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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> tonight at 5 as covid cases continue to surge across the bay area. educators are trying to take matters into their own hands to keep themselves and their students safe. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron, 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis a dozen oakland schools were closed today after more than 500 teachers organized a sick out calling out sick. >> instead of teaching students and what they described as an unsafe environment. kron four's rob nesbitt joins us live with more on their demands and how
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the district is responding tonight. good evening, rob. grand teachers in oakland say there aren't enough masks and that daily testing isn't stopping the spread of covid. >> calling out sick today was their way of saying they've had enough. hundreds of oakland educators chose to prot st instead of teach friday. >> driving what they call a caravan for school safety. the oakland unified school district office to administrators know they think more to be done to protect teachers and students from covid were concerned that our students are safe and we need better masks. you need better testing for all students in the u.s. friday, sick out of 503 teachers caused the closure of 12 oakland schools high schools. >> 2, you know, schools and one elementary usd communications director john
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sasaki. so this account was an approved by the district technically illegal. it's not supposed to happen again. >> bottom line is it's something that we feel is not what should be happening. according to the district is meeting the union's demands of providing kn 95 mask for teachers and students. >> and a temporary agreement was met thursday night to extend covid sick leave a request for 2 weeks of distance. learning is something the district is not willing to budge on. we want to make sure we're and kids in the best way possible. and that's obviously in >> these teachers say they know what's best for their students. and worry that protocols don't change. they run the risk of infeciing themselves and their loved ones with covid. just feel that the district is not acting with enough urgency about the crisis that we're >> psaki says the majority of students in oakland were able to go to school today with around 65 schools. they're staying open for classes. as of now, the district says all
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schools will be open monday live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. all right, rob, and just a short time ago, a student led petition was released in response to the sick out. >> they're demanding that the district shift from in-person learning to online learning that is unless they can make the school safer. they are demanding kn 95 masks in schools for every student testing 2 times a week, both pcr and rapid test for everybody on campus and more outdoor spaces to eat safely. when it rains. they are giving the district until january 18th to meet their demands. if they don't, students say that they will go on strike the next day. same idea in san francisco where teachers what the school district to do more to protect students and employees. this comes after hundreds of teachers. >> staged a sickout to try to bring attention to covid safety protocols and what they're demanding last night. the teachers union and the san francisco school district spent hours at the bargaining table but no agreement was
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reached an covid safety precautions. the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid related absences for the district to provide to n 95 or kn 95 masks for every student and employee each day and for weekly covid testing of all students and staff at every district work site. the district came back with this counter offer 5 days of covid sick leave instead of 10 blaming the state for cutting funding for those additional days that had been provided last year. the district says they have and will continue to provide masks, but only for employees. they have agreed to make weekly covid testing available to all students and staff. this offer was rejected, though, by the teachers union. the district says they will the meeting again with the union next thursday. and little children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine are ending up in
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hospital is now at an alarming rate nationwide. according to the cdc hospitalizations of children younger than 5 have surged more than 4 in 100,000 youngsters. that is what they're seeing since mid-december for kids for every 100,000 or going into the hospital now for kids ages 5 to 17, who, of course, our vaccine eligible their hospitalization rate. but that same time frame is one child per 100,000 children. i $10,000 reward is being offered to find the person who shot and killed alameda sheriff's cadets, david nguyen. >> as the chp investigation into that shooting continues. the sheriff's office is now calling for surveillance cameras on freeways in alameda county to help solve these crimes why think? >> videos are are extremely valuable. we've just seen that recently with kevin nishita. they had the video of the car even though they didn't have the play. they have the car. >> and they were able to find that car eventually and then made arrests on that case. and
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without that evidence, i'm not sure that would happen. the alameda county sheriff's office is making that call for surveillance cameras in the wake of this week's deadly freeway shooting killing. 28 year-old david when he is a deputy recruit who died after being shot while traveling with the 5 80 freeway in oakland. he was heading home after a day of training at the sheriff's academy and get the cameras out there so we can start solving some of these shootings. alameda county sheriff's office spokesperson sergeant jd nelson says now is the time to take action on this before somebody else is killed in a car to car shooting with the plethora shootings that we had on the freeway, not just our own recruit. >> but jesper woo. >> you would think that somebody would say, hey, it's time to get cameras up, not just on the freeways, but in the cities as well. >> we have had 6 gun deaths related to gun shootings on freeways in oakland in the past year and we have not
