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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  January 7, 2022 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning, everybody. starting off the 05:00am hour with a check of stormtracker for today's the day that rain has been promising. rain has been promising that we have rain coming our way. and we certainly see that just offshore. the storm off the coast for now, but it will arrive in earnest later on this morning. thank evers ray delivers the rain doesn't and we this, john and i know you just got james and reyna. >> but we've got a friday with rain in store like james said. >> that's pretty much some good news about the rest of the weekend, right? the rest of the weekend. we are going to be a lot sunnier. >> and right here in the bay area. but it's just a morning you've got to get through. so you're also seeing some overnight fog that stuck around for the early morning hours. a few drizzles out there. so some of our roadways are slick and wet at this hour, even though we're still
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tracking that storm that supposed to arrive specifically to the north bay a little bit before 07:00am. so we're keeping a close eye on that. you can see that's just off to the north here. but that'll make its way into the bay area very shortly. it will stick around for most of the morning and then also in the sierras, expect to see some snow up there. if you're traveling, take some chains with you. but tomorrow and saturday and sunday will be nice days. looking at your current temperatures outside cooler today than we were yesterday. so low 50's 40's across the map. santa rosa, 50 49 up in napa san jose low 50's down there. palo alto in half moon bay, all in the mid-fifties. james. we'll send it over to you. ok, rain a thank you. a quick check of the drive and there's whole lot going on. still nice and light here at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> traffic on westbound 80 moving. well, no issues to report as you head into san francisco, at least cross that bridge. we're also looking at pretty decent conditions on the san mateo bridge as we head to the south here and check the right on westbound
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92. i think we have that bridge coming up there it is. looks pretty good. the right hand side. that is your westbound commute direction. and as you can see, nothing slowing you down as you make your way out toward the peninsula this morning. we're also looking at your west bound 5.80, commute picking it up here at richmond, sandra fell bridge toll plaza, a few headlights, but that's about it. you've got hardly any company as you make your way across the span into the north bay. and for those already, there looks like the golden gate bridge is being reconfigured for the morning commute. the zipper truck is out there. not that there's much need for at the moment. we've only got a few cars making their way southbound. i want to one into san francisco, more weather and traffic checks in a bit. let's get back to the news and happening today in the east bay. we have some teachers in oakland planning a sick out to bring attention to covid safety concerns. the oakland unified school district has already sent a notice to parents last night about a possible sickout. it's not sanctioned by the teachers union. so it's unclear if educators at other schools will be participating. but the
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teachers behind the sick out have a list of demands for the district they want. and 95 and kn 95 masks. they want weekly testing. they want covid leave and they won't have the filters in larger rooms. >> we would love to be in in person just as much as everyone else wants us to be. but the fact of the matter is, our campuses are safe right now. we need some time too. get the resources that we on campus in order make it safe. >> the district plans to keep schools open for students today. the district also says the covid protocols are in place and that hepa filters have been distributed to every classroom and regular testing is available to all students and staff. >> in san francisco, teachers want the district to do more there as well to protect students and teachers from covid. there were hundreds of teachers that staged a sickout. they're trying to bring attention to that.
