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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 7, 2022 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> for 29 actually, coming up on 4.30, right now. wait for that clock. there goes for we've got rain and the weather center kicking off the half hour mark here with a check of those showers. we see them on the way actually rain. i'm on my way and i did once or twice actually had sprinkle start to form in the wind. chill was nothing nothing to write home about. but this court must sign of what's to come ackley and we also have some overnight drizzle as well. so if you're waking up this morning, you're wondering why things are slick out there. it's because we already start to see a few drizzles. >> but we're tracking that much bigger system that's set to arrive to the north bay around 07:00am. so you can see right here in the bay area pretty dry. we still do have some low clouds. however, you see just to the north of us. that's where that rain is so up. and ukiah going to travel down and arrive a little bit
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before 07:00am. you start to see it moving through the bay area and that's going to stick around for much of the morning later on today. we are going to see clear conditions. so that is some good news for you. there. also expecting to see some snow up in the sierra current temperatures outside right now, a little cooler at this hour than we were yesterday. so we're seeing a lot of 40's on the map. santa rosa. 49 down there, fremont 49 as well in san carlos and then low 50's oakland conquered. hey, we're or any of the napa. we're going to be tracking that storm for you as it continues to move into the bay area today. we'll have more coming up. but james, we'll send it over to you. okay, rana, thank you. let's get a quick check of the bridges this morning. the main one, the bay bridge looking pretty good again. >> pretty light conditions out here. no worries getting from oakland in a san francisco at this early hour. the san mateo bridge has also been a nice light ride so far and you can see here that still the case at 4.31. just a steady stream of cars. nothing really slowing anybody down. maybe a puddle or 2. so be careful.
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the richmond, sandra fell bridge has also been a smooth ride so far, 2 sets of headlights. that's all the company are going to get. if you're approaching the bridge right now and then marin county, if you're going to be commuting one, 0, one southbound across the golden gate bridge. here you have it. hardly a car out there and get one set of headlights coming in. that's the kind of ride it is right now at 4.32, pretty easy. all right. in headlines now, let's tell you about a santa rosa woman who has been sentenced to more than 6 years in prison after supplying fentanyl to the father of a toddler leading to the death of that father and the child. 2 others were also convicted in this case for playing a role in selling drugs to that, 29 year-old identified as patrick o'neill. this was back in 2019. it was at that time. the kron, 4 news unknowingly interviewed the person who federal authorities say sold those drugs to o neale kron. four's taylor's sacking has the story. >> more than 2 years have passed since the death of patrick o'neill and his then 13 month-old son, liam, who lived in santa rosa. the 2
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died after coming into contact with sentinel in september of 2019. and on wednesday, the last of 3 defendants, leanna zamora was sentenced to more than 6 years in prison after being convicted of supplying fentanyl. that was later sold to o neale. authorities say that fentanyl was originally sold to lindsey williams who gave it to a man named sheen crazy someone we interviewed back in 2019 right after the toddler's death. >> almost positive path had been clean for a number of months at this point. and i think it was probably the first time he used the draft. you know, it could have fallen out of his pocket or >> i i really don't know at the time creek claim to be a family friend of o'neill's. but we later learned he was the one who directly delivered the fentanyl to the baby's father. according to prosecutors. meanwhile, pretty was sending this message to viewers at the time. people should really not use 10, all at all. it's a very
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>> depending on how mean, it is help here. one little speck like a grain of sand can kill you. >> pretty was sentenced to 7 years in prison for his role in the fentanyl distribution. prosecutors say the fentanyl in question was originally bought from 100 and drug dealer in san francisco's tenderloio district. a place known for its open air drug markets. san francisco's basically ground 0. >> for the drug crisis in the united states, former addict and now recovery advocate tom wolf says we need to do more to crack down on this activity in the city last month. the san francisco board of supervisors approved an emergency declaration which addresses the overdose epidemic in the tenderloin. and i think one of the metrics that we need to look at over the next 3 months is emergency declaration goes on is whether or not emerge accidental overdose deaths drop in san francisco city supervisor matt haney says law enforcement, the district attorney and state will all need to work together to go after the leaders of these larger
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criminal organizations. the problem that i see is that. >> as soon as they arrest somebody who that person ends up back out on the street or that person is easily replaced. and so the deeper solutions to that to this problem to vote good people and also that we produce and so it's not so pop up profitable and then going after the higher level. but the bigger fish, i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron. 4 news. >> well, lawyers for socialite glenn maxwell say that they will seek a retrial. now after learning that one of the jurors says he was sexually abused as a child. maxwell was found guilty last week of grooming underage girls to be sexually abused by financier jeffrey epstein. and the juror in question admitted in a recent interview that he told others on the jury about his own abuse because some doubt of the accounts of maxwell's accusers. her attorneys argue the juror was biased and should not have been allowed to even served in the trial. a
