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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 7, 2022 9:00am-10:01am PST

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really getting good. now. reyna is following that for john this morning. mean you hear our little hermetically sealed bubbles so that we don't give each other covid and we're not going to get you covid if you're watching. so how cool is that right at home and isolate still have company with us and so lets you peek at that weather radio. where is the storm right now? the storm is coming down. you can see here on the golden gate bridge right behind me and people have been using those windshield wipers and now we can definitely see that rain reflected right here on the window. radar shows you just exactly where that storm system is situated with that rain is let's move over here. so san francisco, we're seeing that right now. daly city down in san bruno. it's moving down along the peninsula at this hour. also, the east bay are also getting some rain as well. so oakland, richmond, we just passed through that area. now on walnut creek, along highway 4. so another thing to note, if you are traveling, you want to be mindful a lot of these highways. you can pretty slick 6.80, as you're traveling there long. 24
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highway 4 as well. current temperatures outside right now in addition to what we're seeing is pretty cool like a lot cooler today than we were at the start of the week. santa rosa, you're at 52 livermore. 51 and fremont down in the south bay in the mid to lower 50's while the rain is in the south bay yet we're going to be tracking that. we'll find out when that's going arrive. how long that rain is going to stick around in the bay area. and also if you're traveling up to the sierra, be mindful because daria, it's already starting to snow up there a little bit. yeah, it is. and that will make your driving difficult. but here in the bay area driving is a breeze at the approach to the bay bridge. as you can see here, it's even dry. >> which is different than we've seen in some of our shots. let's take a peek at this is the problematic area. it still looks absolutely fine. but we do know that there's there are delays on san mateo bridge westbound 92 the right hand side in the looks fine here. just be aware that they're saying it could take 40 minutes. so that's a little bit that you don't want
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to be surprised with if you're leaving the house a little extra time there. richmond center fell bridge is fine. hello to cars. well, that's nothing in your way. and the golden gate bridge, nothing in your way. but raindrops, as you can see over the lens here, not many cars driving right now on disability is not very good. but other than that should have a pretty nice ride wherever you're heading today in the east bay. the problem is covid teachers in oakland are planning a sick out because they want some safety concerns addressed the oakland unified school district sent a notice to parents last night about this possible sickout. it's not sanctioned by the teachers union. so we don't know how many educators do plan to participate. but the teachers behind the sickout say that they've got a list of demands to make things safer for them and the kids they want. and 95 and kn 95 masks, they won't weekly covid testing. they want covid leave and hepa filters in larger
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rooms. we would love to be in in person. >> just as much as everyone else wants us to be. but the fact of the matter is, our campuses are safe right now. we need some time to get the resources that we on campus in order make it safe. the district >> says it does have a plan to keep the schools open today. so school is in session in oakland. they say the district says they already have protocols in place for covid. they say they have hepa filters to every classroom and they say regular testing is available. that's the quote to all students and staff. we've heard people complaining, you know, it's just not as easy as it should be. and these are not complacent are limited to oakland really around the bay. we're hearing in san francisco. teachers are basically demanding the same stuff to protect students themselves from covid they've seen a especially in the timing. hundreds of teachers
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in san francisco already staged a sickout to try to bring attention to this. but are the 2 sides any closer to? coming to an agreement covers or stinson is live in san francisco. and meantime, school is going on, sarah. so what's happening? >> yes, schools in session right now. and unfortunately, the san francisco school district and the teachers union did not come to an agreement. the teachers making demands. they say that will make the classroom a lot safer. but unfortunately, they did not agree. and this is after the sick out, you know, that stick out occurred yesterday and they have a lot of teachers out. they had to kind of scramble and get some of the certified staff to fill in 616. at least teachers called out sick yesterday. and the san francisco school districts, some teachers in the union participated in a sickout, but others are actually sick or have been exposed after the first 3 days. back from winter break. the union says covid cases went from 9 on monday to 122