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james, sarah stinson has become our covid have says san francisco us live from the city with the update. good morning, sarah. >> how many years? so we've been doing lost track, but here we are. it is fully affecting our poor school districts across the state and right here in the bay area, san francisco spent hours at the negotiating at the bargaining table. the union and the school district trying to figure out an agreement on covid safety precautions. unfortunately, they did not meet in agreement and this is after over 600 plus teachers called out sick yesterday. some of them due to the sickout and others are actually sick with covid or have symptoms or been exposed. a spokesperson says there's a little more than that, that 600 plus number as a little more than double the daily average of sick calls before the pandemic. so that gives you an idea of just how
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intense this omicron spread is affecting the district. the teachers union is asking for this. they're asking for an extension of their supplemental paid sick leave and that would include 10 days of sick leave for all covid-related illnesses and that they want the district to provide to n 95 and kn 95 mask. >> for every student and employee each day and the district. they want them to can conduct weekly covid testing for all students and staff at every district work site. and so this is what the district is offering say. they want this in the district comebacks comes back with what they can offer and this is what they said. they can offer 5 days instead of 10 days of paid sick leave for covid blaming the state for cutting funding for the additional days they provided last year as well as a efforts to maintain supply for high quality masks for employees. only and to make weekly covid testing available to all students and staff, a different district site like they want. the union president posted a video after negotiations on twitter. we
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have a clip from that. then you'll hear from a spokesperson with the district. >> forcing the school district's lack of urgency to develop a plan for handling the latest surge of covid-19. continued at the bargaining table. the district is trying to cut covid sickly from fy 10 to 5 days. and now needs a week to calculate the numbers for the 10 days. that's unacceptable. we also have to hold the line to keep students included in the mass distribution because as if usc proposed only to give up asked a staff that we were cool with that. finally, we continue to advocate for testing to be available every student school site. and it is a big, you know, distribution plan. we have over 119 schools in the district. so we're mobilizing as quickly as we can to get those tests to school so they can distribute them to students and families. >> the superintendent did say earlier this week they just got that shipment of rapid tests from the state and are working to distribute them. like you just heard from the
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spokesperson. teachers say this is too little too late and they are not happy with how negotiations ended last night. >> because the district said, ok, we didn't come to an agreement. let's meet next thursday. meanwhile, teachers are saying this is happening now. i'm teaching right now. so they want something to happen immediately. not next thursday. so we'll have to see how this progresses. will they continue due to a sick out? will they do some kind of strike? we'll have to see. back to you guys in studio. boy, it's quite a balancing act. >> all right. thanks a lot. and we see the similar strains in all the different 143 teachers in the mountain view. mount diablo district. they were absent from school yesterday. the district says that covid and the ongoing teacher shortage are to blame. despite those challenges, the superintendent says that students still get the lessons that they needed from other. and they say credentialed staff members who stepped in.
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and the superintendent expects to continue to see this high number of staff absences in the near future. they do not anticipate having to close the schools because of the staffing shortages, the union, the teachers union and the district are in contract negotiations. again, we're seeing this all over the bay area, a union for the teacher says that the 2 sides have hit a wall and they say a strike is possible. so if you listen to the teachers, not so optimistic. and there's a warning for people have used public transportation, both ac transit and muni telling riders expect delays covid again is to blame because they've got some cases among employees earlier in the week. the sfmta tweeted out the warning to riders as well saying that a lot of employees have had to stay home and quarantine. so its, you know, its mass transit on the roads.
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it's obviously mass transit in the skies we've been seeing. wow, those delays and everything. cancellations are piling up. another effect, a surge in covid in bay area we are seeing that more and more. james. yeah, crawford's amanda hari check in with officials both in the east bay and south bay to find out just how their hospital systems are. >> holding up to the search. >> well, we have our icu defense going up just like every other county after more positive covid cases comes more hospitalization. but doctor on mall, the director of healthcare preparedness for santa clara county says it's not currently as high as it was in december of 2020, but given what we're seeing in terms of community transmission, in teoms of case numbers are monitoring the situation, very toasty. he says omicron does seem to cause less severe illness with a higher number of people being infected. it is likely more people will end up in the hospital and possibly the icu.
