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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  January 7, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> our top story tonight at 6.30, pg e is saying about 8500 customers are still without power in the high country. tonight. some of these folks lost power 13 days ago during that huge snowstorm. yes act. but is in nevada county tonight where people are receiving some assistance? he has an update now from pg e.
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>> even now we have 3200 incidents of damage. each point of damage released repaired to restore our customers. >> still thousands without power in the sierra region. nearly 2 weeks after the storm first hit teams of city county and state officials along with pg and e crews working to get those in need what they need to get by free firewood. >> a generator program that we're supporting through our city and county partners and for people in extreme harsh conditions with medical needs independent living centers are also assisting. >> bg any gave nevada county 15 generators which it turned around and provided to one town hit hard by the severe winter weather. we actually connected with the town of washington, which is a small to the east of nevada city. that's hard hit right now by this storm, small population but very remote and hard-hit probably the end of getting the power back. as far as the restoration. >> so we thought that was the best place to concentrate that
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donation. >> after hearing from local residents who have gone through the devastation of these winter storms. nevada county officials set up this mobile laundry unit for residents to come use. there's also mobile shower unit and a wi-fi center up at the helen library. we heard the community loud and clear from our forums from peehaps some facebook, social messaging, other e-mails that we received. >> that they needed a way to, you know, simply take a shower and to have their laundry done or at least the ability to get them somewhere. >> some families are running on their 13th day without power. city county and state officials still hopeful and providing some assistance until power gets turned back on. >> what a mess that was. reporting for us tonight. and we say the high country. this is a live look along interstate 80 at king veil, eastbound traffic here heading to north lake tahoe. it's could be magical up there. this weekend's pretty warm for this time of year. enjoy all
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that powder. experts are my people out to head up without chains this time a year or maybe be ready to buy some on the way. and remember to check your tires. brakes and windshield wipers. all good looking the 2 were chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> to talk about, you know what you can expect once you get up there. yeah, you're going to just enjoy and grants that are right. i mean, it really is going to be something else. fresh powder. the snow still falling up their off overnight. you look at donner summit right now. they are chain up. if you're going over 80 tonight. so do expect that and be prepared. yeah, if you there for the weekend, what a weekend. it's oing to be beautiful weather. i think is going to take over tonight. the snow should come to an end. the models it start to dry out overnight tonight and small as high pressure builds in the bay area. look very nice, too. then as we get them there's a couple clouds may come your way. but then the next best chance any significant precipitation in the form of snow. there. probably not till about late wednesday night into thursday. so a little break in the stormy weather pattern. a great time to get up there and
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enjoy all that fresh snow that fall from december through the first week of january is just been tremendous. temperatures running in the 30's and the 40's. so going to be little chilly in the high country. alright, rainfall totals around the bay area. was fairly wet through december and in october. and so we're running about 142 over 200% of normal for the bay area. that is some great news for us. other parts of the country is taking a long time to get some winter weather, but now they're starting to see it. are they have some snowfall? you heard about that. the terrible backup on i-95 this week. now we've got another winter storm making its way across the great lakes. winter weather advisory going up in the chicago area, expecting some heavy snow, probably some freezing rain there as well. also, winter storm warnings going up in idaho expecting some heavy snow there as much as 10 inches of snow expected between now and tomorrow morning, the bay area. look at that cold front driving south and clearing out of the bay area that's going to share in some drier weather around the
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bay area some fairly ball. the conditions compared to rest the country. look at the numbers across the northeast tonight. your 10 degrees right now in chicago. it is 12 degrees in detroit. 24 right now in new york. still very nice. 75 degrees in miami. but cold across the country's midsection as well and for the bay area looking not bad by the afternoon. we're looking at highs in the 50's and the 60's. all right. lauren said covid tests are in high demand all across the bay area and it can be hard to find an appointment or by those at-home test kits. >> and now police are warning about covid testing scams where people are selling fake at home covid test kits online to avoid becoming a victim. the federal trade commission is offering a few tips. if you're looking for an at-home covid test kit, make sure the test is authorized by the fda. you can go online to their website to check that list. do your research on the seller, the website or the company before you buy look up reviews
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on where you're potentially buying this covid test from pay by credit card because if you're charged by an order, you never got where you can dispute the charge with your bank. according to the fda, there are more than 400 covid test kits authorized by the agency and with at home covid tests flying off the shelf. when you can find one, many folks have had to rely on community test sites and takes longer to get your results. but only option for a lot of people. now, though, there are more and more reports of unauthorized testing sites. kron four's dan kerman has that story. >> it was around 11, 30 friday morning when the san francisco department of public health tweeted out this morning an authorized covid-19 test sites are popping up throughout the city. we reached out to dph and found that tweet was prompted by this one from 2 days ago offering free pcr covid testing at this pop up tent alongside the lowers park. that's not on the list of the city's authorize testing sites and a site that sun authorize can raise
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questions about testing methods and results. the department of public health had little to say about the site or other unauthorized sites, but said the best way to be sure you're testing site is legit is to go to the city's s of dot gov. slssh get tested link there. you'll find a listing of all authorize testing sites. there's also a map showing where they are around the city. zooming into dillard's park. you can see there are no approved sites on this map. city officials say another trustworthy place to get a test is with your own health care provider. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> and this is not just happening here locally health officials in san diego are warning people about fake pop-up testing sites. they say many of the sites never give results to the people who got tested. instead, they're just collecting information. the county's chief medical officer says there are red flags. people should watch out for. >> when you ask what test is