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cases on wednesday for staff and students. the teachers union is asking for 10 paid sick days for all covid related illnesses for the district to provide to n 95 or kn 95 mask for each student employee each day and for weekly covid testing for all students and staff at every location, every school, every district court site and the district. this is what they came back with. this is what they're offering 5 days instead of 10 days of paid sick leave for covid blaming the state for cutting funding for those additional days they provided in the past. the district says they can provide a reasonable best effort to maintain supply of high quality mask like kn 95 mask. but for employees only and have agreed to make weekly covid testing available to students and staff at every district site during normal work hours. the union president posted a video on twitter about that after the negotiations with a clip from that and then you hear from a spokesperson with the district. >> we also have to hold the
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line to keep students included in the mass distribution because as if usd proposed only to give up asked a staff that we were cool with that. finally, we continue to advocate for testing to be available at every student school site along with their collection of the specimens. we offered to stay at the table multiple times throughout the day today because we know that health and safety agreement is crucial to combating the spread, keeping everyone safe and our schools operating base usd has been distributing ppe, including surgical and cloth masks monthly to all schools throughout the fall. pp>> we're going to continue to distribute ppe and include kn 95 mask to school sites this week. >> the superintendent said that earlier this week they received a shipment of those rapid tests from the state. they're working on distributing those as we speak. but in terms of no negotiating the demands of these teachers that will continue next thursday. but
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unfortunately, these teachers say they need action to be done. now, as we know they're in school right now or 3rd home sick and they want something done. now, not next thursday, not anytime past that. so darren, we'll see how they continue to work through. this may be potentially is sick out is continuing. we'll have to continue to fall. this will have a report. >> honor at kron-on in about an hour. >> all right. not the only district like we said, oakland, san francisco, a lot of districts dealing with the same trouble. >> and everybody in the mayor is in the same boat, too. when it comes to those at home covid tests, they are hard to find if not possible in pharmacies. and then if you want to get appointment, well, that's difficult to get to. and now bay area law enforcement are warning about covid testing scam camila barco is live in san francisco with what we need to know. high camilla. >> good morning. darcy at people are looking for these at home. covid tests can in the stores at pharmacies and even on line. but now federal authorities are saying that there are people out there
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selling these fake at-home test kits over the ending at so the federal trade commission is offering people a few tips to prevent them from being a victim of this scam. take a look at your screen. if you're looking at buying an at-home covid test kit online, make sure that that test kit is authorized by the fda. you can go on their website and check out the full list of test kits that are off are authorized by the agency. also, do your research on the seller and the website or the company before you buy that test kit. look up reviews on where you're potentially by the covid test from. and lastly pay by credit card because if you're charged by order that you never got, you can dispute that charge with your bank. the richmond police department is already warning people about the scams. and then at the sheriff's office is alerting people about phishing scams. according to the agency, there are e-mails impersonating the united kingdom's national health
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service. the email offers people a new covid-19 omicron pcr test. and once you click the link, ask you to provide your payment information. and once you type in that information, it is sent to cyber criminals. officials say that there may be similar scams, scams like this one from hackers, but just from other countries. now, according to the fda, there are about more than 400 covid test kits that are authorized by the agency and are like you said these test kits are a hot commodity. they are sold out almost every pharmacy that i walked into. if not, they are limited. people can only buy one or 2. and i was able to get myself one at least and i was able to go to the fda's website. check out time in the agencies or the business. the company's name on the fda's website to see if this is a
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reliable test kit and sure enough it is. but of course, if you're buying one online and if you're curious, if it is in fact, a test kit that is authorized by fda, you can just go to their website and that's how you do it. back to you. >> negative. how did you take it yet? i when the other day i am all right. thanks a lot. 9 dead right now. and breaking news in san francisco department emergency management telling you avoid the area of 3rd street. >> and cesar chavez in san francisco, there's some police activity going on. you can see the tweet right here. they're saying you should use an alternate route to this area, but they're not telling us exactly what the police activity is. a big story that we're following in the east bay is they're looking for new leads to solve who shot and killed in alameda county sheriff's recruit. david, when is his name? and there's a big reveal. our reward being offered right now. >> kron four's will tran is following that live from alameda county will. good morning.