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closed out any of those in terms solving in bringing someone to justice. we absolutely need camera technology. >> however, oakland city council member laura taylor cautions that the right ballots has to be struck between public safety and the privacy rights of local residents. >> you know, can we have a privacy advisory commission that helps us balance the needs to improve safety using technology while also making sure we don't abuse the >> access to that technology. sergeant nelson says there's no time to waste. i know that in contra costa county, they have a series of cameras that they put on the freeways that have worked very well in solving crimes. and i'm quite honestly amazed that that cameras does not exist in alameda county. >> has he let kron? 4 news? >> national news now and the 3 white men convicted of murder for chasing and eventually killing ahmaud arbery were sentenced to life in prison today. travis mcmichael, who shot arbery as he ran through that georgia neighborhood and
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his father, greg mcmichael, who also chased arbery both got life in prison without parole. their neighbor, william roddie bryan, who joined the pursuit in recorded this cell phone video here was granted a chance of parole but must first serve at least 30 years in prison. in a statement for the victim arbery's mother spoke about the day her son died. >> these man. deserve the maximum sentence. for the crimes. i never say they were to them. he never threatened them. he just wanted to be left alone. >> during the trial, travis mcmichael, who pulled the trigger. he was there, admitted that arbery posed no immediate threat during the confrontation. all 3 men say they will appeal their conviction. the cdc says the number of kids being hospitalized because of
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omicron is increasing its why they again updated safety guidelines for schools. >> our dc correspondent raquel martin reports as school districts struggle to adapt. >> the cdc is actually doing a disservice by changing its guidelines. every 3 and a seconds. the president of the american federation of teachers says cdc's updated recommendations for school safety are counterproductive. think it just creates, frankly, more confusion. randi weingarten says right now educators are focused on keeping everyone safe in keeping kids in school. despite the omicron, sir, she says more than 90% of schools remain open. >> but more must be done. eat to prepare for contingencies. we've got 2 or more weeks of really tough sledding. so let's get the you know that the rapid tests into people's hands under guidelines released thursday, teachers, staff and students who get covid can reture to school
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after just 5 days. if they haven't had a fever for 24 hours. and what i'm asked for 5 more days, the cdc also recommends both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated. staff undergo weekly testing despite new rules, some school districts like those in chicago are still opting to return to virtual learning. of course, i want children back in school, illinois senator durbin says he hopes better directives, encourage teachers and staff to return. i don't want to ever put him in a dangerous situation when it comes to public health friday. the cdc strongly recommended all children 5 in up get their shots and boosters when eligible to return to school safely. >> in washington, raquel martin. >> our weather time on this friday night as we take a live look outside the golden gate bridge right there as we are in the twilight hour. just a beautiful scene on this evening. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here sporting his a turtleneck which would
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give some indication of yeah, what we're going to be facing kind of cool, right? little little fog out there. a little gray stuff. they have the showers this morning. for you coming from the berkeley hills. the sun has just set at 5, 0, 7, you still see lingering clouds out there. but parting around the bay area. so that's a good sign as we get ready for the weekend. here's your storm system rolling on through coming through mainly this morning and just leaving few hundreds of an inch of rain in most spots, although some parts of north, they had a little bit more and some more snow up in the sierra nevada. things drying out, though, outside. and so we're setting the stage for what looks like a nice weekend. the downside to get those raindrops. i think tonight we're talking about more dense fog developing around the bay area late tonight early tomorrow morning. not going to be as thick as it was the other day still overnight. tonight, there's a look at some of the visibility is expected in the forecast as we take you through the night after midnight. we it's when we really start to see some patchy fog forming in some of the valleys. you can see the visibility love more. yeah. less than a mile there early on tomorrow morning. so little fog early. but i think as we head through the day, we've got a little bit of an
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offshore wind. we're going to clear out your skies becoming mostly sunny and nice and clear. we'll see a lot more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures may warm up a little bit as a result. highs in the 50's and the 60's to kick off your weekend as we head toward the next couple days. it looks like that ridge of high pressure going to stick around for at least another day. slight chance of showers come monday in the middle of next week. all right, lawrence, legendary actor sydney por has died at the age of 94 por is the first black man to win an oscar and was also known as a trailblazer and civil rights activist party grew up in the bahamas before moving to the u.s. to pursue acting. he got his first movie role in the 1950's, but it was met with criticism because of his skin color. rta says despite discrimination kept acting and eventually landed his biggest role. the lead performance in lilies of the field. this made him the first black man to win an academy award for best lead actor sam rubin spoke with sag president fran drescher about his impact in hollywood. i
