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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 7, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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vaccinated against covid-19. >> and is asking the u.s. supreme court to step in how groceries to the grocery store. >> have a grocery store stock more shells and how we can check people out. i think this is going to be a huge economic disaster. the biden administration wants trust claire and other large employers to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or tested weekly. >> to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. justice elena kagan said the requirement is appropriate. there's nothing else. >> that will perform that function better. incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. but justice amy coney barrett suggested the employer role is too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no differentiation between. >> the risk faced by unvaccinated 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds or industries. the high court seemed more open to the separate vaccine mandate that applies to virtually all of the country's health care workers. what could be closer
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to addressing the covid-19 problem to health? >> and health care. but officials from conservative states like louisiana attorney general jeff landry urged the justices to strike down both requirements than ever before. have we seen the federal government try to reach into and basically dictate medical procedures? >> both came to the court on an emergency basis and unlike other cases, the justices decision on this could come down within the next come within the coming days, really. >> and of note and why timing is kind of so important here is that testing requirements and potential fines for large employers. we're set to take effect next month and then excuse a mask rule, though, for unvaccinated employees is also set to take effect on monday. and so this could potentially for all of that out of whack as well. live in washington, i'm jessi tenure. all right, jesse, thank you. meantime, the white house is working with u.s. postal
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service to distribute millions of covid home test kits to people who want them. >> the administration is purchasing 500 million kit. according to the washington post, it's close to finalizing an agreement with the post office to achieve the task. the postal service is negotiating with labor unions to extend it seasonal workforce. and that's about 40,000 extra personnel hired as holiday help. a web site will be established in the near future where people can request the government issued test kits. the fda has shorten the amount of time you have to wait before getting the moderna booster people 18 and older can now get the booster at least 5 months after their initial vaccination series. recently, the fda made the same change going 5 months for shot can get a booster after only 2 months. as flight cancellations continue to be a big problem all across the country. alaska airlines is cutting its schedule by 10% because so many people are calling out sick with covid.
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airline officials say the reductions will remain in place until at least the end of the month. last week, alaska airlines announced it had canceled 170 flights because of winter weather and displaced crew members. airline officials say that the cancellations will give them a little more flexibility and capacity needed to reset and figure out a path going forward with covid-19, the december jobs report shows hiring slowed in december. a dismal 199,000 jobs were added as our economy battles, inflation supply shortages, omicron economists had been estimating more than 400,000 added jobs. the unemployment rate, it drops to 3.9% of pandemic-era low and edged closer to the 50 year low of 3.5% that the u.s. hit in february 2020. so mixed messages there, broadway, san franciscohs requiring a proof of covid booster shot for all ticket holders starting february. first, everybody 16 and older has to show that
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they got their booster at least one week prior to their scheduled performance. 12 to 15 year-olds will have to show proof of full vaccination 5 to 11 year-olds. they can either show a proof of vaccination or a negative covid test kids under the age of 5 will not admitted everyone is required to wear a mask, accountability and transparency. those are the reasons the toledo police department is investing in new body camera technology soon. the department's going to be rolling out audio analysis, software, which will actually transcribe body camera audio in real time across forcefully chagall spoke with the police chief who says this new program will help build trust in the community. it's going help us to build trust and legitimacy. later this month, the vallejo police department will deploy body camera audio analysis, software developed by >> it will transcribe the audio from recorded footage in real time. once officers dock their body cams back at the police station that allows us
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to get an inside look as a leader on how are our officers are performing chief shawny williams says this software will make it easier for department leaders to review body cam footage. a process that typically takes hours and often only happens after major incident. it also allows us to do a keyword search on. >> for example, we're going to measure it creates a matrix like a measure in respect, fullness or measuring courtesy. and so it allows us to look at that. how respectful as the officer being chief william says this new tool can also identify de escalation. a point of contention for some in the community. >> just last month, based in part on body camera video, an independent administrative investigative review into the deadly police shooting of 22 year-old sean monterrosa found the officers involved failed to de escalate the situation. it's a game changer. it's going to help me to fulfill a promise that i made as the chief 2 years ago to be more
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accountable to be more transparent and to be. >> a more inclusive in the bay area. this software is currently being used by the alameda police department. >> phillipe djegal all kron. 4 >> all right. weather time as we get a live look outside right now coit tower. all lit up. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us and a large cheers to the weekend. we dated for full week of from one another. but we're rt doing it. brought distance apart here, but we're all still together. so that's the good thing, guys. and >> yeah, we've got a great weekend ahead. i think you're going to join. we've got a nice break in the stormy weather pattern. we've had that rain. we had more come through this morning. start to clear out your this afternoon. it took a long time. but finally getting a couple breaks in the skies out there. so the snow that continues in the high country, you see some of the showers to the foothills as well. but the bay area looking dry now, just that fog kind of settling in for the night and we'll see more of that overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. but the
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storms, they're pretty much done with this for now. watch out for the dense fog in the central valley late night early morning. days the weekend, you're going to see that repeated itself to. if you're traveling down, i-5, 9, 9, be careful. you're likely run into some of that thick fog temperatures for tomorrow. still going stay cool. 50's in the san francisco about 57 civic up at 6 and a half moon bay. 57 in millbrae to see some warm weather make when the santa clara valley maybe start to pop up a couple upper 50's and some low 60's. still cool fog in the valleys to start out your days with some sunshine into the afternoon. i think over the next couple days, though, we're going to join some dry weather least both saturday and sunday. slight chance of a couple showers coming our way on monday. another chance as we head in toward late wednesday night and thursday. thanks, lauren. still ahead, a new study shows most men do not find themselves very attractive. >> what study authors think is causing so many self esteem lows. and 2 popular athletic apparel companies. they're headed to court will tell you. >> who they are. why?