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>> good morning, gary. i'm in front of the training facility where the recruits they train before the past year academy and then become police officers. and this is exactly where david, when was training. >> when he left on tuesday afternoon, i was able to confirm that with a lot of people who work here and this is part of the alameda county sheriff's office system, one of their buildings. let me show you a picture of david when 28 years old, the was driving on tuesday afternoon. he was near the macarthur maze in his prius and not in his uniform, which is important to know. it's because he was not in a marked car and they don't believe at this time if he was targeted, that he was targeted for being a police officer because there was nothing to show the world that he was a recruit on his way to becoming a police officer time. >> so that's why without any substantial leads that they either have or are willing to shared area, which is why late last night, the alameda county sheriffs association, the
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deputies association, they tapped into their own fun, offered a $10,000 reward for any information that can help them catch the killer or killers. this is very personal to them. let me show you video. >> of them all lining up outside a highland hospital. so after he was shot when tuesday afternoon, one single shot to the right side of his car. lost control, slammed into the center median. he was taken to highland hospital. where doctors could not save his life. word spread throughout the community. that's one of the showed up. you can see them very somber, saluting is body draped with the american flag. it was as it was taken out of the hospital to the coroner's office. was on his way back to san francisco where he lives with his family. >> area before he was a recruit. he was with the national guard. he wanted to be a police officer. this is very personal, of course, to the bay area, but more specifically to his friends and family and colleagues with the alameda county sheriff's
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office. and that's why they're offering this reward at this time. everything is on the table. they still haven't ruled out whether or not somebody might have known that he was on his way to becoming a police officer. and i can tell you as an asian american and in our community. there's also mentioned that maybe he was targeted because he's asian american. nobody knows. they're hoping that $10,000 reward, we'll get them. some answers. >> back to you. all right. thanks so much. well, 9.13 right now and we have breaking news of hollywood losing a legendary actor sydney has died. he was 94 years old and we got that word this morning from the bahamas where he lived. he grew up in the bahamas and in the u.s. and he was a trailblazer, paving the way for black actoss. he won the oscar first black actor to ever win the oscar for his role in lilies of the field. he was known for starring in guess who's coming to dinner
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in the heat of the night? here he is in 2000, 9 getting the presidential word of freedom from president barack obama at was born february. 20th 1927. and he was born in miami. and then like i said, he lived and grew up both in the u.s. and in the bahamas. his first oscar nomination was for the film, the defiant ones back in 1958. he was an inspiration. and as i said, a trailblazer and acting and in social activism of life as well. he will be messed leaving quite a mark. 9.14, right now. and still ahead on the kron, 4 morning news. >> travel troubles continue. here's a look at sfo and it's not just the weather here or on the east coast where it's really bad. but those covid cancellations are piling up. we've seen more than ever straight out of the gate this morning at sfo. we'll take a peek at what's going on. it's not good in oakland or san jose. either. and the storm is here. we've been tracking that weather for you today. the
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slick conditions already hit the bay area. we'll tell you
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>> 9.17, right now and we are with you this morning on a friday trying to get you through a rainy start to the day. how will that finish? what will the weekend be like? those are the questions for hi there. hi, all. great questions to ask. and i have the answer for you. we're starting to see that rain coming down right now behind me looking at the golden gate bridge and everybody has their windshield wipers on trying to clear out the camera there.