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judge asked the defense to file a motion for a new trial by january. 19th will let you know if it's granted. in memphis. police have identified a suspect in the murder of rapper young dolph. they issued an arrest warrant for 23 year-old justin johnson. young golf. whose real name is it all forton was shot and killed november 17th. there's no word if the 2 men knew each other or not. for your health this morning, a new study is calling into question just how quickly those at-home rapid tests can detect. the omicron variant. the study looked at only a small group of people, but very doctors say it shows that we have to take multiple steps to protect ourselves and others crawford's dance or explains. our dan kerman explains. >> a study of 30 people finds in most cases at home rapid antigen tests using nasal swabs didn't detect omicron until several days after participants became infectious. that rockets going to be beneficial because it's going to pick up. >> the vast majority of people
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when they're the most infectious ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says rapid tests remain effective even though they don't identify every single person infected. >> before they transmit the virus. still, he says it supports the notion that one can't count on testing alone to protect themselves others. >> if you no, that 5 other people in that went to a positive. but that initial rocket su day that beat 3 is negative on the fight. you might still want to weigh in. my spit a little bit longer in a high-risk situation where you might be exposing someone because it may eventually 10 posit. >> the new study has yet to undergo scientific review and chin-hong says he would like to see a much larger study done in the future. >> the study also found that pcr tests of saliva proved to identify omicron quicker. it further study is done and that's proven to be true. it's possible that in the future we might have at home tests that
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swap the mouth and throat instead of the nose. dan kerman kron, 4 news. >> babies born during the pandemic are displaying less social and motor skills compared to children born before the health crisis. that's according to a new study out of new york that looked at 200. 25 babies born between march and december of 2020. the baby's apparently show delays regardless of whether their mother contracted covid during pregnancy. researchers say the delays may not be indicative of any long-term issues in development, but they add the baby should be monitored as they grow up. along with more positive covid cases comes more hospitalizations according to the city of san francisco's covid dashboard, there were 97 total covid-19 hospitalizations on january second, that's actually up from just 21 hospitalizations. the day before thanksgiving. crawford's amanda hari check in with officials in the east bay and the south bay to find out how their hospital systems are handling the search.
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>> well, we have our icu defense is going up just like every other county after more positive covid cases comes more hospitalization. but doctor on mall, the director of healthcare preparedness for santa clara county says it's not currently as high as it was in december of 2020, but given what we're seeing in terms of community transmission, in terms of case numbers are monitoring the situation, very toasty. he says omicron does seem to cause less severe illness with a higher number of people being infected. it is likely more people will end up in the hospital and possibly the icu. gov. >> the number of positive patients in the icu has increased in contra costa county from just 7 on december. 21st to 25 on january 5th chief medical
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officer for john muir health russell rodriguez says their icu numbers have been very manageable, but they're struggling in other areas. many staff members are out sick with covid or other seasonal illnesses and their emergency department is bombarded with covid patients just surging edi that people that are >> really coming in because they can't they're concerned because, you know symptoms, they want to know if they have covid or not. he says it's putting a strain on the department. >> he says protest go to a community testing center. he says that her symptoms become more severe, then go to the emergency department. if you are having shortness of breath, chest pain. >> just rapidly worsening symptoms. high fevers and things like that. then you should see care either the risk for urgent care. both health officials encourage people to take all the health precautions they can masking distancing vaccinations and boosters amanda hari kron. 4
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news. >> state lawmakers are moving forward with an effort to establish what could be the nation's first universal health health care system here in california. the proposal, though, comes with a push to increase taxes. we have our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala here to explain. >> or some california democrats determined to move ahead with 2 bills that would create a universal single payer health care system in california. and the reality is our current system. is in saturday. the first bill ab 1400 establishes the health care program and its rules which could cost about 200 billion dollars. the other bill is called aca 11. the constitutional amendment was unveiled thursday as a set of tax hikes to help provide the money. those tax increases would include an annual excise tax on businesses with an income of more than 2 million dollars. a 1.2 5% payroll tax on employers with more than 50 employees. a one percent payroll tax on workers earning more than $49,000 a year and a
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personal income tax for those making about $150,000 a year if passed by the legislature, voters would have the final say on the tax increase is a single payer health care system is the fiscally sound thing to do. >> the smarter health care policy to follow and a moral imperative. if we care about human life. >> republicans pounced on the proposal thursday. some say they have concerns about how this would financially hit those already struggling with the high cost of living and rising inflation in california voters a very clear in recent ballot measures that sought to increase taxes. that enough is enough. the effort also faces mounting opposition from several groups, including the california medical and hospital associations, insurance companies and business groups. the coalition releasing a statement thursday saying in part ab 1400 would immeasurably disrupt the health care that millions of californians rely on every day and that the worst possible time because it was first filed last year ab 1400 must pass the assembly by the end of this month to have any chance of getting to the
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legislature. this year. a hearing is scheduled for the bill next week at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron. 4 news. all right. we'll take a break here at 4.42. coming up next on the kron, 4 morning news, jimmy garoppolo's throwing hand apparently is getting a little better. >> as the niners get ready to face the rams this sunday, we're going to hear from jimmy g coming up in a minute.