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>> doctor kemal says they're prepared for that. we work in hospitals regularly to make sure that they do everything they can that contingency planning. and that building staff from other areas that necessary, according to ca dot gov. >> the number of positive patients in the icu has increased in contra costa county from just 7 on december. 21st to 25 on january 5th chief medical officer for john muir health russell rodriguez says their icu numbers have been very manageable, but they're struggling in other areas. many staff members are out sick with covid or other seasonal illnesses and their emergency department is bombarded with covid patients just surging the the people that are >> really coming in because they can't get has they're concerned because they, you know, symptoms, they want to know if they have covid or not. he says it's putting a strain on the department. >> he says protest go to a community testing center. he says that her symptoms become
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more severe, then go to the emergency department. if you are having shortness of breath, chest pain. >> just rapidly worsening symptoms. high fevers and things like that. then you should see care either the risk for urgent care. both health officials encourage people to take all the health precautions they can masking distancing vaccinations and boosters amanda hari kron. 4 news. you know, it's really out of hand is testing problem. get your hands on the tests. hard to find in the bay area. >> either if look at the drug store or if you're trying to get the point, yeah, either way here. coming up short in a lot of cases and now bay area, law enforcement officials are warning. >> about covid testing scams because when people become desperate scam artists come out to try and dupe them. crawford's camila barco live in san francisco with what you need to know. good morning. camila. >> good morning, guys. yeah, there's never been a bigger need for these at-home covid test kits. and now like you guys said, if you got to the
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story, you'll notice that they're either sold out or in short supply. and now scammers are trying to take advantage of these situations. but the richmond police department is telling people to where according to the federal trade commission, there's fake testing kits being sold online and the napa county sheriff's office also says that cyber criminals are creating omicron themed phishing scams. those emails are impersonating the united kingdom's national health service. and the email offers people a new covid-19 omicron pcr test. once you click that link, they ask you to provide your credit card information. and if you do send that information, it is sent to cyber criminals. and at the napa sheriff's office says that the scammers impersonating the united kingdom's national health service. but there may be similar scams like this one from other countries. so the federal trade commission is offering a few tips when it comes to buying covid test kits are for, for example, make sure that the task you're
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buying is authorized by the fda. you can go on their website to check the list of authorized test. do your research on the seller, the website or the company before you buy it. look up the reviews of where you're potentially by the covid test from and also pay by credit card because if you're charged by. by or that, you never got you can dispute the charge with your bank and darya james. according to the fda, there are more than 400 covid test kits available and authorized by the fda. so it's easy to go online and think that you might be fine and at-home covid test kit when in fact, you might be buying a fake one. so as long as you do your research and make sure and are making sure that everything that you are looking up isn't she is in fact reliable and factual. you are in good hands. instead of becoming a victim. >> back to you guys. yeah, we always look at amazon. i you know, i kind of felt like they were reputable that.
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>> good tips. maleah. it is 5.13. we'll take a break. but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news travel woes continue. >> at airports across the country and it's getting worse here in the bay area. so far, nearly 100 flights have been canceled at sfo already details on that. coming up. >> and we're tracking a storm system that's set to arrive in the bay area today this morning. you can see where it's situated over just to the it's situated over just to the north of us will ha why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent.
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>> i 60 right now check it out. yeah. 80 of the truck scales is good. so this is a good drive. james, you could go today. go early. you would be in the snow by tomorrow drinking that coca i would be in the law. just looking out of the snow. yeah. hot cocoa. yeah, absolutely. and now probably is the time to go slated today that the snow is going start coming down. that's going to be driving. >> a little more difficult. we've got rain with an eye on that. think are good. get away. day day, right? yeah. would say as soon as it starts snow up there, they're saying that you just bring some chains with you so you can be safe. >> but saturday and sunday are going pretty nice travel days today. if you get there before that storm starts. we've been tracking that right now back here in the bay area. you're looking at a dense cloud coverage. we still have that out there. and we also have some early morning drizzles that kept our highways in our roads. a little slick this morning. radar shows you just to the north of us where that storm system is situated over.