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we've been tracking that radar. you can see where it's sitting over currently right now. so it passed to the north bay and now it's in the east bay and san francisco. so you're looking at areas of daly city. you can see making its way towards the peninsula through san bruno. also along the san mateo bridge over in the east bay. you're also seeing rain as well. so along highway 4, 6.80, as you're traveling renda walnut creek, that area all seeing some rain currently. we're also seeing some snow up in the sierra here. so this is currently right now. if you are traveling, there is a winter weather advisory in place. that's until 6 o'clock tonight. so please, if you are going to travel, i would just wait it out. but chains are definitely advised. if you are going to go ahead and go up there right now, futurecast shows you that storm passes through the bay area. it's going to be around 6 o'clock tonight when we completely start to dry out again, it will touch most of the bay area passing to the north bay already now situated in the city and the east bay and
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through san jose. high temperatures for today. look at this. 50's across the map. so definitely a day. you want to bring a light jacket out there. santa rosa, 51 of otto. 52 mill valley mountain view it. 53 redwood city, morgan hill. 48 livermore. 48 in antioch. 51 that 7 day forecast. so we had early am rain that sticks around until the late afternoon. and then that's when we start to dry up tonight. so if you have plans to later on this evening, you can do that because we're not going have any rain this evening. the weekend is going to be a dry one, but we could potentially see another storm system arrive here late into sunday night early monday. so we're going to be tracking that is supposed to be a weak system. inland lows are in the mid to lower 30's and along the coast in looking at temperatures in the 40's. so daria, we're seeing some of this rain hitting the bridge is out there. i think there's an accident along san mateo says a lot. just take your time as you're traveling, right? yes, absolutely. we have been looking at the
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bridges and just basically wet. so. like rihanna said, leave a little extra time or go to the movies that size an idea. a spy movie is bringing a twist with an all female and they're going on a big adventure. dean richards has a look at that. more. >> top agents from around the world. >> we kick off the new year, hollywood takes on a tried and true formula and makes a gender switch. >> we've had movies like mission impossible in the bourne identity and the many james bond movies loaded with action and gadgets and thrills with this time of the movie features a primary cast of operatives that are all female. that was the idea the movie's executive producer and one of its stars, jessica chastain. she wanted to put the girl power on full display in front and behind the camera
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and he titled it in honor of the whole game. george washington's first female spy higher during the american revolution. the 3, 5, 5, in the past. just the american intelligence agent. joined by the best from other countries. the piece in new young playing an agent from diane kruger from germany from columbia, penelope cruz and from china than being being the film directed by simon ken's bergen for an identity fame. the tale of espionage, spies and super villains sent across some of the most exotic locations around the world. only there's just not a lot that's terribly original here. still, it's kind of fun to see. the fresh blood is the but kickers for a change fighting to save the world. give it a dean's list b its in theaters. only. what happened to bridget baker. also new this week as the bruce willis thriller,
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american set 10 years after the disappearance of a small town teen. her boyfriend is just getting out of jail and now wants revenge and the truth in this gun toting town. bruce willis is sheriff ben watts who's lazy and corrupt. and on the payroll of the local businessmen who may have the answers to this town's mistreat here again is another movie that doesn't really offer up anything new to a john but even worse, this one leans on dialogue and performances that are downright uninspiring. it's a dean's list d in select theaters now and will be streaming on digital platforms next week where you can always get my movie reviews and home video picks sent right to your phone's every week. >> just by texting the word, dean to 9, 7, 9, 9, 9, have a great weekend in chicago. and dean richards. >> now, even if you don't go to the movies is probably a netflix weekend. early out that way on this friday. as you can see from stormtracker 4 all lit up with a little bit of rain and a lot of gray
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skies everywhere. so rain is going to be back with more on that. we've still got lots of news ahead, too. so don't go away. 9.25. in a developing