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>> nike is suing saying just don't do it to lululemon. the sports apparel giant claiming patent infringement over it at home ear or fitness device and related mobile apps. nike says it holds a number of other fitness equipment paton's that lululemon is infringing upon by selling the mirror. according to lemon, the patents in question are overly
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broad and invalid and say it will make its case in court. well, it appears men have a slight confidence problem when it comes to their looks. new study finds that most men rate themselves. >> just a little above average, the poll surveyed more than 1000 guys in the u.s. and the uk. it found that men rated their attractiveness. 5.9 on a scale of one to 10. overall, just 42% of men are happy. they say with the way they look at that number declined says men age with just 36% of guys. saying there happy an attractive between the ages of 46 in 55. so take that for what it the biggest issue guys say they face is wait. the car producer had fun putting that video together. that's still ahead on kron. 4 news at 5 robots to the rescue. >> one hotel is getting
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make more of what's yours. >> a new employee at a hotel in hollywood is in charge of delivering room service. okay. but this worker doesn't take tips. never complaints. nancy loo has more on the high-tech addition that is already getting rave reviews. >> this is room service by robot. actually, this is alfred delivering some
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toiletries and he doesn't accept tips. he's a dream employee at the dream. hollywood hotel. >> never called in sick, never complains. hotel gm. van davis says alfred is a key staffmember since guests prefer last contact. so you have the contact-less safety. portion of the guests journey and then the experience of it. so for us, it's a no-brainer. and that's why we added another robot. alfred, we'll be joined by a bigger friend later this month. guests are impressed all the front guys will send out for >> me my fiance looked each other out for it. and then as soon you open the door, we've got this robot inches there greeting us with our food was amazing outfit. actually the supplements, tremendous amount of full-time equivalents for us that allows. >> our team to still deliver an exceptional guest experience. everybody understands that we need more automation to help with the labor shortage. steve cousins runs the company that runs the robots rented out to over 100
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businesses nationwide. >> to him, the bots are improving, not replacing jobs. it makes the workers more valuable to the organization, allows them to earn a higher wage because they're not wasting their time doing tasks that are frankly beneath that the company is set to double its deployment of hotel robots across the country this year. its newest relay plus model is bigger and better at handling elevators beyond hotels and bots are also picking up the slack and all kinds of industries. a bunch of bots are in action in short staffed restaurants. the u.s. postal service just added butts for sorting companies like kroger and amazon rely on bought it fulfillment centers. more butts are being developed and used for food service and camera bots have been rolling around tv studios for years. >> but at hotels, many jobs remain protected. >> there's no robots. we're not even close to her about could change the linens, right? so housekeeping is still going to a lot of people
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involved. >> with service robots, more able to handle elevators are multiple floors? expect more machines to join the workforce soon at schools, hospitals, construction sites and beyond. i'm nancy loo and hollywood. back to you. time now to get a look at the weather app. >> we look at your hustle home, these are the conditions out there. the san mateo bridge at the berry that this moment in time large is here drying out after a lit-le more rain this morning. >> yeah, a little wet out there this morning for the this evening. not as bad out in san francisco. have got some partly cloudy skies, but it is remaining dry right now. that's way it's going to stay for the weekend storm totals from this last one. not a huge storm coming through, just under half an inch in mill valley over 3rd there ad timber on that. but checking in at only 400, 7, cisco, just shy of a 10th of an inch of rain. oakland 0, 2, union city picking up 0, 6, o yeah, not a
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giant storm out there but more winter weather continued across the country. in fact, winter weather they're going up as you make your way in toward the chicago area. going to see some more snow there overnight tonight, probably some freezing rain out there as well. some nasty stuff to driving out there, taking it back out to the west and idaho. a winter storm warnings. they're going to see another maybe 10 inches of snow overnight tonight into saturday morning. and of course, things are looking pretty good here. but what it feels ball me in the bay area compared to other parts of the country. now, look at the temperature right now in chicago, 11 degrees, 8 degrees in minneapolis. 13 right now in detroit and 17th in columbus. oh, it's very cold in other parts of the country. but the bay area not so bad. temperatures running a little bit below the average. 55 degrees in san francisco. 56 in oakland. 59 for a high in san jose today. right at the average. 56 in livermore. 59 in concord. 58 degrees in santa rosa around the bay area. we're going to see these temperatures a cooling off tonight as those skies begin to part a little bit, probably
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dropping down to the 30's in some of the interior valleys overnight tonight. so going to be a little bit colder tonight. we're going to see some patchy fog, but not thick as it's been. and then as we get the weekend, here comes a big ridge of high pressure just in time to roll in the jet stream the lift further to the north. that is going to keep us dry for the weekend. the one exception you have to watch out as for some of the debts to the fog, maybe a little drizzle along the coastline from time to time, that we're looking good. here's the forecast as we head through time here. yeah, you see that fog kind of rolling back into the delta into the bay in the tri valley. that's where it's going to play out over the weekend. so sunshine by the afternoon to warm those temperatures. a plan on highs in the 50's and low 60's. >> from a color changing car to a self-driving tractor, we're bringing you the latest tech from the show floor at cs 2022. in las vegas. i'm rich demuro. that's coming up in tech. smart.