5:18 am
we're looking at around 07:00am for that to arrive just to the north of us here in santa rosa. and that's going to travel down south throughout the bay area. and then we should see some snow up in the sierra. so those chains are definitely important for you today. we do get a break. however, later on in the afternoon and then saturday and sunday, we're seeing more sunshine in the forecast. all right. get a look at your highs for today. 50's across the map. so daly city, 54 down here in half moon bay, low 50's millbrae san bruno, south san francisco, all mid-fifties redwood city. you're looking at the upper 50's a little warmer in the south bay. so 57 in campbell, san jose here at 58 pleasanton. 54 and then hayward. 56 also in the east, a little cooler for use of berkeley orinda moraga all low 50's for you vacaville and fairfield in the upper 40's near 49 in napa. and then in mill valley, 51. okay. our 7 day forecast. so we see rain today that sticks around for
5:19 am
the morning hours. we're looking at 07:00am from that. supposed to finally reaches here. a break in the rain saturday and sunday. we could see another storm system though, sunday night. then more sunshine into the week until we see another system yet again next week we're looking at inland lows, upper 30's in the mid to low 40's along the coast james. all right, randi, thank you very much. >> and as a usual will do a quick check of traffic here after weather. not a lot of activity at the bay bridge toll plaza. the rain hasn't started falling. so it's not all that a dangerous to drive just yet easy way to get into san francisco right now. if you leave early, we're also checking for you to san mateo bridge where travels there picking up a bit. you can see the volume building, but you're still looking at a relatively easy ride. this road surfaces you can make out in those headlights on the left is a little slicker for you. so just be careful. more weather and traffic checks in a bit. >> let's get back to our developing news now. we've been following this for weeks with the flight cancellations because of covid and boy this morning, james, we're starting
5:20 am
on it. sfo starting the day. worst that we've ever seen. yeah. already this morning, a nationwide. 2200 flights canceled across the country. >> but at sfo yet right? today's the worst day we've seen so far this week with flights there that are canceled going up to 92 now off the bat right off the yeah. also looking at 12 flights canceled in oakland and as you can see, san jose, 25 flights canceled so far. that's a lot for san jose oakland's a little better. and with oakland, san jose is tending to beat southwest as we talked about, you know it s f o it's tending to be united now >> all the kids, you know, i would keep talking about the college kids going trying to get back to. well, that's cool. and and a lot of people who have kids in high school and are still on vacation this week. this was their come home weak, right? everybody's getting getting stuck with this. having a move, things around, trying to get back home as best they can say strong can got to roll with the carol, with covid here, too. all right. 5.20, is the time. let's go to the east bay where this morning a wrongful
5:21 am
death lawsuit has been filed in alameda county against metta the company formerly known as facebook. so the lawsuit was filed by the sister of david underwood, who was a guard at the federal courthouse in oakland during the george floyd protests back in may of 2020, he was killed in a drive-by shooting. the man accused of killing him. stephen is suspected of being a member of an extremist group and the lawsuit claims that couriel and others were allowed to plan this violence through facebook. >> yeah, i think the lawsuit this is going to be the first of many. it's sort of like facebook is like a giant meeting place and they're encouraging extremist to calm and made it this place and then put into all these horrible thinks. >> so the lawsuit wants facebook to pay for damages in % underwood's death and also be held accountable for what they say was promoting violent extremism.
5:22 am
>> today the 3 men convicted of shooting and killing ahmaud arbery are going to be back in court for their sentencing. a jury in november found father and son greg and travis mcmichael and their neighbor, william bryan, guilty of murder and that carries a mandatory life sentence in georgia. the judges main decision now is whether to deny any of the defendants, a chance at parole. the mcmichaels armed themselves and chased arbery in a truck after they spotted him running in their neighborhood. brian. john, the pursuit and recorded cell phone video of travis mcmichael shooting arbery. >> we'll take a break here at 5.22. as we go, we'll show you once again stormtracker four's. we're watching waiting for those showers to start impacting the bay. looks like we might have a few beginning to form up near santa rosa and clear lake. so keep it tuned. we'll track the showers just a minute.
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>> and we're back at 5.25. a new study is calling into question just how quickly at home rapid tests can actually detect the omicron variant kron four's. dan kerman takes a peek. >> a study of 30 people finds in most cases at home rapid antigen tests using nasal swabs didn't detect omicron until several days after participants became infectious. that rockets going to be beneficial because it's going to pick up.