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story that we're following. well, we've been looking at this for weeks at the airports in the bay area around the nation. >> being thrown into trouble because of covid cancellations. the flight crews and tsa and air traffic controllers. you know, if they have to quarantine which is
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happening, it's had a ripple effect at sfo. you can see we've got thick clouds there. plus, there are weather delays on the east coast and all of this. plus covid. >> is leading to 97 flights being canceled right out of the gate this morning. >> so that is extremely high. not very good. you're going to want to have those text messages. you know, the automated text telling if you have to pick somebody up or take a flight, you got to know if it's really happening. >> oakland, is it looking that bad today with 12 flights canceled? that's actually better than aas yesterday by far san jose. great by flight older. they those tend to be the southwest flights that are affected at sfo are seeing alaska take the bulk of the cancellations this morning. also unite has been a problem. and really we're looking at nationwide over 1000 flights every day this week and sometimes even double that. so this is something that you're just going to be aware of. we're hoping maybe next week it will get better. you just got to think of the ripple effect. if it's a 5 day quarantine period for somebody is sick or exposed. we can
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expect it to last like it has been for at least a week. what about the omicron variant as far as the other angles, water hospitals seeing in terms of the icus? >> in the bay area, we're going to take a look at the numbers ahead. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> 9.29 right now and we're tracking this rain that is moving through the bay area. looks like it's on the lens even behind me right it's coming down out there right
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now. if you were wondering when the rain was going to hit, it is here and it's going to stick around for most of the morning. we're getting a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge everyone has their wipers on as they are moving into the city this morning. we're tracking just where that rain is falling. you can see just like a perfect ban moving across the east bay into the city. so as you're traveling along here, we're to zoom in san bruno. that's where it's situated over. just passed through san francisco and now oakland, the east bay up here as you're traveling along highway 4 up to any act. you're seeing the heaviest pockets of rain at this hour or so along 6.80, tie way for a long 24 right here in the maze 13. you're starting to see some rain there. we're looking at those current rain totals, not going to be much of anything just trace amount throughout the bay area. so this has been a very weak system so far. we also have a winter weather advisory. this is for the sierra. if you're traveling up there, that's in place until 6 o'clock because it's already starting to snow
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up there. we've got heavy winds and gust as well. currentay temperatures right now outside in the bay area. we're in the mid to lower 50's antioch. 53 down in hayward. 53 palo alto, your 52 in the south bay. and then up here at santa rosa, napa and allay all lower 50's. we'll be tracking that for you. more of a for now. daryn, i'll send it back to you. thanks a lot. let's take a peek at the fallen on the roads because the rain will here at the push. the bay bridge is the it's even let's try to me. i'm not the best spotting rain, but look for rays that dry. let's just looks a little it is gray. i could i could see gray. >> i'm not all right. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge, shall we? that accident cleared up only so that's why it looks we're yeah, westbound right hand side. there was an ex. but, you know, volume is so light that even accidents aren't that much of a problem today, which is a silver lining. and let's take a look at richmond center fell bridge, which, you know, you can tell the cars 1, 2, 3 little parade. there was all in the same lane.
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>> and then let's go to the golden gate. this been the messiest. look at look at that. yeah. as solute they drive times are about 25 minutes because it's pretty slow, ok on to. yeah. they careful out there. you want to go slower. you do. i don't mind doing errands as long as you get. you know, i'd rather do errands along to dogs and that's 32 and okay to get back to covid because that's the big story. 2022 covid still. yeah. and a surge in covid cases. hospitals are seeing the rise. kron four's amanda hari has more. >> well, we have our been seen going up just like every other county after more positive covid cases comes more hospitalization. but doctor on mall, the director of healthcare preparedness for santa clara county says it's not currently as high as it was in december of 2020, but given what we're seeing in terms of community transmission, in terms of case numbers, we're monitoring the
9:33 am
