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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 7, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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year-old david when he is a deputy recruit who died after being shot while traveling with the 5, 80 freeway in oakland. he was heading home after a day of training at the sheriff's academy in dublin. why think? >> videos are are extremely valuable. we've just seen that recently with kevin nishita. they had the video of the car even though they didn't have the play. they have the car. >> and they were able to find that car eventually and then made arrests on that case. and without that evidence, i'm not sure that would happen. alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson sergeant jd nelson says now is the time to take action on this before somebody else is killed in a car to car shooting with the plethora shootings that we had on the freeway, not just our own recruit. >> but jesper woo. >> you would think that somebody would say, hey, it's time to get cameras up, not just on the freeways, but >> in the cities as well. i i fully support. >> the call and have advocated to increase our surveillance technology. >> however, oakland city council member laura taylor
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cautions that the right ballot has to be struck between public safety and the privacy rights of local residents. >> you know, can we have a privacy advisory commission that helps us balance the needs to improve safety using technology while also making sure we don't abuse the >> access to that technology nelson says there's no time to waste get the cameras out there so we can start solving some of these shootings. has he let you on for news? the $10,000 reward is being offered to find the person who shot and killed that alameda sheriff's cadets. investigators say 28 year-old. >> david, when was driving home around 4.30 tuesday afternoon when he was shot near the macarthur maze in oakland. he was just a month away from finishing the academy and starting his career as an officer said to be a great leader. the alameda county sheriff's deputy association is putting up that reward money, hoping to catch the shooter. so far there is no known motive in the case. investigators say they're not certain if he was targeted
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because of his job because he was not in uniform and was driving his personal car. accountability and transparency. those are the reasons the vallejo police department is investing in. >> new body camera technology soon the department will be rolling out audio analysis, software that will transcribe body cam audio in real time. our forcefully chagall spoke with the police chief who says that the new program will help build trust with the community. >> later this month, the vallejo police department will deploy body camera audio analysis, software developed by it will transcribe the audio from recorded footage in real time. once officers dock their body cams back at the police station. it's a game changer. it's going to help me to fulfill a promise that i made as the chief 2 years ago to be more accountable to be more transparent and to be more inclusive. chief shawny williams says this software will make it easier for department leaders to review
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body cam footage. a process that typically takes hours and often only happens after major incident. it also allows us to do a keyword search on, for example, we're going to measure it creates a matrix like a measure in respectful miss. >> or measuring courtesy. and so it allows us to look at that. how respectful as the officer being chief william says this new tool can also identify de escalation. a point of contention for some in the community just last month based in part on body camera video. >> an independent administrative investigative review into the deadly police shooting of 22 year-old sean monterrosa found the officers involved failed to de escalate the situation. we have a principle of procedural justice. we want our officers to be fair to explain the why to be impartial and their interactions. well, this system allows us to understand. >> how the officers are performing in those areas in the bay area. this software is
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currently being used by the alameda police department. phillipe djegal all kron. 4 stories. >> and new at 6 former san francisco department of public works. director mohammed nuru has pleaded guilty to wire fraud charges in federal court. that is according to the u.s. attorney's office. nuru has been at the center of a federal investigation into corrupt public corruption at city hall since he was arrested back in january of 2020, he accepted numerous bribes and kickbacks in exchange for giving a favorable treatment on city according to the charges, faces up to 9 years in prison as part of the plea agreement. the room is next to be sentenced on may 26th the remains out of custody on bond. >> in the east bay, the milpitas unified school district just announced a 10 day quarantine for all students, faculty and staff. the quarantine will run from january 8th through january 17th. that's coupled with the martin luther king junior holiday. the district says it
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expects families not to travel and not to attend large gatherings during that time. earlier this week, the district reported high numbers of cases among students and staff with more than 100 support. staff members out sick kron and harry is following up on this story. she will have an update tonight on kron. 4 news in prime time. >> more than 500 teachers in oakland called out sick today. they were all sick, just fed up with what they say is a lack of covid protocols from the district. parents received notice last night that the stakeout was happening, canceling classes at 12 schools. our kron four's rob nesbitt joins us now live with more on the teachers demands and how the district is responding tonight. rob. >> vicki teachers in oakland say there aren't enough masks and that daily testing isn't doing enough to stop the spread of covid calling out of works, calling out of work sick today was their way of saying they've had enough.