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heart goes out to his family for such a profound loss. >> and for our community, we are seeing this really i'm a very special person and amazing talent. now, aside from his on-screen work, por was knighted by queen elizabeth. the second in 1974. >> and president barack obama awarded him the presidential medal of freedom. in 2000, 9, he leaves behind his wife and 6 children. >> a public memorial service to remember nfl icon john bat will take place next month in oakland. madden died last month on december 28th. the madden family says the memorial service will be held on february. 15th, the exact location in oakland in time have yet to be announced. madden died at 85. he, of course, coach the raiders for year's spring. them their first super bowl win in the 70's raised in daly city. he
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settled in pleasanton was inducted into the nfl hall of fame in 2000, 6 after a legendary broadcasting career. he was also the name and face of the iconic madden video game. still ahead here on 4 news at 5. we'll take it. look at road conditions. if you're trying to go to enjoy all that snow will let you know df you're going to need your chains. >> and the new technology coming to body cameras worn by police officers. why the department believes this is going to help its relationship with the community. and fake covid testing sites there popping up here in the bay area. the warning officials area. the warning officials are giving people so th when a truck hit my car, area. the warning officials are giving people so th the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> happening tonight, the hayward unified school board has just decided to hold an emergency meeting to discuss temporarily, perhaps moving to distance learning. it is unclear what options are on the table tonight or if a decision well, actually be made this evening. but the meeting does start at 6.30. we will be monitoring that for you and bring you updates throughout our primetime newscast. with no at home covid tests on most shelves. many people had to rely on these community testing sites recently. but now there are reports of unauthorized sites can force. dan kerman live for us tonight with details there. dan, this is bizarre. it is indeed, you know, san francisco talking about it now. but they say this has been >> ongoing problem throughout
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the pandemic. we've also heard of this and other counties, including marin county. that's why they want to make sure that you don't just pop into whatever community site you see in assume it's the real thing. the city has a specific list. they want you to check that list before you go and get that much needed. test. it was around 11, 30 friday morning when the san francisco department of public health tweeted out this morning an authorized covid-19 test sites are popping up throughout the city. we reached out to dph and found that tweet was prompted by this one from 2 days ago offering free pcr covid testing at this pop up tent alongside dolores park city officials say the site is not authorized by the city, which puts testing methods and results in question. the department of public health had little to say about the site or other unauthorized sites, but said the best way to be sure you're testing site is legit is to go to the city's s of dot gov. slash get tested link there. you'll find a listing of all authorize
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testing sites. there's also a map showing where they are around the city. zooming into dillard's park. you can see there are no approved sites on this map. city officials also say another trusted place. you can go to get a test. is your own health care provider live in san francisco. dan kerman kron. 4 news. >> thank you, dan. the advice low down and be prepared for delays. that's coming from the highway patrol. anyone going to travel to tahoe this weekend? we take a live look right here along interstate 80 due to the snowy conditions and all the vehicles traveling on the freeway through placer county. well, they say bring chains if you're heading to the sierra tonight, highway patrol officer pete man spoke to us earlier. he says to have your route plans and take things slow. >> really open and moving. and part of that is that and coming on, the people that are driving on it, though, making sure your lawn yourself out in inclement weather. give
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yourself plenty of defense. don't cut off trucks and other vehicle, you know, trying to play yourself out. so not all is imperative to make that it at that aggressive driving maneuver because that's what caused you to lose control. and then you've got a bigger problem. >> because it's not a race. you just go in there. officer man says even if the roads are clear, make sure you hove a full tank of gas and snacks in the car because all it takes is one unexpected accident. ahead. >> and you could be in for a long delay. blankets are a bad idea either. >> blankets and plenty of snacks just in case slowdown for you, lawrence. can see up there in the high country now it's no joke. lot of folks trying to sneak up there for the weekend, but >> yeah, there's plenty of snow on the roads and plenty coming down. you look at the i-80 live right now. it's busy head up there. once the storm ends, though, it is going to be one kind of weekend. it's going be something else up there for the weekend. but tonight, yeah, the snow continuing. it is going to break up and dry out for saturday and sunday and a weak
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system kind of flight 2. but right now looks like we'll hold that dry. and then another chance of some snow moving in late on wednesday and into thursday. so if you plan on traveling the high country, yeah, it's a tough go get there tonight. but if you got up early to go tomorrow, not bad. just watch out was of that dense to fog making its way in across the sacramento valley. otherwise you're talking temperatures in the 30's in the 40's. all kinds of fresh powder to ski on there partly cloudy skies. we get into monday. you see the latest on the radar as all that snow making its way over the summer. so that's been affected with hugo 80 years ago. 50, you're going to run into it. there's no getting around that aeaded up food to a southlake. that should begin to taper off overnight. tonight and then by tomorrow, it should be quite should be a nice drive up there. back in the bay area, we go things quieting down here to most. the rain has come to an end and some patchy fog just forming around parts of the bay area. but finally, getting a little bit of a sunny break this afternoon. and that's nice to see. but overnight tonight, we're going to see a return of some of that ground fog. you can see right there.