situation very toasty. he says omicron does seem to cause less severe illness with a higher number of people being infected. it is likely more people will end up in the hospital and possibly the icu. >> doctor kemal says they're prepared for that. we work in hospitals regularly to make sure that do everything they can that contingency planning. and that building stopped from other areas that necessary, according to ca dot gov. >> the number of positive patients in the icu has increased in contra costa county from just 7 on december. 21st to 25 on january 5th chief medical officer for john muir health russell rodriguez says their icu numbers have been very manageable, but they're struggling in other areas. many staff members are out sick with covid or other seasonal illnesses and their emergency department is bombarded with covid patients just surging needed billions of people that are >> really coming in because they can't they're concerned
9:34 am
because they, you know, symptoms. they want to know if they have covid or not. he says it's putting a strain on the department. >> he says protest go to a community testing center. he says that her symptoms become more severe, then go to the emergency department. if you are having shortness of breath, chest pain. >> just rapidly worsening symptoms. high fevers and things like that. then you should see care either the risk for urgent care. both health officials encourage people to take all the health precautions they can masking distancing vaccinations and boosters amanda hari kron. 4 news and what do you have to get vaccinated today? the supreme court is going to figure that out there taking up too. >> major efforts by the biden administration to mandate vaccinations and testing is they're going to hear arguments today about whether to allow the administration to enforce the vaccine mandate and the testing requirement for big companies that mandate would apply to companies that have at least 100 employees. and then they're also they are
9:35 am
arguments about a separate vaccine mandate that is specifically aimed at health care workers. all of these mandates would impact more than 80 million americans. a staffing shortage because of covid impacting bars. the russian river brewing company in sonoma county. they just announced they can open the santa rosa and windsor pubs were closed because they don't have enough employees because of covid. now today, apparently the back up and running. but you can see all the empty barstool's there. the santa rosa location has full service. the winds are pod is only gonna have bar service. russian river brewing is hoping to have that windsor location at full service by tomorrow because look, this happening at the weekend when like to go out to a bar, if that's your thing, there's a warning for you. if you if you use public transport again, covid fallout affecting workers which is affecting
9:36 am
both ac transit and uni. they tweeted this out earlier that telling us again today there could be delays in that. you need to expect that because without enough employees and workers, they just can't keep the schedule up and running as they would like to. they're doing the best they can. and they say patients, please. 9.35. right now. and what about cruise ships? and then we told you about the one that pulled in yesterday, san francisco in a doctor. they found out there were some passengers who had covid. so we're following up on that. it's the ruby princess. and it was back in san francisco after a 10 day cruise to mexico when they did some testing. they found about a dozen passengers had covid. they tested positive. they didn't know it because they didn't have symptoms. so everybody on board was fully vaccinated. but as you know, this is the case. you can still be fully vaccinated. and kerry covid and spread it. and that's why they want to make sure that these people when they get off, they knew this and that they quarantine today when spread it. and we talked
9:37 am
to some passengers and we talk to people about this. some of them didn't even know that the cdc had a warning against cruise league right now. here's the cdc warning advising people not to cruise. we heard about that. >> i had we've got to get back to got to get back to said around. >> stuck in the house for ever. >> not forever, but some people are waiting longer before they travel and others. well, they have to take the precautions like they said this crews had just about 100% of the people and the crew on board were vaccinated regardless, you know, covid can spread. sure is 9.37. right now. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news state lawmakers are taking a big step to try to establish universal health care in california. >> we'll take a look at what that would entail. and what we know is what it's going to jail drops going to play his throwing hand has to be good.
9:38 am
and so far, so good with the will take a look and see if it's thumbs up for the game against the rams on sunday. and we're tracking that storm system. we're gonna tell you where it's situated over across the bay area. how long it's going to stick around when it's going to leave. we'll have a look at that. once we get back.