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being around and what to what labs are running at and what organization there with or who the ordering physician is. they can't tell you any of that. and they also can produce a document showing that they're a medical professional many times, which you have to be in order to be collecting that type a in the field. >> officials in san diego there say you should also never have to give your social security number or non medical information to learn more about how you can protect yourself. you can visit our website kron 4 dot com. still ahead. at first, this may look like your ordinary traffic stop and wait till you see what was found inside the truck. >> and it's forced um's up. thumbs down. jimmy garoppolo's status for sunday's huge game in la versus the rams is still up in the air. >> kylen mills says the latest details their will hear from the coach. coy kyle coming up. but first, whopping snacks for books. the new vending machine at a louisiana school that
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inspiring more kids to read.
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>> new at 6 one elementary school in monroe, louisiana is taking a unique approach to getting their students or more involved in reading. >> instead of chips, candy and soda inside vending machines. there are books and its unique process to get one of them. you can't just buy one. you have to earn tokens to get the books. the school says it's
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seen an increase in student engagement since the machine started up. new video tonight. this from the york county, pennsylvania and oh, dear police say they pulled the car over because of a suspected dui situation. and notice what look like. >> an animal in the back. sure enough people in the car said they hit a deer and then loaded it up in the car, then realizes they were driving. it was still alive. but they kept on going. officers said the passenger take the deer out and let it go free. the 19 year-old driver she was taken into custody as part of the dui investigation. oh, dear. next, the u.s. economy adding far fewer jobs than expected in december. how the white house plans remove barriers t
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>> the u.s. added just under 200,000 jobs in december, far short of economists, expectations at the white house calls the numbers encouraging. our washington correspondent reshad hudson breaks it down for us. i think its historic day. >> for our economic recovery. >> despite the market only adding 199,000 jobs in december, president biden says unemployment dropping below 4% shows the country is back on its feet. >> the sharpest one-year drop in unemployment, united states history and the president
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rejects the republican idea that his administration is responsible for inflation. >> malarkey. >> i want to talk down the recovery because they voted against the legislation that made happen. >> the white house us to keep the economy on track. it is working to remove barriers preventing people from working. >> one of the biggest ones is childcare. and the president has proposed an ambitious, accessible, affordable childcare program. jared bernstein from the national economic council says another one is fear of catching covid-19, our vaccination program are testing program are also essential components to creating path when the job market. bernstein says the administration expects omicron's impact on the economy to be temporary. the effect it would have with the increased absences people out for a week or 2 because they they call it the more
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contagious variants reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> all right. time to talk about the weather on this friday. 4 zone forecast as we get a live look at sfo, large cargo with us as going to be this weekend large. yeah, looking good guys. not only here but around much of the state. these going to be drying out just a bit after the cellphone. delays being reported there. oakland or san jose skies clearing out to as high pressure takes over into the monterey bay. your getaway forecast 50's even some 60's about mid 60's in the sleeves for plenty of sunshine there. southern california 50's that mid 60's in anaheim. 61 in pasadena about 62 degrees in downtown los angeles and the high country, of course, tons of snow up there now, a high by day about 38 degrees in south lake tahoe tomorrow, 40 in truckee at about 46 degrees or reno be advised the mountaintops tonight, though they're still chain up as we continue to see that snow falling tonight. there it is. you sit on the doppler radar of the most of the rain is coming to an end in the bay
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area. but segun for the south and still hung up in the high country that is going to start to fall apart as we head toward the middle of the night. we'll dry things out there, but we'll see more fog around the area overnight tonight as we've seen some more moisture on the ground. so be ready for that. some of that dense to the fog likely to form temperatures in the 40's and the 50's now overnight lows could get a little cold, but 39 degrees in livermore. 37 for low and santa watch out specially right into the delta part, the east bay that you're going to see some of the deaths to fog. but by the afternoon, i think that breaks up. i think we're looking at a beautiful day. little more sunshine around the bay area, 50's 60's for tomorrow. the weather pattern and think going to hold through sunday a few more clouds come our way on monday with a slight chance of some showers and another chance late in the week of that should remain dry. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> another sunday, another mystery as to who will star under center for the forty-niners this week, though, a playoff berth on the
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line. veteran quarterback jimmy garoppolo is listed as questionable with a right thumb sprain rookie qb trey lance earned his second nfl start this past weekend. while garoppolo was out, he was able to lead the forty-niners to a win over a struggling texans team this weekend. the forty-niners have to beat the rams or the saints have to lose in order for san francisco to earn an nfc wild-card spot. earlier this week, rob lowe told the media it hurts every time he throws. >> however, today head coach kyle shanahan seemed much more optimistic than that. >> we had a good good week of practice. when he was in there and at right now, obviously i've never had the injury, but i know that, you know how to jimmy i know that hurts when he throws and things like that. so >> i know he's everything you can to to play on sunday. and i know he's a he's a tougher can do so whenever you can if you're feeling good about where jimmy is right now on. >> if you want take the leap in and say you might be starting now.
