are 9, 7, in fighting for an afc wild card spot. the simplest route to the postseason for las vegas would be winning that game and securing a playoff spot outright. if the raiders lose, the colts would have to lose and the steelers would also have to lose or tie in order for them to move on. interim head coach rich said his team is focused on taking care of business and they won't be checking scores too much throughout the day. >> we talk to those guys all the time about a telescope and microscope, right? the telescope, you get to see into the distance, you get to see far. you know, we all like to know what we're and then we go into the microscope and it's the task at hand. so i think
8:51 pm
to answer your question throughout the week, we certainly don't want both. i think we're at the point right now where we're doing with the task at hand and awe i went what happened at their practice today. and we understand on the magnification of what's going to happen on sunday night here in our house. >> that's all we've got for sports. ken and pam, i know you guys are big raiders fans. tell me how you feel. send it down to you thinking about lawrence karnow? i'm one little drip of sarcasm there for hay que coming up. >> here we go. a sea lion on the freeway coming up, we'll tell you where and why.
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>> in pennsylvania, a york county police say they pulled a car over because of a suspected dui. notice what looked like a live animal in the back. sure enough. the people in the car said they hit a deer, put it in the car and then realized it was still alive. but they kept driving anyway was you can see there took the deer out and let it go free. hopefully it wasn't seriously injured. the 19 year-old driver wasn't quite so lucky. she was taken into custody as part of the dui investigation. >> just when you think you've seen it all there is this a sea lion wandering among the lanes on a san diego freeway. the several 100 pound mainstay of oceans was spotted this morning on state route. 94 near the mount hope
8:55 pm
neighborhood. several drivers got out of their cars to keep the sea lion say from oncoming traffic. a rescue team from seaworld. san diego arrived and scooped up the 250 pound animal. the team said that this is not the first time the sea lion has hit the road. >> this animal has been an rfp facility before i was rescued and early november from harbor island drive was released shortly after and has been showing up in kind of odd situation in spots since then. >> a spokesperson for seaworld says its team plans to conduct testing before evaluating whether that's eli should be kept in captivity or released back into the wild. >> take a look at this polar bear at the buffalo zoo had some fun playing in the snow close to 18 inches of snow fell in buffalo yesterday was more expected to fall today. just like being at home. >> in the and that wraps up kron. 4 news tonight at 9. but
8:56 pm
the news continues at the top of the hour. governor gavin newsome is ramping up covid-19 testing in the state after announcing that he's activated the california national guard would bay area counties will see. >> in that assistance. >> schools and universities dealing with a rough start of the school year as covid cases surge in the bay area. what school officials are planning to do about it. those stories and much more coming up next at night.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at known. >> now 9 governor gavin newsome has activated the california national guard to help in the fight against covid-19 in the state. more than 200 members of the guard will help staffing for covid testing centers amid the surge of cases due to the omicron variant, the covid testing site on in antioch, on lone tree way began receiving
9:00 pm
assistance from the national guard earlier today. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the governor says the california national guard members will be deployed at 50 sites all across the state here in the bay area. there will be testing sites in alameda concha, costa, napa, santa cruz and santa clara counties. they will all get the assistance from the national guard in the coming days. governor newsom says the effort will help to increase staffing >> now to our other top story tonight, a rough start to the new year for bay area schools as sickouts enclosures continue as covid cases surge across the region. reports of sick students and staff are growing and so are frustrations among school administrators, teachers and parents, the list of schools closing campuses is growing by the hour. here's a current list of colleges and universities in the bay area. turning to online classes because of increasing covid cases. san francisco state university uc berkeley uc


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