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9:40 am
>> it's 9.40 and state lawmakers are moving ahead
9:41 am
with a plan to create the nation's first universal health care system right here in california. but it's going to cost us. the proposal comes in the form of 2 bills. the first bill would establish the health care program and its rules. now, the whole thing is supposed to cost about 200 billion dollars. so the question is how to pay for it. there is a nother built a constitutional amendment that would raise taxes. and if it's passed by the legislature because it involved taxes, voters will have the final say on any tax increase. >> single payer health care system is the fiscally sound thing to do. the smarter health care policy to follow and a moral imperative. if we care about human life. >> republicans, though, i have some concerns. they say they're worried about how it would affect people who are struggling with the high cost of living in california and the inflation. the efforts also facing some mounting opposition from several groups, including the california medical and hospital associations. it's 9.41. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.44 right now it's snowing. ray, you said it was going to start falling soon and there it is. it's not really building up too bad. and what i'm wondering about is is it a warm snow? see this. >> judging by the accumulation, kind of wondering about that. and how does 89 at rampart? yeah, it's
9:45 am
starting to come down and we're actually getting a look at the radar here and it's going to show you exactly the snow that we're getting. so this is here currently you're seeing snow all through south lake tahoe. >> also, you want to know about this. they do have a winter weather advisory in place that's going to be in place up here until 6 o'clock tonight. so mindful as you're traveling up there, you want to be careful as you are hitting the roads. please take change if you're deciding to hit up there. also, maybe you could wait because tomorrow it's going to be sunny up there anyways. currently our radar, we've been tracking that band of rain hitting the bay area. you can see just how light it is. it already is passed to the north bay made its way center here to san francisco. now it's in the east bay. we're going to zoom in show you exactly where it's hitting. carly. so sprinkle in areas of daly city and san francisco now hitting the peninsula. so sam, a tail, i'm looking at you if you're traveling along 90 to 82 to 80 one. 0, one pretty slick at this hour because of that storm system. also, it's in
9:46 am
the east bay as well. so if you're traveling through there, be careful. our future cast shows us the storm system makes a way through the bay area to morning hours and then into the afternoon 03:30pm. we're pretty much almost all done with that storm system moves out continuing to travel out of the bay area. highs for today. we're in the 50's lower 50's across the map. oakland, 53 kaka. 51 livermore. 48 morgan hill mid to lower 40's as well. santa rosa. 51 napa. 52 san francisco, half moon bay, all in the mid to lower 50's. all right. so we've been tracking that storm system. it was here this morning. it still sticking around multiple parts of the bay area. just trace amounts of rain, though. we dry up into the weekend and then next week again, we have another storm system back in the bay area, but that one should also the very week as well inland lows. you've been in the upper 30's mid to lower 40's throughout the weekend along the coast. 40's for you there. so, daria, we've been tracking this rain, you know,
9:47 am
so we get out of here to still be sprinkling. and then later in the afternoon, we can get outdoors and do some things. yes, so do that later. as far as now, take a look at the roads and it's just. is gray and oakland and the bay bridge approach is fine, as you can see here. and that's the same story over the san mateo bridge. >> we have found the traffic looks really light and change the camera. look at the san mateo bridge westbound. 92 is typically the commute direction, but they're both equal over the richmond center fell bridge has been even quieter. james likes to say merry a car, but nobody uses that word unless it's like a christmas story. >> and the golden gate bridge is the messiest one. something we need a little lighter on this window. windshield wiper on this and you'll need the windshield wipers. if you're trying to over the bridge, that's the messy commute. so yet, wait until this afternoon or late into the evening. if you got it. >> take a dog walker. if you're afraid of melting in the rain will go out. >> 9.47. and new this morning, a public memorial service to remember an f l icon john madden. it's going to happen next month in oakland, the
9:48 am
legend died last month on december 28th. and that memorial service is going to be held on february 15th, the day after valentine's day. we'll let you know what the location is in the time and all that. they should really set soon. madden coach, the raiders in oakland for 10 years and brought the team's super bowl win in the 70's. you can tell the isil file video. look at in the old days when you used to write on boards. he was in the bay area was inducted into the nfl hall of fame in 2000, 6 and i'm just an icon, a sports icon. and let's move on with sports now and go to the forty-niners was jim do it again play sunday against the rams. that's the big question. the sums up will be required because still need to stop and the warriors would love to see klay thompson back. so with the fans we're going to see they lost a couple of games on the road. kron. 4 sports director jason dumas says peak.