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hundreds of oakland educators chose to protest instead of teach friday. >> driving what they call a caravan for school safety. the oakland unified school district office to let administrator is no, they think mornings to be done with covid protocols, teacher and parent camera henry says students are coming to school with insufficient mask and that daily testing isn't working. we're really concerned about the testing situation. >> and rapid tests seem like they're not picking up on the crime. so we're concerned about that. and we want really talk to the district about solution. friday sickout caused the closure of 12 open schools. we had 503 teachers called in sick today. >> that's about twice what we normally have been seeing this usd communications director john sasaki says the decision of hundreds of teachers not to come to work. friday was an approved by the district technically illegal. it's not supposed to happen again. >> bottom line is it's something that we feel is not
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what should be happening. according to the district is meeting the union's demands of providing kn 95 mask for teachers and students. >> and a temporary agreement was met thursday night to extend covid sick leave a request for 2 weeks of distance. learning is something the district is not willing to budge on. we want to make sure we're and kids in the best way that's obviously in >> these teachers say they know what's best for their students. and worry that the protocols don't change. they run the risk of infecting themselves and their loved ones with covid. just feel that the district is not acting with enough urgency about the crisis that we're in in >> psaki says that the majority of students in oakland were able to go to school today with around 65 schools staying open for classes. as of now, the district expects that all schools will be open again monday. >> live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all right, rob, and that just a short time ago, a student led
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petition was released in response to the sec out there demanding. >> that the district shift from in-person learning to online learning unless they can make school they're demanding kn 95 masks in schools for every student testing 2 times a week, both pcr and rapid test for everybody on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely. when it rains. they are giving the district intel january 18th to meet their demands. if they don't, students say they're going to go on strike the next day. and it's been raining. san francisco teachers, what the school district to do more to protect students and staff from covid. same deal is in oakland here. this comes after hundreds of teachers staged a sickout. >> to bring attention to safety protocols. they're demanding the teachers union and the san francisco school district spent hours at the bargaining table last night, but no agreement was reached on these covid safety precautions. the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid-related reasons for the
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district to provide to n 95 or kn 95 masks for every student and employee each day and for weekly covid testing of all students and staff at every district work site. the district countered offering 5 days instead of 10 for covid specific sick leave blaming the state for cutting funding for the additional days that were provided last year. last year. they gave 10 the district agreed to make weekly covid testing available to students and staff. the district says it will continue to provide masks, but only for employees. district says it will meet again with the union on thursday. happening tonight, the hayward unified school board is holding an emergency meeting to discuss temporarily moving to distance learning. >> it's not clear what options are on the table right now or if a decision will actually be reached. tonight, the meeting starts in about 30 minutes. we will, of course, be monitoring it and we'll bring you updates throughout our prime time newscast. and now 4 zone forecast as we give you a live
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look outside right now at the golden gate bridge tulsa home here on a friday night. traffic appears to be running smoothly. and after we had all that rain for so many weeks, it feels like we're going to >> have some smooth sailing, a different weather pattern in our mitts. lawrence karnow is here with the latest. a large say their guys. yes, we get ready for the weekend. i think this is going to be sign of things to come here. i think we're going to dry out a little bit in january, not entirely, but it looks like to me anyway, looks like a drier pattern. kind of settling in. we're going to see that tonight after some rain move through early on this morning. almost half an inch in mill valley to bron. >> at over a 3rd of an inch of napa lesser amounts. san francisco just under a 10th 207 inch of rain in oakland, union city, a 600. so the most the rain is in and around the bay area. you can still see some snow showers up in the sierra nevada and the rain now headed south of the monterey bay in the big serve. but the bay area leave behind you get that moisture outside. so likely going to see some dense fog developing overnight tonight. in fact, visibility