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>> straight to the point, good ol coach kyle shanahan. >> the also on the verge of making the playoffs depending on how sunday coas. >> vegas will surely be rocking on sunday night with the raiders host, the chargers with the season on the line. both teams are 9, 7, in fighting for an afc wild card spot. the simplest route to the postseason for las vegas would be winning that game and securing a playoff spots if the raiders lose lot of other things that have to happen, the colts would have to lose. the steelers would have to lose or tie interim head. coach rich bisaccia said his team is focused on taking care of business and they won't be checking too many scores throughout the day. >> we talk to those guys all the time about a telescope and microscope, right? the telescope, you get to see into the distance, you get to see far. you know, we all like to know what we're and then we go into the microscope and it's the task at hand. so i think
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to answer your question throughout the week, we certainly don't want both. i think we're at the point right now where we're doing with the task at hand and awe i went what happened at their practice today. and we understand on the magnioication of what's going to happen on sunday night here in our house. >> on the hoops, it's still not official, but all indications are that klay thompson will make his long-awaited return to the nba when the worst host, the cleveland cavaliers on sunday. this moment is long-awaited for coaches, his teammates and of course, fans. however, other nba stars will have all eyes on the warriors star when he takes the court. oakland native and nba all-star damian lillard gave these thoughts on the another double comeback of clay after 2 seasons. >> be great for the no player always been a big fan of play. just, you know how he carries himself. how competitive he is. always fun playing against a good, you know, just. that brothers, you know, to believe me that it was said that he
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missed 2 years. i couldn't you know what i would howard respond to have to, you know, sit and watch to that at this point. my career like this point, the point is to to get into. but it'd be great to see him back out there. >> clay watch is in full effect. that game will take place on sunday at 5 o'clock. that's all we've got for sports. we'll send it back to the studio. clay watch. les for fish it. all right. so what would you do to get a date one mom with so far as buying a billboard on times square? >> we'll explain next. his
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mother knows best will mom seems to think so. she went as far as getting a billboard in times square to help her daughter find a man. she also had the help of the dating app wing man mom, beth davis put up a 47 foot by 25 foot ad that reads date. my daughter with a photo of her daughter, molly and the url to her dating profile. if you're wondering, molly approved the ad before it went up. okay. beth is battling cancer that has spread to her bones with medication. she's hoping to keep the cancer at bay for at least the next couple years. her dream to leave. molly, good hands. >> let's hope she doesn't leave for a long, long sadly, betty white just left us in a girl scout patch honoring the
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late actress. an icon is kicking off the organizations. amazing woman of the month series. of course, the patch to be earned. participants will have to complete a series of self guided activities to earn it. at first 700, 12 people signed up for the program. but since white's death. that number has jumped to more than 2000. teach the young guns about betty white. you know coming about. i think they know she's a eternal. and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 6. you know, i want a golden girls drag show and that, you know, i did. they do want every year for christmas town. you know, bay area actors and so we're just part of the audience or an actor. >> yeah. paid for a seat to sit there. i think i wear this and it looks like this. have a good weekend. a good weekend,
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everybody. florence, have a good weekend. thanks for being with us tonight. (swords clashing)
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: late-night covid chaos. first, jimmy fallon. then seth meyers. now james corden. >> james corden has just tested positive for covid. >> announcer: then, covid travel warning. >> coach shoveling snow trigger a heart attack if you have had >> announcer: kids watching tv. then he smiled something. look at what he sees when he opens the door. plus, "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. her stalker nightmare. >> how a creep planted this tracking device in her jacket.


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