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>> this year's consumer electronics show wraps up tonight in las vegas are rich demuro shows us more of his discoveries in tonight's tech smart. >> cbs has a brand new home. this giant west hall expansion of the las vegas convention center making this year's show unique for several reasons. >> this is the kind of stuff you expect to see it. see. yes, but this year's show a wild card figured if we're
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going to a high tech show when i have a high-tech mask was actually to hepa filters that funneling erin. so i get full filtration and a mic. so you can hear me right now. >> with new safety precautions, the show taking place in a spacious new home. first time in the new west hall of the las vegas convention center. its bank. high-ceiling, i think i've ever seen some booths were sparse. this is the panasonic food and in years past in this entire space will be packed with stuff to see. but many others packed with innovation like samsung's odyssey arc, a giant curved monitor working from home. never had it so good. they're freestyle projector puts up to 100 and screen anywhere. you want one unique aspect to this project or you can square right into a center light socket and forget about replacing batteries. this same time you recharges itself using the radio waves from your wi-fi signal. so he showing off a pair of electric cars there working on the
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vision s line battery and range tbd. even the post office had its new oversized next generation delivery vehicle on display. their first major upgrade in 30 years. it's roads in 2023. and john deere. adding a tech twist to farming with a fully autonomous tractor. i'm actually just making a corn maze for the kids. farmers can ride inside or just monitor from a mobile app. but the while that stole the show bmw's color changing world's first you choose the closure. uh, uses eating like a kindle screen to swap between black and whites. the technology itself is very sustainable. and the use case that you switch the complex intend to people used live in as online find >> cs is ending a day early this year due to covid safety concerns. and even though this year's show is definitely scaled back a bit, there are still plenty to see. i've got
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more from cs 2022. on my instagram. you can find me at rich on tech in las vegas. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. and that wraps up kron. 4 news at 5 being with us on this friday night. stick around, though. a lot more news to come on. kron. 4 news at 6 talking about the alameda county sheriff's office now calling for freeway surveillance cameras. a renewed push in different areas after. >> a shooting this week killed one of their recruits. some oakland city leaders say they have priv to blame the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. 34 people governor hochul last year. >> wouldn't cameras help with some of those? it's it's crazy to me that we don't do that.
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>> now it's 6 another push to try to fix our most violent freeway problem after this week's deadly shooting. law enforcement officials in the east bay are pushing for increased surveillance on freeways. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight here on kron. 4 news at 6. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the california highway patrol continues to investigate deadly shootings along oakland freeways in the past months. the most recent one being the alameda county sheriff's recruit killed along 5.80, earlier this week. now the call to install freeway cameras is ramping up. and as always, it comes with privacy concerns. kron four's. is that reports? >> i know that in contra costa county, they have a series of cameras that they put on the freeways that have worked very well in solving crimes. and i'm quite honestly amazed that that cameras does not exist in alameda county. the alameda county sheriff's office is making that call for surveillance cameras in the wake of this week's deadly freeway shooting killing. 28
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year-old david when he is a deputy recruit who died after being shot while traveling with the 5, 80 freeway in oakland. he was heading home after a day of training at the sheriff's academy in dublin. why think? >> videos are are extremely valuable. we've just seen that recently with kevin nishita. they had the video of the car even though they didn't have the play. they have the car. >> and they were able to find that car eventually and then made arrests on that case. and without that evidence, i'm not sure that would happen. alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson sergeant jd nelson says now is the time to take action on this before somebody else is killed in a car to car shooting with the plethora shootings that we had on the freeway, not just our own recruit. >> but jesper woo. >> you would think that somebody would say, hey, it's time to get cameras up, not just on the freeways, but >> in the cities as well. i i fully support. >> the call and have advocated to increase our surveillance technology. >> however, oakland city council member la


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