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>> all right. we are back here for 45 getting another check of weather and traffic before we get back in the headlines, we'll start with the forecast because today is the day we're expecting a few showers to come back into play. rain is tracking that. good morning. good morning. and we already had some overnight showers and early morning ones as well. a few sprinkles. >> that's why it's pretty wet outside. you also have got rid of that fog that we're seeing out there. these are the east bay hills. and as you can see, that still going to be something that you're going to experience on your morning commute, looking at our radar currently right now shows us a pretty quiet story. however, that storm just to the north of us. this is up in reading and ukiah that's going make its way into the bay area. north bay. first, a little bit before 07:00am. it's going to stick around. traveling through the east bay making its way to the south bay and then out of the bay area. ca mid-afternoon and then also if you're traveling up to the sierra, we are going to see some snow up there this morning. so definitely take
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some change. if you're traveling that way, let's get a look at our highs across the map. santa rosa, a low 50's from napa on a bottle. a little cooler today than we were yesterday morning, antioch. 51 in the south bay, morgan hill. 48 san jose. you're in the low 50's mountain view, redwood city, half moon bay as well. also looking at your seven-day forecast, that rain arrives this morning to the bay area sticks around for much of the morning. and then we start to get a break in the day. we could even potentially see some sunshine a year later on in the afternoon, drier into the weekend until another system arrives sunday evening, potentially. and then we're getting a look at your inland lows. looking at upper 30's mid to low 40's throughout the weekend along the coast. you're in the 40's for most of the week. so definitely keep that jacket close by james. all right, thank you. >> let's talk bridges as we give you a quick look at your traffic conditions right now. the morning commute really hasn't kicked in just yet. so it's an easy ride, as you can see here on westbound 80, no problems from oakland through
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the toll plaza in across the bay bridge into san francisco this morning. westbound 92 your commute direction on the san mateo bridge. that's the right hand side traffic there. we've just got one steady stream of cars going by with nothing slowing down. the chp says it's a good ride from hayward out to foster city west bound 5.80, to the north. the richmond sandra fell bridge. here's our toll plaza camera. 2 cars. so there you have it. it's an easy ride into the north bay from richmond this morning. and then for those of you already in the north bay heading down to the san francisco 1, one southbound across the golden gate bridge is your commute direction. and we just had one car go by. and that's all. so it's an easy ride all around the bay this morning. nothing getting in your way just yet. let's get back to sports now. jimmy g we're watching and waiting to see how well his hand heels up before they face the rams. this sunday will be the starter. that's the question. and the warriors really need klay thompson back after losing back to back games on the road. will he be
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on the court finally come sunday kron. 4 sports director jason dumas takes a closer look. >> the warriors finishing their road trip in the big easy, but they had to do it without steph curry, draymond green and want us connell. anderson, all out so tall order and guess what? the clay countdown to the next game is on. all righty. there's clay right there. 2nd quarter now, andre iguodala those about leading to break the other way. give it up top to the rock. kind of thing have 13 points off the bench early 4th quarter. the pels took control of this game. gary clark's 3 pointer. give them a seven-point lead. then with 2 minutes left, brandon ingram probably going i'm not sure if he'll be an all-star cutting their record, but he's really good. he had 32 and 11. big give up, though, jordan poole from the logo. a minute left, giving them some hope. then
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with 59 seconds left, think amanda steele and it's a three-point game. the warriors trying to get a stop now, one possession game devontae graham 3 is off the back board. but josh hart gets the long rebound. he beat school to the ball opportunity loft warriors lose one. 0, one. 96. they return home for a sunday date with the cleveland cavaliers the wait could be over. klay thompson all but confirmed there. but in the meantime, steve kerr said he was pleased with this. effort despite the loss. >> i was really proud of our guys, you know, being a short-handed gave young guys good chance to play an experience of. phil game on the road i thought our our young guys gain valuable experience. i was really proud