9:49 am
>> the warriors finishing their road trip in the big easy, but they had to do it without steph curry, draymond green and want us connell. anderson, all out so tall order and guess what? the clay countdown to the next game is on. all righty. there's clay right there. 2nd quarter now, andre iguodala those about leading to break the other way. give it up top to the rock. kind of thing. coming up. have 13 points off the bench early 4th quarter. the pels took control of this game. gary clark's 3 pointer. give them a seven-point lead. then with 2 minutes left, brandon ingram probably going i'm not sure if he'll be an all-star come their record, but he's really good. he had 32 and 11. big give up, though, jordan poole from the logo. a minute left, giving them some hope. then with 59 seconds left, think amanda steele and it's a three-point
9:50 am
game. the warriors trying to get a stop now, one possession game devontae graham 3 is off the back board. but josh hart gets the long rebound. he beat school to the ball opportunity loft warriors lose one. 0, one. 96. they return home for a sunday date with the cleveland cavaliers the wait could be over. klay thompson all but confirmed there. but in the meantime, steve kerr said he was pleased with this. effort despite the loss. >> i was really proud of our guys, you know, being a short-handed gave the young guys are a good chance to play an experience of. phil game on the road i thought our our young guys gain valuable experience. i was really proud of the team for. fighting all the way through and and giving themselves a chance at the end.
9:51 am
>> bob book marin, the sharks trying to snap a two-game skid. they took on the sabres and snowy buffalo. first period. sharks go up a goal timo meier. i set up. there's meir time earth times. it's 14 goal of the season. it's 2, nothing. sharks. 3 minutes later, thomas probably been their best player. they hear one of them his 17th of the year. >> sharks hang on to win 3 to 2. they are in the city of brotherly love on saturday. the forty-niners continue to prep for the rams. huge game. and once again, jimmy garoppolo participated in team drills and he was throwing deeper pratt beeper passes and he was in wednesday's practice. but he still nursing that ucl sprain in his thumb and according to his tight end, he's progressing pretty well. so the jury still out on who is going to start that week. 18 matchup in los
9:52 am
angeles. >> compared to last week, i think it looks you know, don't know. that feels like i know chip bones don't feel great. and i jimmy is, quote, speak for itself hurts. so whatever he's doing out there. i think is doing a really good job so far. you know, we'll see what happens these next couple days as it a huge game. obviously, you know, we need to get to the playoffs. but you just noticed that you said you got to stay consistent. got to do what you've been you know, the things i've been making success, we've got to continue those. don't take short cuts. this is not really the week to do that. >> just a quick reminder. if the niners when they are in the playoffs taking on the rams, the rams have a lot to play for 2 because of the rams win. they win the nfc west. now the niners lose. they can still make the playoffs. they just need the saints to lose to the falcons, which in my opinion, it's unlikely. so don't put it up the chance to take care of business at so fi stadium.
9:53 am
>> kickoff for the niners against the rams is one. 25 on sunday. >> 9.52 is time right now. we'll be back with more in a couple minutes. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> about to check out. theresa stasi is going to take over on kron on in the newsroom with a preview now. hi, theresa, daryn. never check. and that's not thing to say. >> well, good morning. and we're following up on of the
9:56 am
covid surge here in the bay area. sadly, and we're looking at how the united states supreme court, well, they're weighing in whether mandates are constitutional. we plan to talk to the legal analysts on what the court is looking at specifically and whether these mandates can happen and what would happen if they go into effect and whether it would stretch to other industries are also tracking that weather. and that storm hitting the bay area as well as the sierra to stay up to date. grab your phone scan the qr code. it will take you straight to the app store. you can download kron-on for free. back to you, daryn. how weird is it that we've known each other like 30 when we were it's on right? let's take a look at the forecast. >> that we're headed into this weekend. >> so phobias are going to stay inside. at least i am today. and then it looks like things get better. if you want to take the dogs for a walk or do something saturday and sunday and really pretty nice weather and even warming up. we're almost getting it to 60 by the time. the next work
9:57 am
week begins. if anybody works anymore, i sort how the commutes been nice on the plus side. but i think people eventually are going to get back to work. we're get other five-day covid quarantine that still the story in 2022. right. we're done with the first week of the new year. we'll see you on monday and have a great weekend.
9:58 am
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