5:26 am
>> the vast majority of people when they the most infectious ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says rapid tests remain effective even though they don't identify every single person infected. >> before they transmit the virus. still, he says it supports the notion that one can't count on testing alone to protect themselves others. >> if you no, that 5 other people in that went to a positive. but that initial rocket su did id 3 is negative on the fight. you might still want to weigh in. my spit a little bit longer in a high-risk situation where you might be exposing someone because it may eventually 10 posit. >> the new study has yet to undergo scientific review and chin. hong says he would like to see a much larger study done in the future. >> the study also found that pcr tests of saliva proved to identify omicron quicker. further study is done and that's proven to be true. it's possible that in the future we might have at home tests that
5:27 am
swap the mouth and throat instead of the nose. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> this morning, the search continues for whoever shot and killed in alameda county sheriff's recruit. now the department is giving you thousands of reasons why you
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> 5.29 right now. and i didn't need the umbrella this morning. i made a dash for
5:30 am
ice. >> yeah. i only granted to a sprinkle or 2, but that's about it. figured, well, this is a sign of things to come. i guess maybe when is the rain coming what do you think they will? the rain is set to be here already. start to see some sprinkles this morning. >> the north bay, alex traveling right now we could see it a little before. 07:00am this morning. we're already starting to see just a little water outside a live look outside and you're seeing san francisco. we do still have patchy fog and some slick roadways from some overnight rain. our current radar shows just where that storm is situated. and you can see making its way just to the north of us. it will be touching santa rosa. some time this morning. a little bit before 7. we're looking at the futurecast shows that storm passing through. it's going to travel south, also bringing with it some snow to the sierra. so we're also keeping our eyes peeled for that. you're traveling up today. you want to definitely take some chains. a live look at your current temperatures up an apple. 49 south bay mid to lower 50's. look at that. hayward fremont, san jose,
5:31 am
half moon bay in the 50's there in san you're at 51 james. >> all right. thank you. ran a quick check of the bridge is once more as we check the right here at the bay bridge toll plaza in volume picking up. but obviously you're not slowing down yet at the toll gate. metering lights not on just yet. it's pretty easy right here at 5.30, from oakland to san francisco. let's check the san mateo bridge for you now. highway 92 and again, you're still flowing without any backups whatsoever on the span. so quick commute from hayward out towards foster city. we're also seeing a fairly simple ride as well on west bound 5.80, to the north here at the richmond, sandra fell bridge toll plaza cars steadily streaming past the toll gates and onto the span, working their way into marin county. as for north bay commuters coming into san francisco, the golden gate bridge right has been nice and smooth so far. and that's still the case here at 5.31, with traffic steadily streaming marin county, down into san francisco without any issue. >> 5.31 right now, big story that we're following in the east bay. investigators
5:32 am
looking for new leads in the fatal shooting of an alameda county sheriff's recruit named david when and now a large reward is being offered to find and arrest the shooter. kron four's will tran standing by live in alameda county. >> with the story will. >> james, they giving anybody who has any information, 10,000 reasons to call the alameda county sheriff's department so they can track down whoever shot and killed david win on tuesday. 28 years old. let me show you his picture. he was leaving the training facilities. this is around 4.30, in the afternoon on tuesday. he was in an unmarked car, his own prius and was not in his uniform. he was near the macarthur maze when one single shot from the right side of his car went through his car and then he lost control, slammed into the center median indict. he was on his way to san francisco. they have not had any leads or any leads that they want to share to the puhlic at this particular time. and that is
5:33 am
why the alameda county sheriff's deputies association, they are offering a $10,000 reward. it is very personal to them. in fact, they showed up. >> in full force on tuesday evening with winds. body was taken out of the highland hospital and then led into a coroner's van. you can see how some where they were. >> with an american flag draped over his body at that particular time. they don't have a motive behind the shooting. at first you might think maybe he was shot because he was a police officer, but he was an unmarked car, his prius and not wearing a uniform. so they don't think at this time he was shot because he was a police officer. not to say that somebody did not know. >> that he was becoming one. in fact, james and area, he had just finished with the academy. as far as the training of that day was one month away from becoming and a police officer. thank you very
5:34 am