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of the team for. fighting all the way through and and giving themselves a chance at the end. >> bob book marin, the sharks trying to snap a two-game skid. they took on the sabres and snowy buffalo. first period. sharks go up a goal timo meier. i set up. there's meir time first times. it's 14 goal of the season. it's 2, nothing. sharks. 3 minutes later, thomas probably been their best player. they hear one of them his 17th of the year. >> sharks hang on to win 3 to 2. they are in the city of brotherly love on saturday. the forty-niners continue to prep for the rams. huge game. and once again, jimmy garoppolo participated in team drills and he was throwing deeper pratt beeper passes and he was in wednesday's practice. but he still nursing that ucl sprain in his thumb and according to his tight end, he's progressing pretty
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well. so the jury still out on who is going to start that week. 18 matchup in los angeles. >> compared to last week, i think it looks you know, i don't know that feels like i know chip bones don't feel great. and i jimmy is, quote, speak for itself hurts so whatever he's doing out there. i think is doing a really good job so far. you know, we'll see what happens these next couple days as it a huge game. obviously, you know, we need to win get to the playoffs. but you just noticed that you said you got to stay consistent. got to do what you've been you know, the things i've been making success, we have to continue those. don't take short cuts. this is not really the week to do that. >> just a quick reminder. if the niners when they are in the playoffs taking on the rams, the rams have a lot to play for 2 because of the rams win. they win the nfc west. now the niners lose. they can still make the playoffs. they just need the saints to lose to the falcons, which in my
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opinion, it's unlikely. so don't put it up the chance to take care of business at so fi stadium. >> well, kickoff for that niners game against the rams will be a one. 25 sunday afternoon fingers crossed for clay thompson's return on sunday as well. we'll be right back. back to the kron. 4
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morning news. i'm reyna harvey tracking your forecast for today. if you're waking up this morning right now, you're going encounter some fog out there. we're tracking a storm system that's set to arrive in the bay area. >> the north bay first around 07:00am this morning. but you also have some scattered showers from overnight that are leaving some of the roadways this morning as you're waking up, pretty damp this morning. so definitely take your time as you're traveling out there. we're tracking that storm system just to the north of us. you can see up in ukiah at the moment. that will all right later on in the morning. so around a little before 6, we're looking at that storm system. the heaviest concentration you can see around 09:00am through the bay area traveling on through from the east bay to the south bay, also bringing with it some snow up in the sierras. so if you are traveling up there, make sure you bring chains and then into the weekend we could see a lot more sunshine in the bay area. that's currently get a look at your highs were in the 50's across much of the bay area. we're going to look at your forecast coming up at
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the top of the hour again for now. james, we'll send it back to you. >> all right. thank you. rain at 4.56. that i'm coming up on the kron. 4 morning news. the teachers union and district continue to discuss covid safety negotiations in san francisco will have details on that coming up in a live report. plus, bay area law enforcement warning of covid-related scams. we're going to tell you how to protect yourself in a live report as well. we'll be right back.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron. 4 morning news at >> good morning, everybody. starting off the 05:00am hour with a check of stormtracker for today's the day that rain has been promising. rain has been promising that we have rain coming our way. and we certainly see that just offshore. the storm off the coast for now, but it will arrive in earnest later on this morning. thank evers ray delivers the rain doesn't and we this, john and i know you just got james and reyna. >> but we've got a friday with rain in store like james said. >> that's pretty much some good news about the rest of the weekend, right? the rest of the weekend. we are going to be a lot sunnier. >> and right here in the bay area. but it's just a morning you've got to get through. so you're also seeing some overnight fog that stuck around for the early morning hours. a few drizzles out there. so some of our roadways are slick and wet at this
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