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we've got a little offshore wind kicking in office and we'll start to see to leave for work its way back from the central valley, probably back into the tri valley back in the bay. and then as we head toward the afternoon tomorrow, that should break up nicely lots of sunshine and should be a pretty decent day. that said numbers may be a little bit warmer plan on highs tomorrow in the 50's and a couple low 60's. all right, lauren, still ahead on kron, 4 news at 5. the u.s. economy added far fewer jobs than expected in the month of december. why experts are optimistic about the rebounding a economy. >> and no such thing as a free lunch, especially if it's a 3 hour lunch. why one south bay shopping center is getting ready to charge shoppers for
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>> in the south bay, a popular shopping center wants to discourage people who work nearby from parking their cars at the mall all day long. clip or it has details. >> well, here at the westfield valley, fair mall, they've had a bit of a problem where people who work in the neighborhood here in san jose been parking their cars here at the mall for free and then leaving their vehicles here and going to work. that is create a problem for people trying to shop here at the mall in trouble. finding parking spots. and so the shopping center is now trying to do something about it. starting february 8th. they are going to allow just 2 hours of free parking. and then after that, they start charging the rates start at one dollar after 3 hours and it goes up by a dollar every hour to a maximum of $10. they
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hope that this will discourage people from leaving their cars here. they also say that those 2 free hours of parking, but that's usually enough time for most people who come here to go inside, get their shopping done. they are going to allow a validation of up to 4 hours a parking for free for people who go to the movie theater. also, employees here at the mall will be given an option to buy a monthly parking past. now, the shopping center also hopes that this change will improve security because they're going to have gates it all of the parking lots to control the flow of traffic in and out of the shopping center. but for now in the south bay, charles clifford kron, 4 news. kron, 4 news. >> vaccine when that car hit my motorcycle, kron, 4 news. >> vaccine insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm.
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it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> vaccine requirements that affects more than 80 million americans. that was debated before the nation's highest court. today. the justices will decide whether to allow the biden administration to in force a vaccine or testing requirement for large employers and a separate vaccine mandate for most health care workers. our washington correspondent jessi turnure is here. she joins us now live with the arguments. jesse? >> good evening, vicki and grant. this is the first time the u.s. supreme court weighed in on administration vaccine policies and it's a more skeptical about that employer role. a grocery guy. i'm not the vaccine. police brandon trost clear refuses to enforce requirements. that is 500
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grocery store employees get vaccinated against covid-19. >> and is asking the u.s. supreme court to step in how groceries to the grocery store. >> have a grocery store stock more shells and how we can check people out. i think this is going to be a huge economic disaster. the biden administration wants trust claire and other large employers to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or tested weekly. >> to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. justice elena kagan said the requirement is appropriate. there's nothing else. >> that will perform that function better. incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. but justice amy coney barrett suggested the employer role is too broad that the problem here is its scope and that there's no differentiation between. >> the risk faced by unvaccinated 22 year-olds and unvaccinated 60 year-olds or industries. the high court seemed more open to the separate vaccine mandate that applies to virtually all of the country's health care workers. what co


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