much. well, >> it's 5.33 right now. and today the supreme court is taking up 2 major efforts by the biden administration to increase the country's covid vaccinations. the justices are going hear arguments about whether to allow the administration to enforce a vaccine mandate or a testing mandate for large companies that mandate applies to any company that has at least 100 employees. the court is also going hear arguments about a separate vaccine mandate. that one applies to health care workers. these vaccine mandates impact about 80 million americans. so stand by to see what they >> well, yesterday we pointed out in our live cameras that the ruby princess was in town, the giant cruise ship now turns at least a dozen passengers on board tested positive for covid. and that discovery was made while it was docked in san francisco. it actually just returned from a 10 day cruise to mexico and
5:35 am
spokesperson confirmed that the infected passengers had little to no symptoms. they didn't need to be hospitalized, but everybody on board, they say, was fully vaccinated. that was one of the requirements in order to get a ticket to board. well, this story may book some memories for those who were here when the grand princess cruise ship was docked in the port of oakland. that was nearly 2 years ago at the beginning of the pandemic. more than 100 people tested positive on that ship 7 actually died from it. the cdc strongly warns against traveling on cruise ships right now. but not everybody is heeding that warning. >> here's the cdc warning advising people not to cruise. we heard about that. >> i had we've got to get back to got to get back to said around. stuck in the house for ever. >> the cdc says that covid spreads pretty easily on cruise ships, even among those they're vaccinated. the agency recommends that travelers get tested one to 3 days before
5:36 am
they head out on that ship and then 3 to 5 days after they get off. >> in the north bay marin county health leaders have announced new guidelines to protect school and staff and students there who are back in the classrooms kron four's ella sogomonian has more on what they're doing. >> the marin county health department updated covid-19 guidelines for schools on thursday to keep up with changes brought on by the omicron variant they acknowledged at this stage of the pandemic, the risk of being sent to the hospital with severe symptoms is down. one in 15 people are requiring intensive care compared to one in 5 who were infected with the delta variant. but on the kron is infecting more people faster. so protecting the health of students and staff is a priority so kids can stay in school. all of our strategies are. >> laser focused on keeping schools open and not having schools excluded, especially when we have a more mild, we have a virulent, less severe virus. we still have policies that are pandemic level
5:37 am
policies that isolation and quarantine and so i these are strategies to keep schools open. that being said, face coverings are still required for students and staff while they're indoors. >> booster shots are encouraged for those who are eligible kids. kindergarten through 12th grade will be given covid tests if they get symptoms when in quarantine and before they're allowed back to school isolation will last 5 days with a negative test. and if symptoms are gone, otherwise kids will stay home for a total of 10 days. updated guidance also limit school gatherings to 50 people indoors. only the fully vaccinated can attend sports games and performances inside and sports teams will be sent home to quarantine for 7 days if 14 members are infected within 14 days. >> we've seen, you know, now the data is accumulated and i others across the nation have learned with we knew, which is that closing schools create significant public and social and mental health.
5:38 am
>> in fact, during one of the most isolated periods in the pandemic, more people were turning to a marine county suicide hotline near the end of 2020. but doctor willis reminds parents to keep their kids home and have them tested if they show any sign of being sick before they can come back to the classroom. >> 5.38 still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news state lawmakers take a big step to establishing universal health care in california wound at the great hall we'll have that story. and jimmy throwing hand looking better as the niners get ready to face the rams this sunday where they're from tight end george kittle, his biggest fan. and we're tracking that storm system today. that is going to move to the bay area this morning. we'll tell you how long it's going to stick a
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> we're back at 5.41. state lawmakers have moved forward with an effort to establish what could be the nation's first universal health care system in california. the first bill establishes the health care program and it rules which and the rules which would cost about 200 billion dollars. the other bill is a constitutional amendment that would and it was unveiled as a set of tax hikes to help provide the money for this universal health care system. if passed by the legislature, voters would have the final say on these tax increases. >> a single pair health care system is the fiscally sound
5:42 am
thing to do. the smarter health care policy to follow and a moral imperative. if we care about human life. >> republicans say they have some concerns about how this would financially hit those struggling with the high cost of living in rising inflation here in california, the effort also faces mounting opposition from several groups, including the california medical and hospital associations. we'll take a break. it's 5.42. we'll be right back.