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is going to drop off, not going to be as widespread as rather event early this week, but still you can see some of that patchy, dense fog in some of the valleys and through the delta. watch out for that early on tomorrow morning. visibilities less than a mile. our forecast model showing in little more in some cases, maybe even lower than that. so it's going to be very patchy outside. and then as we head toward the afternoon fog lifts and looks like a nice clear viewing without offshore wind. looks like some warmer temperatures are headed our way. in fact, tomorrow we'll be dry day. temperatures running up 50's and some low 60's all around the bay area. >> looking good. thanks, lawrence. coming up at home, covid tests are almost impossible to find. now a scam alert. what we're learning about local covid testing sites that are illegitimate and as covid cases are surging across the country, the supreme court takes up the case focused on the biden administration's effort to >> slow the spread of the disease with vaccine mandates. and later, thousands of pg and e customers are still without power. tonight in the sierra,
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>> broadway, san francisco is requiring proof of a covid booster shot for all ticket holders starting february. 1st, everyone, 16 and older must show that they've been boosted at least a week prior to their scheduled performance, 12 to 15 year-olds will have to show proof of full vaccination 5 to
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11 year-olds can either show proof of vaccination or a negative test. kids under the age of 5 are not admitted probably best. everyone is required to wear a mask in national news tonight. vaccine requirements that affect more than 80 million americans got their shot before the nation's highest court today. >> the justices will decide whether to allow the biden administration to enforce a vaccine or testing requirement for large employers and a separate vaccine mandate for most health care workers. our kron four's washington correspondent jessi turnure joins us now live with some of the arguments. jesse. >> yeah, good evening, becky. this is the first time the u.s. supreme court has weighed in on administration vaccine policies and it seemed to be more skeptical about the employer role. a grocery guy. i'm not the vaccine. police brandon trost clear refuses to enforce requirements. that is 500 grocery store employees get vaccinated against covid-19.
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>> and is asking the u.s. supreme court to step in how groceries to the grocery store. >> have a grocery store stock more shells and how czech people out. i think this is going to be a huge economic disaster. the biden administration wants trust claire and other large employers to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or tested weekly to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. >> justice elena kagan said the requirement is appropriate. there's nothing else. >> that will perform that function better. incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. but justice amy coney barrett suggested the employer role is too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no different haitian between. >> the risk faced by unvaccinated 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds or industries. the high court are open to the separate vaccine mandate that applies to virtually all of the country's health care workers. what could be closer to addressing the covid-19 problem to health? and health care. but
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officials from conservative states like louisiana attorney general jeff landry urged the justices to strike down both requirements than ever before. have we seen the federal government try to reach into lives and basically dictate medical procedures? >> both came to the court on an emergency basis and unlike other cases, the justices decision that could come down in just a matter of days and testing requirements and potential fines for large employers are set to take effect next month and masking a mask requirement, though, for unvaccinated employees is set to take effect on monday. and so a lot of different timing issues could be at play here in the coming days live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. i just meantime, president biden will deliver his first state of the union address on. >> march 1st, house speaker nancy pelosi sent the president the invitation to speak today. this is the first state of the union address to be delivered so late in the year
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>> have a jam and weekend ahead in oakland. yeah, they're ready to roll monster jam returns to the coliseum tomorrow. plenty of dirt, plenty of water to make it real messy and slippery will spin out the motor sports experience is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. for some, it's a visually intoxicating display. the tests, the participants skills and provides speed infused area wonders. these guys are staying on the ground. they're going to make it go to see them get up test, all their skilts. we caught up with the driver earlier today says he's ready to go. >> and this is the season opener for monster jam 2022. is going to be a big year, especially for our teams on me. we've got a veteran crew chief. we are sick and ready to rock this house over. this is my first time here. so i'm excited to make some new fans. >> here, lawrence.