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almost 5.45. here. and you're looking at video from hawaii because that state is now. >> loosening its covid-19 restrictions for those traveling to the islands. a little too late for me are to cancel my plans. a little i don't get to go ray, and you had to cancel as well of our state says sure looks good. there are no longer require visitors to take the health questionnaire. they're also reducing the time that unvaccinated travelers have to spend in quarantine from. >> the old 10 days to now just 5 days for that standard. that's what that's and for those who are vaccinated or test negative for covid-19, they don't need to quarantine when they arrive any more weight. so if you are vaxxed, you test negative, you're fine. >> you're just on your way. enjoy your holiday.
5:46 am
>> maybe next you know. and here's the thing is i get me thinking like, oh, i'd like to know why. but then you've got the whole covid probably their lines. yeah, bill, there's always that wild card. >> i never used to buy insurance an ongoing thing it's almost going to be like a thing. everybody does now. you saw that firsthand, right? daryn, other day that i was on a flight for 6 hours delayed recently. so it's happening to everyone it happening all across united flight insurance is a must right now. we're also looking at your forecast for today. we're tracking that storm that's set to arrive in the bay area. a live look outside right now. you can see clear skies. we do have some overnight. fog has been sticking around since later yesterday. that radar shows you just where that storm is situated right now. last time i checked, it was in windsor. it's going to be passing through its set to probably reach santa rosa. i see a little bit before 07:00am. i'm already seen just some isolated drizzles over the
5:47 am
santa rosa area. and then it's going make its way through the bay area. that's going to stick around for most of the morning. and it's not until the late afternoon. we're going to break and potentially see some sunshine. also, if you are thinking of traveling up. so the sierra you might definitely want to bring those chains or, you know, wait till tomorrow or sunday because it's going to be much nicer up there. also look at the 50's along alcatraz san francisco mid-fifties there. daly city, your 54 half moon bay. 54 their burlingame millbrae, san bruno. all mid-fifties right here along the peninsula's palo alto, redwood city. 57 there. and then los gatos, morgan hill, san jose upper 50's. so warmer in certain areas. cooler in dublin. 54 out are on a run to walnut creek. all lower 50's across the map. upper 40's and vacaville fairfield santa rosa, you're at 51 mill valley. the same so friday morning. like i told you, we are going to see some showers. santa rosa and the north bay. you're going to see that first. and then we get a break
5:48 am
into the weekend. we could see another storm system arrive late monday night in late sunday night. and the next week we get a break dry out and then we're going to see a chance of rain towards the middle of the week in the lows. upper 30's and along the coast are looking at mid to lower 40's james. all right. rain a thank you. quick check of the bridges starting with the bay bridge toll plaza. >> so far so good westbound 80 no problems to report from the macarthur maze all the way into san francisco. so simple, a simple commute for you, at least at this hour. the san mateo bridge has been fairly nice all morning long. the volume picking up. we could see a few more cars here on the right side. that's the commute direction from the east bay out towards the peninsula. but you're still moving without too much delay this morning. and then the west bound 5.80, right here at the richmond, sandra fell bridge toll plaza. right on cue. beginning to back up as it does every morning. but so far it's nothing out of the ordinary. so just give yourself the normal amount of time. and you should make your way into marion county just fine for those that are already there heading into san francisco. 1, one southbound
5:49 am
across the golden gate bridge also moving without incident. the zipper truck was out there earlier. it looks like they've got the lane's all configured for the morning ride should be a nice win as you head into the city. >> let's talk sports with keeping our eye on jimmy g and that throwing hand parallel to feeling better. yeah. the thumb, the thumb no more grimacing. willie face the rams on sunday. looks like it might and the warriors could. klay thompson comeback. looks like he might, too, as they're getting ready for a matchup on sunday. so you're saying is that just a for a straight face? and davis has more. >> the warriors finishing their road trip in the big easy, but they had to do it without steph curry, draymond green and want us connell. anderson, all out so tall order and guess what? the clay countdown to the next game is on. all righty. there's clay right there. 2nd quarter now, andre iguodala those about leading to break the other way. give it up top to the rock. kind of thing. coming
5:50 am
have 13 points off the bench early 4th quarter. the pels took control of this game. gary clark's 3 pointer. give them a seven-point lead. then with 2 minutes left, brandon ingram probably going i'm not sure if he'll be an all-star cutting their record, but he's really good. he had 32 and 11. big give up, though, jordan poole from the logo. a minute left, giving them some hope. then with 59 seconds left, think amanda steele and it's a three-point game. the warriors trying to get a stop now, one possession game devontae graham 3 is off the back board. but josh hart gets the long rebound. he beat school to the ball opportunity loft warriors lose one. 0, one. 96. they return home for a sunday date with the cleveland cavaliers the wait could be over. klay thompson all but
5:51 am
confirmed there. but in the meantime, steve kerr said he was pleased with this. effort despite the loss. >> i was really proud of our guys, you know, being a short-handed gave young guys good chance to play an experience of. phil game on the road i thought our our young guys gain valuable experience. i was really proud of the team for. fighting all the way through and and giving themselves a chance at the end. >> bob book marin, the sharks trying to snap a two-game skid. they took on the sabres and snowy buffalo. first period. sharks go up a goal timo meier. i set up. there's meir time first times. it's 14 goal of the season. it's 2, nothing. sharks. 3 minutes later, thomas probably been their best player. they hear one of them his 17th of the year. >> sharks hang on to win 3 to
5:52 am
2. they are in the city of brotherly love on saturday. the forty-niners continue to prep for the rams. huge game. and once again, jimmy garoppolo participated in team drills and he was throwing deeper pratt beeper passes and he was in wednesday's practice. but he still nursing that ucl sprain in his thumb and according to his tight end, he's progressing pretty well. so the jury still out on who is going to start that week. 18 matchup in los angeles. >> compared to last week, i think it looks you know, i don't know that feels like i know chip bones don't feel great. and i jimmy is, quote, speak for itself hurts. so whatever he's doing out there. i think is doing a really good job so far. you know, we'll see what happens these next couple days as it a huge game. obviously, you know, we need to win get to the playoffs. but you just noticed that you
5:53 am
said you got to stay consistent. got to do what you've been you know, the things i've been making success, we've got to continue those. don't take short cuts. this is not really the week to do that. >> just a quick reminder. if the niners when they are in the playoffs taking on the rams, the rams have a lot to play for 2 because of the rams win. they win the nfc west. now the niners lose. they can still make the playoffs. they just need the saints to lose to the falcons, which in my opinion, it's unlikely. so don't put it up the chance to take care of business at so fi stadium. >> all right. and don't forget kickoff of that niners game against the rams is at one. 25 on sunday afternoon. what? >> wait a minute. you know the tie on. >> i mean, i've got the chase, ok, ok, because it's an away
5:54 am
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and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. are we still exclusive? absolutely. coming up, san francisco teachers making some demands about covid safety. but the school district >> has a different offer. we're going to take a look at how the negotiations are going in. what are kids doing in the meantime? plus at home, covid tests are hard to find, as you know. well, now bay area, law enforcement agencies are warning of covid-related scams. we'll have details on what to watch out for. and watch out for the rain because it is coming. if you're out way yet. those raindrops are
5:57 am
going to be falling soon. and reyna harvey, have won. the timing of the storm will be right back.
5:58 am
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without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at 6. >> and thanks for joining us. i keep having to say for
6:00 am
letting us join you. that we are coming into the house. we are are. a safe distance, james, not only from each other, but from from all of you as viewers. that's one thing we can say about the kron. 4 morning news. it is covid safer. you won't catch covid from us. what you can catch those a shower or 2 and it looks folks up in santa rosa points in the far north bay beginning to see a few sprinkles. just a straight ahead promise. so we are and the commute this morning. i can attest it was easy. it was quiet friday light. i didn't have any raindrops. i didn't need to the wipers. now at all. and hopefully you can get through your morning ride without either depending on how quick or slow that rain is moving. >> let's find out. good morning right now. good morning. and that's right. we've been tracking your forecast today. >> we did have a few drizzles this morning. so certain parts of the bay area. we're a little wet. we're looking at the tarmac here at sfo. just a few damp spots out there. but we're tracking that storm system right now. you can see to the north of


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