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>> i like those. i remember grave digger. remember that? oh, oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. vicki, would you get in there? >> yeah. sure. like there's a lot of mud and that's, you know, during the kids can do wheels, i guess we should say. tickets are on sale and to the public. now the are the competition continues sunday and the monster jam world finals will be held in orlando. and vicki, you know what else is in orlando? yeah. disney world. so you're and you could just step to, yeah, being are allowed close down gatorland. i move on to our 4 zone forecast is we give you a live look outside right now. the bay bridge toll plaza traffic light tonight on a friday. unusual. yeah. kind of quiet out there tonight as we get ready for the weekend. >> should be a nice dry weekend around the bay area. a lot of sunshine coming your way. finally going to see a nice break in the weather
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pattern here. we've had that rain moving through early on this morning. dry conditions this afternoon and so we start to pick up on the totals so far for the season. and this where we sit almost 17 inches of rain. if we get to 23 inches of rain, that's going to be normal for the entire season. so we're sitting very nicely at 181% of normal. now in san francisco, a san jose over 6 and a half inches of rain. that's 140% of normal oakland over 15 inches of rain. that's over 200% of normal. and santa rosa at over. 22 inches of rain. 162% of normal. but looks like we're going to dry things out a little bit to those averages going to come down somewhat in the coming days. cold front moving to stay. there goes right on out of the bay area by the afternoon, hung up in the sierra nevada where they continue to see some snowflakes there. a patchy fog around the bay area that on shore breeze still kicking in now on. that's going to be replaced by an offshore wind overnight tonight. and that's going to change thing. that's going to bring some of that patchy, dense to leave fog in from the central valley back
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into the delta parts of the bay area early tomorrow morning. so watch out for that early on. but i think things are looking good. if you want to enjoy some more sunshine this weekend, kind of gloomy week as we've had clouds almost every one, it wasn't raining. but now that big dome of high pressure building in that offshore wind, that will be just enough to combine to bring some dry conditions and even after the fog will squeeze in some sunshine. that's pretty nice. weather into the afternoon. models picking up on some of that see it rolling right in from the sacramento valley back into the bay area early tomorrow morning by the afternoon, though, that gives way to some sunshine. it will be a cold start to the day. the temperatures dropping off in the 30's in the 40's by the afternoon, though, should warm up nicely, mainly 50's and some low 60's. the next couple days remain dry. slight chance of showers monday. thanks, lawrence. national news now the 3 white men convicted of murder for chasing and killing ahmaud arbery. >> were sentenced to life in prison today. travis mcmichael in the middle who shot arbery as he jogged through a georgia neighborhood and his father,
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greg mcmichael, who chased arbery along with the sun. both got life in prison without parole. their neighbor, william roddie bryan, who joined the pursuit recorded this cell phone video was granted a chance of parole but must first serve at least 30 years in prison. all 3 men say they will appeal their conviction. legendary actor city has died, according to officials in the bahamas. he died yesterday. >> at his home in los angeles, many say trailblazer. he was the first black man to win the best actor oscar in 1964. for his role in lilies of the field. he was also known for his roles in guess who's coming to dinner and in the heat of the night, the actor was born in miami grew up in both the bahamas and the u.s. he received his first oscar nomination for his role in the defiant ones in 1958. the academy calls him a major inspirational figure among the creative community was 94. and we've learned a public
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memorial service will be held next month to remember nfl icon john matt. >> the madden family says the memorial service will be held on february. 15th in oakland, the exact location and time have yet to be announced. madden died late last month at the age of 85. he coached the raiders in oakland for 10 years, bringing the team its h% first super bowl title. raised in daly city. he settled in pleasanton was inducted into the nfl hall of fame in 2000, 6 after a legendary broadcasting career and after he became the name and face of an iconic video game series. >> after the break, a shopper's of the valley fair mall in san jose will be charged to park details on when this goes into effect.
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>> shopping in the south bay could cost you a little extra westfield valley fair mall in san jose is getting ready to charge shoppers for parking. but for charles clifford has the details. well, here at the westfield valley, fair mall, they've had a bit of a problem where people who >> work in the neighborhood here in san jose been parking their cars here at the mall for free and then leaving their vehicles here and going to work. that is create a problem for people trying to shop here at the mall. have trouble finding parking spots. and so the shopping center is now trying to do something about it. starting february 8th. they are going to allow just 2 hours of free parking. and then after that, they
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start charging the rates start at one dollar after 3 hours and it goes up by a dollar every hour to a maximum of $10. they hope that this will discourage people from leaving their cars here. they also say that those 2 free hours of parking, that's usually enough time for most people who come here to go inside, get their shopping done. they are going to allow validation of up to 4 hours a parking for free for people who go to the movie theater. also, employees here at the mall will be given an option to buy a monthly parking past. now, the shopping center also hopes that this change will improve security because they're going to have gates it all of the parking lots to control the flow of traffic in and out of the shopping center. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. >> nearly 2 weeks without power, thousands of people hit by our biggest snowstorm in quite some time. how they're surviving in the latest efforts for pg needed. finally try to get the power back on. and the warning from bay area health departments, how people
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are being scanned that some free covid testing sites.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. >> our top story tonight at 6.30, pg e is saying about 8500 customers are still without power in the high country. tonight. some of these folks lost power 13 days ago during that huge snowstorm. yes act. but is in nevada county tonight where people are receiving some assistance? he has an update now from pg e.


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